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Why Luka Doncic Is the NBA’s Next Sneaker God

Fashion comes in waves. Trends gain momentum and right before what’s hot spills into the mainstream, a more whimsical version bubbles up. Some 18-24 months ago, influencers had highly-stylized Instagram profiles curated by creative directors who managed and ‘directed’ each post, making sure they all laddered up to certain personal brand ‘motifs’ and that the grid pattern was actually an interpretation of society’s sentiment towards global warming. Now, Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski solely post, or ‘shit-post’ shots straight from an iPhone (or disposable camera) or repost pictures sent to them from an event without any narrative or correlation to their last post.

And, we suspect that the same thing is going to happen to NBA shoes. NBA sneakers are taken pretty seriously right now. For a lot of players, they are a mini billboard for something that they care about. These topics range but are almost always solemn; names of family members, a tribute to a loved one that recently passed, a psalm, a quote with personal meaning.

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And in addition to the tributes and proverbs, players are also deliberate with their actual choice of sneaker. PJ Tucker, the undisputed sneaker king of the league has made the hyper thought-out—and borderline meta—sneaker game fashionable. But we anticipate that has reached its peak, so where are we going to find the prince of the next wave of sneakers? Need someone young, fun-loving with a counter-cultural appearance, and being talented on the court wouldn’t hurt either.

Perhaps the reigning Rookie of the Year from Slovenia?

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This video represents Luka’s approach to the game perfectly. He’s jumping up and down in celebration of his veteran center in the same way an eight-year-old finds out he’s about to get ice cream. But yes, that’s your future sneaker god.

In a way, he’s sort of the anti-PJ Tucker. Actually, he is the anti-PJ Tucker. PJ Tucker is the sneakerhead scavenging for the John McEnroe Air Trainer 1s loaned out from the Smithsonian, while Luka is sort of just a high school kid who worked a couple of basketball camps during the summer and has a lot more cash than he expected.

He’s more interested in cool player shoes than he is in purchasing four-digit sneakers because they’re in vogue, and his preference is what we’re betting is going to win out in the long-term. 

He’s also got a few other things going for him. He’s about to take over the league on the court, that’s for certain. But with Kristaps Porzingis next to him, they’re going to carry around a super distinct Eastern-European swagger. Let’s just say you might see a couple of discotheques popping up around Dallas. Their drip is going to be different, and cool.

Luka also rocks the number 77 which again, is different and cool. 77 is a much higher number than any other marquee player and the sevens sort of flow right next to each other. It was just reported that LeBron is giving up his #23 to Anthony Davis, putting James in the market for some new numbers. Let’s keep a close eye—if Bron chooses something north of 50 then it’s a wrap. King Luka, we stan.

For more on ONE37pm’s favorite sneakerheads, check out this clip about the NBA’s most underrated one.

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Entrepreneurs Grind

#TheUnknownHustle: James Dyson

Sir James Dyson, the man behind the home and hair company whose technology has forever changed both the blow *and* suck games, is one of the richest men in Britain and an expert in failure. 

In 2007, he told Fast Company, “I made 5,127 prototypes of my vacuum before I got it right. There were 5,126 failures. But I learned from each one. That’s how I came up with a solution. So I don’t mind failure. I’ve always thought that schoolchildren should be marked by the number of failures they’ve had. The child who tries strange things and experiences lots of failures to get there is probably more creative.”

Dyson believes that in order to come up with innovative products and ideas, you have to let yourself think outside the box…or vacuum. “Initiate a failure by doing something that’s very silly, unthinkable, naughty, dangerous,” he said. 

Established officially in 1991, after 15 years of tinkering around in a garage, the Dyson product line is robust, beautiful and efficacious. They have broken barriers with their innovative. vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, hand dryers, bladeless fans, heaters, hair dryers and lights. According to Bloomberg, Sir Dyson is now worth over $13 billion.

Take a lesson from Sir James Dyson. Failure doesn’t suck. 

Sneakers Style

The Sneaker and Streetwear Resale Market Might Soon Be Worth a Ton of Money

Recently, Stock X, the immensely successful sneaker reseller, became the first company of its kind to earn a billion-dollar valuation. The numbers behind that are immense: the Detroit-based company recently raised $110 million in venture capital, and last year they did about $2 million dollars worth of business per day, around $700 million in total. Business for the reseller—who takes a 9.5 percent cut on sneaker transaction and a 14.5 percent cut on jewelry and streetwear—is booming.

StockX’s rise—and soaring stock price—have given future projections of the whole resale industry a huge boost. The investment bank Cowen estimates that the marketplace will be worth $6 billion by 2025, up from the $2 billion it’s worth today according to The New York Times. Other resale companies like GOAT and Stadium Goods stand to benefit, as well.

Scott Cutler, one of the executives at StockX, acknowledged that the changing marketplace is leading to brands being forced to pay more attention to resellers, saying: “Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Rolex, whatever it is, they’re certainly not ignoring marketplaces and are not naïve to the fact that their distribution channels are evolving.”

It will be interesting to see if the market trends continue to evolve in the direction that is being predicted. As of now, however, resellers like StockX are set to conquer the world of sneakers and streetwear.

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Grooming Style

Nike Just Brought Back the Shoe That Inspired This Year’s Top Sneakers

With summer officially underway and 2019 at its halfway point, the year’s best sneakers are beginning to show themselves. Consistent with seasons past, Nike runs the table for the award of “best in show.” Whether it be the collaborative Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1, the Sacai x Nike LDWaffle, or the recently released UNDERCOVER x Nike Daybreak, each contender distorts a nostalgic silhouette with modern design ethos. 

Nike’s triumphs this year first came to be in the mid-1980s, when each of the aforementioned styles were either created or found their creative inspiration. The Sacai x Nike LDWaffle and the UNDERCOVER x Nike Daybreak share an even tighter connection. Crafted by Japanese designers Chitose Abe and Jun Takahashi, respectively, they share the original Nike Daybreak as inspiration.

Nike Inc.
Nike x Undercover

The Daybreak was originally released in 1984 and quickly became the preferred shoe for marathon runners due in large part to the efforts of Joan Benoit Samuelson—the first-ever women’s Olympics marathon champion. Yet with more than three decades of market innovations and advancements in running-specific technology in the years following the shoe’s launch, it has maintained a place in today’s lifestyle-driven space.

The earliest iteration of the Daybreak was produced in lightweight nylon and supple suede, set above a waffle outsole that, of course, Nike grew famous for. Its modern makeup features a similar execution with contemporary updates, further fueled by exuberant panache colors that add an adoring hue to the vintage style. It’s a welcome refresher to a time-honored relic, and the way Nike went about its reintroduction had nothing to do with luck. 

Nike Daybreak SP

The retro formula is simple: re-populate a sneaker alongside a well-known streetwear brand or high fashion label. Said shoe will be very limited and nearly impossible to secure, generating hype within the sneaker community not only for the brand affiliation but for the shoe itself. Soon thereafter, Nike will release the sneaker in much larger numbers to a wider audience, newly rich in cultural currency. 

The indomitable ‘80s Daybreak SP model is poised to be another big hit for Nike. In the same way that experts claim that just showing up is half the battle, the Daybreak being readily available for just $100 gives the shoe a comfortable lead heading into the fourth quarter.

Odds are, Nike’s going to win this game by a large margin, and their heritage models will continue to drive the market.

Nike Daybreak SP
Culture Music

The Top-Selling Songs, Albums and Vinyls of the Year

Audio and video streams skyrocketed to 507.7 billion during the first half of 2019—up 31.6% from 2018’s 385.7 billion streams—on the strength of hip-hop. As the most-consumed genre again this year in terms of streams and sales, hip-hop accounted for 26.2% of overall consumption, ahead of rock (19.4%), pop (13.1%), country (7.2%), Latin (4.7%) and electronic (3.1%), according to Nielsen Music data sent to ONE37pm. 

As of June 20, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” is far and away this year’s most-popular tune. “Old Town Road” has attracted 1.3 billion audio and video streams and 958,000 digital downloads, making it 2019’s most-streamed song and top-selling song.

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In comparison, 2018’s most-streamed songs were Drake’s “God’s Plan” with 1.08 billion streams and Post Malone’s “Psycho” with 531 million streams. Post Malone also secured the No. 2 most-streamed song again in 2019 with his “Sunflower” collaboration with Swae Lee from the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack (850 million streams).

Top 10 Most-Streamed Songs on Audio and Video
  1. Lil Nas X // “Old Town Road” // 1,337,995,000
  2. Post Malone and Swae Lee // “Sunflower” // 850,194,000
  3. Ariana Grande // “7 Rings” // 776,696,000
  4. Travis Scott // “Sicko Mode” // 623,498,000
  5. Halsey // “Without Me” // 599,335,000
  6. J. Cole // “Middle Child” // 582,748,000
  7. Post Malone // “Wow” // 582,633,000
  8. Blueface // “Thotiana” // 588,277,000
  9. Marshmello and Bastille // “Happier” // 528,640,000
  10. YNW Melly // “Murder on My Mind” // 498,806,000
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Top 10 Selling Digital Songs
  1. Lil Nas X // “Old Town Road” // 958,000
  2. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper // “Shallow” // 684,000
  3. Post Malone and Swae Lee // “Sunflower” // 488,000
  4. Ariana Grande // “7 Rings” // 420,000
  5. Halsey // “Without Me” // 388,000
  6. Post Malone // “Wow” // 381,000
  7. Jonas Brothers // “Sucker” // 357,000
  8. Lauren Daigle // “You Say” // 322,000
  9. Taylor Swift featuring Brendon Urie // “Me!” // 322,000
  10. Ava Max // “Sweet but Psycho” // 321,000
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Top 10 Albums (sales and weighted streams)
  1. Ariana Grande // Thank U, Next // 1,552,800
  2. Billie Eilish // When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? // 1,304,000
  3. Khalid // Free Spirit // 929,000
  4. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper // A Star Is Born Soundtrack // 889,000
  5. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie // Hoodie SZN // 810,000
  6.  Post Malone // beerbongs & bentleys // 756,000
  7. Drake // Scorpion // 718,000
  8. Queen // Bohemian Rhapsody Soundtrack // 705,000
  9. Juice WRLD // Death Race for Love // 675,000
  10. Jonas Brothers // Happiness Begins // 663,000
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Top 10 Selling Albums (just sales)
  1. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper // A Star Is Born Soundtrack // 404,000
  2. Jonas Brothers // Happiness Begins // 374,000
  3. Billie Eilish // When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? // 343,000
  4. BTS // Map of the Soul: Persona // 343,000)
  5. Backstreet Boys // DNA // 299,000)
  6. Queen // Bohemian Rhapsody Soundtrack // 253,000
  7. Ariana Grande // Thank U, Next // 228,000
  8. Soundtrack // The Greatest Showman // 181,000
  9. P!nk // Hurts 2B Human // 158,000
  10. Lauren Daigle // Look Up Child // 154,000
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Top 10 Selling Vinyls
  1. Queen // Bohemian Rhapsody Soundtrack // 61,000
  2. Queen // Greatest Hits // 49,000
  3. Billie Eilish // When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? // 47,000
  4. Soundtrack // Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 // 33,000
  5. The Beatles // Abbey Road // 33,000
  6. Pink Floyd // The Dark Side of the Moon // 32,000
  7. Bob Marley and The Wailers // Legend // 30,000
  8. Fleetwood Mac // Rumours // 29,000
  9. Michael Jackson // Thriller // 29,000
  10. Billie Eilish // Don’t Smile at Me // 28,000
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Sports Strength

Two Cities, One Team: How Should the Rays Move Forward?

While revenues rise across the MLB, the league faces complex challenges in the near future. For one, the game has a marketing problem, something a revamped All-Star Game voting process has failed to rectify. While lucrative TV deals have lined owners’ pockets for years to come, and ensure a top-of-the-line broadcast product, attendance at games is declining. A players’ union revolt seems increasingly likely. If MLB is going to survive in a sports landscape where personalities drive audiences, they’re going to have to get pretty creative. 

Luckily, MLB looks like it’s prepared to. Last week, commissioner Rob Manfred gave the Tampa Bay Rays permission to explore a partial relocation to Montreal, where half of the Rays’ home games would happen in Canada, and the other half would happen in St. Petersburg. There has been some fallout; the prospect of a new Rays stadium seems stuck in purgatory, and St. Petersburg’s mayor has said the city wouldn’t fund a new facility if the tenants were part-timers. “We’re looking for open minds,” said Rays principal owner Stu Sternberg, hopefully.

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The Rays rank second-to-last in attendance, well short of the MLB average of 27,000. Part of that is due to the decaying Tropicana Field, an indoor park in a city where the population is rapidly growing. While the team has had plenty of on-field success—books have been written about their influence—it hasn’t been improving the financial portrait of the team. It makes sense that the MLB, having just seen the Toronto Raptors’ finals broadcasts shatter Canadian broadcasts records, would want to explore having a bigger footprint in Canada. 

Manfred’s support, through this lens, feels obvious: Of course, he’s open to exploring revenue opportunities, especially given that the Rays’ current rights deal is also poised to underwhelm. The players’ union would still need to approve a move—I can’t anticipate that Rays players love the idea of two home cities, but crazier things have happened—and there’s a growing sense that players will find out how to get a bigger share of the rights revenue pie. Exploring a Tampa Bay/Montreal experiment seems like a step in the right direction for baseball, even though big obstacles are ahead

Read more about how Custom Cleats is changing MLB footwear here

Culture Music

Lil Nas X’s New Music and Social Prowess Prove He’s Not a One-Hit Wonder

Originally known as the “Old Town Road” guy, Lil Nas X is proving he is more than a one-hit wonder. He’s young, he’s funny and he still appears to be in shock with his success. His newly released EP, titled 7, features seven songs that all sound completely different than the next, infusing rap, rock, country and more in this impressive genre-blurring project. His debut single—the country-trap hit “Old Town Road”—is spending its 12th week at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart, giving us little doubt that Lil Nas X has the potential to go miles in the music world. 

As of June 20, the song has racked up an eye-popping 1.3 billion audio and video streams and 958,000 digital downloads, making it 2019’s most-consumed song and top-selling song, according to Nielsen Music data sent to ONE37pm.

At only 20 years old, Lil Nas X became a music phenomenon. “Old Town Road,” a song about the road to success, quickly became the song of the Internet and most likely will be crowned Song of the Summer. The breakout single resulted in the Yeehaw Challenge on popular short-video platform TikTok and popularized leather boot shopping and yeehaw captions on Instagram. It notably debuted on the Hot Country Songs chart at No. 19 but was removed after country diehards expressed their concern about the song being misclassified. Since the uproar, country music legend Billy Ray Cyrus tweeted his support for Lil Nas X and is, as we all know, featured as a vocalist in the remix. 

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The trap-country hit sounds like nothing ever before, but it owes a lot of success to its impactful pop culture aspect and memeable popularity. It’s thrown into the background of videos as a way to show what it’s like to live in the South, and it’s being shared by celebrities showing their Western moves. It’s nearly universally loved. It’s catchy. It’s modern. It’s different. Lil Nas X opens with “I got the horses in the back” in a confident and attractive voice that makes you want to two-step immediately. What does that mean? Who’s singing this? I was shocked to find a young Black man from Atlanta behind the country western sound that I typically would skip. 

In April, Lil Nas X broke Nielsen Music’s record for the most U.S. streams in one week. “Old Town Road” had 143 million streams, surpassing Drake’s “In My Feelings,” which had 116.2 million streams in one week in July 2018. Booked and busy, the rapper recently performed at the 2019 BET Awards, a huge milestone for a new artist.

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Lil Nas X, like many other Gen Zers, is at the forefront of the internet. He originally had hopes of becoming an internet personality and would constantly promote himself online so it should be no surprise to him that “Old Town Road” gained popularity on TikTok. Each time the song had a chance to lose its demand, a new form of it or discussion was brought to the internet. From the original release, to news surrounding the country charts and race, to Billy Ray Cyrus’s collab, and then a celebrity-packed music video, “Old Town Road” was and still is inescapable—whether it be in the background of someone’s Instagram story or blasting in a car passing by. 

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for BET

Trendy internet songs can sometimes put into question the longevity of an artist’s career. Lil Nas X signed to Columbia Records almost immediately after the “Old Town Road” release, so we can expect to see more music from him in the near future. He also tweeted snippets of what he was working on, letting fans know that he didn’t plan to be a one-hit wonder. The question isn’t whether Lil Nas X will continue to make music or not, but what kind of music? His new stardom is not the typical story of an artist creating music for years and then slowly rising to fame. He doesn’t have a vault full of tracks that OG fans know about. Lil Nas X will never go mainstream, because his career started as mainstream by seemingly skyrocketing overnight.

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His 7 EP, which includes the catchy “Panini” follow-up single, makes it obvious that Lil Nas X has not found his signature sound just yet. He’s experimenting with what sounds good and is still replicating the “stuck in your head” vibe of “Old Town Road.”

With a rapping style and sound similar to Travis Scott mixed with a country-Western accent, Lil Nas X’s possibilities are endless. The young Atlanta musician has youth, personality and support from other musicians. He also knows how to navigate popularity on social media, something some older artists need assistance and training for, for better or worse. We predict collabs with other young artists like Billie Eilish and Khalid in the near future. A lineup spot at Coachella is also pretty foreseeable. Lil Nas X has already made one song that broke the internet, and there’s room for many more, it’s just a matter of time. 

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Style What To Buy

Peep the New Russell Athletic Heritage Collection

The brand that has been around for over a century is back to regain its title as the “most authentic” name in sports apparel. Russell Athletic is poised to be the frontrunner with their latest collection of sportswear called “Heritage.” The collection is full of vintage, retro and urban gear for the male sportswear connoisseur. They are showing what 115 years of greatness looks like through their clothes. The iconic R logo on the gear provides that prestige swagger to the “fresh, fly casual sports gear connoisseur.” Known for having the most comfortable cotton material in the game, Russell Athletic shows versatility in this collection, as the same cotton T-shirt and sweat shorts combo you lounge around in the house wearing can be the same outfit you can throw on when hanging out with friends or attending a party.

Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm

As innovators and trendsetters of the classic sweatshirt, Russell Athletic makes the most comfortable hoodie to own. Consisting of a burgundy, cream and white version, an all-black with olive green and white mesh option as well as their classic red and blue, the hoodies that are available to purchase are top-of-the-line gear that you won’t be able to resist adding to your wardrobe. The embroidered logo on the hoodie is a real eye-catcher.

Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm

The Heritage collection is the beginning of a new Russell Athletic brand after years of being the official merchandiser for a couple of professional sports teams. During the 1970s through the 1990s, they were the official provider for the NFL. Then they became heavily involved with the Arena Football League, or AFL. They are still the official uniform creators for certain colleges, such as Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and Samford University in Alabama and now, Russell Athletic is in position to become the must-have gear for summer and fall season.

Men’s Heritage Chenille Hoodie
Buy Now
Careers Grind

#TheUnknownHustle: Conan O’Brien

In 1993, after NBC tapped Jay Leno to succeed Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show and David Letterman announced his move to CBS, The Peacock needed to put together a brand-new Late Night. So Lorne Michaels reached out to a former Saturday Night Live writer named Conan O’Brien to see if he’d want to be a producer on the next iteration of the show.

At the time, O’Brien was working at The Simpsons and was known as much for his spotlight-seizing writers’ room gags as he was for scripting series-defining episodes like “Marge vs. The Monorail,” according to John Ortved’s The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History.

“In a nutshell, we sort of said, ‘Lorne, this is not the direction he wants to go, to be a producer,” O’Brien’s then-agent Gavin Polone told Ortved. “He wants to perform.”

Finding few seasoned comics up to the task of trying to fill Letterman’s shoes, Michaels eventually arranged an audition for the relatively unknown O’Brien on Carson’s famed Tonight Show stage in Burbank. In a “twenty minute version of a talk show,” Conan delivered a monologue of jokes he had prepared and interviewed guests Mimi Rogers and Jason Alexander in front of an audience of fellow Simpsons‘ writers.

Later, when Polone phoned O’Brien before a Simpsons recording session to tell him that he got the job, not as a producer, but as the host, Conan was somewhat overwhelmed, to say the least.

“He was passed out face down into this horrible shag carpet. He was just quiet and comatose down there on that carpet,” recalled Simpsons postproduction supervisor Michael Mendel to Ortved. “I remember looking at him and saying, ‘Wow. Your life is about to change, in a really dramatic way.'” 

<code><p class = "instagram-media"></p></code>

Grind Productivity

Here Are the Best Early Morning Habits to Ensure Success

Think of the person you admire most. The one who’s killing the game, making constant #moneymoves, and achieving the level of success you’re working towards. Well, it may be hard to believe, but you both have the same number of hours in a day. The only difference? That dude’s making the most out of them. 

It’s practically Rule No. 1 in the Billionaire’s Handbook: Wake up early. Just about every industry titan rises with the sun (or before it—Apple CEO Tim Cook prefers 3:45 a.m.), and they’re using that pre-office time to their advantage. Some meditate, some sweat, but all of them cultivate a valuable morning routine that acts as a warmup to their busy day.

Take a page from the power players and adopt one (or all) of these habits in order to rise and really shine.

1. Set Your Alarm for the Same Time Every Day (And Avoid the Snooze Button)
Getty Images

If you’re not a natural morning person, just remember: Practice makes perfect. Aim to wake up at the same time every day, like Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, who gets up at 5 a.m., no matter where he is in the world—jet lag be damned. Eventually, you’ll shift your circadian rhythm and regulate your sleep cycle, which will leave you with more energy overall. Not only will you stop dreading the alarm, but you might also stop needing one entirely.

2. Give Yourself Some Quiet Time
Getty Images

Before jumping out of bed and into your day, take a few minutes to clear your mind, take some deep breaths, and just be. You don’t have to call it meditation, and no, you don’t need to get any crystals involved, but carving out peaceful quiet time, even before very busy days, will alleviate anxiety and allow you to approach your tasks with a positive mindset.

3. Exercise Your Body
Getty Images

The benefits of working out in the morning go way beyond the physical. Sweat out any stress, acquire a surge of endorphins and be prepared to tackle just about anything the day throws at you. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey walks 5.3 miles to work every day, but even a half hour of movement will leave you feeling energized and refreshed. Consider the burgeoning six-pack a nice bonus.

4. Exercise Your Mind
Getty Images

Of course, an entrepreneur’s most important muscle is his brain. Give it a flex with a daily crossword puzzle, a favorite habit of Mark Sisson’s, triathlete and founder of Primal Blueprint. Vocabulary tests not your thing? Read an article about a subject you know nothing about (hello, National Geographic) or start learning a new technical skill. Keeping your mind challenged will keep you sharp when it really matters.

5. Get Inspired
Getty Images

Need a dose of motivation to get you excited about your workday? Listen to a podcast featuring one of your favorite founders or watch a TED Talk given by someone who inspires you. Don’t worry, we won’t tell you to look in the mirror and repeat affirmations, but words of wisdom will help keep you grounded and remind you why you’re grinding in the first place.

6. Visualize Your Goals
Getty Images

Before taking on the concrete tasks of the day, visualize and prioritize. Set your goals for the day, week or year ahead. Some may call it the “law of attraction,” but what you’re really doing is tapping into your subconscious in order to keep you hyper-focused on what you’re trying to achieve. The best part? You can do this in the shower.

7. Eat Breakfast
Getty Images

We have to agree with mom on this one. Skip the doughnut on-the-go and sit down for a healthy, balanced breakfast. Fuel up the right way and you’ll avoid the mid-morning crash—or worse, the boardroom stomach rumble. Keeping your body nourished keeps your head in the game.

8. Make a To-Do List
Getty Images

Now we’re starting to ease into work mode, but not so fast. Mimic Sheryl Sandberg’s infamous “spiral notebook” productivity hack and write out your to-do list. List out all your errands for the day, from the minor to the major. Checking off something as simple as “go to the post office” can feel infinitely satisfying, and help motivate you on to the next thing.

9. But Always Eat the Frog (Tackle Your Most Dreaded Task First)
Getty Images

We can thank Mark Twain for this folksy bit of career advice: “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” Basically this translates to is, “Do the most daunting thing on that to-do list straight away.” We all have different frogs, but whether it’s responding to emails or editing a proposal, getting your most dreaded task done early makes the rest of your day easier. Plus, you can’t beat that sense of accomplishment.