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ONE37pm Talks With TroopzAFC of Barstool Sports About All Things Super League

What happens when two proper football super fans get together and chop it up about all things soccer? A great conversation that’s what.

On the latest episode of Huh?!, ONE37pm’s Tyler Schmitt sat down with Barstool Sports’ resident Arsenal fanatic and soccer expert, TroopAFC to talk through the week’s news football news including the Super League formation and ultimate break down before it even began.

They break down why they both think the Super League was attempted in the first place, and how much money was involved in the decision by these major clubs. Was it greed? Was it a desire for better competition? Or was it some combination of the two?

“Do you think there are just shit clubs because they’re in debt?” Tyler asks. “Nah they’re just greedy and the owners want more. How can you be in debt when you’re a billionaire? Come on man, make it make sense.” Troopz fires back.

Their conversation occured before this past weekend’s protests by Manchester United fans, who stormed the pitch at the Old Trafford, forcing the cancelation of Man U’s match against Liverpool. Much like Troopz, fans are upset with the team’s owners, the Glazer family (who also own the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers), over their perceived greed involving the super league.

Since he’s a major trading card head (he does have a pretty successful podcast after all), Tyler gets Troopz’s thoughts on the card industry.

Needless to say, the trading card business hasn’t caught on in England as it has in the United States. “$15,000 for a trading card, are you mad?!” Troopz shares.

The entire conversation that the two football fans have is a great one, so be sure to check out the interview and follow Troopz on Instagram and Twitter.

In addition, check out the podcast Back Again with Troopz on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube.

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This Week in Comic Collecting: “I’m Captain America”

I just don’t know what it is about the MCU that really brings the fan out of this cold blooded investor’s heart. Whether it was Sam’s declaration of his new title, making me audibly shout “Let’s Go!” in my apartment at 3 am, the poignant speech Cap gave the world leaders about the power of perspective that made me want to see a Captain America like that in our real world, or the swelling of emotion that culminated in the scene with Isiah Bradley at the museum (no, you’re crying!) finally getting some much deserved recognition as an American hero, it all just got me. The best part is, just a few hours after the show was live on streaming, reports hit mainstream media about a Captain America 4 feature film with Sam Wilson at the helm. That is one film I will be stoked to see.

I thought this may be a good time to look at the performance of some key books that I previously highlighted in my March 12th column and see how they performed. The chart below shows six key books previously mentioned and their trading performance.

Jack DeMayo

The results aren’t truly surprising when you really go back and look at the show. Maybe the most surprising is the lack of movement of Captain America #6 (2005) in 9.8. This I would attribute to two main factors. The first: there was a big run up on this book in the months before the series hit Disney+ with prices near doubling already. Second, and importantly, while the series was called Falcon and Winter Soldier, the story focus was really on Sam Wilson and John Walker. 

The short term results showed as much with Sam’s 1st appearance raising $550 in an 8.0 and his 1st as Cap jumping from $350 to $550 in just 6 weeks. Meanwhile the play may have been raw Captain America #25’s (2012) as they showed a 3x return. 

Zemo had his moments, including an epic viral dance video, but fans were left wanting more. A moderate 25% gain is respectable and most expect we will see Zemo again in some form or another. Speculation surrounds him joining a popular comic book faction with either The Thunderbolts or The Dark Avengers. 

Finally, one of the most hated MCU characters in memory, John Walker, saw excellent returns during the series. While his 1st as Captain America in Captain America #323 only made a small jump, this is to be expected as any comic fan knew his turn with the mantle would be brief. The best exit strategy would have been to sell during Episode #1-3 before he lost the title. The series concluded with John Walker exclaiming “I’m back!” as he donned his new suit and moniker: US Agent. Novice comic fans may not have realized that exclamation mirrored the one on the cover of Captain America #354, the 1st John Walker as US Agent appearance. With Walker seemingly a new fixture in the MCU as US Agent, buyers have been grabbing this one with anticipation of continued returns. Either way, if you bought in on 3/12 you have seen the value of your #354 stash double in price.

Something is Killing the Children Update
Something is Killing the Children #1 / Boom! Studios

Last week, the feature of this column was indie sensation Something Is Killing The Children and my speculation that the IP is destined to be a monster (no pun intended) television series whenever it goes that route. While we have no confirmation, the popular comic book market app Key Collector reports that inside sources tell them that the property has been optioned for a television series. When a ” Key Alert” is sent out by the App, breaking news hits tens of thousands of phones instantly. 

This sparked excitement in the market among investors as well as some doubt amongst the detractors as these reports are unsubstantiated at this time. It’s important to note though that the Key Collector App has reported info early in the past and my gut tells me this info is solid. As I mentioned last week, the book was $650 in a 9.8 the first time we talked about this IP here and $900 last week. This week we have seen the floor raise to $995 and a couple of sales in the $1100 range. That small gain just from an unconfirmed report as well as the heat behind the recently released (this past Wednesday) 8th print tells me we are in for a major return when an official announcement inevitably hits.

Netflix Is All In on Comic Book IP
Jupiter’s Legacy #1 / Image Comics

While the publisher of Something Is Killing The Children, Boom! Studios, has a first look deal with Netflix, which could see the IP land there, the streamer is not banking on any one comic book IP to find success in the space and instead readying several for release. The last few years have seen Netflix adapt Dark Horse’s Umbrella Academy, IDW’s Locke and Key, October Faction, and V-Wars, Image’s Old Guard, Oni Press’ Ciudad, better known to Netflix users as Extraction. We also already know Netflix is set to develop Masters of The Universe with Dark Horse and Kevin Smith, in addition to Brzrkr with Boom! and Keanu Reeves.

All of that and we have two more comic book IPs that have Netflix series trailers on the market making a buzz. The first is from Image Comics and creator Mark Millar. Millar has had the Hollywood touch with several of his properties like Kingsman, Wanted, and Kick Ass being past successes. Now Millar has sold the majority stake in his publishing company Millarwarld to the streamer and together they are set to release both new comics and develop series from the old ones—and new as well I would presume.

Millar’s next big release will be Jupiter’s Legacy, which debuts May 7th. The Josh Duhamel led show looks promising and will really be the litmus test for this relationship going forward. Copies of issue #1 in a 9.8 can be had for $200 with the occasional copy going far lower. The 1:25 incentive is a great option right now while being short printed is only trading for $250 in a 9.8. You never know how these indie series will be received by the mainstream, but The Boys and Invincible tell me that the market is currently receptive to super hero stories outside the Big 2. 

Sweet Tooth #1 / DC / Vertigo Comics

Finally, from DC Comics beloved but now defunct Vertigo imprint comes Sweet Tooth from creator Jeff Lemire. The show just debuted a trailer this week and the Robert Downey Jr. produced show had seen series buzz in the industry. Lemire is a master storyteller with a lot of IP with Hollywood potential so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Sweet Tooth #1 is selling for $400 in a 9.8 to date with the last copy selling for $545 as soon as the trailer dropped. This is one book I will be keeping my eye on as there truly isn’t a plethora on the market at this time and it wouldn’t take much for this one to run up in price. 

I hope you are getting some value and adding some great pieces to your alternative investment portfolio as well as some great comics to your personal collections. Join me next week when we look for more opportunity for ROI in the comic market. 

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Homegrown Cannabis Co’s Top 10 Hacks for Growers and Tokers

Sometimes, the best pieces of advice are also the simplest.

Look before you leap.

Keep your car oiled.

Don’t eat yellow snow.

The same is true for 420 fans. A good shortcut can save time and effort in the grow room and make your toking life that little bit happier.

Less time stressing, more time enjoying the finer things in life, like top-quality cannabis.

We teamed up with the Homegrown Cannabis Co. to bring you ten life-hacks perfect for cannabis growers and tokers. 

To know more is to grow more!

Homegrown Hack #1: buy the best seeds you can.

Okay, this may seem obvious, but too many growers overlook the importance of the seeds. This is crazy! Nothing will ruin your indoor or outdoor grow quicker than bad seeds.

Buy the best seeds possible and make sure they come with a germination guide and guarantee

Also, if you’re growing in the US, buy from a US company! 

The Homegrown Cannabis Co dispatches from California AND they offer a germination guarantee with all sales. 

No more kicking your heels waiting for European deliveries (that often get stopped at the border anyhow) and no more worrying about what to do if your seeds don’t pop.

Buy smart. Buy American.

Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Hack #2: know how to grind without a grinder.

Losing your grinder doesn’t have to mean a cancelled session. Try these hacks to make sure you don’t miss out:

  • Coffee grinder. Perfect for those who like a fine grind.
  • Cheese grater. Watch your fingers!
  • Metal sieve. Slow, but the results are VERY smokeable.
  • Pestle and mortar. Old-school but effective.
  • Pizza cutter. Not the finest of grinds but better than nothing.
  • Shaker. Shake your buds in a cup with some small stones or coins.
  • Fingers. Best to use your own 🙂
Homegrown Hack #3: corner your bowl.

This basic piece of weed etiquette helps everyone get a better hit from the pipe, and will probably see you invited to more sessions. 

When taking a hit, focus on one area of the bowl and smoke downwards, rather than blackening the entire bowlful of weed. Everyone will love you and you’ll probably become the next president.

Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Hack #4: don’t ignore pH.

Test the pH of water going in AND the run-off. When the pH is out, your plants won’t be able to absorb nutrients properly, leaving them under-nourished and prone to disease. Take a look at Homegrown’s blog for articles about controlling, adjusting, and understanding pH.

Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Hack #5: use hair-straighteners to make rosin.

We love this one—so simple and EASY.

Wrap a piece of bud in parchment paper and press it in the straighteners for 20 – 30 seconds, until you hear it sizzling. The bud will leach amber-colored rosin (also known as dab) that you can scrape off with a dab tool and store.

Keep the hair straighteners at 200 – 220 °F for optimum results.

Homegrown Hack #6: keep the kief.

Kief is made up almost exclusively of trichomes and too many tokers ignore it or throw it away. You can gather it by using a three-chambered grinder, a wooden kief box, staggered mesh or sieves. 

Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Hack #7: harvest at night.

This is more for outdoor growers. The best time to harvest your plants is just before dawn, while it’s still dark. For growers in NorCal, this is usually around 5:30am. 

It’s the same trick that top wine producers use. Terpenes and cannabinoids reach peak concentrations just before sunrise, off-gassing all day, so get yourself a headlamp and a warm coat and prepare for your tastiest harvest yet!

Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Hack #8: never underestimate the value of a simple fan.

With the popularity of cooler LEDs, cheaper AC units and more efficient set-ups, many indoor growers feel that fans are now redundant. 

They’re mistaken! 

A good oscillating fan not only helps air (and CO2) circulate, it helps strengthen the growing plants too.

Fans mimic the natural breeze cannabis plants would normally experience when grown outdoors. This airflow encourages the stems and branches to strengthen; stronger branches carry bigger, denser buds!

Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Hack #9: use ratchet straps.

Ratchet straps are fantastic for hanging lights and other equipment (like fans, see above). They’re easily adjustable and perfect for turning your tent into a drying room, once you’ve harvested your perfectly-grown cannabis plants.

Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Hack #10: never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Okay, so this isn’t strictly a hack, but we love phrases like this—clichés from the old days (aka: yore). 

When buying a horse, it was customary to inspect its teeth and gums; they’d usually give a fair indication of the creature’s overall health.

To do this when someone was giving you the horse for free was (understandably) ill-advised and frowned upon. 

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is one of those rare places you can read articles and guides, watch and download videos and absorb all manner of information about growing cannabis. For FREE.

Their experts and contributors include Kyle Kushman, Steve DeAngelo, Nikki Lastreto, Swami Chaitanya, Eric Goepel, and many, many more. 

They have a fantastic range of cannabis seeds, their own line of premium nutrients and a HUGE community of supporters pushing each other to get better and better at growing. Don’t look this gift horse in the mouth!

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The Top Ten LEGO Cars to Build Right Now

I am a full-time LEGO builder, creating content online daily as I’ve done for over 6 years. When I’m not snapping bricks together, one of my favorite hobbies is finding a weekend car show to cruise around and see the classics lined up with their hoods open on a summer day. It should come as no surprise that LEGO cars are a huge interest of mine too, since it’s the intersection of two of my favorite pastimes! 

In today’s article, I’ll be displaying the Top Ten LEGO vehicles of all-time and sharing some personal anecdotes from my building journey with each of these sets. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so reach out on IG and let me know what you think!

10.) Creator Expert Fiat 500

This set might remind you of Luigi from Disney Pixar’s Cars, but make no mistake that this little Italian automobile deserves a spot on this list. Clocking in at just $89.99, this is the cheapest LEGO Creator Expert vehicle in this scale, and for the price, there is a ton of detail packed in. From the adjustable seats to the functioning canopy, this set was a blast to build and displays great.

Buy Now at LEGO, $89.99
9.) Ghostbusters Ecto-1

LEGO released this iconic model in late 2020 and surprised fans of vehicles and Ghostbusters alike. This is not scaled to minifigure scale, rather, it is built to be a larger display piece. Unfortunately, it does not include any minfigures (which I am still a little upset about) but it makes for a great display piece that will surely attract eyeballs when you place it on your LEGO shelf. 

Buy Now at LEGO, $199.99
8.) Speed Champions Challenger vs Charger

Most of the sets on this list are “large scale,” but no list would be complete without paying homage to the LEGO Speed Champions theme, which in my opinion is often overlooked. This theme caters to car fans who want to build iconic vehicles at minifigure scale, from the classics up to the modern age. I feel that this set encapsulates the Speed Champions theme better than any other from the collection, as it comes with a plethora of customizable parts and features a classic Dodge Charger and a modern Dodge Challenger. It’s a must-have in my book! 

Buy Now at Ebay, $20+
7.) Creator Expert VW Beetle

Iconic vehicle? CHECK! Awesome color? CHECK! Great value? CHECK! The VW Beetle is one of my favorite display pieces in my LEGO room. It’s instantly recognizable, it has a “vibe” about it, and of course, the color is a standout that makes it easy to spot from across the room. 

Buy Now at EBay, $100+
6.) Creator Expert Mustang

This set is outstanding not only in looks, but also in playability. It comes with several customizable pieces like a block engine, spoiler, and a removable top, but also features a “lift” system to allow you to jack up the back end for racing by cranking up the back tires. With its white race stripes and iconic dark blue color, this set embodies the heart of the American muscle car and is a must-have for fans of the Mustang and LEGO alike. 

Buy Now at LEGO, $149.99
5.) Creator Expert Ferrari F40

Most of us will never own a Ferrari, but owning a LEGO model might be the next best thing! This particular set is jam packed with cool features like a movable hood that shows off the model’s LEGO-built engine. Coming in classic Ferrari red, this set is as stunning as the real thing (okay, maybe not, but you get the gist).

Buy Now at Ebay, $200+
4.) LEGO Cuusoo/Ideas: Back to the Future Delorean

Among the most sought after LEGO sets of the modern era is the Back to the Future Delorean. I’ve written about this set before in my “Top 2o LEGO Sets of All-Time” article, but I cannot stress how much fun this set is to build, display, and to play with. Sure, the hood doesn’t represent the iconic “slanted” hood of the 80s’ Delorean cars, but nevertheless this set delivers. It comes with spare parts that allow you to rebuild the vehicle’s exterior to match any of its looks from across the three Back to the Future films, and it certainly deserves its place in the Top 5!

Buy Now at Ebay, $100+
3.) Creator Expert James Bond Aston Martin

This set is one that I didn’t have eyes for when it first released, but as you can tell it’s grown on me immensely. There are so many play features packed into this set, like the rotating license plate and the ejector seat that give this vehicle so much character. It looks great, the build is fun, and it brings to life one of Bond’s most iconic cars. What else could you ask for? (Besides a James Bond Minifig to go with it, which LEGO left out of this set for unknown reasons). 

Buy Now at LEGO, $149.99
2.) 1989 Batmobile

Much like the last entry on this list, there is something so nostalgic and fulfilling about seeing iconic movie vehicles brought to life in LEGO form, and the 1989 Batmobile is no exception. Arguably the fan favorite among on-screen Batmobiles, the 1989 “Michael Keaton” Batmobile boasts a detailed interior, a cockpit windshield that slides forward just like the movie, and two machine guns that pop up from the hood when you twist the flame exhaust in the back. The build is a little monotonous since it’s all black, but don’t let that scare you away from adding this vehicle to your LEGO collection. It’s a beautiful display piece!

Buy Now at LEGO, $249.99
1.) Creator Expert VW Bus

The VW Bus always brings a smile to people’s faces, and it was a no-brainer for me to place this at #1 on the list. When I bring people to my house and give them the “LEGO Tour,” this is always the set that makes people light up the most. From the red and white exterior to the intricate “camping” feel of the interior, this set is as fun to build as it is to look at, and the smiles I’ve seen it bring to people’s faces are something that means more to me than the set itself. Truly a masterpiece from LEGO! 

Buy Now at Ebay, $150+
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A 1990s Throwback and Billie Eilish Take Over This Week in TikTok

TikTok just keeps topping itself. Just when we think we may have seen it all on the platform, content creators come up with something else to keep us on our toes. Last week we got a throwback to the 2000s, and this week we are getting a blast from the past with a 1990s hip-hop classic, and a glimpse of the present with yet another Billie Eilish viral trend. We also have some current bops that you should listen to if you haven’t already. Let’s dive into what was happening on the TikTok this past week.

1. Poison- Bell Biv Devoe

Bell Biv Devoe’s ‘Poison’ will always be one of those classic 1990s hits that recycles its way back onto the current popular music scene. This time around, the legendary track finds itself on TikTok as content creators are using the song to show pictures of what their parents looked like in 1990 when the hit single came out. This challenge is super fun if you want to share old school pictures of what your parents looked like back in the day. If not, the trend is still worth scrolling through.

2. Bury A Friend- Billie Eilish

Are you really surprised to see Billie Eilish on this list? She’s the queen of viral challenges! Billie has done it yet again on TikTok with her ‘Bury A Friend’ single from 2019. This is a ‘glo up’ trend where users rotate the phone camera around their head to reveal a transformation ‘glammed up’ look. Not too complicated of a challenge, and still pretty cool if you ask us.

3. ‘Kiss Me More’ – Doja Cat & SZA

One thing has been made clear over the years—people love Doja Cat and SZA, and that is exactly what this challenge is all about. Now this isn’t a dance/choreography trend, all you have to do is make a video telling the world how much you love Doja Cat and SZA. That’s it!

4. ‘Tampa’ – Cico P

You can never go wrong with a good joke, and TikTokers are putting a new spin on Cico P’s 2020 single ‘Tampa.’ This is a pretty simple trend to participate in as well—all you have to do is make jokes on cue to the lyrics “I’m bad news, I’m a menace to society.” Whatever joke you decide to tell is completely up to you. From your corniest to your most creative, just make sure you deliver it confidently.

That is going to do it for this week! As usual we will be back next week with the latest updates on what is happening in the TikTok world.

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This Week in Comic Collecting: Something Is Killing The Children

As I teased in last week’s column, the title we will focus on this week is one that has been dubbed “The Next Walking Dead” by the comic community almost since its arrival on the scene two years ago.  A lot of books draw you in off the rack with their awesome covers; this one does too, but it isn’t the art that first draws you in, it’s the sensational title: Something Is Killing The Children. Usually, when the stakes involve the death of children, the hero saves the day and after a while you become desensitized to the danger.  That is pretty common among Marvel or DC titles. But with this title, you know right off the bat there has already been loss. Whether you were intrigued by the title or offended by it, either way you didn’t forget it. 

Something is Killing the Children / Boom! Studios

From the moment I read an advance PDF of issue #1, I was hooked both as a reader and an investor. This title was a major pre order play for me. I was championing this title before its order cutoff window with Brian Wood, on his popular YouTube Channel Simplemans Comics. While many jumped on board, some were still skeptical.  That sentiment seemed to dissipate in the weeks and months after the release of Issue #1. It seemed like absolutely anyone who read it loved it and instantly became a buyer. Copies dried up and now we are on the 8th printing of #1. Every issue printed in the series thus far has seen secondary market demand with some variants hitting 4 figures due to scarcity and demand alone. 

While this series has truly been a phenomenon largely due to the efforts of writer James Tynion (whom I previously wrote about being an extremely investable writer) and the marketing efforts of publisher Boom! Studios, the secret sauce has been the likability of the main character Erica Slaughter. Erica is a badass, take no prisoners female lead. A woman on a mission.  As the story unfolds we get to see more of what drives her. This character seems like the type of role that would really propel an actress to new heights.  And this brings us to option talk.  While there haven’t been any concrete rumors swirling around, this series being optioned to Hollywood has felt like an inevitability since day one.  Netflix has a first look deal with Boom! Studios and I would find it hard to believe they would pass on this IP, but I am no Hollywood exec, so we will see.

Regardless of who produces the series into a TV show or movie, the popularity of the comic proves there is a market here. When I first reported on this book for this site, prices on 9.8 copies of Cover A were $650. Now we are seeing these trend upward hitting above $900 in just a matter of weeks. I have seen so many comic investors selling at these high prices, but I am holding. We haven’t gotten that Hollywood announcement yet that always drives price increases and I am willing to hold out for that at the very least.  This is one property I really believe in. 

The Walking Dead’s Clementine to Make Her Comic Debut

If you’re looking for the next The Walking Dead, check out what’s next up for the original! One of the most popular characters in The Walking Dead Universe is a character who hasn’t been on the big screen for the last decade, nor did she ever appear in the comic series. I am of course referring to the popular video game protagonist Clementine. Skybound Entertainment recently announced the launch of Skybound X, a new series celebrating Skybound’s 10th anniversary, with issue #1  featuring the 1st appearance of Clementine in a comic book as well as two variant covers with her front and center. 

This book launches in July and if you are a believer in The Walking Dead as a long term IP (I am!) then this is a great buying opportunity. This book is inside the pre order window so comic shops can order an unlimited amount until the final order cutoff date 23 days before the release of the book. Most shops give major discounts to pre order and some even offer 9.8 slab pre sales.  While there is a ton of money to be made in the back issue market, I love keeping an eye on the future and making a play in the pre order market as well.

Mad Cave Studios is Going Hollywood

A newer indie publisher I have long been a fan of is Miami, Florida’s Mad Cave Studios. This company really set itself apart upon entering the comic market by growing slowly and organically. They put an emphasis on quality of story and art as well as developing a community on social media. The company has been led by founder and writer of many Mad Caves hit series, Mark London. With titles like Knights of the Golden Sun, Stargazer, and Nottingham among others, Mad Cave has seen secondary market success largely due to their aforementioned quality of product as well as the short supply that comes with being a small press publisher fighting the uphill climb for market share. 

It is my belief that publishers like this provide investment opportunities as Hollywood’s craze over comic book IP helps to level the publishing playfield. If a Mad Cave title was to pop beyond the comic communities reader buzz, the 2-10k print runs could not possibly support the demand and prices would skyrocket.  The first step toward that occurrence may have just occurred as Mad Cave announced an agreement with Echo Lake Entertainment to represent their IP in negotiations for film and television. I would look to secure some of their #1 issues before Echo Lake can make any deals on Mad Cave’s budding roster of IP. 

CGC Follows the PSA Playbook

I have often made the comparison between the sports card market and the comic book market, stating that the card market is 2-5 years ahead of the comic market but operates largely the same. To this effect, I was not surprised to see CGC’s announcement that they were increasing grading costs across the board as well as eliminating a tier and discount options. This is largely due to their backlog of grading and their recent expansion bringing in dozens of new employees and moving into new facilities. This move seems like a logical first step in the progression of the comic book market. 

What I find truly interesting is the market sentiment on the news. While the sports card community took the PSA price increases largely in stride as part of the growth of the hobby, the comic community has really reignited the debate between the grading companies: CGC and the Beckett owned CBCS. I will be really interested to see if CGC has the type of market hold PSA does or if they are possibly more susceptible to losing market share as CBCS offers a cheaper, faster, and arguably better looking case as well as offering the added service of signature verification for your already signed and unwitnessed books. At the end of the day though, it will all come down to the reaction of the secondary market. Comic sellers will always prefer the slab that generates the most money.

Two Big Giant-Size X #1 Sales
Marvel / Giant-Size X-Men #1

My next observation this week and is about the difference in returns from sales of a graded book from two different companies as well as the difference an auction platform can make. This past week two different 9.8 copies of Giant Sized X Men #1 sold at two different auction sites from two different grading companies, and they brought two different prices. A CGC 9.8 from ComicConnect sold for $60,000 while a CBCS 9.8 sold just a few days later on eBay for $49,100. This has raised a lot of interesting questions in the community such as: With the market being up as a whole, why did these books underperform a previous high sale?  What accounted for the price difference between the auction house or the grading company? Did the fact that the eBay copy ended a few days after the ComicConnect copy negatively affect its final price?

The truth is we don’t have the answers to those questions, only hunches and assumptions. As this market continues to grow, it will be interesting to note these trends and see which way things lean.   At the end of the day, those are two staggering totals that have most comic collectors excited for where the market is heading.

So join me next week where we take a look at what is almost assuredly going to be yet another action packed week in the comic book market.  

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7 CBD Drinks to Try This Summer

Perhaps you’ve come across them in your Instagram feed. Or maybe you’ve spotted them at Erewhon Market.

No, I’m not talking about members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. I’m referring to the seemingly never-ending stream of CBD products hitting the market in recent years.

Hardly a day goes by without CBD—short for cannabidiol, the nonintoxicating compound found in the cannabis family of plants—grabbing headlines or the attention of celebrities hoping to cash in on the hemp-derived cannabinoid craze.

There are now scores of notable athletes, actors, musicians and other media personalities investing in the CBD space.

Martha Stewart has partnered with one of Canada’s largest pot producers, Canopy Growth Corporation, to make CBD treats for both humans and dogs.

Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker is preparing to launch his own line of cannabinoid infused wellness products.

Former supermodel Kathy Ireland recently unveiled her own line of CBD offerings, and NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski has endorsed CBDMedic’s line of products.

The list grows daily.   

But what is CBD, and what does it actually do?

That’s something even billionaire Elon Musk has pondered.

The Tesla and SpaceX founder, who appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast earlier this year, wondered if CBD was “fake,” and questioned its effects.

Rogan, who last year partnered with energy drink maker Kill Cliff on a “Flaming Joe” beverage infused with 25 mg of CBD, quickly rattled off a laundry list of potential benefits: It relieves anxiety, reduces inflammation, alleviates stress, improves sleep, and aids muscle recovery. 

Those claims, often touted but not yet proven, are at the center of ongoing discussion about the ways in which the CBD category could evolve in the years to come and how the market should be regulated.

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp—now defined as cannabis sativa plants containing less than 0.3 percent THC—and its derivatives from the legal definition of marijuana. 

While the act opened the door for companies to begin selling a variety of hemp-derived CBD products, it preserved the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s authority to regulate food and beverages containing CBD.

The agency has yet to issue final regulatory guidance for products containing CBD, so drinks like the ones being promoted by Rogan and several others currently exist in somewhat of a legal gray area.

Until that FDA guidance arrives, most mainstream retailers are holding off on stocking their shelves with these products.

Even though large CPG firms and major retail chain store operators seem content to avoid the sector for now, 86% of Americans have heard of CBD. However, several smaller startups are betting that final FDA guidance will soon be issued and they’ll have a first mover advantage in the beverage category. 

The opportunity that awaits could be worth $1.4 billion by 2025, according to cannabis research firm BDSA, which pegged sales of hemp-derived CBD drinks at just $100 million last year.

Meanwhile, less than 20% of U.S. consumers had used a CBD product as of last July, according to New Frontier Data.

As more people familiarize themselves with CBD and its potential benefits, industry stakeholders anticipate plenty of trial and error within the beverage segment

Over the last several months, I’ve sampled countless new CBD-infused drinks, and I’m here to share some of my favorites with ONE37pm readers. 

Below is a list of beverages—from sparkling waters, to nonalcoholic spirits—that contain CBD and should be on your list to try.

1. Aplós

Positioned as an alternative to alcohol, Aplós was launched in December 2020 by entrepreneurs David Fudge and Jessica Manley.

Each two-ounce serving of Aplós contains 20 mg of organically grown broad-spectrum hemp from New York’s Hudson Valley, and the beverage was formulated to “replicate the ritual of drinking a spirit.”

“Alcohol is so ingrained in our culture that we have become numb to the negative effects,” Fudge told me. “Our hope is to create a world that celebrates the connection and conversation that drinking provides, but to do so in a healthier way.” Aplós is selling 16 oz. bottles directly to consumers for $48.

2. Bimble

New York-based Bimble Beverages produces a line of “chill sparkling drinks” that are infused with 25 mg of broad-spectrum hemp.

There are three flavors—Blueberry Lemon Ginger, Cucumber Melon Lime, and Grapefruit Basil Mint—and each offering contains a blend of clarified lemon juice concentrate, raw honey, and other natural flavors.

Available in the New York metro area and on Bimble’s website, a 12-pack of 12 oz. bottles are rather expensive, selling for $74.99.

3. CarryOn

One of the few larger beverage companies to enter the CBD drinks space is Ocean Spray, which launched its “CarryOn” line of beverages in the Denver area last year. 

The product, which retails for $4.99, comes in two flavors and formulations. A “recover” SKU contains just 10 mg of CBD isolate and is flavored with grapefruit juice. Meanwhile, CarryOn’s “Relax” SKU is flavored with blueberry juice and contains 20 mg of CBD isolate as well as L-Theanine. 

Overall, these offerings are perfect for anyone just beginning to explore the CBD drinks space or those looking for a change of pace from ordinary sparkling water.

4. LifeAid Hemp
LifeAid Hemp

Fitness enthusiasts searching for a CBD beverage that isn’t quite as effervescent as some of the more widely available sparkling waters should seek out LifeAID’s Hemp Blend.

First released in 2019, this product contains 20 mg of broad-spectrum hemp sourced from Ojai Energetics, a provider of nano-encapsulated CBD oil that is faster-acting and more bioavailable. 

LifeAID’s Hemp Blend also contains lemon balm and rosemary adaptogens and is competitively priced at $3.99 per 12 oz. can.

5. Recess

Arguably the most recognizable and respected name in the CBD drinks game, Recess makes a line of sparkling waters infused with hemp and adaptogens.

Available in six flavors—Black Cherry, Pomegranate Hibiscus. Blood Orange, Peach Ginger, Coconut Lime and Blackberry Chai—Recess’ core line contains 10 mg of broad-spectrum hemp as well as adaptogens such as L-theanine, lemon balm and ginseng. 

Recess retails for $4.99, which, considering the lower dose of CBD, pushes the upper boundaries of cost. However, one could justify the price because of Recess’ delicious flavors and formulation that includes additional benefits from the adaptogens. 

6. Rhythm

Another standout brand in the increasingly crowded CBD seltzer space is Rhythm, which makes a line of functional beverages infused with 15 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract.

Rhythm’s three flavors—Lemon Ginger, Blackberry Lavender and Grapefruit Rosemary—are not only tasty, but designed for specific need states. 

Looking to bounce back after a hard workout? Try Rhythm’s “Recover” blend, which is also infused with high levels of curcumin from turmeric root extract.

Need a boost? Rhythm’s “Awake” blend contains 50 mg of caffeine from organic green tea extract to give you a shot of energy without the jitters.

A four-pack sells for $23.99 online, which is expensive, however these drinks combine CBD and other functional ingredients. 

7. Valley Sparkling Water
Valley Sparkling Water

Several craft breweries have begun experimenting with nonalcoholic CBD sparkling waters, including Connecticut Valley Brewing. 

Available in a variety of flavors, 16 oz. cans of Valley Sparkling Water are infused with 25 mg of CBD and calorie-free. A four-pack retails for $18.99.

I sampled four different offerings and found two SKUs—Blueberry Lemonade and Strawberry Kiwi—to be the most enjoyable.

Honorable Mentions:

If you’re a craft beer fan looking for a nonalcoholic option, check out CBD-infused concoctions from Collective Arts Brewing (Collective Project), Left Hand Brewing (Present), and Indeed Brewing (Lull). 

I also enjoyed offerings from Mad Tasty (founded by OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder), Canopy Growth Corporation (Quatreau) and Unity

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Adam iLL’s Favorite Twitch Streamers

Joining Twitch at the beginning of quarantine means I’ve only been on the platform for a short while. However, in that time I’ve already learned that—although creating an audience & building a community can be fun as a Streamer, it’s also hard work. And as a viewer, there’s tons of content to choose from. But how do you filter through hundreds of thousands of options? Well, I’m here to help. From those striving for social justice to others that are pure entertainment, read on below for a list of my favorite streamers to watch.

And don’t forget to check out the highest stream with the illest community: My Twitch


“Please dude, please.” Uncle Joe is one of my favorite variety streamers—and not just because I’m the center square every week on twitch squares. Uncle Joe is talented AF. From his comedy freestyles, funky smooth singing voice, drum playing, DJing or just vibing with the Nephews (a network of amazing streamers that could be a list in itself), you will always have a smile on your face watching his stream. Don’t sleep on Uncle Joe or the Nephews. Just make sure you adjust the volume before putting on your headphones.


I like seeing things first hand. So Woke, a multiple POV stream of live feeds from all over the world, shows how people are protesting and making change. This stream is a raw look at civil rights protests and the right of free speech. Always topical. Always intriguing. Always live.


Couples that get high together stay together. Tim and Janna, aka jimtanna, let viewers into their relationship world of smoking, gaming and watching shows together. Basically what every couple does when the cameras are off, but they involve the chat in most of their stream. They’ve built a community for likeminded individuals to have a place to chill and vibe. Check them out daily!


Being born and raised in LA, I have a fascination with police chases. They are common occurrences out here and are always exciting to watch live. Damon Staleblazer, the host of the show, streams live listening parties on active police scanners and always has an eye in the sky on live newsworthy action happening in our streets. 


Going to therapy is one thing, but receiving life lessons from a human gecko is a whole vibe. The calmness and realness Lyle brings is therapeutic and, more importantly, entertaining. Taking live calls and questions from his viewers is always interesting and it’s always nice to see how much we have in common when it comes to the obstacles we face in life.


When I’m just trying to vibe (with or without looking at the screen), I know Honeycomb will bring it. With his live loops and trippy beats, this stream always elevates my vibe. Bringing in special guests and incorporating the chat makes the whole stream more personal. Watch his next stream and see how he will incorporate your name.


Who doesn’t love the interview skills of Nardwuar? If you haven’t heard of the Nardwuar, then where have you been? From fashion to interviewing, his eccentric style leaves the viewer in amazement and the celeb being interviewed in shock. Having him on Twitch showing new interviews and playing back his favorite moments gets you wanting to see more from the mind of Nardwuar. And don’t forget: doo doo d—doo doo…


Quality content! I’m always in awe when watching Sushi Dragon. Having a whole warehouse to stream is some peoples’ dream and SD made it happen. With all of his new technology and live editing skills, I’m always excited to see what he is up to next. If you want to see what streaming on the next level is all about, make sure you check out Sushi Dragon. 


“Suuuuu duuuuu?!” From gaming to trimming, SN will always be on and ready to light up with you. Though he’s one of the OGs of smoking and streaming, watching Stoned Ninja’s stream is just like chilling with your favorite dude. From playing games to dropping strains, SN does giveaways and is a treat for growers and viewers alike.


I loved the attitude era of WWE and if you enjoy classic 90s wrestling, then this stream is for you. TD plays full uninterrupted episodes and PPVS of WWF and WCW matches. But it’s not all about the stream, it’s the chat room that makes it more exciting. With everyone’s comments and added channel point sound fx, it’s like you’re at a live event. And that’s the bottom line.

Honorable Mentions:

This list can keep going; there’s so much amazing content on Twitch. Who do you like? Who should I check out? Hit me up on IG to let me know and I’ll see you all on Twitch.

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This Week In TikTok: T.V. Show Theme Songs and Flashback Trends Takeover

New week, new TikToks! The creativity has reached an all-time high on the platform, and this week’s challenges are a reflection of just how far TikTok has come over the last few months. From t.v. show theme songs to glo-up trends, there is something for everyone to participate in this week. Let’s take a closer look at what’s been happening.

1. “Big Little Lies (TV Theme)” – Voidoid

A reference to the Big Little Lies television show, TikTokers are making videos parodying stereotypical upper-class behavior, and seem to be having a ball creating comical TikToks about ‘mean’ principals and boujee dating stories. TikTok has always been a way to vent about negative experiences, so might as well have fun with it!

2. “Praying” – Kesha

‘Praying’ is one of Kesha’s more poignant tracks, and while the song is about overcoming trials and tribulations, embarrassing moments could technically fall under those categories too right? The resurgence of this 2017 hit has seen TikTok users recalling their most embarrassing moments while singing along to the song’s crescendo. Like we said before, TikTok is the place to let it all out.

3. ‘Deja Vu’ – Olivia Rodrigo

We’ve all experienced deja vu at some point in our lives, and it’s truly one of the most otherworldly feelings in the world. Creating videos to the tune of Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Deja Vu,’ TikTokers are using a screen-mirror blinking filter to make a dual back and forth effect amongst themselves. This is one of those challenges that are easier to watch than explain, so take a look at the video above to get a better idea.

4. Body- Russ Millions & Tion Wayne

TikTok never strays too far from their dancing roots, and the ‘Body’ challenge is a celebration of Ramadan, as creators use transition effects to show off different Ramadan-themed outfits. This is a really unique trend that is definitely worth scrolling through. Check it out when you have the chance!

That’s gonna do it! As usual we’ll be back next week for some more trends!

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What is Quidd? A Brief Intro to the Digital Collectible Platform

When collectibles firm Topps hired Michael Bramlage to reinvent the brand for a digital age, the new hire quickly realized that the opportunity was much bigger than he had expected. 

“We were on the cusp of a format shift,” he told The Nifty Show. “Stocks at one point existed in a paper format and eventually they converted to digital because that experience was just ten times better. I became convinced that code will replace cardboard.”

It was a huge realization, a recognition that a way of building collections that had existed for more than a century was about to undergo a complete revolution. People who had grown up in front of screens, first on their desks, then on their laps, and finally ever-present in their hands, were at least as comfortable collecting digital goods as they were putting pieces of cardboard in folders. What collectors needed now was a platform that allowed them to build those collections, buy and sell items, and profit from their collections.

Bramlage left Topps and formed Quidd with the goal of creating more than just a platform for collectibles. The aim was to replicate the entire collecting experience. Collectors should be able to purchase different brands, feel the thrill of opening packs and find the cards and items they needed to complete their collections.

But they also needed to be able to cash out. “A big part of real world collecting, whether it’s art or wine or watches or pieces of cardboard, is the aftermarket,” said Bramlage. “It’s what you do with it after you have it.”

An early version of Quidd enabled collectors to trade cards among themselves, but the platform soon found that few of those transactions closed. Traders needed to be able to understand the different values of cards to make reasonable offers and complete the transactions. Trading became a difficult field that could only be used by experienced collectors. 

Quidd shifted to the ability to buy and sell using currency. At the same time, the company, which is now owned by Animoca Brands, has been able to offer and mint collectibles from brands including Atari, Marvel, Panini, and Rick and Morty. Minted items come with serial numbers that also indicate maximum availability, ensuring that items retain their value and safeguarding the platform’s aftermarket.

Quidd is now considering releasing its own cryptocurrency to enable buying and selling, but in the meantime the platform has already achieved much of what Bramlage has set out to build. It’s shown that collectors are comfortable working entirely with digital items, that they’ll build their collections, and purchase new packs. They’ll also buy and sell from each other on the same platform. They’ve made the shift from cardboard to code.