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Millie Go Lightly Discusses the Future of Her Music and NFTs

On this week’s episode of Monday To Monday, Mike Boyd brings on Millie Go Lightly to discuss the new sound she is cultivating, NFTs, and her first performance in the United States. In addition, she dives into the characters she brings to life on stage through her outfits. Be sure to tune in to learn more about the British Barbie! 

Mike Boyd and Millie kick off the conversation by talking about her light-up cowboy hat, which she also had behind her. Boyd asks what that is for, with Millie responding that she wears that hat during shows, bringing to life different versions of herself. Boyd expands this by talking about her branding and how she builds different characters at shows. She does this with her fashion, specifically, wearing different colored outfits, wearing different styles of hats, and more. She explains that these characters eventually go on to dictate how the show goes.

Millie then shifts the conversation to the Monday To Monday playlist. She notes that she discovered the playlist thanks to TiaCorine and her colleagues at Young Stoner Life Records. She said that she had been listening to the playlist for years, even before appearing on it! If you’re not familiar with the playlist, be sure to tune in below! 

Mike Boyd then focuses on the sound that she’s created thus far, and more specifically, her most recent singles. Millie’s past two singles, “Right Time” and “2 Girls, 1 Saloon,” were significant for her career and growth as an artist. She noted in the interview that “Right Time” was the first song she released without a collaboration. Mike notes that while she is supported by people like the YSL artists and team, she has a distinct sound and vibe that make her unique in the space.

Millie even gets us excited, as she told us that she will be exploring new sounds and genres. She even says that she made a country-inspired song. Mike Boyd then asks Millie how she got the nickname “British Barbie.” Millie said that she didn’t come up with it; rather someone commented that on her Instagram. Loving how it sounded, she ran with it, saying it described her well. 

Boyd then brings in Dani, a listener of Millie’s and a Discord community member of ONE37pm. Dani notes that he loves “Right Time” by Millie, saying he was blasting it earlier on in the day. Millie was very thankful, as she acknowledged it more than just singing and rapping. He then asks what Millie’s favorite football (soccer) team is. She said that since birth, she had been a Manchester United fan because of her family, expanding that she has a photo of herself at six months old wearing a Manchester United jersey. 

Dani then shifts the next question towards NFTs, as he is very intuned and interested in the space. Dani asks Millie what her plan is within the NFT space in the future. Millie voices that while she can’t announce the project just yet, she will be releasing an NFT project soon, and it will be a cowgirl theme. She further adds that she wants to develop many characters surrounding her brand in the NFT space. 

Mike Boyd then asks Dani where he wants to see the music NFT space go, specifically with Millie. Dani mentions that a ticket to Michael Jordan’s first NBA game recently sold for over $250,000. He brings in context to explain that Millie should do POAPs, uttering that one day ONE37pm and Coinbase’s Art Basel POAP may be worth something in the future, as it is her first performance in the United States. He further explains that as Millie gets bigger she can come back to provide utility for the original token holders. 

As the interview continues, Boyd comes to talk about Millie’s song “Right Time,” asking the meaning behind it. Millie voices the meaning behind it and even dives into Boyd’s favorite lyrics from her quick-spitting verses. Millie even says that she initially left the second verse open because she thought it would be a perfect fit for Gunna. However, a few months later, Millie decided that she would want to finish the song herself, which is now what we know today. 

Boyd then closes off the episode by asking a fan-submitted question: Millie’s dream venue she would love to play? She stated that one major venue is the Apollo Theatre in her home city of London. She said that she used to walk by the venue every day to work and would always dream of performing there. She lists some more venues, including some of the most prominent venues in Atlanta. 

In conclusion, Millie provides a lot of insight into her plans for her future music releases, diving into the NFT space, and how she plans and coordinates her setlist for performances. She even dives into her dream venues, which we can expect her to be playing in due time. Finally, she talks about her dream collaboration and what makes this artist stand out compared to the rest. This is an episode you won’t want to miss! 

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Gunna: ‘DS4EVER’ Album First Listen

After a year of teasing, leaks, and snippets on social media, Gunna’s DS4EVER AKA Drip Season 4 is finally here. The nineteen-track album features some of the most prominent artists in hip-hop right now, with Young Thug, Future, Lil Baby, and 21 Savage, to name a few. In total, over thirteen artists are on this project, making it a special release.

The album opens up with a raw and passionate track in “private island.” It opens with a simple acoustic guitar melody and soft-backing vocal chops. Then, lyrically, he delivers heartfelt lyrics with discussions of his personal growth that has got him to this point where he is at. He does this with lyrics like, “I know this life just ain’t for everybody” and a repeating line in “I knew we would see better days.”

Additionally, he further explores the themes of people he can no longer trust and how that has changed him. In the chorus, he raps, “You know b*****s talk, but you were the boss, so we keep our business private.” He backs up these lyrics by acknowledging how he has helped others with “I got some slimes out a beehive, I know they dying ’bout it.” Overall, this song is a coming-of-age track for Gunna and is a perfect opener for the final chapter of the Drip Season series. 

He follows up this song with “pushin p,” which was heavily teased by Gunna. The track was first leaked on social media on December 29, 2021, and instantly gained hype. The song features fellow Atlanta artists Future and Young Thug, the founder and architect of the Young Stoner Life Records enterprise, home to Gunna. 

The production on this track delivers what you would expect from an Atlanta anthem. That being fast-hitting hi-hats, crisp snares, and a euphoric melody. The song kicks off with Gunna and Future delivering a call-and-response flow, giving confident flows about staying true to themself while also making moves, hence the title. A week leading up to the release, Gunna hinted at the meaning behind “P.” 

This got fans talking about what “P” stands for in the song and across the album. We now know that when Gunna says “Pushin P,” he is referring to “playa” or “player.” Essentially, “pushin p” is about delivering strategy, elegance, and swagger to your day-to-day while being authentic to yourself. He backs this up with his lyrics, “Your pockets deep, got racks on me. Why they watchin’ me? I’m pushin’ P.”

On the next track, “poochie gown,” there is a lot of anticipation and beef surrounding this track. However, it seems that, while there may be a lot more behind the scenes of this track, the main point that comes to attention is his apparent diss at Freddie Gibbs—produced by Wheezy, this song bass-heavy track with Gunna delivering fast flows. In the song, Gunna drops the bar “Hang above the rim. I can’t fuck with Freddie Gibbs.” He even backed this up on Twitter with a diss that would eventually evolve into a series of tweets from Gibbs. 

On “mop,” featuring Young Thug, they deliver clever and fun rhymes that add to the album’s replay value. Thug delivers funny bars in the song with “Monica Lewinsky, pass me a friend. I did a spin, ski, out of a ‘Benz, ski.” Gunna backs this up with his verse when he drops, “Fly, the G5, probably the highest. Went to the caboose with the pilot. That lil’ b**** you cuffing, her lil’ ***** got high mileage.”

On “thought i was playing,” 21 Savage joins Gunna to deliver some heavy-hitting bars to make this one of the standout tracks of the album. Produced by Mike WiLL Made-It & Shawn Ferrari, the production on the song brings in elements of old west coast rap songs with its synths but adds a new flare to the sound with the trademark Atlanta trap percussion and Gunna’s unique flow. Of course, 21 Savage bodies this piece and continues his dominant feature run recognized more recently. Be sure to tune into the song below! 

Kodak Black hops on to deliver some amusing bars for the artist’s first collaboration together. The artists play off each other’s flows and deliveries in the song to create a prominent piece. In it, they rap, “That look like a brand new booty How you did that? (Kodak) You got fake stones in a real watch How you did that? (Gunna)”. Then Metro hops on “alotta cake” to deliver a familiar Gunna sound from past Drip Season projects. 

In “livin wild,” Gunna goes into character as to why he lives the life he does. He conveys, “Wanna know why the reason on why I have my reasons? Reason why they ain’t tell mе, there was pneumonia sеason. These police won’t ever save us, that’s why I run with heathens.” While the production elements may commonly be heard in past Gunna tracks, what makes this song stand apart from the rest are the unique rhyme schemes that he’s exploring. 

The next track, “you & me”, features Chloe Bailey, an artist who has been rumored to be dating Gunna just around two months ago. The song samples Jon B.’s “They Don’t Know,” an R&B ballad released back in 1998. Nonetheless, the song shows the versatility of both artists and should not be overlooked. Gunna continues to birth a new sound on “south to west,” featuring dominant ad-libs and forthright lyrics about his superiority. Finally, one of the most the Drip Harder duo joins forces again in “25k jacket.” This song’s hot production and dynamic cadences make this song will be top of most playlists for months to come.

This is followed up by Future and Gunna’s collaboration “too easy,” which was originally released as a single back in September. Entering several Billboard charts, this song is an iconic high-energy collaboration on the album. Roddy Ricch came on to hop on the official remix, which was released at the beginning of December. This remix appears later in the album as it closes out this project. 

G Herbo then steps up to the plate to get on “idk that bitch” with Gunna. Produced by Gunna’s in-house team of producers in Taurus and Turbo, this beat is unique and something that we haven’t seen Gunna take on before. Previously making tracks like “9 TIMES OUTTA 10” and “SKYBOX,” just to name two out of the plethora, it is common to see Taurus push the boundaries of what Gunna can perform over – and boy does he do it. G Herbo also adds some complimenting bars with his distinct flow that makes this song special in its own right. 

Furthermore, songs like “flooded” and “life of a sin” featuring Nechie continue to expand upon his ever-growing sound with fluid cadences, ad-libs, and rhyme schemes. The same goes for “die alone” with Yung Bleu and Chris Brown and “missing me.” Brown and Bleu’s ability to deliver emotional ballads over trap-inspired beats helps Gunna create a mesmerizing effect on sentimental tracks. 

Before the remix of “too easy,” he closes out the album with the last original in “so far ahead > empire.” The lyrics on this song are the perfect closer, as he recognizes his talent and hard work thus far into his career. He does this over an emotionally-driven guitar that takes up enough of the spectrum to capture your attention but also allows Gunna to shine through. 


Ooh, when we get the cream
Got me living out our dreams
And the whole world ours
Lotta bosses in the team
We bust it down no need for greed
Tryna build an empire

In conclusion, this is a special album for Gunna. It contains coming-of-age elements while Gunna still recognizes and accepts his dominance in hip-hop. The features don’t overtake the project but compliment what Gunna brings to the table as an artist. No two songs sound the same on this project, making this a perfect conclusion to the Drip Season series while opening new doors for Gunna’s future. 

Be sure to tune in to the entire album if you haven’t already. This album is a must-listen. In my opinion, this is Gunna’s best work since his collaboration album with Lil Baby in Drip Harder.

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Exclusive Interview With YSL’s Strick

When you hear Strick, you may think of Young Stoner Life Records, versatility, and a unique sound. But when you dive deeper, he offers a lot more, not as a musician but as a living, breathing brand. If you’re not familiar with this artist, ONE37pm did a previous write-up on his latest album Strick Land. So tune in to learn about the project and all the different elements you can expect to hear when listening.

‘Strick Land’ Recap

While he may seem like another artist at first glance, something bigger is brewing behind the scenes. What makes him so unique is the culmination of synergy since 2020. This started with his single “Yacht Club” with Young Thug and Ty Dolla $ign back in 2020. This single utilizes transcending production and mesmerizing from all vocal performances. 

His fantastical-looking cover art complements this. As time progressed into 2021, this theme continued to develop over time. Be sure to tune in below to understand better this unique sound and image he is curating. 

Following the release of Strick Land, Will Ziefert visited Strick in his hometown of Lumberton, North Carolina. In the interview, they talk about the project and dive deep into the artwork, the meaning behind songs, and what Strick Land means to him.

Will: What’s your favorite song of the project?

Strick: Um, one through eighteen (laughs). 

Will: What’s the inspiration behind the album artwork?

Strick: I’m a big fan of surrealism. Salvadore Dali was definitely the main influence on the album cover. I’ve actually been teasing it since the release of “Yacht Club.” If you look at it, it’s a mix of all of my previous singles mixed. 

Will: In “Hurt You,” were there any lines that stand out and mean the most? What do you think of the song’s vibe?

Strick: The song “Hurt You” was a record I did a year and a half or two years ago because I was initially going to release the album in 2020. Honestly, it’s dedicated to this girl, who, when I was trying to find myself and make it in music, stayed down for me, helping me through a lot of stuff. 

The lines I say in the song are “you weren’t scared of love, you weren’t scared of the truth,” you know, even though they can both hurt you. She honestly showed me raw love and emotion and that somebody can be there for you, as a significant other, you know. The song comes from loving her, missing her, and giving her a moment on the album. It’s definitely a vibe.

Will: For the song “Don’t Want To Leave,” what did you think when you made that one? It’s one of the instant standouts on the project.

Strick: I was on turnt-up mode when I made that. You know, sometimes I make a lot of different sounds, like a melodic one, for example. But for that one, the beat was just hitting – shoutout to my boy Chef Boya Dru, he killed the beat. As soon as I did it, I instantly thought, “who can I get on it? Who can I get on it?” Again, this was a song I knew I wanted to put on the album, so I hit NAV up, and he cut his verse up for me, and he delivered insanely. Shoutout to NAV, he went crazy on that verse, so this one is one of my favorites as well. 

Will: What about “Vibez,” why did you put that one at the end of the tracklist?

Strick: Yeah, it’s actually produced by my boy Outtatown, and I like how groovy it is. It feels like you’re exiting Strick Land, like you came to Strick Land, you had a great time, it was good, but this is the exit music where it feels good enough to where you want to come back. So it felt right. I love that song. 

Will: What would I see if I was to come to Strick Land? You know Travis Scott has Astroworld with the big head and the amusement park?

Strick: It’s definitely similar to the album cover, you know. It’s super eclectic, with the women frozen in crystals representing many things, like time, for example, so of course, you’ll see that. You’ll also see exotic animals. You may see a mushroom farm; you never know. Strick Land’s a vibe for sure, though. 

If you’re not following Strick, you need to know tune in and watch his moves. This interview helps grasp a better understanding of his mentality when creating some of his most memorable songs on this project. Furthermore, Strick’s ability to plan and facilitate imagery and sounds into one homogenous album makes him all the more special. 

As 2022 kicks off, we can expect a lot from Strick this year. Whether it be more catchy singles, a tour, or another project, we are sure that he will continue to push the envelope forward with his consistency in branding and sound development. Additionally, stay tuned into our social media accounts as we will be releasing some content from these interviews.

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How Gunna Leverages Himself on TikTok

As an artist, showing off your authentic personality on TikTok is the number one way to grow when tied with organic strategy. From newcomers like Sadie Jean and Erica Banks to global stars like Olivia Rodrigo and Lil Nas X, they all have one thing in common – utilizing the reach that TikTok offers musicians. The same goes for Young Stoner Life Records’ Gunna. 

If you’re not familiar with Gunna or don’t know too much about the artist, you need to tune in. He amasses an impressive twenty million monthly listeners on Spotify. In addition, he regularly collaborates with artists such as Drake, Lil Baby, Future, and Lil Uzi Vert, to name a few. The twenty-eight-year-old rapper hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and has been working on his craft since his first mixtape back in 2013. 

Since then, Gunna has released chart-topping projects, such as Drip Harder with Lil Baby and singles like “Lemonade.” This has helped him amass millions of loyal followers across all social media platforms, including preeminent platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Currently, Gunna boasts an impressive 3.7 million followers on Instagram and 1.2 million on TikTok. Below, we dive into what drives his success on TikTok and what makes him stand out as we prepare for his mixtape Drip Season 4, which is dropping this Friday, January 7th.

The first thing that’s important to note when looking at his profile is that it is organic to the platform and himself. Meaning it is not filled with self-advertisements to promote his music or a product. This can be seen in his most recent TikTok, which we’ll embed below. In it, Gunna is simply in the mirror with his phone, vibing to his new song. Gaining thousands of views and thousands of likes, Gunna hints that the album is dropping on January 7th. Fans even got excited in the comments with fans saying, “Gunna the goat frfr y’all not ready for that conversation yet tho,” “In Gunna we trust,” and “Life is good. Great way to start 2022.”

Gunna’s most popular video as of recent was posted a few days ago, on December 30th. In it, all he is doing is listening to an unreleased song that will be releasing his album. In the video, you can see Gunna flexing his jewelry, specifically his chains and watch. Comments in this video went berserk, with people asking to drop this song. This video also came right after his bodyguard went viral for body-slamming a person in a store. Gunna responded, “thou shall not steal” on his Instagram, making it all the more personable. 

Additionally, he looks at what it is like to perform at some of the largest music festivals on the planet. He recently posted a video of him performing in Los Angeles at Rolling Loud. The video kicks off with Gunna lighting a blunt before his song “Too Easy” with Future begins. When the beat drops, he brings the energy running around the stage and jumping, exciting the crowd. He shows off a perspective that many have never seen before, unique only to Gunna and other performers who get to play in front of thousands of screaming fans. 

What makes his TikTok so unique is the multitude of content he posts daily. For example, at the beginning of December, he posted a video of him shopping at a Chanel store and showed off a new way the store counts money. In the video, you can hear him saying, “they’re weighing the money now,” and the store employee stacks increments of hundreds of dollars on top of each other. This unique insight is something that we typically don’t see daily, making it all the more eye-catching.

Furthermore, he even posted a video hanging out with Future that day. In it, they were Facetiming a love interest asking if she wanted a Goyard tote. This interaction went semi-viral for its authenticity and looked into what artists do when hanging out together. One of the commenters even said, “I feel like I’m on his close friends.”

Going through Gunna’s TikTok, you can see that he stays true to himself while showing off an insight into his life that most people wouldn’t imagine or be able to see on Instagram. On TikTok, he shows off his life, him going shopping, hanging out with friends, or simply vibing on his phone as any average person would. 

This has attracted over a million people to follow him and helped him reach over a hundred million views and over fourteen million likes. So if you’re not following Gunna, you need to be sure to do so. Additionally, if you’re an artist, there is a lot to learn from watching what he posts on the platform. 

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Start Your 2022 with the Monday To Monday Playlist

While 2022 brings a lot of fresh starts and new changes, one thing remains the same – a diverse and memorable curation of the Monday To Monday playlist. With the first curation of the playlist in 2022, Mike Boyd and Gary Vaynerchuk kick it off right with a VeeCon exclusive list of songs. Ranging from the natural flow of Lil Polo Tee (Polo Perks) to the upbeat energy brought by Lulú and unforgettable melodies from Fresco Trey, this will be a playlist you won’t want to miss. 

If you are unfamiliar with VeeConfrence, or VeeCon for short, or VeeFriends, be sure to read this article below. It dives into GaryVee’s NFT project VeeFriends, which allows token holders admission to his yearly conference. This is a must-read, especially if you are new to the NFT space.

What is VeeCon?

The playlist opens with Lulú’s “911” with Adrian Be. The Mexico-based singer delivers powerful vibratos and energy on this track. If you are an old listener of her music, you know that this is a divergence from her old sound and a flagship statement for what’s to come from the buzzing artist. In an interview with Mike Boyd, she explains that this sound is something that she has been cultivating and working on for a long time. 

We are followed by Millie Go Lightly’s soothing and fun vocals on her song “Right Time.” You can hear her singing about her confidence and how she has money on her mind on the track. Following Millie’s piece comes Lil Polo Tee’s “snowpatrol.” The song samples Snow Patrol’s infamous song “Chasing Cars.” With fellow Surf Gang member and producer Gozer, adding his trademark elements of New York drill music to make it a unique and unforgettable song. 

Like the previous song, in “Horses,” Evil Giane features Q Lazzarus’ hit song “Goodbye Horses.” Giane similarly adds his New York drill scene elements to bring life to the 1988 song withinin the hip-hop realm. This song comes from his latest album, i.c.f.m. Pt. 3, released in November. We previously covered the eighteen-track album when it initially dropped, which you can read below! 

Album Recap

If you’re a playlist OG, then you’re familiar with Fresco Trey, or you at least recognize his unforgettable voice. Mike Boyd features his personable song in “Fresh Off A Heartbreak” at the number five spot. In this track, Trey recounts his heartbreak and looks forward to what he offers to the world. This song is a perfect introduction to the rising artist if you’re finding out about him now. 

For the next song, we go all the way across the pond to Spain, where Lian Faz resides. She offers an adaptable listening experience, singing in both Spanish and English. For example, in her song “Lo Nuestro,” you can hear a catchy chorus and verses in Spanish, but she delivers an English verse. The diverse skill set it takes to provide catchy lyrics in two languages while remaining on the same subject is complex, making her style more impressive. 

Immasoul comes next with her emotional ballad in “Dejarte Ir.” This song delivers R&B and soulful elements, making this a heartfelt piece. This style oscillates with her listeners, as it is her most popular release with almost half a million streams to date. In addition, she recently released her debut EP Natural. The seven-track project features a lot of different vibes and some notable Mexican artists! Be sure to give it a listen! 

Last but surely not least, we have Blu DeTiger with her hit “Figure It Out.” In 2020, during the COVID quarantine period, Blu came to stardom with this single. She consistently covered some of the most popular artists and songs on her bass, gradually building her fanbase on the platform. But her journey didn’t begin there, as she picked up her bass at a young age and continued to grow as a musician for over a decade, even attending New York University for music.

We previously released an article on ONE37pm where we dive a little deeper into these artists. So, if you’re going to VeeCon or want to learn more about some emerging musicians in the space, be sure to check out the article below! 

Meet the VeeCon Performers

This week’s curation spans several continents, genres, and skillsets. Be sure to tune in to hear from artists like Lian Faz, Fresco Trey, and Millie Go Lightly, as we are betting our money on all of these artists in having a big 2022!

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Lil Crush Releases Music Video for “Sicily”

Lil Crush, also known as the Baby Goat, is an Afro-Colombian singer, songwriter, and performer from Minnesota. If you are unfamiliar with the emerging artist, we recently did a profile on the rising artist on our ‘Get To Know’ series, covering his rise as an artist, his new album, and more. Be sure to tune in below to get to know the artist. 


Following the release of Baby Goat 4oregin, his latest album, he began teasing snippets of his exciting and most-invigorating song yet in “Sicily.” Then, two days following Christmas, Crush released a little gift in the music video that he’s been teasing. Directed by Henry Smisek, the exciting video contains out-of-this-world visuals and editing. Matched with Crush’s catchy vocals and performance on this track, this video is a must-see. 

Since the video’s release a week ago, it has already received six thousand views with hundreds of likes. Additionally, the comments were nothing short of supportive of the buzzing artist. One commenter, Moiz Ahmed, said, “Waited too long for new bangers and couldn’t click the notification fast enough. Lil Crush hype is real.” Furthermore, the viewers recognize the visuals themselves, with many comments simply calling it “crazy.” 

The video opens up with Earth in outer space, then with a clever burn transition, a woman holding a globe spins it, and subtlety points to Italy. The visual continues to get closer, seemingly zooming in to the point on a street. Then, Crush makes his appearance with a smooth transition, once again playing with fire. 

Throughout the video, a theme that you will see is his flashbacks while rapping. Crush and the director do a tremendous job of encapsulating clever story-telling elements, from scenes like rapping in front of a fire, comfortably lying in his room, and even in the woods. Another eye-catching element is Crush’s portrayal with angel wings behind him. 

This song and music video bring a lot of excitement for what’s to come for Crush in 2022. Before releasing Baby Goat 4oreign, he dropped “Lava Girl,” which Richie Souf and Roark Bailey produced. The single reached over eighty thousand streams and sits atop his tracklist today. While we are still awaiting the music video’s release for that song, we are confident that we can expect to see lots of unique and visually appealing visuals from Crush in 2022.

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GRIP Hits The Road For His 2022 Tour

Following the success of his 2021 album, I Died For This!?, GRIP is preparing to hit the road with fellow Atlanta artists. Beginning on February 24th, the seven-show tour will hit New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington D.C., to name a few. Wiley From Atlanta and Marco Plus are joining him on tour, emerging artists also hailing from A-Town. 

If you are unfamiliar with GRIP, Mike Boyd Jr of the Monday To Monday podcast interviewed the budding artist back in August. They talk about his album, his writing process, and more. He even dives into how he got signed to Eminem and a funny story that he told about Eminem’s signature blonde hair. This is one of the most popular episodes to date, so you won’t want to miss out! 

GRIP, real name Kyle Clow, is a rapper, songwriter, and artist from Decatur, Georgia, northeast Atlanta. He had a big year in 2021, receiving a co-sign from Eminem to his Shady Records and releasing his album I Died For This!? The song’s sixteen-song tracklist features Eminem, Royce Da 5’9″, Dead Cassettes, and many more. He even headlined his first show in his hometown of Atlanta at Aisle 5 back in September. 
Over two weeks ago, he released his I Died For This!? Tour announcement on Instagram. He is being joined by fellow Atlanta artists Marco Plus and Wiley From Atlanta. Both offer versatile flows and lyricism, making this a must-see show if you enjoy any of their music. At the show, we’re sure we can expect hits from his album like “IDFT!?,” and other songs like “No Más!,” and “Chicken N Dumplins.” Be sure to check out the eye-catching poster below to see if they’re coming to your city this winter!

If you listen to GRIP’s music, you know that he takes his rhymes and lyricism very seriously. That’s what makes having Marco Plus and Wiley From Atlanta perfect openers for this leg of shows. If you are familiar with Atlanta music or know Marco, you know that he is a lyricist at heart. He doesn’t write down his lyrics because he lets his soothing beat selection take over as he erupts relatable lyrics about life and the grind. In addition, Wiley should not be slept on either. His authentic storytelling and euphoric beat selections. 

Marco is an emerging artist who recently released his new album tha souf got sum 2 say, a nineteen-track project, Marco’s longest project to date. On the project, songs like “lately” and “neva bend + som of sam” shine through with his confident demeanor. His rhyme schemes even caught the attention of Spited, showing off his lyrical abilities. Be sure to check out how he crafts his lyrics and flows below. 

Like GRIP, we had Marco Plus on the Monday To Monday podcast. Boyd and Marco talk about his new album, Marco’s creation process, and the inspiration behind the attention-grabbing cover art in the episode. Additionally, Boyd details how Marco always demands attention with his delivery and beat selection. So tune in below to hear what the “souf” has to say on this episode of Monday to Monday!

Wiley From Atlanta is bringing a new wave of music with his distinct trap and R&B style. This is partly due to his sample selection, slow-jam beats, and fresh vocal delivery. His style resonates with his listeners, as he has captured millions of streams and almost three hundred thousand monthly listeners. His song “Pink Skies (Demo)” is his most popular, with over thirteen million streams. Be sure to check out Wiley’s music below! 

If you’re into emerging hip-hop that places a large emphasis on meaningful lyrics and rhymes, this will be a tour that you won’t want to miss. Tickets are starting around $15, and we expect them to increase as venues sell out. So be sure to check out their music and catch them on the road! 

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Meet The VeeCon 2022 Performers

Months following the announcement and minting of VeeFriends, VeeCon was announced, and instantly holders and followers of the project were eager to see the list of speakers and performers for the conference. Around two weeks ago, VeeFriends publicized their lineup for their event at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from May 19th to the 22nd. So, if you’re a VeeFriends holder or looking to obtain one before the event in May, get to know the musical acts that will be performing! 

Ranging from the United States to Mexico and even England, there is a plethora of diversity and talent spanning different genres and languages. In short, with this diverse lineup, there will be at least one artist that you’ll enjoy, if not more. So dive in below to learn more about who you’ll be seeing in Minneapolis in May!


Immasoul is an Afro-Mexican singer and songwriter from Chetumal, Mexico. Growing up, she listened to R&B and Caribbean music, which heavily inspired her music and can be heard today. She wrote her first song at fourteen years old and has been working on her craft since. In our Get To Know series with Immasoul, she described her music as a unique sound coming from Mexico. 


​When you think of Mexico, I don’t think R&B and Afrobeat will come to your mind, and that’s where I come to play a different game than expected. I grew up listening to Lauren Hill, TLC, Erykah Badu, The Roots, Salsa, and Afro Caribbean music, so these rhythms and these soulful vibes feel natural to me.

In November, she released her EP Natural, a seven-track project that displays her talent and versatility as an artist. Her most notable song from the project is “Pegao,” featuring Yoss Bones and Noa Sainz. Their music video is closing in on forty thousand views, so be sure to tune in!

Lil Polo Tee

Also known as Polo Perks, this artist is one of the most proliferating players coming out of the New York City hip-hop scene. He is also coming off a massive 2021, which saw tremendous growth as an artist. Additionally, he is a member of the New York-based collective Surf Gang, featuring a lineup of exciting up-and-coming producers, singers, and rappers. We previously wrote an album recap for Polo’s latest project I.C.F.M. Pt. 3, released back in November. Be sure to tune in below. 

Album Recap

What makes Polo such a distinct player in the hip-hop scene is his new wave of drill, unique sample and beat selections, and a new flow. These attributes even captured the attention of DraftKings, as he partnered with the sports betting operator to create his song “DraftKing.” Tune in to the music video for his song “Duppy Drill” to better understand his vibe.


Lulú is a singer, songwriter, and artist from Monterrey, Mexico. Signed to Slowly Entertainment, she is looking to bring positive energy and leave a positive impact on her listeners. What makes her so unique is that her goal is to create music that makes people never feel alone when listening to it. In an interview with Mike Boyd Jr, she said she felt alone as a kid, but the music was always there for her. This same feeling inspired her to create and develop the music we hear today. 

Something you may not know about her is that she is into fashion. Before focusing on music full time, she went to fashion school. This can be seen in her music videos and social media, especially TikTok. Throughout the past two years, we saw a significant emergence of her TikTok, gaining over one hundred thousand followers. This is due to her fun identity and personable nature, blending music, fashion, and makeup into one. This creates a lasting impression on her fans, as they already know what to expect in her music. Tune in below to get a taste of what she offers!

Lian Faz

Lian is an emerging singer and songwriter hailing from Spain. She offers an adaptable listening experience, both singing in Spanish and English. Her songs “Lo Nuestro,” “Touchdown,” and “Dream Gang” offer both contemporary and fun pop anthems that have helped her grow her fanbase, especially in Spain. 

Lian released her debut EP 23 in 2020, a project that looked to enter her into the music scene and help establish an initial fanbase of listeners across Spain – which it did. In 2022, she is looking forward to expanding her fanbase to an international audience, and what better way to do that than by performing at VeeCon! Be sure to check out her song “Lo Nuestro” below to hear her talent! 

Fresco Trey

Trey is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and artist who we frequently cover on ONE37pm. Much like Polo, he had a huge year in 2021. Following the release of “Feel Good,” he caught the attention of Lil Tjay, who would eventually hop on the remix, which helped Trey achieve nearly three million streams on the remix.

Trey released his EP Heartbreak Diaries in the fall, which featured both “Feel Good” and a single that dropped a few weeks prior in “Fresh Off a Heartbreak.” The seven-track project dives into the emotions he endured following a heartbreak. The trials and tribulations of his love life shine through with his melodies and storytelling, making this project notable. Additionally, Trey crafts clever lyrics on beats he hasn’t dealt with before, making this project is a must-listen.

More recently, he also released a collaboration with DraftKings with his song “Draft Kings,” receiving over two million views on YouTube for his confident demeanor and his belief that he will be a star in the music industry. Finally, two weeks ago, he released his latest single, “Couple Hunnid.” This was following a teaser of the song going viral on TikTok, which he talks about with Mike Boyd on the Monday To Monday podcast. Be sure to check out the song below.

Millie Go Lightly

Hailing from London, England, and now living in Atlanta, Georgia, the British Barbie had an essential year in her development as an artist. In 2021, she released many singles that show what she brings to the table. Working with artists such as Lil Gnar, Unfoonk, Lil Keed, and Rylo Rodriguez this year, she provided her soothing vocals over their raw, authentic rhymes. She then established her sound with her solo singles in “Right Time” and “2 Girls, 1 Saloon.” 

Millie’s last two singles show her talent, offering her “traditional” singing performance and her rapping abilities. Then, she closed off 2021, playing her first shows in the United States, performing with ONE37pm, GaryVee, and Coinbase at Art Basel in Miami, Florida. Additionally, she has also performed in Atlanta and North Carolina and soon will be taking over the stage at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. This will be a performance you won’t want to miss, so tune in to her music below! 

Blu DeTiger

Blu is a twenty-three-year-old singer, bassist, and DJ based in New York, NY. She started on TikTok during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown by posting TikToks of her playing the bass and covering music from several artists, including Russ, Janet Jackson, and Megan Thee Stallion.

Her success on TikTok has elevated her to acquire over one million followers and to close in on twenty million likes. Additionally, she has nearly five hundred thousand followers on Instagram, posting her day-to-day and career highlights. On Spotify, Blu has almost one million monthly listeners, thanks to the success of her original music on the TikTok platform. 

Blu’s hit song “Figure It Out” has amassed over thirty million streams on Spotify due to its catchy lyrics and the virality of the first verse. The song was released in April 2020 and currently has over three hundred thousand videos created to the music on TikTok alone. Additionally, people are still using the piece for TikToks today. So be sure to tune in below if you haven’t heard the song yet!

If you’re going to VeeCon this May in Minneapolis, you’re in for a treat! These artists will provide a versatile look into different cultures, languages, and genres that will shape the music industry for years to come. There are more names rumored to come, so be sure to keep up with VeeCon on Twitter. See you there!

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Everything We Know About Gunna’s ‘Drip Season 4’

You can’t deny it, any hint at a new album from a YSL artist will get any casual or hardcore hip-hop fan excited. The same goes for Younger Stone Life Records’ Gunna. On October 14, 2016, Gunna released his debut mixtape Drip Season with YSL Records, launching a highly anticipated series that would continue to develop and push his sound into and throughout 2022. 

In Drip Season, Gunna featured the likes of Young Thug, Lil Duke, and Nechie. He followed up the project just a few months later with Drip Season 2, which again featured Young Thug but also saw Playboi Carti and Offset deliver complimenting bars on the project. Following this release and the release of these mixtapes and his debut EP Drip or Drown he emerged as a major player in the hip-hop space. 

In 2018, he released his most anticipated project yet in Drip Season 3. The fourteen-track project saw features from Lil Durk, Lil Yatchy, Nav, and Metro Boomin. He eventually released a deluxe version of the project, which included three new songs. The three songs had features from Young Thug, Lil Baby, and Lil Uzi Vert. We even saw Richie Souf and Turbo hop on the production of the deluxe songs.

Gunna continued to dominate the scene with his collaboration album with Lil Baby in Drip Harder, Drip or Drown 2, WUNNA, and making several appearances on YSL’s collective album Slime Language 2. Releasing several singles in 2021, and collaborating with fellow YSL and fellow hip-hop artists, that leaves his fans with one question: when is Drip Season 4 dropping? 

We got some information from Mike Boyd Jr when he was talking with Gunna back in Rolling Loud. Gunna confirmed that Drip Season 4 was indeed coming out and also announced the creation of his own label called “Shady Baby.” Diving more into Gunna’s social media, you can see past stories and posts of new emerging artists, with Gunna referring them to “Shady Babies,” insinuating that they are signed to his new label. 

Gunna and YSL fanatics, amongst the anticipation of the album, have been doing their investigative work, trying to piece together the tracklist from leaks, social media snippets, PRO registration, and more. While this is completely speculative, there is a lot to unpack and get excited for. On the Drip Season 4, there are lyrics to over thirty-two snippets and leaks according to Genius. 

Features on the project include Young Thug, Future, Kodak Black, Roddy Ricch, 21 Savage, Yak Gotti, and more. While we can’t confirm if this feature list will make the final cut of the project, even getting half of these artists to appear on the mixtape would make any YSL or Gunna listener happy. These snippets are only anticipated to be on the album as Gunna announced the mixtape would be released in 2021 back in January of the same year. While it did not release, we’re sure it’s coming in 2022. 

Additionally, we’ve seen more and more confirmation that the project is coming soon. Back in April, Metro Boomin released snippets of a Gunna track, which began surfacing the question of when it is dropping. While nothing major has come since from Metro’s camp, Gunna confirmed that the project is still coming. A little over two weeks ago, Gunna posted a carousel dripped down in Louis Vitton, stating that “Virgil ain’t dead,” noting the passing of fashion icon Virgil Abloh. What caught the eye of the audience was his hashtag, #DS4, which he added to the post, hinting at the album.

While we can’t confirm the tracklist, featured artists, or release date, we can expect that Gunna will be dropping the project soon. Over one year in the making, we can expect some of the hottest producers and rappers to lay down their talents on this project with Gunna. While our eyes will be pealed for more snippets on social media, you can expect ONE37pm to cover this project first thing when it drops.

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15 Producers Who Work With Kanye West

Kanye West is frequently known for his world-class production, mixing, and mastering. This stems from his early production, sampling soul-filled songs for artists such as Jay Z, Ludacris, and Alicia Keys. While Kanye still plays a role in his production, he relies on the creativity of several other world-class producers to elevate his sound as he continues to release music. 

Below are fifteen artists who are responsible for some of the most popular and critically-acclaimed songs from Kanye over the past decade.

1. Mike Dean

Mike Dean is a producer and engineer who is known as Kanye West’s right-hand man for some of the most influential Ye albums of all time. Working under Kanye’s GOOD Music, he’s touched every aspect of Ye’s music since 2003. 

Credited On: 

  • The College Dropout (2003) 
  • Graduation (2007)
  • 808’s and Heartbreaks (2008)
  • My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)
  • Watch the Throne (2011)
  • Cruel Summer (2012)
  • Yeezus (2013) 
  • The Life of Pablo (2016) 
  • Jesus is King (2019)
  • DONDA (2021)

2. Boi 1-da

The 35-year-old producer based in Toronto, Canada has worked with fellow legends Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake, to name a few. He brings a distinct dancehall vibe to his production which can be heard on several projects.

Credited On: 

  • “Forever”, with Drake, Eminem, and Lil Wayne (2009)
  • “Real Friends”, The Life of Pablo (2016)

3. Jon Brion

Jon Brion is a producer, songwriter, and composer who has produced for a handful of artists across a plethora of genres. Some of his most known work comes from film scores in the 2000s. 

Credited On: 

  • Late Registration (2005)
  • Graduation (2007)

4. Paul McCartney

Yes, the Beatles legend Paul McCarntey has produced for Kanye West and even collaborated on several tracks. It seems that their love for pushing a new sound and artistic values are matched. 

Credited On: 

  • “FourFiveSeconds”, with Rihanna (2015) 
  • “Only One” (2015)

5. Travis Scott

Much like Kanye, Travis Scott started off as a producer working for some of the largest names in hip-hop. If you listen to Travis’ music today, I’m sure you can guess which projects he collaborated on with Yeezy. 

Credited On:

  • Kanye West Presents GOOD Music: Cruel Summer (2012)
  • Yeezus (2013)

6. Che Pope

Che Pope is an OG when it comes to production and composing, dating back to the 90s. He also served as the COO for Ye’s GOOD Music. 

Credited On: 

  • Kanye West Presents GOOD Music: Cruel Summer (2012)
  • Yeezus (2013) 
  • “All Day” (2015) 

7. Bink

Bink is a producer who worked closely with many artists on the Roc-A-Fella Records roster. He was a main contributor on Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which is widely considered the greatest hip-hop album of all time. 

Credited On: 

  • My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)

8. 88-Keys

The New York-based producer and rapper is a close friend of Kanye’s and is also signed under GOOD Music. He first made his appearance as a producer over a decade ago, but has placements on DONDA in 2021 as well.

Credited On: 

  • Watch The Throne with Jay Z (2011)
  • DONDA (2021)

9. Daft Punk

The legendary French electronic duo was first heard when sampled on Kanye West’s stronger back in 2007, even though Kanye wasn’t aware of the already notable group at the time. Later, in 2013, they teamed up on Yeezus, producing several songs on the project. 

Credited On: 

  • “Stronger”, Graduation (2007)
  • Yeezus (2013) 

10. Pi’erre Bourne

Pi’erre Bourne has been atop of his game as a producer and artist the past few years, with chart-topping songs. 

Credited On: 

  • Ye (2018)
  • Jesus Is King (2019)

11. No I.D.

Fellow Chicago producer No I.D. served as a musical mentor for Ye during his comeup as an artist. In addition, he played an important role in cultivating his sound alongside him over the past few years. 

Credited On: 

  • “Heartless” (2008)
  • “Black Skinhead” (2013)
  • “Bound 2” (2013)

12. Noah Goldstein

Noah Goldstein is a producer and engineer who worked with Ye in the early to mid-2010s. He even collaborated with Paul McCartney on “Four Five Seconds.” 

Credited On:

  • “All Day” (2015)
  • “FourFiveSeconds” (2015)
  • Yeezus, 2013
  • The Life Of Pablo, 2016
  • Kids See Ghosts, 2018

13. Charlie Heat

Charlie is a respected producer in the hip-hop space, additionally producing for Lil Uzi Vert, Madonna, Ty Dolla $ign, Travis Scott and more. On The Life Of Pablo, he edited the original verison of “Facts,” which was later updated to “Facts (Charlie Heat Version),” making him the only featured producer on the album. 

Credited On:

  • The Life Of Pablo (2015)
  • “Champions” with Big Sean, Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, Desiigner, Yo Gotti, and Quavo

14. DJ Toomp

Atlanta legend Toomp is best known for his work with T.I., N.W.A., Ice-T, and more. Toomp plated a pivtol role in Kanye’s development as a superstar, working with Ye from 2007 to 2010. 

Credited On:

  • Graduation (2007)
  • My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) 

15. Hit-Boy

Hit-Boy has worked with artists like Lil Wayne, Beyonce, and Travis Scott. He has worked with Ye since 2010, with their first collaboration with “Christmas in Harlem.” 

Credited On: 

  • “N***** in Paris” with Jay Z (2011) 
  • “Lift Off” with Beyonce and Jay Z (2011)
  • “Clique” with Jay Z and Big Sean (2013)
  • “Cold” (2013)