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Ticket Stubs: A New Category of Sports Collectibles is Hot

In 2019, the sports trading card market started to heat up again. A rush of nostalgia and drive to acquire cards of favorite athletes triggered the revival of the sports card market that’s expected to continue growing for years to come.  

Since 2019, trading card market preferences have evolved — from prospecting on rookie players to buying Pokemon cards to funneling back to vintage cards and accomplished veterans and now . . . to ticket stubs. 

Graded ticket stubs have been on the minds of serious collectors for the past year (and beyond) and recent sales confirm the interest from a wider group of collectors. 

Ticket stubs offer a fascinating dimension to collecting trading cards because they are physical items from a specific meaningful event, and they are hard to find in good condition. 

This creates scarcity (low supply) and as demand grows, we’ve seen some eye-popping prices from decades-old tickets to games that turned out to be historically relevant. 

We’re going to dive into 10 recent ticket-stub sales that show the expansion of the market and interest in a wide variety of sports collectibles. 

1. Michael Jordan 1984 NBA Chicago Bulls Debut Ticket Stub PSA 6 — $264,000

We’ve seen plenty of headlines for all-time high sports card sales, but this PSA 6 ticket from Michael Jordan’s debut game sold in December now holds the record for most expensive ticket stub ever sold. 

Michael Jordan was ranked the best NBA basketball player of all time by ESPN and this is the ticket stub from his first-ever NBA game. Jordan scored 16 points, had 7 assists, 6 rebounds, 4 blocks, and 2 steals in that game. 

This is the highest-graded ticket stub from that game and it sold in December for a record $264,000.

2. Tom Brady 2001 First Career Touchdown Pass Autographed Ticket PSA 10 — $144,000

Tom Brady has won 7 Super Bowls, but his first-ever career touchdown pass came in his second season against the San Diego Chargers on 10/14/2001. 

Brady threw for 364 yards and two touchdowns as the Patriots defeated the Chargers 29–26 in overtime.

Heritage Auctions sold this PSA 10 ticket stub with Brady’s autograph in November for $144,000. 

3. Wilt Chamberlain 100-Point Game Ticket Stub PSA Authentic — $85,200
Goldin Auctions

ESPN ranked Wilt Chamberlain the 6th best NBA player of all time and this ticket stub comes from his March game against the New York Knicks in 1962 when he scored a record 100 points. He led the Philadelphia Warriors over the Knicks with a final score of 169–147. 

A PSA authentic ticket from that game sold for $85,200 at Goldin Co. this past August. 

4. Tom Brady NFL Debut Ticket Autographed PSA 6 — $73,200
Goldin Auctions

On November 23rd, 2000, the sixth-round pick who would go on to win 7 Super Bowls stepped onto the field for the first time to play the final series of a Thanksgiving day game against the Detroit Lions. 

The Patriots lost that game but Brady threw 3 passes and completed 1 for 6 yards. 

An autographed ticket from that game (graded a PSA 6), was sold via Goldin Auctions for $73,200 in October. 

5. Mickey Mantle Debut Ticket Stub PSA 1.5 — $67,200 (currently at auction)
Goldin Auctions

Mickey Mantle won seven World Series with the New York Yankees and was ranked the 6th best baseball player of all time by ESPN. Mantle debuted for the Yankees against the Boston Red Sox on April 17th, 1951. 

The Yankees beat the Red Sox 5–0 and Mantle was 1–4 with an RBI and run scored. 

The card is currently live on Goldin and has a bid (that includes buyer premium) of $67,200 with 19 days left in the auction.  

6. Tom Brady 2001 New England Patriots vs. New York Jets Autographed BGS Auto 10 — $44,400
Goldin Auctions

Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round by the New England Patriots in 2000 but didn’t have any notable playtime until the second week of the 2001 season. Drew Bledsoe, a former 1st overall pick who led the Patriots to a Super Bowl (but lost) suffered an injury and was replaced by Brady, who had thrown only 1 pass up until that point. 

He came in with the Patriots down 10–3 and couldn’t pull off the upset, but went 10–3 the rest of the regular season and led his team to a Super Bowl Victory over the St. Louis Rams. 

Since that season, Brady has won 6 additional Super Bowls and is widely considered to be the greatest quarterback of all time. 

A signed ticket stub inscribed “The Beginning” from that game sold for $44,400 at Goldin Co in January of 2022. 

7. Pelé 1958 World Cup Sweden Ticket Debut PSA 1 — $36,000
Goldin Auctions

Pelé won 3 World Cups and is often recognized as the best soccer player in history. He was declared a national treasure by Brazil and scored 3 goals in his World Cup debut at just 17 years old. 

A PSA 1 graded card from his World Cup debut sold at Goldin Auctions for $36,000. 

8. Diego Maradona Argentina Ticket Stub From International Debut PSA 2 — $33,720
Goldin Auctions

Sports Illustrated ranked Diego Maradona ahead of Pelé as the greatest soccer player in history after playing professionally for 21 years. Maradona debuted with the Argentinian national team on February 27th, 1977 vs. Hungary at just 16 years old as a sub in the second half. 

Goldin Co. sold a ticket stub (PSA 2) from that debut game for $33,720 in January. 

9. Kobe Bryant Signed NBA Debut Ticket Stub PSA/DNA Authentic — $33,600
Goldin Auctions

ESPN ranked Kobe Bryant the 9th best basketball player in history after 20 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, 5 NBA Championships, a league MVP award, and an 81-point game. 

Bryant was drafted to the NBA straight from high school as the 13th overall pick. On November 3rd, 1996, he came off the bench against the Timberwolves and had 1 rebound, but didn’t score any points. 

In May of 2021, Goldin Co. sold an autographed PSA authentic ticket stub from his debut game for $33,600.

10. Ken Griffey Jr MLB Debut Ticket Stub (1989) PSA FR 1.5 — $20,400
Goldin Auctions

Ken Griffey Jr. played 22 seasons in the MLB, is a Hall of Famer, 13-time All-Star, won 10-Gold Glove Awards, and ranks 7th all-time in Home Runs. Unfortunately, Griffey Jr. never won a World Series. 

He debuted for the Seattle Mariners on April 3rd, 1989, and hit a double on his first at-bat helping the Mariners defeat the Athletics 3–2. 

Goldin Co. sold a ticket from Griffey’s debut (PSA 1.5) for $20,400 on January 9th, 2022. 

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Top 10 Football Cards to Watch Heading into the NFL Playoffs

The NFL playoffs are finally here and it’s time to look at the top 10 football cards to watch heading into the post-season. 

This year’s post-season offers up a lot of opportunity for quarterbacks both young and old. Joe Burrow makes his first playoff appearance. Mac Jones gets a shot at becoming the first rookie quarterback ever to win a Super Bowl. Tom Brady is seeking his 8th Super Bowl Victory, likely MVP Aaron Rodgers looks to win his second Super Bowl and Matthew Stafford could finally win his first playoff game. 

Let the games begin! 

1. Aaron Rodgers 2005 Topps Chrome Refractor #190 PSA 9

The Green Bay Packers secured the top seed in the NFC and currently have the best odds to win the Super Bowl this year. Aaron Rodgers also has the best odds to win MVP, which would make it his fourth and put him second on the all-time list for most MVP awards. 

Rodger’s 2005 Topps Chrome Rookie refractor PSA 9 has a pop of 149 and last sold for $4,000: 


Back in April, the card hit a peak price of $6,200 before gradually declining to a low in-season price of $2,652. 

This is the top card to watch as we approach the NFL playoffs because Rodgers has the chance both to win another Super Bowl and add a fourth MVP award to his resume. 

Will a Super Bowl run push this card price back to its peak? Time will tell. 

2. Tom Brady 2000 Bowman Base #236 BGS 9.5

The Buccaneers have now fallen to the fourth-best odds to win the Super Bowl, but Tom Brady has seven Super Bowl rings to prove that you shouldn’t count them out. Brady is also in the running for the MVP award and many think it should be him over Aaron Rodgers. 

Brady’s 2000 Bowman Base BGS 9.5 has a population of 565 and last sold for $5,500: 


This is one of the most interesting cards on this list. It’s an affordable, high-grade rookie with a relatively low pop. Brady is a 7-time Super Bowl champion and could become the oldest MVP in NFL history (again). 

On February 9th, just two days after the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl, a copy of this card sold for $8,600 before dropping to $2,705 in June. 

The card hit a second high price of $8,500 in October before settling at $5,500. If Brady and the Buccaneers make a legitimate Super Bowl run, it will be fun to see if this card reaches the same heights it did during last year’s Super Bowl. 

3. Patrick Mahomes 2017 Prizm #269 PSA 10

Patrick Mahomes already has a Super Bowl Championship, NFL MVP under his belt, and is 6–2 in the postseason. He’s played in 2 Super Bowls and nearly made it to a 3rd. Yet, some may be counting Mahomes out due to his struggles this season. 

The Chiefs do have the second-best odds to win the Super Bowl this season but Mahomes’ 2017 Prizm Rookie PSA 10 has been losing value in 2021, last selling for $7,328 on 1/9: 


The card peaked at $15,500 right before last year’s Super Bowl and has since lost 52% of its value. It’s worth noting that in 2017, there were no Prizm base cards, which is why the population of this 2017 “silver” is higher than other players on this list. 

The supply hasn’t increased much since April, with only 22 new PSA 10 copies being graded. 

If Mahomes and crew can make a run this year, keep eye on this card. 

4. Josh Allen 2018 Prizm Silver #205 PSA 10

The Buffalo Bills have the fifth-best odds to win the Super Bowl and start their championship run against the New England Patriots this Saturday. The Bills lost their first regular-season match-up to the Patriots 14–10 but won the second match-up 33–21. 

Allen’s Prizm Silver Rookie PSA 10 has a pop of just 26 and last sold for $10,300:


The card hit an all-time high price of $15,500 in July, perhaps because Allen finished 2nd in MVP voting for the 2020 season after leading the Bills to the AFC championship.

Buffalo is currently a 4-point favorite over the Patriots. 

5. Matthew Stafford 2009 Topps Chrome Refractor #TC210 PSA 10

Matt Stafford has never won a playoff game in his 12-year career and hopes to change that this year. The Rams have the sixth-best odds to win the Super Bowl and open up the playoffs at home against the Cardinals. Although the Rams lost to the Cardinals earlier in the season, they beat them 30–23 in mid-December. 

Stafford’s Topps Chrome rookie refractor PSA 10 is a pop 62 and last sold for $1,475 on January 6th: 


The card hit an all-time high price of $2,600 in November but has since come down in value, likely due to the Ram’s (and Stafford’s) inconsistent play. The Rams have one of the most star-studded rosters on paper, but can’t seem to pull it together against good teams. 

6. Dak Prescott 2016 Prizm #231 PSA 10

The Dallas Cowboys have the seventh-best odds to win the Super Bowl and open their playoff run against the San Francisco 49ers at home. The last time the Cowboys faced the 49ers is the last time they were in the NFC Championship: 25 years ago. 

Prescott has played well this year after coming off of a season-ending injury but has a lot of pressure to lead his team in the post-season since Dallas has won just 3 playoff games since 2000

Prescott’s pop 1,196 2016 Prizm Silver (in 2016, there were no base Prizm football cards) last sold for $540: 


The card sold for $1,200 in August and $1,125 in October, but has since come down in price. 

7. Kyler Murray 2019 Prizm Silver #301 PSA 10

The Arizona Cardinals started off the season white-hot, going 7–0, but lost 4 out of their 5 regular-season games. The Cardinals have the eighth-best odds to win the Super Bowl but will be missing DeAndre Hopkins and possibly JJ Watt against the Rams, which are two big blows. 

Murray was playing well to start the season, but since returning from injury, he’s struggled. 

His Prizm Silver Rookie PSA 10 has also struggled, last selling for $1,133 on 1/12, its lowest price in 2021: 


The card hit a 2021 high price of $3,250 (lower than the all-time high of $4,950 in March 2020) but has been dropping since October. If Murray and the Cardinals look like they did the first half of this season in the playoffs, perhaps the trend will reverse. 

8. Mac Jones Absolute Kaboom! #K44 — Ungraded

The Patriots are a long shot to win the Super Bowl with the 11th-best odds, but they do have a head coach who is 31–12 (.721) in the post-season. No rookie quarterback has ever won the Super Bowl so it seems unlikely, but Mac Jones could be a fun play of the Patriots show signs of momentum in the post-season. 

Because Jones is a rookie, his Prizm cards won’t be released until March 2022, so we’re going with his Kaboom! rookie. 

Kaboom! rookie cards have been popular and growing in value, and Jones’ latest sale on eBay was $1,325. For comparison, Josh Allen’s Kaboom! Rookie BGS 9.5 last sold for $5,820. 

Jones could win offensive rookie of the year and frigid temps for their Wild Card game against the Bills could create some opportunity for an upset. 

9. Joe Burrow 2020 Prizm Silver #307 PSA 10

The Cincinnati Bengals have the ninth-best odds to win the Super Bowl, which is impressive considering that the Bengals went 4–11–1 the previous season and Joe Burrow is coming off of an ACL tear

Burrow’s pop 100 Prizm Silver Rookie PSA 10 last sold for $3,400 on 1/12: 


Burrow’s rookie silver has held its value well in 2021 with a low price of $2,175 and a high price of $3,500 despite the pop increasing from 39 copies in April to 100 copies today. 

It also doesn’t hurt that Burrow is paired up with a rookie receiver who looks to be on an elite career path. The Bengals open up their playoff run at home against the Raiders.

10. Derrick Henry 2016 Prizm #298 PSA 10

Derrick Henry is the only non-QB on this list and for good reason: he was largely responsible for leading the Tennesee Titans to the AFC Championship in the 2019 season.  

He rushed for 182 yards and a touchdown in the Wild Card round, rushed for 195 yards and threw a passing TD in the Divisional Round, and rushed for 69 yards and a touchdown in the AFC Championship. 

In 2020, the Titans were knocked out of the Wild Card by the Baltimore Ravens when Henry rushed for just 40 yards on 18 carries, but they are the AFC’s 1-seed and have the third-best odds to win the Super Bowl. 

Henry was having a dominant 2021 season, rushing for 937 yards in eight games before he was sidelined with an injury. This is a risky bet because it’s still unclear if he will return for the divisional playoff round. 

His pop 164 Prizm rookie last sold for $430 on 1/6: 


The card hit a high price of $800 in February and rebounded again in October. Henry’s injury is a massive risk to his card prices but there’s a lot of upside if he can come back and play like his old self in the divisional round. 

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Precious Metal Gems: The Cards That Changed the Course of the Hobby

Precious Metal Gems, “PMGs” for short, was released in 1997 as part of the larger Skybox Metal Universe basketball and football card sets. Since then, PMGs from the 1997–98 basketball set have become some of the most iconic and collectible inserts in the hobby. 

PMGs are significant because they represent the earliest implementation of what saved the hobby from the junk wax era and helped create the engine for the modern collecting economy we enjoy today: artificial scarcity

Throughout hobby history, we’ve seen vintage cards sell for record prices largely due to natural scarcity instead of artificial scarcity. 

Famous cards that have sold for millions of dollars like the Honus Wagner T206, Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps, and Babe Ruth 1933 Goudey benefitted from natural scarcity. Fewer cards were produced, and even fewer survived in good condition over the years. 

However, as the hobby grew, collectors got smarter about preserving the condition of their cards, and companies like Ultra Pro released protective sleeves in the mid-nineties. 

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the hobby almost died out because card companies produced millions of cards. This caused hobby shops to go out of business, and sports card companies to nearly go bankrupt.

Card companies had to do something to create scarcity to increase collectibility, so they started adding serial numbers to cards that limited their supply in the marketplace. 

In 1990, the first serial numbered sports card was released. It was a holographic card numbered to 10,000 (meaning only 10,000 copies were printed), featuring the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy:

The cards still actively sell on eBay for around $150 for a non-graded card and $300 for a PSA 7, which goes to show that artificial scarcity created by sports card companies can make cards more valuable. 

Lowering print runs and adding artificial scarcity was a solution that has evolved into limited release inserts, rookie patch autographs, rare parallels, and created a group of collectors who study hobby history to find rare modern cards. 

Despite numbered cards preceding its release, Precious Metal Gems had quite a few advantages that helped make their mark in hobby history: 

1. The Design Aesthetic and Cultural Relevance

The Vince Lombardi trophy doesn’t have a lot of eye appeal and doesn’t depict an athlete on the card. On the other hand, the inaugural PMG set featured all-time greats like Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neill, Tim Duncan, and more with attractive green and red-colored cards. 

The set also happened to release during the 1997–98 season, a pivotal one for NBA basketball. 

It was Jordan’s final season with the Bulls when they went on to defeat the Utah Jazz in the NBA Championship. Marking the end of one era, but the start of another with young superstars like Kobe Bryant entering the fold. 

Anybody holding a PMG from 1997 is immediately sucked in with nostalgia to one of the greatest eras in basketball. 

2. Ultra-Low Supply

PMGs came in two colors: Red and Green.

There were only 100 copies of PMGs printed for each player, with 10 green copies, and 90 red Copies. 

For perspective on how rare these cards are, the odds of pulling a Michael Jordan PMG insert from a pack was 1 in 17,500. 

These were the only parallels in the set, unlike modern releases. 

For example, the 2018 Prizm basketball product has 36 parallels. 20 of those parallels are numbered to 99 copies or less. If you want a rare parallel from the set, you have plenty of choices. 

With PMGs, you only had 2. 

3. The Set is Condition Sensitive

Condition sensitivity can recreate the same type of scarcity vintage cards have. PMGs are hard to keep in pristine condition, which kept the supply of high-grade copies low. Out of 501 total graded copies of basketball PMGs by PSA, only one has received a PSA 10 grade. 310 (62%) of all the cards graded received a PSA 6 or lower.

4. The PMG Revival and Expansion

In the ten years following the release of the Metal Universe cards, only one new basketball set was released, 1998–99 Metal Universe

This time around, the design was altered and the PMGs had a print run of 50 with a one-of-one PMG Masters parallel.

While there was a 1999 Metal Universe baseball and football set produced, the set faded into relative obscurity until Fleer/Skybox went bankrupt and was acquired by Upper Deck. Upper Deck relaunched the product for basketball in 2008–09, but used a different design:

Goldin Auctions

This PSA 10 copy of the Michael Jordan Precious Metal Gems (numbered to 10 copies) sold via Goldin Auctions for $222,630, but it wasn’t until 2012 and 2013 releases that the set expanded into other sports. In 2012 and 2013, Fleer Retro used the same design as the original precious metal gems and released for Basketball, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Golf, Boxing, Wrestling, and Marvel:

Cardboard Connection

The iconic and original Precious Metal Gems sets and design have permeated more of the hobby and have now become popularized through its resurgence. 

This resurgence culminated with a $915,000 sale of a 1997 Michael Jordan Green PMG by Heritage Auctions. 

5. Notable PMG Sales
Sports Collectors Daily

That $915,000 marked the most expensive PMG ever sold. It was an Authentic PSA copy of the Green PMG Michael Jordan (numbered to 10 copies) in December 2020.

The card previously sold for $350,000 in February of 2019. Only 6 copies of this card have been graded by PSA. 2 were graded “Authentic”, 1 was graded a 5, and 3 received a PSA 6.

Tiger Woods 2013 Upper Deck Precious Metal Gems #E-TW PMG Purple /125 BGS 9.5

This pop 9 card sold for $11,000 on January 2nd, 2022, but once sold for $112.50 in 2017. This particular PMG is not one of the most expensive ones ever sold, but it commanded 5-figures while setting an all-time high price. 

The Purple PMGs are numbered to 125 copies and were gifted to Upper Deck staff. The cards featured athletes outside of the usual sports (basketball, football, baseball, hockey) including Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Mike Tyson, Hulk Hogan, Michael Phelps, and Oscar De La Hoya. 

Spiderman 2013 Fleer Retro Marvel Precious Metal Gems Blue #5 BGS 9
Goldin Auctions

In May of this year, a BGS 9 copy of this card was sold via Goldin Auctions for $34,440. Just eight months later, the card in the same grade sold for $132,000. That represents a 283% increase in value. 

This card is numbered to just 10 copies and maybe our first instance of in-theatre performance affecting a card’s value. 

Spiderman: No Way Home was released in mid-December and just passed Titanic to become the sixth-highest grossing film (domestic) of all time. 

We’ve written about how an athlete’s performance can affect the value of cards and the popularity of the new Spiderman film seems to have the same effect. 

Alex Ovechkin 2012 Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Green #16 BGS 8.5

On Friday, December 17th, a seller accepted a $42,500 offer on this Alex Ovechkin Green PMG BGS 8.5 out of 10 copies. Ovechkin is an accomplished hockey player who could surpass Wayne Gretzky’s record for most all-time goals scored in the NHL. 

Add this card to the list of non-1997, non-basketball PMGs hitting record numbers in the last few months. 

Russell Wilson 2012 Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Green /10 #M63 BGS 9.5

This Russell Wilson Green PMG is numbered to just 10 copies and sold on November 23rd for $20,000 via Buy It Now on eBay. This is the only copy of the card in a BGS 9.5 and there are no copies graded higher (including PSA). 

The Seahawks struggled this season and did not make the playoffs, but Wilson is a Super Bowl Champion and has the 2nd highest career passer rating of all time. Although the card features Wilson in a college uniform (collectors tend to prefer pro uniforms) the $20,000 sale further confirms collector interest in PMGs outside of the iconic ‘97-’98 basketball set. 

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Collectibles Market Weekly Recap

The collectibles market has had an incredible past 18 months, with sports cards bursting back in to the mainstream conversation and record sales of both iconic vintage and modern superstars sometimes selling for millions of dollars.

Recently, there have been many other types of collectibles that have been heating up as well, with graded comic books, video games, ticket stubs and game-worn memorabilia beginning to take center stage.

The steady rise of auction houses such as Goldin, PWCC, and Heritage as well as the birth of fractional ownership apps such as Rally, Dibbs, Collectable and Otis, have made it possible for people on any budget to get in the game.

This weekly article will aim to inform you of some of the more interesting and exciting items that sold during the previous week as well as give a look ahead to some assets that will soon be available.

1. Lebron James 2003 Exquisite RPA PSA 8.5/10 – $1,572,000
Goldin Auctions

This iconic RPA was graded NM-MT+ 8.5 by PSA sold for $1,572,000 at Goldin Auctions.

The card is numbered /99, and is the only one graded an 8.5 by PSA, with just one graded higher. It is also the first “Exquisite Collection” rookie card of LeBron James that was ever produced.

Back in April of 2021, a LeBron Exquisite RPA numbered /23 sold for $5.2 million dollars, which at the time tied the record for the most expensive sports card ever.

2. Tom Brady Game Worn Jersey – $480,000
Goldin Auctions

This jersey is from the final regular season game (January 3rd, 2021) of the 2020 season, a 44-21 win over the Atlanta Falcons, in which Brady threw for 399 yards and 4 touchdowns just a few weeks before he won Super Bowl LV. The final sale price at Goldin Auctions of $480,000 set an all-time record for any game-used NFL jersey.

According to Goldin Auctions, “this jersey is the only one we know of that Brady inscribed “G.O.A.T.”, for “Greatest of All Time” on, which suggests that it is truly one of a kind — a one of one.”

3. Lamelo Ball National Treasures RPA /10 PSA 9 – $204,000
Goldin Auctions

This card is numbered to just 10, making it one of the most rare and sought after cards of 2020-21 NBA Rookie of the Year, Lamelo Ball. National Treasures is the most collectible Panini set, and this particular card has incredible eye appeal with an absolutely SICK patch.

It was graded a PSA 9 with a 10 auto and sold at Goldin Auctions for $204,000.

4. 1990 John Madden Football Sega Genesis WATA 9.2 A+ – $66,000
Heritage Auctions

Legendary football coach and analyst John Madden passed away on December 28, 2021, but his legacy will live on forever in the hearts of football fans AND gamers alike.

This WATA 9.2 A+ graded Sega Genesis game from 1990 sold for $66,000 at Heritage Auctions, with the fact that this particular example being in a cardboard box instead of the more widely used plastic clamshell case increasing its value.

5. Tom Brady Debut Ticket – $44,400
Goldin Auctions

This signed full ticket (BGS Auto 10) was from September 23rd, 2001 – the game in which Mo Lewis of the New York Jets knocked then Patriots starting QB Drew Bledsoe out of the game with a vicious sideline hit, and the legacy of Tom Brady began.

It sold for $44,400 at Goldin Auctions, an all-time record for this Tom Brady ticket.

6. Pele World Cup Debut Ticket – $36,000
Goldin Auctions

This ticket is from Pele’s FIFA World Cup debut on June 15, 1958 where he made an appearance as a substitute in Brazil’s 2-0 win over the USSR. It is graded a PR 1 with an MK (mark) qualifier.

The low grade didn’t seem to bother bidders, as the final sale price of $36,000 at Goldin Auctions was an all-time record for any soccer ticket.

7. Mariano Rivera Debut Ticket – $31,200
Goldin Auctions

This ticket was from the May 23rd, 1995 game where New York Yankees Hall of Fame closer Mariano Rivera made his Major League debut against the California Angels. His career got off to a rocky start, as he gave up five runs and eight hits in 3.1 innings on this day.

Graded EX-MT 6 by PSA, signature graded “10” by PSA/DNA, the stub is signed in blue ink and inscribed “Major League Debut” below his name. It sold for $31,200 at Goldin Auctions.

8. Recur Passes – $650
Recur Marketplace

Recur, a new NFT collectibles platform that already boasts partnerships with franchises such as Hello Kitty, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Godfather, and Star Trek (to name a few), held a 24-hour sale of “Recur Passes” in mid-December. These passes grant early access and benefits to their holders.

Each pass is unique, with a set of numbers and colors that determine its rarity. Buyers were able to purchase these passes for $300/each during that 24-hour window, and Recur reported that they sold 64,031 of them.

Those who purchased one must be happy to see the current floor price of $650, meaning they have more than doubled in value in less than a month… and with the first collectible drop coming in February, Recur is definitely a platform to look out for!

On The Horizon!
9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lot – COMING SOON!
Heritage Auctions
Heritage Auctions

This collection belongs to Mark Freedman, the licensing agent behind the iconic TMNT brand. For any fan of the franchise, it is an absolute treasure trove of collectibles featuring more than 200 lots full of rare merchandise, prototypes that never made it in to production and comic books.

Check out the full list of TMNT items that will be made available to the public. It will make you want to jump in to the sewer and crush some pizzas!

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10. Bored Ape Yacht Club Trippy Fur #8827 – COMING SOON!
Rally Road
Rally Rd

Bored Apes recently $1B in total sales volume, with nearly $500,000,000 of that coming in the 4th quarter of 2021.

This particular Ape’s “trippy fur” is its rarest trait, found in just .77% of all Bored Apes. #BAYC8827 is the 324th most rare Ape in the collection and for those who would love to own one but can’t afford the $820,000 price tag, it will soon be available for fractional ownership on Rally Road.

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Top 10 Hottest NBA Cards Since the Start of the Season

The 2021–22 NBA season kicked off about 3 months ago and we’ve already had plenty of action including a historical New York Knicks comeback win over the Boston Celtics, a surprise team leading the Eastern Conference, a struggling Los Angeles Lakers team, and much more. 

Now that we’re a few months into the season, it’s time to look at which players and cards have grown the fastest in value. The list looks at 3-month price growth and only includes graded cards with a minimum value of $250 from active players. 

1. DeMar DeRozan 2009 Topps Chrome #100 Base /999 PSA 8 (+292%)

The Chicago Bulls are currently in 1st place in the Eastern Conference with a 26–11 record. They’ve won 9 out of 10 and are 2 games ahead of the Brooklyn Nets. At now 7th place on Vegas Insider’s odds to win NBA MVP, 32-year-old DeMar DeRozan is having a career year. 

He’s currently averaging 26.5 points, 5 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game. 

DeRozan’s pop 10 Topps Chrome Rookie Base in a PSA 8 grade last sold for $345 on January 2nd, up from a previous sale of $125 in early November: 


In September, the card sold for just $77.25. 

DeRozan has never won an NBA MVP, but is a 4-time All-Star and is playing well for the #1 team in the Eastern Conference so far this season. His name comes up a few times on this list and will be fun to watch during the rest of the season, especially if he keeps playing this well and the Bulls keep winning.

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo 2013 Prizm Green #290 PSA 10 (+251%)

Giannis Antetokounmpo is in his 9th NBA season and already has 2 MVP awards, 1 Most Improved Player award, 1 Defensive Player of the Year award, 1 Finals MVP Award, and 1 NBA championship. He’s averaging 28.5 points per game this season and the Bucks are 4th in the Eastern Conference at 26–16. 

There are just 36 copies of Giannis’ Rookie Green Prizm in a PSA 10 grade and it’s gained nearly $31,000 of value in the past 3 months: 


The card sold on 1/8 for $43,200 (a new all-time high), up from its previous sale of $12,300 on 10/25. The Milwaukee Bucks currently have the 3rd-best odds to win an NBA Championship this season. 

3. DeMar DeRozan 2009 Topps Chrome #100 Refractor /500 PSA 9 (+218%)

DeMar DeRozan’s 2009 Topps Chrome Rookie Refractor /500 has just 23 copies in a PSA 9 grade and like many of his cards, has grown rapidly in value this season. 

This particular card last sold for $1,174 on January 3rd, up from its last sale of $969 in December: 


In the past 3 months, the card has sold 3 times and sold as low as $363 in October. 

4. Stephen Curry 2009 Panini Base #357 PSA 10 (+182%)

Steph Curry surpassed Ray Allen to become the NBA’s all-time leader in career 3-pointers this season and the Warriors are currently 2nd in the Western Conference with a 29–9 record. Curry is also rejoined by his teammate Klay Thompson, a 5-time NBA All-Star who missed two seasons with a torn ACL and a torn Achilles.

Curry’s pop 149 Panini Base PSA 10 last sold for $2,300 on January 2nd: 


In November, the card sold for $810 and was sold 9 times since. It’s gone through its peaks and valleys but has steadily increased in price over its past 3 sales. 

5. Stephen Curry 2009 Bowman ’48 #106 Blue /1948 PSA 8 (+176%)

The Golden State Warriors currently have the 2nd-best odds to win the NBA Championship this season and with Curry’s flagship rookie cards becoming out of reach for most collectors, his alternative rookie cards have gotten some attention. 

A copy of this pop 63 PSA 8 alternative rookie card last sold for $2,500 in November:  


While it was a slight dip from the previous sale, it’s up from $1,375 over the past 3 months. The card sold as low as $940 in July. Curry’s cards are worth watching, especially now that the Warriors have a key piece of their roster back in the line-up. 

6. DeMar DeRozan 2009 Topps Chrome #100 Base /999 BGS 9 (+172%)

DeMar DeRozan cards have been an upswing across multiple grades of his Topps Chrome base and refractor cards. Many of which have low populations likely due to collectors not thinking twice about sending them in for grading over the past decade. 

DeRozan’s BGS 9 Base Topps Chrome (numbered to 999 copies) has a pop of just 21 and last sold for $399.99 on January 2nd: 


In November, this card sold for $150 and 3 copies have been sold since at an average price of $269.75. 

7. Klay Thompson 2018 Panini Kaboom! #KT PSA 10 (+166%)

Klay Thompson is back in action after missing two seasons to an ACL and Achilles injury. Thompson has played 8 seasons with the Golden State Warriors, winning 3 NBA championships and received 5 All-Star selections in the process while averaging 19.5 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 2.3 assists per game. 

Some collectors may be hesitant to jump back into his cards after he’s been off the court for so long, but he rejoins a dominant Warriors team that is on a path for another championship run. 

Thompson’s pop 19 Panini Kaboom! PSA 10 hit an all-time high price when it last sold on 11/18 for $2,555: 


The card sold for $1,300 just a few weeks earlier and is up over $1,200. It will be interesting to see how both Thompson and the card market react to him being back on the court, but he’s in a position to make a championship-caliber team even better.

8. Andrew Wiggins 2014 Prizm Silver #251 PSA 10 (+165%)

Andrew Wiggins was the first overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft and played 6 seasons for the Timberwolves before he was traded to the Golden State Warriors. 

He’s never won an NBA championship or been named an NBA All-Star but he is averaging 19.1 points per game so far this season. Sometimes all it takes for a player to get recognition in the card market is to be on a good team with playoff and championship hopes. 

Wiggins pop 66 rookie silver Prizm PSA 10 (pop 66) last sold for $400 on 11/26:


The card last sold earlier in the month for $150. Despite the gains, the card is down from previous all-time highs of $669 in August of 2020. If the Warriors remain a favorite to win the NBA championship and Wiggins continues to contribute, keep a close eye on his cards.

9. Stephen Curry 2009 Crown Royale #103 Autograph /399 BGS 9.5 (+155%)

Steph Curry is the most popular player on this list and his alternative rookie cards have shown big gains over the past 3 months. This pop 137 Crown Royale Rookie Autograph features a bright blue autograph (with a 10 autograph grade) and last sold for $26,000 on November 21st: 


Just two days earlier, a copy of this card sold for $14,950. That’s a gain of over $11,000 in two days. As Steph Curry’s main rookie cards push six and seven-figure valuations, it will push collectors to look at alternative cards like this one as he continues to cement his legacy as a generational player

10. Stephen Curry 2009 Panini #307 Base PSA 9 (+148%)

Our final card on this list is a 2009 Panini Steph Curry Base PSA 9. There are 261 copies of this card in a PSA 9 grade and one last sold for $550 on 1/6 for $550: 


Over the past 3 months, this card has sold 27 times at an average price of $397. In October, the card sold as low as $220. While the card is down from its peak of a $669 in mid-December, the last three sales have trended upwards in price. 

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Highest Population PSA Sports Card Sets of All-Time

For the past few years, people in the hobby have been debating whether or not we are in a second junk wax era. The sports card market has been booming for a few years now and there was no shortage of record multi-million dollar card sales in 2021. 

Despite the record sales, it’s in the back collector’s minds that card companies are producing an outsized supply in the midst of a sports card explosion, reminiscent of the 1987–1994 junk wax era

The junk wax era for sports cards refers to a time period when cards were massively overproduced. For example, the 1992 Collector’s Edge football set printed 25 million cards.

Demand couldn’t keep up with the supply, and once people found out just how many cards were printed, card companies almost went bankrupt and ruined the hobby. 

With the help of our friends at GemRate, who provide awesome grading data for sports card sets and cards, we’re going to break down the highest grade card sets by PSA, their gem rate (likelihood of getting a PSA 10 grade), the highest-graded card in the set, and the gem rate of that card. 

Let’s dive in! 

1. 2019 Panini Prizm Basketball — 509,769 Graded Cards and 51.4% Gem Rate

Luka Doncic and Trae Young helped fuel plenty of hobby hype, but Zion Williamson was one of the most hyped rookies to enter the NBA a year later after just 1 season at Duke. Unfortunately, Zion, and his rookie cards, have fallen into the bust category after injuries and the hype dying down. 

It was feared that this product would be overproduced, and it turns out it has 50% more supply than the second-highest graded set on this list. 

If you submit any 2019 Panini Prizm basketball card to PSA, you have a 51.4% chance of receiving a PSA 10 grade. 

The top graded card in the set is Zion Williamson’s #248 Base, with 37,873 total copies graded and 20,281 PSA 10s (a 53.6% gem rate). That supply would put Zion’s base rookie card 6th on the most graded sports card list and on a trajectory to take the 5th-place spot from Barry Bonds 1986 Topps Traded #11T PSA 9 card. 

It’s likely that this set will continue to grow in graded population as PSA catches up on its backlog of orders. 

2. 1961 Topps Baseball — 341,448 Graded Cards and 0.3% Gem Rate

The second set comes as a bit of surprise because (like most other sets on this list) it is not from the junk wax era. While some individual junk wax era cards are the most graded of all time, the general market does not submit those cards for grading at the same rates as other products. 

The 1961 Topps Baseball set has a gem rate of just 0.3%, making PSA 10s rare despite the large population (just 1,024 total PSA 10s). 

The most popular and highest graded card in the set is the #300 Mickey Mantle, which received just 2 gems out of 8,321 cards submitted. According to Cardladder, the last sale of the PSA 9 1961 Topps Mickey Mantle was for $41,490. Mantle cards fetch significant value on the market, and this particular copy is able to hold value because the gem rate is so low despite a large population.

3. 1959 Topps Baseball — 339,251 Graded Cards and 0.2% Gem Rate

The 1959 Topps Baseball set has 339,251 total graded cards with a 0.2% gem rate, meaning just 678 copies exist in a PSA 10 grade. The highest graded card in the set is a Mickey Mantle and only 1 copy has received a PSA 10 out of 8,325 graded copies. 

According to Cardladder, the PSA 9 (pop 25) copy of this Mantle card last sold for $98,560 again proving that a card that is rare due to its condition can hold significant value in the marketplace. In the 50s and 60s, Topps released a lot of baseball cards, but PSA wasn’t created until 1991 so cards sat for decades at the mercy of deteriorating conditions. 

It’s fascinating to think how many more PSA 9 and PSA 10s would be in the market today if a grading service existed back then, and how it would impact the eye-popping values of these cards today. 

4. 1956 Topps Baseball — 330,586 Graded Cards and 0.1% Gem Rate

More Topps. More Mantle. The 1956 Topps Baseball set has 330,586 graded cards with a gem rate of 0.1%. That means just about 330 copies of any card in the set exist as a PSA 10. 

Mickey Mantle’s card from the set was graded 7,958 times and just 4 received a PSA 10 grade. According to Cardladder, the Mickey Mantle #135 Gray Back in a PSA 9 (pop 38) last sold for $137,760. 

The lack of a grading company (and lack of quality assurance by Topps), and the legacy of Mantle formed a perfect storm where just about every high-grade Mantle card is worth significant sums of money. 

5. 1968 Topps Baseball — 316,896 Graded Cards and 2.6% Gem Rate

The 1968 Topps Baseball set has 316,896 graded cards and a 2.6% gem rate. Even with a gem rate under 3%, that leaves 8,239 copies in a PSA 10 grade. The highest graded card in the set is the #177 Mets Rookies featuring Jerry Koosman and Nolan Ryan, with just 4 gems out of 7,958 graded copies. 

According to Cardladder, a PSA 10 copy of the card sold for $600,000 in August of 2020. 

6. 1971 Topps Baseball — 313,272 Graded Cards and 0.1% Gem Rate

The 1971 Topps Baseball set has 313,272 total cards graded and a gem rate of 0.1%. That leaves just 313 total PSA 10s available in the market. The highest graded card in the set is the #513 Nolan Ryan with zero copies receiving a PSA 10 grade out of 5,054 submitted copies. 

A PSA 9 copy of this card last sold in August for $17,834 with a pop of just 31 in that grade. 

7. 1957 Topps Baseball — 308,933 Graded Cards and 0.1% Gem Rate

The 1957 Topps Baseball set has 308,933 total cards graded and a gem rate of 0.1%. That leaves just 308 total PSA 10s available in the market. The highest graded card in the set is the #95 Mickey Mantle, and only 1 PSA 10 exists out of 6,874 submitted copies of the card. 

8. 1960 Topps Baseball — 307,910 Graded Cards and 0.1% Gem Rate

The 1960 Topps Baseball set has 307,910 graded cards and a 0.1% gem rate, leaving just 307 PSA 10s out of the entire set. The highest graded card in the set is the #148 Carl Yastrzemski Rookie Star and just 1 copy out of 8,788 has been graded a PSA 10. 

According to Cardladder, a PSA 9 copy of the card (pop 42) last sold for $19,200. 

9. 1975 Topps Baseball — 306,982 Graded Cards and 1.4% Gem Rate

The 1975 Topps Baseball set has 306,982 total graded cards at a 1.4% gem rate and 4,297 PSA 10 copies from the entire set. The most graded card is the 1975 George Brett #228 with just 10 PSA 10 copies out of 12,121 graded cards. 

According to Cardladder, a PSA 10 copy last sold for $162,000 in May of 2021.

10. 1986 Fleer Basketball — 303,845 Graded Cards and 6.0% Gem Rate

One of the most recognizable sets on this list features rookie cards of multiple NBA super stars from the 1980s. Fleer launched basketball cards back in 1961, but it wasn’t until 25 years later that it issued another set. Notable rookies in the set include Charles Barkely, Karl Malone, Clyde Drexler, Dominique Wilkins, Isiah Thomas, Hakeem Olajuwon, Joe Dumars, Chris Mullin, and of course, Michael Jordan. 

303,845 cards from the set have been graded at a 6% gem rate. There are 18,230 PSA 10s, the second-highest on this list apart from the 2019 Prizm basketball set. 

The most graded card in the set is the iconic #57 Michael Jordan with 320 gems out of 22,924 cards submitted for grading. This represents a 1.4% gem rate. 

According to Cardladder, a PSA 10 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan last sold on December 18th for $336,000. 

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NFL MVP Race — Analyzing the Card Prices

As we enter the first-ever week 18 of NFL football, it’s time to revisit the card prices of the top 10 most likely MVPs for the 2021–22 NFL season. Vegas Insider has just 10 players remaining as MVP candidates, but it’s clear that it will come down to Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. 

Nonetheless, this list looks much different than it did when we wrote a too early look at the top MVP candidates in late September. Kyler Murray, the former top MVP candidate has fallen to the 8th spot. Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, and Russell Wilson are no longer on the list and Joe Burrow, Jonathan Taylor, and Cooper Kupp launched themselves into MVP contention. 

Let’s dive in and see how the MVP odds near the end of the season have impacted card prices. 

1. Aaron Rodgers -400 Odds to Win MVP

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are 13–3 and have clinched the top seed in the NFC heading into the playoffs. Rodgers won the MVP award last season, putting him in a tie for second all-time with 3 MVP awards. If he wins it this year, he officially takes second place for most MVP awards, moving past Jim Brown, Johny Unitas, Brett Favre, and Tom Brady. 

It’s clear that the sports card market has responded to Rodger’s MVP-caliber season after a 68.6 completion percentage, 3,977 yards, 35 touchdowns, and just 4 interceptions. 

In the past 6 months, Rodgers’ 2005 Topps Chrome Base PSA 10 (pop 237) has increased by $2,700. The card last sold on 1/5 for $5,750: 


In late July, the card sold for just $3,000. 

However, despite the gains of his most popular rookie base card, his Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Autograph (pop 54 in a PSA 9) last sold in November for $8,100 which is a $900 drop from its $9,000 sale in August. 

His PSA 9 2005 Topps Chrome Refractor rookie last sold on 1/3 for $3,500, a $500 decrease from a $4,000 sale in August. Either the market hasn’t caught up to Rodgers’ rarer cards, or the current prices have absorbed his impending fourth MVP award. 

2. Tom Brady +550 Odds to Win MVP

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 12–4, NFC South Division Winners, and are the current 3-seed in the NFC playoff picture. However, the Buccaneers have lost two of their top receivers to injury and behavioral issues

They’ve also lost other key players to injury and nearly lost to the 4–12 New York Jets last week. 

Brady’s thrown for 4,990 yards this season with 40 touchdowns to 12 interceptions. Not too bad for the 44-year-old 7x Super Bowl Champion, but the Bucs now have the 5th best odds to win the Super Bowl. 

Brady’s pop 460 PSA 10 2000 Bowman Rookie last sold for $13,500, which is up $3,500 since July: 


A number of Brady’s Bowman and Bowman Chrome rookie cards peaked in the third week of November when the Buccaneers looked like a lock for another Super Bowl, but have settled leading into the end of the season. 

While it seems unlikely that Brady will edge out Rodgers for the MVP award, yet another Super Bowl run would likely positively impact the value of his cards. 

3. Joe Burrow +1,200 Odds to Win MVP

Joe Burrow and Ja’marr Chase have been a dynamic duo this season and the 10–6 Bengals have won their division to secure a spot in the playoffs. Burrow wasn’t even in MVP contention back in September but now he finds himself at number 3 on this list. 

While it’s highly unlikely he wins the award, the second-year Quarterback has been impressive coming off an ACL injury with a 70% completion rate, 4,611 yards, 34 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions. The Bengals clinched the AFC North in style, defeating the Kansas City Chiefs by just 3 points. 

Burrow’s pop 99 Prizm Silver PSA 10 last sold for $3,035 on 1/5, up $435 since August: 


His pop 7 PSA 9 Gold Prizm is up $13,400 since September, last selling for $29,000 on January 2nd. A PSA 9 copy of his National Treasures Rookie Patch Auto /99 was also sold on January 2nd, for $38,000.

Burrow may not win the  MVP award this season, but he and the playoff-bound Bengals are certainly a surprise contender, and some of Burrow’s lastest card sales reflect that. 

4. Jonathan Taylor +1,400 Odds to Win MVP

Jonathan Taylor has been an absolute beast this season rushing for 1,734 yards at 5.5 yards per carry, 108 yards rushing per game, and 18 touchdowns. He’s also added 342 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns. 

While Taylor had a slow start to the season, he’s had two games this season with over 170 rushing yards and had a season-high 4 rushing touchdowns against the Buffalo Bills in Week 11. 

Taylor’s card prices have moved upward accordingly. His pop 18 Prizm Silver PSA 10 last sold for $775 in December, up from a sale in October of $172.50: 


Taylor’s National Treasures Rookie Patch Autograph /99 (raw) is also up $405 since July, with a peak price of a $1,000 sale on 12/16. 

The Colts have an 82% chance of making the playoffs and if they do, it’ll be more time for Jonathan Taylor to shine. Positional players don’t get as much love in the hobby because of shorter careers and less spotlight, but Taylor’s remarkable season has helped his cards buck that trend. 

For reference, running backs have an average career of just 2.57 years.  

5. Cooper Kupp +3,000 Odds to Win MVP

Cooper Kupp has better odds to win the MVP award this season than his own Quarterback, and for good reason. Kupp is having a historic season and is just 12 receptions and 136 yards away from all-time records in those categories. 

While the records may be asterisked because of the extended season, his 138 receptions, 1,829 yards, and 15 touchdowns put him in elite company. 

Kupp’s 2017 Prizm Rookie (pop 213) last sold for $350 on January 5th, up $247 since July:


The Rams are 12–4 and headed to the playoffs, and Kupp has one more game to break some records. It’s not uncommon for a receiver’s rookie cards to command less money than Quarterbacks for the reasons listed in the last entry, but a 1/1 National Treasures Laundry Tag Patch (ungraded) sold for $2,500 on January 3rd via eBay. 

Kupp’s prices have generally increased during his season and could see another spike if he breaks records in week 18. 

6. Josh Allen +4,000 Odds to Win MVP

Josh Allen was hyped up coming into the 2021–22 NFL season after going 13–3 and making it to the AFC championship last year. However, the hype has died down on Josh Allen as the playoff-bound Bills are 10–6 this season. 

Allen’s 2018 Prizm Silver Rookie PSA 10 (pop 26) sold for $10,300 in October, down from a $15,500 sale in July: 


Cardladder projects the value of the card even lower, at $8,521. 

If we zoom out and look at a two-year sales history, the card has experienced remarkable growth. It once sold as low as $255 in January of 2020 and has grown significantly in value since. Overall, Allen’s cards are on a general downtrend, but that all could change with a Super Bowl run. 

7. Patrick Mahomes +5,000 Odds to Win MVP

Despite being just 26 years old, Patrick Mahomes has an MVP award and a Super Bowl championship under his belt. Some of his rarest rookie cards have outsold the rookie cards of 7-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady throughout 2021. 

The Chiefs clinched their division, but are 11–5 this season and Mahomes has seen his share of struggles. Mahomes has still thrown for 4,569 yards with 35 touchdowns to 13 interceptions and the Chiefs still have the 2nd-best odds to win a Super Bowl. 

Mahomes’ 2017 Prizm Silver Rookie PSA 10 (pop 883) last sold for $6,500 on January 4th, down from $9,250: 


Despite a $2,750 loss, the card is up from 729% since January of 2020 (when a copy sold for $784). 

Mahomes may be struggling more than usual this season, but he appeared in 2 Super Bowls in his first 3 seasons (and should have been 3 for 3 if it weren’t for a gut-wrenching penalty). The market hasn’t lost total faith in Mahomes, as his 2017 Prizm Gold Vinyl (numbered to 5) sold for $660,000 this past October at Goldin Auctions. 

8. Kyler Murray +8,000 Odds to Win MVP

Kyler Murray was once the MVP favorite, especially after the Cardinals starting 7–0, but have since fallen to 11–5. They are playoff-bound, but now have the 8th best odds to win the Super Bowl this year. 

Murray’s thrown for a 69% completion rate, 3,547 yards, and 23 touchdowns to 10 interceptions this season, despite missing 3 games to injury

His pop 165 Prizm Silver PSA 10 rookie card last sold for $1,100 on January 1st, down from a $3,025 peak price in October: 


Since July, the card has lost $900 in value. His Select Silver rookie and Optic Holo rookie have seen similar downward trends. Murray’s rarer cards still command relatively strong prices, with his pop 20 BGS 9.5 Rookie Patch Autograph /99 card last selling for $40,190 on October 18th. 

9. Dak Prescott +10,000 Odds to Win MVP

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys have clinched the NFC East with an 11–5 record this season with 1 game to go. Dak threw for 4,154 yards and 32 touchdowns to 10 interceptions after coming off of a gruesome season-ending injury. The Cowboys currently have the 6th-best odds to win the Super Bowl this year.

Dak’s 2016 Prizm Silver PSA 10 (pop 1,194) last sold for $525 on January 5th, which is down $200 over the last 6 months: 


In that time frame, the card peaked at $1,200, before starting a steady decline after key losses to the Chiefs, Raiders, and Cardinals. 

Like other Quarterbacks on the list, Dak’s rarer cards command eye-popping values. For example, his 2016 Prizm Gold BGS 9.5 sold for $43,200 in October via Goldin Auctions. 

10. Matthew Stafford +15,000 Odds to Win MVP

Matthew Stafford started the season with the 4th best MVP odds but has since dropped out of contention. Stafford is in his 13th NFL season and spent the last 12 with the Detroit Lions. He’s never won an MVP award, a Super Bowl and has never won a playoff game. 

He’s thrown for 4,648 yards this season with 38 touchdowns to 15 interceptions but has thrown 5 interceptions in his last 2 games. The Rams are first in the NFC West at 12–4 and currently have the 5th best odds to win a Super Bowl. 

Stafford’s 2009 Topps Chrome PSA 10 Refractor (pop 62) last sold for $1,150 on 12/17, down $750 over the past 6 months: 


The card peaked at $2,600 in early November, but it would likely take a legitimate Super Bowl run to turn the downtrend around. 

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How Many Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Are There?

The Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game was spawned from the Manga of the same name where it pops up briefly, and the anime of which it is a central theme. The game is essentially Duel Monsters, where the goal is that you bring your opponent’s life points down to 0 before they do the same to you. This is done by attacking them with Monsters.

The card game launched in Japan in 1999 and in North America in 2002. To date, it is estimated that 35 billion cards have been sold worldwide with approximately $9.64 billion grossed.

Since Yu-Gi-Oh!, the anime, first aired in 1998, there have been nearly a dozen different iterations of it, including Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, some of the most popular ones. Throughout all of them and the decades since its foundation, you might be wondering how many Yu-Gi-Oh! cards exist, or how many are allowed in a deck, or what the most powerful and valuable cards are. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

How many Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are there?
Game Guys

Konami, the creator of the cards, has never come out with an official number, but the Yu-Gi-Oh! Fandom Wiki has catalogued that there are 12,456 in the Official Card Game and 11,145 in the Trading Card Game. The former is essentially a version played mostly in Japan and the latter is more well known worldwide.

All cards are split up into groups. A card is either a Monster card, a Trap card or a Spell card. Within these groups, there are other divisions (like Fusion Monsters, Continuous Traps and Field Spells), but everything falls into one of these three. 

How many Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are there in a deck?
Amino Apps

In a standard duel, players are allowed one main deck, one side deck and one extra deck. The main deck is what players use to duel generally. The side deck is not required, but is a choice of many players against specific other players. The extra deck, formerly known as the Fusion Deck, is where Fusion, Synchro, Xyz and Link Monsters are kept.

The main deck must consist of at least 40 cards and no more than 60 cards. The side deck and extra deck can have no more than 15 cards in them.

Which character is the most powerful monster in Yu-Gi-Oh!?

When it comes to Monster cards, power can be defined in a few ways amongst Yu-Gi-Oh! fans. It can be a high number of attack points, or an impact in the anime series, or something that was so powerful in a tournament that it had to be banned. The Monster card with the most attack points is Don Thousand / Monster C, boasting a whopping 10,000 ATK points and 10,000 DEF points.

Of course, Exodia The Forbidden One also deserves a nod. Drawing all five cards and forming Exodia wins a player the game, which is an incredible feat. Also deserving the nod, for their history in the lore if nothing else, are Slifer The Sky Dragon, Obelisk The Tormentor and The Winged Dragon Of Ra, the Egyptian God cards.

In terms of tournaments, Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy Of The End was immensely powerful. If players were willing and able to sacrifice 1,000 life points, they were able to send all cards on the field and in their and their opponent’s hands to the graveyard, with each card doing 300 damage to the opponent. It was close to a one-turn kill, which got it banned.

Read more about the most powerful Yu-Gi-Oh! cards here.

What’s the most valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! card to collectors?

Like many trading cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards have value largely due to their rarity, condition, and what edition they are. Among collectors, the most valuable card ever produced by far is the Tournament Black Luster Soldier. It was a reward at the first-ever Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament in 1999 and it was printed on stainless steel, truly making it one of its kind. Rumors say it has exchanged hands multiple times throughout the years, but there’s hardly any concrete information about that anywhere. Either way, it is estimated to be worth a whopping $2 million. In comparison, the other most valuable cards in the game fall just shy of the $100k mark.

Read more about the most valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! cards here.

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The Top 10 Fastest Declining Cards of 2021

It’s really fun to look at the top card gainers for the hobby in 2021, but the explosive growth didn’t come without some serious dips. This list looks at the top-10 fastest declining sports cards of 2021 that are in graded condition with a minimum value of $250. 

Some of the losses on these cards are a good reminder to be thoughtful about your card purchases. This list is dominated by basketball and includes veterans with accomplished careers. Each card on this list has lost at least 83% of its value in a 12-month period. 

Let’s dive in! 

1. Zion Williamson 2019 Mosaic Gold Wave #209 PSA 10 (-90.65%)

At the top of our list of fastest declining sports cards this year, we have a pop 46 Zion Williamson Mosaic Gold Wave PSA 10 that hit the market in January and sold for $9,100. 

The card last sold for $1,100 in November, losing over 90% of its value in less than 12 months ($8,000). 

Williamson is currently out for 4–6 weeks due to a foot injury and it appears that the young star is not fully committed to his team and his recovery. 

2. Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson 1997 Panini WWF Superstars Stickers PSA 9 (-90.49%)

Dwayne Johnson is not only one of the most popular movie stars in the world, but he’s also one of the most likeable. His 1997 Panini WWF Superstars Sticker has a pop of 49 in a PSA 9 grade. 

The card last sold for $255 in October but sold for $4,000 in February. Twice. 

That represents a loss of $3,745 or 90.49% of its value. 

3. Magic Johnson 1981 Topps West Super Action #109 PSA 10 (-90.08%)

In February of this year, the pop 40 1981 Magic Johnson West Super Action PSA 10 sold for $30,000. 

1 month later and the card plummeted to $8,000. 

It last sold in December for $3,000 for a $27,000 loss of value (90%). The vintage and veteran card craze earlier this year sent a lot of cards like this one to high valuations that have continued to consistently decline in value since those peak prices. 

4. Kobe Bryant 1996 Finest Gold Base (w/o Coating) #269 BGS 9.5 (-88.28%)

A lot of cards that appear on this list are ones that sold for significant prices in February and March. Bryant’s cards show up quite often, with this pop 81 1996 Finest Gold Base last selling for $2,027 in December. 

In January of this year, the card sold for $17,000, representing an 88% loss of value to the tune of about $15,000. 

5. Blake Griffin 2009 Topps Chrome Refractor /999 BGS 9.5 (-87.64%)

Blake Griffin is a former Rookie of the Year who’s been named an All-Star six out of his twelve playing seasons and has averaged 20 points and 8 rebounds throughout his career. 

Griffin’s Topps Chrome rookie refractor has 66 copies in a BGS 9.5 and has lost over 87% of its value this year. 

In March, a copy of this card sold for $2,400, but last sold in July for $410. 

6. Kobe Bryant 1996 Finest Bronze Refractor (w/ Coating) PSA 8 (-86.3%)

There are 118 copies of this 1996 Kobe Bryant Finest Refractor w/ Coating in a PSA 8 grade and one copy sold for $14,800 in February of this year. 

On December 12th, a copy of this card sold for just $2,050, a loss of over $12,000 since the beginning of the year. 

7. Kobe Bryant 1999 Finest Refractor (w/o Coating) #64 PSA 10 (-85%)

There are just 18 copies of this Kobe Bryant later-year (1999( Finest in a PSA 10 grade and two copies sold for $3,000 in February of this year. 

In November, the card sold for $466, losing 85% of its value (~$2,500) in just 9 months. 

8. Kobe Bryant 1996 Flair Showcase Row 1 Legacy Collection /150 #31 BGS 9 (-84.12%)

It’s clear that Bryant’s cards have taken a hit this year after hitting record highs and this BGS 9 Flair Showcase is the worst of them all in terms of dollars lost. 

In January, this card sold for $61,200 before dropping to $12,300 in its last sale this June. That’s nearly a $50,000 drop in value over a span of 6 months. 

9. Tim Duncan 1997 Topps Finest Debuts Bronze Refractor (w/ Coating) PSA 10 (-83.9%)

The Finest set continually shows up on this list and this time it’s for Tim Duncan, who was ranked the 8th best NBA player of All-Time by ESPN. 

In April of this year, Duncan’s pop 76 Finest rookie in a PSA 10 grade sold for $7,000. 

It has since lost nearly 84% of its value, last selling for $1,250 in October for a loss of $5,750. 

10. Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson 1997 Panini WWF Superstars Stickers PSA 10 (-83.25%)

There are only 7 copies of The Rock’s 1997 WWF Superstars Stickers in a PSA 10 grade and there have been 7 sales of the card in the past year. 

The PSA 10 card didn’t lose quite as much percentage value as its PSA 9 counterpart, but it lost $29,000 in value from April to October. 

The card hit a high price of $34,440 in April before dropping to its last sale value of $3,929. 

However, the card has gained some value in recent months, after selling for $3,055 on 7/26, then hitting $5,000 on 7/31 before settling back down to $3,929. 

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The Top-10 Fastest Growing Sports Cards of 2021

2021 was an incredible year for sports cards. The market continued to grow and reached new heights throughout the year. Although prices came down and settled, the demand for sports cards is still much larger than it was even a year ago. We’re going to look at the top 10 fastest-growing sports cards of 2021. 

These 10 cards did not slow down this year and posted some pretty astonishing growth numbers. In order to qualify for this list, cards had to hold a minimum value of $250. 

1. 2018 Allen & Ginter Cryptocurrency #83 PSA 10 (+2,021%)

The 2018 Allen & Ginter CryptoCurrency PSA 10 card has a population of 336 and last sold for $1,000 despite selling for just $15 in early 2020. The card hit a high price of $1,250 in October and is likely due to the explosion of NFTs and crypto this year. 

NFTs dominated this year and in a way, it’s comical that the fastest growing sports card depicts cryptocurrency. 

Since it first hit the market in 2019, this card has grown 4,551% in value. 

2. Aaron Rodgers 2020 Panini On The Horizon Green 1/1 #OH3 Raw (+1,532%)

The only ungraded card to make this list is a 1/1 Green On The Horizon Aaron Rodgers card that depicts an ice cream sundae in the background. This card last sold for $4,261 in June, but the real fun is had when looking at a sale from February of this year and early June: 

On February 8th, this card sold for $122.50. 

On June 8th, it sold for $5,100. 

That’s over 1,500% growth in 4 months. 

3. Tom Brady 2020 Absolute Kaboom! #K-TB PSA 10 (+1,391%)

This Tom Brady Kaboom! has just 11 copies graded PSA 10 and last sold for $9,099. In December of last year, this card sold for $610. This represents a gain of over $8,000 in a year. 

The card sold for $4,300 in July (after Brady won a Super Bowl with the Bucs) and hit a high of $9,999 in October as people realized Brady hasn’t lost a step and is on a path to a potential MVP and another Super Bowl run.

4. Shohei Ohtani 2018 Bowman Chrome #1 Base (Batting) PSA 10 (+1,328%)

Despite having a 1,402 supply of PSA 10s, this Shohei Ohtani Bowman Chrome Batting rookie last sold for $750 despite selling as low as $20 a year earlier. This card hit a high price of $2,000 over the summer and has since come back down, but when you look at Year over Year growth, the card is up 1,328%. 

Ohtani appears twice on this list because he’s both a quality pitcher and a quality hitter. As a pitcher this season, he had 9 wins on a 3.18 ERA and 156 strikeouts, and as a batter this season, he hit 46 Home Runs and had 100 RBIs. 

5. Dwyane Wade 2003 SP Authentic Autograph /500 #152 BGS 8.5 10 Auto (+1,195%)

In March of this year, a pop 18 BGS 8.5 SP Authentic Rookie Auto of 3x NBA Champion Dwyane Wade sold for just $56. A few weeks later, the card sold for $380 and was last sold in May for $985. 

6. LeBron James 2003 Topps Contemporary Collection #1 Base PSA 10 (+1,059%)

In January, one of the 16 copies of this PSA 10 LeBron James 2003 Topps Contemporary rookie card sold for $1,257. By April, the card sold for $28,100. 

It has since come down to its latest sale of $14,480 in May, which is still a large appreciation in value. LeBron’s 2003 Topps Chrome rookie card grew noticeably in value and this alternative rookie flew under the radar. At a pop of just 16, the card has only been sold 4 times in the past 2 years. 

7. Shohei Ohtani 2018 Topps Chrome Pitching (Refractor) #150 PSA 10 (+926%)

This is Shohei Ohtani’s second rookie card on this list, this time depicting him as a pitcher. There are 602 copies of this card in a PSA 10 grade and a copy last sold for $523.44. 

1 year ago, this card sold for just $50. 

Despite hitting a high price of $1,126 in July and coming back down in value, it’s still grown 926% in value over the past year. 

8. Dennis Rodman 1992 Stadium Club Beam Team #19 PSA 10 (+853%)

In January of this year, one of the 31 PSA 10 copies of Dennis Rodman’s 1992 Stadium Club Beam Team sold for $247.50 before hitting $3,000 in April. 

11 days later, the card sold for $1,525, which still represents an 853% increase in value over the past year. 

9. Tom Brady 2018 Panini Kaboom! #TB Gold /10 BGS 9.5 (+821%)

There are just 5 copies of this 2018 Tom Brady Kaboom Gold in a BGS 9.5 grade and one sold for $13,220 in February just days before Brady and the Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. In October, this card was sold for $120,000 in a private sale. 

That’s a gain of over $100,000 in 8 months. 

10. Wander Franco 2019 Bowman Prospects Chrome Yellow #100 PSA 10 (+816%)

Numbered to just 75 copies with only 12 PSA 10 copies, this Wander Franco prospect card jumped in value from $425 earlier this year to its latest sale of $3,762 in October. 

Franco is just 20 years old but he’s one of the best young stars in Major League Baseball and just signed a new $182 million deal with the Tampa Bay Rays.