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Meet Bluboy, the Designer and Visual Artist Behind the BluWorld NFT Collection

NFTs are easily the biggest buzzword of 2021, and their increasingly massive market has opened up an entire world of opportunities for hungry creatives like LA-based artist and designer, Bluboy. The young Atlanta native initially began his career as a visual artist, but eventually transitioned largely to fashion to bring life to his countless doodles and designs. Not long ago, Bluboy’s brand, WNTD Apparel, collaborated with famed jean manufacturer True Religion. Now, he’s applying all of the skills acquired in his seven year career to combine the seemingly disparate worlds of clothing and jpegs. 

Blu recently launched the first batch of his NFT collection BluWorld, a series of cross-eyed characters wearing an array of the artist’s designs. Each NFT is uniquely individual, coded to have distinctive attributes that call back to motifs and designs from Bluboy’s archive. To mark the collection’s release, we were fortunate enough to sit down with Blu to discuss the beginnings of his career, his clothing company, and the merging of NFTs and fashion.

Early Career

Bluboy found his passion for the arts at a young age, sketching incessantly beginning in middle school. He began to build his own world, creating characters and posting his illustrations to the internet. However, Blu began to feel like he was unable to express himself fully solely through artwork, and in high school he searched for other avenues to fulfill his creative itch. The artist quickly landed on fashion, and found that he enjoyed the accessibility it afforded his artwork. 

Clothing became the canvas for Bluboy’s creativity as it allowed his audience to tangibly interact with the world that he had created. Blu named his brand WNTD Apparel, an acronym for “What Not To Do”, as an homage to his rise as an emerging artist with very little in the way of formal education in fashion design. “It’s for those coming the alternative route with a dream, who don’t know what they should exactly do, but have a dream regardless,” Blu describes. 

Bluboy eventually realized that his education was not conducive to the career he wanted to pursue and ultimately dropped out, having been urged to do so by an encouraging art professor. Fueled by his passion, Blu put his head down and focused purely on his artwork and design practice, all while reselling clothing to support himself. One of the artist’s first big breaks came when he had the opportunity to design merchandise for 2Chainz’ album Rap or Go to the League. The five figure check he received for the work was a watershed moment, signifying that Bluboy’s intended path truly had promise. Another heartwarming milestone for Blu was the inclusion of the aforementioned art professor in the look book for his fifth collection, proving that his mentor’s faith was not misplaced.

WNTD Apparel

Bluboy x True Religion

As WNTD Apparel grew, Bluboy’s vision grew alongside it, eventually opening the door to collaborations with household names like True Religion and MCM. Blu was introduced to the team at True Religion through a friend who had the opportunity to do a capsule with the brand, and Bluboy was soon invited to do the same. After being given full creative freedom with his own collaborative collection, Blu set to work creating a stunning array of denim that features patches that combine motifs and marks from both the WNTD and True Religion archives. Blu’s popular ghost character is worked into several of the patches, as the petals on daisies and on the guitar of the iconic True Religion Buddha. The collection released in late October and is currently sold out, but keep your eyes peeled for a restock in the near future. 

On top of the True Religion collaboration, Bluboy worked with Under Armour on the Curry 7, MCM on a series of customized bags, and will soon be featuring his designs on the can’s of America’s favorite citrus drink, Sprite. Bluboy shared a particular excitement with us about the Sprite collaboration, as the company is allowing him to propose five other artists to create their own can designs. The gravity of this position was clearly not lost on Blu, as he expressed his gratitude and rightful pride to be putting others on. 

NFTs and BluWorld
Bluboy’s BluWorld

With his fashion career well on it’s way, the ever curious designer sought new avenues to display his work, and eventually stumbled upon the world of non-fungible tokens. Blu was hounded by his close friends to enter the space, and with good reason. Bluboy had been making and uploading his artwork for free for years, and here was the perfect opportunity to monetize it. The designer saw what his friends like FEWOCiOUS were able to do within the NFT space, and quickly gained access to a foundation invite to begin listing his own work. Initially he listed only 1/1 art pieces, but soon realized that editions opened up an entirely new world to conquer. 

Feeling as though most edition projects were low quality and somewhat gimmicky, Blu set about creating an algorithmic body of work that was true to himself and had not been seen before within the crypto space: the Blu World. Due to his apprehension about large scale editions, Blu ensured that each piece he created was on par with the quality of his 1/1s. Each and every NFT in BluWorld features references to Bluboy’s earlier artwork and fashion, creating a unique cast of characters that catalog his artistic canon. On top of the monumental task of creating the NFTs, the artist chronicled the experience in a short documentary to share his process.

It’s clear that transparency is paramount to Bluboy, as he describes the anonymity of the crypto space as a trait he doesn’t like too much. For Blu, creating personal work demands that the person behind it be seen.

After the first thousand works of the 5,000 piece series were completed, Blu released his first drop to resounding success. The collection sold out entirely, and at the time of writing nearly 45 ETH has been traded on OpenSea. Excitedly, Blu told us that the next batch will drop on December 8th. Mark your calendars.

What Does the Future Hold for Bluboy?

Blu’s forward thinking nature means his career is in constant flux, and the newfound intersection between design and technology has opened up a whole host of opportunities for the designer. With the metaverse around the corner, Bluboy wants to take advantage of the situation and bring his world even further into the digital realm. On top of that, the collaborations do not seem to be stopping, with Bluboy lining up more work for True Religion, MCM, and Sprite in the near future. Brimming with excitement, Blu tells us he can’t wait to show us what he’s working on, and rest assured that the feeling is mutual. 

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The 20 Best Men’s Cardigans to Shop Right Now

Cardigans have made their way in and out of menswear trends throughout the years, but were long neglected and considered a conservative item. Luckily, however, it seems as though men are adventuring into the realm of open-front sweaters once again, and there is no shortage of options to meet demand. The humble cardigan has become a canvas for some of menswear’s most interesting garments, from Marni’s spray painted knits to Bode’s double-breasted design. Cardigans have always been a versatile option, capable of being dressed up or down with ease; however, sweaters and cardigans have become statement pieces that simply make everything cooler. To that end, we’ve compiled 20 of the best men’s cardigans here for your viewing pleasure.

1. Needles Intarsia Mohair-Blend Cardigan
Mr. Porter

Needles is widely known for their tracksuits and chopped up flannels, but the Japanese brand has a consistently amazing output of other products. Needles’ founder, Keizo Shimizu, is well known for incorporating old school Americana into his designs, and this cardigan features a woven psychedelic motif inspired by the 70s. We suggest that you let loud prints like this speak for themselves, and pair it with a simple outfit.

Shop Now at Mr. Porter – $315
2. UNIQLO +J Premium Lambswool V-Neck Longsleeve Cardigan

UNIQLO’s +J collaborations with Jil Sander (the designer, not the brand) have made minimalist, luxury design accessible to the masses. Made from felted lamb’s wool, this cardigan is a must-have staple piece for the colder seasons. While the main attraction of this design is its simplicity and fit, the doubled pocket on one side adds just enough visual interest.

Shop Now at UNIQLO – $69.90
3. Stüssy Lune Inside Out Cardigan

This cardigan arrived from Stüssy’s women’s collection, but don’t let that deter you from picking this one up. The largely basic construction is highlighted by the reverse seams running laterally across the body of the sweater, and the dying of the garment gives it a worn-in look.

Shop Now at Stüssy – $125
4. Manastash Aberdeen Kurt Cardigan
Urban Outfitters

This cardigan from Manastash is available in a beautiful purple colorway that checks all the boxes. The felted look of the wool blend adds texture and depth to the simple coloring of the garment, making it perfect for spicing up your winter wardrobe.

Shop Now at Urban Outfitters – $160
5. BEAMS+ Botanical Pattern Jacquard Cardigan
Todd Snyder

This cardigan feels like an old, worn rug rolled up in the corner of an antique store, in the best way possible. The eclectic pattern of the garment is loud, but subdued by the earthy colorway that makes this piece easy to add to your fall wardrobe.

Shop Now at Todd Snyder – $322
6. Issey Miyake Homme Plissé Basics Cardigan

It’s not often that the brand which made a garment is unmistakable without a logo, but Issey Miyake’s homme plisse line has reached such a status. The equally minimal and intricate designs create lines that gracefully curve around the body on this cardigan, and the drop shoulder makes for an interesting visual focal point.

Shop Now at SSENSE – $365
7. Aimé Leon Dore
Aimé Leon Dore

Aimé Leon Dore has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity the past few years, largely due to collaborations with New Balance. However, none of that should downplay the quality of the garments that the brand releases. This season, the label dropped cardigans that are unsuspecting and simple, but feature a beautiful fit in a nice range of colors.

Shop Now at Aimé Leon Dore – $395
8. UNDERCOVERISM Mohair Striped Cardigan

Likely inspired by Kurt Cobain’s sweater in the same colorway, this cardigan stays true to UNDERCOVER’s counterculture roots. The relaxed fit of this sweater makes it great to throw on top of a casual outfit and the mohair blend is sure to keep you cozy.

Shop Now at END. – $389
9. PacSun Leopard Knit Cardigan

Loud patterns are making a comeback, and what louder pattern to rock than leopard print? This sweater features contrasting black trim and a leopard print body, making it a great statement piece. Alternatively, layer it so that just a hint of the pattern peeks out from underneath a coat or jacket to provide a hit of color.

Shop Now at PacSun – $54.95
10. Awake NY Black Striped Mohair Cardigan

Awake NY has been growing steadily for the past several years, and their latest collection is a testament to the brand’s prowess within the streetwear realm. This cardigan features a simple zip closure and is made of a mohair blend. The bright trim contrasts well with the black body, making this great as a statement piece or a layer under a coat.

Shop Now at SSENSE – $220
11. Snowpeak Flexible Insulated Cardigan

This insulated cardigan from Snowpeak is the perfect mid layer for this winter, especially if regular cardigans aren’t quite right for you. The thin quilted material makes this great as a standalone piece for transitional weather and as a layering piece for the harsh winter months. 

Shop Now at Snowpeak – $230
12. Adsum Nordic Cardigan

Adsum’s consistent output of closet staples have made them one of the best brands to come out of New York in recent years. This Fair Isle-inspired cardigan features a 100% wool construction and comes in three muted colorways, each perfect as a layering piece or to wear on its own.

Shop Now at Adsum – $195
13. N.HOOLYWOOD Grey Lounge Cardigan

This is a cardigan for the ultimate minimalist. It’s free of snaps, buttons, or any kind of closure really, keeping the face of the garment super clean. Perfect for layering, or just lounging around the house.

Shop Now at SSENSE – $185
14. Marni Striped Brushed Mohair Cardigan
Très Bien

Marni’s fuzzy wuzzy mohair is a modern staple of the brand’s repertoire, becoming one of the most popular and recognizable lines out of the fashion house. Their range of brightly colored, beautifully fitting sweaters and cardigans fulfil a childish desire to feel the warmth of a thneed from the Lorax. Find this one on Tres Bien, for under retail!

Shop Now at Très Bien – $920
15. Scotch and Soda Relaxed Jacquard Cardigan
Scotch and Soda

Elevate your country club looks with this cardigan from Scotch and Soda. The sweater features a v neck closure, relaxed fit, and is littered with beautiful jacquard color blocking that reminds one of a modernist painting.

Shop Now at Scotch & Soda – $288
16. Andersson Bell Multicolor Heavy Milton Cardigan

Andersson Bell has been putting out insane knitwear since their inception, and this cardigan is absolutely no exception. The boucle knit of the sweater shows off dozens of colors that blend together to create a nicely contrasting purple and grey, and the loose threads scattered throughout add a nice tattered look.

Shop Now at SSENSE – $590
17. Story mfg. Soil Spiral Twinsun Cardigan
Story mfg.

Story mfg. has steadily been on the rise, with their Reebok collaborations and well-composed collections. Most notable is their attention and care with craftsmanship, which is highlighted in this cardigan. The piece is hand knit with organic cotton that has all been naturally dyed and then hand embroidered. The spiral pattern adds a beautiful statement to the garment as well.

Shop Now at Story mfg. – $880
18. Bode Duotone Checkerboard Cardigan

I thoroughly believe that Bode can do no wrong, and very little could convince me otherwise. Inspired by a 60s blanket, this checkerboard cardigan features a beautiful double-breasted design that emphasizes the V-neck. It has a boxier fit than most sweaters, and is made from sustainable, recyclable, and ethically sourced merino wool.

Shop Now at Bode – $630
19. Our Legacy Ribbed Knit Cardigan
Mr. Porter

This cardigan from Our Legacy is understated, while maintaining qualities that set it apart from the rest of the pack. The collared look isn’t frequently seen on cardigans, but the ribbed look of this one works. Additionally, the fabric is brushed to give the garment a nice worn-in look.

Shop Now at Mr. Porter – $505
20. Marni Spray-Painted Cardigan sweater.
Très Bien

Without a doubt, this is the best cardigan of the year. Marni has spearheaded the mohair craze as of late, and this sweater right here is the pinnacle of the brand’s offerings. From the intricate knit pattern to the spray painted color hits, Marni left no stone unturned when it came to designing the most beautiful cardigan possible. Unfortunately it costs about a month’s worth of rent, but hey, live a little.

Shop Now at Neiman Marcus – $1290
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The 25 Best Men’s Mules to Add to Your Rotation

The pandemic left a lasting influence in every facet of our lives, and in the realm of footwear, COVID brought on a desire for comfort and easy-to-wear options. The mule has reared its head as the go-to style of the times as a versatile option for everything from lounging around the house to full on errand runs. Since 2020, the style has only been on the rise within the menswear world and the trend does not seem to be going anywhere. However, this is with good reason.

Mules can span the entire breadth of the formality scale with some looking like hotel slippers and others like ultra-luxurious loafers, ensuring that you can feel a cool breeze tickling your heels in any situation, anywhere. The last few years have resulted in no shortage of mule-adjacent shoes too, which—while not strictly backless—occupy the same cozy space that mules do. With that being said, here are 25 of our favorite mens mules available now at every price point.

1. Crocs Classic Clog

These may come off as a surprise in a best mules list, but Crocs fall into the same realm of shoes that mules occupy. Crocs have always been around, but given their surge of popularity as of late, they righteously have a place in the mule hall of fame. The polarizing shoes aren’t for everyone, but there is no shortage of collaborations and similar shoes, so we’re sure you’ll like something.

Shop Now at Crocs – $49.99
2. Merrell Hydro Moc

Since Crocs are in this list, croc-adjacent shoes should be allowed too. Merrell’s hydro mocs single handedly brought the brand into the field of view of the menswear community and have been enjoying ever increasing popularity since their release. The intricate design of the shoes make them great to look at and also great to wear as either water shoes or everydays.

Shop Now at Merrell – $50
3. The North Face Thermoball™ Traction Mule V
The North Face

The perfect accessory for your Nuptse jacket, these puffy slippers are sure to keep your feet warm around the house this winter. Due to the material, we don’t recommend wearing these outside, so if you’re looking for grocery run shoes you might want a different option.

Shop Now at The North Face – $55
4. Vans Cozy Classic Slip-On Mule

Vans already have the ever popular slip on, but if those are still too much effort to get on your feet, try the mule variation. These come in a variety of styles, with or without the soft lining.

Shop Now at Vans – $60
5. Reebok Club C Laceless Mule

The classic Reebok Club C got a rework and got turned into a slip on. The design maintains all of the original paneling even without laces, so if you want to maintain that tennis trainer style with easy entry, these are perfect for you. For a clean all white version, look for the BEAMS collaboration of the same model.

Shop Now at Reebok – $70
6. Birkenstock Super-Birki

Birkenstock recently released a polyurethane clog that is perfect for food and medical settings, as well as everyday use. The shoes feature a thick, textured sole to ensure comfort and come in a huge variety of colors.

Shop Now at Birkenstock – $79.95
7. Reebok Beatnik

Reebok’s offering to the mule craze released to widespread acclaim and has been gaining popularity since the pandemic. The success doesn’t seem to be slowing down seeing as Reebok has released a series of great collaborations as well as fantastic colorways for general release. These shoes offer a bit more in the way of visual excitement over others on this list with the jagged outsole and velcro strap.

Shop Now at Reebok – $120
8. Dr. Martens Carlson Lusso Leather Mules
Dr. Martens

Dr. Marten’s delivered their take of the mule with a clean leather upper nestled atop the classic rubber soles adorned with yellow stitching. The shoes feature an easy on easy off strap in around the back so the shoes can be worn with the strap or as slip-ons.

Shop Now at Dr. Martens – $120
9. Birkenstock Boston

Boston’s are the quintessential mule that almost everyone seems to have in their closet these days, but with good reason. Their soft round shape and buckled strap pair to create a simple shoe that offers just enough visual interest while maintaining their functionality as some of the most comfortable mules you can get. 

Shop Now at Birkenstock – $145
10. 032c adidas Edition Suede GSG Mule Sneakers

032c partnered with Adidas to make these ultra rugged mules that look like they are suited for some sort of hiking trip. The shoes, based on the Adidas GSG-9 boot, balance the rugged sole with simply-constructed sleek suede upper.

Shop Now at SSENSE – $160
11. Fear of God California Slip-On
Fear of God

Foam-based shoes have been everywhere since Kanye West released the YEEZY foam runners, and Jerry Lorenzo’s take on the idea plays well into his minimalist philosophy. The closed-cell foam shoes are made with XL EXTRALIGHT technology, making them extremely light without compromising any of the durability of the material.

Shop Now at Fear of God – $195
12. Museum of Peace and Quiet Lusso Cloud Edition Pelli Waffle Loafers

Museum of Peace & Quiet collaborated with Lusso Cloud to create what looks like the ultimate hotel slipper. The California-based brand tweaked the shoe manufacturer’s Pelli model in a simple tan colorway.

Shop Now at SSENSE – $190
13. Suicoke ZAVO-MAB

Keep your toes cozy with these shearling lined mules from Suicoke. Finished with a suede upper, these sort of recall images of Uggs, but in a good way. They also feature sturdy nylon straps to make sure your feet are always snug and the Vibram soles ensure a long lifespan for these shoes.

Shop Now at Bodega – $210
14. CamperLab Traktori Loafer

The clog version of CamperLab’s Traktori boots delivers on all fronts. The subtle embossed logos around the shoes add hits of interest to the otherwise simple upper, and their rubber construction gives them a fair amount of weatherproofing.

Shop Now at SSENSE – $285
15. Le17septembre Leather Hike Loafers

Small Korean label Le17septembre’s ultra simple mule-hiker hybrid makes perfect use of one of Vibram’s most recognizable soles. The shape of the upper perfectly compliments the lines of the midsole, and the tan lining of the shoe adds color in just the right place.

Shop Now at SSENSE – $335
16. GmbH Chappal Faux Leather Mules

These eye-catching loafers from GmbH feature crisscrossing straps on the vamp and a clean-cut stacked sole with additional logo hardware on the side. The shoes are also available in white and a snakeskin pattern.

Shop Now at SSENSE – $420
17. Our Legacy Leather Camion Mule Loafers

Our Legacy’s buckled mules stay true to the Scandinavian label’s lowkey philosophy, with minimal detailing and an emphasis on materials and construction. The shoes have a classic shape that is sure to become a constant in your rotation.

Shop Now at SSENSE – $470
18. Jil Sander x Birkenstock Berlin Suede Clog Mules
Neiman Marcus

Those who like Bostons but want something more luxurious, look no further. Birkenstock’s collaboration with fashion house Jil Sander combined the two German brand’s minimalist sensibilities to create something that feels modern and elegant. 

Shop Now at Neiman Marcus – $495
19. Bottega Veneta Puddle Sandals
Bottega Veneta

The details surrounding Daniel Lee’s departure from Bottega Veneta make it clear that it was the right move, however the quality of his designs is undeniable. The mule design is the perfect follow up to the success of the Puddle boots and offers the same bulbous rubber look for warmer months.

Shop Now at Bottega Veneta – $510
20. Martine Rose Loafer Mules

Martine Rose’s signature exaggerated square toe graces the realm of casual loafers for a striking look. They feature a silver chain on the vamp and tan leather lining.

Shop Now at SSENSE – $525
21. 1017 ALYX 9SM Leather Mono Mule
1017 ALYX 9SM

Alyx maintained the futuristic design language of their foam slip-on shoe and warped the sole unit to suit other upper designs such as this leather mule lined with a neoprene insert.

Shop Now at 1017 ALYX 9SM – $584
22. Marni Textured Leather Slippers

These slippers are the ultimate exercise in simplicity with their calf leather upper and thin rubber soles. The small seam up the toe and metallic logo hit on the heel add just enough of an accent, but if you want something louder the shoes are also available in brightly colored fuzzy calf hair.

Shop Now at Farfetch – $650
23. Loewe Black Croc-Embossed Slip-On Loafers

These Loewe loafers are like the ultimate luxury convertible, with a supple leather heel that can fold up and down depending on how you want to wear the shoes. The addition of the croc print on the upper creates the perfect contrast with the textured calfskin heel.

Shop Now at SSENSE – $690
24. Givenchy Squared Open Loafers

These loafers from Givenchy twist the typical black calfskin mule look with a squared off toe. The only visible logo is a small metal hit on the heel, keeping the shoes clean and minimal.

Shop Now at Givenchy – $850
25. Hermès Calya Mule

The Hermes Calya clogs are honestly quite difficult to find and carry a hefty price tag along with them. However, the design of these shoes speaks for itself. The calfskin upper is studded to a raised sole creating a beautiful looking shoe from all angles. 

Shop Now at Hermès – $970

ONE37pm may earn affiliate revenue from some of the products in this list.

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The Jil Sander and Arc’teryx Collaboration is Here

The long-awaited collaboration between Jil Sander and Arc’teryx is finally here. Right on the heels of a collaboration with Birkenstock this summer, Jil Sander has partnered with the outdoor giant on a ski and snowboard inspired capsule collection. Initially teased in December of 2020, the joint effort sees Jil Sander working under their Jil Sander+ label, a logical decision seeing as the smaller division focuses on life outside of city limits. Arc’teryx has erupted in popularity among the fashion community and street culture alike in the past few years, with celebrity endorsements from some of most recognized names within hip hop and beyond. While the brand has collaborated with Palace in the past, this partnership marks Arc’s first foray into the world of high fashion. 

Both collaborations came as somewhat of a surprise given that Arc’teryx have never strayed from their anti-fashion stance, seeking only to make form-follows-function garments with a disregard for trends. After all, why should a brand intended for mountaineering need to work within the realm of fashion? It seems, however, that the brand (rightfully) wants to capitalize on their newfound popularity with this latest collaboration, and Jil Sander creates the perfect pairing. 

The collection boasts Jil Sander’s minimalist sensibilities while maintaining Arc’teryx’s build quality and utility, creating garments that will have you looking like the flyest person on the mountain. The jackets from the capsule feature looser, more fashion forward cuts and asymmetric zips and pockets that add visual interest to the pieces. Made up of a men’s, women’s, and unisex jacket as well as bib pants and overalls, the collection is largely comprised of black and white with a slate-like blue as the colorful option. 

In an interview with Hypebeast, Jil Sander creative directors Lucie and Luke Meier commented on the symbiosis between the two brands and how the collaboration made sense for both:

“The product is uncompromising, of exceptionally high quality, and functional. We wanted to bring the Jil Sander aesthetic to the world of high performance outerwear, and Arc’teryx helped us to do that.”

Despite Arc’teryx’s longstanding commitment to being an “anti-fashion” fashion brand, this collaboration seems to be the natural next step in their evolution as a brand valued for its aesthetic—whether they like it or not.

Arc’teryx x Jil Sander Release Date and Pricing:

The collection drops tomorrow, November 10 online (via the Jil Sander webstore and Arc’teryx webstore) and in select stores. Get your pockets ready for a dent though, as the prices range from $1,500 to $2,500.

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3D Printed Shoes and the Future of Footwear

As the Dunk craze reaches a fever pitch and Nike seemingly releases a new pair every week, footwear enthusiasts such as myself have begun to ask: Are you done? Immense saturation of popular models doesn’t just ruin the sensation of exclusivity, but it begins to force consumers to confront their greatest fear. We need to stop buying, and we know it.

For some, footwear is a means of self expression, a culture, and a lifestyle, kept on custom built shelves or boxes in pristine condition. For others, shoes simply get them comfortably from point A to B. Most probably fall somewhere in the middle. Regardless, shoes are meant to be worn, and they do get worn. Unfortunately, the days of resoling shoes for longevity are for the most part over, and modern shoes offer very few redeemable qualities with regards to their end-of-life.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way? The age old proverb we’ve all heard a million times teaches us that necessity is the mother of invention, and this rings true frequently within the realm of footwear. The current state of the world requires that we design shoes that minimize their impact on the environment, and designers have answered the call. 

3D Printed Shoes:

Enter 3D printing, a technology which has made massive leaps and bounds since its inception. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, works by constructing a three dimensional object from a computer aided design model (abbreviated as CAD). These 3D models were initially only considered usable for rapid prototyping, but modern technology has made additive machinery so precise that entire products can be 3D printed of a high enough quality to be sold. 

Adidas has been experimenting with 3D printed soles for several years now, and have reached a point where their Futurecraft 4D line is available for sale.

Adidas Futurecraft 4D Shoes

Shop Now at Adidas – $220

Others are pushing the boundaries even further, and printing entire shoes, rather than just the soles. The improvements in 3D technology present an entirely new manufacturing process that flips the current method on its head. Previously one would have to pay thousands for molds and samples, making shoe design a gamble and extremely risky. Companies can now design a model, print it on location, and prototype rapidly with much lower cost. Zixiong Wei, an independent designer under the name SCRY, has begun to sell a line of their own 3D printed shoes. Such a degree of independent innovation and production would otherwise be impossible if not for the relative accessibility of 3D printing.

Brooklyn-based engineering company Zellerfeld has been pushing the boundaries of what 3D printing can be capable of. Their proprietary machinery allows the company to essentially weave plastics into a breathable textile, allowing them to construct the whole shoe out of a single material in one print. The company recently partnered with designer Heron Preston to release the HERON01 shoe, which looks as though it came straight out of a science fiction novel. The shoes are made out of TPU, a thermoplastic that is completely recyclable, as it can be shredded and melted to create new shoes once worn. Furthermore, Zellerfeld also allows consumers to scan their feet with an iPhone to create a custom shoe that fits an individual’s foot perfectly at no extra cost. The company also plans to make shoes using recycled plastics such as water bottles to create a completely circular lifecycle for the shoes. 

In a matter of time, facilities will be able to ramp up production and outperform sweatshops, creating a practice that is both efficient and ethical. Given that 3D printers can be installed anywhere, this also allows companies to produce goods much closer to their final destination, cutting down on the environmental and financial costs of shipping. Zellerfeld and others are pioneering manufacturing processes which will inevitably lead to a future in which our footwear is printed.

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An Intro to Gorpcore

Once a vague, esoteric term, gorpcore has grown in popularity both as a descriptor and a style into a catchall term for a look we all know, but don’t quite have a name for. Think of those Hydroflask toting bros who probably love their Arc’teryx shell a little too much, and might love the outdoors—or just want to look like it.

The History of Gorpcore:

First conceived by The Cut in 2017, the term gets its name from the abbreviated version of “Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts”, a term commonly used to describe trail mix in the United States. Stylistically, gorpcore focuses on function and comfort, drawing heavily from the hiking and mountaineering canon as the name would imply. Commonplace items include Gore-tex shell jackets, cargo pants, trail running shoes, and hiking boots. 

The fashion style has always had a devoted fan base since its inception, however it became much more popular in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. Outdoor activity saw a significant increase during the pandemic, possibly as a means of stress relief during such trying times. Naturally, the fashion industry responded and the pandemic saw high fashion brands drawing heavily from the outdoor lexicon for their winter collections. Winter runway shows featured puffer jackets, technical training shoes, and hiking boots galore beginning in 2020, and continue to do so today. Landmark collaborations from this era thus far include Gucci and The North Face’s joint capsule collection, as well as luxury sportswear giant Moncler’s ‘Genius’ line

Some may draw similarities to the techwear style which saw moderate success in the early to mid 2010s (think ACRONYM, Nike ACG, Y-3), but the two have very distinct differences. Techwear revolves more around utilitarian garments catered to an urban environment, whereas gorpcore frequently features people literally wearing their hiking gear in the city. The former is also much more brooding, with heavy use of a muted, dark color palette and draped hoods, while the latter often makes use of bright colors commonly associated with outdoor clothing. 

As with any trend as of late, it is not uncommon to see people mixing aspects of the gorpcore look with the rest of their wardrobe. One can frequently see someone pairing an Arc’teryx shell jacket with Carhartt double knee pants and New Balances, or mixing up jeans with a pair of Salomon trail running shoes. That’s the beauty of gorpcore though; you can go from the trail to brunch, without anyone ever batting an eye anymore. 

Key Brands in Gorpcore:

Key brands within the space have frequently dominated first within an outdoor capacity before finding themselves on the streets. For example, The North Face’s Nuptse puffer is now so ubiquitous that it essentially owns the name of the quintessential down jacket.

The North Face:

The North Face has always been a prominent player within clothing, having a series of iconic collaborations with Supreme (remember The Weeknd in that map jacket) that shaped the style choices of many of us who were browsing fashion forums on the internet in the mid 2010s.


If you’ve seen or worn a fleece in the past few decades, there’s a good chance it was made by Patagonia. While the brand’s most commonplace item is their line of fleeces, they have cemented themselves as a company you can trust. The iconic indigo and orange skyline behind a black mountain range is a surefire mark of quality and values, with Patagonia producing a solid portion of their product from recycled material along with having a rigorous recycling for old garments themselves. 


Well known within the skiing community, the Salomon has been a long standing producer of skis, snowboards, and bindings. Over the years, the french manufacturer has expanded their catalog to include products for all kinds of outdoor sport markets ranging from trail running to hiking and climbing. They are the creators of the now iconic XT-6 model, which was named GQ’s sneaker of the year in 2019. Since then, though, the XT-6 has skyrocketed in popularity and has been seen gracing the feet of celebrities, fashionistas around the globe, and probably some of your friends.


Arc’teryx in particular has seen a meteoric rise to superstardom within the fashion industry, with musicians such as Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, and Lil Yachty being seen rocking the brand. They have released new lines focused more on aspects other than performance, such as Veilance and System_A. Arc’teryx is also no stranger to collaboration, having worked with the skate brand Palace and releasing a collaboration with Jil Sander in the near future. Along with this surge in popularity, there has also been no shortage of memes surrounding the brand and its culture. By nature, Arc’teryx shell jackets are intended for use in a mountaineering context. However, due to a variety of factors such as price, logo, and hype, the jackets have become somewhat of a “flex” piece. Owners take advantage of any chance they can get to show off their luxury rain jackets, with the memes surrounding the gorpcore scene poking fun at this. These jokes have received a lot of attention on social media, ranging from people filming themselves in the shower wearing the jackets to layering multiples of them as a tongue-in-cheek display of wealth.

During the height of the “It’s for the better, right?” meme’s popularity, a version of it circulated featuring Anakin wearing an Arc’teryx jacket and Padme saying a twist of the titular line, “It’s for hiking, right?”

A few more brands:

To some degree the popularity of gorpcore has eclipsed its intended purpose of function, as brands have begun to explore the realm of tech-influenced pieces that serve to please the eye rather than serve a practical function. Some of these include the workwear influences of Kiko Kostadinov and Craig Green, who bring a distinctly modern edge to garments inspired by classics of the working class, making them fit right in with the gorpcore look.

Another similar brand is Post Archive Faction, frequently abbreviated as PAF, which twists and morphs classics like technical windbreakers and puffer jackets with intricate patterns and artistic structural changes. The hiker aesthetic reigns supreme with brands like Reese Cooper and Phipps, who both seek to elevate gorpcore staples while maintaining a certain degree of utilitarianism.

Key Gorpcore Pieces:

Below, we have included some of the key products from the gorpcore catalog, so you too can get your fix of some outdoor goodness.

Puffer Jackets:

We are truly in the midst of the heyday of the puffer jacket. Once relegated to the realm of unflattering convenience, down filled quilted jackets have become a modern staple in high fashion, and it seems as though every fashion brand now has a down jacket, each with their own take.

The North Face: Men’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket
The North Face

The North Face’s Nuptse jacket is easily the undisputed king of puffer jackets. First released in 1996, the Nuptse is almost archetypal in nature as it is likely the first down jacket to come to mind for anyone who has spent even five minutes looking for one. Given its quality and reasonable cost effectiveness, it is unlikely that the Nuptse will ever be dethroned from its position.

Shop Now at The North Face – $199
PAF: 4.0+ Down Center
Post Archive Faction

Post Archive Faction has presented a few of their own takes on the classic down jacket, with this model featuring beautiful pleats that stretch the vertical length of the piece. Hidden pockets are featured within some of the gaps between these pleats, providing a clean eye-catching look that’s still functional.

Shop now at Post Archive Faction – $1,300
Shell Jackets:

Lightweight and durable, waterproof shells have become a staple of the gorpcore lexicon as they are easy to stow and throw on whenever needed.

Arc’teryx: Beta AR Jacket

Their broad range of Gore-tex shell jackets is essentially what made Arc’teryx the brand that it is today. Although the jackets carry a hefty price tag, often around $600, they offer undeniable comfort in the midst of the harsh elements—or keep you dry on your way to the office.

Shop Now at Arc’teryx – $599|sps|smart|google|Arc%27teryx_Google-Shopping_F19_Performance_BOF_R:NAM_C:USA_L:EN_Smart_Shopping|AllProducts||87581914237-409207957335&utm_souce=&utm_medium=ps|sps|smart&utm_campaign=Arc%27teryx_Google-Shopping_F19_Performance_BOF_R:NAM_C:USA_L:EN_Smart_Shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwrJOMBhCZARIsAGEd4VG5r1ci1BJrwWLe87rA6OuV8HSr8zmn0s2ZLgHLwI_7vGYaFnYJELoaAs6qEALw_wcB
Klättermusen: Asynja Men’s Lightweight Cutan Jacket

Klättermusen has quietly been making some of the best outdoor garments since 1975, having only recently grown more popular. The Scandinavian company rigorously tests all of their products in real world applications to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Shop Now at Klättermusen – $350
Hiking Boots:

No list describing a style that revolves around outdoor culture would be complete without hiking boots, so we’ve provided a classic traditional offering and something a little more adventurous.

Danner: Mountain Light Cascade Clovis

Danner has been a longtime bastion of quality and craftsmanship, with their classic Clovis boot being the epitome of a traditional hiking boot.

Shop Now at Danner – $390
Reese Cooper: Beige Suede Wilson Boots

The new Wilson boot from Reese Cooper features a largely typical design with the exception of the D-rings near the heel that let the red laces visually break up the boot’s paneling. A more considered design of your average lug sole boot.

Shop Now at SSENSE – $615

Fleece as a clothing material traces its roots back to Norway in 1961, when Helly Hansen created the first fleece liner, and since then has become one of the most popular menswear items out there. Recognizable ones that come to mind are Patagonias Synchilla Quarterzip and Deep Pile Retro-X Fleece.

Patagonia: Synchilla® Snap-T Fleece Pullover

Interestingly, the Patagonia fleece has become particularly popular with finance bros and gorpcore guys alike, but the latter will be the first to tell you they wouldn’t go anywhere near Wall Street, even with a ten foot avalanche probe.

Shop Now at Patagonia – $139
Patagonia: Classic Retro-X Fleece Jacket

When you need something a little thicker, opt for Patagonia’s other, equally popular, fleece jacket.

Shop Now at Patagonia – $199
Trail Runners:

Probably the most commonly seen item on this list as of late, trail runners have become a staple of many wardrobes. They often offer better comfort than other sneakers, and can add an element of interest to an otherwise run of the mill outfit.

Salomon: S-LAB XT-6 ADV Sneakers

As mentioned earlier, the Salomon XT-6 has been the go-to trail running shoe for several years within the fashion community. We don’t see that changing any time soon, so go pick up a pair.

Shop Now at SSENSE – $220
HOKA: Kaha Low Gore Tex

HOKA has been making waves within the running community for quite some time now with their maximalist approach to shoe design, but their recent offering featuring Gore-Tex is the perfect gorpcore shoe.

Shop Now at HOKA – $200
Cargo Pants:

Cargo pants are well known outside of the scope of gorpcore, but maintain a strong presence within the style. I mean, where else are you going to stow your granola bars?

Arc’teryx: Paltz Cargo Pants

Arc’teryx has answered the call of their fans with their new System_A Paltz Cargo Pants. Featuring a wider fit than many of their other cargos, these are a perfect lightweight option for climbing or day-to-day life.

Shop Now at Arc’teryx – $250|sps|smart|google|Arc%27teryx_Google-Shopping_F19_Performance_BOF_R:NAM_C:USA_L:EN_Smart_Shopping|AllProducts||87581914237-409207957335&utm_souce=&utm_medium=ps|sps|smart&utm_campaign=Arc%27teryx_Google-Shopping_F19_Performance_BOF_R:NAM_C:USA_L:EN_Smart_Shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwrJOMBhCZARIsAGEd4VFQCz7YCdERx9q9lbCOmMvGAjDxkOJ6sHE50BSqArQmyGUGFmyJ0KoaAsB2EALw_wcB
Snowpeak: Takibi Over Pants

Snowpeak has brought Japanese craft to outdoor wear, and it shows. The minimalist designs they offer are all super functional while maintaining a sense of doing just enough.

Shop Now at Snowpeak – $349.95
Style What To Buy

25 Best Desks for Small Spaces to Buy Right Now

One of the only benefits to come out of the pandemic is the shift in work culture that allowed people to continue working from home, even after things have started to open back up. On top of that, more people are moving to urban centers every year and downsizing their footprint to maximize space at home. With both of these factors in mind, it’s clear that there is a burgeoning market for compact workspaces within small dwellings such as apartments or dorms. We’ve made it easy and compiled a list of the 25 best desks we could find for small spaces.

1. MICKE Desk

The MICKE series is one of IKEA’s best sellers, and it’s quite easy to see why. The desk assembly comes with a cabinet that houses adjustable shelves, allowing you to store work supplies or even an entire PC out of sight. With the addition of a small drawer and some cable management, it is difficult to beat in terms of price. However, if you’re looking for longevity, we suggest spending a little more.

Shop Now at IKEA – $79
2. Trenton Fold Out Table
Pottery Barn

The Trenton table features the most industrial, stripped down design in this list with a simple shelf assembly and wooden work surface. The main appeal for us with this item is that it pairs very well with other home goods within its series so that you can create a customized, modular workspace that perfectly suits your needs. Other pieces in the collection include a whiteboard, corkboard, tiered organizer, and additional shelving unit.

Shop Now at Pottery Barn – $299
3. Porch & Den Lincoln Solid Wood/MDF Corner Computer Desk

Corner desks can provide a great alternative to traditional desk styles in that they make use of space that is often overlooked and underutilized. Visually, they can also soften a room as they take away some of the harshness of the rectangular corners. The Lincoln desk comes in several different color varieties and also includes small shelves between its legs so that you can squeeze every inch of storage out of your home office.

Shop Now at Overstock – $134.49
4. Alenia Corner Desk

The Alenia desk maintains the corner practicality of the last desk in our list, but offers a bit of variety depending on your needs. It doesn’t include a drawer of any kind but makes up for it with much larger storage shelves underneath the desktop, allowing you to store a computer and work supplies.

Shop Now at Wayfair – $116.99
5. Bamboo Frame Folding Desk

This cute bamboo desk is super lightweight due to its material, and also folds up very easily for quick storage. It comes in three different finishes, but we prefer the white tabletop with the naturally finished wood. Bamboo is also an eco-friendly material, having a quick growth cycle which makes it a great alternative to other kinds of wood.

Shop Now at Overstock – $80.62
6. Elephance Foldable Wood and Metal Computer Desk

Some may find that the bamboo is a little too bright or that the look simply doesn’t fit their tastes, so we brought you another folding table that has a more industrial feel with its mostly metal construction. It’s steel frame makes it very sturdy compared to other folding desks, being able to hold up to 150lbs while only weighing 26lbs.

Shop Now at Overstock – $59.98
7. LUFEIYA Small Computer Desk

This small computer desk is the perfect option for students with its storage pouches that hang off the side, making it suitable for papers and notebooks. It also includes a headphone hanger so you can keep them out of the way when not in use.

Shop Now at Amazon – $56.88
8. Mid-Century Fold Out Desk
Urban Outfitters

Clean up your workspace with this fold out desk that can stow pencils and other stationery items in its secret compartment. The design features a beautiful and durable mango wood construction, the natural finish highlighting the wood’s fantastic grain. The design is both modern and rustic, making it suitable for any apartment setting.

Shop Now at Urban Outfitters – $399
9. LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

Go ahead and work from bed, we won’t judge. This convenient lap desk features padding beneath a wood surface to elevate your laptop to create a comfortable work surface from any sitting position. It also features a phone stand and mousepad to streamline any workflow.

Shop Now at Amazon – $34.99
10. Tatkraft Joy Portable Laptop Desk with Mouse Pad

Work from the comfort of your couch (or any seat for that matter) with this portable laptop desk on wheels. The laptop stand features 360 degree rotation and can angle itself for maximum ergonomics. It also includes an additional mouse pad stand so that you can optimize your workflow.

Shop Now at Amazon – $173.90
11. FURINNO Efficient Home Laptop Notebook Computer Desk

This compact desk features an attached shelving unit, making room for both a computer on the bottom shelf and a small printer or other stationery on the top. It features a lightweight particle board construction and PVC piping for the shelves, making it both sturdy and lightweight. This option is perfect for those looking to build out a practical space on a budget.

Shop Now at Amazon – $66.93
12. Ladder Shelf Wall Desk
West Elm

This desk manages to maintain a very small footprint while adding a large statement to any office space. Its sleek design features a solid wood frame which wraps around two shelves and an open desk, providing you with a clean workspace and plenty of storage above. Choose from a variety of finishes to find the one that suits your taste, as the design can match nearly any combination of home decor. The only downside of the table is that it needs to be fixed to a wall.

Shop Now at West Elm – $284.05
13. Wall Mounted Table Folding Desk

Create a large stowable work space with this sleek and contemporary design. The table folds down from the wall and has a hinged leg assembly that is held in place with pins to provide stability. It also features adjustable shelves within the main cavity to suit your storage needs. It is made mostly of MDF with a small amount of solid wood in key areas so it stays lightweight but still durable.

Shop Now at Wayfair – $125.99
14. Wall Mounted Folding Desk w/ File & Pen Storage, Cork Backer
Displays 2 Go

This wall mounted desk is similar to the previous one, but is even more slimmed down for those who might not have space for a larger design. This desk folds down to reveal just enough space for a laptop and includes a cork backing to pin daily tasks and anything else you might need to remember. It also includes some vertical cubbies to store pens and similar items. The construction is laminated plywood making it very strong and features gas spring supports, ensuring that the open surface can hold the weight of your computer or books.

Buy Now at Displays 2 Go – $144.09
15. Tilden Small Space Desk

This desk features a classic design with a few contemporary twists such as the wide handle on the full size drawer, making it fit seamlessly into your home regardless of the other decor. The desk comes in two different finishes, a raw dark walnut or simple white.

Shop Now at PBTeen – $499
16. Cvyatko Desk

Maximize your space with this portable desk that can easily be folded to stow away under a couch or bed. Additionally, it includes adjustable feet to accommodate for any surface, making it extremely stable despite its moving parts. It also requires no assembly and is ready to use right out of the box.

Shop Now at Wayfair – $104.99
17. WFH Desk
Work From Home Desks

The WFH desk is a really cool desk option that is fully modular and can be assembled without tools due to its plywood slat construction. Raise the tabletop to create a standing desk, or keep it in a lowered position if you like to work while sitting. The desk can also live with its user for a long time, since you can always integrate new modules as your apartment size increases. If need be, the desk can be easily disassembled and stored flat.

Shop Now at Work From Home Desks – $475
18. Industrial Storage Mini Desk
West Elm

Combine luxury and simplicity with this desk constructed from solid wood and bronze finished metal. The thin legs contrast well with the natural look of the wood, adding an industrial feel to any small office space while providing utility with its large drawer space.

Shop Now at West Elm – $299
19. USB Wall Floating Desk

A stylistic departure from the other wall desks in this list, this item allows you to have permanently exposed storage space when not in use, making it perfect for small plants or other items you’d like to keep in sight. However, some may find it provides an overall more cluttered look as the inner workings of the table are always exposed. This table is also FSC certified, meaning that your purchase will help support the global conservation of forests, which we can universally agree is a good thing.

Shop Now at PBTeen – $299
20. Hampton Small Space Desk

The Hampton desk may be a welcome change for some from the mostly modern styled desks featured in this list. It has a much more ornate design which pairs well with a more traditional home setting, especially when combined with other items from Pottery Barn’s Hampton collection.

Shop Now at PBTeen – $399
21. Cayden Writing Desk
Pottery Barn

Those looking for absolute simplicity will love this desk with its open drawer design and sleek metal legs. The natural wood finish pairs nicely with the plated bronze finish of the legs, making it an easy addition to any space that you want to make an office.

Shop Now at Pottery Barn – $399
22. Haven Writing Desk with USB
Pottery Barn

Perfect for bachelors, this table comes in a stark black colorway with a nicely textured finish that shows the imperfections in the wood grain. Conveniently it also features a hidden compartment that houses an outlet and two USB ports, allowing you to charge your devices right out of the desk.

Shop Now at Pottery Barn – $499
23. Renew Sit-to-Stand Desk
Design Within Reach

Yes, it’s expensive. However it is probably the most useful desk in this list due to a host of highly considered design choices. The easily accessible paddle activates a motorized system which raises and lowers the desktop with minimal effort, allowing you to transition seamlessly from sitting to standing and back again. This maintains your energy levels and improves posture throughout the day, keeping active and productive. Options include advanced cable management, allowing you to plug your devices directly into the desk underneath a panel near the back of the desk.

Shop Now at Design Within Reach – $1,595
24. NUBO
Ligne Roset

Nubo is a beautiful rendition of a wall mounted desk with a hefty price tag. You pay for the elegance of the design with its soft, rounded curves and soft wool outer surface, making it easily the most attractive wall mounted table on this list. When not in use, it almost looks like a decorative wall piece of some sort. It features an interior bracket for small books and documents as well as a cable pass through to keep those pesky cords out of the way while you work.

Shop Now at Ligne Roset – $2,325–secretary/nubo/1984
Ligne Roset

Created by famed french furniture designer Pierre Paulin, this profile of this desk recalls imagery of a small upright piano with its softly curved desktop. Underneath a small shelf, Ursuline offers small niches of many sizes to store useful items and anything you might need close by while you work. It comes in a shiny white lacquered finish or a dark walnut veneer paired with a dark steel base.

Shop Now at Ligne Roset – $2,560–secretary/ursuline/1579/custom?produit_id=171
Style What To Buy

25 Best Coffee Tables at Every Price Range

A coffee table is often the centerpiece of any living space, so it stands to reason that everyone should have one. First and foremost, they offer a variety of practical uses ranging from storing your magazines and remotes, to displaying that new vase you found at the antique store. Moreover, coffee tables allow you to express your personal style and aesthetic. Some are sleek and modern, and others ornate and classic. To that end, we’ve brought you 20 different tables at every price range and in many different styles, so nobody leaves unsatisfied.

1. DHP Parsons Coffee Table from Hayneedle

Finding elegance in simplicity, this sleek table leaves very little to be desired in terms of versatility, coming in a range of finishes to suit anyone’s tastes. Its lightweight MDF construction also makes this ideal for those searching for a way to tie together a room on a budget.

Shop Now at Hayneedle- $38.97
2. LACK Table from IKEA

As one of the best-selling tables from the Scandinavian powerhouse, the LACK table features many of the same design elements as the previous table with the addition of a storage shelf. It features a honeycomb construction in its interior making it lightweight while maintaining a high degree of strength. Conveniently, it pairs well with the other items from IKEA’s LACK series.

Shop Now at IKEA- $49.99
3. Heywood Retro Coffee Table From Target

Feeling like your space is too small? No problem. Coming in as one of the smaller tables in this series you’ll be hard-pressed to find a place where you can’t fit this tiny piece, making it well suited to decluttering city apartments. The gunmetal pin-style legs also add a great industrial flair and provide a nice accent to the worn oak look of the tabletop.

Shop Now at Target – $61.59
4. Alcuin Solid Coffee Wood Table from Wayfair

The legs of this table feature a unique pinwheel shape, with the tabletop exposing the top of each leg to highlight the beautiful form from above. In the middle of the pinwheel, the tabletop is recessed, allowing you to place a centerpiece within the cavity and immediately draw attention to it. The table is entirely constructed of boards, making it extremely stable and durable. 

Shop Now at Wayfair – $94.99
5. Estelle Indoor Farmhouse Acacia Wood Coffee Table from GDF Studio
GDF Studio

Acacia wood has long been known for its durability, making this table extremely scratch-resistant and watertight. The cross-legged design recalls feelings of a rustic picnic table, but the design still maintains a sense of modernity. Use it in your living room to bring a pop of natural color or even place it outdoors on a patio or balcony. 

Shop Now at GDF Studio – $125.76
6. Cliffmay Slat Coffee Table Brown from Target

Bring a subtle Japanese-inspired flair into your home with this slatted-wood table. The addition of two latch-louvered doors allows for both open and closed storage, for whatever you might want to keep safely out of the way. The table is also part of a larger set including side tables, cabinets, and TV consoles just in case you’d like to combine them all for a matchy look.

Shop Now at Target – $149.99
7. 3 Legs 2 Nesting Coffee Table from Wayfair

Some things just come better in pairs, including these coffee tables. Each has three legs and an oblong shape, with the larger one being raised slightly to allow the smaller table to nest comfortably beneath the other. Although they do not take up much space, they are extremely versatile as the number of orientations is only limited by your imagination.

Shop Now at Wayfair – $189.99
8. Claire Coffee Table from Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters

Those looking to soften the look of their interior will find that the rounded shape and brassy color of this piece bring immense warmth to any living room. The glass tabletop also makes it unobtrusive to the eye, keeping small spaces from feeling cramped. 

Shop Now at Urban Outfitters – $199
9. Kinslee Coffee Table with Storage from Wayfair

The sleek glossy finish alone makes this a perfect addition to any home, but the inclusion of LED floor lights is sure to attract the attention of gamers and hue light fanatics alike. The Kinslee coffee table’s two drawers and open cavity also provide a ton of storage space.

Shop Now at Wayfair – $199.99
10. Roundhill Furniture Traditional Ornate Detailing Wood Coffee Table from Hayneedle

After a slew of modern coffee tables, finally we make an appeal to the traditionalist. Covered in veneer highlighting the beautiful wood grain, the claw feet and ornate detailing scream elegance and all of the finishes provide a luxurious gloss.

Shop Now at Hayneedle -$207.90
11. Magdalen Storage Coffee Table from Joss & Main
Joss & Main

Quality, price, and ease of assembly make this a perfect choice for almost anybody. The brushed steel frame provides long-lasting support to ensure the longevity of the table and the tempered glass tabletop and shelf allow you to show off your beautiful rug too. 

Shop Now at Joss & Main – $226
12. Madison Park Avalon Coffee Table from Overstock

Drawing inspiration from mid-century modern design, it suits both modern and traditional interiors with its timeless look. The striking contrast of the off-white tabletop and natural wood base also add a ton of presence to this table.

Shop Now at Overstock – $230.61
13. STOCKHOLM Table from IKEA

A self-described tribute to Scandinavian design from the Swedish retailer, this table is constructed of fiberboard with a lacquered walnut veneer and a steel underframe, creating the perfect balance of weight and stability. The oblong surfboard-like shape of this table makes it great for bigger couches without feeling overbearing and the woven shelf beneath adds a great touch of warmth and expression. 

Shop Now at IKEA – $249
14. Seville Modern Rattan Coffee Table from Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters

One would never assume that Urban Outfitters offers a custom-made home good, but they do–and it’s fantastic. The hourglass shape made of spiraling rattan creates the perfect bohemian aesthetic and natural vibe.

Shop Now at Urban Outfitters – $329
15. Dasher Glass Sled Coffee Table from Wayfair

This sleek sled-style table simultaneously commands attention and obscures itself with its all glass construction. While it might not be everyone’s taste, it is perfectly at home in any modern styled interior.

Shop Now at Wayfair – $329.99
16. Alaterre Pomona Rustic Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table from Hayneedle

Homes that are feeling a bit bland or lifeless can easily be remedied by bringing a bit of the outside in. A reclaimed wood finish and wrought iron legs create a mood that feels both natural and industrious. 

Shop Now at Hayneedle – $372.30
17. Gethin Floor Shelf Coffee Table with Storage from Wayfair

The appearance of one continuous surface throughout the whole design is the highlight of this architectural table, with the chromed steel piping providing structure both literally and figuratively. 

Shop Now at Wayfair – $499.99
18. Mid-Century Pop-Up Storage Coffee Table from West Elm
West Elm

This modern coffee table features a pop-up top that exposes a hidden storage area. It also allows you to work and eat from the comfort of your couch–which, to be honest, would make anyone jealous. The added marble slab also adds a fantastic contrast to the acacia wood finish.

Shop Now at West Elm – $594.30
19. Thorndale 60” Reclaimed Wood Table from Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn

While similar to the other reclaimed wood table on our list, this one does not simply mimic the finish of reclaimed wood but uses real reclaimed pine wood to create a luxurious tabletop full of minute detail. In addition, the table is certified fair trade and sustainably produced.

Shop Now at Pottery Barn – $899
20. Eames Rectangular Coffee Table from Herman Miller
Herman Miller

Created by arguably the most famous design duo in existence, the Eames rectangular coffee draws inspiration from Charles and Ray Eames’ DCW chair. Like many of their other designs, the table is constructed of several sheets of laminated plywood. Its legs show off the iconic bentwood design that made the couple a household name.

Shop Now at Herman Miller – $1045
21. Annessia Coffee Table with Storage from Wayfair

The Annessia table is possibly the most unique table on this list in terms of appearance, being constructed almost entirely of aluminum. Those of us who wish we could afford an Airstream can scratch that itch, as the riveted paneling harkens back to the look of a mid-20th-century aircraft similar to the famed trailers.

Shop Now at Wayfair – $1349.99
22. Maria Coffee Table from Rove Concepts
Rove Concepts

Who knew tennis players could design? Maria Sharapova (yes, that one) collaborated with Rove Concepts to create this monument-esque concrete table that features a rounded tabletop perched atop a pedestal base, radiating softness and warmth despite its material. It is constructed from glass fiber concrete and alabaster concrete.

Shop Now at Rove Concepts – $1499[82]=1094
23. Platner Coffee Table from Design Within Reach
Design Within Reach

William Platner designed the eponymous table in 1966, and since then it has become an icon of modern industrial design. Fabricated in Italy, each table requires over 1,000 welds to create an airy base of steel rods. The table is available in several different base colors as well as marble tabletops instead of classic glass.

Shop Now at Design Within Reach – $1816
24. Noguchi Table from Herman Miller
Herman Miller

A personal favorite of this list, this table designed by famed Japanese sculptor Isamu Noguchi requires no introduction. It has been copied and mimicked countless times, but nothing will ever come close to the OG. The signature offset wood base and amorphous tabletop make the viewing experience different from every angle.

Shop Now at Herman Miller – $2495
25. Metaphora Coffee Table from OWO

Designed by Massimo Vignelli for Casigliani circa 1979, the Metaphora coffee table is more of a sculpture than a table. It features the four forms of Euclidean geometry cut out of marble as its base, creating a stunning centerpiece for your living room. Each marble support can be moved around and the table will remain stable, but all four are required to maintain the tabletop’s balance. Poetic, isn’t it?

Shop Now at OWO – $3493.25
Leaders Style

Salehe Bembury Named Creative Director for LeBron James’ Brand Uninterrupted

Right on the heels of a slew of mega successes with New Balance, Salehe Bembury has recently been announced as the creative director of apparel for Lebron James’ brand, Uninterrupted. According to an interview with Bleacher Report, Bembury plans on leveraging the ten years of brand history behind Uninterrupted as well as his fifteen years of experience as a designer to create a product that leaves the audience with a “feeling”. He likened the experience to being given a kitchen full of the best ingredients and being asked to make a dish. 

The designer has come a long way since designing for Payless shoes at the beginning of his career, having built an individual brand spearheaded by his design ethos. With every collaborative or personal release, Bembury cultivates an audience that likes the things he likes and does the things he does. In the grand scheme of things, his success is indicative of a massive upheaval of traditional design practice, typically led by large corporations. 

With brands such as Nike, New Balance, Adidas, and many more, the designer of a shoe or product largely takes a back seat while the monolithic brand identities lead the charge in the object’s popularity. However, with Salehe’s collaborations this is not the case. As can be seen with his upcoming Crocs collaboration, consumers couldn’t care less what brand the designer works with, it’s all about his magical touch that he injects into the identity of the brand and the design of the product itself. 

This method clearly shows a change in the modern zeitgeist and attitude of consumers, who have become increasingly disillusioned with companies constantly pushing products in their faces and are feeling pandered to. For several years now, it seems as though companies are simply mashing brand identities together for easy cash grabs, rather than utilizing the best that both entities have to offer to create something greater than the sum of its parts. A large part of Bembury’s appeal is that, as one man, he is capable of using his problem solving abilities to warp the entire image of a company into something that the brand would never have been able to do on its own. As he continues his design endeavors, we are thrilled to see what he does next with Uninterrupted. No longer is there an allegiance to brand, people are aligning themselves with people.