A Sega Blockchain Game is in the Works

For 80s and 90s babies, Sega is globally recognized as a longstanding pillar within the world of interactive media. The Japanese publisher/developer’s video game output has resulted in gamers and even non-gamers becoming familiar with one of the greatest mascots in gaming, Sonic the Hedgehog. Sega’s other commendable efforts include iconic home consoles, handhelds, IPs, and a host of other initiatives that have focused on providing unlimited amounts of fun to anyone and everyone. Now the house that Sonic built is looking to delve into another trending venture – web3. In conjunction with the web3 game development studio Double Jump Tokyo, the first Sega blockchain game is officially in the works.

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First things first – let’s explain what Double Jump Tokyo is all about. The company describes itself as a “venture-backed web3 game developer and NFT provider” that’s interested in “re-building the future of gaming with blockchain technology!” Double Jump Tokyo’s previous game releases include My Crypto Heroes, Brave Frontier Heroes, and My Crypto Saga. The studio has also had a hand in creating programs to help other game developers create their own blockchain games via its NFTPlus+ program and has introduced an NFT management system called N-Suite. Sega clearly recognizes the company’s web3 expertise, which is why it has decided to partner with Double Jump Tokyo to work on a joint blockchain gaming project.


The first Sega blockchain game will come from the Sangokushi Taisen license, which has been secured by Double Jump Tokyo from Sega in order to develop a game that takes full advantage of the Oasys blockchain. That specific blockchain is described as being “built for game developers, offering a high-speed, zero gas fee experience to users by combining the best of public L1 and private L2 blockchain technology solutions.” As for what Sangokushi Taisen is all about, it’s a franchise that started out as a hybrid physical and digital collectible card arcade game that eventually made its way to PC and even the Nintendo DS.

You may be surprised to hear that this isn’t the first instance of Sega partnering up with Double Jump Tokyo. In April 2021, Sega linked up with the web3 studio in an effort to begin selling digital assets attached to many of Sega’s legendary IPs as NFTs. Those NFTs include classic promotional images and even iconic chiptune music from a library of Sega games. It’s crazy to think that we may soon live in a world where Sonic the Hedgehog, Yakuza, and Shinobi NFTs will be a thing. And it’s even crazier to fathom that Sega will be running full speed ahead into its first blockchain game with Double Jump Tokyo at the helm.

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Here’s hoping Double Jump Tokyo takes the blockchain game route with other notable Sega arcade card games later down the line. IPs such as Mushiking: The King of Beetles and Dinosaur King seem tailor-made for the world of web3 interactive media experiences.


JaharaJayde is Now Loading…

JaharaJayde has two major loves in life – JRPGs and cosplay. And whenever she puts either of those passions of her on display, it’s showcased in the best way possible. With an equal amount of respect and admiration for Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, and RWBY, JaharaJayde makes sure to use her Twitch channel to put those fan-favorite franchises front and center while she’s gaming. We managed to pull JaharaJayde away from her current cosplay projects to get her to answer a few questions about the RPGs she’s spent the most hours with, future goals she’d love to fulfill, and a whole lot more.


ONE37pm: I definitely peeped that fact that RPGs are life for you! What made you fall in love with that genre?

JaharaJayde: Growing up, I didn’t play video games. My only real run-in with them was seeing some of my guy friends play things like Halo or Madden. Or at parties with Mario Kart and Guitar Hero. When I met my fiancé, he played Destiny a lot. So I guess I’d kind of grown to associate video games with mostly sports or shooter-based things, which I wasn’t interested in at all. So I figured, I didn’t really like video games.

But then one day, I saw my fiancé playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and I was so shook. It looked like a watercolor painting and there was a storyline. Like a living book. I immediately fell in love with it. It was from then that I learned about the RPG genre in gaming and I just love it. It’s like living a novel or experiencing a comic in first-person. As someone who’s always loved books, it’s my ideal type of game.

ONE37pm: What RPGs have you poured the most time into? And which ones would you consider your top five of all time?

JaharaJayde: Breath of the Wild is the top stand-alone title I’ve played, with nearly 1000 hours in it! My top faves would be that, Final Fantasy XIV (an MMORPG, so it counts!), Dragon Quest XI, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Final Fantasy X!

ONE37pm: What led up to you deciding to showcase your love for RPGs through live streaming?

JaharaJayde: The pandemic, actually! And I’d only really just begun playing BOTW at the time, so I wouldn’t even say I had a real appreciation for RPGs yet. My love for the genre happened live right alongside my Twitch audience as they recommended games for me to play!

ONE37pm: Your cosplay pics are so dope! What have been some of your most memorable cosplays thus far?

JaharaJayde: Aw thank you!! I’d say my Sailor Scouts, Sheik, Witcher, BOTW Zelda, and Yor Forger, as those are crowd favorites. I’m a big fan of my Ruby Cosplay and Street Fighter 6 Kimberly cosplay since I made those from scratch and they’re super accurate.

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ONE37pm: There are a ton of RPGs coming out in 2022 and beyond? Which ones are you looking forward to the most?

JaharaJayde: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Breath of the Wild 2, so many!

ONE37pm: What are some future goals you hope to achieve in the next five years or so?

JaharaJayde: I have a silly goal of going on a talk show lol. Because my childhood self always thought only big celebrities get to do that! Otherwise, I’d like to make my version of a Disney Princess Ball Gown and have a proper craft studio for myself and my fiancé to work out of!

ONE37pm: What are three essential pieces of advice you think every up-and-coming content creator/streamer should know?

JaharaJayde: That’s hard. I feel like advice often feels generic, but that is usually because a lot of people have found it to be true so…

  • If you must compare your content to that of others, use it to help you figure out what you want to improve on, not to bash yourself.
  • Good lighting and good audio go a long way in getting viewers to see your content through a more professional lens. If you’re going to invest in your business, I would invest there first.
  • Take breaks. Even if you love what you’re doing, you can wear yourself out and deplete all your creativity. You need to take breaks for your own health, as well as the health of the content you’re trying to make.
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Be sure to holler at JaharaJayde on her TwitterTwitchInstagram, TikTok, and YouTube. And tell her we sent you!


Everything You Need to Know About ‘Sonic Frontiers’

Sonic the Hedgehog has certainly had his fair share of surprising successes and expected failures in the past couple of years. Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, and Sonic Mania have shown that Sega’s decades-long mascot still has it in him. But massive disappointments such as Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, and Sonic Forces have thrown even more mud onto the “Blue Blur’s” legacy. Sonic’s next game has instilled plenty of hope into longtime fans, however. Development studio Sonic Team is moving the hero it’s named after into a vast open world that offers a mix of combat, free running, and mild puzzle solving to offer a bunch of much-needed variety. Before Sonic Frontiers comes your way, allow us to delve into everything that this new 3D Sonic platformer has to offer.

Release Date and Playable Platforms

Sonic Frontiers will be available on November 8, 2022, for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (Steam).

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hedStory</code>

Sonic Frontiers transports Sonic to an entirely new locale named the “Starfall Islands.” He and his allies, which include Tails, Knuckles, and Amy are sucked through a wormhole – Sonic ends up getting split up from the rest of his buds as everyone gets dropped onto the game’s mysterious island. A new series villain by the name of Sage throws plenty of obstacles in Sonic’s way as he seeks answers to why he’s stuck on the Starfall Islands, what happened to his friends, and how he can escape his current predicament.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hedGameplay</code>

Sonic Frontiers is definitely going to give everyone their money’s worth – Sega has noted that it’ll take most gamers 20-30 hours to beat and double that time for a 100% completion rate. And that should come as no surprise since this game is filled with five expansive overworld islands that feature different biomes. Each comes with its own platforming challenges, hidden secrets, puzzles, side quests, and even fishing with Big The Cat. As Sonic makes his way through open-world zones, he’ll be able to use his immense speed and jumping expertise to run up walls, grind across rails, speed across boost pads, and more.

Sonic’s combat options have been opened up way more this time around. As he runs into regular robotic foes, he’ll be able to attack, dodge, and parry during those intense exchanges. One of his newest abilities comes in the form of the “Cyloop,” which allows Sonic to create a circle around his enemies and make them easier to land strikes on. By defeating enemies, Sonic gains experience points that allow him to grow stronger and unlock additional skills. The game’s bosses require Sonic to actually scale them through platforming navigation before getting the chance to finally attack them.

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Once defeated, bosses drop pieces of a portal. And once a portal is entirely constructed, players can enter them and play through short, linear levels that are contained within a special area called “Cyber Space.” These stages should be instantly familiar to Sonic fans as they use the third-person and side-scrolling level formats they’re used to. These level playthroughs also offer different challenges to overcome, such as collecting a certain number of Red Rings or completing a time attack objective. Beating these Cyber Space stages gifts Sonic with the keys required to collect a Chaos Emerald. And as you traverse the Starfall Islands, you’ll get your hands on two other types of currency – Kocos and Memory Tokens. The first one upgrades Sonic’s moveset and the second one gets him that much closer to rescuing his lost friends.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hedSuper Sonic</code>
Super Sonic

A central element of every Sonic game you can think of is making its return here. And that’s the seven Chaos Emeralds, which are known for helping Sonic transform into his powered “Super Sonic” self. You’ll need to tap into this version of Sonic to even make a dent in some of the game’s massive bosses, which marks one of the few times where collecting all the Chaos Emeralds to go super mode is an essential part of a Sonic game’s mainline progression.


Everything You Need to Know About ‘Star Ocean: The Divine Force’

Square Enix’s vault is rounded out with a wealth of JRPG franchises, chief among them Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Joining that list of beloved genre IPs are Valkyrie Profile, The World Ends With You, SaGa, and several more. Another one that’s contained within that same franchise vault is Star Ocean, which is shockingly receiving a brand new series entry that marks its sixth mainline installment. With a musical score composed by series veteran Motoi Sakuraba, character art designed by Akira Yasuda, and the familiar trappings of space travel & action RPG combat, Star Ocean: The Divine Force looks to be a triumphant comeback for the series as a whole. Here’s every important facet of this upcoming foray into the great unknown within a far-flung galaxy.

Release Date and Playable Platforms
Square Enix

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is set to launch on October 27, 2022, for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hedStory and Characters</code>
Story and Characters

Star Ocean: The Divine Force features two main characters that you can choose between at the very beginning of your adventure – Raymond Lawrence and Laeticia Aucerius. During a routine transport mission, Raymond and his crew’s spaceship is shot down during space travel by the Pangalactic Federation. In the process, Raymond and his fellow crewmates are forced to escape their now-destroyed ship and skyrocket down to an underdeveloped planet in their space pods. Upon landing, Raymond runs into Princess Aucerius and her protector Albaird Bergholm. Raymond ends up joining forces with the pair, with the princess making a bid to protect her homeland from an invading empire. Click on the names below to get a better overview of their importance to the game’s plot and more:

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hedGameplay</code>

This brand new entry in the Star Ocean series gives players the ability to explore open environments and take to the air whenever they feel the need to do so. It’s possible to perform light platforming and deeper navigation as you leap and fly across buildings, roofs, rockfaces, and more. Once a battle commences, the character you’re currently controlling will have the ability to land attacks depending on their AP meter. As he or she lands one of their skills, a single bar of AP depletes. By not attacking for a bit, those AP bars eventually refill to get you back in the fight. Click on the videos below to get a visual breakdown of everything Star Ocean: The Divine Force has to offer:

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></code>

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11 Twitch Streamers To Watch This Month (September 2022)

Welcome to another monthly roundup of super dope and creative Twitch streamers that we’d love for you all to check out. For the month of September, we chose to switch up the format a bit here and choose a bunch of content creators that are multitalented at their core. What we’ve gathered here are a bunch of Twitch personalities that present gaming content and even non-gaming content that points to the other interests/careers that define them. Chances are you know some of the folks on this list already thanks to their celebrity status! So without further ado, let’s take a look at 11 Twitch streamers that you’ll definitely want to tune in for whenever they go live.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed1. Maya","buttonTextWatch Maya's Twitch Channel Here","buttonUrl</code>
1. Maya

Maya has a huge love and appreciation for this planet’s varied species of wildlife. In her career as a wildlife rehabilitator, she makes sure to tend to the betterment of birds of prey. When she hops on to go live, Maya provides streams that focus on chatting about her sanctuary, giving everyone an inside look at all of her animals, and even indulging in some personal meal prep. If you’re looking for something different from your usual gamut of “Just Chatting” categorized streamers, Maya’s your girl!

Watch Maya’s Twitch Channel Here
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2. Woofy

Woofy loves her gaming, of course. But she’s also quite masterful when it comes to her gorgeous pieces of art. She gets a kick out of indulging in indie games and going extra hard whenever the time calls for some extended League of Legends sessions. Woofy’s custom sneaker art creations point to her high artistry, which is another reason why you should all keep tabs on everything she does. Take a peek at her art-focused Instagram page when you get a chance.

Watch Woofy’s Twitch Channel Here
<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed3. sashagrey","buttonTextWatch sashagrey's Twitch Channel Here","buttonUrl</code>
3. sashagrey

Chances are you’re already in the know and subscribed to this uber-popular streamer. If you’re not up to speed on who sashagrey is, then allow us to put you on – she’s an actor, musician/DJ, plus a published writer. Whenever she goes live, you can usually catch her “touching grass” as she explores the great outdoors and just enjoys life for what it is. She also games every now and then, plus she entertains via her cooking presentations that have been dubbed as “Secret Sauce” streams.

Watch sashagrey’s Twitch Channel Here
<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed4. TPAIN","buttonTextWatch TPAIN's Twitch Channel Here","buttonUrl</code>

NAPPY BOYYYYYYYYY! The Autotune singer that’s blessed everyone’s playlists since 2005 just so happens to be a pretty avid gamer. His Twitch channel showcases his lovable personality, a huge sense of hilarity, and varied taste in all sorts of games that catch his eye. It’s also fun to catch T-Pain hop on to live stream his beat production process while he dishes out some funny stories about his legendary career all the while.

Watch TPAIN’s Twitch Channel Here
<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed5. HealthyGamer_GG","buttonTextWatch HealthyGamer_GG's Twitch Channel Here","buttonUrl</code>
5. HealthyGamer_GG

HealthyGamer_GG is here to help those that struggle with mental health issues. Through his immensely helpful Twitch channel, he makes a habit out of offering tips and diving into deep conversations about dealing with one’s mental health woes and coming out on the better end of them. Dr. Alok Kanojia aka “Dr. K” provides a Twitch channel that outsources essential advice for anyone and everyone. On the gaming front, Dr. K’s Cult of the Lamb live streams were pretty fun in their own right.

Watch HealthyGamer_GG’s Twitch Channel Here
<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed6. TheCHUGS","buttonTextWatch TheCHUGS' Twitch Channel Here","buttonUrl</code>

ADAM COLE BAY BAY! One of the best wrestlers in the world that’s competed across the indies, ROH, NXT, WWE, and now AEW loves to game in his rare moments of off-time. Mr. Cole is certainly an avid Halo addict as evidenced by all the collector’s edition gear he has for Master Chief, but he also plays through a nice variety of other games that capture his attention and make him feel like a kid again. Adam Cole’s passion for gaming is all contained within this awesome Twitch channel (make sure you watch him put in work in the squared circle on AEW Dynamite and Rampage, by the way!).

Watch TheCHUGS’ Twitch Channel Here
<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed7. khleothomas","buttonTextWatch khleothomas' Twitch Channel Here","buttonUrl</code>
7. khleothomas

khleothomas seemingly does it all! The man appears onscreen as a musical artist, an actor, and an entrepreneur. If you’ve ever sat down and watched any episodes from Holes and Shameless, then you probably recognize the man known as Khleo Thomas. His Twitch channel sees him hopping into any relevant games that are currently popping, plus chill sessions that are all about reminiscing over 90s music videos and trivia. The party atmosphere khleothomas gives off here is well worth tuning in for.

Watch khleothomas’ Twitch Channel Here
<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed8. AustinCreed","buttonTextWatch AustinCreed's Twitch Channel Here","buttonUrl</code>
8. AustinCreed

WWE Superstar. Cosplayer. Genius college grad. And an all-around super positive dude. The man we’re celebrating here is the great Xavier Woods, real name Austin Creed. When he’s not delivering hilarious promos and putting on banger matches with the other members of The New Day, Creed pops up on his Twitch channel to play a whole host of games. It’s also worth checking out his UpUpDownDown YouTube channel to see Creed and his fellow WWE wrestlers engage in some heated competition.

Watch AustinCreed’s Twitch Channel Here
<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed9. SATURNMANE","buttonTextWatch SATURNMANE's Twitch Channel Here","buttonUrl</code>

Ever heard of Jonwayne? If you’re not in the know, he’s a super talented rapper and producer that’s signed to Stones Throw Records. So here’s the thing – he actually had another Twitch channel before the one we’re mentioning here that was called “JonMakesBeats.” Since putting that channel on hiatus, Wayne has moved onto his new channel (“SATURNMANE”), which gets right back to what he does best – take viewers through the entire process of creating a fire beat for hip-hop aficionados.

Watch SATURNMANE’s Twitch Channel Here
<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed10. baedrian00","buttonTextWatch baedrian00's Twitch Channel Here","buttonUrl</code>
10. baedrian00

baedrian00 refers to himself as “just a Brown potato playing games with friends” that hails from Seattle. He’s a pretty chill variety streamer that also gets his multiplayer kicks in from games such as Valorant and Apex Legends. Besides being a dedicated gamer, baedrian00 is also really adept at putting together keyboards together. So if you’re really big into Twitch’s “Makers & Crafting” category, you’ll definitely want to check out this channel for some tips on how to build your very own gaming keyboards.

Watch baedrian00’s Twitch Channel Here
<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed11. Mizkif","buttonTextWatch Mizkif's Twitch Channel Here","buttonUrl</code>
11. Mizkif

Here’s another streamer that you’re probably already well aware of! Mizkif, who’s the owner of the “OTK” (“One True King”) network of fellow streamers, has a huge presence across every social media platform you can think of. On Twitch, Mizkif indulges in some “Just Chatting” sessions that see him covering a whole bunch of topics and even getting into some Q&A chats with the chat thanks to his trusty roulette wheel. Mizkif tends to react to all the “tea” that gets spilled onto the internet among other social media influencers and also covers pop culture topics as a whole, which should be right up a lot of people’s alleys.

Watch Mizkif’s Twitch Channel Here

WWE Extreme Rules 2022: Matches and Predictions

World Wrestling Entertainment may be holding its annual Extreme Rules premium live event in October this year, but we won’t have to worry about that silly 2021 “The Horror Show” tagline this time around. But the one thing we can thankfully look forward to is a match card filled with special stipulation bouts tied to ongoing feuds that are well deserving of them. WWE Extreme Rules 2022 is certainly going to be a wild one, so let’s get right into the expected ONE37pm coverage of this wrestling event ASAP! Here are my WWE Extreme Rules 2022 predictions.

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Predictions

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hedBianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley (Ladder Match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship)</code>
Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley (Ladder Match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship)

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></code>

Preview & Predictions: OOH, I LIKE THIS ONE! I figured Bianca Belair and Bayley were slated for a Street Fight of some kind for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. But the level of danger that’s been put in place for this battle of Raw’s top queens has been raised as they’re now set for a Ladder Match. That comes as quite a nice surprise! I’m expecting both women to brutalize each other for the first 15 minutes or so of this matchup. But near its closing moments, I’m expecting the two women associated with both Belair (Asuka and Alexa Bliss) and Bayley (IYO SKY and Dakota Kai) to come out and cause a whole bunch of mayhem to ensue. And in the ensuing chaos, Belair will get distracted to the point where Bayley pulls off the heist of a lifetime as she ascends the ladder when she least expects it and grabs the belt. A title change is on the docket here, folks!

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hedLiv Morgan (c) vs. Ronda Rousey (Extreme Rules Match for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship)</code>
Liv Morgan (c) vs. Ronda Rousey (Extreme Rules Match for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Preview & Predictions: So when this championship match was first announced, I was gearing toward Ronda Rousey getting the win here and becoming the queen of the SmackDown Women’s Championship once again. Since this rematch was first set up as a regular one-on-one affair, my gut was telling me that there was no way that Liv Morgan would get another fluke victory over the most dangerous woman in WWE. That feeling quickly subsided as soon as this bout got changed to an Extreme Rules match.

Now that all the rules have been thrown out the window and weapons are legal here, I’m highly convinced that Liv will pull out all the stops to incapacitate Ronda long enough to pin her far and square. Ronda will definitely do some damage to Liv, but Liv’s overreliance on all the tools hidden underneath and around the ring will help her get the upper hand on her more dangerous opponent. Liv’s retain here thanks to all the weaponry she’ll use during this hardcore affair.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hedMatt Riddle vs. Seth "Freakin" Rollins (Fight Pit Match)</code>
Matt Riddle vs. Seth “Freakin” Rollins (Fight Pit Match)

Preview & Predictions: Ya boy was right on the money with his Clash at the Castle predictions for the match between Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins! I totally called the end result where Rollins would get the W and also knew this war wouldn’t come to a close after that match. Now the second PPV meeting between these two is set to run it back here under some “extreme rules,” of course. And to my pleasant surprise, the Fight Pit that was a major part of the pandemic era of NXT is coming into play for this rematch. Now Rollins is walking right into the new version of the “Lion’s Den.”

You already know how this one is gonna go down, folks! Rollins is gonna put up the biggest fight of his life here, of course. But it’ll be all for naught as Riddle will be in his element here since he used to be an MMA fighter and is used to going hard in a caged atmosphere. Rollins won the first PPV clash, so now Riddle is obviously going to prevail here with a submission victory over his fiercest foe to date. And once this one wraps up, I bet all the money in the world that this Riddle/Rollins beef will come to a definitive close at Crown Jewel.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hedDrew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross (Strap Match)</code>
Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross (Strap Match)

Preview & Predictions: Sigh…it sucks to see Drew McIntyre in the state he’s in as of late. I figured he’d be holding the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship right now after besting Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle. Instead, McIntyre took the L and looked like the latest incarnation of Lex Luger due to him looking like a dumb babyface during a post-match “concert” with Tyson Fury. At this point, it’s just hard for me to get invested in taking any more major title opportunities McIntyre gets too serious.

Now we’re at a point where it’s obvious that McIntyre’s going to be used to make others look good. And that’s the case we’re set to see here. Karrion Kross is definitely on the up and up on the SmackDown roster these days. And this Strap Match will certainly go a long way in raising his stock even further. It’s clear to me that Kross will get the win here since McIntyre doesn’t really need this victory – it’s time for Kross to get the push of a lifetime now with a PPV win over a former WWE Champion.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hedEdge vs. Finn Bálor ("I Quit" Match)</code>
Edge vs. Finn Bálor (“I Quit” Match)

Preview & Predictions: This year has made me realize there are three things certain in life: death, taxes, and The Judgment Day losing way more than they actually win. Even with Triple H’s creative expertise now at the helm of WWE Raw, this stable still stands out as one of the weakest and most non-compelling entities on the show. It’s so hard for me to take them seriously when they usually lose major PPV matchups and get embarrassed way more than they should. Even with the addition of Dominik Mysterio to their collective, The Judgment Day is still a joke to me.

Now Edge is looking to finally cut the head off the snake from this group that’s been antagonizing him since he got booted from it shortly after he created it. Finn Bálor used to be my guy, but I can’t muster the energy needed to care about him any longer. Even though I know he’ll perform to the best of his ability here, Bálor will lose again on the premium live event stage just like he’s been doing ever since he joined The Judgment Day. For this match on my list of WWE Extreme Rules 2022 predictions, I forsee Edge doing something extra sinister to force his opponent to utter the two words attached to this brutal match stipulation.


JoeCrush is Now Loading…

The competitive corner of the Tekken fandom has paved the way for talented players to make their names synonymous with “excellence.” And whenever someone that’s watching these pros in action, chances are they’re going to classify their in-game tactics as “OD!” That sentiment can surely be said about one of the most impressive Tekken 7 players on the scene today, Joe “JoeCrush” Olveda. As an American player that’s currently competing for Paragon, JoeCrush has managed to secure first place ranking in highly competitive tourneys such as River City Rushdown (June 2022) and ICFC North America (Spring 2022 – Finals). Join us as we have a chat with JoeCrush as he details the backstory behind his esports moniker, his best performances as a prop player, and more.


ONE37pm: Break down the origins of your player name “JoeCrush.”

JoeCrush: The original name I went by early on was “TheOriginalCrush,” which was a reference to Heihachi having a bugged move in one of the early Tekken’s that allowed you to “Crush” (evade) an opponent’s move. It was the first of its kind in the game. Later on, Tekken adopted this feature as a core game mechanic. But Heihachi had it first.

ONE37pm: When would you say your love for Tekken started taking shape?

JoeCrush: I was really hooked on Call of Duty for a long time, but the matchmaking system ruined it for me – I was being punished for being good by being paired with bad teammates, which was very frustrating. During that time, I was playing Black Ops “Zombies” with some friends and one of them put me onto Tekken Revolution, which was a free-to-play version of Tekken on PS3. The 1v1 aspect and the endless skill ceiling to climb got me hooked and it looked much more feasible to go pro with how well I was doing and how well I was received by long-time pros.

ONE37pm: What characters did you initially gravitate towards? And do you still use those characters today?

JoeCrush: Well one of the first times I saw Tekken was at a go-kart/arcade place and I was fascinated that you could play as a bear (Kuma). And after playing around with the bear, I took an interest in Lars and Miguel because they reminded me of my family members and they were fun to play as. I will sometimes play causally with them still. But professionally, I main Jack.

ONE37pm: What compelled you to start playing competitively in Tekken?

JoeCrush: Watching tournaments and seeing competitive Tekken really made me interested in doing it myself. And when Tekken 7 first came out, the rank rush (which was players fighting to get the highest rank first) really was the catalyst for me getting really good and playing even better competition.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></code>

ONE37pm: What would say are some of your best performances as a pro player?

JoeCrush: Three things really stand out for me and that’s winning the 2022 Spring ICFC finals where I had to beat three established pros – Joey Fury, Shadow20z, and Anakin. Also, beating one of the best European players (sephiblack) in the NA vs EU 10v10 at Combo Breaker 2022 and finally beating the TWT 2019 champ Chikurin at EVO 2022, where I finished 17th out of 1200+ entrants.

ONE37pm: How do you manage to shake off all the nerves when it comes time to play in front of a live audience?

JoeCrush: I’m not sure if I can make the nerves go away, but I try my best to maintain my composure and focus on the match between me and my opponent. It helps to understand why I’m feeling like this and how this can help my mind and body perform better if I harness that feeling for good. Finally, just enjoying the spectacle of it all helps – being in that position to show off my skill and talent publicly is exciting. I look forward to putting on a show for the fans of Tekken like people have done for me before.

ONE37pm: What are three essential pieces of advice every up-and-coming pro-fighting game player should know?

JoeCrush: Finding like-minded training partners who want to excel like you is crucial to improvement. Never be afraid of losing – take every opportunity you can and be forged in fire. It’s the only way to become elite. Understand what it means to want to be the best and how much more you want it than everyone else – the fire and will to win is such a boon vs an opponent that doesn’t have that.

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Be sure to holler at JoeCrush on his Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter. And tell him we sent you!


EA and Motive are Making an Iron Man Game

What a time to be alive for a Marvel Comics fan! On the big and little screen, Kevin Feige’s vision for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still being pumped out (to varying degrees of quality, to be quite honest). And the comic book side of things is still pumping out amazing storylines for the best and brightest of Stan Lee’s superhero collective. For gamers, there’s so much to look forward to in that regard. Especially because Electronic Arts and its development studio Motive just announced that they’re working on a AAA Iron Man game. But before we get into that major reveal, let’s take a quick look at all the upcoming projects we can all look forward to from the Marvel Universe:

  • Marvel SNAP!
  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns
  • Marvel’s World Of Heroes
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
  • Marvel’s Wolverine
  • Untitled Black Panther & Captain America Game

Based on that future lineup and recent wins from under Marvel Entertainment and Marvel Games (Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy), it’s easy for us and most comic book diehards out there to get excited about what’s to come from that newly announced Iron Man game.

Electronic Arts

What we know so far is that Motive, which developed Star Wars: Squadrons and is currently working on the 2023 Dead Space remake, has been tapped to work on this major action/adventure, third-person Iron Man game. And what’s even more exciting is the fact that even more Marvel games are in the works from other development studios attached to EA.

On EA’s official site, Bill Rosemann, Vice President and Creative Director at Marvel Games, exclaimed his excitement about this upcoming project: “We are thrilled to collaborate with the talented team at Motive Studio to bring their original vision of one of Marvel’s most important, powerful and beloved characters. Their experience delivering both established entertainment worlds and thrilling gameplay — combined with their authentic passion for the armored icon — will fuel our quest to deliver a love letter to a legendary hero in the form of the ultimate Iron Man video game.”

Olivier Proulx, Executive Producer at Marvel Games, also provided some comments about Tony Stark’s alter-ego getting the AAA video game treatment: “It’s an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to make a video game based on one of the most iconic Super Heroes in entertainment today. We have a great opportunity to create a new and unique story that we can call our own. Marvel is encouraging us to create something fresh. We have a lot of freedom, which is so engaging for the team.”

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></code>

As a massive Iron Man fan myself, I have a few recommendations for how this game should shape up:

  1. Take those amazing flight physics from Anthem, I bet of you! Every time I took to the air in that game, all I could think was “this would feel so awesome in an Iron Man game…”
  2. Throw in a bunch of those awesome-looking Iron Man suits, especially the Silver Centurion Armor and Model-Prime Armor!
  3. Make sure these villains are featured: The Mandarin, Obadiah Stane, Titanium Man, and Crimson Dynamo.
  4. Include co-op where one player plays as Iron Man and the other takes on the role of War Machine.
  5. Hire the greatest Robert John Downey Jr. ever to do the vocals for this game!
  6. Give me a nice mixture of on-the-ground shootouts and flight battles where I get to blast Iron Man knockoffs, fighter jets, and whoever else wants the smoke!

Everything You Need to Know About ‘Gotham Knights’

Batman is deceased. And the same saddening status applies to Commissioner Gordon. In Gotham Knights’ version of Gotham City, many of Batman’s cruelest villains have risen in his wake and decided to take over the city he once protected so fiercely. The Penguin, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, and more make up the gamut of baddies that stand in opposition to Gotham Knights’ four-person squad – Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood. With the support of Alfred Pennyworth and Police Captain Renee Montoya on their side, those four aforementioned saviors will go on a crusade to save their city and bring an end to the reign of The Court of Owls. Before you and a friend attempt to stop crimes as two members of the Bat Family, we’re here to get you up to speed on everything there is to know about Gotham Knights.

Release Date
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Gotham Knights is set to launch on October 21, 2022, for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hedCharacters</code>

Gotham Knights’ cast of characters includes the following heroes and popular members of Batman’s Rogues’ Gallery:

  • Dick Grayson aka “Nightwing”
  • Barbara Gordon aka “Batgirl”
  • Tim Drake aka “Robin”
  • Jason Todd aka “Red Hood”
  • Alfred Pennyworth
  • Renee Montoya
  • The Penguin
  • Mr. Freeze
  • Harley Quinn
  • Clayface
  • The Court of Owls
<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hedGameplay</code>

What’s being presented here is a fully-fledged action RPG that lets you take on the criminal presence of Gotham on your own or with a friend in tow thanks to the game’s two-player, drop-in/drop-out online co-op. Each member of the Gotham Knights roster comes with their own signature abilities and modes of vertical maneuvering – Nightwing and Batgirl utilize gliders and grapple hooks to get around, Robin can use the Justice League’s satellite to teleport around, and Red Hood can move through the air via the “Mystical Leaps” ability that lets him summon green platforms. Just like Batman, each of the four main characters eliminates their foes through non-killing methods. And yes – that rule even applies to Red Hood, who uses non-lethal rounds whenever he fires off his guns.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></code>

On the ground, every character can make their way around the city with their very own Batcycle. You’ll be able to collect clues, solve crimes, and take down criminals while they’re in the middle of committing illegal deeds during the evening time. And during the daytime, the Gotham Knights will inhabit Belfry – this destination acts as the game’s base of operations where you’ll get to switch characters, upgrade their toolsets, change their costumes, prepare for the next mission at hand, and conversate with members of the team.


OTF Gaming and Lil Durk Welcome You to “The Trenches”

On September 4, 2022, the Grand Theft Auto V RP (roleplay) community got even livelier.

And that feeling of extra excitement is due to the global launch of OTF Gaming’s very own GTA FiveM RP servers (Lite and Premium) for participants that were lucky enough to make it in from across North America, Brazil, India, and Europe. The name of this OTF Gaming-sponsored server is simply known as “The Trenches,” which features familiar sights for those who hail from Los Angeles and Chicago. This new gaming initiative is not only a way for fans of Lil Durk to band together and game as a collective, but it’s also a great way for up-and-coming artists and producers to get their music heard through The Trenches’ custom radio broadcasting feature.

ONE37pm caught up with OTF Gaming’s Zephyr, Crown, and Lil Durk himself to chat about their gaming-focused organization and everything there is to know about The Trenches.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></code>

ONE37pm: What led to the creation of OTF Gaming?

Zephyr: The creation of OTF Gaming came from Crown, who was Durk’s creative photographer at the time. He had played video games his whole life and was on a few gaming teams when he was younger. He noticed Durk was playing a lot of Call of Duty Mobile with some friends and he showed him Call of Duty on PS4, so Durk started playing it heavily during the pandemic. Durk’s interest started to pick up very strongly with gaming overall. Crown began to show Durk other gaming teams and companies out there. He learned there was a lot of interest from many music artists and sports athletes and how they were attaching themselves as brand ambassadors or investors, which inspired him to create his own. So they reached out to Zephyr, who was formerly a part of FaZe Clan to help build and execute on this new company.

ONE37pm: What are the main goals of this gaming organization?

Crown: ONLY THE FAMILY GAMING aka “OTF GAMING” is a gaming lifestyle and creator-centric organization. The collective aims to be a diverse and inclusive roster of content creators and gamers alike, in addition to bridging the gap between music & entertainment culture through the gaming industry.

ONE37pm: Break down all the details behind OTF Gaming’s launch of the GTA FiveM Roleplay Server.

Zephyr: For the launch of the GTA FiveM RP Server, we wanted to create an amazingly refreshing experience for gamers and roleplayers in the RP and FiveM community with a combination of the Gaming Industry and Music Industry. And that’s by hosting multiple events and integrating them with both endemic and non-endemic brands in the gaming space to showcase them and have our players engage with their brand/products. We’re also looking to roll out a digital music festival and a lot more!

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></code>

ONE37pm: Have you always been a gamer, Durk? If so, what games have you poured the most time into?

Lil Durk: Hell yeah! I always rocked with Call of Duty and some NBA 2K & Grand Theft Auto.

ONE37pm: What are some cool things OTF fans can look forward to seeing, doing, and hearing in your GTA server?

Lil Durk: The gamers can look forward to getting in with the game server. I be poppin in there from time to time and we going to throw some music festivals of the artists for them. 

ONE37pm: Do you ever see yourself creating an OTF esports team in the future?

Lil Durk: Yeah. I’m talking with Crown and Zephyr about getting involved with games with tournaments.