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Getting to Know Berat Djimsiti On and Off the Pitch

Berat Djimsiti arrived at Atalanta back in 2016 and the Albanian has become a mainstay for the club as they continue to build towards Italian and European success.

Djimsiti has taken part in many big matches over the years, including competing in the UEFA Champions League and World Cup qualifying.

The 29 year old was gracious enough to sit down with ONE37pm recently and the Atalanta defender discussed an array of topics during his down time.

ONE37pm: For those who don’t know you, tell us about yourself and your journey to Atalanta? How did you get into football?

Djimsiti: Thanks, ONE37pm for having me. It was a pleasure doing this interview with you! I am Berat Djimsiti, my journey to Atalanta wasn’t the easiest, let’s say. Before, I was playing football in Switzerland and then came to one point that I didn’t develop as much as I wanted to. So, I got this opportunity to change to Italy, to the team of Atalanta Bergamo.

Yes, it was not easy in the start because I was quite young, 22 at this time and I think in the first six months, I had difficulties finding a place in the team. Now if you watch how I grew, and our team grew in the past years, I think it’s an incredible journey to tell!

ONE37pm: When did you know as a kid that you had the passion and desire to challenge yourself and say “I want to be a professional footballer”, when did that moment occur to you?

Djimsiti: I think it’s quite a difficult question! But, I think at an early age when I started to play football in a small village where my family lived and I grew up.

As a five year old, I started to play football and I saw quiet fast that I had some talent let’s say, because I could, not to be arrogant now … but I could see that I had more qualities than others at my age, and so I think this moment I thought for sure that I wanted to be a professional footballer.

I had the thought every time in my mind, but as a young kid you know you have a lot of dreams you never know what is going to happen, but this was for sure my desire.

ONE37pm: What does it mean to play for Atalanta? The city of Bergamo? How has your game evolved playing under Gian Piero Gasperini and what does he mean to him?

Djimsiti: It means a lot, especially the last few years we grew up as a team and we have had a lot of success and I think not only for Atalanta but for the whole city of Bergamo. The success we have had is important because before, the city didn’t have this reality that we would play champions league almost every year and it’s something they have never had before.

Marcio Machado/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images

But what is more important to the people of Bergamo is how you are outside the pitch, they appreciate you very much. There is also a famous saying that connects the team to the city “La maglia sudata sempre” meaning always sweat the shirt!

Let’s say, he is a tough coach, he wants you to bring your best game forward, he never wants you to stay on the same level, he wants you to grow up and give maximum effort.

Or reach another level that you may not even expect from yourself and I think this has helped me a lot personally and the other players. And for sure you have a lot of pressure, but without pressure you don’t move forward.

ONE37pm: Taking it back, 2020 was an amazing season for your club, you experienced a disheartening loss to PSG in the Champions League quarterfinals. What was the biggest thing you learned about yourself in a moment of defeat?

Djimsiti: 2020, yes, it was a year full of success. Let’s say, we got defeated by a great team,a big team with big players. But in the end we for sure went out with confidence because we did have a great game.

We thought we would win this game because we felt so good, but with the good team that PSG had, they had scored two goals in the last three-four minutes of the match and put us out of the champions league.

I learned, we learned as a team from this defeat that in every moment against big teams, big games and big players you can never do less, you always have to be concentrated. You cannot make mistakes that maybe you do in other games against smaller teams.

But even there, you even get punished directly and especially in this game you learn you always have to be 100% it not more to succeed against a team like PSG.

ONE37pm: What does it mean to represent your family/country everyday when you step on the football pitch?

Djimsiti: It’s difficult to describe, because it’s a very proud thing. Let’s say, the first word that comes in my mind is proud! Because you play for the whole nation of Albania, everyone watches you, everyone know you when you go out with the jersey on.

It means a lot for sure, a lot of things to be proud of when playing for this team and in the last few years. I am happy with how we grew as a team, and I hope it goes along way like this!

ONE37pm: What does Family mean to you?.I’m sure a lot has changed in your life since the birth of your child… How do you feel about being a father, husband and footballer all in one?

Djimsiti: Family means everything to me! I think for every person, family should be the first thing that matters, that you live for. Especially now that I have a baby of sixteen months. It changed my whole life, you know, there is something more important than myself.

I feel like this and it means alot for me to have my wife who is always there for me because as a footballer, you are spending time away and you need a wife to also accept this and I think I have everything together and I am very happy to have this kind of family. The most important thing is that everyone is healthy!

ONE37pm: Outside of football when training sessions/games are over. What do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?

Djimsiti: To be honest in this moment it is difficult to have hobbies because now with a child and the job that we have, its tough to find time for other hobbies. But, before I liked to play playstation and I spent a lot of time on it. I like to do lots of things with my family, to go out with them on a free day, visit another city, see other things and go to a good restaurant. You could say my family is my hobby!

Angel Martinez/Getty Images

ONE37pm: I understand your into real estate? What kind of real estate catches your interest and why? Do you plan on starting your own business or currently involved with any at the moment?

Djimsiti:  It has become important to me for more than two years now, 2020, since the pandemic started. I got interested in it because I had lots of time on my hands. The training centre for Atalanta was closed for three months and I had lots of time to search for different possibilities because you think about life after football and think what are you going to do?

So, I started in real estate and liked the aspects of the business and I also had a friend in Zurich, Switzerland who was already in the business and he was an important reason why I got into this business and teamed up with him.

It would have been difficult to start from zero and have nobody helping along the way. It also means having investments that will grow in value over time and you can see examples everyday of real estate in the world, wherever you go, new buildings always are going up and that’s what makes it interesting.

ONE37pm: Life after football, what does life look like for Berat? Where do you see yourself? What are your personal goals and ambitions in life?

Djimsiti: Really good question. I am more of a guy that lives in the now moment than in the future. But I have made some thoughts about this as I am now 28 years old and as we know the career of a footballer isn’t forever and you have to confront these things and you for sure have to look elsewhere. As I said before, I’ve been into looking into businesses like real estate because I have to provide my family  with income after my career.

On the other side, I have my wife is in the fashion industry and has done really well in the past years. She has her own brand called “Jalize” and yes I am very proud of her because this is also a thing that she wanted to do on her own. She didn’t want to just sit at home and wait till I get home everyday.

It is a nice thing and I am very happy that she does this, its also great because I like fashion as well. It’s also something in the past few weeks that I have been thinking about, but with mens clothes. Let’s see what happens!


What is the ETH.r Brews NFT Project?

Amongst all the NFT projects that are currently on the market, there seem to be few that really strive to stand out. One exception, however, is ETH.r Brews. Before we dive into what ETH.r Brews is, let’s get to know the man behind the project first.

Who is Duncan Rogoff?

Duncan is a 3D artist, animator, and motion graphics designer. He started out as a video editor and quickly saw motion graphics becoming integrated into the post-production workflow. Using free online tutorials he taught himself the skills necessary to rise to the top of his field. Duncan currently works for Apple crafting motion graphics and animation for their support social channels, creating educational content around the software and hardware.

Before Apple, Duncan worked for many reputable companies like Nissan, Sephora, Playstation, and Charles Schwab to name a few. In March of 2021, Duncan was introduced to the NFT space by a friend and never looked back.

Being that he was already a seasoned digital artist, Duncan decided to try his hands at turning his artwork into NFTs. Some of Duncan’s first-ever NFTs he created can be found on Foundation. From that point on, NFTs have consumed a lot of Duncan’s free time respectably.

Duncan Rogoff

Twitter and NFTs became my second full-time job.

In addition to creating motion graphics for Apple, Duncan is the creative genius behind the ETH.r Brews NFT project.

For Duncan, the big challenge was transitioning from being an NFT artist to running a legitimate NFT business. “When you lead a project people always want more,” said Duncan.

His team is to provide as much value as possible to their community, but things take time, especially when you are partnering with other real-world companies.

When I asked Duncan what his one tip would be to someone who wants to start building their own brand in the NFT space, he said; “The three things that I always preach are patience, persistence, and consistency. Things are going to take time, so show up every single day and get to work.”

Definitely solid advice from someone who is building their own brand using NFTs as the foundation.

What is ETH.R Brews?

ETH.r Brews is the first 3D generative, interactive NFT avatar project that brings real-world utility to craft beer lovers around the world via global brewery partnerships. ETH.r Brews are minted as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and have all their metadata stored on IPFS.

To be clear, ETH.r brews NFTs isn’t your standard avatar project, in fact, you can interact directly with your Brew and engage with them in a variety of ways through augmented and virtual reality applications.

All the traits and their 3D data are generated then minted and stored on the blockchain so that you can interact with them directly from your wallet. You can spin them around 360 degrees and view your NFT from all angles.

Each Brew NFT is unique being that they are each randomly generated from a list of possible traits including backpacks, eyewear, headwear, mouth accessories, and more. Even the materials are generated and chosen from a list of plastics, woods, metals, fabrics so that each Brew truly is unique.

Ultimately, ETH.r Brews is working towards building a global network of partnerships with breweries all over the world to get their community access to free beer when they walk through the doors, discounts on merch, early access to small-batch productions and new releases, exclusive tours of breweries, and access to membership clubs and rewards programs.

Additionally, ETH.r Brews is utilizing its skilled team of marketers, strategists, graphic designers, and video editors to help onboard its partners into the NFT space.

What does the future of ETH.r Brews look like?

The aim for the future of ETH.r Brews is to be able to go to any major city in the world and there will be an ETH.r Brews brewery there to welcome you. Some of the on-chain utility includes what is called the Icechest and the Golden Club. 

You can think of the Ice Chest as your digital closet for your ETH.r Brews NFT. This means you are able to fully customize your NFT by breaking apart your token into individual traits, where each trait becomes its own NFT and you can swap the traits on and off your Brew, as well as buy and sell individual traits on the marketplace.

This functionality also allows ETH.r Brews to expand their collection down the line and partner with brands like Heineken, for example, to release Heineken branded traits.

The idea with the Gold Club is that there are certain Gold Club traits that allow holders to earn a profit share from these traits. So essentially, you have the potential to build and customize your own ETH.r Brews NFT to achieve maximum profitability.

ETH.r Brews’ Big Ass Mint Party

If you are looking to mint your own ETH.r Brew NFT, then you might want to attend the Big Ass Mint Party! ETH.r Brews has already sold out of phase one (50 percent) of their collection, so for now, minting has been paused for a few weeks leading up to the party.

The party will include founders and leads from other NFT projects, as well as music performers from the NFT space. You can attend the Big Ass Mint Party on March 12, which ETH.r Brew is hosting on Twitter spaces.

So, if you like beer and want to be part of a community that also enjoys a good brew, you might want to consider checking out ETH.r Brews. You can join the ETH.r Brews Discord to learn more and make sure to set your reminder for the Big Ass Mint Party as well. Cheers.

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Best FootGolf Courses in the United States

FootGolf continues to grow in popularity across the world for a sport that combines the mental and technical aspect of golf with the competitiveness of football.

In the United States, FootGolf has found a home with over 250 courses around the country.

That includes at least one course in every state and players based in many regions of the U.S., including heavy concentrations in the California, Florida, Maryland and Michigan.

ONE37pm decided to look at some of the top FootGolf destinations in the United States.

Reunion Resort – Kissimmee, FL


Reunion Resort has hosted the FootGolf U.S. Open on several occasions and this course is simply one of the best in the United States. The course was designed by Arnold Palmer and features significant undulation and wide fairways.

Crystal Spring Resort (Cascades Course) – Hamburg, NJ


Crystal Springs Resort sits in the mountains of northern New Jersey and it’s home to the best FootGolf course in the Northeast. The course has one of the longest Par 5s in the U.S. at over 400 yards and also features the renowned seventh hole, notorious for players getting a Hole-in-One.

Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center – Plymouth, MI


Fox Hills is arguably the best FootGolf course in the country due to its design. The Michigan-based course allows footgolfers to play on the golf greens and that requires a much higher level of play as the ball moves significantly faster. Fox Hills is just 30 minutes outside of Detroit and a must-visit destination for any footgolfer.

Desert Willow Golf Resort – Palm Desert, CA


Desert Willow is one of many courses in California, but it’s been host of various major tournaments including the U.S. FootGolf Open. It’s known for being one of the more challenging courses in the country due to its extreme length and fast-paced fairways that make players rely on their precision.

Brazell’s Creek Golf Course – Reidsville, GA


Brazell’s Creek has hosted the U.S. National Championship over recent years and despite being in the middle of Georgia it’s a big destination because it offers two distinctly different courses. Both are relatively long in distance and quite challenging because of the hole locations.

Seven Springs Golf and Country Club – New Port Richey, FL


Seven Springs features one of the most unique courses in FootGolf. Just north of Tampa, the course has a lot of out of bounds areas, which makes for players needing to be precise on many shots. Meanwhile, there’s various creeks and bodies of water that come into play and overall it’s a top destination for players that are heavily involved.

Memphis FootGolf – Cordova, TN


Memphis is one of two FootGolf-specific courses in the U.S., which makes it an awesome spot for players that love the sport. It has hosted several large events over the years and the presence of FootGolf will continue to grow around Memphis.

Gaming New Releases

Everything You Need to Know About ‘WWE 2K22’

WWE 2K20 wasn’t just a massive letdown for the gamers that played it – it was also a hell of a heartbreaker for the development studio that made it.

Developer Visual Concepts knew that it had to come correct with its next foray into the realm of digital pro wrestling, which is why it decided to skip its annual release schedule by taking its time creating the next WWE 2K game. Now in 2022, Visual Concepts is going all out to make sure WWE 2K22 is a celebratory return to form for the greatness the series was once heralded for. A retooled gameplay system, a roster full of current-day superstars & legends, a wealth of legacy modes & a brand new one, etc. are all a part of the package WWE 2K22 is delivering to its future adopters.

March 11 (March 8 for “nWo 4-Life” Edition and Deluxe Edition purchasers) will mark the grand debut of WWE 2K22. Before you all head into the ring and attempt to become the next favorite of the digital WWE Universe, let’s take an inside look at everything it has to offer.

Gameplay Changes

The ninth game under the WWE 2K moniker is coming in hot with a completely retooled control scheme and faster gameplay flow. At first glance, you’ll recognize that matches are displayed from a new camera angle that brings players even closer to the action. The controls have been changed in order to implement a new combo system, different inputs that can activate varied strikes & grapples, and new ways to pull off signatures and finishers.

Players no longer have a limited stock of reversals, which means you can counter any and all of your opponent’s maneuvers throughout the entirety of a match. Keep in mind, though – there are different types of reversals and blocks to learn, so it’ll be a bit tougher to pull off reversals this time around. You also have the ability to block and even dodge moves now. The newly added “Stun Meter,” which fills up as a wrestler gets peppered by light and heavy strikes, appears over their head once it’s close to being filled. Once full, that wrestler will enter a “Stunned” state that keeps them from blocking and dodging for a while.


WWE 2K22’s roster includes a large mixture of superstars hailing from Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and NXT UK. It’ll also feature a bevy of Hall of Famers and other notable legends. Some of the wrestlers you’ll be able to take control of in this game include Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kushida, and Tyler Bate. If you happen to pre-order any of WWE 2K22’s four different editions, you’ll instantly unlock three versions of The Undertaker (Classic ‘Taker with the mask, “Ministry of Darkness” ‘Taker, and “American Badass” ‘Taker).

And if you pre-order the nWo 4-Life edition, you’ll get playable nWo versions of “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Syxx, and Eric Bischoff. The next-gen (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S) downloadable bonus that comes with every edition of WWE 2K22 is a playable ’96 Rey Mysterio. The game’s Season Pass, which is spread out across five different packs, will expand its roster with newly added superstars and legends.

2K Showcase

Like previous year’s versions of this legacy mode, 2K Showcase will focus entirely on WWE 2K22’s cover star – Rey Mysterio. Players will get to follow the legendary luchador’s career by actively participating in the biggest matches he’s competed in. 2K Showcase is changing things up a bit by splicing in real-time footage of specific moments as you carry out the tasks assigned to you during each match. Some of the confirmed 2K Showcase matches you’ll come across in WWE 2K22 include Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero (WrestleMania 21), Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler (SummerSlam 2009), and Rey Mysterio vs. The Undertaker (Royal Rumble 2010).


The newest mode making its debut in WWE 2K22 is MyFACTION, which should be familiar to those who’s played NBA 2K’s MyTEAM. By drafting in-game cards of various superstars and legends, players will earn the right to build their own custom stable. By continually collecting, managing, and upgrading new superstar & legend cards, you’ll strengthen your stable’s legacy as you compete in weekly events and various updates.

MyRISE & Creation Suite

MyRISE is practically WWE 2K22’s rendition of MyCAREER. Once you’ve created your own male and female superstar, you’ll get to embroil yourself in two unique storylines for them both. And as expected, you’ll be able to indulge your superstar in alliances, get engaged in intense storylines, and get caught up in subplots that are impacted by the decisions you make throughout your bubbling career. This year’s Creation Suite is extensive with options to utilize for your custom superstar – it’ll be cross-platform and allow for uploaded custom images to be used in character select screens.

Universe Mode

This year’s Universe Mode is doing things a bit different by only allowing for one superstar to be played with during their run, which means you’ll only be able to actually play their matches and follow their ongoing storylines. Keep in mind that you can still alter Universe Mode’s shows, superstars, championships, rivalries, etc.


The often requested GM Mode is making its grand return under the new name of MyGM. MyGM, which hasn’t been seen in its previous form since WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008, lets you take on the role of one of the following real-life general managers – Sonya Deville, Adam Pearce, William Regal, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, or a custom-made character. Once you’ve chosen one of the WWE brands available to you (Raw, SmackDown, NXT, or NXT UK), you’ll be responsible for booking arenas/matches, drafting superstars, keeping tabs on their contracts, and managing superstar hiring/show production costs.


This year’s soundtrack (which has been curated by future playable character Machine Gun Kelly) includes the following tracks:

  1. Machine Gun Kelly – “Concert for Aliens”
  2. Machine Gun Kelly ft. YUNGBLUD & Bert McCracken – “Body Bag”
  3. Wu Tang Clan – “Protect Ya Neck”
  4. Motorhead – “Iron Fist”
  5. Poppy – “Say Cheese” (Live NXT version)
  6. Royal Blood – “Typhoons”
  7. Bring Me The Horizon – “Happy Song”
  8. The Weeknd – “Heartless”
  9. Turnstile – “I Don’t Wanna Be Blind”
  10. Asking Alexandria – “The Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel)”
  11. KennyHoopla – “Hollywood Sucks”
Entrepreneurs Grind

Meet Cole Richman: Founder of Bottom Bunk Sneaker House

As sneaker life begins to return to its pretty-pandemic state, there’s one budding business that every sneakerhead should have on their radar. Bottom Bunk Sneaker House is your new home for all things sneakers.

Located in the heart of Melrose, Bottom Bunk is a fully self-funded business founded by Cole Richman. Richman has a very atypical rise to success-the founder and creative director went from sitting behind bars to creating this highly successful sneaker house.

Bottom Bunk
Bottom Bunk Sneaker House

Cole was born and raised in Los Angeles and got caught up in drugs & gang-related activities at the age of 14. After going in and out of the prison system for years, Cole was sentenced to eight years in prison at the age of 27. While in solitary confinement, Cole decided that when he got out, he would turn his life around.

Released from prison during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, with nothing more than the shirt on his back and $200 from the state, Cole used that money on a pair of “Smoke Grey” Jordan 1’s, which he then resold for a profit. With that money, he purchased a pair of Yeezys, resold them, and began working with various brands, using the same methods & abilities.

Thus, Bottom Bunk (refers to the bed Cole slept in for years in prison) was born. With a bright future ahead, ONE37pm spoke to Cole about his redemption journey.

Bottom Bunk
Bottom Bunk Sneaker House

ONE37pm: What can visitors expect when they visit Bottom Bunk?

Cole: Walking into Bottom Bunk is like walking into your local neighborhood for shoes. We want it to be an elevated shopping experience, and it’s like that with everything. We also deliver exclusivity when it comes to shoes, so that is also something that we are proud of and want our visitors to experience.

ONE37pm: Cool, now let’s take you back. When did you first discover your love for sneakers?

Cole: I’ve always loved the experience of buying sneakers. I think I got my first pair of Jordan 1s around 1991/1992, and I was heavily immersed in sneaker culture. For those that don’t know, I spent eight years in prison, and I got released during the pandemic in 2020. I had struggled with drugs and spent time in a halfway house. My roommate at the halfway house was doing shoes, and when I got released, the state gave me $200.

I used that money to get a pair of Smoke Grey Jordan 1s, and that got the ball rolling for me in terms of getting into the reselling game. I had spent the majority of my life hustling, and now I was using those same skills to hustle in a different way. Now I can really focus on giving back and helping other people through my store.

Bottom Bunk
Bottom Bunk Sneaker House

ONE37pm: That’s a pretty quick turnaround for just a two-year time period! Especially with you opening up your own store. There are some people who started before you in the sneaker game that still aren’t where you are.

Cole: It’s hard work and a little bit of luck. I got lucky that the prison gave us a little bit of a stimulus, and I’m also fortunate to have had people that helped my business along with financially supporting me, even though I had been in prison.

ONE37pm: Right now, we’re in a weird space in the sneaker game. Of course with the pandemic, sneaker buying was primarily online, and people have been getting fed up with the online buying process. Now we are slowly starting to transition back to more in-store purchasing. What are your thoughts on that, and what can sneakerheads expect from Bottom Bunk?

Cole: It’s a couple of different things. I have the relationships necessary to get early access to certain shoes, and I’m not trying to take advantage of people. I definitely think the pandemic played a part in why people are frustrated because we were all cooped up in the house, and you could pretty much only buy online. Now it’s beginning to be more accessible through in-store buying when it comes to new sneakers.

Bottom Bunk
Bottom Bunk Sneaker House

ONE37pm: Are there any specific shoes that sell the most?

Cole: We sell a lot of the Panda Dunks, every type of Jordan 1s, and also the UNC 1s which are very popular. A lot of people like those UNC colorways!

ONE37pm: Where do you see yourself and Bottom Bunk in the next few years?

Cole: In the next 12 months we would love to have one to two more locations. Obviously, SoHo would be nice, and maybe even Atlanta and Nashville. In the next few years, we’ll be able to rival StockX!

Finance NFT

NFT Taxes for Artists: What You Need to Know

As artists around the world are turning to NFTs and blockchain technology to make a living selling their art, many of them are curious to know how to report their sales on their taxes.

Well thankfully, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Alex Roytenberg, the NFT CPA for NFT.CPA, about this exact topic. Let’s get started.

Are NFTs taxed for artists?

When creating NFTs as an artist, all NFTs that you create and sell are taxed as ordinary income. For example, if you create a piece of art in the real world and sell it to someone, the money you earn is taxed as ordinary income. It’s the same case when selling your own NFT art.

To be completely clear, all tax returns are based on the USD price at the time of the transaction. Meaning, if you sell an NFT for 1 ETH when ETH is valued at $1,500 you will be given a gross income of $1,500.

Also, if you work with contractors and you pay them in crypto via the blockchain, you are still required to issue a 1099-NEC to those individuals so they are able to report their income to the IRS.

Alex also recommends having some sort of legal entity structure around it; “There is the concern, especially with the 10,000 mint PFP projects as to whether or not something is to be considered a security”, said Alex. “So even though you’re an artist and the only thing you might be thinking about is the art and the creative side of things, you also need to be aware of the tax and legal ramifications of hey, I want to do an airdrop to all the holders, that can cause issues,” he explained.

Something else that NFT artists need to keep in mind is that “If you are working with international contractors or international artists, you need to be careful with any sort of form of reporting that might be necessary because of funds going across international lines.” said Alex.

Keep in mind that If you have a partnership or an S Corp, taxes are due on March 15, 2022. For personal returns or if you have a C Corp, taxes are due by April 15, 2022.

What is tax deductible as an NFT artist?

As an NFT artist, your materials and supplies are considered tax-deductible. Likewise, if you go to a networking conference as a way to help sell your NFT art, that is a deductible event as well. Also, the gas fees associated with your NFT art (minting, selling, sending) are all tax-deductible.

Moreover, if you pay someone a commission or fee to set up a transaction for a sale to happen, that is also considered a tax-deductible expense. The same goes for the developer who wrote the smart contract, if they are a contractor, then the contractor’s service is deductible.

Many artists might have fiat-based expenses such as internet service, marketing-based expenses, advertising, etc, these expenses are all tax-deductible as well.

What if you don’t report your NFT income on your taxes?

Of course, many of you are wondering what happens if you don’t report the money you’ve earned as an NFT artist? Who’s going to know, right? Wrong!

If you are an NFT artist and you don’t report your income from your NFT sales, you are “opening up a can of worms”, said Alex. By choosing not to report your NFT sales, you are exposing yourself to the chance that if the IRS decides to audit you, the likelihood of increased fines and penalties that come with not reporting your income accurately is increased.

That being said, if you report your income but it’s not completely accurate, the fines and penalties that the IRS could impose would be significantly less than not reporting your income taxes at all.

“Choosing not to report your income tax at all is considered fraud, and the penalties can be as much as 25 percent per year, as well as the interest which could be an additional 25 percent per year,” said Alex.

With that, I believe the most important thing to take away from this article is that if you are an NFT artist, not only do you need to be extremely thoughtful with everything you do, but you need to ensure that you file your taxes accurately.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you as the taxpayer to ensure you file your taxes truthfully, not anyone else.

Sports Strength

Miles Bridges Is the NBA’s Most Exciting Dual-Threat

There are a handful of Michigan rappers who can work in clever lines about David Stern, Shane Battier and Sallie Mae all in the same verse. And there are a handful of NBA players whose dunks leave their team’s play-by-play guy speaking in tongues. Miles Bridges is the only person in world history who can do both.

It might just be semantic nit-picking, but Miles Bridges is a rapper and an NBA player rather than just a rapping NBA player. Whereas NBA rappers have traditionally either penned toothless club “bangers” or 90s boom-bap schmaltz about the virtue of hard work or something like that, Bridges makes songs that don’t sound like they were co-written by his PR person. A Flint, Michigan native, he raps over roiling, tinny, distinctly-Michigan beats, spitting lyrics that would give Adam Silver an ulcer. Like Babyface Ray, his flow carries a casual, downhill momentum; like YN Jay, he’s a jokester with an ear for punchlines; like Sada Baby, he pulls from a deep codex of obscure sports references. That is to say that he makes the same kind of niche, regionally-faithful Michigan rap music that’s become an underground phenomenon—and that he’s pretty good at it to boot.

But what separates Bridges from Babytron (besides like 8 inches and 75 pounds) is that when he raps that he “play against Bron and sell some work where the Lakers play,” the first part of that proposition is actually true. In his fourth season, the 22 year-old Bridges has cemented himself as LaMelo Ball’s best running mate on the Charlotte Hornets. While Bridges has always had the athleticism and theoretical shooting to provide the rough outline of a good player, he’s now parlaying his potential into production.

Averaging 20.0 points per game, Bridges is Charlotte’s leading scorer despite having only the fourth highest usage rate on the team. With Ball—and, to a lesser extent, Terry Rozier—at the helm, Bridges has learned to become a flexible and accommodating offensive weapon. Amongst the 37 players averaging more than 19.5 points per game, Bridges has the second-lowest time of possession, holding the ball for just over 2.4 minutes per game, per Second Spectrum Sports. Similarly, Bridges averages just 2.32 seconds per touch and 1.56 dribbles per touch, both of which are the lowest of any volume scoring non-center. In this sense, he’s a flammable scorer, yet one who doesn’t require much oxygen. 

Accordingly, he’s developed a rich and varied scoring portfolio; his signature move is his utter want of a signature move. Like a hooping character actor, he disappears into a variety of usages and succeeds in nearly all of them. He’s a lob-threat who takes spot-up jumpers on a plurality of possessions, a transition hellcat who doubles as his team’s best isolation scorer. Most impressively, he’s the only player in the NBA to rank in the top quartile as both a pick-and-roll ball-handler and roll-man, evidence of his portable, adaptable skill-set. 

In this sense, Bridges is the evolution of the traditional play-finishing scoring big man, albeit one who’s been liberated to explore all areas of the court. At 6’6, Bridges uses his tweener-ness to his advantage by expertly coloring in the margins around Ball’s game wherever is necessary. Just as his music is a direct product of Michigan, his game has grown to bend towards Ball’s sunlight—the Ball-to-Bridges assist battery is the seventh-most prolific in the league. He’s the most explosive player on the NBA’s most explosive team— there’s no limit to how high he can up the score