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Everything You Need to Know About CBD: A Guide

CBD has been around for years but is now more popular than ever. With celebrities like Kim Kardashian hosting CBD-themed baby showers and coffee shops offering CBD-infused lattes, the cannabis plant extract has become a hot commodity. It’s found primarily in extractions from the hemp plant but also in cannabis plants, and can be consumed in the form of gels, gummies, oils, supplements, extracts, and even flower.

There are endless benefits of using CBD and the best part is its legality in many states. For new users, the compound can be perplexing. Many people confuse CBD with THC, the compound in marijuana that causes psychoactive effects. We spoke with five different leaders in the cannabis industry to give you the most detailed and educational guide on all things CBD.

CBD Explained
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CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp and cannabis plant’s stalks, stems, flowers and leaves. It’s more commonly derived from hemp—cannabis bred for high CBD and low THC. “Really, genetically speaking, marijuana and hemp are the same plants, and they call it weed for a reason. It’ll grow just about anywhere,” Vince Mathias, Director of Market Development at SUM Microdose told us.

Hemp is legal to grow anywhere in the United States and is the reason you might find CBD-infused products available in a state that has not legalized cannabis.

CBD Is Not the Same as THC
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CBD and THC have the exact same chemical makeup: 21 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen and 2 oxygen. The only difference between the two extracts is the location of a single hydrogen atom. CBD is prominently found in the hemp plant and is known to have soothing, anti-inflammatory properties that target cannabinoid receptors throughout the body.

Plants at harvest containing <.3% THC are considered hemp and plants containing >.3% THC is cannabis. THC is the cannabinoid best known for providing a “high” feeling while CBD does not because it is non-psychoactive. As a result, CBD can actually reduce the psychoactive effects of THC. CBD works with the serotonergic system to keep your own naturally produced cannabinoids working for a longer period of time, resulting in lower stress levels and lower pain perception: The exact reason why people of all ages are raving about its results. 

Benefits of Using CBD

While more studies need to be done, there is still a lot of information out there about the benefits of CBD, most of which relate to inflammation or oxidation. In the wellness space, CBD has gained a lot of attention for its potential as ant-inflammatory that may aid in post-workout recovery. Because CBD is not intoxicating, it is being used both in medicine, but also as a wellness product in everything from protein-rich smoothies to recovery muscle balms and cosmetics.

Research Shows That CBD Has the Potential to Relieve
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  • day-to-day stress and anxiety
  • general aches and pains
  • chronic pain, particularly if it’s associated with inflammation
  • pain from auto-immune conditions such as fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel disease, and arthritis
  • improved sleep
  • mild depression
  • nausea and lack of appetite
  • blood glucose control
  • acne

CBD works on three levels: First it helps balance and enhance mood by reducing anxiety, second it reduces inflammation, and third, it reduces oxidation. “When you step back and realize how many issues in life are caused by stress, inflammation, or oxidation it makes a lot more sense why CBD seem to be such a cure-all because it affects the root of those issues,” says Mattias.

Dr. Landolt of SummerTree Clinic Toronto found that her patients with chronic pain felt more relieved after introducing CBD into their regimen. Others reported low levels of anxiety and improved ability to cope with stress. Patients of Dan Sulton, CEP at Tantalus Labs, reported feelings of reduced anxiety, calm, relief of physiological pain symptoms, and enhanced recovery time after athletic strain.

Gabe Kennedy, Co-Founder of Plant People, feels the important part about consuming any plant medicine is to make sure that you take it every day. “Consistency is key. It’s just like any other practice, yoga or meditation. You can do it every once in a while and feel good, but the profound shift happens when one commits to the practice.”

What to Expect and How to Buy
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Taking CBD has been described to make people feel less anxious and less in pain. It’s also been associated with getting a better night’s sleep because of its calming effects. “The feeling you get on vacation when you realize you don’t have to go to work in the morning. It’s a sense of wellbeing, without an artificial euphoria,” Mattias described. But before getting excited about the benefits, it’s helpful to know what you’re getting into.  

People should do their research and ask questions regarding where the CBD is sourced, quality of the distillation process, where the cultivation and processing of the hemp are done, and any further information. There are many products that only contain hemp seed oil which does not actually contain CBD. This is because CBD is mostly found in the stalks, stems, leaves and flowers of the plant, and not from the seeds. Dan Sutton, CEO at Tantalus Labs, recommends that first time users should look for Broad Spectrum CBD Extract in favor of Hemp-based CBD whenever possible.

Sutton also notes that it’s also important to know that CBD extracted from industrial hemp is what is federally legal, whereas CBD extracted from the cannabis plant is only legal in states that have legalized the sale of recreational cannabis. CBD that is extracted from hemp plants contains lower amounts of THC than CBD pulled from cannabis. When it comes to extraction, oil extraction is most popular. It involves using alcohol to separate and collect the active compounds. The solvent takes the cannabinoids out of the plant and the liquid is evaporated which leaves the chemical compound in the oil form.

Because CBD affects everyone differently, it is recommended to experiment with different dosages and products to find the perfect fit. For someone who has experienced the effects of cannabis, they can start off with relatively higher doses because they’ve already experienced the effects of CBD. It is also recommended to consult with a doctor if using CBD for a specific medical reason. CBD brands that make specific claims about treating any type of disease or illness should be avoided, as there is no proof that CBD can heal any medical issue completely. According to Mattias, chronic pain usually requires a sustained high dose, at least 100mg a day while anxiety and mood issues can normally be resolved in the neighborhood of 10-50mg. “A normal dose would be between 3-15mg and about 10-100mg a day. It really depends on what symptoms the individual Is targeting.”

The Cost
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Products infused with the isolated compound of CBD are usually the cheapest. This basically means that the products are isolated with just the CBD compound. The preferred option is full-spectrum CBD, which includes the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes that work together to maximize effects, known as the entourage effect. However, because full-spectrum CBD also includes the cannabinoid THC, this makes it less accessible to people who are concerned with the compound showing up on a drug test. Broad-spectrum CBD is the alternative, that contains the same spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids without the THC. 

The cost can also vary due to location and popularity of the specific brand. Cheaper CBD options are usually found at bodegas and mini-marts. But Matt C. Potion CBD Founder, warns against the quality of these cheaper options. Most of the products that are found in bodegas or smoke shops contain only hemp seed oil without any mention of CBD or cannabidiol in the ingredient list at all. What most of these oils and edibles contain are extracts of the hemp seed. CBD oil can be made from either the hemp or cannabis plant, but only through the stem, leaves, stalks, or flower of the plant. These are the parts of the plant where CBD can actually be found. Additionally, many of the products that you would find in bodegas mislabel their packages with inaccurate CBD doses, no information about the brand itself, or any type of third-party lab results.

CBD Edibles, Tinctures and Salves
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Edibles are processed through the digestive tract and the liver, so effect onset is slower and longer-lasting. CBD is degraded as it moves through the body, resulting in only a small fraction finally getting absorbed into the bloodstream. Tinctures held under the tongue hasten the onset, and topicals or salves localize the effect on the area of the body applied. Smokable hemp flower is also growing in popularity, with onset being almost immediate but lasting a shorter period of time.

The Future Is Bright

According to Matthias, we are only just now uncovering the benefits of the other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. The ones people refer to the most are the “Big Six”: THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG and THCV. Each of those cannabinoids has a host of medical benefits all on their own, as well as a completely different list of benefits when combined with other cannabinoids. CBN has been shown to be a powerful sleep aid, CBG shows promise as a treatment for IBS, CBC is thought to restrict appetite and helps reduce acne. Dr. Landolt agrees that the benefits are endless. “The trick here is either breeding strains that preferentially make some of these compounds or finding methods to isolate these compounds from existing strains. Exploring the potential effects of this new cannabinoids is the new frontier in medical cannabis. We could envision that in future we would see specific combinations of cannabinoids aimed at specific conditions.” 

Special thanks to Matt C., Potion CBD Founder, Vince Mathias Director of Market Development at SUM Microdose, Dan Sutton, CEO at Tantalus Labs, Dr. Carolina Landolt of SummerTree Clinic Toronto and Gabe Kennedy, Co-Founder of Plant People, for providing meaningful information about CBD.

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Culture Music

5 Emerging Musicians You Need to Know

Anyone can get attention, but only the best can become stars. During a time when anyone with a laptop and a working internet connection can release music, it’s harder to stand out among the crowd. But here are five incredible artists in the right place in their career with the right music to become stars. We looked at the commercial appeal of each artist based on their talent and the career trajectory of similar artists.  

1. J.I.D

When J. Cole deemed 28-year-old East Atlanta flame spitter J.I.D “the closest thing to me” after borrowing the young MC’s hypersonic flow for his song “Off Deez,” he wasn’t being facetious. J.I.D is a brilliant lyricist with an intricately abstract flow that can fit any beat and can give any lyric the impact of a wrecking ball breaking through your concentration to demand your attention. How many artists would put a Brown v. Board of Education punchline in a rap song charting on the radio (“Down Bad”) and make Nickelodeon cartoon references sound haunting (“EdEddnEddy”)? Not many. Well, there is one: Kendrick Lamar, and he’s become such a big star via a style he and J.I.D share that he won a Pulitzer Prize for a rap album.

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Lamar and J.I.D aren’t related by blood but by rhyme. Just listen to the lyrical acrobatics on songs like Lamar’s “Rigamortis” and J.I.D’s “151 Rum,” where each rapper packs in a feature-length movie worth of visuals in less than three minutes with fast-paced flows. Before Lamar stamped himself as the next rap king with his classic debut album, Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City in 2012, he was a show-stealing highlight on Drake’s 2011 multiplatinum album Take Care. Lamar’s solo mixtapes Section.80 and Overly Dedicated made the Compton MC an internet phenom similar to J.I.D’s DiCaprio 2 and The Never Storymixtapes. Only time will tell if J.I.D’s being the most featured artist on Dreamville’s chart-topping compilation album Revenge of the Dreamers 3 can have the same star-making effect as Lamar’s appearance on Take Care.

2. Dreamers

It takes a certain type of skill to inspire people to dance through tears, but three-man alternative rock group Dreamers has it in spades. Lead singer Nick Wold’s voice perpetually exists between a cry and a yell, perfect for making self-deprecating lyrics like “It’s alright, I know you’ll love me half of the time” sound both intimate and intense. No wonder the song is featured in the beachfront melodrama that is MTV’s revival of The Hills. Their entire Listen Out Loud album is the sort of festival of sounds that puts this trio one hit away from the big stages.

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Successful alternative-rock band Cage the Elephant and its penchant for sorrowful anthemic music is the first band that comes to mind when Dreamers comes on. Similar to Wold, Cage’s lead singer, Matt Shultz, and his wailing vocals pierce your heart on songs like “Too Late to Say Goodbye” with the precision of someone who’s had their heart broken enough to know exactly what notes and points to hit to elicit the same feeling. Cage has a number of gold and platinum plaques to its name, but “Social Cues” is only four spots ahead of Dreamers’ “Die Happy” on Billboard’s Top Alternative Songs chart. It might not be long before Dreamers becomes the new star of the alternative-rock scene. 

3. Mr Eazi

Here’s a challenge: Keep your body still while listening to Afrobeats dynamo Mr Eazi. Whether it’s a tropical-sounding ode to a love he misses (“Miss You Bad”) or quenching his fire with holy water (“Pour Me Water”), the Nigerian’s music moves into your ear on a soundbed of danceable grooves. Eazi’s music massages the senses while igniting the dance floor, just like Afrobeats megastar Wizkid. 

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Wizkid’s inclusion on Drake’s chart-topping song of the summer in 2016 (“One Dance”) helped broaden his already internationally renowned profile. Mr Eazi has yet to be part of a song or album that’s sold enough to receive a gold or platinum certification from the RIAA. But after being featured on the Beyoncé executive produced soundtrack The Lion King: The Gift a month after shouting out “the whole of Africa” at Coachella, his star is bound to shine. 

4. Mahalia

Mahalia’s star power rests in the almost whispered sincerity of her voice. The softness is inviting and her lyrics are honest.  On “No Reply,” the 21-year-old singer tells an ex-lover trying to re-enter her life that she “won’t let you drown me” firmly enough for you to believe. She makes a dance floor out of the pages of her diary as the latest artist to mine the nostalgic stylistics of ’90s R&B with a modern interpretation.  

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Ella Mai—with her pure R&B chart-topper “Boo’d Up”—is another such artist. Mahalia was an opening act on the second leg of Ella Mai’s sold-out The Debut Tour earlier this year, and the artists’ pairing was a stylistic fit. Both have the same temerity of women rightfully fed up. 

5. Tomasa Del Real

Tomasa Del Real is more than a future star, she’s the queen of a movement. In 2016, the Chilean singer coined the phrase “NeoPerreo” to describe the music she was making. It was a subgenre of traditional reggaeton that favored the do-it-yourself, all-inclusive lifestyle of the digital age. Del Real’s vibrant personality makes songs about hooking up at the club (“Nena del Callejon”) and the star that reggaeton has made her (“Toto”) infectious.

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Her unapologetic assertiveness is similar to Brazilian singing sensation Anitta telling people to get out of her face while she “works on a different wave” on her Snoop Dogg–assisted song “Onda Diferente.” Anitta’s 2019 album, Kisses, peaked at No. 4 on the Top Latin Charts thanks in part to the same explosion in Latin music consumption that makes Del Real’s stardom a matter of inevitability. In 2017 and 2018, Latin music revenue grew by double-digit percentages, with Latin artist Ozuna being YouTube’s most-watched artist in 2018 ahead of artists who had gargantuan success in 2018, like Drake. 

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Culture News

7 Summer Reads to Challenge Your Mind on Vacation

Passport? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Flip-flops? Check. 

But what about a good book? If you’re anything like me, your holiday reading is the most important thing in your suitcase. We’ve already recommended books that Warren BuffettTim CookJack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg think you should read.

Now, whether you’re filling up your Kindle or packing some chunky paperbacks, here are some fiction and nonfiction recommendations to read on your summer vacation.
“Homo Deus”

1. ‘Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow’ // Yuval Noah Harari

If you want to spend your leisure time learning about the world around you, there’s no better teacher than Yuval Noah Harari. His first book, Sapiens, offered a brief history of the human race, and Homo Deus takes a look at what comes next, exploring the new and transformative technologies that will shape future society. What happens to human jobs when machines can replace them? How will our beliefs about death and the afterlife change when we can continue to interact with the digital avatar of somebody who is no longer here? Homo Deus doesn’t serve up any easy answers—Harari instead blends futurism with philosophy to leave you with thought-provoking questions.

2. ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ // Liane Moriarty

Liane Moriarty might be best known for writing Big Little Lies, the novel that inspired the HBO drama (and a thousand GIFs), but she’s definitely no one-trick pony. Her most recent book, Nine Perfect Strangers, takes place over ten days at a remote wellness retreat. Part spa, part ashram, Tranquillum House is a technology-free sanctuary overseen by a director who takes digital detox very seriously. She demands that each guest surrender their phone upon arrival, leaving them at her mercy. With its Agatha Christie–inspired premise and thoroughly modern setting, Nine Perfect Strangers ratchets up the tension while also skewering the Goop-ier elements of wellness culture.

3. ‘Less’ // Andrew Sean Greer

Don’t let that “Winner of the Pulitzer Prize” sticker on the cover put you off; Less is a wildly enjoyable romantic comedy that is perfect for devouring on a plane or at the beach. The title character, Arthur Less, is a washed-up novelist nursing a broken heart. When he is invited to his ex’s wedding, he desperately looks for an excuse not to attend, and he ends up agreeing to a series of literary engagements all over the world. This lends the novel a serialized structure, which keeps the story moving at a good pace. Each section is set in a different country, where Less continues to find himself in increasingly embarrassing or surreal circumstances.

4. ‘Becoming’ // Michelle Obama

One of the most hotly anticipated books of 2018, Becoming isn’t another fusty book about modern politics, nor is it a self-aggrandizing work of autobiography. In her memoir, Michelle Obama delights the reader with her talent for writing. Whether you’re reading about her early life in Chicago or her time as the first black first lady of the United States, you can rest assured you’re in the hands of a highly capable storyteller.

5. ‘In Cold Blood’ // Truman Capote

Long before Serial helped light the fuse that would lead to the explosion of true-crime books, podcasts and TV shows, author Truman Capote wrote this compelling account of the murder of a family on a farm in Kansas. Described as a “nonfiction novel,” In Cold Blood re-creates the killings, based on meticulous examination of the case, and interviews that Capote conducted with the perpetrators, Perry Smith and Dick Hickock. If your only exposure to Capote so far has been through the movie adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, this will take you down a much darker path.
“Circe” and “The Song of Achilles”

6. ‘Circe’ // Madeline Miller

This retelling of Homer’s Odyssey focuses on a single character, the witch Circe, who lives alone on an island and turns wayward rapacious sailors into swine. In Circe, Madeline Miller takes this misunderstood figure and brings her to life, exploring her fantastical powers while still making her feel fully human. Circe’s descriptions of walking the shores of her island and soaring over the oceans in the chariot of the sun are best enjoyed while reclining on a lounger with a glass of something cold within reach. And if Circe doesn’t sate your thirst, there’s always Miller’s first novel, The Song of Achilles, which reimagines the Trojan War as a love story, showing events through the eyes of the great hero Achilles and his loyal companion Patroclus. 

7. ‘Normal People’ // Sally Rooney

Connell and Marianne grew up in the same small town, but they have practically nothing else in common. And yet life keeps bringing them together in unexpected ways: first when they both attend the same university and then again and again as they make their way in the wider world. Normal People is that book people have been recommending to you nonstop, and there’s a reason for that. In this rare case, the hype is warranted.

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Culture Music

How Cardi B’s Engineer Made Her Grammy-Winning Album

Not many people have done what Evan LaRay Brunson has done. The 28-year-old Bronx native has been in the studio helping Cardi B make music since “Washpoppin” in 2016. As the recording engineer for every song on her multi-platinum debut album, Invasion of Privacy, Brunson not only earned a few platinum plaques but also Cardi’s trust. 

“I’ve been working with her since her first song,” Brunson said. “When we made Invasion of Privacy, it was really just her and I in the studio and she’s trusted me from then on.”

ONE37pm spoke with Cardi’s engineer about Invasion of Privacy, which went on to win Best Rap Album at this year’s Grammy Awards and Album of the Year at this year’s BET Awards. He also spoke about how Cardi’s pregnancy affected the recording of the album, her work ethic and her creative process.

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It’s been almost a year and a half since Cardi B dropped Invasion of Privacy. Have y’all been back in the studio for the next album?

Evan LaRay Brunson: We’re definitely back in the studio. We haven’t locked in how we locked in for the first album… [August] is when we’re really going to start locking in. She’s just been touring and doing all of these shows. 

“Press” is one of the best songs out this year and I hope this is what the second album is like.

Brunson: We recorded “Press” at the same time she was pregnant. I think she came up with an idea for it a week before she gave birth. Around then something happened on TMZ or something and she got tired of it. She’s always on her phone. She knows everything that’s going on. Even if it’s a fake page. She knows what time you said it and everything going on. She was tired of everybody bashing her. I guess that’s when she came up with the hook idea. That was the same time she did [Meek Mill’s] “On Me.”

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Speaking of “Press,” she got a lot of press for her run-in with Nicki Minaj at the Met Gala. Was there ever a time she was going to put out a Nicki Minaj diss song?

Brunson: Nah. She doesn’t really want to diss. She doesn’t even talk about wanting to diss Nicki Minaj or anybody. She really just makes music about how she is feeling. She doesn’t really want to make diss records. She can if she has to. 

Let’s go to where the phenomenon that is Cardi B became solidified. How was Invasion of Privacy made?

Brunson: Honestly, we cut a few records, but if the album came out in April then we started it in late January. Once she found out she was pregnant, I think that changed everything. She got into grind mode because people were saying she was a one-hit-wonder and now she’s pregnant. She was like, “They’re going to say it’s over for me.” Whatever feeling she got from that made her lock in. In two months, we had the album. 

<code><p class = "instagram-media"></p></code>

What was it like for Cardi to record Invasion of Privacy while pregnant?

Brunson: This was before she even told the world that she was pregnant. I didn’t even know she was pregnant. I would get to the studio and wonder, “Yo, why is she always sleeping on the couch?” She would knock out every single time. Then she would wake up and we would record at five o’clock in the morning. She finally told me she was pregnant around January 2018. I found out about it right after she released “Bartier Cardi.” 

How did Cardi making music change the further along she got in her pregnancy?

Brunson: Honestly? This might sound crazy, but she got even hungrier. She wanted to knock out every song. We slept in the studio. After she leaves the studio at six or seven o’clock in the morning she’d go to a photo shoot. After the photo shoot, she’d come right back to the studio. It made her hungry. She then thought the label was going to drop her. Everyone was saying her career was over. So when she was recording, she was going extra hard to make sure everything went perfect.

Once the album came out it was a whirlwind of success. How has your life changed?

Brunson: I didn’t expect it to be this big. I worked with her for free because I wanted to develop my engineering skills. I’d say, “You come to the studio. I’ll mix your record and work for free.” I had been working for free for the first year and a half, maybe two years. In the beginning, she would hit me off [with money]. But now she made sure she told Atlantic [Records] to make sure I got paid. 

<code><p class = "instagram-media"></p></code>

What song on the album would you say she recorded the most times?

Brunson: I would say “Get Up 10.” She wanted you to really feel her energy on it. So the first day she was recording it she was just coming up with a couple of ideas and laying it down. The next day she would come in like, “I don’t like how that sounds.” Then, on the third day, she snapped and spit the whole thing straight through, nonstop.

“Be Careful” is a raw song and is different than most of the album. How did it come about?

Brunson: If you don’t really know Cardi you might think she’s a loud and crazy girl. She’s actually very emotional. Her heart is on her sleeve. I think she was going through something at the time. We recorded the verses quickly. With the hook, we kind of switched it up a little because she did it like two different ways. If you sound too autotuned and robotic it’s not going to come through. She wanted the song to sound like she was giving it to you like poetry.

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“Bodak Yellow” started the Cardi B craze. When y’all were recording it did y’all know it was going to be a hit?

Brunson: At the time, we kept cutting so many songs and she posted a snippet of that song while she was in the studio and it went viral. It wasn’t like she said, “Oh, this is the best song.” She kept cutting songs. Once she released the snippet, we had to release it, and it changed everybody’s life. 

<code>": "<iframe width=\"560\" height=\"315\" src=\"\" frameborder=\"0\" allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen></iframe>", "hed": "", "subhed": "", "buttonText": "", "buttonUrl": "", "dropCase": false, "mediaId": null, "jwplayer": ""</code>

You’ve been with her since she started on her first song. Compared to that first session, what has she improved?

Brunson: Definitely her cadence and flow. Also, her pronunciation. She has a strong Spanish accent; she’s Dominican. So you would hear more of her Rs rolling and more of a Spanish tone. She learned how to pronounce better. But she’s always been Cardi.

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Careers Grind

5 Steps to Make Your Instagram Better

The age of anonymity is gone. A thing of the past. Eclipsed forever with the analog days of yore. Our lives are dominated by our insatiable desire for information that comes at lightning speed, and lucky for us, the dependable interwebs are always at the ready to quench it—anyone can take to the Google for a swift (and endlessly satisfying) investigation on literally any human. 

Swiping right on a Tinder crush? A quick search engine prompt will reveal where they eat, drink, shop and how often they take selfies.

Hiring for a gig? No doubt you’re checking in with the Internet before making any new employee official. If scrutinizing people online is routine behavior, then creating and cultivating a public personal brand is in our best interest. One that we’d want both our future boss and our future date(s) to see. 

<code><p class = "instagram-media"></p></code>

Developing a personal brand is a way to control the dialogue about yourself, to steer the public’s perception of who you are. Social media, particularly Instagram, is the ideal medium to define that image for two simple reasons. One, everyone uses the platform and has the reflex to look people up on it and two, it’s pretty much all visual and, well, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

If creating and growing a personal brand on Instagram eludes you, keep reading. Here are five pointers that will help you inhabit your little corner of the internet with panache. You’ll actually want people to go sleuthing for you. 

1. Establish References

Yes, you are unique. But unless you’ve already got your shit figured out, you’ll need some inspiration. Identifying some accounts that you look up to and enjoy following will help drum up visions of your own potential Insta-image. Take note of what kind of visuals speak to you and what captions you find most engaging. Those little things will reveal what you should focus on when refining your own channel. 

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2. Create a Voice

Alas, the ‘Gram is not all pictures and Stories. Gotta fill that caption box, too. Not everyone’s a great wordsmith, but building a voice is about more than just penning a Shakespearean-worthy quip. Crafting a tone of voice is an essential exercise for any business, yours withstanding, and it basically boils down to deliberately creating your account’s personality. 

Identity is intrinsic, but we all present ourselves differently depending on who we interact with. How you pal around with your friends might best stay private, catch my drift? We’re here to make first impressions and remain laser-focused—brand-building is all about being calculated. Think of what you want to share on Instagram (more on that in a sec) and how you want to come off, and define it: are you authoritative, friendly, the everyman, motivational, informative, a niche expert, playful, serious business? Your IG’s tone of voice will inform how you communicate your captions, and it’s what will draw your audience in, the way you’re drawn to those examples you identified in point #1. 

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3. Craft Your Aesthetic

Aesthetic on Instagram is everything. As if you didn’t already know. Once you’ve narrowed in on what kind of image you’d like to have, you’ll need to make some visual decisions. This will ensure that you’re not all over the place and that strangers (cough, the cutie from the coffee shop, cough) who land on your profile understand your essence at first glance. No easy feat, but achievable through careful consideration of visual assets. 

Be consistent with your filters, keep your quality standards high, and when in doubt, use your tone of voice as a relevance barometer. It always helps to pick between four and six content categories and stick to those types of photos and videos that support your brand. This is what will hook and retain your followers.

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4. Be Authentic

Ah yes, that word again. Overplayed and buzzy. But it doesn’t negate the fact that “be authentic” is a valid and important statement, especially in the precarious age of pic-or-it-didn’t-happen. If you’re not actually being yourself, or if the persona you’re creating is so far off, phoniness will transpire and eventually be your demise. And that goes for with your followers and the people you actually know IRL.

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5. Out with the Old

A little spring cleaning never hurt anyone, no matter the season in which it takes place. Once you’ve set sail on your personal brand journey, you might want to revisit some of your past choices and hit the archive button a few times. Tidy up the randomness that used to populate your now succinct, cohesive grid, and marvel at how awesome it’s since become. *pats back*

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Still want to share things that don’t fit with the public persona you’ve built? Keep a private Instagram account for friends and family—see: finsta—to post anything outside the realm of your brand, and everyone wins.

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Sports Strength

The Best Matches of the 2019 G1 Climax So Far

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s yearly G1 Climax is a godsend for those bored by Western pro wrestling’s idiosyncratic brand of over-wrought theatricality. Presented with both realism and coherent character development, NJPW has garnered a cult following amongst hardcore audiences seeking relief from the banality of WWE’s more plodding pacing. But as the infamous round-robin tournament enters its 29th year, many are finding it possible to keep up with the insurmountable amount of content produced by the prestigious federation.

The G1 Climax is a series of 90+ matches held over the course of several weeks. The brawlers are separated into an A Block and B Block, with every member of each block destined to fight each other for points until a champion on each side is chosen. Then, those two finalists face off for a title opportunity at Wrestle Kingdom, the brand’s version of Wrestlemania.

We’re deep in the doldrums of the G1 now and it’s becoming increasingly impossible to pay attention to every single bout. Only the most diehard enthusiasts have the attention span or energy to keep up—so we’ve curated a short selection of the most essential under-rated and can’t miss matches so far.

1. Naito vs Yano
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Yano, perhaps NJPW’s most reliable comedy character, isn’t exactly the heaviest hitter of the G1. But his matches are consistently some of the more entertaining. In his first match of the tourney, he manages to trounce LIJ leader Naito, who simply can’t keep up with his antics. It’s a bizarre start to this journey, but you’ll fully understand each characters’ ethos by the end of the short fight.

2. ZSJ vs Bad Luck Fale

Zack Sabre Junior, the British-submission specialist with a shit-eating grin, has scored zero victories before this point in the tournament. Up against the much larger Fale, Junior tries all his charming tricks, but only manages to eke out a desperate win at the very last second. ZSJ has a long road ahead of him if he wants to catch up, but he’s at his most cunning here.

3. Moxley vs Ishii
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Jon Moxley (AKA Dean Ambrose) has become completely unhinged in the most lovable way since escaping from Vince McMahon’s clutches. Here he goes up against perhaps NJPW’s toughest fighter, The Stone Pitbull Ishii. Don’t expect gracefulness or technical prowess—and if you’re sensitive to brutal headbuts maybe skip this one.

4. Ospreay vs Ibushi
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Both of these fighters are more known for showy stunts than brutality, and both have been moving away from their older selves towards new levels of seriousness. Ospreay maintains his acrobatics but his bulkier frame proves he’s out for blood, while Ibushi’s love story with Kenny Omega is now just a distant memory. This fight marks a new direction for each character.

5. Sanada Vs Evil

Unless it’s part of a longer story, it’s relatively rare to see tag team partners face off against each other. Sanada and Evil’s immense respect for each other is trumped only by their one-upmanship. The failed attempt at the Paradise Lock is a moment of genuine silliness in an otherwise serious match.

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Sneakers Style

How to Clean Suede Sneakers

We know that life can get messy.

You wanna buy very expensive sneakers and then run through the dirty streets of New York City. Do your thing.

But what happens when your puddle jumping, subway riding and Central Park visiting damages your prized jawns? Anarchy.

The trusty folks here at ONE37pm are covering the stuff that matters, like how to get the dirt off your favorite suede sneakers. We’ve got you.

We’ve tapped sneaker-cleaning expert Jason Angsuvarn—founder of the footwear world’s favorite product line, Jason Markk—to spill the details. Below, he explains the steps to keep your expensive suede sneakers fresh.

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Recommended tools for cleaning suede sneakers:
  • Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner
  • Standard Brush
  • Premium Brush
  • Premium Microfiber Towels
  • Suede Kit
Steps for cleaning dirty suede sneakers:
  1. Take the suede brush (or the premium brush) and dry brush the uppers of the suede before you clean. Suede is leather and has pores, so you want to clear all the dirt from the pores so that you don’t cause any inset stains by wetting the suede with dirt on it.
  2. Take the standard brush and start from the bottom up. Be mindful to immediately wipe down with a microfiber towel so the suede doesn’t get wet.
  3. Use the premium brush. The soft hog-hair bristles will work well in lathering and conditioning the suede nap to help break down stains. Afterward, immediately use the microfiber towel to blot and soak up the stains.
  4. Blot all the moisture from the suede uppers until you feel the suede dry up. Take the suede brush and brush the suede to lift the nap back up.
  5. Check on the shoes throughout the day and dry brush the uppers to allow the nap to fully air dry.
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Things to remember when cleaning suede sneakers:
  • Dyed suede may cause a color transfer. Test an inconspicuous spot first, like the tongue or heel area.
  • Apply a protectant to suede shoes when they’re brand new so that maintaining them will be easier.
  • Dry brush the suede with a suede brush after each wear so dirt doesn’t build up.
Entrepreneurs Grind

7 of the Biggest CEO Frauds in History

The wealthy elite are known for creating innovative businesses for the future and providing much-needed services to the public. Some chief executives rise and fall on the basis of money and corruption. Some let their greed get the best of them and end up sabotaging entire businesses and taking other’s money along with them. From Bernie Madoff to Bernie Ebbers, these are the top scamming CEO’s who committed extreme fraud and money theft. 

7. Bernie Ebbers
Getty Images/Stuart Ramson

Bernie Ebbers was the CEO of Worldcom. His wrongdoings were discovered in 2002 and the company was forced to write off $50 billion in losses and file for bankruptcy.

Ebbers came up with a new-age business strategy to obtain multiple acquisitions as well as merge with Sprint. Ebbers had to cut ties with Sprint for business marketing purposes and the company hit a wall. Eager to still appeal to investors Ebbers fabricated financial statistics and lied to investors to make the company appear as if they were meeting Wall Street’s expectations or exceeding it.

WorldCom’s internal audit team discovered improper accounting numbers over five quarters and unveiled the corruption.

6. Dennis Kozlowski
Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Dennis Kozloski was CEO of Tyco International and a subordinate for a prestigious security systems unit. He was found guilty on 22 of 23 charges of grand larceny, violating general business law, and falsifying business records.

Kozlowski and company were convicted of stealing an estimated $600 million for expensive art, exclusive parties, and a lavish Manhattan apartment. He was convicted of taking more than $120 million without the approval of any directors, deliberately lying to investors to boost the company’s stock price while selling $575 million in stocks. For his crimes, Kozlowski received a sentence of eight to 25 years in prison.

5. Elizabeth Holmes
Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Elizabeth Holmes was the CEO and founder of Theranos, a company that claimed to be able to diagnose illnesses using just a drop of blood with next-level technology. It turned out that the technology her company claimed to have did not work but that didn’t stop Holmes from becoming the youngest female billionaire.

In 2015 a Wall Street Journal report opened eyes and made people question the technology and medical methods that were used to help patients at Theranos’ facility in Silicon Valley. Holmes just flat out lied to investors about the legitimacy of the tools and practice methods as they poured billions into her company.

The SEC ultimately agreed that Holmes misled her partners, using modified third-party machinery instead of its’ own to process patients tests. The SEC charged the company with massive fraud for over $700 million.

4. Richard Scrushy
Gary Tramontina/Getty Images

Richard Scrushy was the CEO of the largest outpatient surgery provider, and diagnostic rehabilitative services HealthSouth Corporation.

He was fined by the SEC on charges of massive accounting fraud. The federal district court in Birmingham, Alabama concluded that Richard Scrushy exaggerated his earnings at HealthSouth by over $1.4 billion to meet or exceed Wall Street’s expectations. By the third quarter of 2002, HealthSouth assets were overstated by $800 million.

Scrushy was indicted on 85 criminal charges of massive corporate fraud becoming the first executive to be charged under the new federal law that makes it mandatory for CEOs to personally report financial results. 

3. Stephen Hoffenberg
Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Steven Hoffenberg a public figure in the New York business world was found guilty of fraud and criminal conspiracy with connections to more than $460 million. Hoffenberg admitted to being the head operator of a small group that was selling fraudulent notes and bonds to investors while using a majority of that money to pay off older investors and interest rates.

The rest of the illegal money Hoffenberg accumulated was used to run the New York Post for a brief period and finance the Potemkin-village, which was a financial empire that inflated revenues and fabricated numbers to make the company appear to be a prestigious health care financing company.

On February 17th, 1994 Hoffenberg was officially charged and arrested in the case a year after the SEC imposed fines and sanctions on the CEO.

2. Franklin Raines
Graham Morrison/Getty Images

Franklin Raines was the CEO of Fannie Mae, the once well-respected company that bought home mortgages and sold them back as securities. Raines gained a high level of suspicion after the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise began to investigate Fannie Mae’s accounting practices.

Raines manipulated accounting and awarded himself millions of dollars in undeserved bonuses, deceiving investors. The government-sponsored company was fined $400 million for several civil penalties. The company also agreed to slow down its growth and had a cap of $727 million. According to Time Magazine, Raines was a “person to blame for the financial crisis.” 

Time reported that “Raines, who was at the helm when things really went off course. A former Clinton Administration Budget Director, Raines was the first African-American CEO of a Fortune 500 company when he took the helm in 1999. He left in 2004 with the company embroiled in an accounting scandal just as it was beginning to make big investments in subprime mortgage securities that would later sour.”

1. Bernie Madoff
Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Bernie Madoff pulled off the greatest Ponzi scheme in history. Madoff was able to convince thousands of investors out of $65 billion while he falsely promised consistent high returns on profit. For decades Madoff went undetected by luring investors through a Ponzi scheme, guaranteeing high returns. The scheme worked by using vague investing strategies to “ protect” their business and only tell investors what they are making occasionally without any physical proof or returns. In December of 2008 Madoff,  was charged with 11 counts of fraud, money laundering, perjury, and theft. Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison for running the biggest fraudulent scheme in U.S history.

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Entrepreneurs Grind

The Past, Present and Future of the Sports Card Industry

Trading card experts Lou Geneux and Jordan Hagedorn explore the booming industry as editorial contributors to ONE37pm. Team Gary Vee & ONE37pm will be at the National Sports Collectors Convention. If you’d like to connect, email

After a 15-year lull, the sports card market has been on the rise and is extremely hot. Former hobbyists and a new wave of collectors are buying up cards like crazy.

“According to our research, the total value of the U.S. sports memorabilia market amounts to $5.4 billion annually,” said high-tech entrepreneur David Yoken in an article on Forbes. Resale sites like eBay and independent auction houses have propelled the expansion, 

Here, we explore the hobby we’ve grown to love.

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The Early Days of Card Collecting

Back in their heyday, sports cards were the hottest thing on the planet. Odds are, you or one of your friends from childhood have a connection to the hobby that swept the nation starting in the late ’80s and extending into the ’90s. During that time, card companies like Topps, Fleer, Donruss, Upper Deck, SkyBox and more experienced significant growth. The giants of the industry could seemingly do no wrong. Over the years, cards evolved from plain cardboard versions to glossy and foil-stamped, to serial numbered and autographed, to memorabilia-infused ones with bits of the player’s items embedded, like a jersey or a bat. The hobby of collecting baseball, basketball, football and hockey cards was booming.

Humans are nostalgic, and thus, we reminisce about the good old days of collecting, which consisted of targeting your favorite players and sets at the local card shop, buying a pack (or a box, if you were lucky enough to afford it), trading with friends and attending local card shows. Whether it’s the 1986 Donruss Jose Canseco rookie, the 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck, some Dan Marino or Deion Sanders cards, a Michael Jordan insert or a LeBron James rookie from 2003, millions of us have a memory of the hobby.

There are crazy stories of collectors taking out a second mortgage on their house to hoard rookie cards of popular players, thinking if they purchased elite rookie cards they would be worth a fortune in the future. Those folks ended up being very disappointed.

Unfortunately, following years of huge success, the sports card market became saturated. Because of mass production, a changing seller’s landscape, the emergence of the internet (specifically eBay), a decline of local card shops and a lack of superstars in the sports world, interest in the hobby plummeted. Many retailers and collectors were left with much more inventory than they could sell. Supply was at an all-time high, while demand was at an all-time low. Of course, the rarest and most sought-after cards continued to sell at high prices, but by and large, the market had collapsed.

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The Resurgence of Sports Cards

Ever since that “crash,” the major card brands have adjusted their approach, bringing unique, limited cards to the forefront. Now, relics—like autographs and high-end memorabilia—lead the charge. Card creators like Panini and Topps have made it easier to obtain eye-catching cards with pieces of memorabilia that were used in an actual game (such as pieces of a jersey or ball), autographs and numbered cards in packs.

Some people never ditched the hobby they love, but many did. And those collectors are returning to the hobby in droves. People buying cards from their childhood for nostalgia, increased player interest across all sports and resellers looking to capitalize on a hot hobby are factors that point to the card resurgence. Since 2000, there’s been a consolidation of mass-release sets, leading to a smaller selection pool and more variety in terms of brands and designs.

<code><p class = "instagram-media"></p></code>

The Future of Trading Sports Cards

Starting now, ONE37pm is curating a team of experts to unearth riveting stories in the world of trading cards. At the National Sports Collectors Convention, thousands of members of the hobby will come together in Chicago to showcase their cards and we’ll be there checking out the case breaks, watching Gary Vaynerchuk and Josh Luber discuss the future of the industry and maybe (definitely) making a few deals.

The only question is, who’s the next big star in sports?

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Sports Strength

AEW on TNT, ‘Hell in a Cell’ and Other Fall Wrestling Events You Can’t Miss

With a heatwave crippling much of the United States this July, it’s hard to believe that summer is already coming to a conclusion. In the pro-wrestling world, we’ve hardly been starved for shows this season: AEW has been continuing to put on excellent events, the G1 remains a compelling if not overwhelming tournament, and WWE’s content creation remains as endless as ever. With our eyes set on the fall calendar, we’re taking a look at five things coming down the pipeline so we can adequately prepare ourselves for when the weather is slightly less stifling.

AEW’s TV Show Starts In October
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It’s been almost a year since Cody Rhodes organized the momentous “All In” super-indie show, collecting a broad range of non-WWE talent into an impressive and moving showcase. Expectations could not be higher for what would ultimately turn into All Elite Wrestling, which after months of sold-out Pay-Per-Views will finally begin airing its own live TV program on TNT on October 2. Although AEW is already being hailed as WWE’s biggest threat to emerge in decades, it still seems somewhat possible the whole enterprise will totally crumble before it ever truly takes off. We’ll find out soon enough.

The New Name of Rise
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RISE concluded their LGBTQ showcase in June with an announcement that they were transitioning from being a women-only federation so as to be more gender-inclusive, with the hopes of featuring talent that is not regularly given the spotlight on other wrestling shows. They’re already making good on their promise, with their September show continuing feuds that began brewing during Pride month. On September 1, shock art queen Priscilla Kelly will take on the ultra-athletic Jake Atlas in this event which is sure to continue the brand’s new progressive political mission statement.

NXT Takeover War Games III
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Big-name WWE shows tend to be filled with incoherent booking and illogical stipulations. The next NXT Takeover War Games, occurring on November 23 (the same weekend as Survivor Series) is likely to far outshine the larger-scale event it’s paired with, as per usual. The signature match, in which two rings are placed side by side—and then locked inside a steel cage—is wrestling at both its campiest and most brutal. Even NXT’s mid-and undercards are so immensely stacked with rising stars it’s hard to believe a single moment of this event will be disappointing. 

AAA NYC Invasion
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Although NJPW and Japanese Strong Style have picked up some steam amongst American audiences, the international flair of Lucha Libre remains a slept-on commodity amongst fans. In this exceedingly rare event to be held on September 15, the biggest stars of South American pro-wrestling are making their way to Madison Square Garden. It seems unlikely casual fans will recognize many of these athletes’ names—but the breathtaking acrobatics that characterizes the Lucha Libre style will certainly dazzle even the most difficult to impress of wrestling connoisseurs.

Hell In A Cell
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Hell In A Cell hasn’t had the same ultra-violent appeal since WWE began shifting its content to be more family-friendly in the mid-’00s. That being said, the wacky antics brought about by a malevolent steel structure are still refreshingly bonkers compared to the drudgery of some of the less over-the-top PPVs. Let’s hope Shane McMahon gets written out of some storylines by September 15, lest he feel inclined to crash land himself onto an announcing table yet again.

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