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Fase Yoda Speaks On His Latest Single “Messed Up” and Viral TikTok Fame

Louisiana-based artist Fase Yoda joins Mike Boyd Jr on this episode of Monday To Monday to talk about the common themes in his music, advice from Young Thug, and what we can expect from him next. Additionally, he goes into more detail about the visuals behind his latest single, “Messed Up.” Yoda even talks about his journey on TikTok and gaining over a million followers on the platform. Be sure to tune in below! 

Boyd commences the podcast by asking Yoda where he’s at right now. Yoda notes that he’s in his home state of Louisiana right now. Boyd then asks what it means to him to be a rising artist coming from Louisiana. Yoda says he’s glad to be a buzzing artist from the bayou state. 

Boyd then asks about his vision for his brand and career, asking how it feels to be where he is at right now. Yoda said that this is all he’s been working for since he was a kid, noting that he’s been manifesting this. Yoda tells us that he began producing beats at sixteen but began to rap at eighteen. He further adds that he is inspired by Young Thug, Post Malone, and even newer artists such as Billie Eilish. If you’re a new listener or fan and you didn’t know this, we interviewed Yoda back in August, be sure to check it out below! 


Following this discussion, Mike Boyd asks Yoda about his music video for his latest single, “Messed Up,” containing several strong visual elements. Yoda voiced that his favorite scene when he is alone on the road as it symbolizes being alone. In addition, Yoda says that each scene represents a particular point of his life and how he felt. Yoda also gets Boyd excited by adding that he just shot two more videos in Atlanta for his upcoming releases. If you haven’t seen the music video for “Messed Up” yet, tune in below. The video inches closer to one million views every day! 

Following this conversation, Boyd solidifies his confidence in Fase Yoda by preaching that he will be a star, then follows up by asking what the meaning behind the lyrics of “Messed Up.” Yoda explains that “Messed Up” is his favorite song to date because it is about an ex-girlfriend who changed his whole life in the best way possible. To Boyd’s surprise, Yoda says that he was anti-tattoo while he was dating her. It wasn’t until after the breakup that Yoda began to change his life for the better, getting meaningful ink tattooed on him and working out. Yoda describes that he began writing the song over two years ago but never finished it, only writing the first verse. He later came back to it and knew it would fit perfectly with what he’s currently working on in his career. 

Mike Boyd then shifts the conversation to ask about being around Young Thug. Next, Boyd asks if there is anything that stood out to Yoda that Thugger told him. Yoda quickly says that he’s dropped a lot of big gems that have motivated him and wanted to ask him what the most prominent accomplishment he’s made that’s made him happy. Yoda continues by saying that thug responded, “I make millionaires,” which is referencing the artists and teams he’s championed along the way. 

Boyd further asks about Yoda’s inspiration for fashion. Yoda replies that he has always been a fan of anime such as Naruto and Demon Slayer, which has always played a big role in influencing his fashion style. Yoda says that anime is a significant influence on culture and jokes that people who watch anime get the ladies. Check out his fashion below! 

Be sure to listen to this episode of Monday To Monday to learn more about this star in the making! It’s full of memorable and personal moments that will make you want to put Yoda’s latest song, “Messed Up,” on full blast. Tune in!

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Get To Know: Iamdoechii

Iamdoechii, also known as Doechii, is a Tampa-born, Los Angeles-based, artist known for clever rhymes, a hybrid style, and catchy songs. You can hear this on nearly any song that you decide to listen to by the fledgling artist. These factors have contributed to Doechii’s success so far, but she is not even close to reaching the peak yet. 

We’ve previously covered Doechii a few times on ONE37pm. Back in April 2021, Doechii sat down with Mike Boyd of the Monday To Monday podcast. They talked about her release at the time, spirituality, and more. Additionally, ONE37pm covered Doechii’s early signs of success in September. Be sure to tune in below! 


Doechii’s first release was back in 2018 with “Girls,” a song that features many different elements that set her apart. In the music, you can hear a chorus filled with singing, harmonies, and vocal fillers, and on the verses, Doechii switches up her flow to more of a hip hop feel. With more and more artists being more versatile, Doechii stands out because her transitions are near seamless. This track’s title is also relevant to Doechii currently, as she supports a great deal of other emerging women artists such as Yung Baby Tate and TiaCorine. 

Doechii lets her personality shine on her second track, “Spookie Coochie.” The song opens up with a comical introduction from Doechii, then follows it up by Doechii snapping, delivering nothing but fire rhymes bar after bar. The song is an empowerment anthem, to say the least, and the fans agree. Comments on the song include, “Someone go grab the defibrillator… I need to be revived from this,” and “I can’t stop replaying this omfg I’m in love,” among the more popular comments. 

She then followed these initial releases with her debut project Coven Music Session, Vol. 1. The nine-track project has a run time of around fourteen minutes. This project plays with a lot of live sounds to convey a natural feeling. Songs like “Body Offer” and “Doechii 101” provide upbeat, catchy moments and make the listener want to replay the tracks. If you’ve never heard these songs from Doechii, tune in now and listen to a different side of Doechii with the organic and intimate vocals. 

In 2020, Doechii released her EP Oh The Places You’ll Go, a seven-track EP filled with Doechii’s future and spirituality themes through mystical soundscapes. On the project’s opening track is a spoken-word introduction setting up the project’s theme, tying everything back to the project’s title. Her song “Something Real” starts with a highly catchy melody, suited with a groovy bassline. Doechii then comes on the track with soul-filling vocals. This song is a must-listen if you’re unfamiliar with Doechii.

Furthermore, Doechii even offers a distinctive track with “What’s Your Name?,” with an exciting melody with a repeating one-hit sample edited to fit. Although the tune is unique, Doechii does a terrific job of making a full track. Then, as the beat drops, she delivers a fast rap flow showing how talented she truly is.

On Doechii’s EP, she frequently referenced the 1992 book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. “I read the book, did all the weeks, and it was basically a creative recovery course for those that don’t know. I felt like I was stuck in a rut creatively and used this book to help me get through it,” said Doechii to Mike Boyd on the Monday To Monday podcast. 

Doechii put herself on the map with her 2020 single “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake,” also on the project mentioned above. A significant contributor to the success was how it performed on TikTok. The sound has over 750,000 videos created using Doechii’s song. This was due to the trend based around the lyrics “why don’t you introduce yourself to the class,” where the trend shoes an old photo of somebody from years ago. Then, on the drop with the lyrics “Hi, my name is Doechii,” it shows their ‘glow up.’ This trend helped Doechii accumulate over one hundred million listens via the TikTok trend and over thirty million streams on Spotify. Additionally, the music video received over two million views! Tune into the music video below! 

If you aren’t familiar with Doechii, you need to keep an eye out for her because there is a lot to know about this swiss army knife of an artist. In case you didn’t know, Doechii also loves directing videos, and she plays a major role in her video creations. While she currently directs her own music videos, she’s looking to expand to other facets of directing. 

Doechii is working on putting together her upcoming album, and we are confident that it will not disappoint. This is coming off her latest EP, Bra-Less, and a feature on Isaiah Rashad’s album The House is Burning on the track “Wat U Sed.” So be sure to check out Doechii and keep her on your playlists, as she is destined to be a star.

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Take a Look at Lil Polo Tee’s Latest Song “DraftKing” Off His Album ‘I.C.F.M. 3’

Disclaimer: DraftKings is a client.

Lil Polo Tee, also known as Polo Perks, is a New York City-based rapper and artist who’s best known for his unique flow, distinctive beat selection, and being a standout member of the collective Surf Gang. Polo just released his song “DraftKing,” which is in collaboration with the fantasy sports operator DraftKings. Be sure to check it out below!

It was recently announced that Polo would be releasing his upcoming project I.C.F.M. 3 on Friday, November 19th. If you’re not familiar with Polo, you need to tune in now. We recently had Polo on the Monday To Monday podcast with Mike Boyd Jr to discuss Surf Gang, his song “6am”, and the legendary school bus performance. Be sure to catch up with Polo below!


Today, Polo dropped his lead-up single “DraftKing,” off his album I.C.F.M. 3. The song opens up with an analog-sounding arpeggio synth. Polo then comes in, rapping behind the beat with his demanding flow. The melody and Polo’s delivery is accompanied by a bouncing 808 pattern. As expected, Polo drops some clever lyrics in the song as well.

Lil Polo Tee, “DraftKing”

Yeah I put money on that boy like I’m the mob but I’m the draft king.
I just made some breesh that’s off a play, I swear I love the back ends.
Rock expensive fabrics haters say I’m bragin.
All this guap on me that’s why my denim saggin.

In the song’s music video, directed by Reel Goats, there are a lot of fantastic video elements that Polo and the team incorporated into the track. The video opens with Polo walking in New York City, as he then stumbles across a bouncing basketball, glowing in green, which grabs his attention. He then follows it and finds himself in the middle of a pickup basketball game. As time runs out in the middle of the game, Polo starts draining crazy three-pointers, helping his team come back in the game. 

Then, in the final seconds of the game, you see the opposing team swarming Polo to get the ball with time running out. Polo then goes super saiyan and finds himself in the stratosphere before coming down with no time on the clock to slam-dunk the game-winning point. Suddenly, Polo feels his pockets, only to find thousands of dollars with the pickup game disappearing. This video is an enjoyable and entertaining watch, especially if you’re into Lil Polo Tee. Tune in below! 

The video is directed by Reel Goats, one of the largest up-and-coming group of filmmakers based out of Los Angeles, California. The crew has directed videos for DaBaby, Roddy Ricch, Lil Tjay, Polo G, and is now adding Lil Polo Tee to the ranks. Additionally, they worked with TiaCorine for her Bojangles anthem “BoTime,” last month.

Reel Goats boasts an impressive 149,000 followers on Instagram and over 25,000 on YouTube, but has extended their reach upwards of a billion viewers. Be sure to check them out on Instagram and give them a follow if you like their content!

Check Out Reel Goats

Lil Polo Tee’s I.C.F.M. 3 will be the trilogy release of I.C.F.M., released every year since 2019. The previous albums have included features and production from fellow Surf Gang members EvilGiane, Harrison, Moh Baretta, and Goner!, to name a few. It will be an album that you will not want to miss. So be sure to keep an eye out for this project!

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Everything We Know About Kendrick Lamar’s New Album

Since he first put his stamp on Hip-Hop in a big way with his 2011 independent album Section.80, you could make the argument that Kendrick has never dropped anything less than a classic album. To add to his status as an icon, between albums, he often disappears for years at a time, not even seen occasionally courtside at a basketball game or driving down the street.

If you thought the two and a half year wait for To Pimp A Butterfly after good kid, m.A.A.d city was something, Kendrick has really been testing your patience, because since DAMN. dropped, it’s been four and a half years. In the time since we got the Black Panther soundtrack and a handful of features. But as of late, there’s reason to believe that Kendrick Lamar’s new album could be out very, very soon.

His Final Album With TDE

On a Friday afternoon in August, Kendrick took to Twitter for the first time since around the time that the pandemic started to tweet out a link to a site called and a picture of a folder titled “nu thoughts”.

When fans clicked, they found a short letter that Kendrick had penned to them, updating them on the way his life was going. He talked about writing and listening a lot, going months without a phone and reflecting on what matters the most. While that could point to some potential themes on the album, the main piece of news that fans took away was that he announced that his next album will be his final one with Top Dawg Entertainment.

The news was a big surprise because as he noted in the letter, he has been part of TDE for 17 years and as long as any of his fan base has known of him. As far as we know, the split between him and the label is amicable, but that doesn’t take away from some of the mystery of it. Although, we do know what a part of the reason could be.


In March of 2020, Kendrick Lamar made the announcement that something called pgLang was here. Back then, fans thought it was the name of his new album or a label he would sign artists to. It turns out it’s somewhat close to the latter, but it’s also far more than that. It’s a multi-media company that serves not just as a music label, but a production house and publishing company.

The only artist who’s come out with a musical release since then is Baby Keem, who released the melodic blueunder pgLang, but multiple artists like Jorja Smith and Brent Faiyaz have been associated with it in one form or another.

Whenever Kendrick’s album does drop, perhaps it’ll drop not just on TDE, but pgLang too. If not, it’s a safe bet that any of his subsequent releases could come as pgLang releases.

What will Kendrick’s new album sound like?

Nearly two years ago now in January of 2020, former Billboard Editorial Director Bill Werde tweeted that he was hearing from friends that recording on the album may be done and that Kendrick was “pulling in more Rock sounds this time”. When it comes to Kendrick, that could mean anything from a little more percussion or guitar to all out Rock moments, but either way it was intriguing. He also made a point of saying that albums are assumed to be finished a lot despite getting worked on further and of course, it seems that that was the case.

Another way that the sound of the album could be going is something similar to what Baby Keem has been doing, in terms of production and/or delivery. The cousins have definitely been spending a lot of time together in the studio, to the point where fans believed a joint album was coming from a while, so it will be interesting to see how Keem has influenced Kendrick.

Who is rumored to appear on Kendrick’s next album?

Earlier this week, 6 new Kendrick Lamar snippets surfaced and while 3 of them were solo, the other 3 had other people credited on them. One of them, to nobody’s surprise, was Baby Keem. Kendrick appeared on the melodic blue not once, not twice, but three times in total, so seeing the new snippet leak didn’t come as a shock to anyone.

The other two people on a couple of the other snippets were Taylor Paige and Eckhart Tolle, a actress and author, respectively.

In an interview that he did last year, Thundercat revealed that he worked on Kendrick’s new album, although “not as much” as he did on To Pimp A Butterfly.

With the news of Kendrick performing at the Super Bowl LVI halftime show with Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige, it’s not unlikely that at least one or two of them will appear on the new LP. The same goes for Kendrick’s current labelmates like ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul and SZA.

When will Kendrick’s new album drop?

Shortly after he put out his “nu thoughts”, Kendrick appeared on Baby Keem’s ‘family ties’, with a verse that shook up the game and had everybody paying attention all at once. On it, he raps “2021 I ain’t taking no prisoner”. To some, that confirmed that he was looking to release his new album before the year’s end. That would give him somewhat of a small window, considering he’d likely not want to release anywhere near Adele or Ed Sheeran, that gives him an even smaller window.

Interestingly, at the same time that the aforementioned 6 snippets surfaced online, people were murmuring that he could be coming out with the album as soon as this Friday. That’s because some trusted sources have said that it could be in the plans and this week’s New Music Friday falls on October 22nd, which Kendrick fans know as the day that good kid, m.A.A.d city dropped in 2012. He could be plotting on dropping it on the anniversary.

To make things even more suspicious, in the midst of all of this chaos, Kendrick’s profile picture on Spotify changed to a never-before-seen picture of him. It marked the first time that it changed since 2017.

Even if the album doesn’t drop on Friday, Kendrick is set to headline at Day N Vegas in just three weeks’ time and although the flyer specified that he would perform music released from Section. 80 to DAMN., plans always change. As we mentioned earlier, it might also be a good idea for Kendrick to put out something new before he performs at the Super Bowl halftime show in February of 2022.

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Slimelife Shawty Talks with ONE37pm About ‘Better Living’, Atlanta, and more

Atlanta-based Slimelife Shawty is a buzzing artist who has been putting out hometown hits such as “Don’t Worry (Clappers),” “Dying 2 Hit’em,” and “No Brakes.” In 2018, Slimelife released his first single, “Say Something,” and hasn’t looked back. Since then, Slimelife has worked to the point that he now is working alongside Lil Durk and even performed at The Back Outside Tour at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, which features artists such as Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Coi Leray, and more.

Last week, Slimelife Shawty dropped his latest album Better Living. The project boasts fourteen songs with features from Lil Durk, Future, Nardowick, and Jackboy. On Slimelife’s song “Old Times” with Future, he raps over an emotion-filled beat with an electric guitar and piano. In the song, Slimelife is rapping about his past experiences with an old love interest. Future reinforces this sentiment by keeping with the theme of the song. 

The project’s opening track “Suit Me Up,” with Lil Durk, is a standout track from this album that shows off Slimelife Shawty’s talent and unlimited potential. Slimelife’s southern articulation singing on the song makes his vocals stand out on the track, and even Durk gets in on the action with a similar delivery style. In “Trenches,” you can hear Slimelife rap about overcoming and celebrating the struggles of growing up and surviving in his neighborhood. This piece is a must-listen on the album. Be sure to tune in to the entire project below!

The ONE37pm team sat down with Slimelife Shawty to talk all things music, Atlanta, and see what he thinks in our overrated/underrated series. Tune in below! 

Additionally, we had Aaron (“The Don”) talk to Slimelife, and he kicks off the conversation by asking what his plans are, to which Slimelife notes that he is in the studio making a few tracks today. Aaron then talks about his latest album and asks where his inspiration comes from. He notes that it comes from personal experiences in his life. Slimelife then states that he has always wanted to make music, and one day he just felt that it was go-time. One of those moments was when he was on Lil Keed and Zack Slime Fr’s song “Blicky Blicky,” which quickly racked up over a million views, and that was the moment where he knew he had to go hard. Check out the track below!

Aaron then asks what his goals are with music. Slimelife Shawty says that he wants to be in the position to do whatever he wants in life. He further explains that there is always something to do and a lot of work to be done.

Don then asks Slimelife what video games he’s playing, with Slimelife stating that he’s really into Call of Duty right now. Following their conversation regarding video games, Slimelife is asked about which artists he’d like to collaborate with in the future. He says Rod Wave, Roddy Ricch, and Kodak Black are at the top of his list right now.

Don and Slimelife then shift the conversation to talk about their city of Atlanta. Next, they talk about chicken wings, with Don insisting that the town is known best for its wings.

Slimelife Shawty is an artist who has to be on your radar for the remainder of 2021 and 2022. Slimelife’s technical and vocal skills will set him apart from other artists for years to come. So be sure to tune in!

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Notes From Our First Listen: Young Thug’s ‘Punk’

On Friday, October 15, 2021, Young Thug released his latest album Punk. The twenty-track project contains standout features from artists such as Gunna, J. Cole, Drake, Post Malone, Juice WRLD, Doja Cat, BSlime, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, and Mac Miller, to name a few. This project is stacked with loads of talent that helps attribute this to one of Young Thug’s best works to date. Tune in below!

Early in the tracklist is Thug’s track “Stressed,” featuring J. Cole and T-Shyne. Thug kicks off the track, singing with a suave flow, reminiscent of the style from Young Thug’s 2017 track “Safe.” Cole then comes on the verse with an aggressive, in-your-face flow that provides a balanced contrast between Thug’s higher and meek singing to Cole’s straightforward attack. The track also has a dream-like beat that helps set the tone of the album. T-Shyne then hops on the piece, with a flow in the middle of the frequency between Cole and Thug. 

In the song “Stupid/Asking,” Thug solidifies the versatility we already knew that he had. The track, produced by Metro Boomin, is different from what one may expect a Young Thug and Metro Boomin track to sound like. The track starts as a slow ballad, with Thug signing, then, on the second part of the song, Thug builds off the previous messages he was preaching.

The track “Peepin Out The Window” features Future and YSL’s BSlime. Future starts the first verse with a melodic flow, then The track “Peepin Out The Window” features Future and YSL’s BSlime. Future starts the first verse with a melodic flow, then Thugger picks up after that, rapping over a sentimental piano-filled beat. BSlime hops on the track on the second verse, providing lyrics about his come up as an artist. BSlime raps, “I sip on syrup a lot, but no one understand me. I told my mama, ‘No more sufferin’, I made it. You should’ve seen all these motherf*** er’s faces. I told my brother that we ain’t goin’ back to basics.” Mike Boyd Jr of the Monday To Monday Podcast previously had BSlime on the podcast to talk about his upcoming project Hood Voucher, working with Thug, and more! Be sure to check it out below!


In Thug’s piece “Livin It Up” with Post Malone and A$AP Rocky, Post opens the track singing a catchy melody over a guitar-based beat with In Thug’s piece “Livin It Up” with Post Malone and A$AP Rocky, Post opens the track singing a catchy melody over a guitar-based beat with a snapping filling the high end of the spectrum, being the only percussion on the whole track. We even hear a side of A$AP Rocky singing that is unique and new to his style. This song features catchy verses and choruses, be sure to tune in! 

On the anthem “Bubbly” with Drake and Travis Scott, Young Thug is delivering nothing but bars on the tune. The distorted beat features a siren that pervades the scope of the production. A beat change enhances Drake’s verse. Without a doubt, this song will be played at bars and clubs across the world. 

Although Thug’s project is filled with features, his song “Road Rage” asserts Thug’s dominance as one of the rap greats, rapping about his success so far. The hook is notably impressive and will be remembered by Thug’s fans as a top-tier song. Thug’s song “Hate The Game” has him rapping over a beat with alternative influences, embellishing crisp percussion. Thug raps, “Do not hate me, hate the game, baby (x2). Hopped out the Lamborghini, and she ate me. All this water on my sleeve, I need a jet ski (Yes sir).” This song is incredibly catchy and will be on repeat for most listeners. 

In conclusion, Punk is a versatile and fantastic project full of catchy songs. Young Thug’s selection of featured artists does not disappoint. Additionally, Thugger’s solo tracks were impactful for defining his sound for his future releases. This album is a great listen, be sure to tune in!

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The Verzuz Battle Between Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One Was One For the Ages

On Sunday night (Oct. 17th), Verzuz held what was easily its most iconic showdown between a pair of hip hop’s most legendary MCs in Big Daddy Kane and KRS One at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. For over two hours, both artists not only performed their greatest hits but put on one heck of a show which included top-notch crowd control, freestyling, and a bunch of special guests that included Roxanne Shante, Das EFX, Eric B, Nice & Smooth, Kool DJ Red Alert, and Rock Steady Crew’s Crazy Legs.

From the moment those of us in attendance walked inside Barclays, the vibe was immediately known—we were going to witness hip-hop in its purest form. The first performances on Sunday night came from the DJs. DJ Scratch, a three-time Grammy winner and who was Kane’s DJ for the Verzuz, hosted a resident DJ competition where the winner would not only receive one million dollars but the chance to become Verzuz’s in-house DJ for one year.

Once that concluded, Scratch rocked the crowd with a tribute to NYC’s hip-hop scene during the “Golden Age” of hip-hop. The Barclays crowd responded by getting on its feet, enthusiastically rapping and singing every lyric, and kept it that way the entire time. It was an energy that even propelled the legendary DJ Kid Capri’s performance when he joined Scratch on stage as he was set to spin for KRS.

Getty Images

Looking upon the crowd, you realized you weren’t at your average hip-hop show. While usually attended by a younger demographic for many of today’s acts who are also more youthful (20’s and early 30’s), this crowd was filled with 40 and over fans who’ve been loving hip-hop their entire lives. People not only came dressed to impress, but like previously mentioned, rap and sung every lyric from records played throughout the night, and only took it up a notch when Kane and KRS finally touched the stage.

The pair of “Golden Age” MCs wasted no time getting started after being introduced by the one and only Fat Joe, who competed in Verzuz last month against Ja Rule at Madison Square Garden. For every round, standout records were played (Think “Ain’t No Half Steppin,” “Sound of da Police,” “I’m Still #1”, and “The Bridge Is Over”), both Kane and KRS made sure to prove they had bars.

It didn’t matter if it was acapella or even over a newer beat such as “Sharing Locations” by Meek Mill; Kane and KRS decided to highlight the freestyling element that was so important back in the day and did so with great success. While that was a common occurrence on Sunday night, the surprise guests took this latest Verzuz to another level. Witnessing the likes of Das EFX and Nice & Smooth bring great energy to the stage was an additional jolt to a crowd who couldn’t get enough of it. But what happened between Big Daddy Kane and Roxanne Shante was one of the best moments of the night.

Even though Kane initially brought out the rapper turned Sirius XM radio host to respond to KRS, who just performed his classic 1986 diss record “The Bridge Is Over,” which was aimed at Roxanne and her Juice Crew, the moment would become more significant. In front of everyone, Kane gave Roxanne her flowers as an MC and the “motherly figure” of the Juice Crew, which drew a loud ovation from the crowd inside Barclays.

Getty Images

Over the last few years, the act and saying of giving someone their “flowers” have become increasingly popular within hip-hop, and for great reason. Too many times, various people from our culture have come and gone without getting their just due despite what they accomplished. And in the case of Kane and Roxanne, his gesture on Sunday night was not only the right thing to do but also moved viewers to do their research on Roxanne, who have and will recognize how great a talent she was.

As the night came to a close, a reminder from Big Daddy Kane and KRS One came to mind. Hip-hop won on this occasion. Although some viewers will debate who “won,” the message was loud and clear. Hip-hop was again on the biggest stage and didn’t have to readjust its image to get there. In the same way, we’ve recently witnessed the music and its culture grow in live time; the same can be said for Sunday night as traditions of thirty-plus years ago reigned supreme in front of the world.

What we witnessed wasn’t a battle. It was a celebration.

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Hugo Joe Talks About His Upcoming Album, Working with Guapdad 4000, and More!

In this episode, we talk to Hugo Joe about his upcoming project Hugo Joe Gallo: My Godfather’s Plug, connecting with MexikoDro and StoopidXool, and working with Guapdad 4000 for his 2018 hit “Tesla.” Additionally, Boyd rapidly fires some of his favorite songs by Hugo to see what his mindset was when creating them. Be sure to tune in now!

Born Joseph Elebesunu in Dayton, Ohio, Joe always took music as the gateway to the soul. When Joe was eight years old, he and his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where his music appreciation grew over the years. He noted in 2016 that the name Hugo is of a Germanic origin, the meaning of the heart, mind, and spirit, thus forming the name Hugo Joe. 

Boyd and Joe kick off the conversation with Boyd asking where Joe’s at right now. He is currently in Southern California, more specifically Los Angeles, doing some work. Boyd noted that they had known each other for over five years, with Richie Souf putting him onto Joe’s music. Boyd then asks Joe about his upcoming project Hugo Joe Gallo: My Godfather’s Plug, which is dropping on October 22nd. 

When Mike asks Joe about the project, Joe tells us that it is executive produced by StoopidXool. Joe then tells Boyd that the inspiration for his album comes from mafia/mobster/gang movies. He stated that he was a big movie buff when he got out of jail and would often watch things such as The Godfather or Scarface. Joe enjoyed this movie genre because there were a lot of relatable, real-life situations in them. He further adds that he wants his album to be like a movie. 

Boyd and Hugo then talk about his last project Hugo Dro, which dropped in 2018. Joe says that a lot of his fans still stream this project over three years later. Joe then adds that he has never got into the habit of releasing song after song to build momentum for a project, but that’s what he’s aiming for with his upcoming releases. 

Mike Boyd then explains why Hugo Joe is so special to him. Boyd explains that it’s more than the music for him. But instead, he was involved with Joe with the creation of Hugo Dro. Boyd says that Mike introduced Hugo Joe to A-TRAK’s label Fool’s Gold Records for those who didn’t know. Additionally, Boyd helped put together tracks by connecting artists and producers to work with Joe for that project. Joe furthermore says that the project was in the works for nine months before dropping. 

In the next part of the interview, Boyd starts listing off some songs from Joe’s catalog to see what they mean to Joe. Kicking it off with “Hugo Joe Biden,” Hugo Joe’s latest single, Joe states that the single is “president” like and that he is trying to move militantly. Boyd then asks about “Vendetta,” which Joe notes was his first song released since getting out of county jail and ranks it in his top five. Boyd then notes that his favorite song is “Montreal,” believing it is nothing but quality. Finally, Boyd asks Joe about his song “Debutante” with Lil Freaky. In this song, Joe mentions that he shouts out GaryVee in the song, noting that he told him to “go harder.” Joe further explains that there is always room for improvement, so he had to add it to the song. Be sure to check it out below! 

When talking about Joe’s upcoming album, Boyd asks Joe what his favorite song is on it. Hugo says that “Houston” is by far. He noted that it is a classic Hugo Joe and StoopidXool track and that his fans will also love it. He further adds it is a dark and gritty song. Boyd and Joe go on to talk more about the project and what’s to come for the buzzing artist. Be sure to watch the full episode to dive into the upcoming project and more! 

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In Case You Missed Her at Austin City Limits, Get to Know Samantha Sánchez

Samantha Sánchez is a Madrid-born artist currently residing in Miami, Florida. Samantha has become a sensation across social media for her authentic personality and catchy music over the last two years. Below is a quick glimpse of Samantha’s set at Austin City Limits; check it out!

If you’re unfamiliar with the emerging artist, Samantha Sánchez is a twenty-one-year-old musician and creator that has begun to develop a loyal fanbase across social media. Samantha started posting on YouTube a little over three years ago, and she has amassed over five hundred thousand subscribers since. Her earlier content included vlogs, challenges, fashion, and more. Today, her music is at the forefront of her YouTube channel, and it appears that her subscribers are here for it. 

Additionally, on her TikTok, she has gained over four hundred thousand followers. One factor that helped Samantha reach this mass audience is that Samantha was an early adopter of TikTok, keeping up to date with trends while showing off her personality and music. Be sure to tune in to this TikTok below that ONE37pm collaborated with her on! 

Within the music scope of Samantha’s career, she has seen early signs of success that are fueling this artist to be poised to stardom. In 2021, she released her debut project, Amor Roma. The project features seven tracks with an introduction. Her song “No Quiero Na’” of the project is the most popular song for Samantha to date, with over six hundred thousand streams. Trailing closely behind, also with over six hundred thousand streams, is “2050.” This track shows Samantha’s versatility as a singer, drawing in different styles to create unique, tangible sound. 

Additionally, off the project mentioned above, songs such as “Muero Contigo,” “Romance,” and “De Mí” also show off Samantha’s adaptability and raw talent. In her hit “Muero Contigo,” the beat is reminiscent of a 1980’s Miami synthwave track fused with poppy percussion accompanied by the fun vocals of Samantha. On “Romance,” the song features a catchy melody complemented by Samantha’s harmonies. Be sure to check out the album if you haven’t already! 

Recently, Samantha released her song “Reconciliados.” Since the release, the music video has reached over half a million views. Additionally, there are over a thousand comments on the video showing support towards this release. Be sure to check out the song below! 

The song kicks off with a melancholic, filtered guitar. Following the introduction, Samantha’s vocals begin to fill the spectrum with a resonant and gentle timbre that makes this track an effortless listening experience. The song features a couple of crescendos that help make the chorus stand out for the listener and a tempo that possesses a lively mood and an upbeat chorus. The piece has a lot of features that make this reminiscent of progressive pop with elements of trap.

In conclusion, Samantha Sánchez is an artist you need to be on the lookout for. What makes her stand out is that she leverages her personality on social media to promote her music and brand. Aside from versatile music, you can expect catchy melodies, even if you don’t know a lick of Spanish. Be sure to keep your eye out for this buzzing artist! 

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Who is ilham? Meet the Def Jam Artist Hailing from Queensbridge

Def Jam’s newest signee, ilham, originating from Queensbridge, New York, just released her new single, “gang signs.” In addition to being signed to Def Jam, she had received support from fellow Moroccan French Montana, who has been supporting the artist for over two years now.

In October 2019, ilham released “in too deep,” a smooth and passion-infused song that seems to strike a chord with the audience of her music videos. Within the melody, it features a calming guitar progression and a filtered pad complemented by ilham’s soothing vocals. Her powerful vocals and deep lyrics helped to push this to millions of listeners worldwide. Since “in too deep” was released, she has received over one and a half million views on the  music video on YouTube and one and a quarter million streams on Spoitfy. 

Her 2018 track “cycle of games” off of her 2018 project 41-10 has recently surpassed over three million streams on Spotify. The single is accompanied by her soft voice and harmonies, which can be heard throughout the piece. Additionally, she features Arin Ray, a Cincinnati-based artist who even made an appearance on the second season of The X-Factor. Arin’s relaxed demeanor and connection even add more elements attributed to its success. The music video has over one million views, be sure to tune in below! 

Her latest single, “gang signs,” comes after a year of not releasing any music, but this song is a perfect statement piece of ilham, stating that she’s not going anywhere and she has something to prove. While it may have been a year from her last release, some things don’t change, such as her soothing vocals. The tune  features a lot of different elements, including R&B, soul, and pop. Be sure to tune in below! 

The song has a natural and smooth timbre that makes this an easy-listen for any listener. The chorus features some ear-catching harmonies, with a heterophonic texture of ilham’s central vocal performance. Additionally, the track’s tempo is steady and joyful, remaining pretty consistent throughout the piece. Finally, its ambiance provides a stimulating and healing effect on the audience. In conclusion, this is a must-listen for anybody who is into emerging R&B and pop. 

Her music video for “gang signs,” which was released on October 8, 2021, is already seeing tremendous success early on in its campaign. In less than four days, the video has surpassed one million views. The comments on the music video are nothing but praising ilham’s talent and execution on this track. Statements include: “This song gives me sad vibes, but it’s also beautiful, it’s hopeful,” and “and just like that, I’m obsessed with this woman.” Be sure to tune in below! 

With ilham’s raw talent, she is making strides towards becoming the Queen of Queensbridge when all is said and done. Be sure to check out her latest single and give her a follow on social media!