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ONE37pm’s Official ‘Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania’ Review

Sega has a vault full of entertaining puzzlers that still elicit a substantial amount of fanfare – you can point to Puyo Puyo, Chu-Chu Rocket, and Columns as the sort of games that thrive within that genre for the legendary Japanese publisher/developer.

Back in 2001, gamers got introduced to a unique puzzle-platformer hybrid called Super Monkey Ball. After capturing the imagination of players in the arcade, the series made its way over to the Nintendo GameCube and garnered even more attention. Since the series’ original release, Super Monkey Ball has excelled and fallen flat at various periods. Following the massive fan support shown towards Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD, the development team behind that title put plans in place to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary in a very special way. That celebration is actually playable in the form of the quality remaster called Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania.

For fans of AiAi and his band of money heroes, there’s a lot to appreciate within this remastered package. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania recreates all of the stages featured in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, which in itself is a compilation of everything that came with the series’ first two games. That means you’re given a vast array of simple, intermediate, and mind-numbingly difficult stage layouts to play through. Even after all these years, the Super Monkey Ball formula still provides a ton of fun – carefully maneuvering through each stage as you attempt to collect every banana and get to the goal as quickly as possible will never grow stale. Some stages have been retooled in order to give newcomers a sliver of a chance at completing them – thankfully, old school fans can enjoy those same stages in their original form if they so choose. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania does a great job of doing right by its longtime fanbase and giving newcomers the options needed to overcome its high challenge factor (the helper function and unlockable jump button help out majorly in that regard).

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania has a full suite of modes to enjoy for hours on end on your own or with friends. The main game centers around the game’s story, challenge, practice, and an additional lineup of special modes. As you complete the tough challenges thrown your way by those modes, you’ll get your hands on the points required to unlock even more side modes, character customization items, and more. There’s a huge sense of satisfaction that comes from finally overcoming the game’s most laborious levels, progressing to the next one, and being rewarded with tons of points for completing various missions. The newly added playable characters hit all the right nostalgia notes for Sega diehards, plus the option to outfit your favorite character in different balls, shirts, and sneakers is a cute little side endeavor.


The new modes that spring up here are Golden Banana Mode, Reverse Mode, Dark Banana Mode, and a special Time Attack mode. Those modes provide a fun alternative to the main way to progress through each stage, which does a great job of freshening up your many gameplay sessions. You and your three other local friends will most likely get the most fun out of the many party games on offer here. But we have to be honest here – while some of them are absolute bangers that will have you and your crew coming back for more, there are a few duds within that collection that should have never come back. The easy-to-grasp minigames, such as Monkey Race, Monkey Fight, and Monkey Dogfight, are immensely rewarding and have a ton of replay value attached to them. The same sentiment applies to the more time-consuming minigames, which include Monkey Billiards, Monkey Golf, and Monkey Soccer. However, modes like Monkey Target and Monkey Dogfight are a bit too complex to wrap your head around and truly enjoy. Replacing the weaker minigames with brand new ones would have been much more preferable for this remastered package.

As a whole, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is a love letter to those who’ve stuck around through each and every entry in the puzzle-platforming series. The wealth of playable stages and challenges provides a ton of value for the most dedicated fans – newcomers can also join in on all the fun thanks to the addition of options that make the game’s harder stages a bit more approachable. On the minigame front, there are some great ones that will be a hit at your next get-together. Sadly, there are a few minigames that are definitely at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to entertainment value. Even with those misses in the minigame department, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania provides so much more to enjoy. 

First-timers just need to know that this game’s cute exterior is not to be taken lightly – Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania’s stages can be hard as hell. But that feeling of “ONE MORE TRY!” and the good vibes you’ll get from finally completing them are definitely worth the price of admission.

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The 16 Best Arcade Racing Games

The constant bashing of buttons and joystick twirling should concoct wonderful images of the golden age of arcades.

As a kid looking to get into some digital hijinks after school, chances are you probably act to play them out via the local arcade. Fulfilling one’s fantasy of driving as fast as possible and clearing the finish line first was carried out back then and still does to this very day. The arcades of old and new always make sure to keep their patrons entertained with the presence of quality racing games. And after spending the sort of coins that could have paid for an entire college semester on them all, we know a thing or two about which ones deserve all the accolades.

These 16 arcade racers better be a part of your local arcade and Dave & Buster’s in town!

1. ‘Cruis’n (series)

Whenever you see the logo for the now-defunct video game publisher/developer Midway, several classic arcade classics spring to mind. Before their demise, they regularly pushed out quality arcade racers in the form of the Cruis’n franchise. All of the games in the series maintained their excellence due to fast & furious races that let you hit the road with traditional vehicles and some more outlandish rides. Cruis’n USA, Cruis’n World, and Cruis’n Exotica put forth the finest installments back in the day. And once Raw Thrills got their hands on the Cruis’n’ IP, they revived it to produce the bombastic Cruis’n Blast. Racing as a unicorn and freefalling through an iceberg that’s been smashed by battling yetis is totally a thing you can do in that aforementioned racer. Which is worth the price of admission by itself!

2. ‘Daytona USA’ (series)

At one point in time, everything Sega AM2 touched turned to gold. The talented Japanese development studio produced a wealth of strong titles that delved into a wealth of genres, which included fighting, light gun shooters, racing, etc. Their winning formula birthed one of the best motorsports simulators of all time – Daytona USA. Zipping around the game’s digital recreation of the Daytona International Speedway while jamming out to its catchy soundtrack never gets old. The crisp visuals and 60fps output also have a hand in making the first Daytona USA look gorgeous to this day. Subsequent follow-ups (Daytona USA 2: Battle on the Edge and Daytona Championship USA) stuck to what worked beforehand, which was a godsend for longtime fans. Do yourself a favor and download the Xbox 360 version of the first game – you have to experience all that backward compatibility excellence in your own home. Man, we still love us some Dinosaur Canyon!

3. ‘Sega Rally’ (series)

“LONG MEDIUM RIGHT!” OVER JUMP!” WHOA!” Those familiar commands come from the excitable coach that aids you during your heated races in the Sega Rally series. Sega’s off-road racing franchise is just as enjoyable as the Daytona 500 titles – the difference between them is the cool implementation of different surfaces changing up the feel of your chosen vehicle. But the main similarity between them is just how much of a bop their original soundtracks are. Sega Rally Championship, Sega Rally 2, and Sega Rally 3 each offer a wealth of high-octane races across various biomes. Intense desert races will always remain a blast thanks to the classic Sega Rally line.

4. ‘OutRun’ (series)

Competing against a pack of other hungry racers is fun and all. But sometimes, we just like to hit the road with our special someone in the passenger’s seat and ride till we can’t go anymore. The OutRun franchise delivered that very same experience as it threw players behind the wheel of that iconic red convertible for some speedy sightseeing. That winning formula made up the bulk of the series’ arcade installments, plus Turbo OutRun gave you some fierce competition as you fought to stay ahead of your rival’s Porsche 959. The music still excels in this current day & age, which makes the simple act of driving to new locations as fast as possible while the in-game timer ticks down so gratifying. If you haven’t already, be sure to spend some time with OutRun, Turbo OutRun, OutRunners, and OutRun 2.

5. ‘Crazy Taxi’

“YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!” *queues up The Offspring’s “All I Want”* 90s babies get super nostalgic whenever that signature piece of audio enters their eardrums. That’s because they probably played the hell out of the hellacious taxi simulator known as Crazy Taxi. Grabbing passengers and proceeding to haul ass to their desired destination never grows stale. The original arcade variation holds up the best since it features all those real-world retail stores (WHO’S TRYNA GO TO KFC?) and licensed music. It’d be nice if we got another console entry to the Crazy Taxi series, but that seems like a far-off dream scenario at this point. For now, we’ll just have to appreciate the greatness of the unsurpassed original. “HEY HEY HEY, IT’S CRAZY TAXI!”

6. ‘Mario Kart Arcade GP’ (series)

The home console Mario Kart games are marvelous racers in their own right. But there’s also a sub-series of equally amazing titles that bring a ton of fun to the arcade scene. The Mario Kart Arcade GP titles owe their existence to Nintendo and the fine folks at Bandai Namco, who are responsible for developing each entry in the sub-series. Each game offers its own cool spin on the kart racing formula – the first entry throws in some beloved Bandai Namco mascots, the second one includes color commentary & new racing cups, and the third installment features two of Mario Kart 7’s features & two new modes of play. It’d sure be nice if Nintendo & Bandai Namco ported those three gems over to the Switch, wouldn’t it?

7. ‘Ridge Racer’ (series)

“RIIIIIIIIDGE RACER!” We’re sorry Kaz Hirai, but we’re never gonna live that infamous moment down. But we totally understand why he tried to hype the crowd during his E3 2011 stage demo of the PS Vita version of Ridge Racer – the series as a whole offers a ton of onroad excitement. Racing across mountain roads and a slew of other alluring locales has always been the main allure of Bandai Namco’s signature racer. The original Ridge Racer, its many subsequent updates, Ridge Racer 2, and Rave Racer are arcade racing greatness personified. Crisp visuals, a super chill OST, and a satisfying feel when behind the wheel are the main characteristics of Bandai Namco’s beloved arcade racer. It’s about time we got a reboot of some kind at this point!

8. ‘Hydro Thunder’

Hitting the rampaging waves with speedboats can only mean one thing – you’re probably thinking of Hydro Thunder! Midway Games was definitely in their arcade racing bag for years and one of their best efforts is this one. Each of the game’s speedboats looks and feels awesome to control as you drive through a collection of lively and sometimes treacherous locales. Carefully managing your boost, landing sick jumps, and speeding past numerous environmental hazards all combined to turn Hydro Thunder into an amazing arcade racing experience. There’s a severe lack of speedboat-focused racers these days – there needs to be something made on par with the greatness of Hydro Thunder. Revert to the Xbox One backward compatible version of Hydro Thunder Hurricane if you’re looking to surf the high seas.

9. ‘Rush’ (series)

If you adored the Cruis’n games, then you must have an infarction with the equally similar Rush series. San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing embodies the same spirit of the Cruis’n franchise by incorporating fast cars and crazy track layouts. The abundance of clever shortcuts seen throughout the Rush series did a good job of setting itself apart from the competition. San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing and its update San Francisco Rush The Rock: Alcatraz Edition started the IP off a strong note. Then came San Francisco Rush 2049, which upped the ante by introducing flying cars and a futuristic rendition of San Francisco. The Rush franchise made speeding San Francisco so damn enticing!

10. ‘Star Wars: Racer Arcade’

When Sega got its paws on the Star Wars IP, they made sure to honor it by creating some memorable titles. Star Wars Trilogy Arcade is one of those classic coin-op games, of course. But the one we always love spending a few coins on is this blindingly fast racing game based on the Podrace segments from Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. The design of the cabinet is certainly a part of this games’ appeal – the two throttle controls fully embrace the fantasy of trying to zip through the desert as a young Anakin Skywalker. Star Wars: Racer Arcade is a bonafide Sega racing classic.

11. ‘The Fast and the Furious’ (series)

It made all the sense in the world for the highly lauded arcade game publisher Raw Thrills to hop on The Fast and the Furious franchise. The games that came from that deal ended up being a worthy entry into the long line of amazing arcade racers we’re mentioning on this list. Just like the first couple of films in the big-screen blockbuster series, The Fast and the Furious lets you hit incredibly high speeds with a nitro boost and pull slick jumps off of the backs of your competitors. The tricked out rides in that game and its sequels (The Fast and the Furious: Drift, The Fast and the Furious: Super Bikes, and Fast & Furious: SuperCars) made you feel like a true boss as you put your pedal to the metal and fought hard for first place during every race. If you appreciate the Cruis’n series, then you’ll definitely love everything about The Fast and the Furious arcade games.

12. ‘Nitro Trucks’

Midway put out its own line of arcade racing games devoted solely to the thrill of commanding big trucks via Off Road Challenge and Offroad Thunder. While those racers are solid enough, we gotta throw our full support behind the far superior arcade truck racer from Raw Thrills. Their entry into the sub-genre is Nitro Trucks, the high-octane dirt racer that delivers the very same sentiment that its publisher is named after. Nitro Trucks’ replay value comes from the fun produced from picking up nitro boosts & vehicle repair items across each track and hitting the ram button to deal some damage to the rest of the pack. The cabinets for this game sure are pretty too, which is why we never pass up a chance to give it for a spin.

13. ‘Virtua Racing’

Once a slew of video game publishers pushed their development teams to start pursuing projects within the growing realm of 3D, gamers were treated to some interesting titles that took advantage of the striking visual style. Sega played its hand at creating some 3D games of its own and one of its more successful efforts came in the form of this polygonal arcade racer. That game is Virtua Racing, a Formula One-themed racing game that’s still a blast to play. It proved to be an immensely gratifying “proof of concept” 3D experience thanks to its crisp visuals, multiple camera view options, and entertaining racing action. If you come across the rare deluxe arcade model of Virtua Racing, make sure you give it the lengthy playtime it deserves!

14. ‘Hang-On’ (series)

Yu Suzuki is the genius developer that’s responsible for helping Sega craft a vast collection of classic games. His digital venture into the world of motorcycle racing proved to be a smashing success via the Hang-On series. With the inspiration coming from real-life GP 500 racing, Suzuki and the rest of his development team at Sega produced an addictive arcade racing game that replicated the feeling behind taking tight turns by leaning hard in either direction on your arcade cabinet’s ride. Super Hang-On went big by adding new tracks, new tunes to jam out to, and even a turbo button. Sega’s motorcycle racer has and always will be an awesome arcade experience.

15. ‘Scud Race/Sega Super GT’

Do you know what hurts our souls? Not being able to play Scud Race/Sega Super GT within the comfort of our homes. It has (and always seemingly will be) an arcade exclusive, which is simply a crime. Modeled after the real-world BPR Global GT Series, Scud Race puts forward a clever fantastical take on the racing series by giving you the opportunity to race within someone’s house as a miniature car. The game’s more reality-based tracks are just as fun as that one and evoke the nostalgic feel of Sega’s Daytona USA games. The game’s output of 60fps makes the onscreen racing competition look as crisp as possible. This Sega arcade exclusive is rarer than a unicorn these days, but it’s still worth giving it all the arcade tokens in your pocket.

16. ‘Pole Position’

Namco’s long history within the arcade scene is known by anyone that considers themselves hardcore or even casual gamers. Classics such as Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, etc. are just a sampling of the top-tier titles that solidify that known fact. One of Namco’s best arcade racers is without a doubt Pole Position, which may seem tame by today’s standards but it still must be recognized as a trendsetter for the arcade racing sub-genre. The signature Formula One race car you take control of lets you compete against the clock in a time trial race before you compete against CPU-controlled drivers. And to this day, that format remains as fun as was when it first came to be in 1982. Pole Position is one of the most influential games of all time for good reason.

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The 20 Best Multiplayer Horror Games

People tend to be split down the middle when it comes to horror games. Some people love them and are fuelled by the fear and suspense that comes with playing them and some people can’t understand why anyone would ever put themselves through such an experience.

For the latter group of people, perhaps the solution is having someone by your side, literally or figuratively. For you, we have a treat. Below is a list of the 20 best multiplayer horror games, so that you can share the experience with a friend.

1. Cry Of Fear

Cry Of Fear started out as a mod for the first Half-Life game, using its standard renderer, before becoming its own game. Interestingly, the game features an entirely separate co-op campaign that works better having already played the single-player campaign, because it sort of relies on the single-player campaign as context. If you’re willing to put the time in, we recommend the game from Swedish indie studio Team Psykskallar.

Free to play
2. Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight is a 1 vs. 4 online multiplayer where the one is a killer who the other four must dodge and escape from. To do this, the other players must turn on generators around the map so that they can use the exit. What’s great about this game is that there are characters that can be used that are licensed from other famous horror franchises. Survivors can take on the roles of characters from Stranger Things, Saw, Left 4 Dead, A Nightmare On Elm Street, and more while Killers have those options as well as Fun World’s Ghost Face and Hellraiser amongst others.

Buy now, $9.99
3. Dead Space 3

We’re excited for the Dead Space remake which we’re going to have to wait until 2022 to get news for, but in the meantime, playing the third game in the main series will hold you down. Playing the story with a friend on co-op actually unlocks new details of the story and some additional missions, so it’s well worth a try even if you already tried the story on your own when the game came out in 2013.

Buy now, $4.99
4. Deceit

Developed and published Baseline, Deceit is a game whose title sums it up perfectly. Like Dead By Daylight, you and a group of friends are tasked with escaping an area through an exit and must complete some tasks to do so. However, one of you is infected and must secretly consume the blood bags around the map to turn into a monster where you must kill all the players before they exit. There are items along the way that will help you figure out who the infected is too, so use them wisely.

Free to play
5. Dying Light

Much like many games on this list, Dying Light allows you to play the campaign with some friends if you so wish. What makes this one unique though is that the co-op version of the campaign features co-op challenges, where you and your friends can compete to see who kills the most zombies and race each other to airdrops, adding some fun. In addition to this is the Be The Zombie mode where one player becomes the Night Hunter and is tasked with stopping other players from destroying infected nests.

Buy now, $29.99
6. F.3.A.R.

F.3.A.R., or F.E.A.R. 3, was developed by Day 1 Studios and published by Warner Bros. Released in 2011, it was the first game in the series to allow players to experience the campaign with a friend through co-op. Knowing what happens in the first two games is important and does enhance the experience of this game, so it’s worth playing through first. As well as the co-op story mode, there are four multiplayer game modes: Fucking Run!, Contractions, Soul Survivor, and Soul King, allowing players to team up or battle against each other like any good multiplayer should.

Buy now, $19.99
7. Friday The 13th: The Game

This kind of survival horror, as evidenced by Dead By Daylight and Deceit already appearing on this list, is very popular right now. In a group, one player is randomly selected to control Jason Vorhees and they must kill as many of the other players, who will control Camp Crystal Lake counselors before the time runs out. You can fight back against Jason with items like bear traps, but Jason also has abilities like being able to teleport anywhere on the map, which ups the tension at all times. There are five maps available that are based on locations from the first five films.

Buy now, $14.99

GTFO comes from Swedish independent studio 10 Chambers Collective. The game is still technically in early access, with the time for a full release yet to be decided on. You’re one of four scavengers who must retrieve data from a particular area for a mysterious entity called The Warden. The only problem? The area is pitch blacked and filled with monsters.

Buy now, $34.99
9. Hide & Shriek

A lot of the games on this list are scary, but their concepts are really nothing new. If you want a multiplayer horror that’s a little fresher, look no further than Hide & Shriek. Developed by Funcom, the game pits two players against each other, giving them both a bunch of tasks to complete. However, along the way, you’ll get additional points for scaring the other person, luring them into traps, and performing rituals. To make things better and scarier, you’re both invisible, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for clues about where the other person is and what they could be doing.

Free to play
10. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is a multiplayer FPS that was released on Windows and Xbox in 2019 and PS4 in 2020. In the Bounty Hunt mode, players can either go it alone or team up to hunt down the Butcher, the Assassin, the Spider, or the Scrapbeak, the game’s four monsters. However, while you do this, you also have to look out for rival bounty hunters, making the game all the more suspenseful. There’s also the battle royale mode, where players must find an energy wellspring whilst fighting off enemies.

Buy now, $39.99
11. Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 can be played alone, but why on earth would you ever want to do that when you can be part of a team of 6? You and a group of five friends can take on the game which takes place a short while after the events of the first game. Despite this, the sequel can be played and enjoyed on its own. You and your group of five friends will team up against hordes of Zeds, which are essentially zombies. If you like the concept, you might also like the Versus Survival version, where there are 6 teams of 2 and all but one team become Zeds, with the aim of killing the human team.

Buy now, $29.99
12. No More Room In Hell

No More Room In Hell was first released on Halloween of 2011 as a Half-Life 2 mod but two years later to the day, it was re-released as a standalone game. The game was created by Max Kazan. Set in a zombie apocalypse, you and your friends take the role of eight survivors who must work together to survive. There are two multiplayer game modes. In Objective, players must exit the area and in Survival, players must kill increasing waves of zombies while supplies get dropped every now and then.

Free to play
13. Phasmophobia

Phasamophobia really took off recently. The name is taken from the word for the fear of ghosts, so no prizes for guessing what you’ll be up against here. Phasmophobia puts you and some friends in the shoes of a paranormal investigator, or a ghost hunter if you will. A great unique selling point that this game has is that it features speech recognition, which means that the sound of equipment and even some keywords that players say in voice chat can be heard by ghosts, who will react accordingly. If that’s not spooky and won’t keep you on your toes, we don’t know what will.

Buy now, $13.99
14. Resident Evil 5

Fans and critics alike were very mixed on Resident Evil 5, but it does offer a good amount of multiplayer content. It was the first game in the series designed for co-op gameplay. Players control Chris and Sheva, the latter of which would be controlled by A.I. if players played on their own. You can either play online with a friend or split-screen, which is an option we see less frequently nowadays. The other multiplayer aspect of the game is the Versus DLC, which features the Slayers and Survivors modes.

Buy now, $19.99
15. Sign Of Silence

In Sign Of Silence, you and some friends end up in a car crash in a town called Danville, which is creepier than anything you’ve ever come across before. As you try to escape the town, monsters and eerie cultists will do their best to get you.

Buy now, $4.99
16. Obscure

Developed by Hydravision Entertainment, Obscure was released in 2004 and 2005 in Europe and North America, respectively. This game allows two players to tackle the campaign together with co-op and that’s a big help. Obscure is set at Leafmore High, where some students end up locked in the school overnight after searching for a missing friend. What they discover are some dark secrets about the school, that some students are mutated monsters due to injections and experimentation. If you’re looking for a creepy environment to traverse through and a fun game to scare yourself and a friend, this is a good choice.

Buy now, $6.99
17. The Blackout Club

The story of this game is that teenagers in a particular small town have been dealing with blackouts, that see them in a completely different area when they wake up. They uncover a dark and scary secret which pits them against a monster they can only see with their eyes closed.

Buy now, $29.99
18. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

Little Hope was released about a year ago for Windows, the PS4, and the Xbox One. The Shared Story mode allows players to team up for the campaign, all the while making decisions that affect each other and the game’s ending. The great news here is that if you’re a fan of the game, you have Man Of Medan and House Of Ashes to play, with 5 other games planned for release as part of the anthology.

Buy now, $29.99
19. The Forest

Developed by Endnight Games and released for Windows and the PlayStation 4 in 2018, The Forest is a game where survival is the key. Doing this during the day is tricky because one or two cannibals can be a threat if not taken seriously, but it’s when the sun goes down where things get scary, with hordes of them coming at you.

Buy now, $19.99
20. Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen is one of the smaller games on this list, but don’t knock it until you try it. It was developed by Geoff Keene and it pits you and your teammates against a shapeshifting alien, which is controlled by one person. Some people have referred to this game as a more advanced version of Among Us and we can see why, with its concept and setting. If you liked Among Us but want a scarier twist, this is a must-play.

Free to play
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The 30 Best Multiplayer Xbox One Games

Now let’s get this straight – MULTIPLAYER IS KING! 

Now that’s not to say that single-player games are lesser than – they’re just as amazing to get fully immersed in. But when we’re in the mood to really raise a game’s fun factor, we prefer to do it with a friend sitting right next to us or from a couple of miles away through online servers. The Xbox One has an abundance of incredible multiplayer-centric titles that provide hours upon hours of fun. A ton of genres are covered in that regard – fighters, racers, shooters, sports simulators, and so much more offer up worthwhile multiplayer experiences. With so many multiplayer games available on Xbox One that offer up local/online options, it can get a bit overwhelming to find the very best. 

We’re going to do all the heavy lifting here and showcase 30 of the best multiplayer Xbox One games.

1. ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’

At launch, this definitive edition of the Halo franchise let everyone down when it came to the massive multiplayer suite. But after years and years of further updates, Halo: The Master Chief Collection has improved its online multiplayer suite and fulfilled its original grand vision. Playing through the iconic Halo maps and modes across six games is a must-play experience for Xbox One owners, plus there’s some co-op fun to be had across many of those games’ campaigns.

2. ‘Killer Instinct’

If you adore the fighting game genre, then you already know how much of a high-quality fighter the rebooted Killer Instinct is. It retains the furious combos, beloved throwback characters, and fire soundtrack from the old games while adding in likable new combatants, deeper battle mechanics, and awesome guest characters to boot. Killer Instinct lets you hop online or keep it local for some heated sets with whoever wants to pull up with their amazing Fulgure skills.

3. ‘Cuphead’

Cuphead looks like the sweetest, most approachable run ‘n gun shooter the world has ever seen. But don’t let its inviting demeanor have you fooled – Cuphead is one of the hardest games ever made. If you know someone that you’d trust with your life, then tell ‘em to come through and help you get through all the insanely difficult boss fights and side-scrolling stages Cuphead has to offer. Just make sure your game plan is strong so you and your couch co-op buddy have a slither of a chance at overcoming The Devil himself.

4. ‘Minecraft’

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are – Minecraft’s gameplay formula is enjoyable for all ages. Its fun factor increases tenfold whenever you choose to hop onto a multiplayer server to get caught up in some friendly building efforts and also do some fun dungeon crawling. Getting into some local splitscreen multiplayer fun can also be done, so pull up with three buddies of yours and enjoy the stress-free gaming experience Minecraft has to offer.

5. ‘A Way Out’

Hazelight Studios has developed an affinity for producing co-op experiences that deliver deeply affective storylines and intriguing gameplay concepts. A Way Out is proof of that – it throws two players into the shoes of Leo and Vincent, two convicted prisoners who must work together to break out and stay ahead of the authorities. There’s way more to this game than running from the cops, however – you’ll get caught up in a bunch of surprising minigames and cooperate in interesting ways whenever the situation calls for them.

6. ‘Borderlands: The Handsome Collection’

So with this two-game compilation, you’ll be gifted with Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Both games are lengthy and packed with content, so the low price for this looter shooter package is pretty much a steal. Both games offer online, four-player co-op play that’s all about upgrading your characters, discovering a whole bunch of unique firearms, and shooting anything that moves within your vicinity.

7. ‘Destiny 2’

Destiny 2 has been holding strong since 2017 and is still adding on tons of extra content to keep all of its guardians fulfilled. If you haven’t hopped into this universe-spanning shooter yet, then do yourself a favor and give it a chance. The main campaign, Strikes, Patrol Zones, and Black Armory Forges lets you run with two other Guardians. The far more challenging Raids and the Menagerie allows you to link up with five other players. And when you’re in the mood to shoot down some other players, the competitive Crucible is there for you to hop into.

8. ‘Castle Crashers Remastered’

When Castle Crashers originally launched, it was acknowledged as one of the pillars that helped Xbox Live Arcade blossom into something more. Thankfully, that immensely entertaining beat ‘em up has gotten the remastered treatments for modern-day consoles. This hilarious hack and slasher offers four-player co-op through local and online means, so feel free to aid your friends as you attempt to save your kingdom and its princess.

9. ‘World War Z: Aftermath’

The original version of World War Z was already a fun entry into the sub-genre of zombie shooters that challenge players to survive against the undead hordes. The newly updated rendition goes above and beyond to present itself as a stronger experience overall. World War Z: Aftermath comes with new campaign locales, a first-person mode option, the new Horde Mode XL game mode, and so much more to enjoy with three other survivors.

10. ‘Diablo 3: Eternal Collection’

Ridding the world of demons from a top-down perspective as a powerful custom crusader is the name of the game with the Diablo series. Diablo 3: Eternal Collection is a content-rich package that combines everything featured in the Ultimate Evil Edition and Rise of the Necromancer. With seven character classes to choose from, plenty of loot to collect, and a whole bunch of beasties to vanquish, this game has so much to offer to you and your three friends.

11. ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’

Goku vs. Vegeta. Yamcha vs. Krillin. Frieza vs. Cell. Those superpowered battles look so great and play even better thanks to the masterful battle mechanics featured in this Arc System Works gem. Dragon Ball FighterZ hits on every level possible due to the 3v3 fights, crisp anime visuals, and huge roster of iconic Dragon Ball characters. There’s plenty of fun to be had here against your local rivals and random online competitors.

12. ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’

At this point, Grand Theft Auto Online has blossomed into one of the most rewarding online multiplayer experiences of all time. With your custom character, you can practically do anything and everything as you venture through the seedy underbelly of Los Santos and Blaine County. There’s a ton of jobs, races, heists, bikers, sports, and a whole host of other features you can busy yourself with within GTA’s online component.

13. ‘Gears 5’

Gears of War has always been at the forefront of multiplayer games that deliver a near-limitless serving of content to stay busy with. Gears 5 keeps that goodwill going with its fans due to four main factors – the co-op campaign, Escape Mode, Horde Mode, and competitive multiplayer suite. Shooting down rival COG Gears and The Swarm never grows stale thanks to the tight cover-based movement and intense gunplay.

14. ‘It Takes Two’

We got another quality co-op release from Hazelight Studios to speak highly of here! And that game is It Takes Two, which is the perfect game for couples that are going through a bit of a rough patch and want to repair it. And yes, we’re serious when we say that! The premise of this spirited action/adventure game is all about a married couple being turned into dolls and making their way through a variety of environments & playstyles in order to return to their human selves.

15. ‘Monster Hunter: World’

Taking down massive creatures such as the Rajang and Alatreon is all the more enjoyable when you do it alongside three other formidable hunters. Monster Hunter: World offers that type of engrossing experience with a wealth of monsters to hunt down, defeat, and take apart in order to get the items needed to craft amazing gear sets. The base game and the Iceborne expansion give you a ton of monster hunting to stay busy with alongside your three friends.

16. ‘Overcooked: All You Can Eat’

The Overcooked franchise lends itself well to the party atmosphere that’s perfect for any and all gamers. Both games and all of their additional content are included in this definitive package for everyone to enjoy. Up to four players can enjoy some hectic cooperative cooking across a wild variety of stages that will have you & your friends running rampant as miniature chefs. Prepare yourself for the type of game that lets you cook up delicious delicacies while floating atop huge blocks of ice.

17. ‘Sea of Thieves’

At launch, Sea of Thieves was a bit lacking in the content department. But after years and years of constant updates, the pirate life simulator has successfully transformed into one of the most rewarding co-op games on the Xbox One. Gather three of your online buds and set sails for the harsh seas that exist within this game full of treasure hunting and vast questing. Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for rival pirate parties that want to take your valuable loot for their own.

18. ‘Streets of Rage 4’

It took way too long to get another Streets of Rage game. But in 2020, Sega’s classic beat ‘em up series came back strong with a fourth official entry thanks to the combined efforts of Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games. Streets of Rage 4 lets you beat up some random thugs with four friends in a local setting and two in an online one. You can tackle the main campaign with your good people and even hop into the game’s survival mode to truly test your combo skills. Beating up your friends in the game’s Battle Mode is another fun diversion, by the way.

19. ‘Apex Legends’

The battle royale sub-genre is filled with some quality titles that have thrived for years since the rise of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. EA and Respawn hopped on the hot trend to deliver their own take, which has arguably taken the top spot on most gamer’s best-of lists. That game is Apex Legends, a battle-royale first-person shooter that incorporates Titanfall’s smooth movement and furious gunplay. Hopping online to enjoy some three-player action within Apex Legends’ vast battle map is definitely worth a shot.

20. ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’

With 100+ million active players in two, it’s clear that Call of Duty’s battle royale spinoff mode has captured damn near everyone’s imagination. Warzone has been holding strong since the release of 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and has been included as part of that game’s follow-ups ever since. Warzone features the traditional battle royale experience, plus it switches things up via its Plunder and Resurgence modes. Get you and your three-man squad together to emerge as the ultimate survivors in Warzone!

21. ‘Forza Horizon 4’

Ripping the roads within a fictionalized rendition of Great Britain never grows old. Forza Horizon 4 provides that dream scenario for gearheads and it’s still worth playing to this day. Tackling Forzathon Live events and competing in co-op races with your friends is the bulk of the multiplayer experience featured within this amazing racer. As the seasons change, you’ll get to tackle a wealth of different races and challenges across various biomes.

22. ‘Deep Rock Galactic’

It’s procedurally generated. It’s a first-person shooter. And it offers four-player co-op. Deep Rock Galactic is a game you shouldn’t ignore due to those three amazing features. You and three other dwarven space miners will go on some fun excavations to get embroiled in some treasure hunting and shoot down some alien threats. Deep Rock Galactic requires efficient teamwork, so make sure you and your fellow elves are up to par.

23. ‘Rayman Legends’

Rayman Legends is one of the greatest platformers of all time. Its art design is fascinating, its characters are wholesome, and its stage layouts provide a decent challenge but are far from overwhelming. The multiplayer option featured in this game provides four-player local co-op, which means you and the homies can pick your own characters to engage in some fun hopping and bopping. Collecting Lums, knocking back enemies, and playing a few rounds of Kung Foot offers a near unlimited amount of replay value.

24. ‘Mortal Kombat 11’

Mortal Kombat has always provided a competitive two-player experience that drops everyone’s jaws thanks to its insane levels of violence and gore. The 11th entry in the long-running fighter goes above and beyond to blow you and your opponent’s mind. The graphics are more photorealistic than ever before, which makes all the extra brutal X-Rays, Fatalities, and Brutalities hit that much harder. And with a roster full of beloved MK characters and guests such as The Terminator and Rambo, you’ll have all the fun in the world going head to head with your rivals.

25. ‘Borderlands 3’

Once you’re done pouring hours of playtime into Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, then you and your fellow Vault Hunters will probably want to move on to do even more of it. Borderlands 3 will scratch that looter shooter itch of yours by offering new character types to upgrade, a whole bunch of new guns to acquire, and a vast collection of cult followers & creatures to shoot down. Getting into Borderlands 3 now is definitely worth a shot now thanks to all of its extra “Director’s Cut” content.

26. ‘Rocket League’

The surprising smash-hit game known as Rocket League is still going strong thanks to a healthy community of players and constant updates. The whole act of using a wealth of cars to push a soccer ball into the opponent’s goal is pretty hype and will always have you on the edge of your seat. Rocket League’s wild physics engine lends itself well to showcasing some wild moments that you’ll want to experience with your online teammates.

27. ‘Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2’

The Lego games have always been an absolute pleasure to play. The huge roster of playable minifigs, the varied stage selection, and the use of licensed properties have resulted in the Lego line of action platformers being a regular go-to for gamers of all ages. This Marvel Comics-themed Lego romp is the perfect game for those looking to play as their favorite heroes and villains with a couch co-op buddy. It’s time to take down Kang the Conqueror.

28. ‘Lego DC Super-Villains’

If you and your most reliable co-op partner prefer the world of DC Comics a lot more, then it’s definitely worth hopping into this quality Lego game too. Lego DC Super-Villains gives you the power to create your own baddie and enter an open-world themed after DC’s most famous landmarks. Taking on the role of your very own villain alongside your local co-op partner’s own custom baddie yields a ton of fun moments to enjoy. 

29. ‘Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition’

Surviving in the unrelenting wilderness on your own is quite a tall task. Doing it with a party of fellow survivors slightly raises your chances of staying alive, though! Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition provides a multiplayer expansion for the popular survival game – you can do some local scavenging with a friend or enter the online wilderness with five other players to test your survival skills.

30. ‘Fortnite’

Fortnite is split into two parts – you can choose to “Save the World” with three other online players and build a fortress and survive against the vicious Husks. Plus you can enter the game’s ever-expanding Battle Royale component to compete against 99 other players, where much of Fortnite’s fun truly lies. With a wealth of modes such as Solos, Duos, Squads, Trios, Battle Lab, Party Royale, and Team Rumble, you have plenty of options when it comes to online multiplayer play within Fortnite.

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Here’s What We Hope the #FreeMvC2 Movement Leads To

Capcom’s long-lasting legacy as the industry’s premier fighting game developer was embedded in stone after the 1991 release of Street Fighter II. The arcades were owned by the exploits of the game’s “World Warriors” and eventually living rooms everywhere featured intense sets between expert Ryu & Ken players. As the years passed, Capcom kept pumping out a wealth of significant fighters, such as Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, Power Stone, and many more. The Japanese publisher/developer truly struck gold once they got their hands on Marvel Comics’ best characters – comic book diehards and fighting game fans alike were treated to gems such as X-Men: Children of the Atom and Marvel Super Heroes.

Once Professor Xavier’s gifted class of mutants came to blows with Street Fighter’s very best, the “Vs.” line of fighters came to pass. Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and the first-ever Marvel vs. Capcom arrived soon after to push the series to new heights of quality. And then…Marvel vs. Capcom 2 arrived and blew everyone’s minds. The quirky yet unforgettable character select theme, the rest of the catchy soundtrack, the 3D stylized stages, and the massive 56-character roster captured the imagination of fighting game fans everywhere and remain a classic to this very day. The initial Arcade/Dreamcast release of the game was remarkable, of course. But the online re-release breathed new life into the 3v3 fighter by adding its best feature to date – online play.

But sadly, MvC2’s 2009 HD re-release is practically trapped on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Due to the expiration of Capcom’s licensing contracts with Marvel, the vastly worshipped fighter got pulled from the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. If you still own either console with that game still existing on your hard drive, consider yourself lucky. But if you don’t and are dying to still play the game online via modern console hardware, that option is sadly unavailable to you. But keep hope alive, true believers! Streamer/fighting game guru Maximilian Dood’s undying appreciation for MvC2 pushed him to kickstart a social media campaign to free the game from its PS3/Xbox 360 prison and bring it back to today’s consoles.

With the hashtag quickly gaining steam and garnering the support of the game’s most respected players (Justin Wong, Michael “Yipes” Mendoza, and Chris Matrix, for instance), more eyes have taken notice of such a lofty request. With rumors circulating that the powers that be are seriously considering their social media pleas, the reality of a MvC2 re-release has seemingly become more attainable. If Capcom, Marvel, and Disney are truly listening and keeping watch over this powerful movement, then here are three requests that we’re sure would receive a lively reaction across the FGC for the “MAHVEL!” faithful.

1. A Fully Remastered Version of ‘Marvel vs. Capcom 2’

The main goal behind the #FreeMvC2 push is to get the powers that be to make the game available across today’s line of consoles. The version of that game that made its way onto the PS3 and Xbox 360 was great for its time, but now it could be even better with the remastered treatment. A refreshed rendition of Capcom’s classic fighter would do extremely well if it was capable of outputting 60fps, incorporated rollback netcode, featured enhanced visuals, and afforded everyone the ability to play the game in either a 4:3 ratio or the 16:9 widescreen option. Adding some of the cool features that appeared in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, such as an art gallery and combo challenges, could also add to the MvC2 package and make it even more of a must-buy.

2. A Future ‘Vs.’ Fighting Game Compilation from Capcom

If we end up getting that dream MvC2 remaster, chances are pretty high that it will bring in the big bucks and open the eyes of everyone at Capcom and Marvel. At that point, they’ll have to recognize the potential of re-releasing the rest of the “Vs.” series catalog. It’d be preferable if both companies joined forces once again to produce a collection that’s even better than what was seen in Marvel vs. Capcom Origins

The FGC deserves a new compilation that comes with arcade-perfect versions of X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, and Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. And just like our requests for the MvC2 remaster, just throw in cleaner visuals, rollback netcode, and that gallery mode for all the nostalgic heads out there. And would it be too much to ask to throw The Punisher, X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse, and Marvel Super Heroes In War of the Gems, too? Yeah, probably…

3. The Creation of a Fourth ‘Marvel vs. Capcom’ Series Entry

If those two prior requests do come to pass, then there clearly has to be a push towards making a true sequel to Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The failures attached to Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite shouldn’t be enough to close the door on the franchise as a whole. Capcom’s improvements within the fighting game department and Marvel’s stronger focus on bettering its video game efforts could combine to produce excellence. A fourth official installment in the MvC franchise seems like a far-flung dream scenario. But if the MvC2 remaster and “Vs.” compilation come to pass and succeed in the sales department, then we’re quite sure our third request would come closer to becoming a reality. In a post MCU Phase 4 world and a time where Capcom has even more IPs to take characters from, a new MvC game could offer the best roster the series has ever seen.

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The 23 Best Multiplayer PC Games

It felt like during the pandemic, more people started both gaming and streaming more than ever. Those who were already streaming saw their available hours triple while they couldn’t leave the house and the period was perfect for growth.

A few different games boomed during the pandemic too, Fall Guys and Among Us to name a couple of them. For a while, multiplayer games were one of the ways we kept in contact.

As PC gaming continues to become more popular, so does the need for a selection of multiplayer games to play. As a result, we’ve made a list of the best multiplayer games that you can play on PC right now. Check them out below.

1. Among Us

Developed and published by Innersloth, Among Us has actually been out since June of 2018 on iOS and Android and November of 2018 on Windows. It only had its surge last year as people were inside. Inspired by Mafia, the concept of the game is that you and the people you’re playing with are the crew on a spaceship. However, one of you is the Imposter and is trying to kill the other members of the crew. Every so often, meetings take place where crew members can discuss who they think the Imposter is and vote for people to be kicked off the ship. The game lost some momentum but was helped along by mods and there’s likely to be a big surge when the sequel gets released.

Buy now, $4.99
2. Apex Legends

During the time that Apex Legends launched, it felt like there was a new battle royale coming out every month, but this one stuck with people, hence the 100 million players that the game had in April of this year. The unique selling point of the game is having different characters, called Legends, for people to choose from. They all have different abilities, which makes for a fun aspect of the game before the action even starts. At the time of writing, the game is in its tenth season which kicked off at the top of August. A new Legend, a new gun, a new battle pass, and a ranked version of Arenas were all introduced. It’s still free to play too.

3. Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone launched right at the top of the pandemic and it couldn’t have happened better for the developers or gamers. While the game is currently facing a lot of criticism about not having a solid anti-cheat system, it’s looking like there might be a change coming with the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard this November. Also coming before the end of the year is a brand-new map, one that’s set during World War II. We’re not sure what that means for Verdansk, or whether or not Modern Warfare or Cold War guns will still be available, but it’s worth hopping on for the ride regardless. The game will also continue to be free to play.

4. Cuphead

Released in 2017 and developed and published by Studio MDHR, Cuphead is a game that can be played solo, but is far more fun with a friend. One of you controls the title character Cuphead and the other takes control of their brother, Mugman. The concept of the game is that the brothers must play through different levels and fight bosses to pay their debt to the devil, but that makes the game sound far darker than it actually is. In reality, it’s a great run and gun platformer.

Buy now, $19.99
5. Dead By Daylight

A great game for when you have a group of friends. Dead By Daylight makes one player the killer, whose goal is to kill other players, known as Survivors before they can escape. As well as escaping, Survivors have various tasks to complete, making it all the more likely that they put themselves in danger of being killed.

Buy now, $9.99
6. Destiny 2

A free-to-play online multiplayer game, Destiny 2 sees players take on the role of Guardians, protectors of Earth. You pick a class, learn the combat and take on game modes like Crucibles, Strikes, Gambits, and Raids, the latter of which is perfect for a group of six.

7. Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is the multiplayer expansion for Don’t Starve, the 2013 game developed by Klei Entertainment. Although, it basically functions as its own game. As you might have guessed from the name, it’s all about survival. You and your group must work together to stay full, hydrated, warm, and dry. If that wasn’t hard enough, the creepy environment is filled with deadly creatures.

Buy now, $14.99
8. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys, as we mentioned in the article’s intro, is one of the games that boomed in the pandemic, right when it launched and became a free download. The general consensus was that while the game was fun, updates full of new levels with season two came too late and many people had fallen out of love with it as quickly as they fell in love with it. However, the game has definitely seen a rise in popularity since, with the team aspect being catered to. The concept of the game, like a battle royale, is to be the last person standing, all the while going through obstacle courses to try to qualify for the next round. 

Buy now, $19.99
9. Fortnite

Fortnite isn’t the game that kicked off the battle royale craze in gaming, but it is the one that popularised it. It also gave developers the key to making money with the battle pass and having different seasons in-game. While you might think the game isn’t as popular as when it first came out, the numbers would prove you wrong. In April of last year, 12.3 million concurrent players participated in the Travis Scott event. Eight months later, that record was beaten by 3 million, when 15.3 concurrent players tuned in for the Galactus event. Despite the many things added to the game since its launch in 2017, the concept is still the same and great for playing online with friends or strangers. Oh, and it doesn’t cost a penny to play.

10. Forza Horizon 4

Released in 2018 was Forza Horizon 4, the eleventh installment in the Forza series. For us, this is must-play co-op content. Racing game fans will already know about how much respect Forza gets and we can only agree that they consistently make the best and most realistic driving games around. Horizon 4 on PC is no different.

Buy now, $59.99
11. Grand Theft Auto: V

Of course, since this article is about multiplayer games, we’re referring to the online version of the game here. It’s incredible that GTA: V has been around this long, but it’s managed to still be one of the most popular games in the world because of the constant online updates. It doesn’t look like the game is going anywhere anytime soon either because the launch for the PlayStation 5 version of the game is still yet to happen. So despite the game launching in 2013, it’s definitely not too late to jump on and kick things off with some heists and races.

Buy now, $14.99
12. It Takes Two

Much like the name suggests, It Takes Two requires two players to work. You can either play with a friend or someone online. Either way, the game is a split-screen co-op game. You and your partner take on the role of two parents who are about to get divorced until your child pretends everything is fine with their dolls. You end up becoming the dolls and must work together to try to reach your child, to get them to turn you back into humans. The game features some great spots where timing and communication are key.

Buy now, $39.99
13. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is an incredibly fun co-op game where you and your partner must work with each other to defuse a bomb. One of you is the Defuser, staring at the bomb which has multiple modules. The other is called the Expert and must help the Defuser through each module. Some examples of the modules are morse code and wire cutting (in which the wire you need to cut varies greatly based on random circumstances).

Buy now, $14.99
14. Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 includes various game modes, most of which support multiplayer. The Campaign allows you to play with up to three people, although any untaken spots will be filled with the CPU. Survival is basically a gauntlet where you must survive waves of Infected. Then there’s Versus, where you can take control of Infected.

Buy now, $9.99
15. Minecraft

If you’ve only heard of Minecraft and never dived in, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a game where you just gather materials and build things. Although that’s a big aspect of it, there’s so much more that you can do. There’s a Hardcore mode where the aim of the game is survival. There’s Creative mode where you have access to nearly all resources. Multiplayer could see you competing against other players with friends or having build battles. Of course, you could always team up to fight the Ender Dragon too.

Buy now, $26.99
16. Monster Hunter World

Developed and published by Capcom, Monster Hunter World was released in 2018. Although the single-player portion of the game is a massive part of it, the game does offer great multiplayer support. Players join servers of up to sixteen people and go on quests, many of which are the same as you can do solo.

Buy now, $29.99
17. Overcooked! 2

Overcooked! 2 puts you and your team in the kitchen of a busy restaurant. You’ll be tasked with gathering, chopping, and cooking ingredients, putting food on plates, serving dishes, and then washing dishes. If all of that sounds like it would be chaotic… that’s because it is. That’s what’s fun about it. Communication is key here.

Buy now, $24.99
18. Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia essentially puts you and your friends in the role of ghost hunters, completing contracts. This is a great one for you to play with a group of people over voice chat because of the game’s speech recognition feature, which means that enemies can hear you speak and even react to certain keywords. You also might need some friends to help you get through the horrors that await.

Buy now, $13.99
19. Portal 2

The first game in the Portal series was a big hit and the sequel only took things up a level. Portal 2 was released in 2011 and features not only portals but lasers, tractor beams, and more resources which add many more dynamics to the gameplay. Despite all of the additions, the goal is still the same – solve puzzles however you can.

Buy now, $9.99
20. Rocket League

The best way to describe Rocket League is that it is soccer in cars that can jump and damn near fly with enough boost. If that doesn’t make you want to play it, nothing will. The game has always been popular, even since its predecessor was called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Ever since Epic Games took over this game, made it free-to-play, and added a battle pass, it has seen more and more players trying it out for the first time. There’s never really a bad time to play this one and it can be played solo, but it’s especially great to team up with a couple of friends against another trio.

21. Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves has been described as a “shared-world adventure game”, which means that you and the group of people that you’re playing with will often encounter other players in the same environment, which can either mean you form an alliance or you make an enemy. In general, the game sees you using a pirate ship to traverse the vast open world, completing voyages or just roaming.

Buy now, $39.99
22. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Siege is a tactical shooter with an emphasis on destructive environments and communication, making it perfect for this list. Different operators have access to different gadgets. The tactical aspect of the game comes in because teams can choose where to spawn and attack the enemy team from, adding an extra layer that most multiplayer FPS games don’t have.

Buy now, $4.99

VALORANT, released last year, is a team-based FPS, a hero shooter, specifically. As more game modes get added, the game becomes more and more popular. It’s already been a hit with streamers. There’s Escalation, which is similar to Call of Duty’s Gun Game mode. There’s also Spike Rush, which is basically TDM, but best of seven.

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The Best iPhone Chargers on Amazon

Maintaining a full battery on your iPhone is much easier with a good charger. Having an iPhone charger that suits your charging needs makes life a lot simpler. Charging cords come in a variety of lengths, with something to suit any environment. We researched to find the most reliable iPhone chargers around, letting you keep your phone always powered up.

1. Best Length: Cabepow iPhone Charger
2. Most Fast: Xcentz iPhone Charger
3. Best For Vehicles: Jahmai iPhone Charger
4. Honorable Mention: Amazon Basics iPhone Charger

1. Xcentz iPhone Charger 6ft

WHAT WE LIKE: This charging cable has a unique and strong cable joint. This way, your charge current is secured, no matter your movement. Combined with its nylon braided cord design, this iPhone charger is built to last years. This cable only comes in one color, which is bright red. This is great for noticeability – you will never lose your charger. However, if you are bothered by bright colors, this may not be the choice for you.

buy now on amazon
2. iPhone Charger, JAHMAI Nylon Braided Lightning Cable
Best for Vehicles

WHAT WE LIKE: This charging cable is six feet in length, making it great for any use. When moving this iPhone charger, you can have no fear of potential bends or breaks. The zinc alloy connector keeps your charge protected and consistent. It also comes in five fun colors so that you can customize your charge a little bit.

buy now on amazon
3. Amazon Basics Nylon Braided Lightning to USB A Cable
Honorable Mention

WHAT WE LIKE: Each charging cable is enforced with nylon braiding to avoid any bends or breaks. This makes it excellent for a vehicle when sometimes you step on chargers accidentally. It will connect quickly to your USB car connection or your computer, with its 480 MPs of data transmission.

ONE37pm may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

buy now on amazon
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PlayStation Showcase 2021: News and Reveal Trailer Roundup

When we tell you the Sony PlayStation brand showed up in a major way during their latest showcase, we mean it! Let’s get right to all the shocking reveals and info dumps that transpired during the 2021 PlayStation Showcase.

‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake’

So it turns out all the rumors about a remake for one of the greatest Star Wars RPGs of all time was true! The original was developed by Bioware, but the newly announced remake is being handled by development studio Aspyr. Aspyr knows a thing or two about remastering or porting Star Wars games, as evidenced by their work on Star Wars: Republic Commando and Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Here’s hoping this remake meets everyone’s high expectations for it.

‘Project Eve’

The female-led action game known as Project Eve got some showcase time and it looked gorgeous in motion. The Korean-led development studio SHIFT-UP Corporation is behind this one and it gives off heavy Devil May Cry and “Soulsborne” vibes. Keep your eyes peeled for this one folks cause it looks to be a very satisfying action-packed experience.

‘Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’

The Borderlands spinoff game that’s all about running, gunning, and slashing through high fantasy realms finally has a release date. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is set to arrive on March 25, 2022. And from the looks of it, Borderlands fans will be getting the same addictive looter shooter action mixed in with some new varied locales to run around in.


Square Enix and Luminous Production’s brand new IP Forspoken got itself a new trailer, which showed off the main character Frey and her mastery of a bevy of magical abilities. The mystical open world of Athia looks amazing and points to a game that will be filled with epic adventures and fun approaches to exploration.

‘Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction’

We all know what the next Rainbow Six series entry is about at this point. This co-op multiplayer game will throw players into a world overrun by parasitic aliens called the Archaeans, which need to be extinguished by you and your fellow Operators of course. This Rainbow Six spinoff title is set to arrive in January 2022.

‘Alan Wake Remastered’

We all saw the leaks, which eventually led to Epic Games Publishing and Remedy Entertainment officially unveiling it. Alan Wake Remastered showed up here to give fans a deeper look at the game’s improved visuals. You can look forward to taking this remaster for a spin on October 5, 2021.

‘Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online’

Unfortunately, we were hit with some game delay news during this livestream. The PS5 versions of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online have been pushed out from November 11, 2021, to March 2022. Keep in mind that the standalone edition of GTA Online will be available to download for free on PS5 three months from launch.

‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’

It’s been a good while since we’ve seen new gameplay footage of Tango Gameworks’ supernatural first-person thriller. This latest Ghostwire: Tokyo trailer gave us a better look at the lead protagonist and even more of the otherworldly threats he’ll be up against.

‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’

The Guardians of the Galaxy are coming to consoles in their own game come October 26, 2021. The whole gang got some screen time here and treated viewers to a better look at the story that’s set to unfold. And most exciting of all, it looks like this game will feature some space combat!

‘Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt’

The battle royale experience set in the world of Vampire: The Masquerade showed off its playable nightwalker types, which looked pretty cool. This upcoming free-to-play game lets players wield supernatural powers alongside a wealth of firearms and melee weapons in order to dominate the rest of the pack.


Deathloop is always expected to pop up during any type of PlayStation showcase and that’s exactly what happened here. The game’s plotline that’s all about living through the same day over and over again until you assassinate your targets was detailed here once again, plus we got to see even more of the fun ways you can eliminate your foes.

‘Kid A Mnesia Exhibition’

So get this – rock band Radiohead is linking up with Epic Games to launch an interactive musical experience known as Kid A Mnesia: Exhibition, which is obviously themed after the group’s dual upcoming album releases. Kid A Mnesia is actually a commemorative rerelease of the albums  Kid A and Amnesiac, which will come with some previously unreleased material.


The whimsical tropical adventure game known as Tchia debuted a new trailer that showed off more of its main character’s main ability. The young girl at the heart of this game has the power to control any animal or object she comes across. With over 30 objects and animals to utilize, Tchia will explore a vast archipelago and interact with a wealth of lovable characters.

‘Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection’

So Nathan Drake is finally coming over to PS5 and PC. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection brings Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and its standalone expansion Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to both consoles and is slated for release in 2022.

‘Marvel’s Wolverine’

INSOMNIAC…DON’T…MISS! So we already knew they were hard at work on crafting another Spider-Man game, which made the announcement of the studio’s all-new Wolverine game all the more shocking. The teaser trailer showed a sneak peek at the adamantium claw-wielding antihero and the destruction he’s famously capable of.

‘Gran Turismo 7’

The most successful racing game simulator of all time is getting its seventh mainline sequel and it’s set to come on March 4, 2022. Gearheads have a lot to look forward to as the fully-fledged GT Campaign mode, huge gathering of real-world cars, and realistic vehicle tuning are all here and accounted for. Gran Turismo 7 looks like it’s going to make the PS5 work overtime as evidenced by its graphical prowess.

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’

Insomniac Games is lowkey becoming one of the greatest development studios we’ve ever seen! Not only did they reveal a standalone Wolverine game, but they also showed a teaser trailer for their next Spider-Man romp. Peter Parker and Miles Morales look to be fighting together side by side now as they’re forced to contend with Venom. And judging by the voice narrating this debut footage, it sounds like Kraven The Hunter will also be a part of all the festivities. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set to arrive sometime in 2023.

‘God of War: Ragnarok’

Kratos and his son Atreus certainly have their work cut out for them during their next Norse mythology-centered adventure. God of War Ragnarok takes place a few years after the 2018 reimagining of the series and sees players making their way through the freezing winds within Midgard. Kratos and Atreus will come to blows with Freya and her Vanir magic once again, plus they’ll come into contact with Thor, one of the last living Giants, and even the Norse God of War.

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Elton’s Playable Characters Wishlist for ‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’

So the rumors about an XCOM-like game featuring Marvel Comics characters were actually legit! During Gamescom 2021, publisher 2K Games and developer Firaxis Games revealed the first official look at that project. In March of next year, Marvel fanatics can enter a world that’s on the brink of collapse due to the actions of Hydra and Lilith (Mother of All Demons). And the only way to beat back that combined threat is by employing the superpowered efforts of 13 signature heroes and an original one made specifically for the game. The roster revealed thus far includes the following:

– Captain America

– Captain Marvel

– Iron Man

– Dr. Strange

– Wolverine

– Ghost Rider

– Magik

– Blade

– Nico Minoru

– The Hunter (brand new character)

As someone that’s seen every Marvel Cinematic Universe film, read countless issues of Deadpool & X-Men, and enjoyed every minute of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, I’m very interested in everything Marvel’s Midnight Suns. I get the feeling that this game will expand its playable roster by adding in a host of familiar faces post-launch. I’d like to throw a few names out there that would make for great roster members due to their unique moveset and huge presence within the Marvel Universe.

1. Moon Knight
Marvel Comics

How can you produce a Marvel video game that deals with the supernatural and not bring on the mysterious Moon Knight into the fray? Marc Spector’s costumed alter-ego mainly dibbles and dabbles in defending the world against otherworldly threats, so he’d fit right in with the rest of the gang in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Moon Knight’s arsenal centers around his martial arts expertise, superhuman strength, nearly unlimited endurance, and quick reflexes. He also relies on a wealth of side tools that make him even more of a lethal combatant. Moon Knight fits right at home alongside the rest of the characters featured in this upcoming RPG.

2. Shang-Chi
Marvel Comics

Now that one of Marvel’s other kung-fu masters has finally gotten their own MCU film, casual heads are going to be on the lookout for him in other forms of media. If 2K Games and Firaxis games are smart, they’ll make sure to add Shang-Chi into their game and showcase him now that his mainstream presence has increased. Chi’s chi-based abilities are top-notch, plus he can beat down the very worst villains with a wide assortment of hand weapons. Having the ability to put all of Chi’s devastating moves into play against hapless Hydra agents sounds like a good time to me. I love me some Iron Fist, but now is clearly the best time to give Chi the nod in a brand new Marvel video game.

3. Elsa Bloodstone
Marvel Comics

Like her father before her, Elsa Bloodstone makes it her mission to hunt down the very worst of demons that inhabit the Marvel Universe. Since she knows a thing or two about the supernatural realm, Elsa is primed for a starring role in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Her arsenal includes superhuman abilities, her trusty rifle, and two revolvers that always get the job done. Her reliance on mystical items can also be played up in Marvel’s Midnight Suns as the sort of tools that can boost her and her allies’ stats in battle. Marvel’s equivalent to Van Helsing needs another starring role in a Marvel game – Marvel’s Midnight Suns seems like the perfect scenario for her to do so.

4. The Punisher
Marvel Comics

I like having a character on my squad that has all the guns in the world. This clearly means I need The Punisher to assist me in shooting down a whole bunch of Hydra agents that try to test him. Frank Castle can dish out big damage with his bare hands, of course. But he’s most known for whipping out all types of firearms and explosives in order to dish out his signature brand of justice. The man’s physical prowess and affinity for guns make him one of the best candidates for a playable character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

5. Gambit
Marvel Comics

So this game already has one X-Men team member in attendance and that’s good old Wolverine. The adamantium claw wielder has and always will be a Marvel fan favorite, so it makes all the sense in the world for him to be a part of the launch roster for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Another beloved X-Men character that needs to join Logan is the staff user and kinetic card wielder known as Gambit. He’s always stood out as one of Marvel’s coolest heroes and always adds an extra bit of excitement to any project he’s a part of. I’m so ready to throw out some cards and bash some baddies over the head with Gambit’s staff for the greater good.

6. Scarlet Witch
Marvel Comics

Wanda Maximoff is definitely a force to be reckoned with. So much so that she had Thanos down bad for a hot minute during the final fight scene in Avengers: Endgame. Now that your casual moviegoer realizes just how powerful she is, it’s worth making her a part of this game’s crusade against a sinister supernatural force. Scarlet Witch’s abilities point to her magic affinity, which gives her access to a wide variety of spells that can incapacitate the opposition. The “Chaos Magic” she wields in battle can be quite a useful asset if she ends up becoming a part of Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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The Biggest Games Releasing in September 2021

Gamers – it’s time all of you guys and gals made sure your checking accounts are well prepared. Because the month of September kicks off the usual fall season gaming avalanche. This month has it all – major AAA releases, AA projects that have the potential to be great, and indie titles that might end up capturing everyone’s imagination. Here are all of the monumental video game releases and ports that are dropping in September. Chances are there’s something on this list that you’re dying to play!

F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch – September 7 (PS5, PS4, PC – Steam)

The recent trend of Chinese development studios producing commendable gaming projects is inspiring. We already know how strong the catalog of games is from Japanese game studios, so it’s nice to see the Chinese territory stepping their game up to match theirs. F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch comes from one of those up-and-coming Chinese game studios – it features a badass anthropomorphic bunny that bashes enemies with a mechanical arm. You’ll explore the game’s steampunk world via an engrossing Metroidvania formula. FI.S.T. has the potential to be this month’s sleeper hit, for sure.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate – September 7 (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam)

Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary is being celebrated this year through the remastered re-release of one of his best modern games. Sonic Colors: Ultimate revitalizes the Wii classic by improving its already strong visuals, adding in a host of quality of life improvements, and throwing in some additional gameplay features. The new “Rival Rush” mode lets players race through certain levels against Metal Sonic, Sonic can now equip custom gear, and there’s a new Wisp power in play called the “Jade Ghost.”

Life is Strange: True Colors – September 10 (PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, PC – Steam, Google Stadia)

Even though developer Dontnod Entertainment isn’t working on the latest entry in the Life is Strange series, there’s really no reason to be worried about it. Deck Nine’s work on Life is Strange: True Colors looks to be just as memorable and enjoyable as the previous entries in the graphic adventure series. The main character you’ll take control of this time around is Alex Chen, a young woman that has a unique ability – the power to experience the emotions of others. She’ll have to rely on this ability if she has any hope of getting to the bottom of her brother’s passing. Prepare yourself for a full experience on day one with this new Life is Strange game and get ready to get hit hard right in the feels during its heavy heart-tugging moments.

NBA 2K22 – September 10 (PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam)

Now that we’ve entered the month of September, that can only mean one thing – the newest version of NBA 2K is on the horizon. This year’s rendition of digital hoops features the same signature basketball sim mechanics and modes that fans have already poured hundreds (thousands?) of hours into. NBA 2K22’s is definitely devoted to strengthening its WNBA suite – a brand new progression system for the ladies called The W lets you have even more control over your lady baller’s career. So as a fan of both the NBA and WNBA, you’ll have the best of both worlds at your fingertips in NBA 2K22.

Tales of Arise – September 10 (PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, PC – Steam)

Tales of Arise looks like it’s set to push Bandai Namco’s JRPG series forward and make the franchise as a whole more of a mainstream property. And by the looks of it, those goals are certainly attainable. This highly anticipated JRPG takes place within a world that features two medieval realms, which are referred to as Dahna and Rena. Rena’s superiority when it comes to its technological/magical achievements pushes them to enslave the nation of Dahna and treats its people as nothing more than slaves. Two individuals from those realms eventually befriend each other as they embark on a journey that’s meant to change the way things are run and bring harmony to their respective homes.

WarioWare: Get It Together – September 10 (Nintendo Switch)

WARIOWARE IS BACK, BAYBEE! WarioWare: Get It Together marks the return of Nintendo’s zany minigame collection and goes even further with its crazy concepts. Now you have the ability to play as Wario and his quirky buddies within the minigames themselves (which there are 200 of, we might add). You can participate in all those seconds-long minigames on your own or alongside a friend within the game’s main Story mode and even more enjoyable side offerings. There’s so much to see, do, and laugh hysterically at within WarioWare: Get It Together – we can’t wait to pick nostrils and spin some windmills with the homies.

Deathloop – September 14 (PS5, PC – Steam)

Arkane Studios garnered tons of positive feedback from most players that gave it a chance. Now the studio is pivoting to a different type of first-person experience that’s all about escaping a time loop. You’ll take control of an assistant named Colt, who must eliminate eight targets on the island of Blackreef if he has any hopes of escaping his current predicament. You’ll need to map out your assassinations properly and also keep watch of a second assassin that’s hot on your trail. Deathloop’s unique gameplay loop, catchy soundtrack, and enjoyable cast of characters have all the making of delivering Arkane’s next big hit.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits – September 21 (PS5, PS4, PC – Steam)

Do you guys remember when we all saw this game for the very first time? It was back during the June 2020 “Future of Gaming” live stream event for PlayStation. After several delays, Ember Lab’s ambitious action/adventure game will finally grace PlayStation platforms and PC. Kena: Bridge of Spirit’s ritual main heroine employs her staff and the aid of cutesy spirit companions known as the Rot. She’ll have to defend herself against a host of threats as she looks to restore a small village and help its deceased denizens move on due to their unfinished business in the human realm.

Diablo II: Resurrected – September 23 (PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, PC – Steam)

While we all wait for the far-off release of Diablo IV, the remastered version of Diablo II should hold us all over. Diablo II: Resurrected upgrades the base game and its expansion Diablo II: Lord of Destruction by featuring improved visuals, a bunch of quality of life improvements, automatic pairing during multiplayer sessions, and so much more. Fans can expect the same addictive top-down, action RPG skirmishes that turned them into Diablo addicts in the first place with this remastered variation. It’s time to smash demons, collect loot, and raid dungeons just like the good old days!

Lost Judgment – September 24 (PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, PC – Steam)

Sega’s Ryu Ga Gotouku studio is responsible for crafting the Yakuza franchise. Its spinoff game Judgment embodied the structure seen in Yakuza but switched its plotline up by having players tackle a murder mystery. For the sequel, Lost Judgment reintroduces private detective Takayuki Yagami in the main protagonist role once again. And this time, he’s going to be busy investigating an individual that’s being accused of sexual harassment and murder. Yagami will once again find himself tailing potential suspects, beating down various aggressors, and exploring the rambunctious locales of Kamurocho and Isezaki.

New World – September 28 (PC – Steam)

Amazon Games is heading into the MMORPG space that throws players into a world unlike any other in the genre. New World takes place in the mid-1600s and features a wide expanse modeled after North and South America in the Atlantic Ocean. Players will get to link up with one of three factions, then move out in the world they inhabit and fight hard for survival. The combat within this MMORPG feels so visceral and there’s a wide assortment of things to do & see. New World has all the makings of your next online addiction.

Hot Wheels Unleashed – September 30 (PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam)

There have been some halfway decent Hot Wheels games here and there. Even Forza Horizon 3 got in on all the miniature toy car fun via its awesome Hot Wheels expansion! Publisher/developer Milestone is looking to introduce the first great Hot Wheels video game with Hot Wheels Unleashed, which is a high-octane racer that features a huge gathering of the toy brand’s signature vehicles. Players will find themselves racing across all those wild orange track layouts and flipping through all those topsy turvy loop de loops. Hot Wheels Unleashed may just be the best racing game coming out this month and the perfect way to revisit your childhood nostalgia.

Melty Blood: Type Lumina – September 30 (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam)

If Guilty Gear Strive turned you into an anime fighting game connoisseur, then feast your eyes on another brand new entry into the sub-genre. The most hardcore anime fighting game fans practically play Melty Blood anytime and anywhere they can. A whole new installment in the series is finally coming out and it’s been christened Melty Blood: Type Lumina. Based on Type-Moon’s series of visual novels, this HD rendition of the underrated 2D fighter features a retooled battle system that allows for sick air combos & so much more.

Console Ports

The Medium – September 3 (PS5)

Chernobylite – September 7 (PS4, Xbox One)

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – Prince’s Edition – September 17 (Nintendo Switch)

World War Z: Aftermath – September 21 (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC – Steam, Epic Games)

Death Stranding Director’s Cut – September 24 (PS5)

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot + A New Power Awakens Set – September 24 (Nintendo Switch)

Ghostrunner – September 28 (PS5, Xbox Series X|S)

Darksiders III – September 30 (Nintendo Switch)