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How Many Pokémon Are There?

Throughout the decades since its inception, Pokémon has somehow only grown to become more and more popular. At important points, it had great catalysts for growth and boosts in fans, like Pokémon GO a few years ago and the increase of interest in Pokémon cards and their value during the height of the pandemic.

It’s no surprise that of all the most valuable media franchises in the world, including Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pokémon has generated the most revenue, with an estimated $100 billion.

Of course, as the brand proves its longevity and new fans arrive annually, some of the older generations can be forgotten and the history can get lost over time. If you’re a newer fan and have questions about how many Pokémon there are in totality, how many generations there are, or who the most powerful Pokémon of all time are, look no further.

How many Pokémon are there?

At the time of writing, there are close to 1,000 Pokémon. 901, to be exact. If you’ve done your research and have seen the number 898 floating around, let us explain. In footage of the upcoming Pokémon Legends: Arceus game, three new Pokémon (Wyrdeer, Basculegion, and Kleavor) were shown, which is where the extra 3 come from. Some aren’t counting them yet until the game releases, but technically we know they exist.

Pokémon are generally broken up into species, of which there are 6.

What are the different Pokémon species and what do they mean?
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The 6 kinds of Pokémon species are Starter Pokémon, Fossil Pokémon, Baby Pokémon, Legendary Pokémon, Mythical Pokémon, and Ultra Beasts.

A Starter Pokémon is the first Pokémon that is available to players in main series games. As a general rule, there are 3 per generation, with the only exception being Generation I which had 2 extra. There are 26 Starter Pokémon.

A Fossil Pokémon is an ancient Pokémon that is only obtained by resurrecting fossils and their evolutions. There are 26 Fossil Pokémon.

A Baby Pokémon is, as the name suggests, an infant Pokémon that can only be obtained by breeding their evolved forms. There are 19 Baby Pokémon.

A Legendary Pokémon is associated with the legends and lore of Pokémon. There are 59 Legendary Pokémon.

A Mythical Pokémon is a Pokémon that can only be obtained through distribution events. There are 22 Mythical Pokémon.

Finally, an Ultra Beast is a Pokémon from another dimension. It is the rarest species of Pokémon, with only 11 in total.

Who was the first Pokémon?

As simple of a question as this may seem, there’s some debate about this within the community. It’s largely because of misinformation and different interpretations of the word “first”.

The first Pokémon in the Pokédex is Bulbasaur. The first Pokémon ever designed and put into game data was Rhydon. In terms of lore, Arceus is of course the creator of the entire Pokéverse, so there’s an argument there too. Mew though is considered to be the ancestor of all Pokémon.

What are the most powerful Pokémon?

Just like there are many ways to interpret who the first Pokémon ever was, there are also multiple ways to measure who the most powerful Pokémon is. The aforementioned Arceus is certainly in the conversation by default, being the creator of all Pokémon and having the ability to stop time, change shape and type, and the full extent of his powers has never been revealed.

Also in the conversation is Mewtwo, an artificial Pokémon initially created to be a weapon before he became self-aware and indescribably powerful.

To see a list our list of the 20 most powerful Pokémon of all time, click here.

Generation I (Kanto)
Pokémon Wiki
  • Release date: 1996
  • Number of Pokémon: 151
  • Notable Pokémon: Pikachu, Charizard, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Snorlax, Bulbasaur, Squirtle
  • Main games: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow

Arguably the most iconic generation of Pokémon, easily featuring the most prominent Pokémon in the franchise, Generation I set the formula for every single one of its successors. Despite this, these days it often gets shunned. Fans think that it gets remembered fondly only for being the original.

Generation II (Johto)
Sonic Pokémon Wiki
  • Release date: 1999
  • Number of Pokémon: 100
  • Notable Pokémon: Cyndaquill, Typhlosion, Scizor, Togepi, Lugia
  • Main games: Gold, Silver, Crystal

The main argument against Pokémon Gold, Pokémon Silver, and Pokémon Crystal is that they haven’t aged well in terms of visuals and mechanics. Story-wise however, they’re appreciated for being some of the best Pokémon games, and great and necessary improvements were made upon the first-gen.

Generation III (Hoenn)
  • Release date: 2002
  • Number of Pokémon: 135
  • Notable Pokémon: Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre, Regirock
  • Main games: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald

Fans seem to be split down the middle for Hoenn, with some hailing it as the best generation of Pokémon and others thinking it falls somewhere along the middle. Perhaps nostalgia plays a part, but objectively, it included many fan-favorite Pokémon and introduced players to Kanto, which they’ll be forever grateful for.

Generation IV (Sinnoh)
  • Release date: 2006
  • Number of Pokémon: 107
  • Notable Pokémon: Giratina, Lucario, Infernape, Arceus
  • Main games: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum

Generation IV features some of the most beloved regions in franchise history, but in terms of its impact on the franchise, nothing is more notable than the Physical/Special split, which many credit with saving the series entirely.

Generation V (Unova)
Pokémon Wiki
  • Release date: 2010
  • Number of Pokémon: 156
  • Notable Pokémon: Zoroark, Hydregion, Mienshao, Zekrom, Kyurem
  • Main games: Black, White, Black 2, White 2

Unova houses an incredible collection of Pokémon and to date, is the generation that introduced fans to the newest Pokémon, with only Generation I coming close. Many herald Black and White with having the best storylines in any Pokémon game ever and largely for that reason, it is a large portion of the fan base’s favorite generation of all time.

Generation VI (Kalos)
Pokémon Wiki
  • Release date: 2013
  • Number of Pokémon: 72
  • Notable Pokémon: Zygarde, Greninja, Xerneas, Talonflame
  • Main games: X, Y

It is of course debatable, but the general consensus around Generation VI is that it has some of the weaker games from the entire series. This is because they’re a little too easy with less emphasis on the storyline. Where you fall on this generation might also be down to what you think of Mega Evolutions, because this is where those came into play.

Generation VII (Alola)
Pokémon Wiki
  • Release date: 2016
  • Number of Pokémon: 88
  • Notable Pokémon: Lycanroc, Necrozoma, Lunala
  • Main Games: Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon

Another highly debated generation amongst fans, but even those who love the game agree that the hand-holding in it was a little much. 

Generation VIII (Galar)
  • Release date: 2019
  • Number of Pokémon: 92
  • Notable Pokémon: Zacian, Rillaboom, Dragapult
  • Main games: Sword, Shield, Legends: Arceus

It’s no surprise that Galar is easily the most polarising generation of Pokémon, seeing as though it’s the newest. There tends to be a general resentment for newer things in any long-lasting franchises, but even controlling for that, many fans aren’t happy with the direction of the generation so far. Of course, Pokémon Legends: Arceus could still sway things.

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The Best Fire Type Pokémon

This year Pokémon celebrates its 25th franchise anniversary. What started as a GameBoy game 25 years ago has become the 4th best-selling video game franchise of all time, with over 380 million games sold.

It has gone on to become the most valuable media franchise of all time, worth $100 billion.  Pokémon’s shows and movies have grossed over $1.8 billion, while its trading cards have sold over 3.4 billion times, and have helped spark the trading cards trend, becoming the number one most traded card on sites like eBay.

All of this success is due to its characters. Whether it’s the rare Legendary Pokémon or the beloved Starter Pokémon, Pokémon have connected with audiences in a way that no other characters in anime/shows have. With 893 Pokémon in the Pokémon Universe, many characters have each made their mark. Pokémon are separated into different categories such as Generation, Region, Starter, Legendary, etc. No category though is more famous and obvious than their type. Pokémon are separated into 18 different types—such as Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Psychic, Electric, Steel, Ghost, etc. Out of all these, the Fire-type represents some of the most well-known and strong Pokémon in the universe. On the 25th anniversary, we are going to take a look at the best 25 Fire-type Pokémon.

What is a fire-type Pokémon?

First, Fire-type Pokémon are 1/3rd of the three basic starter elemental types of Pokémon: Fire, Water and Grass. As such they are one of the first types of Pokémon that players/viewers see and therefore have a special place in the Pokémon Universe.

There are 83 Fire-type Pokemon when evolutions are included. These Pokémon are listed below:

Every Fire-Type Pokémon:

Charmander iconCharmander

#004 / Fire

Charmeleon iconCharmeleon

#005 / Fire

Charizard iconCharizard

#006 / Fire · Flying

Mega Charizard X iconCharizard (Mega Charizard X)

#006 / Fire · Dragon

Mega Charizard Y iconCharizard (Mega Charizard Y)

#006 / Fire · Flying

Vulpix iconVulpix

#037 / Fire

Ninetales iconNinetales

#038 / Fire

Growlithe iconGrowlithe (Hisuian Growlithe)

#058 / Fire · Rock

Arcanine iconArcanine

#059 / Fire

Ponyta iconPonyta

#077 / Fire

Rapidash iconRapidash

#078 / Fire

Alolan Marowak iconMarowak (Alolan Marowak)

#105 / Fire · Ghost

Magmar iconMagmar

#126 / Fire

Flareon iconFlareon

#136 / Fire

Moltres iconMoltres

#146 / Fire · Flying

Cyndaquil iconCyndaquil

#155 / Fire

Quilava iconQuilava

#156 / Fire

Typhlosion iconTyphlosion

#157 / Fire

Slugma iconSlugma

#218 / Fire

Magcargo iconMagcargo

#219 / Fire · Rock

Houndour iconHoundour

#228 / Dark · Fire

Houndoom iconHoundoom

#229 / Dark · Fire

Mega Houndoom iconHoundoom (Mega Houndoom)

#229 / Dark · Fire

Magby iconMagby

#240 / Fire

Entei iconEntei

#244 / Fire

Ho-oh iconHo-oh

#250 / Fire · Flying

Torchic iconTorchic

#255 / Fire

Combusken iconCombusken

#256 / Fire · Fighting

Blaziken iconBlaziken

#257 / Fire · Fighting

Mega Blaziken iconBlaziken (Mega Blaziken)

#257 / Fire · Fighting

Numel iconNumel

#322 / Fire · Ground

Camerupt iconCamerupt

#323 / Fire · Ground

Mega Camerupt iconCamerupt (Mega Camerupt)

#323 / Fire · Ground

Torkoal iconTorkoal

#324 / Fire

Castform (Sunny Form) iconCastform (Sunny Form)

#351 / Fire

Primal Groudon iconGroudon (Primal Groudon)

#383 / Ground · Fire

Chimchar iconChimchar

#390 / Fire

Monferno iconMonferno

#391 / Fire · Fighting

Infernape iconInfernape

#392 / Fire · Fighting

Magmortar iconMagmortar

#467 / Fire

Rotom (Heat Rotom) iconRotom (Heat Rotom)

#479 / Electric · Fire

Heatran iconHeatran

#485 / Fire · Steel

Victini iconVictini

#494 / Psychic · Fire

Tepig iconTepig

#498 / Fire

Pignite iconPignite

#499 / Fire · Fighting

Emboar iconEmboar

#500 / Fire · Fighting

Pansear iconPansear

#513 / Fire

Simisear iconSimisear

#514 / Fire

Darumaka iconDarumaka

#554 / Fire

Darmanitan (Standard Mode) iconDarmanitan (Standard Mode)

#555 / Fire

Darmanitan (Zen Mode) iconDarmanitan (Zen Mode)

#555 / Fire · Psychic

Darmanitan (Galarian Zen Mode) iconDarmanitan (Galarian Zen Mode)

#555 / Ice · Fire

Litwick iconLitwick

#607 / Ghost · Fire

Lampent iconLampent

#608 / Ghost · Fire

Chandelure iconChandelure

#609 / Ghost · Fire

Heatmor iconHeatmor

#631 / Fire

Larvesta iconLarvesta

#636 / Bug · Fire

Volcarona iconVolcarona

#637 / Bug · Fire

Reshiram iconReshiram

#643 / Dragon · Fire

Fennekin iconFennekin

#653 / Fire

Braixen iconBraixen

#654 / Fire

Delphox iconDelphox

#655 / Fire · Psychic

Fletchinder iconFletchinder

#662 / Fire · Flying

Talonflame iconTalonflame

#663 / Fire · Flying

Litleo iconLitleo

#667 / Fire · Normal

Pyroar iconPyroar

#668 / Fire · Normal

Volcanion iconVolcanion

#721 / Fire · Water

Litten iconLitten

#725 / Fire

Torracat iconTorracat

#726 / Fire

Incineroar iconIncineroar

#727 / Fire · Dark

Oricorio (Baile Style) iconOricorio (Baile Style)

#741 / Fire · Flying

Salandit iconSalandit

#757 / Poison · Fire

Salazzle iconSalazzle

#758 / Poison · Fire

Turtonator iconTurtonator

#776 / Fire · Dragon

Blacephalon iconBlacephalon

#806 / Fire · Ghost

Scorbunny iconScorbunny

#813 / Fire

Raboot iconRaboot

#814 / Fire

Cinderace iconCinderace

#815 / Fire

Carkol iconCarkol

#838 / Rock · Fire

Coalossal iconCoalossal

#839 / Rock · Fire

Sizzlipede iconSizzlipede

#850 / Fire · Bug

Centiskorch iconCentiskorch

#851 / Fire · Bug

Fire-type Pokémon are separated within their category into three sub-categories: 

  • Pure-Fire type Pokémon
  • Primary-type Pokémon 
  • Secondary-type Pokémon

Like all other types, Fire-type Pokémon have their strengths and weaknesses. 

They perform well against the following types: 

  • Grass
  • Ice
  • Bug 
  • Steel

They struggle against the following types:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Rock 
  • Dragon

Their average stats can be seen below:


Fire-types represent some of the strongest Pokémon that can be seen in the series, and we are going to list the 25 best Fire-type Pokémon below. “Best” is obviously subjective, but these are some of the top fire-type Pokémon, based on their strength and notoriety in the entire universe. 

The 25 Best Fire-Type Pokémon:
25. Chandelure
Generation V

Chandelure is a Ghost/Fire-type. Its first evolved form is Lampent, while its final form is Litwick. This Pokémon launches flames that burn a Pokémon’s soul rather than its body, as those flames then absorb its spirit. With a 271 ATK and 182 DEF, this Pokémon is diverse enough with its ability to cause trouble. 

24. Houndoom
Generation II

Houndoom is a Dark/Fire-type Pokémon. It evolves from Houndour, while its Mega evolution is Mega Houndoom. Its attack prowess is what makes it stand apart from the rest. Its fire attacks are combined with toxins, which allow this Pokémon to inflict damage that cannot be healed. While its weaker defensive stats make it vulnerable, it is still a powerful choice in battle. 

23. Camerupt
Generation III

Camerupt is a Fire/Ground-type Pokémon. While its first and second evolution forms, Numel and Camerupt, respectively, are solid, what makes it stand out is its Mega-evolution form Mega Camerupt. This evolved form can erupt lava as hot as 18,000 °F (10,000 °C). Its special attack ATK stat reaches 145, making it very dangerous. This Pokémon lives in volcano craters and has a very short temper. 

22. Emboar
Generation V

Emboar is a Fire/Fighting-type Pokémon. It is the final evolved form of  Tepig and Pignite. While it is something of a one-dimensional Pokémon, its great offensive strength makes up for the other aspects. Due to its power, it can cause a lot of damage to the opponent by launching strong moves with speed. It launches fire through the fire reserves on its neck and shoulders.

21. Salazzle
Generation VII

Salazzle is a Poison/Fire-type Pokémon. Salazzle evolves from Salandit in its female form, while the male form does not. Also known as the “Toxic Lizard”, this powerful Pokémon has a base speed stat of 117 and 111 base attack stat. Through its numerous special moves such as Oblivion, it can poison any enemy. As such, it is a powerful Pokémon to have.

20. Torkoal
Generation III

Torkoal is a Fire-type Pokémon. Torkoals live by burning coal, and as such are constantly on the lookout for it. They cannot survive without natural resources. Even though they do not evolve, what makes them a great Pokémon to have among Fire-types is their ability to increase the sunlight’s intensity, which is also known as the “Drought ability”. This can be very powerful in an individual or team scenario with multiple Fire-type Pokémon because the sun increases their power and also decreases the abilities of water-type Pokémon. 

19. Incineroar
Generation VII

Incineroar is a Fire/Dark-type Pokémon. It is the third evolution form of Torracat and Litten. Incineroar is a highly aggressive Pokémon, releasing fire from its waist as long as it is motivated. This Pokémon is known for increasing its potency if it enjoys support from crowds, even though it disregards orders, even that of its trainer at times. With its signature move “Malicious Moonssault” it can cause huge damage to the opponent. With strength and aggressiveness that is difficult to match, this Pokémon is a strong one to have in your arsenal. 

18. Simisear
Generation V

Simisear is a Fire-type Pokémon that evolves from Pansear to Simisear. Simisear fuels the fire within its body with sweet foods. With an attack that reaches up to 180, Simisear has great offensive power and has the ability to cause damage to the opponent in short time spans. Simisear becomes even stronger in the sun naturally, as it is a fire-type. While its energy bursts can become a weakness if the battle is extended, with the right plan and support, this Pokémon can be very helpful.

17. Volcarona
Generation V

Volcarona is a bug-fire/type. This Pokémon is the second evolution form of Larvesta. Volcarona releases fire from its wings, and it’s able to surround the entire battlefield with flames. Its ability to cover places with flames made it a very feared Pokémon by ancient people. According to legend, Volcarona is responsible for replacing the sun’s temperature and helping people and Pokémon to not go extinct when volcanic ash covered the sun. With a Special ATK of 135 and speed of 100, Volcarona has balanced skills that match well against Pokémon that fire-types usually have trouble against. 

16. Talonflame
Generation VI

Talonflame is a Fire/Flying Pokémon. It is the third evolution of Fletchling and Fletchlinder. With its falcon-like stature, it preys on other Pokémon bird-types, which are its main food source. After chasing its prey with a top speed of 500 km, it kicks and then grabs its victim with its claws. Its wings are fireproof and have been used for firefighter outfits in the past. With an overall base stat of 500 balanced across attack and defense, a 500km speed and fireproof wings, Talonflame is a very powerful Pokémon to have by your side. 

15. Delphox
Generation VI

Delphox is a Fire/Psychic type Pokémon. It is the final evolution form of Fennekin and Braixen. By using its wand, Delphox is able to put its enemies in a vortex of fire that can reach 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit (3,000 degrees Celsius). With a max special attack that reaches 230 and with resistance to Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Ice, Psychic and Steel types, Delphox is a well-balanced Pokémon that can be extremely valuable in battle. 

14. Darmanitan
Generation V

Darmanitan is a Fire-type Pokémon that evolves from Darumaka. This Pokémon is extremely powerful, and it can change forms during battle. Its strength is increased substantially when it transforms into its Zen mode. Darmanitan transforms into a dual Ice/Fire-type when it enters Zen mode, instantly becoming much more dangerous. While its defensive skills are not on the same level, the fact that this Pokémon can transform itself during battle into effectively two Pokémon is the best proof of just how powerful it is. 

13. Arcanine
Generation I

Arcanine is a Fire-type Legendary Pokémon. Arcanine sets itself apart by its speed. It is capable of running 6,200 miles (10,000 kilometers) in 24 hours. With a 110 base attack, tremendous speed, and its Legendary status, Arcanine is a highly dangerous Pokémon to match up against. Arcanine is also known as a fiercely loyal Pokémon, making it a must-have in a battle. 

12. Entei
Generation II

Entei is a Fire-type legendary Pokémon. It represents one of the three Legendary beasts resurrected by Ho-Oh, along with Raikou and Suicune. Enteis are born whenever a volcano erupts, and their flames are said to be hotter than the magma from a volcano. The fact that Entei has the highest attack out of the legendary beasts is enough to tell you just how powerful it is. It also has the highest HP out of all the fire types.

11. Moltres
Generation I

Moltres is a Fire/Flying-type Legendary Pokémon. It attacks by spreading energy through its wings, which attack the minds of its enemies. This powerful energy consumes its enemies to the point where they cannot function the same as before. If something happens to Moltres, this Pokémon heals itself by diving into the volcano. Its signature move is the Fiery Wrath.

10. Victini
Generation V

Victini is a Fire/Psychic-type Pokémon. Otherwise known as the “Victory Pokemon,” it is said that whoever fights alongside Victini will win any battle. This Pokémon has an infinite amount of energy. Its base stats are in total 600 and are perfectly distributed between attack and defense. An endless energy supply combined with one of the most balanced skillsets in the Pokémon universe are what make Victini an infinitely strong and feared Pokémon 

9. Heatran
Generation IV

Heatran is a Fire/Steel-type Pokémon. Its body is so hot that certain parts of it melt and are de-formed. Heatran has the power to cause the volcanic crater to erupt. While its overall base stats are 600, its special attack that reaches 130 is what stands out. It is the only Pokémon that can perform the Magma Storm, thus making it a very powerful damage-dealing Pokémon.

8. Volcanion
Generation VI

Volcanion is a Fire/Mythical Pokémon. It also has the ability to turn into a Water-type Pokémon, thus making it extremely difficult to beat. Volcanion is immune to water attacks and therefore is a valuable asset among the Fire-type Pokémon. Its strong arms expel pressure that can destroy mountains. This combination of attack and defense skills means Volcanion is a must-have on the battlefield. 

7. Infernape

Infernape is a Fire/Fighting-type Pokémon. It is the third evolution of Chimchar and Monferno. Infernape has an HP that reaches 262, and an attack that reaches almost 200. This means that if you are looking for a Pokémon that is durable and highly damaging, Infernape is the right choice. Infernape practices a special form of martial arts that puts to use all of its limbs in order to make its attacks unpredictable. 

6. Charizard
Generation I

Charizard is a Fire/Flying type-Pokémon. It is the third evolution form of Charmeleon and Charmander. Undoubtedly one of the most iconic Pokémon ever, it is also one of the strongest. With flame hotter than 3000 degrees, the ability to fly over enemies as well as swim underwater, Charizard is as strong as it is iconic. With a Pok´mon like it by your side, battles are certainly easier to win. 

5. Blaziken
Generation III

Blaziken is a Fire/Fighting-type Pokémon. It is the third form of Torchic and Combusken. Blaziken can release fire from its body and utilizes a martial art style that allows him to perform damaging kicks. Its power directly corresponds with its body temperature and they go in parallel. With many attacks such as Fire Spin and Blaze Kick and a 240 ATK, it is an extremely powerful Pokémon.

4. Cinderace
Generation VIII

Cinderace is the third form of Scorbunny and Raboot. It can change its type to its next planned move. This fact alone should let you know that this Pokémon is unique. Cinderace can create extremely damaging attacks with relative ease. Its ability to use Libero, using its enemy’s moves against them is one more advantageous factor that makes Cinderace a very strong Pokémon. Famous for its use of Pyro ball, a flame ball which chases its enemies, Cinderace is a scary opponent for any Pokémon. 

3. Reshiram
Generation V

Reshiram is a Dragon/Fire Pokémon. With its jet-engine-like tail, its ability to cause chaos with fire and the power to change the weather, it is difficult to consider this Pokémon anything less than extremely powerful. Reshiram is part of the Tao Trio and The Legend states that, unlike Zekrom which sided with the younger brother, Reshiram sided with the Older brother who sought the truth. Therefore, Reshiram burns castles with people who ignore the truth and are guided by greed. Its special move is Fusion Blade.

2. Ho-Oh
Generation II

Ho-Oh is the master/creator of the trio of Legendary Birds Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. Ho-Oh created each one as a representation of his journey. A Fire/Flying-type Pokémon, Ho-Oh has a 239 attack CP. It is well very well balanced in defense and stamina. It can regenerate, which makes it an almost unbeatable Pokémon. Furthermore, it can summon the Legendary Birds and summon Pokémon from the dead. Its powerful special attack, as well as its legendary status, make Ho-Oh a mesmerizing figure in the Pokémon universe and a very powerful Pokémon to have in your arsenal.

1. Groudon
Generation III

Primal Groudon undergoes a transformation and becomes a dual Ground/Fire-type. Primal Groudon is an evolution of Groudon. Together with Rayquan and Kyogre, it is a part of the super-ancient Pokémon. With his powers, he can create and move entire continents, while his battles with Kyogre are some of the scariest Pokémon legends ever told. His ability to become a fire Pokémon when in control of the orbit makes Groudon unparalleled and the true ruler of the ground. Its combined stats of 770 are enough to show that Groudon can take on any Pokémon in history and cause trouble. It can evaporate water, cause volcanoes to erupt and can cause cataclysmic damages, making it, subjectively, our choice for the best fire-type Pokémon of all time.

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Balenciaga Comes to Fortnite: High Fashion and Gaming Continue to Merge

With the introduction of NFTs into the metaverse and a seemingly never-ending list of surprising brand collaborations over the past few years, the practice of flexing clothing—previously constricted to the real world—is becoming an increasingly larger part of the gaming world. Louis Vuitton made a video game. Gucci bags are in Roblox. And now, Balenciaga has made its way into Fortnite.

Fortnite x Balenciaga

Fortnite is integrating a collection of wearable pieces from the luxury fashion house, including a roster of outfits, backpacks and more. Epic’s post unveiling the collaboration concludes with the line: “Make Fortnite your fashion destination this fall,” suggesting that this collaboration will be the first of many. For all the details on the pieces and availability, head to Epic’s site.

Fashion and Gaming:

While the details of this specific collaboration are certainly interesting, I’d like to focus on what this move means for the future of gaming. The integration of Balenciaga into Fortnite is creating another world of flexing in game; what’s “cool” in video games used to have almost nothing to do with what was cool IRL. You wanted the abyssal whip in Runescape simply because you saw other players in game look “cool” with it equipped, not because you actually love whips. But even as far back as early seasons of Fortnite, Epic began to integrate aspects of pop culture into the game, blurring the line between IRL hype and digital hype.

See: Fortnite x John Wick:

Fortnite’s numerous collaborations and brand of pop culture-infused hype have changed the gaming landscape, but they still exist within a closed ecosystem. NFT technology is opening up the possibility of limitless exchange outside of specific games. We can imagine a future in which Balenciaga doesn’t create a collection for Fortnite; rather, they would create an NFT un-restricted by game affiliation that can be pulled into a wide array of metaverses and used as a skin in other games across platforms.

The possibilities for the future of the gaming/fashion world are truly endless. Instances like the Fortnite x Balenciaga collab demonstrate the merits of hype within a gaming ecosystem, but it’s really just the tip of the iceberg. We will look back on 2021 as a turning point for video games. Flexing and fashion hype don’t just exist IRL; the world of the digital flex has arrived.

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The Best Legendary Pokémon Across the Franchise’s Universe

Pokémon is one of the most beloved and popular media franchises ever. It is so popular, in fact, that it is the most valuable media franchise of all time.

Created in 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri, what started as a pair of video games for Game Boy became a record-breaking media franchise. It is the 4th best-selling videogame franchise of all time, with nearly 400 million games sold and one billion mobile downloads. Its anime adaption is considered the best videogame to anime adaption of all time, with 20 seasons and more than 1,000 episodes. The IP’s trading cards have been sold more than 34 Billion times, and have become an entire alternative investing class of its own. Some cards have sold for prices higher than some houses. Anime movies, live-action movies and theme parks, you name it.  

At the center of the Pokémon universe are… Pokémon. Mythical creatures with special powers are separated into different categories. While fan-favorites such as Pikachu and Charizard are a hit among fans and casuals, there is one special category of Pokémon that stands above all others both in terms of power and origin story: Legendary Pokémon. In this article, we’ll be examining the best legendary Pokémon across all the media in the franchise’s wide-reaching universe.

What are Legendary Pokémon and where do they come from? A timeline.

Legendary Pokémon are unique because of their powers and history. While the entire history is unknown in detail, there are certain things we know for sure, and then certain aspects that are up for debate among fans. What we know is that there are 900 Pokémon in total and approximately 80 of them are Legendary. The first factor that makes them special is the simple fact that all Pokémon exist because of one Legendary Pokémon: Arceus. Known also as “The Original One”, Arceus is credited with having created the Pokémon Universe. This Pokémon is considered the god of all Pokémon. 

Arceus then created Dialgia, Palkina and Giratina. Also known as the “Creation Trio,” this group of legendary Pokémon was the first group to be given life by Arceus, therefore they have a special place in the universe. Arceus gave them power over time (Dialgia), space (Palkina), and antimatter (Giratina). Because of its aggressive nature, Giratina was sent to the “Distortion World”, a world created as punishment by Arceus.

After creating the “Creation Trio”, Arceus created the “Lake Guardians”, specifically Uxie, Mesprit and Aself. Through them, all creatures were given knowledge, emotion and willpower. All three went to caves, respectively to Lake Verity, Lake Valor and Lake Acuity. Three more legendaries were created afterward. Kyogre was created from the deep-sea trenches and represents the ocean itself, Groudon from the crust of the Earth, and Rayquaza was created from the minerals of the ozone layer. Kyogre created the sea and Groudon created land. They fought each other and Rayquaza had to intervene; they were put away through the Red and Blue orbit, respectively. Regigigas moved continents around and created the regions in the Pokémon universe. He went on to create Regirock, Regice and Registeel. They are also known as the Legendary Titans. Regirock represents clay, Regice represents ice and Registeel represents magma.

Later on, A legendary bird Pokémon was born: Ho-oh. This Pokémon created three other legendary bird Pokémon, each representing Ho-oh’s Journey. These three legendary birds are Moltres, who represents the heat of the sun through which Ho-oh was born, Articuno, who represents the cold air through which Ho-oh flew and Zapdos, who represents Earth, the place Ho-oh landed.

During this time, a powerful Pokémon species named Mew, which was created earlier, started going extinct due to their bodies adapting to Earth conditions. After a long time passes, Arceus decided to go away, but before doing so, Arceus created four more legendary Pokémon. These are Tapu Lele, who created the first human and Meloetta, a psychic Pokemon that gives humans artistic creativity. Tapu Bulu is the second legendary Tapu Pokemon. Tapu Bulu taught humans agriculture and tolerance with Pokémon. Tapu Fini and Tapu Koko are the 3rd and 4th Pokémon created. They taught humans about different types of Pokémon and everything they needed to know about their abilities, strengths and how to fight. With time, other Pokémon, such as Calebi and Shaymin, came to light.

This is an approximate timeline of events through which Legendary Pokémon were created. The Pokémon universe is vast and the exact origin stories and locations are not entirely known, but by now I am certain that you get a feel as to why the Pokémon fanbase is so invested. There are many unique characters and stories through which viewers can create their connection with them. 

The above video features a Legendary Pokémon Family Tree to paint the picture for you.

If you want a different and easier to categorize them, you can look below. Legendary Pokémon are categorized into generations. Pokémon generations are simply groupings in which Pokémon are listed together. Each generation has its own identity and perks.

Legendary Pokémon Listed by Category:
Generation I Legendary Pokémon:
  1. Zapdos
  2. Articuno
  3. Moltres
  4. Mewtwo
Generation II Legendary Pokémon:
  1. Raikou
  2. Entei
  3. Suicine
  4. Ho-Oh 
  5. Lugia
Generation III Legendary Pokémon:
  1. Regirock
  2. Regice
  3. Registeel
  4. Latios
  5. Latias
  6. Kyogre
  7. Groudon 
  8. Rayquaza
Generation IV Legendary Pokémon:
  1. Uxie
  2. Mesprit
  3. Azelf
  4. Dialga
  5. Palkia
  6. Heatran
  7. Regigigas 
  8. Giratina
  9. Cresselia
Generation V Legendary Pokémon:
  1. Cobalion
  2. Terrakion
  3. Virizion 
  4. Tornadus
  5. Thundurs
  6. Reshiram
  7. Zekrom
  8. Landorus
  9. Kyurem
Generation VI Legendary Pokémon:
  1. Xerneas
  2. Yveltal
  3. Zygarde
Generation VII Legendary Pokémon:
  1. Type: Null
  2. Silvally
  3. Tapu Koko
  4. Tapu Lele
  5. Tapu Bulu
  6. Tapu Fini
  7. Cosmog
  8. Cosmoem
  9. Solgaleo 
  10. Lunala
  11. Necrozma
Generation VIII Legendary Pokémon:
  1. Zacian
  2. Zamazenta
  3. Eternatus
  4. Kubfu
  5. Urshifu
  6. Glastrier
  7. Spectrier
  8. Calyrex
  9. Regieleki
  10. Regidrago

Now that we have a better idea of what Legendary Pokémon are and what they mean to the Pokémon universe, you might wonder which ones are the strongest. It’s obviously subjective, but which Legendary Pokémon are “the best”? We’re going to list the best 20 Legendary Pokémon we believe are the most powerful and beloved across anime, movies and video games.

The 20 Best Legendary Pokémon:
20. Legendary Birds (Galarian version) – Generation I
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company
Legendary Birds – Galarian form. Clockwise from top left: Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos

Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno are the first trio of Pokémon. Deemed the “Legendary Birds,” they are also known as titans of fire, lightning and ice. This trio will be considered as one unit in this list because they are treated as such in the storyline too. While they are strong in their normal form, their Galarian versions have made them stand out. After the Sword and Shield came out, the Galarian versions of this trio were one of the most talked-about changes, and rightfully so. 

Galarian Moltres has become more powerful in its ability to burn enemies, Galarian Zapdos can move at the speed of light and strike swiftly, while Galarian Articuno uses its wings as weapons and flies using its psychic power. It can of course also strike with cold freezes. Zapdos is especially impressive, with his 125 attack stat and 100-speed. No matter what the enemy is, their combination of skills and abilities would be a huge help to have on your side in any Pokémon game.

19. Jirachi – Generation III
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Jirachi is a mythical steel and psychic type Pokémon found in the Hoenn region. The legend states that Jirachi can make every wish come true for a week every thousand years. However, even when it is sleeping, this Pokemon can wake up if it senses danger nearby. This makes it more dangerous than you would think at first glance.

Its signature move Doom Desire is one of the quickest attacks you will find across the Pokémon games. Its paralysis powers are also good for countering attacks. With its good defense and offense against most types, Jirachi is a powerful side-kick to have. 

18. Latios – Generation III
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Latios is a Dragon/Psychic-type Pokémon. What makes this Pokémon so great to have is simple: you want to have great offense and defense in your arsenal at all times. Latios provides that and then some. With the highest attack CP (Combat Power) out of all Dragon types excluding Rayquaza, and with the second-best defense after Latias, the combination this Pokemon brings is a very powerful one and is a lot to handle for any enemy.  Among psychic types, only Mewtwo is ahead in offense power. This speaks volumes with regard to how strong Latios is. Its weakness is its low stamina, which means these strong attacks can’t last long. It ranks second to last in stamina. Regardless, the fact remains that the attacks it can release in a short period are powerful enough to cause trouble for any Pokémon. 

17. Latias – Generation III
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

The female counterpart to Latios, Latias is like-wise found in the Hoenn region. Together with Latios, they form the Eon Duo. It ranks lower in offense than a few other dragons including Latios, so why the higher ranking? Well, the key is in its balance of strengths and defense. While it does not rank the highest necessarily, its strengths are more balanced than other dragons. It ranks 5th on CP out of Psychic types. What stands out from Latias is its defense. With a defense of 246, it leaves behind almost everyone else. If used especially in tandem with Latios, Latias could provide a very helpful balanced and defensive effort. 

16. Cresselia – Generation IV
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Cresselia is a Psychic-type Pokémon. With a Max CP of 2777, it stands out in a few ways. One of the only Pokémon to specifically have one possible gender, the female Pokémon shines in her ability to dispel nightmares. Furthermore, what she lacks in Offense, she makes up for in Defense and Stamina. She ranks second-best out of all Psychic types in Stamina, and her Defense is also excellent. Simply said, while she won’t outshine any Legendaries in her attacking powers, her combination of defense and stamina make her a damage-absorbing super performer. In a battle, this could give you time to think of the next steps. Regardless of how good your offense is, if you are getting hit easily, there is no point. Cresselia is a powerful reminder of this and is worth considering as an asset. 

15. Xerneas – Generation VI
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Xerneas is a Fairy-type Pokémon. It represents 1/3 of the Aura Trio, along with Yveltal and Zygarde. The legend says that when its horns shine in seven colors, it is sharing everlasting life. What makes Xerneas stand out is its outstanding charged moves. Xerneas is resistant to three elements, outnumbering its weaknesses to Steel and Poison. Geomancy is the name of its signature move, and you might hear a lot about it from Pokemon fans because it became a fan favorite due to its ability to increase Xerneas’s defense and offense by two stages. Furthermore, Xerneas is especially capable against Dragon-type Pokémon, which are considered some of the toughest ones to beat. What makes Xerneas less potent is the fact that after its bursts, it goes to sleep and does not engage in battle. 

14. Yveltal – Generation VI
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Yveltal is a part of the Aura Trio along with the aforementioned Xerneas. By comparison, Yveltal’s and Xerneas’ stats are very similar. Yveltal is a Dark and Flying-type. Yveltal has great stats, especially shining with its 250 ATK. What sets it apart from Xerneas, however, is its fighting nature. Simply said, while Xerneas goes to sleep for 1000 years peacefully, when Yveltal goes to sleep for 1000 years, it destroys everything in its circle. This obviously makes for an extremely potent Pokémon. It’s also worth noting that it is highly ranked in PvP scenarios. Yveltal is the destructive beast enemies are scared of fighting.

13. Zekrom – Generation V
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Zekrom is a Dragon/Electric Pokémon. With a base stat of 680 and all-around balanced power, this Pokémon is a stand-out. It is said in the Legend that Zekrom is the Pokémon that sided with the Younger brother prince of the Unova region. He is a part of the Tao Trio, alongside Reshiram and Kyurem. Its signature moves are Charge Beam and Wild Charge. Zekrom is the strongest electric type Pokémon, and whenever you have a Pokémon which is the strongest in an element, you know you are dealing with something powerful. Its intimidating look has made it a fan favorite, and its PvP prowess has helped it become even more popular. 

12. Reshiram – Generation V
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Reshiram is a Dragon/Fire Pokemon. With its jet-engine-like tail, its ability to cause chaos with fire and the power to change the weather, it is difficult to consider this Pokémon anything less than extremely powerful. Reshiram is part of the Tao Trio and The Legend states that, unlike Zekrom which sided with the younger brother, Reshiram sided with the Older brother who sought the truth. Therefore, Reshiram burns castles with people who ignore the truth and are guided by greed. With its clean look, it has a grandiose aura; make no mistake about it, its ability to cause more neutral damage to all types of Pokémon is what puts it ahead of Zekrom.

11. Kyurem – Generation V
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Kyurem is the final 1/3rd of the Tao Trio. The Legend says that when Reshiram and Zekrom fought and separated, the shell that remained created Kyurem. It is a Dragon/Ice-type Pokémon. With a base stat of 660, Kyurem is powerful in its own right, but what makes it very scary is its potential to fuse with Reshiram, creating white Kyurem. It can also fuse with Zekrom, creating Black Kyurem. These combinations are enough to scare any enemy away from battling with this Pokémon. 

10. Ho-Oh – Generation II
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Ho-Oh is the master/creator of the trio of Legendary Birds Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. Ho-Oh created each one as a representation of his journey. A Fire/Flying-type Pokémon, Ho-Oh has a 239 attack CP. It is well very well balanced in defense and stamina. It can regenerate, which makes it an almost unbeatable Pokémon. Furthermore, it can summon the Legendary Birds and summon Pokémon from the dead. It is the Pokémon Ash sees flying in the sky often, and its rainbow colors are said to give happiness to anyone who looks at them, therefore Pokémon fans have a special connection with it.

9. Kyogre – Generation III
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Kyogre is a whale-like Pokémon. It belongs to the water type, and if it has the blue orb, it can transform itself to have a whopping 770 base stat. Kyogre is considered the strongest water-type Pokémon, and therefore any Pokémon that has a weakness against water types is doomed to have a tough time with this sea ruler. It is most efficient against Fire, Rock and Ground types. Its power is so great that it can cause sea levels to rise. 

8. Groudon – Generation III (Primal Form)
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Groudon is a Ground-type Pokémon. Together with Rayquan and Kyogre, it is a part of the super-ancient Pokémon. With his powers, he can create and move entire continents, while his battles with Kyogre are some of the scariest Pokémon legends ever told. His ability to become a fire Pokémon when in control of the orbit makes Groudon unparalleled and the true ruler of the ground. 

7. Lugia – Generation II
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Lugia is a Psychic/Flying-type. It represents ½ of the Tower Duo with Ho-Oh, and the two are considered polar opposites of each other. Lugia is the “guardian of the seas” while Ho-Oh is the “guardian of the skies”. Lugia’s powers consist of being able to control the Legendary Birds, being the only one who can stop the Legendary Birds from fighting with each other and the ability to change the weather by calming and causing storms. Lugia is so powerful that it chooses to hide undersea for long periods of time, due to the damage it could cause even by accident. What makes Lugia more powerful than Ho-Oh is the fact that Lugia can fly as well as stay underwater, while Ho-Oh can only fly. Not to mention, its wings can cause damage that lasts for 40 days. Lugia’s destructive power can be matched by very few Pokémon. 

6. Palkia – Generation IV
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Palkia is a Water/Dragon-type, and represents 1/3 of the Sinnoh Trio along with Dialga and Girantina. Palkia represents space and so naturally its ability is warping space and traveling through different dimensions. It is known that Palkia has battled with Dialga in the past. Its most famous attack is Spacial Rend. With a base stat of 680, its skills are balanced perfectly across all aspects. Being a water type, there are certain elements that it will struggle against, but don’t make a bet against this Pokémon in any given battle. 

5. Dialga – Generation IV
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Dialga is a Steel/Dragon-type Pokémon. It is 1/3 of the Sinnoh trio, representing time. Dialga’s ability is that it can control time—whether that means slowing it down, speeding it up or stopping it altogether. It can travel to the past or future and its metallic body makes it very useful in battles, as it is very robust. While its defense is not necessarily the highest, and it is weaker against fighting and ground types, a Pokémon that can warp time is surely going to have an advantage over any other monster it faces. 

4. Giratina – Generation IV
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Giratina is 1/3 of the Sinnoh Trio, representing antimatter. To measure Giratina’s strength, you have to realize that it was so dangerous that Arceus itself sent it to the Distortion world for being too violent and fighting against the rest of the trio. In terms of pure terrifying skills and looks, Giratina might be at the top of the list out of all of the Pokémon. With its ability to travel behind dimensions and its 284 stamina, don’t expect that this troublemaker will get tired anytime soon. 

3. Rayquaza – Generation III
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Rayquaza is 1/3 of the super-ancient Pokémon together with Kyogre and Groudon. It is a Flying/Dragon-type. Its power is so great that many consider it to be a worthy candidate for strongest Pokémon of them all. It can withstand the weather changes from Kyogre and Gourdon, while it reaches a whopping 780 CP in its mega form. To make matters worse for its enemies, It is the only Pokémon that doesn’t need any special items to reach its mega form, because as the legend goes, Rayquaza ate meteorites that gave it the power it needed to transform on its own. It feeds itself in the Ozone, and it appears very rarely. Its appearance in the Super Smash Bros. games has made it popular in gaming and anime culture. Perhaps the best proof of its strength is the fact that it is the only Pokémon that had the power to stop Kyogre and Gourdon from fighting with each other further, therefore helping save the world. No matter what combination you’re using with/against Rayquaza, note that it is a Pokémon standing at the top of the strongest of all time, and that very few combinations can cause damage.

2. Mewtwo – Generation I
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Mewtwo is a psychic type Pokémon. Arguably the most recognizable Pokemon outside of Pikachu, Mewtwo is simply jaw-dropping in terms of skill. He is a man-made Pokémon created in a lab by Team Rocket. With a mega-evolution that gets its stats up to 780, coupled with the the ability to read and manipulate minds as well as imitate movement, beating Mewtwo is a task you are almost certain to fail. Its tremendous powers, combined with its cold mannerism caused by being outed as a DNA experiment, make Mewtwo a legendary Pokémon in every sense of the word. This Pokémon stays above any Pokémon on Planet Earth. With its two mega forms, it is always going to have an upper hand against almost any other pocket monster.

1. Arceus – Generation IV
Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

While Mewtwo might be arguably the strongest on Earth, Arceus is the “God of Pokemon”. Known also as the “Original One”, Arceus most likely created the entire Pokémon Universe. It is difficult to argue against his powers, such as: making objects become thin air, bringing them back again, time-warping, etc. It has a base stat of 720, with no weaknesses since it is perfectly balanced across all categories. It can recreate Pokémon and can transform to any type. While its balance in stats means it can lack one specific strength, fighting against the creator of the Pokémon world is as difficult as it sounds, and as such he is the number 1 on this list.

This was a deep dive into the theories of the origins of the Pokémon Universe, explaining what are Legendary Pokémon, where they come from, and who are the top 20 “best” Legendary Pokémon.

While the topic of the strongest Pokémon is certain to continue to cause debates among fans, one thing is for sure: Pokémon is here to stay.

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Streamers’ Unique Approach to Style is Easy with JD Sports

The second edition of ONE37pm’s livestream series with JD Sports went down last week, and it was an absolute banger. Hot off our previous stream with emerging hip hop artists, Aaron AKA “Don” sat down with some of the most interesting streamers in gaming right now—XMiramira, Krystalogytv and BigCheeseKIT—and got a chance to talk to them about their relationship to style as on-screen talent, as well as the future of gaming.

In 2021, being a professional gamer often requires you to be on screen for hours each day, thus cultivating a personal aesthetic has become an increasingly large part of a gamer’s brand. As an international brand, JD Sports gives its consumers access to numerous brands and styles as a part of their Global Access program. JD Sports Global Access makes it easy to access a wide variety of styles from all over the world, which is perfect for gamers who all have their own unique approach to preparing for their streams. Additionally, by giving you first priority with exclusive products, JD Sports’ buyers never have to worry about missing a drop.


So, how do XMiramiraKrystalogytv and BigCheeseKIT prepare for their days of streaming? Krystalogy shared that her style will differ from day to day: “If I need a confidence boost, I’ll make sure I dress to the nines,” and then adding, “If I’m tired and not really feeling much, I’ll throw on a hoodie.”

Xmiramira has a really interesting approach to getting ready: “I wake up and I just pick a color. And I just go from there.” But the color she picks doesn’t necessarily correlate to her mood in the traditional sense. “I could be in a good mood and put on black, I could be in a bad mood and put on pink,” she tells Don. The color-first method of getting dressed is just such a fun and unique way of getting ready.


What defines me as far as what I wear: I like to look good, I like to smell good. Everything good.

BigCheese keeps it simple when it comes to getting ready. “What defines me as far as what I wear: I like to look good, I like to smell good. Everything good.” Doesn’t get much more straightforward than that.

As they four continued to talk about their styles, they eventually ended up in a conversation about how style is different for gamers than it is for most content creators. There isn’t a prescribed style or trend for gamers writ large. “I am my vibe,” Cheese stated, adding: “We wear what we wanna wear and play what we wanna play.” Xmiramira echoed the sentiment, saying, “A gamer can look like anything,” before Krystalogy added a similar note about gamers’ style: “Ain’t no dress code.”


Ain’t no dress code.

They spend a lot of the interview discussing the greater world of gaming, how multi-talented streamers have to be (acting as producer, director, stylist, etc.) and some of their favorite games right now. Part of what made this stream so fun was how interdisciplinary it was; fans of gaming will want to hear what these burgeoning stars are rocking with right now and style aficionados will be interested to hear some style thoughts from folks not necessarily imbued in the world of “fashion.”

Listen to the full episode above and make sure to keep your eyes on ONE37pm’s socials for our next few streams with JD Sports; you won’t want to miss them.

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HyperX Signs Multiyear Deal with JuJu Smith-Schuster

We’ve got some exciting news in the world of esports.

HyperX, the gaming peripherals team at HP Inc. and brand leader in gaming and esports, is announcing a multiyear renewal with pro football player JuJu Smith-Schuster as a global brand ambassador. You probably already know this, but just as a refresher, HyperX is the Official Gaming and Audio Partner of Smith-Schuster and is now also the Official Peripheral Partner of his esports organization, Team Diverge. This deal is now officially the longest ambassador deal in HyperX history, and Smith-Schuster is equally as excited about his growing role as a leader in esports.

Juju Smith-Schuster

“I am so excited about renewing my partnership with HyperX, and also so happy to bring my eSports team, Team Diverge, into the HyperX family. HyperX has been a brand partner of mine since my first year as an NFL player; they’ve seen my vision and excitement about gaming and its growth and have supported me every step of the way. I’m honored to continue working with the brand and am grateful for their continued support.”

As a part of his deal, Smith-Schuster will take on a growing role with HyperX as he will step into a variety of marketing activities representing HyperX during promotions, advertising, social campaigns, events and more. Additionally, Smith-Schuster will continue his position as a global ambassador for the company, and will continue both his YouTube and podcast duties. 

As Team Diverge’s Official Peripheral Partner, HyperX will be their exclusive audio products partner on stream and the team will promote headsets, microphones, keyboards, mice, and mousepads during streams and tournament sessions. HyperX will also provide marketing activities to Team Diverge as the two continue to grow in their partnership.

Juju Smith-Schuster

“HyperX is thrilled to continue our relationship with JuJu Smith-Schuster and expand it to include his esports org., Team Diverge”, said Dustin Illingworth, celebrity and athlete marketing manager, HyperX. “His passion and love for esports and the community is effervescent, permeating everything he does. It’s a pleasure to continue growing our brands together, both with JuJu and Team Diverge.”

Fun times are on the way for Juju Smith-Schuster and HyperX, and this is only the beginning. You can keep up with all of their latest updates on the HyperX website and Instagram.

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Rich and Lonely and Team Summertime Launch Custom Trading Card

Inspired by the viral popularity of Pokemon cards, CREATE and Team Summertime launched their very own Pokemon inspired metal trading card earlier today, a collaboration with former Call of Duty player MBoZe’s clothing brand, Rich and Lonely.

The release featured Rich and Lonely’s iconic mascot “Richie”, a cartoon Shiba Inu puppy, surfing with the word “CREATE” written next to his head in a cloud. Only 200 of these cards were produced and demand was high, as they sold out in a matter of minutes.

“Our original plan was to produce regular cards and some holos, and give them away with the purchase of a shirt, but we decided to print them on metal instead,” said CREATE founder and CEO Aaron Create.

Pokemon has had quite a year, with February 27th marking the 25th Anniversary of the launch of the brand. Prices of Pokemon cards have skyrocketed in the last twelve months, hitting their peak in early February before retreating a bit of late. However, that hasn’t slowed down the brand’s popularity in mainstream culture, as evidenced by Logan Paul recently sporting a Charizard necklace on the way to the ring in his mega-fight against Floyd Mayweather.

The Pokemon-inspired cards are definitely the most unique piece of merch dropped by the OpTic affiliated crews today, but for those who want to rock something from the two crews, they also released a collection of tee shirts and long sleeves that feature the same graphics available at At the time of this writing, some of the gear is still available! But supplies are limited.

Aaron Create

We’ve got our eyes on the tee with the card graphic, but they also released a more traditionally Rich and Lonely branded tee, which features a dead-eyed “Richie” and his beach ball.

Aaron Create

Esports orgs drop a lot of branded merchandise for their fans, but by incorporating the cards element as well, RNL and TST have managed to capture the attention of both esports aficionados and collectible enthusiasts alike. 

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The 20 Most Memorable Video Game Rap Lyrics

Your favorite MCs do a lot of things in their leisure time. They tend to roll up & smoke some trees, get into some passionate debates over random topics with the whole entourage, indulge in some sports-based activities, etc. 

Another hobby most rappers indulge in is most definitely video games – that’s pretty evident considering the abundance of lyrics from the best wordsmiths that just so happen to be about the best consoles, characters, games, etc. On the regular, a clever bar about gaming will come across your headphones and force you to push the rewind button to catch it once more. And there are even those cool instances where a rapper will dedicate an entire song to their game of choice. It’s safe to say that the rappers we bang out of our speakers on a daily basis love to hand out L’s in the very same games we play for hours on end.

We went into our memory banks and did our Google’s to find the most memorable rap lyrics that are all about showing love to gaming as a whole.

1. Bazooka Tooth, zoo-keep the paper route with janky funds and favors/Cradled by twelve empty Zelda heart containers

Aesop Rock, “Babies With Guns”

2. Crack mothers, crack babies, and AIDS patients/Youngbloods can’t spell but they could rock you in PlayStation

Mos Def, “Mathematics”

3. I’m PS4 in HD and the screen is plasma/You’re Atari 2600 with a weak adapter

Joell Ortiz, “Slaughterhouse”

4. Attention all haters, get off your boy’s d**k/Tell your b***h to come here, she can play with my joystick/Up up down down left right left right B, A, B, A, Start/Now tear it apart

Saigon, “Get Busy”

5. Rival Schools, Batsu, purchase you ought to/It came with one free CD, it’s like I bought two/I hope they make part two for Dreamcast/’Cause games I seen in mags, you won’t believe they have…./Yeah, I’ll admit that PlayStation improve/Come visit feudal Japan with me and Tenchu/Bushido Blade II with swordplay so accurate/Mega Man Legends, but I had to buy a map for it

Del The Funky Homosapien, “Proto Culture”

6. I’m sorry like Atari who’s the cousin to Coleco/Vision, caught a RICO, back on the streets like Chico

Andre 3000, “Skew It On The Bar-B”

7. Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis/When I was dead broke, man, I couldn’t picture this

Notorious B.I.G., “Juicy”

8. Battlin’ me is hazardous to health/So put a quarter in ya ass ’cause you played yourself

Big Daddy Kane, “The Symphony”

9. I can’t sleep like a child on Christmas Eve/Like a tender head girl in a shop gettin’ a weave/Like a woman in labor about to produce the seed/Or Method Man with PlayStation and an ounce of weed

RZA, “Insomnia”

10. Or better yet a Terminator, like Arnold Schwarzenegger/Try to play me out like as if my name was Sega

Everlast, “Jump Around”

11. I had dreams that I would blow like a Nintendo Cartridge

Anderson.Paak, “Without You”

12. I tell the cash get over here, it’s like I’m Scorpion on Mortal Kombat

A-Reece, “To The Top Please”

13. Pass me the pork roll, don’t really walk anymore/Ever since I invented a gun that shoots portals

Seth Sentry, “Reservoir Dogs”

14. All got expensive cars, won’t allow a jacker to see me/I ride with bananas and shells like Mario and Luigi

Chamillionaire, “The Game Gonna Cost a Fee”

15. Came a long way from extension cords in the window/Borrow neighbor’s power just to plug up the Nintendo

Danny Brown, “30”

16. I heard that she wanna go and party, she wanna go and party/N***a, don’t approach her with that Atari/N***a, that ain’t good game, homie, sorry

Kendrick Lamar, “Poetic Justice”

17. Hey look, my homies told me back when I was playing my Nintendo/To stay away from windows, cause bullets, they tend to hit those/My mama told when I got the PSone/To skip the BS and lead us or be as numb/As every other brother throwing up colors in my community/I knew better, but couldn’t do better but then I grew to be

Lecrae, “Daywalkers”

18. Ayo, I cop power pellets (and y’all call ’em bricks)/I make little dots (and y’all chop rocks to flip)/Before Junior, they had me out on a chas /Running from these ghost monsters y’all calling the jakes/All I do is stack loot, run around and eat fruit/And harass these lady cops named Pinky and Sue/My whole life been a maze in a chase/Can’t keep still without these monsters on my back invadin’ my space/I got two hitmen that’ll bury you brothers/They rule the underworld, you know ’em as the Mario brothers/Straight cannons, and won’t hesitate to shoot ya/And they stay goin’ to war with that Latin King Koopa/I got a worker named Frogger, when I say jump he leap/A highway boy who be runnin’ the streets/With that package, dodgin’ through traffic that’s narrow/And my n***a Donkey Kong bringin’ weed in by the barrels

Beanie Sigel, “Mac Man”

19. F**k your gun talk, play ‘No Doubt’, you ‘Gwen’ ‘don’t speak’/You ain’t shooting nothing but air, you Nintendo Wii

Rock (Boot Camp Clik), “BK All Day”

20. My new b***h, call her my PS3/You? Your b***h’s p***y, call it my Xbox

Royce da 5′9”, “Airplanes Freestyle”

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Who Invented Chess? The History of the Legendary Game

With the recent re-emergence of interest in chess following the success of The Queen’s Gambit, we figured it was about time to address the history of the legendary board game. Chess is one of the most complicated games around; the current version we know and love first emerged in Europe in the second half of the 15th century, but there were similar, influential games for centuries prior. We’ll dive into all of that below:

The Origins of Chess:

The early form of chess was called Chataranga and is believed to have originated in Northwest India around the 7th century. For those keeping score at home, that’s about 1,400 years ago. Chaturanga is Sanskrit for “Four Divisions,” referring to the infantry, cavalry, elephants, and chariotry, which would eventually evolve into modern chess’ pawn, knight, rook and bishop. The game went from India to Persia, and then the Arabs conquered Persia, spreading the game to the Muslim world and, eventually, Southern Europe. 

Fun fact about the origin of the term “Checkmate.” During the period when the game was developing in Persia, players would shout “Shah!” when attacking the king, which is Persian for “King!” They eventually started saying “Shāh Māt!,” which translates to: “the king is helpless!” As the game continued to spread geographically, those phrases went with it, eventually becoming today’s “Checkmate.”

Simultaneously, similar variants of the game were coming into shape in China, also influenced by India’s Chaturanga. The Chinese game, xiangqi, relies on similar objectives, although the board positioning is different. Xiangqi was also inspired by a separate Chinese game dating back to the 6th century, Go, which is still played competitively today. 

Chess reached Western Europe and Russia by the 9th century. There’s a Medieval Latin poem, which dates back to around 1,000 AD, titled “Versus de scachis.” It’s often considered the first European reference to chess. The contemporary form of the game wouldn’t arise until a few centuries later, however. By the 15th century, Christian prohibitions and other regulations had fortified the game into something very much resembling modern day chess. 

The short answer? Chess and many of the variants that contributed to the modern game were based on the Indian game Chaturanga, which dates back to the 6th century.

The World Chess Championships:

Now we have to fast forward a bit. From the 15th century to the late 19th century, Romantic Chess prevailed, emphasizing fast-paced, tactical maneuvers rather than long-term strategic playing (from David Shenk’s, The Immortal Game: A History of Chess). The second half of the 19th century is considered to be the beginning of the modern era of chess; 1886 saw the first official World Chess Championship, which is the premier chess tournament to this day. 

Austrian (later American) Wilhelm Steinitz was the first official World Chess Champion from 1886 to 1894. Steinitz’s game evolved considerably throughout his career; early on, he was a deeply aggressive player, but ultimately developed into a much more positional player, which was controversial at the time. 1886 set off a frenzy of development in chess theory, continuing to evolve the game into something more similar to what we see in the contemporary era. Steinitz lost his crown in 1894 to German Emanuel Lasker, who was the champion for a whopping 27 years, from 1894 to 1921. He is still the longest-reigning champ in history. 

The FIDE (World Chess Federation) was founded in Paris in 1924 and initiated the practice of awarding titles like Grandmaster to elite players. Some trace the genesis of Grandmasters to earlier in the 20th century, but those claims are disputed.

Modern Day Chess:

After World War II, the Soviet Union reigned supreme in the chess world for decades. The only non-Soviet chess champion during the time of the USSR was American Bobby Fischer, who was champ from 1972 to 1975 and is widely considered to be one of the greatest players of all time. 1985 saw the rise of the man who is potentially the most well-known and highly regarded chess player in history, Russian Garry Kasparov.

The latter half of the 20th century saw the burgeoning of chess computers and analysis. A computer finally beat a world chess champion in 1997 in the legendary matchup between IBM’s Deep Blue and Garry Kasparov. This watershed moment ushered in an era of computer domination in the world of chess, and capabilities in improving chess theory and analysis have exploded since the beginning of the 21st century.

The current world champion and most dominant player of the 21st century is indisputably the Norweigan Magnus Carlsen. A grandmaster by the age of 13 and World Champion by 22, Carlsen is easily considered one of the greatest players in history. He holds the highest peak Elo rating in history with 2882 and has been the Champion since 2013. 

Aside from Carlsen, the 2010s have seen a reemergence of chess culture on the global scale. Players like Garry Kasparov are internationally-known celebrities and shows like The Queen’s Gambit, films like Pawn Sacrifice and the growing esports community have launched chess back into the public spotlight. has a whopping 62 million users and is still constantly growing. Carlsen has even managed to convert his chess prowess into some modeling gigs

Take a look at this graph to get an idea of how interest in chess has absolutely exploded in the past year or so. The Queen’s Gambit is obviously one impetus, but also the explosion in popularity of chess Twitch streamers, such as Grandmaster Hikaru, has further emphasized the popularity of the game in contemporary popular culture. Beloved Grandmasters like Maurice Ashley are becoming full-on cultural icons, with merchandise lines, catchphrases and more monetization opportunities than you could shake a stick at. 
As we continue to watch the esports scene increase in popularity, it only makes sense that chess and chess viewership will increase commensurately. Check out GM Hikaru’s channel and all the incredible chess streamers on the platform if you’re looking to get into the game.

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Inside Twitch’s Redesign

If you checked in with Twitch recently, chances are you were taken aback by what appeared on your screen. Your eyes were instantly greeted by a familiar layout, but what probably made you tilt your head to the side in amazement and confusion were the distinctive changes. The designers behind Amazon’s popular live streaming service—millions of people watch Twitch streams daily, making it one of the most-visited sites in the United States and globally—let the world know about Twitch’s first major redesign in nearly a decade. Eight years after its 2011 launch, Twitch has undergone a welcome refresh, strategically revealed during TwitchCon, to match the vibrant community that keeps the platform alive. 

So What’s New with Twitch?

The classic purple color that the brand is synonymous with has been replaced by a visually stronger shade of the same color. The new Twitch purple is brighter, which has been put in place to match Twitch’s livelier energy. The new lettering font has been changed to “Roobert,” which happens to be based on the Moog synthesizer typeface. And now the old wordmark has also been updated with “bold, blocky letterforms that are strong, playful and inspired by a retro gaming aesthetic.” As for the iconic logo (commonly referred to as the “Glitch”), it’s been given a fresh touch-up that still retains the DNA of its former design. Ultimately, the designers have maintained the familiarity while also trying to make everything appear more striking.


In another visual shift, Twitch has added 24 new colors—“nicknamed after iconic games and pop culture characters”—that give streamers more freedom to define their personal brand. A newly added tool called “Creator Color” allows content creators to adopt one of those 24 colors to represent their likeness and branding. As a streamer, you’ll notice your signature color as they “show up in hover states over thumbnails, on browse pages, and even message notifications in the chat.” This decision has been done in accordance with “Twitch Purple,” the striking word logo that sports gradient effects underneath it. Streamers now can use any of the 24 colors to change that effect to fit their personal branding as well. This color alteration can also be applied to the updated wordmark and Glitch logo.


From a visual standpoint, Twitch has taken all the right steps to make sure its typeface, colors and logos pop off the screen. Everything you’re used to seeing on your go-to streaming site/app is still in the same place it was before, although having the option of turning on/off dark mode is a notably worthwhile alteration. What’s been put in place for longtime streamers and loyal viewers is a design that gives Twitch a more powerful mission statement because we all know boldness and flashiness is key in marketing.

“You’re already one of us” is Twitch’s new slogan. It signifies the platform’s welcome mat for incoming streamers who are ready to produce the type of content that helps differentiate Twitch from other live streaming services. With the stable framework put in place and the fresh changes made to the classic design, Twitch’s 2019 facelift is a win-win for everyone involved.