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All 20 ‘Mass Effect’ Companions, Ranked

If you’re like me, you’ve been sinking hours upon hours into the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which dropped on May 14th. It is one of the most beloved and highly regarded sci-fi gaming franchises out there. While the ending to the original trilogy and the follow-up game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, have divided the fanbase, the games hold a special place in many gamers’ hearts, myself most definitely included. Taking on the role of Commander Shepard, players embark on a galaxy-spanning adventure full of action, drama, comedy, romance, and more.

Having finally just completed the long, arduous mission of saving the Milky Way Galaxy from the villainous and genocidal Reapers, I got to thinking about arguably the most crucial part of the franchise: Your companions. One of the big reasons Mass Effect remains so popular is that fans loved the characters, identified with their struggles, and laughed and cried alongside them.

Bioware achieved something extraordinary with these characters, and even though much of your crew were fictional alien beings, they felt as real as anyone you may encounter in real life. Whether it be the rogue space cop and ultimate bro Garrus Vakarian, the eccentric scientist Mordin Solus, or the academic research turned information broker Liara T’Soni, each of these characters were valuable members of a squad assembled to save the galaxy.With all that being said, some squad-mates were simply better than others, and throughout three games with 20 potential companions, some were bound to be more memorable. Here are all 20 Mass Effect companions, ranked from worst to best.

20. Morinth

Putting Morinth last on the list is sort of cheating since she is an optional squadmate and one that only truly renegade players would choose to join the squad.

Morinth is, well, a serial killer, one whose only mission in life is to seduce and then murder her victims. She is a powerful biotic (Mass Effect‘s version of magic), so she is, hypothetically, a potentially very useful squadmate. Morinth is also the daughter of Samara, another potential squadmate, and Morinth first appears in Samara’s loyalty mission. Players are confronted with a choice: Side with either Samara or Morinth. Most players tend to choose Samara, so at the end of the day, we never truly get to know Morinth but are you really going to choose to side with someone that has no qualms about murdering innocents? I sure hope not.

19. James Vega

James Vega gets a bit of a bad rap in my eyes. Voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr., he’s a new squadmate that gets added to the last game in the trilogy (Bioware has said that he’s supposed to “represent” players that are just starting to play the games), and he doesn’t get much to do in Mass Effect 3 outside of being a space jock.

He’s a soldier through and through but in a game that already has so many other quality characters, it’s just hard to get invested in Vega’s story.

18. Zaeed Massani

Zaeed Massani is a legendary space bounty hunter that is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He gets shortchanged in these games simply because he was a DLC character in Mass Effect 2 and, much like Vega, sort of feels like he was brushed aside.

He is a gruff guy that’s seen it all and done it all, but when his conversations boil down to non-cutscene interactions, how are we supposed to care about what happens to him?

17. Kaidan Alenko

One of your very first squadmates in Mass Effect, Kaidan, lands with you on Eden Prime in the franchise’s very first mission.

As the game progresses and your squad begins to expand, Kaidan felt less important as a squadmate during my playthroughs.

Put it this way: When the player reaches Virmire and is forced to decide whether Kaidan or Ashley Williams dies, I’ve never had too much of a moral dilemma in siding with Ashley.

16. Jacob Taylor

 Ah, Jacob Taylor.

A character who should have been much more interesting than he ended up being, but I place that more on the writing, and the voice actor, Adam Lazarre-White, has nothing to work with.

He is a human biotic who serves as one of the major players in Cerberus, the human-centric organization that Shepard works for in Mass Effect 2, and, similar to Kaidan Alenko, he’s just a rather bland character.

15. Kasumi Goto

I take no pleasure in ranking Kasumi this low on the list because she suffers from the same problem that Zaeed does: She is a DLC character in Mass Effect 2.

Kasumi, the galaxy’s greatest thief, is an interesting character who, unlike Zaeed, has a great backstory. Her partner in crime, and love interest Keiji, was murdered by arms dealer Donovan Hock and she enlists Shepard’s help to pull a heist to get some of her equipment back.

The mission is a ton of fun and a nice change of pace for the third-person shooter game, which helps Kasumi greatly.

14. Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams, another one of the earliest squadmates available to you and the other potential survivor on Virmire, is an Alliance soldier that believes wholeheartedly in the organization’s mission.

Bemoaned as a “space racist,” Ashley mistrusts the alien crew members on the ship and even goes so far as to say, “I can’t tell the aliens from the animals” at one point. However once, you get a better idea of her backstory (her grandfather was the first human to surrender a garrison to an alien force), her misgivings, while still wrong, become a bit more understandable.

She’s a soldier through and through, but her lack of trust in Shepard throughout the second and third games can make her seem unreasonable.

13. Javik

The last voice of the Protheans.

Javik, another DLC character, should have been included with the main game as his appearance fleshes out a ton of lore in the Mass Effect universe.

The Protheans are a long-extinct race whose beacons help set the stage for the entire saga of Mass Effect. However, Javik was placed into cryostasis for 50,000 years and is awoken by Commander Shepard, and he joins the crew of the Normandy.

He has no time for compassion or mercy and believes that one must be ruthless to survive the Reaper onslaught. When asked by a Paragon Shepard why he is like this and if he has any sense of honor, Javik replies with one of the best quotes in all of Mass Effect: “Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls, and ask the ghosts if honor matters. The silence is your answer.”

12. Legion


One of the biggest surprises in Mass Effect 2 was the fact that a Geth, a race of synthetic machines that Shepard had killed thousands of in the original Mass Effect, would be joining your crew. He saves Shepard’s life on board a derelict Reaper and proves his loyalty by helping the commander defeat the Collectors.

His efforts to achieve peace between the Geth and Quarians in the third game help showcase just how far he has come as not just a sentient being but as a friend.

11. EDI

EDI, which stands for  Enhanced Defense Intelligence, is Normandy’s Artificial Intelligence in Mass Effect 2. So she isn’t a physical member of the squad, but once she is unshackled during a Collector attack on the Normandy, her abilities increase dramatically.

In Mass Effect 3, she takes control of the body of a Cerberus operative who had been upgraded with Reaper technology, allowing EDI to take physical form.

This was an enormous criticism of Mass Effect 3, given that the body that EDI was given was highly sexualized for no particular reason (something the entire franchise is guilty of when it comes to its female characters.) However, she is a great character in her own right, and much like Legion learns what it means to be human and, literally, not just a robot.

10. Samara

Samara is an Asari Justicar, think an agent of justice that believes in her code above all else. She is an extremely powerful biotic, and when she is first encountered by Shepard, she is hunting down her daughter, the aforementioned Morinth.

Samara has a tragic history, all of her daughters suffer from the same disorder that drives them to kill, but Morinth is the only one who acts on it. Still, she lives a lonely life moving around the galaxy rooting out evil, forcing her not to hold many attachments.

That is until she meets Commander Shepard and becomes a loyal member of his/her crew.

9. Grunt

An accidental member of the team, Grunt is a cloned Krogan bred in a tank by a rogue Krogan scientist. Shepard initially arrives on the planet looking to recruit said scientist, but upon being ambushed by mercenaries and finding the scientist dead, decides to bring Grunt along.

Grunt is a perfect Krogan soldier who is tough beyond belief and never backs away from a fight. However, he is just a teenager in many ways and is shunned by his species as inferior because he’s a clone.

Shepard helps him defy those odds and shows the galaxy that Grunt is not to be messed with. Grunt is one of the funnier teammates and, if he survives the Mass Effect 2, is found leading the legendary Aralakh Company in its fight against the Reapers in Mass Effect 3.

8. Miranda

Genetically engineered by her villainous father to be perfect in every aspect of her life, Miranda Lawson is Cerberus’ second in command when Shepard first meets her. Though she begins as a cold, calculating, and no-nonsense operative, Miranda gradually opens up to Shepard about her past.

Shepard begins to help Miranda see that Cerberus isn’t what she believes it to be, and by the end of Mass Effect 2, she leaves the organization behind and goes on the run.

Much like some of the other female characters in the franchise, Miranda is hypersexualized to the point that the developers literally edited scenes from Mass Effect 2 when making the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to cut down on it.

Those issues aside, Miranda is one of the most well-written characters in the game and has one of the best arcs in the whole franchise.

7. Jack

“The psychotic biotic.”

Jack, aka Subject Zero, was kidnapped by Cerberus as a child and experimented on in a secret facility where she was tortured to fully test her capabilities. She broke out of the facility and went on the run where she did anything to survive and was eventually captured and placed in a private prison run by mercenaries.

Shepard arrives to recruit her for the mission against the Collectors, and their relationship gets off to a rocky start, to say the least. Jack butts heads with Miranda, whom she calls a “Cerberus Cheerleader,” and their relationship never truly improves until Mass Effect 3, but only ever so slightly.

Thanks to her efforts to stop the Collectors, Jack takes a job as a teacher at a school for biotics, helping to bring her arc full circle. Much like Miranda, she learns to outgrow her mistakes and move forward, and not let the past define her.

6. Liara T’Soni

The shy academic researcher turned ruthless information broker, Dr. Liara T’Soni, is a fan favorite and a no-brainer to include in my top five. Liara begins the series as someone who is unsure of herself, whose mother is a companion to the first game’s primary villain, Saren.

Caught between family and duty, Liara remains loyal to Shepard and is forced to help kill her mother, who had been brainwashed by the Reapers.

Her experiences with Shepard changed her as a person, causing her to embrace a new role as an information broker on the world of Illium. Shepard helps her take down the Shadow Broker, one of the great forces of the galactic underworld, and Liara assumes the role herself before joining Shepard once again to finally defeat the Reapers.

5. Thane

Thane is a terminally ill assassin that is recruited for one last job: To stop the Collectors. He’s lived a life full of regrets, and it is only through absolution that he ever hopes to find peace. His species, the Drell, can vividly recall every one of their memories. During Thane’s conversations with Shepard, he often breaks away and describes his kills and experiences perfectly.

Before meeting Shepard, Thane had planned to mend his relationship with his estranged son Kolyat, whom Thane had neglected due to his life as an assassin.

Thane survives until the events of Mass Effect 3, provided he hasn’t been killed on the mission to the Collector base, and it is there that he makes one last heroic sacrifice. He prevents Cerberus assassin Kai Lang from killing a member of the Citadel Council. A life full of mistakes and wrongdoing, redeemed in the service of the greater good.

4. Mordin Solus

“I am the very model of a scientist Salarian, I’ve studies species Turian, Asari, and Batarian.”

An alien scientist with a passion for musical theater, who is also able to help you defeat genocidal monsters? That’s just Dr. Mordin Solus.

Inherently funny and eccentric, Mordin is full of memorable lines and quotes, none more so than his rendition of Gilbert and Sullivan.

At the beginning of Mass Effect 2, Mordin is running a clinic on the crime infested world of Omega, where he is attempting to cure a plague that is ravaging the alien population there. He then aids Shepard in defeating the Collectors, and along the way gradually comes to terms with his own past, a member of the Salarian special forces who helped forcibly sterilize the Krogan population.

Now you might think Mordin is a monster based on this description, but (if you follow the Paragon path) he helps to cure the bioweapon that is causing this problem with the Krogan, at the cost of his own life.

“Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.”

3. Tali Zorah Vas Normandy

“Keelah se’lai”

Tali Zorah, along with Garrus, is the only character who is a squad-mate in all three entries of the Mass Effect franchise and has, arguably, the most significant character arc out of all the characters that join Shepard.

In the first game, she is a scared, young Quarian (think Space nomads forced to live in bio suits), and by the third game, she is an Admiral brokering peace between organic beings and synthetics.

Engineer, strategist, and loyal companion, it is a true testament to the writers of these games that Tali becomes such a fan-favorite character, and you never even see her face (unless you form a romantic relationship with her, and even then it’s only in a picture.)

Her arc is so impactful for players because she, much like all of us, is genuinely experiencing this universe for the first time. The rest of the squad-mates in Mass Effect are all veterans or seasoned spacefarers. Meanwhile, Tali is just getting to know other planets and species, much like us.

2. Urdnot Wrex

Urdnot Wrex is what happens when you take a gruff, old, angry alien and force him to join a crew dedicated to saving the galaxy, one that has done next to nothing for him or his species. In fact, the other species are forcibly sterilizing his kind, slowly killing them off.

However, he commits to Shepard’s cause in Mass Effect, helping the commander stop Saren from unleashing the Reapers upon the galaxy. He’s similar to Garrus in many regards, a guy that has seen it all and done it all, and while he isn’t the nicest guy in the room, he is dedicated to doing the right thing.

He just doesn’t mind killing a few people to get that done.

Wrex is a born leader, and in Mass Effect 2 and 3, we find him leading his species. He wants to cure the sterility plague that is affecting the Krogan at any cost. Wrex also intends to repair the image of the Krogan and how they are seen in the rest of the galaxy. To do so, he adopts more progressive policies and leaves the old ways in the past.

A gruff guy, Wrex is also hilarious, fiercely loyal, and one that would gladly take a bullet for Shepard if asked to do so.

1. Garrus Vakarian

“Not sure if Turian heaven is the same as yours, but if this thing go sideways and we both end up there, meet me at the bar… I’m buying.”

The undisputed GOAT. The best space buddy anyone could ever ask for, the one and only, Garrus Vakarian.

It sounds almost like a cliche, but Garrus is a rogue space cop that doesn’t play by the rules and is the embodiment of “getting things done.” He has no time for rules and regulations that get in the way of his mission and becomes frustrated by bureaucracy, which is a big reason why he joins Shepard’s crew in the first place.

Along with Tali, he is a crew member for all three games and is loyal to Shepard until the very end. He’s funny; he’s deadly in combat, and you know you can always rely on him.

Say it with me, everyone: “There is no Shepard without Vakarian.” 

Gaming New Releases

Introducing the ‘NBA 2K22’ Cover Athletes

It’s always an exciting day in the sports community when the 2K cover athletes get announced. Today 2K officially confirmed the full roster of cover athletes for NBA 2K22, which features global phenomenon and two-time NBA All-Star Luka Dončić, who will be gracing the Standard Edition and Cross-Gen Digital Bundle, and a trio of the NBA’s most impactful big men- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant in a premium NBA 75th Anniversary Edition which will reflect how each has impacted and changed the game of basketball.

Luka Dončić

All editions of NBA 2K22 are currently scheduled for worldwide release on September 10th, 2021, and are available for pre-order today. This edition of 2K will feature top-of-the-line visual presentation and player AI, historic teams, and a wide variety of hoops experiences that will give players the ultimate basketball experience.

Luka Dončić

Making the global cover of NBA 2K22 is special for me. I’m proud to represent my country in a special cover that honors the colors of the Slovenian flag. Basketball has given me so much, and I’m
excited to give back and work together with 2K Foundations this year to help the lives of young kids around the globe.

We know you are pumped and have more questions, so let’s go into a breakdown of what to expect.

NBA 2K22 will offer three editions of the game available on digital and physical formats: Standard Edition, a Cross-Gen Digital Bundle, and a special NBA 75th Anniversary Edition:

● The Standard Edition will be available for $59.99 on previous-gen platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC) and $69.99** on new-gen consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S);

● The Cross-Gen Digital Bundle will be available for $79.99 and grant players access to the Standard Edition across previous-and new-gen within the same PlayStation and Xbox consoles;

NBA 2K22 NBA 75th Anniversary Edition will be available for $99.99 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Dual-gen access is included for both the Cross-Gen Digital Bundle and NBA 75th Anniversary Edition for the PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S platforms and provides a version of the game on each console generation within the same console family. The NBA 75th Anniversary Edition for Nintendo Switch will only be available in digital format in the EMEA region.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant

The NBA 75th Anniversary Edition celebrates three of the league’s most iconic big men who revolutionized the league over its 75 years:

● Hall of Famer, six-time NBA Champion and six-time MVP, and all-time NBA scoring leader, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a legend who still influences today’s game, from his patented Skyhook to his activism on social issues;

● 14-time All-Star, NBA Champion and MVP, Dirk Nowitzki, embodies not only the global expansion of basketball but also the evolution of the game itself as the prototypical sharpshooting big man;

● 11-time All-Star, league MVP, and two-time NBA Champion, Kevin Durant, a legend in his own right and known for his one-of-a-kind presence in the league, appears for the third time as an NBA 2K cover athlete.

Kevin Durant

It’s an honor to grace the cover of 2K22 with two legends: Dirk Nowitzki and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I really appreciate it, another dream come true.

We also got the opportunity to ask KD what his defining video game was growing up.

“Probably 2K. When I first started really getting into playing games almost every day, 2K had just come out with the first one, and Iverson was on the cover. The graphics were just you know, next level compared to what we were playing before, and we were roped in. We saw the future when we turned on that first one. So I would say that was the most memorable moment, playing that over and over, every year.”

Charly Palmer

The NBA 75th Anniversary Edition and Cross-Gen Digital Bundle will cover artwork painted by Atlanta-based artist Charly Palmer who is most recently known for his “Civil Rights” series of paintings and compositions titled “America Must Change,” which made TIME Magazine’s prestigious cover in July 2020.

Candace Parker

That isn’t all though! In North America, players can purchase a special version of the Standard Edition featuring six-time WNBA All-Star and WNBA Champion, Candace Parker, on the cover which will be available exclusively through GameStop and EB Games. This is a major milestone for the 2K Franchise as Parker will be the first female cover athlete in the history of the franchise.

The Chicago Sky star’s cover feature is just one of the latest steps in ongoing initiatives to feature women prominently in the game. Additionally in Japan, players can also purchase a special version of the Standard Edition that features Washington Wizards Rui Hachimura, a rising star who was the first Japanese player to be drafted in the first round in 2019 and subsequently the first Japanese player to reach the NBA Playoffs.

Be sure to check out the NBA 2K22 official site for a full breakdown of the pre-order details and more info on the cover athletes featured across the different editions of this year’s game, as 2K will also be releasing additional announcements about NBA 2K22 in the coming weeks, including first looks at features, the soundtrack reveal, live service updates, and much more.

Stay Tuned!

Gaming New Releases

The 10 Best Gaming Headsets Under $100

As an avid gamer, you know one thing’s for certain – your setup isn’t complete without a certain lineup of essentials. Besides the hardware and software required to get your game on in the first place, one must have a proper gaming chair, crisp monitor(s), and a high-quality headset. Now we realize most gamers don’t really have the funds to ball out on a set of headphones that have all the bells and whistles you’d expect from them. But you don’t have to break the bank when it comes time to cop yourself an efficient gaming headset. As a matter of fact, you won’t even have to spend more than $100 to do so. We’ve compiled a list of six headsets that are top of the line and, most importantly, cheaper than you’d expect.

1. SteelSeries Arctis 5
Best All-Around Headset

This PS4 and PC-enabled headset comes outfitted with a host of features that present it as a product that should cost way more than $100. Its main attributes are as follows – DTS 7.1 Surround Sound with multichannel audio, a noise-canceling enabled ClearCast microphone, and 40MM dynamic speaker drivers. The SteelSeries Arctis 5’s sound quality is topnotch, plus it offers plenty of comfortability thanks to the excellent ear cushions attached to it. The design quality is also worth noting as it’s extremely pleasing to the eyes and the RGB illumination makes it look that much sexier as it glows in the dark. The Arctis 5 hits on every note worth mentioning and is our most recommended headset on this list.

Amazon User Review Quotable – “This wireless gaming headset is amazing! Initially, when I first put them on, it felt really weird. I was like, wt.. there’s no way this is going to feel comfortable. Then 10mins later, I totally forgot they were even on my head. I was walking around the house, taking bathroom breaks, getting food/drinks, all the while still be on comms and able to hear what’s going on in the game. I played CS: GO and Guild Wars 2 with them, two very different games. The sound is precise, I could hear footsteps very well in CS: GO without any delays. And for the MMO the sound is deep and rich.

Buy Now, $84.99
2. HyperX Cloud Alpha
Best Wired Headset

The HyperX Cloud Alpha opts for stereo sound over virtual sound, but its sound delivery is just as strong as every other selection amongst this lineup. For audio enthusiasts that are big on great bass quality, this headset should definitely be on your radar. Alongside its strong audio delivery, the HyperX Cloud Alpha also offers a lightweight, cozy feel that stands out as one of its strongest attributes. You can send a couple more bucks to add 7.1 Surround Sounds to this bad boy if you’d like. But if you’d rather just stick with the standard version of the Cloud Alpha, you won’t have to worry about being left behind by those who opt for the aforementioned add-on. This headset works well with a wide variety of consoles and devices, so you can easily make it your go-to headset for your daily gaming regiment if you so choose.

Amazon User Review Quotable – “I tried these new Cloud Alphas and wow. Immediately impressed with them all around. Great construction, feel, and sound. The mic sounds amazing… they absolutely kill the A40’s mic; makes them sound like cheap $3 microphones. The A40s sound anemic compared to these headsets. I will never go back to Astro, except for using their TR MixAmp Pro; which when combined with these headphones I believe make the perfect mid-range <$250 headset combo. I have a background in audio recording so my ears now sound good. Get these headsets; you won’t be disappointed. Spend the extra $20 and upgrade the earcups and you’ll be hooked on the sound.”

Buy Now, $80.99
3. Alienware Stereo Gaming Headset AW310H
Best Comfortability Factor

This pair of headphones is simple in design, yet it still evokes a signature build that presents it as the slickest model you’ve probably ever seen. It’s easy to forget that this headset has been sitting on your head for hours due to its excellent sense of comfort – a combination of memory foam, sports fabric, and leatherette all do a great job of making that feat possible. From an audio standpoint, the Alienware Stereo Gaming Headset AW310H makes everything around you in-game sound as clear as possible thanks to its Signature Alienware Immersive Audio tech. Noise cancelation is also a key factor here, so you’ll be fully immersed in whatever you play with these headphones on.

Amazon User Review Quotable – “Overall, the Alienware AW310H is a great headset. Good sound. Decent bass. Great soundstage for a closed-back design. A nice and sleek design. Plus, it is manufactured by a company that is pretty good. Considering all of that, these are worth trying out.”

Buy Now, $70.33
4. EPOS I Sennheiser GSP 302
Best Microphone

What we have here is another headset option that’s compatible with every piece of important gaming hardware imaginable. It’s definitely one of the larger models worth mentioning here, but it’s far from heavy once it’s adorned to your head. And with a high durability factor to boot, the  EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 302 is certainly built to last. The microphone that’s attached to this model can easily be accessed simply by pulling it up/down, which also goes hand in hand with turning it on/off. Thankfully, the sound quality of the mic itself is equally amazing when compared to its accessibility factor. Couple all that with some great sound quality and you have yourself a big boy headset that checks all the right boxes.

Amazon User Review Quotable – “The directional audio in-game is better than any other headset I’ve owned, I can pinpoint footsteps and gunshots perfectly. Music is also amazing to listen to with the gsp302, the microphone picks up no sounds from the headset so I can listen and talk to friends on discord at full volume without being annoying. The bass, man! The bass is freakin great. Joji’s ‘Gimme Love’ is addicting to listen to with these.”

Buy Now, $68.41
5. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition
Best Surround Sound

The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is another headset that’s clearly big when it comes to stature. And with such a strong build, it meets the high expectations you’ll have for them after just one glance. It manages to magnify anything and everything you hear via its THX 7.1 Surround Sound capabilities and 50MM drivers. If you’re worried about your ears catching too much heat, there’s no need to fret – the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is outfitted with cooling gel-infused cushions for maximum comfort. The neon green option is one of the better color waves, but going all midnight black is our personal fave.

Amazon User Review Quotable – “They are not noise-canceling or noise blocking. As stated above, they don’t fit so tightly that you can’t hear your environment when there’s no audio, but with a little bit of audio, any noise in your environment is easily drowned out. I like the convenient manual volume control on the cord so that I don’t have to keep adjusting the volume on my computer for different applications or different media. I’m not a gamer, so I usually leave my mic off (again, convenient integrated off switch), but it’s nice for teleconferencing with work.”

Buy Now, $69.99
6. Logitech G533
Best Wireless Headset

With 15-hours of battery life to look forward to, the Logitech G533 is a worthy wireless gaming headset to consider. You can enjoy the clear and concise audio it delivers for up to 15 meters, you’ll quickly get used to enjoying it from a good distance for a substantial amount of time. The headset’s audio attributes are as strong as they come – the Logitech G533 amazes thanks to DTS Headphone:X positional surround sound, awesome bass, impressive highs, and hybrid mesh Pro-G drivers. As far as cost-efficient wireless headset models go, the Logitech G533 is worth a look.

Amazon User Review Quotable – “The sound quality is better after I messed about with the equalizer in both stereo and surround modes. I vastly prefer the little switch instead of having to hold down a button to turn them off and on. The dial is much more sensitive. If the headset had more than one G key, I’d be over the moon. My only gripe, and it’s a tiny one, is that the mic won’t stay out unless pulled all the way out. These are great other than that. I highly recommend it, especially at under $100.”

Buy Now, $74
7. ABKONCORE Shoker Gaming Headset with Noise Canceling Mic

The ABKONCORE Shoker Gaming Headset has responsive RGB LED lights on the outside of the ear cups of this gaming headset that make the gameplay exciting. The noise-canceling headphones can be rotated 360 degrees and the mic includes a mute button for convenience.

The ear cups have extra padding for comfort and the cable is 7′ long for flexibility. Its main drawback right now is that it’s not configured for use with the Xbox One or PS4 controller.

Buy Now $36
8. BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

The BENGOO G9000 uses the volume wheel to make precision adjustments to the sound for maximum comfort and the ear cups have memory foam padding for comfort even with extended wear.

The mic includes a mute button for when you’re not interested in talking or hearing anyone, with the microphone adjustable up to 120 degrees. The biggest drawback to this headset is that the mic is always adjusted to the left and doesn’t allow for adjustment.

Buy Now, $20
9. RUNMUS Gaming Headset

The 3.5mm plug on this headset works across most gaming systems and devices with its jack, although an adapter may be needed for use with some older systems and devices. The cable has a woven cover for appearance and added durability and for those looking to add some flair to your headsets, the ear cups also have red LED lights.

The sound quality on this headset is crystal clear, with highly responsive volume and mute controls.

Buy Now, $20
10. HyperX Cloud Stinger

The HyperX Cloud Stinger headsets swivel up to 90 degrees for a custom fit, with sound coming from 50mm directional drivers for a robust gaming experience. The mic can be muted simply by flipping it up; there are no buttons to fuss with.

The sliders on the headband are made of steel for extra durability, but a big drawback to this headset is that you are restricted to having the mic on your left side.

Buy Now, $35

ONE37pm may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Gaming New Releases

The 14 Best Limited Edition Nintendo Switches

Among the wide range of deluxe and collector’s editions of a multitude of games are an equally huge selection of limited edition consoles. At some point, you or someone you know dropped a bag on that sleek black Sega Sports Dreamcast model, the white Darth Vader PlayStation Portable, or the Crimson Omen edition of the Xbox One. The long-honored tradition of home consoles coming out with different color variations can be seen being applied to the Nintendo Switch. During its ongoing timespan, the Switch has given its loyalists some wonderfully designed limited editions that adopt the themed color scheme and other characteristics of a certain game. If you don’t know about them all or want to learn about a few you never even knew existed, then allow us to make you aware of the 14 best limited edition Switch models.

1. ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Edition

This Limited Edition Animal Crossing-themed Switch console gives off heavy springtime vibes. Basically, every portion of this model is outfitted with a special color arrangement that’s bright and bubbly. The best portion of this model is the dock, which features the lovable trio of Tom, Timmy, and Tommy Nook. The matching Joy-Cons do a great job of completing this joyful package for Switch fanatics that want to add a little extra Animal Crossing to their gaming setup.

Buy Now, $299.99
2. Mario Red & Blue Edition

The most heralded plumber in all of gaming is associated with the colors red and blue. And to no one’s surprise, Mario’s dedicated Nintendo Switch model brings those two signature colors of his to the forefront. The Joy-Cons come in both colors, while the grip comes in all blue and the dock has a concentrated splash of red. The extra carrying case that’s included with this limited edition Switch console is another incentive for those looking to pick this one up. If you consider yourself a Mario loyalist, then this one needs to be in your collection.

Buy Now, $394.95
3. ‘Pokémon Sword and Shield’ Edition

This much sought-after Switch model offers a great representation of Pokémon Sword and Shield’s pair of legendary creatures – Zacian and Zamazenta. Both of those pocket monsters adorn the back of the Switch Lite console, while the main color that covers it is a light shade of grey. The button layout on the left side comes in light blue, while the right side offers a nice contrast with a nice shade of pink. The custom art gets top billing as the most striking attribute of this limited edition Switch Lite console.

Buy Now, $299.99
4. ‘Jack Jeanne’ Edition (Japan Exclusive)

We got another Switch Lite limited edition rendition to speak of here. But it’s only obtainable from the sort of online retailers that offer up imported goods. This one has the distinct honor of being the rarest Switch model on the market since only 50 to 100 of them were made and put out in the wild. The game that this model is based on Jack Jeanne, which is a simulation-rhythm game from Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida. Ishida blessed this model with some custom art on its backside, which makes it quite a gorgeous sight to see.

5. ‘Dragon Quest XI’ Edition (Japan Exclusive)

This is the next Japan-exclusive Switch on our list. And it should come as no surprise that it’s dedicated to a huge favorite of gamers over on that side of the globe. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age first released in 2017 and quickly enraptured JRPG fanatics within the States and Japan. This Switch model showcases its love for Dragon Quest XI by offering blue Joy-Cons and a dock that’s adorned with a sword & shield. Plus there’s a bunch of drawings of lovable Dragon Quest characters strewn over different parts of this extra rare limited edition Switch.

Buy Now, $622
6. ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ Edition (Europe Exclusive)

Before Monster Hunter: World became a smashing success on PS4 and Xbox One, most fans associate the Capcom IP with Nintendo consoles. Now that the ongoing franchise has taken its monster hunting exploits to the Switch with Monster Hunter Rise, gamers residing in Europe have gotten themselves a special collector’s console dedicated to that very same game. This limited edition Switch model features some gorgeous art on the Joy-Cons, plus the dock comes with its very own beautifully drawn art that displays one of Monster Hunter Rise’s intimidating beasts.

Buy Now, $435
7. ‘Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!’ and ‘Let’s Go, Eevee!’ Edition

You already knew Nintendo wasn’t just going to release just one limited edition Switch that’s all about honoring the Pokémon series. This one was released in conjunction with the launch of the two Pokémon remakes that took the series back to the very beginning. This console offers quite the full package – it comes with a full downloadable copy of the game you decided on (featuring either Pikachu or Eevee), a physical Poké Ball Plus, Joy-Cons that are colored after the two signature pocket monsters featured in both games, and a dock that features drawings of both creatures. And of course, Pikachu and Eevee look as adorable as ever.

Buy Now, $1,199
8. ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Edition

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the biggest fighting games in the world. Plus it’s known as being one the best examples of a video game crossover anyone has ever laid witness to. Nintendo chose to show its huge appreciation of Masahiro Sakurai’s magnum opus by launching this limited edition Switch console. When attached to the Joy-Con grip, the Joy-Cons form to show off the main logo for the game. As for the dock, it features a who’s who of gaming’s greatest characters as a tribute to some of the most memorable roster members from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This limited edition Switch is quite the looker and an awesome celebration of gaming history.

Buy Now, $972.94
9. ‘Disney Tsum Tsum Festival’ Edition (Japan Exclusive)

Those ever so wholesome Disney character emojis took on a life of their own once Disney Tsum Tsum Festival came to the Switch. The simple concept of playing with a huge cast of Disney icons in Tsum Tsum form across a variety of fun minigames ended up being pretty entertaining for gamers young and old. This limited edition Switch is purely dedicated to that game by featuring a few of those characters on the dock and also featuring Mickey Mouse’s recognizable ears on the right Joy-Con controller. The purple and pink color combo tied to both Joy-Cons makes this special bundle feel all the more whimsical and welcoming.

Buy Now, $1,497
10. ‘Monster Hunter Generations’ Edition (Japan Exclusive)

The second Monster Hunter-themed Switch you can get your hands on is based on the game known as Monster Hunter Generations here in the States. This model offers up a pair of grey Joy-Cons, plus its dock comes decorated with some sleek designs inspired by the game itself. The fact that this limited edition Switch blesses you with a physical copy of the game itself (Japanese version, of course) makes it a worthy addition to your gaming collection.

11. ‘Fortnite’ Edition (Europe Exclusive)

It’s Fortnite! You’ve seen it, you’ve played it, and you’ve probably done a few of its outlandish dances. The biggest battle royale game in the world that’s practically available on every device got its very own limited edition Switch, of course. And it keeps things simple with its custom art. The Joy-Cons come adorned in the fitting color combination of yellow and blue. As for the dock, it sports a nice variety of drawings that pay homage to Epic Games’ uber-popular free-to-play shooter. By the way, this Switch bundle comes with a pre-installed copy of the game and a download code for some in-game currency & extra skins.

Buy Now, $324.98
12. ‘Diablo III: Eternal Collection’ Edition

Blizzard Games’ top-down action RPG epic is available on the Switch and it feels right at home on Nintendo’s latest portable machine. The Diablo III: Eternal Collection got its very own Switch model and its bonus offerings are certainly worth the price of admission. The dock features some cool custom Diablo art, you’ll be gifted with a trusty carrying case that comes as an extra bonus, and the definitive edition of Diablo III comes as a part of this whole package as a full game download.

Buy Now, $1,099.99
13. ‘Splatoon 2’ Edition

Splatoon 2 is one of the hypest multiplayer experiences (and definitely one of the most colorful) experiences on the Switch. If you’re looking to tap into your inner Inkling, then copping this limited edition console should be a part of your agenda. What makes this Splatoon themed Switch model so special is the custom colors painted onto the Joy-Cons – the left one is Neon Green and the right one is Neon Pink.

Buy Now, $697
14. ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Edition

Nintendo made sure to do right by its industry-changing plumber by offering him not one, but two different limited edition Switch’s. This one shows all the love in the world to one of the best 3D platformers of all time, Super Mario Odyssey. This special Switch console blesses its pair of Joy-Cons with the signature red color that the world-famous hopping and bopping platforming hero is associated with.

ONE37pm may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Gaming New Releases

The Best Gaming Gear on Amazon – From Desks to Mice to Chairs

If you’re reading this right now, then chances are you consider your safe haven to be a room that’s dedicated to gaming. And chances are you’re looking to outfit that room with the best equipment needed to get the best out of your dedicated gaming PC and assorted current-gen consoles. You may have an amazing array of monitors on deck already, but we’re here to make sure you have a great selection of additional peripherals to choose from.

Some of the best gaming gear can be found on Amazon and we just so happen to have 20 of the most essential items every hardcore gamers needs. The three pieces of gear we’re set to cover here (which are gaming desks, gaming mice, and gaming chairs) all come in a wide assortment of quality products that are worthy of being added to your gaming chamber.

Best Gaming Desks
1. Homall Gaming Desk

This bad boy offers plenty of width, so you’ll have all the extra room needed to place anything and everything upon it. Its carbon fiber surface not only feels great to the touch, but it’s also easy to clean and resistant to most stains. The Homall Gaming Desk’s additional headphone hook and cup holder are just the icings on the cake for one of the more preferred gaming desks on this list.

Buy Now, $59.99
2. EUREKA ERGONOMIC 60 inch L Shaped Gaming Computer Desk

The first L-shaped desk on our list comes from the good folks at Eureka Ergonomic. Deciding to go with a double monitor setup with this one is worth doing thanks to its spacious front-facing side. Its high sturdiness rate is nothing to scoff at, plus it comes with a few welcome extras worth mentioning. A special mouse pad and a nifty CPU tower stand also come as a part of this gamer den ready package deal.

Buy Now, $199.99
3. MOTPK Gaming Desk

This gaming desk throws in something you never knew you wanted until now – an extra riser shelf that can be used to hold up an additional monitor or speaker if need be. You won’t ever have to worry about this desk getting stained thanks to its waterproof and wear-resistant carbon fiber desktop. Besides its sturdy build and attractive design, the MOTPK Gaming Desk also comes with a cup holder and a headphone hook. So yeah, you might as well give this one a try if you’re looking for a simple yet efficient gaming desk. Keep in mind that this gaming desk comes in a 40-, 47-, and 55-inch variation.

Buy Now, $109.99
4. NeueFlux Gaming Desk

We forgot to mention this beforehand, but there are also gaming desks that feature a T-shaped design. The NeueFlux Gaming Desk just so happens to be one of those desk types and it’s definitely worth adding to your gaming setup. Its wide stature means you can place up to three monitors on it and get the full experience that’s attached to a quality racing sim. Its four USB ports, cup holder, headphone hook, storage tray, and additional features also make it highly functional.

Buy Now, $159.90
5. Soges 55 Inches Gaming Desk

The Soges Gaming Desk provides a spacious display and holding area for all your gaming needs. You can place up to three monitors on this bad boy if you so choose or go with an alternate approach to displaying your gaming setup. This desk comes with a pretty sizable mouse pad that’s also waterproof, which is a pretty sweet bonus. You won’t have to worry about all your wires getting tangled thanks to this desk’s dedicated cable manager, plus it comes with a host of other beneficial features.

Buy Now, $129.99
6. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

What we have here is another super wide gaming desk that can easily uphold your impressive three-monitor setup. And what makes this desk even more applicable to that setup are the three cutouts for its monitor attachment feature as well as its cable management assistance. The custom mouse pad included with the Arozzi Arena gaming desk can’t be stained so easily thanks to its water-resistant capabilities. This desk comes outfitted in a variety of slick colors, plus it’s shockingly easy to transport when the time comes to make that big move.

Buy Now, $311.68
7. Cougar Mars Gaming Desk

The Cougar Mars Gaming Desk comes with a pretty nifty feature that’s perfect for streamers. On its sides are RGB lighting effects that add a little bit of extra sparkle to your onscreen endeavors. This desk also gets high points for its extremely sturdy frame, additional control stands that allow for easy connections to your myriad devices, and carbon fiber texture feel. The curved edges and rounded corners included with this desk also mean you’ll rarely if ever drop anything off of it.

Buy Now, $523.99
8. Seven Warrior Gaming Desk

We have another T-shaped desk on our list and this one comes from Seven Warrior. This pick comes in three different sizes, which are 44-, 55-, and 60-inches. We decided to feature the biggest option available, of course. You can definitely go the three-monitor route with this one thanks to its plentiful offering of extra space. The extras tied to this table include two headphone hooks, a gaming handle rack, four USB ports, and your usual nifty cup holder.

Buy Now, $189.99
9. Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk

If you’re more interested in bringing an L-shaped desk into your wonderfully customized game room, then this option is worth a shot. The Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk looks great, takes little to no effort to assemble, and is easy to keep clean. This desk offers a two-way setup that lets you set up the monitor stand on either your left or right. That monitor stand can hold up one display, while the rest of the desk can house two more. You’ll enjoy the extra legroom on the bottom of this desk and bask in its multipurpose feel.

Buy Now, $69.99
10. It’s_Organized 60 Inch Gaming Desk

This next selection is quite spacious and has the ability to put three of your gorgeous monitors in a prominent position. It’s super wide and has plenty of room left over to contain every other item you wish to place upon it. This desk comes with a well-received cable organization system, a fully covered mouse pad, an electric socket box, and so much more. Plus you can always keep your other pieces of tech fully charged thanks to this desk’s handy USB gaming handle rack.

Buy Now, $189.99
11. Casaottima L Shaped Desk

The Casaottima L Shaped Desk is incredibly spacious, which is easy to see at first sight. It comes with a singular monitor shelf, which means you can drop an extra one on there or place your laptop on it while your main two/three monitor setup rests on the table itself. Imagine placing two of these desks next to each other – you can easily produce a two-person gaming/streaming setup that way! The adjustable leg pads and X-shaped frame add even more to this desk’s high viability.

Buy Now, $69.89
12. Atlantic Gaming Desk

This gaming desk is perfect for gamers who like to keep things a bit simple. That’s because this selection comes with a single monitor stand, which should be great for folks that just want to game on their laptop or monitor. The Atlantic Gaming Desk also comes with the following worthwhile add-ons – a controller holder, a space dedicated to cord management, a game shelf, a speaker shelf, and an extra underside hook that can hold up your headset of choice.

Buy Now, $82.16
Best Gaming Mouse
13. Logitech G502 HERO High Performance Wired Gaming Mouse
Logitech G

Logitech is usually the first name that comes to mind when gamers think of high-quality gaming peripherals. When it comes to developing gaming mouse products, they’re certainly among the very best. The Logitech G502 HERO gaming mouse comes with a smorgasbord of awesome features. It sports customizable RGB lighting, a HERO sensor that delivers precision tracking up to 25,600 DPI, 11 programmable buttons, and so much more. This gaming mouse looks and controls like a dream.

Buy Now, $44.99
14. Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

This wired gaming mouse is quite an inspiring sight to see in a darkened room thanks to its RGB backlighting. The seven color modes attached to that feature allow you to customize different portions of the mouse and make them shine in various ways. Besides all that, the Redragon M602 can be adjusted from an 800 to 7200 DPI (which is dots per inch, the metric used to measure mouse sensitivity). The rest of the usual bells and whistles that come with a top-quality gaming mouse are also here and accounted for.

Buy Now, $22.99
15. Mashiro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Hey, you gotta admit – the design of this gaming mouse sure is different from the rest. Its shell is adorned with holes that let its RGB lighting shine through brightly. Plus the shell’s hollow design keeps your palms as comfortable as possible and reduces sweat. The Mashiro Wireless Gaming Mouse also allows you to utilize three different DPI switches and seven buttons, plus it can be used effectively up to 10 meters away from your gaming PC.

Buy Now, $18.99
16. Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

That Razer logo is instantly recognizable, isn’t it? You’ve already seen it adorn plenty of excellent headsets, laptops, keyboards, and even gaming chairs. Razer also knows its way around a gaming mouse and one of their finest models comes in the form of the DeathAdder V2. This pick on our list comes with speedflex cables that practically make it feel like a wireless mouse. Plus it comes equipped with a Focus+ 20k DPI Optical Sensor that allows for maximum precision. With the programmable buttons attached to the DeathAdder V2 and its ergonomic shape, you’ll have nearly everything you need with this gaming mouse selection.

Buy Now, $49.99
Best Gaming Chairs
17. AutoFull Gaming Chair

The AutoFull Gaming Chair looks and feels amazing. There are five colors to choose from, including black, black & white, blue, red, and red & black. This chair comes with a thicker multi-splice backrest and a thicker cushion that will make your back and backside feel as comfortable as possible. You’ll definitely get a lot of mileage out of this chair’s footrest and every other useful feature that comes with it. The AutoFull Gaming Chair is certainly one of the bigger models on this list worth checking for.

Buy Now, $209.99
18. Hbada Gaming Chair

This next pick on our list also comes with six color options and is just as sturdy and comfortable as the other selections on this list. The Hbada Gaming Chair also excels due to its ability to recline from 90 to 155 degrees and its highly durable PU leather outfitting. There are three adjustable function modes you can choose from, by the way – 100 degrees for Working Mode, 120 degrees for Reading Mode, and 155 degrees for Relaxing Mode. So you’ll always have an easy method towards setting up your preferred level of comfort (Working Mode is obviously for those intense gaming sessions). Whether you’re on the shorter or taller side, the Hbada Gaming Chair will tend to your needs.

Buy Now, $161.49
19. RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style Gaming

The RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair offers up a nice array of colors to enjoy. And yes, you can also adorn this chair in pink & white (we prefer the Forest Camo design, though). You can adjust this chair from 90 to 155 degrees with infinite locking positions and allow your arms to feel as comfortable as possible thanks to its padded armrests. The padding feels great during hours-long gaming sessions thanks to all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a high-quality gaming chair. Gamers that weigh up to 275-pounds can sit comfortably on this one, so keep that in mind when you decide to pick this one up.

Buy Now, $159.99
20. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair

The BestOffice PC Gaming Chair stands out from the rest of the pack by featuring a uniquely designed lumbar support cushion that’s shaped more like a miniature cylinder instead of a square. As for its headrest, it meets the industry standards that gamers have become accustomed to from the best gaming chair manufacturers. Seven color variations are on offer here (the pink & white and camo colors look the best, in our opinion). Another great aspect of the BestOffice PC Gaming Chair is how much wider they are, which adds more points to its ergonomic design.

Buy Now, $99.95

ONE37pm may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Gaming New Releases

The 16 Best Gaming Chairs

Maximum comfort is key when one is about to embark on an extended gaming session.

Whether you’re playing on your pimped-out PC or pulling up for some console gaming, you’ll definitely need a high-quality gaming chair to keep you feeling fine. There’s a bunch of manufacturers out there that produce their own lineup of gaming chairs, so it can become pretty overwhelming when you’re in the market for the very best. Luckily, we managed to do all the hard work for you and pick out 16 of the most recommended options on the market. The gaming chairs on this list all look sleek, feel amazing to sit in for more than a few hours and offer the type of structure that will certainly do right by your body frame.

You can thank us later for all of these top-rated picks, by the way.

1. PatioMage Gaming Chair
PatioMage Gaming Chair

PatioMage’s Gaming Chair comes in three slick-looking color schemes, which are red & black, grey & black, and black & white. Plus you can choose to pick up either of those color arrangements with or without a footrest (if you’re going for maximum comfort though, then getting that footrest add-on is a necessity). This top pick not only looks great, but it also functions quite well. Its reclining feature allows it to go from 90 to 180 degrees, plus its extreme sturdiness means its safety factor puts it at the top of its class. Leaning all the way back on this sleek leather gaming chair will quickly morph you into a believer.

Buy Now, $119.99
2. GTRACING Gaming Chair
GTRACING Gaming Chair

GTRACING is held in high regard amongst gaming chair enthusiasts everywhere. That’s because the products they deliver are built to be as close to perfection as possible. The company’s signature gaming chair comes outfitted in one of six gorgeous-looking color schemes. Plus they come with all the goodies you’ve come to expect from your average high-quality gaming chair – head & lumbar support, an ergonomic metal frame, and an overall ergonomic design. The GTRACING Gaming Chair is affordable, looks great, and is sturdy enough to handle your extended gameplay sessions for years to come.

Buy Now, $119.99
3. Hbada Gaming Chair
Hbada Gaming Chair

This next pick on our list also comes with six color options and is just as sturdy and comfortable as the other selections on this list. The Hbada Gaming Chair also excels due to its ability to recline from 90 to 155 degrees and its highly durable PU leather outfitting. There are three adjustable function modes you can choose from, by the way – 100 degrees for Working Mode, 120 degrees for Reading Mode, and 155 degrees for Relaxing Mode. So you’ll always have an easy method towards setting up your preferred level of comfort (Working Mode is obviously for those intense gaming sessions). Whether you’re on the shorter or taller side, the Hbada Gaming Chair will tend to your needs.

Buy Now, $135.99
4. Polar Aurora Gaming Chair
Polar Aurora Gaming Chair

Even though the value for the Polar Aurora Gaming Chair is cheaper than most, that doesn’t mean its overall quality is comparable to its low asking price. It offers four awesome-looking color variations, comes outfitted with the ability to adopt three comfortability modes, and features a set of super silent wheels. This means that rolling this bad boy across every room in your home won’t disturb a single soul. This chair has an extremely strong metal frame and a stable base that can support a wide array of heights and weights, plus its comfortability factor is held in high regard. You just can’t go wrong with this cheaper and super-efficient gaming chair option.

Buy Now, $79.99
5. OFM ESS Collection Gaming Chair
OFM ESS Collection Gaming Chair

This OFM ESS Collection Gaming Chair model doesn’t come outfitted with an essential headrest or lumbar support, but it still manages to be efficient when it comes to helping you relax while you game. The number of color variations for this gaming chair selection is plentiful (our personal favorite is the lime and black color scheme). This model is classified as the E22-3086-GRY, which means it comes with a flip-up armrest type when compared to the three other ESS gaming chair types. The rest of the OFM ESS Collection is also worth checking out if you’re in the market for a brand new gaming chair.

Buy Now, $90
6. Shuanghu Gaming Chair
Shuanghu Gaming Chair

She’s a beauty, isn’t she? Shuanghu’s gaming chair lineup is super easy on the eyes and will quickly become the visible highlight of your dedicated gaming room. Four colors are on offer here, plus it comes with the basics in the form of a dedicated headrest and a unique lumbar support pillow. Then there’s the added footrest and the chair’s ability to recline from 90 to 150 degrees, which means you can work, game, read, and take an extended nap if you choose to do so. If you’re in the market for a gaming chair that looks and feels amazing, then this selection should definitely be on your list.

Buy Now, $109.99
7. Homall Gaming Chair
Homall Gaming Chair

The next pick on our list comes from the fine folks at the Homall Store. This gaming chair of theirs comes in a huge variety of colors (there’s even a nice and bright pink & white scheme!). You can switch this chair model into its different modes of comfort by tilting it from 90 to 180 degrees, plus it comes with your usual headrest pillow and lumbar cushion to match. The price of admission for this chair isn’t too shabby, either. The Homall Gaming Chair is worth taking a look at if you’re on the lookout for a gaming chair that comes with a crazy amount of color arrangements to choose from.

Buy Now, $99.99
8. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair
RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Just like the last pick on our list, the RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair offers up a nice array of colors to enjoy. And yes, you can also adorn this chair in pink & white (we prefer the Forest Camo design, though). You can adjust this chair from 90 to 155 degrees with infinite locking positions and allow your arms to feel as comfortable as possible thanks to its padded armrests. The padding feels great during hours-long gaming sessions thanks to all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a high-quality gaming chair. Gamers that weigh up to 275-pounds can sit comfortably on this one, so keep that in mind when you decide to pick this one up.

Buy Now, $172.28
9. YITAHOME Massage Gaming Chair
YITAHOME Massage Gaming Chair

YITAHOME knows a thing or two about crafting high-quality gaming chairs. Their selection of products comes in the following categories – Supreme Gaming Chair, Large Size Gaming Chair, Standard Gaming Chair, Advanced Gaming Chair, and Classic Gaming Chair. The gaming chairs on offer here all look slick (especially the light blue and black color variation). This particular chair, in particular, comes equipped with a massage lumbar cushion that can actually be hooked up to offer soothing vibrations to your back area. That cool gimmick is worth the price of admission all by itself.

Buy Now, $199.99
10. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair
BestOffice PC Gaming Chair

The BestOffice PC Gaming Chair stands out from the rest of the pack by featuring a uniquely designed lumbar support cushion that’s shaped more like a miniature cylinder instead of a square. As for its headrest, it meets the industry standards that gamers have become accustomed to from the best gaming chair manufacturers. Seven color variations are on offer here (the pink & white and camo colors look the best, in our opinion). Another great aspect of the BestOffice PC Gaming Chair is how much wider they are, which adds more points to its ergonomic design.

Buy Now, $82.99
11. Blue Whale Gaming Chair
Blue Whale Gaming Chair

This gaming chair is another one of those picks that comes with a USB massage lumbar pillow. You can hook this bad boy up to get a wonderful massage via some comforting vibrations while you catch W’s in the battle royale game of your choice. Can’t go wrong with that option, right? The Blue Whale Gaming Chair also comes in three color variations, is capable of reaching new modes of comfort from 90 to 155 degrees, and comes with all the essentials that other gaming chairs live by. This big behemoth of a gaming chair is right up there with the best of them.

Buy Now, $179.99
12. Soontrans Computer Chair
Soontrans Computer Chair

The Soontrans Computer Chair is one of the few picks on this list that features a gorgeous Matte Golden color scheme. After taking a peek at that variation, you’ll get the inkling to add this one to your dedicated gaming sanctum. The other color options for this chair are just as beautiful, by the way – there’s also Carbon Black, Galaxy Grey, Jungle Green, Magma Red, Polar White, and Storm Blue to choose from. The premium carbon fiber leather on this chair looks and feels great as expected. And it’s capable of reclining from a 90-degree angle to a 160-degree one. You might want to go on ahead and get the one with the footrest version of this gaming chair if you want the very best Soontrans has to offer.

Buy Now, $129.90
13. Luckracer Gaming Chair
Luckracer Gaming Chair

Luckracer has a line of gaming chairs that are built to perfection and look exquisite. The company’s high-quality chairs come outfitted in Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Purple (which is a rarity among the other gaming chair color choices on this list!), Red, or White. The ergonomic metal frame, headrest lumbar support, retractable footrest, and back lumbar support cushion are all here and accounted for. Plus its linkage armrests are covered with a thick Pu leather that feels great to the touch. The Luckracer gaming chair has everything you want from a gaming chair.

Buy Now, $165.99
14. Dowinx Gaming Chair
Dowinx Gaming Chair

Just take one look at the full array of Dowinx Gaming Chairs and you’ll quickly realize how gorgeous they look. You have your usual Black color scheme among the pack, but it stands out a bit more than usual thanks to a slight red hue. Then there are the other color options (Brown, Grey, Ivory, and Wine Red), which happen to look super clean and worth adding to your dedicated gaming haven. The asking price for the Dowinx gaming chair is certainly high, but you can see why that’s the case just by looking at them. All the bells and whistles from your usual gaming chair are here right along with an implant USB cable power supply massager and a footrest.

Buy Now, $249.99
15. PEROINE Massage Gaming Chair
PEROINE Massage Gaming Chair

The PEROINE Massage Gaming Chair definitely looks a lot different than its contemporaries. It offers a more square-like formation that provides a lot more space for your body to rest against. The colors you can choose from include Black, Blue, Grey, Red, White, and Grey/Black. Then there’s a special variation that features a different set of armrests, a footrest, and a more traditional gaming chair design. The PEROINE Massage Gaming Chair puts forth a pretty unique look that gives it more room to cover any and all gamers’ different body frames.

Buy Now, $109.99
16. Musso Fabric Gaming Chair
Musso Fabric Gaming Chair

The Mussor Fabric Gaming Chair will have you looking and feeling like a true bigwig (its description features the words “executive office chair” in it, after all). Three colors can be chosen – Black, Blue, and Grey. Those last two aforementioned colors look especially easy on the eyes thanks to their leather stitching. Its seat is a bit flatter than comparable gaming chair seats, which means it offers up a wider feel for those with a larger derriere. The Musso Fabric Gaming Chair is quite the looker – thankfully, it plays its part well as a gaming chair that feels as great as it looks.

Buy Now, $199.99

ONE37pm may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Gaming New Releases

The Top 20 ‘Mario’ Games for Switch

It’s no secret that Nintendo’s Switch is doing well. In fact, it’s currently well on its way to being one of the most successful consoles in history. One of the reasons behind this success can be laid at the feet of a certain Italian plumber. As Nintendo’s mascot, Mario-branded games always do well in terms of sales. Is it little wonder that the folks behind the scenes have pushed out so many Mario games on a single console. Longtime Mario fans have their choice between an impressive number of games, and the following are the top Mario games for the Switch.

20. Super Mario 3D World

Let’s just get this one out of the way. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about making a 3D Mario game, and Super Mario 3D World is a perfect example of the wrong way. Mario games are visually dazzling and clever. That cleverness usually comes in the form of design intricacy. There is no intricacy in this game. It’s nothing more than a mad dash from point A to B. It might be fun to play with a group of friends but, for most, the novelty wears off quickly. 

Buy Here $59.99
19. Mario Tennis Aces

Nintendo has made some of the best sports games through its Mario Bros. franchise. Mario Tennis Aces is no exception. The game is dramatic and can oftentimes become quite intense, particularly among players who know what they are doing. The game, however, can also be enjoyed and quickly picked up by newbies, making it the kind of game that unites gamers of all skill levels. 

Buy Here $59.99
18. Mario Party

Mario Party is meant to be enjoyed in a group, and with each of the Switch’s joy-cons serving as its own self-contained controller, the Switch is the system the game was waiting for. The game might not be on the top of everyone’s list, but it does provide hours of fun. 

Buy Here $59.99
17. Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy takes bold ideas and, for the most part, executes them in a stellar manner, despite a few hiccups. Super Mario Galaxy is the 2007 sequel to the Super Mario Sunshine, a superior game in every way. The game utilized a gravity mechanic that was clever. In fact, almost everything about the game is clever, but it lacks the truly groundbreaking gameplay that characterized the games that came before it. 

Buy Here $59.99
16. Luigi’s Mansion 3

Any game in which Mario makes an appearance is a Mario game, even if it stars Mario’s brother. Luigi’s Mansion 3, like its two predecessors, is quite different from your average Mario Gone are the flashy acrobatics. Instead, the gameplay is much more grounded and less fast-paced, yet the game manages to be just as exciting as any Mario game. 

Buy Here $59.99
15. Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario came out in 1990, a time when developers were severely limited with what they could do with games. As such, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for developers to make games that were glorified clones of more popular titles. Dr. Mario, despite having an icon mascot, was one such game. The game took its cues from the more popular Tetris. Despite the similarities, Dr. Mario would achieve enough success for Nintendo to choose not to abandon the I.P outright. 

Download on the Switch
14. Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 and the original Super Mario Maker was a game I first dreamed up as a small child. I remember thinking it shouldn’t be particularly difficult to create a game that takes all the assets and makes it so players can put them on a sort of grid. It turns out I was right. Super Mario Maker 2 improves on everything that was offered in the original game, including additional assets to play around with. Players have taken to the game, pushing the boundaries of complexity. This, more than any other game, offers hardcore Mario players the challenge they always wanted but were too afraid to ask for. 

Buy Here $59.99
13. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is the newest 3D adventure. This one takes Mario across an exotic world and is packed with enemies, items, and allies that have never been seen before in a Mario game. One gets the impression the developers just got tired of putting together the same old Mario game. While the game is a bit of a departure from the norm, all the quintessential Mario elements are still present. The worlds serve as veritable playgrounds where players can go about collecting items in any way they want. It represents a welcome return to Super Mario 64, and speaking of which…

Buy Here $59.99
12. Super Mario 64

It’s impossible to overstate this game’s legacy. The first game to bring Mario from a 2D to 3D setting, Super Mario 64, had every reason to fail, but of course, it didn’t. Everything from the controls to the level design was polished to unreal levels. It’s clear they wanted to do something special for Mario’s first 3D game, and they did just that and more. 

Buy Here $59.99
11. Mario Golf Super Rush

Unfortunately, players won’t be able to get their hands on this until June, however, if this is like past Mario golf games then players are in for a treat. 

Buy Here $59.99
10. Mario and Sonic at the Olympics

If the above image isn’t enough to sell you on this game I don’t know what will. Mario and Sonic at the Olympics pits these two iconic characters, and their respective friends, against each other. The game is all about competing in several mini-games and garnering as many gold medals as possible. While this game isn’t as popular as other Mario sports games, it’s worth checking out. 

Buy Here $59.99
9. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

The culmination of decades of Smash Bros., arguably Nintendo’s most popular intellectual property. To call Super Smash Bros. one of Nintendo’s most ambitious titles would be an understatement. The roster alone, featuring characters from a multitude of games, even games outside of Nintendo’s wheelhouse, should clue you in on what Nintendo had in mind when they went about putting Smash Bros. Ultimate together. 

Buy Here $59.99
8. Super Mario Bros.

A classic that set the benchmark for future Mario games. Super Mario Bros. didn’t bother fussing around with overworlds or outlandish powerups. It’s a platformer in the truest sense of the world, which is why it belongs on this list. 

7. The Original Donkey Kong

The game that started it all. The Original Donkey Kong allowed players to take control of a then-nameless plumber to save a then-nameless damsel in distress. It’s the one game on this list that predates Bowser, Yoshi, or any of the other Mario mainstays. Personally, I’m a bit too young to have experienced it when it first came out in 1981. Playing it on the Switch, however, is fairly straightforward, a bit too straightforward. Most people will argue the game is a bit on the basic side, which is fine because many of the other games on this list wouldn’t exist if not for this one.

Download on the Switch
6. Super Mario Kart

The OG, responsible for more breakups than other game in Nintendo’s roster. Super Mario Kart was revolutionary when it first hit markets in 1992. The game pitted every Mario character, including the insignificant ones, in a race filled with traps and pitfalls. What was most interesting was developers making each character slightly different in regards to their controls. Perhaps one of the most impactful games on this list, generations of children have experienced Mario Kart in some way or form, and with the Switch, so can you.  

Download on the Switch
5. Super Mario World 3

There isn’t much to say about Super Mario Bros. 3. It’s a solid, if not slightly lengthy, game that hits all the benchmarks one would expect from a Mario Game. From Goombas to Koopas, all the enemies make an appearance, including a few new ones (I vaguely remember some sort of wizard). Bowser is up to his normal shenanigans, having Mario travel to several different themed worlds before the final showdown. In fact, other modern Mario games, like Odyssey, tore a page from Super Mario Bros. 3 playbook by including different themed worlds. Yet another example of Nintendo’s tendency to expound on good ideas. 

Download on the Switch
4. Super Mario World

Now, this is a game many would expect to be closer to the top. For many, Super Mario World was their first experience playing a Mario game. The game itself is straightforward enough to not overwhelm new players but packed with enough secrets to justify multiple playthroughs. Some might say this is the first Mario title that caters exclusively to children, while others will say this is the definitive Mario experience. 

Download on the Switch
3. Super Mario Sunshine

The absolute best of 3d Mario. Super Mario Sunshine’s debut on the Gamecube lived up to and exceeded the monumental levels of anticipation ahead of its 2002 release. Players had just received their first taste of 3d Mario, in the form of Mario 64, and they were eager to see where Nintendo developers would take the franchise. They took it to a tropical island, brimming with Mario’s signature bright and cheerful aesthetics while adding a key new element in the form of a sentient super soaker. In fact, one could argue that the super soaker was a bit of a prototype for several modern Nintendo games like Luigi’s Mansion and, of course, Splatoon. In that regard, Super Mario Sunshine is a true pioneer. 

Buy Here $59.99
2. Super Mario 2: Yoshi’s Island

The sequel to Super Mario World puts Mario’s trusted mount at the center of the game. Yoshi’s Island lacked the color and clever design of its predecessor. The game, however, more than makes up for it by putting players in a world that seemed lived in. Unlike the original Super Mario World, which amounted to a smattering of disjointed stages, Yoshi’s Island gave the impression of a living breathing world. It’s little wonder this game was such a success when it was first released in 1995.

Download on the Switch
1. Super Mario Bros. 2

The game that shouldn’t have been. By now everyone knows the story of Super Mario 2, the sequel to the juggernaut success of the original game. Nintendo was convinced that the original sequel would put off western gamers so they reskinned a slightly older game named Doki Doki Panic with Mario assets. Many have argued that Nintendo made a mistake doing so and should have had more faith in their western audience. Those people are drowned out by the much larger contingent of gamers who love the retooled sequel for what it is. A platformer that lets you choose someone other than Mario, including the perpetual damsel in distress, Princess Peach, the game was different. But different doesn’t necessarily mean bad. In fact, in the case of Super Mario Bros. 2, different means good. Besides, it’s funny to think of the possibility of an alternate universe where the characters from Doki Doki Panic are the world’s most recognizable videogame characters. 

Download on the Switch
Gaming New Releases

The 20 Best RPGs on Switch

The definition of a role-playing game has morphed so that it is difficult to determine what is and isn’t considered role-playing. Should there be an element of leveling up, or does a game’s particular style make it role-playing? No matter how one defines the genre, there is little doubt that the Nintendo Switch has become a popular home for games that fall into the category. The following are the top 20 RPGs sold on the Nintendo Switch.

20. ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’

Kicking off the list is the latest addition to the Elder Scrolls franchise. When the Nintendo Switch was first announced back in 2016, it featured gameplay from Bethesda’s 2011 juggernaut. Many weren’t quite sure of the implications, having Skyrim on Nintendo’s mobile system. It didn’t take long for fans to realize Skyrim on the go was one of those things no one knew they wanted but was happy to have. The Switch breathed new life in the aging game, and legions of fans, old and new, found themselves playing the role of Dragonborn while not tethered to their living rooms.

buy now, $60
19. ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’

The Witcher 3’s relationship to the Switch is very similar to Skyrim’s. Released in 2015 to massive critical and commercial success, the game was yet another unexpected addition to the Switch’s roster. While the port is a bit rough around the address, the magic that originally appealed to fans years prior was still there. Players take on the role of Geralt of Rivia, a surly yet ultimately kind-hearted warrior in search of his missing ward Ciri. It’s a simple premise that unfolds into a massive adventure that features interdimensional wraiths, flying ships, and a host of other fantasy wonders. Like Skyrim, The Witcher is getting a bit long in the tooth, but it’s still worth a playthrough in 2021 and beyond. 

Buy now, $40
18. ‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’

I vaguely remember a childhood argument in which friends disagreed with my assertion that Pokemon Yellow was, in fact, a role-playing game. While they argued RPGs must have a fantasy setting, I maintained that Pokemon had everything else, from character level to the strategic elements, that made an RPG an RPG. 

I suppose you could argue whether or not Pokemon belongs on this list of role-playing games but what you can’t deny is the game’s sustained success, despite a bit of controversy. Released in 2019, Sword and Shield is quite the evolution from past Pokemon games but still manages to stay true to the original titles. This is despite complaints from players that the game doesn’t feature a wide enough array of Pokemon to choose from. Even if true, this is a single stain in an otherwise polished title.

Buy Here, $119.99
17. ‘Xenoblade Chronicles 2’

The followup to the original Xenoblade Chronicles, which pushed the envelope in regards to fantasy worldbuilding, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 continues that tradition with an amazing world to get lost in. Released in 2017, the game takes inspiration from titles like Final Fantasy as it weaves together a complex story. While some tropes, such as the unlikely hero, are pushed into a conflict involving a mysterious character they recently befriended, it doesn’t take away from one of the Nintendo Switch’s most beloved titles.

buy now, $60
16. ‘Dragon Quest 11’

For a game to be on its 11th installment, something has to be going right. Dragon Quest, released in 2017, Dragon Quest 11 has seen some critical success, with its perfect score on Steam and high marks in other places. The game is more like the original title in the series, thanks to both its complexity and emphasis on RPG elements. Western audiences tended to steer clear of this title due to its somewhat cartoony aesthetics but an increasing number of people are learning that Dragon Quest is one of the purest RPG experiences in modern gaming. 

buy here, $50
15. ‘Monster Hunter’

Despite a threadbare story, the Monster Hunter series has managed to garner quite the massive fanbase. The latest installment, Monster Hunter Rise, was released in March of this year and boasts almost all of the gameplay aspects that made the franchise popular in the first place. If the title isn’t clear, the player is tasked with hunting down monsters, each one stronger, larger, and more powerful than the one that came before it. The action is tempered by moments of brevity, but the game’s bread and butter are without question the mechanics around hunting and eliminating monsters. For a straightforward experience, feel free to check this game out.  

buy here, $60
14. ‘Fire Emblem Three Houses’

The Fire Emblem series has always been your go-to source for high-stakes melodrama, and Three Houses is no exception. Released in 2019, this recent installment is all about feuds as much as it’s about the combat. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses wears its tactical heart on its sleeve. The game has players choose from three houses, each with its strengths and weaknesses. The game expects players to exploit those strengths and weaknesses as players make their way through this epic installment. For those who have never played Fire Emblem, this title is a perfect one to get started. For those well-versed in the Fire Emblem universe, this game won’t disappoint.

Buy Here, $59.99
13. ‘Final Fantasy 7’

A classic. Final Fantasy 7 has asserted itself as the top game in a massive franchise, and it managed to do so simply by telling a compelling story. Originally released in 1997, Final Fantasy 7 is experiencing a bit of a resurgence, thanks in large part to last year’s remake of the title. While the Switch may not have the remake, what it does have is the original title, which remains popular among fans. For those wanting to experience the original fantasy themselves, the Switch is the ultimate console to do just that.  

Buy now, $16
12. ‘Final Fantasy 8’

The lesser-sung young brother to Final Fantasy 7. Final Fantasy 8, while not as massive as a hit as its immediate predecessor, has garnered quite the cult following of gamers who believe this game is criminally underrated. Released in 1999, this game balances an epic story with near-perfect pacing and in-depth mechanics. Technically speaking, this is Final Fantasy at its absolute best, at least until Final Fantasy 10-2 makes its debut. The game introduces you to its various mechanics in a straightforward way that doesn’t overwhelm players, which is a welcome change of pace from its predecessor and other entries in the series. While overshadowed by the previous game in the series, Final Fantasy 8 stands on its own merits.  

Buy now, $20
11. ‘Disgaea 5’

The Disgaea series has taught a generation of videogame enthusiasts not to pre-judge a game by its cartoonish appearance. While Disgaea may lean heavily on its cartoonish aesthetic, the game itself provides the kind of challenge not seen since Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle. While many say that Fire Emblem is Crystal Chronicle’s spiritual successor, I believe Disgaea was a solid contender for that honor. 

Buy now, $40
10. ‘Dark Souls’

One of the few games on this list that managed to maintain its popularity despite years separating it from its 2011 release. It would seem with each new release of a game within the Souls series, or even each new release of a Souls-like game, this game’s popularity only increases. Switch players jumped on the port when it was released in 2018 and while it isn’t as smooth as the original 2011 release, it still gives that quintessential Souls experience, i.e. unrelenting difficulty. Many games have come along and tried to capture the Dark Souls magic but few are able to compete.

Buy here, $40
9. ‘I Am Setsuna’

One of the Switch’s earlier installments, released with the system in 2017. The game has managed to garner a large player base, mostly out of sheer curiosity. Players knew of this title but weren’t quite sure what it was about. What players expected was a light-hearted indy game and what they got was an RPG that could go toe-to-toe with the heavy hitters of the genre. I am Setsuna is best described as an amalgamation of different JRPGs. It takes the best of turn-based combat and random encounters with enemies to construct a fascinating if not a bit tedious game. It more than makes up for it with a cast of characters that keep the game interesting.

Buy now, $40
8. ‘The Outer Worlds’

Released in 2019, The Outer Worlds is a science-fiction role-playing game that has players explore a cosmos that is as absurd as it is dangerous. Widely compared to Fallout due to similar mechanics, The Outer Worlds plays like a Bethesda game but is actually the work of Take-Two Interactive. The game’s brand of humor is largely based on the setting and the characters who inhabit it, yet it still manages to be believable and grounded. The Outer Worlds is an all-around solid addition to any game library. 

Buy Here, $29.99
7. ‘Bravely Default II’

One of the most successful RPGs in the DS’s massive library of games. Its sequel Bravely Default 2 came out in February and managed to meet all its expectations. Players wanted a game that picks up where the original left off, gameplay-wise and Bravely Default 2 manages to do that. Players wanted a game that wasn’t as needlessly long as the original and Bravely Default manages to do that by keeping the gameplay and story fresh and exciting. Just about everything is a marked improvement over the already popular original making this game a much buy for RPG fans and casual players alike.

Buy Here, $59.99
6. ‘Persona 5 Strikers’

I can’t exactly say when it happened but modern-day RPGs, at least the big ones, have made the transition from turn-based combat of Final Fantasy 7 to real-time hack-n-slash gameplay seen in Final Fantasy 15. Some players welcome the change, while others don’t, but there is little question this kind of combat seems to work better for some games relative to others. Persona 5 Strikers is one such game. Released last year, Persona 5 Strikers combines a frenzied story with even more frenzied gameplay. The package just seems to work, especially considering it is a Persona game. 

buy here, $60
5. ‘Neverwinter Nights’

Neverwinter Nights is one of a number of legendary RPG that have either been ported or in the process of being ported to the Nintendo Switch. Originally released in 2002, Neverwinter Nights tells an epic story that got legions of players hooked when it originally came out. The folks at Nintendo hope that the enhanced edition, released in 2018 will have a similar effect on a new generation of gamers. 

Buy Here, $49.99
4. ‘Call of Cthulhu’

Arguably one of H.P. Lovecraft’s most popular titles, Call of Cthulu is one of Lovecraft’s most remade and explored works of fiction. Call of Cthulu the game tries its best to stay true to the original sourcework, and in many respects, it manages to accomplish that. Released in 2018, Call of Cthulu puts you in the shoes of a detective hired to investigate the strange goings-on stemming from the death of a prominent artist. The player quickly finds themselves in a, well, a Lovecraftian horror. While the game manages to nail the atmosphere, it is somewhat short on scares. To navigate the game, players must manage their skills, including strength, knowledge of the arcane, and everything in between. While the game didn’t make as large of a splash as the developers at Cyanide had hoped, it’s still well worth a playthrough.

Buy Here, $39.99
3. ‘The Banner Saga’

A fantasy game that introduces you to its world by throwing you in headfirst. The Banner Saga, originally released in 2014 by the developers at Stoic Studio, is sold alongside its equally excellent sequels for a massive story inspired by Nordic folklore and mythology. The Banner Saga stays true to its RPG inspiration by implementing a turn-based fighting system that manages to be unlike any turn-based system seen in other RPGs. Everything from the gameplay to the hand-drawn art style adds to the uniqueness of the game.

buy here, $50
2. ‘DC Universe Online’

A game that has probably appeared on more consoles than any other game on this list, DC Universe Online has been around since its release in 2011. DC Universe Online allows players to create their own superhero persona and stand with the greatest heroes or villains in the DC universe. The game has managed to maintain a player base large enough to justify regular content releases, even after an entire decade. Players aren’t likely to get bored going through everything this game has to offer. 

Download here
1. ‘Octopath Traveler’

Another one of the Switch’s early RPG offerings, Octopath Traveler puts you in the shoes of eight characters whose journeys coincide with each other in interesting ways. The combat and gameplay might be reminiscent of your standard JRPG but that hardly matters since most players will be engrossed in the excellent narrative. Octopath Traveler, released in 2018, rounds off this list as the best RPG in the Switch’s library. 

Buy here, $60
Gaming New Releases

The Video Game Movies and TV Shows You’ll Want to Keep an Eye On

Video game adaptations have been a major facet of the Hollywood pipeline since Super Mario Bros. jumped onto the big screen in 1993. 

And to be completely honest with you all, a lot of the TV shows/films based on your favorite gaming franchise have been…well, crappy. But in recent years, there have been a few noteworthy shows and films based on video games that have ranged from decent to shockingly good. Sonic the Hedgehog, Detective Pikachu, The Angry Birds Movie 2 (yes, we’re serious about that one), and the Netflix Castlevania animated series are clear examples of TV/production studios doing right by their properties’ source material. We’re smack dab in the middle of 2021 and there’s a ton of video game-themed shows and movies on the horizon.

We’ve already gotten past the Warner Brothers reboot of Mortal Kombat (YEESH!) and are now looking forward to the next batch of live-action/animated adaptations of some big-name video game IPs.

‘Castlevania’ (Season 4) – May 13, 2021

Konami’s dark and gothic world that’s ruled by vampires, werewolves, and a host of other night terrors has looked amazing via its Netflix animated series. For three seasons, Castlevania has told an engrossing tale about a band of demon hunters going on a crusade to beat back the vampire menace that terrorizes the world at large. The last season of this beautifully animated Netflix series is right around the corner. And by the looks of the trailer footage released for it, it looks like we’ll be returning to some familiar locales, come to grips with the final machinations of the big baddies, and witness the resurrection of Dracula himself. Castlevania is definitely looking to go out with a bang and we can’t wait to be there when it does.

‘Werewolves Within’ – June 25, 2021

This might be the first instance of a video game movie being based entirely on a VR game. That game is Werewolves Within, which is a multiplayer mystery caper where everyone must figure out which one of the townsfolk close to them is a werewolf in disguise. The film adaptation of that clever concept is coming soon and it actually looks like a fun horror romp worth paying attention to. The film’s plot follows a forest ranger as he looks to keep a small town full of stressed residents physically & mentally intact and discover the monster that’s terrorizing the people he’s entrusted with protecting. How crazy would it be if it turns out the forest ranger is actually the werewolf? That’s a hell of a plot twist!

‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’ – July 2021

We gotta keep it all the way real with you guys – the CGI-animated Resident Evil films simply aren’t that good. There’s a new one coming to Netflix that features the beloved zombie-busting duo of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield though, so we’re slightly excited to see how this latest animated installment plays out. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness takes place in 2006 and sees both characters coming to grips with a new zombie outbreak. And to make matters even worse, it’s happening in the nation’s capital. The White House is going to have a severe bioweapon infestation – thankfully, Leon and Claire have all the know-how and gunpowder needed to properly confront it.

‘Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City’ – November 24, 2021

We gotta keep it a stack with you guys all over again – the entirety of the live-action Resident Evil movies have largely been doo-doo butter. Sure they made a ton of money at the box office. But from a critical standpoint, director Paul W. S. Anderson and leading star Milla Jovovich’s work has produced nothing but garbage on the big screen. Now that that unfortunate duo has finally stepped away from the Resident Evil IP, hopes are high that the rebooted film franchise ends up being a million times better than its predecessor. This film is going to take place in the infamous small town known as Raccoon City and follow a collective of familiar characters from the game as they deal with the pharmaceutical company known as Umbrella Corp. This movie is going to feature Jill Valentine, Claire, Leon, Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, Ada Wong, and William Birkin. With all those characters in place, it just has to be good…right?

‘Arcane’ (‘League of Legends’) – Fall 2021

The massive online battle arena phenomenon known as League of Legends is finally getting a small-screen adaptation on Netflix. We’re surprised it’s taken this long but better late than never right? Arcane will largely take place within the locales of Piltover and Zuan. We’ll get plenty of deep insight into two noteworthy League of Legends champions during this introspective CGI-powered journey, who happen to be Jinx and her sister Vi. Here’s hoping we’re treated to some fast and furious battles that evoke the onscreen action that intense League of Legends matches regularly deliver.

‘Uncharted’ – February 18, 2022

The often-delayed Uncharted film adaptation finally has a solid release date! Fingers crossed that it actually stays in the release date slot that’s officially been penciled in by the film distributor behind it. Speaking of said studio, Sony Pictures Releasing is betting big on this 2022 movie release. Tom Holland, who plays the part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man, is playing the part of a young Nathan Drake. Mark Whalberg (yes, Marky Mark himself!) is stepping into the role of Victor “Sully” Sullivan. And we’ve got Sophia Taylor Ali playing Chloe Frazer and even the inclusion of Antonio Banderas! The cast is huge for this Uncharted film, to say the least. We just hope this film ends up a whole lot better than the last Indiana Jones movie and also sticks close to what the Uncharted games do so well. Tom is usually on-point with the funny quips and all, so he’s practically much perfect for his starring role as the famed treasure hunter.

‘Sonic The Hedgehog 2’ – April 8, 2022
Paramount Pictures

So the first Sonic the Hedgehog live-action adaptation was surprisingly decent. Thank God everyone rebelled against the original look of the speedy hedgehog and got a much better representation of him on the big screen in the process. This major change did a great job of rebuilding the movie’s goodwill amongst diehard fans and making a lot more moviegoers give it a chance. Thanks to the film’s box office success, we’re (unsurprisingly) getting a sequel. And this time, Sonic’s not coming alone. Miles “Tails” Prower and Knuckles the Echidna will pull up alongside Sonic as he deals with Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik (who’s wonderfully played by Jim Carrey) once again.

Video Game Adaptations With Unconfirmed Release Dates
2K Games

There’s a ton of video game movies (and one noteworthy HBO series) in the works that has us equally excited and horrified at what they’ll end up looking like by the time they’re finished filming. Check out the list below to stay in the know about what’s on the horizon:



Detective Pikachu sequel

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Gears of War

Ghost of Tsushima

Just Cause

Just Dance

Mega Man

Metal Gear Solid



Space Invaders

Tomb Raider 2 (sequel to rebooted film franchise)

Saints Row


The Last of Us (HBO series)

Gaming New Releases

14 Games Like ‘Sea of Thieves’

Sea of Thieves entered early access at a time when online PVP was experiencing a bit of a renaissance thanks to games like Fortnite. But instead of dropping players on a map, Sea of Thieves put players on the high seas, giving them command of entire vessels. Throughout its beta Sea of Thieves garnered a huge player base thanks to many at the time believing it was one of the few games that gave players the chance to helm their own vessels. Of course, there are a number of games that give you a similar experience. The following are the 14 games most like Sea of Thieves.

14. ‘The Secret of Monkey Island’

One of the big draws behind Sea of Thieves is its comedic undertone. If that is one of the reasons behind your love of Sea of Thieves, then Monkey Island is right up your alley. The game, released in 2009 by Lucas Arts, tells a swashbuckling story as players explore the titular Monkey Island. 

Buy Here, $9.99
13. ‘Elite Dangerous’

This one might be a bit controversial. Elite Dangerous doesn’t take place on the water, but it doesn’t necessarily have to capture the essence of Sea of Thieves. Is it about piracy? It can be if you like. In fact, piracy is a major component of the game. So is PVP combat, managing your personal vessel, and a host of other factors shared with Sea of Thieves. In fact, the similarities between the two games underscore the similarities between piracy of the past and piracy of the distant future.

Buy Here, $29.99
12. ‘Beyond Blue’

Beyond Blue is another game that pays homage to the Ocean. But unlike Subnautica that has players exploring the depths of an alien world, Beyond Blue has players explore the deeps of our own planet. Released by Eline Media last year, Beyond Blue didn’t cultivate a large player base despite being critically acclaimed. Exploration is the name of the game. The playing area is enormous and teeming with life, including sharks, though less aggressive than the variety seen in Sea of Thieves.

Buy Here, $19.99
11. Windbound

Windbound is a game that pushes storytelling in video games. Released in 2020 by 5 Lives Studios, Windbound is a game that, through its narrative, manages to mythologize the Ocean. Players take control of a marooned seasteading in an adventure that seamlessly combines the best of Sea of Thieves and Breath of the Wild. Windbound is as thrilling on the land as it is in the Ocean and is definitely worth checking out if you feel Sea of Thieves is lacking in story.

Buy Here, $29.99
10. ‘Subnautica’

Few games can speak to the wonder, mystery, and danger of the ocean in a way Subnautica can. Released in 2018 by the aptly named Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Subnautica hit markets at the tail end of the survival game craze, sparked by Minecraft. Subnautica, however, is far from a Minecraft clone. Subnautica fleshes out an alien world and does so in a believable manner.

Buy Here, $29.99
9. ‘Sid Meier’s Pirates Gold Plus’

A classic game from the mind of Sid Meier. This game was released in 1987 and was one of the first to feature realistic pirate action. Of course, this being a Sid Meier game, strategy is a major gameplay component. Unlike other pirate games, in which victory goes to whoever can load up cannon’s and accurately shoot them, in Pirates! it’s all about outmaneuvering your opponents to get the upper hand. While the game hasn’t exactly aged well, it’s still worth a look.

Buy Here, $6.99
8. ‘Skull and Bones’

To say this game has generated its share of hype would be an understatement. Scheduled to be released sometime in 2021, the developers at Ubisoft could have a significant hit on their hands if they play their cards right. 

Trailers for this hotly anticipated title show epic ship-to-ship combats hull, you can see every minute detail. Based on what has been showcased, battles could rival the scale of those scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean.

7. ‘Assassin’s Creed Black Flag’

When players learned that Assassin’s Creed would be a series that theoretically could take place anywhere, I knew I would eventually be playing a Japanese-focused game and one that took place on the high seas. While the developers at Ubisoft have stubbornly denied players of the former, the latter came to pass in 2013. 

While other Assassin’s Creed games have featured boat battles, they haven’t featured the kind of boat battles that take place during the height of piracy. Everything from loading and firing the cannons to boarding and commandeering ships is a feature in this game.

Buy Here, $19.99
6. ‘Raft’

An unexpected hit, Raft is a game that takes several chapters out of Sea of Thieves‘ book. Aside from taking place on the open water, the 2018 game released by Redbeet Interactive, is as comedy-oriented as Sea of Thieves. Instead of pirates, however, you play like normal people stranded on a small piece of debris in the middle of nowhere. It’s up to the player to literally fish for resources to slowly but surely build up their raft into a seasteading fortress. The sense of accomplishment one gets from building up to a viable community is gratifying which is probably why so many payers have become addicted to this cult hit. 

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5. ‘New World’

Due out for an Aug. 31 release by Amazon Games, New World combines piracy with a heavy dollop of Tolkien-esque fantasy. Visually, New World is shaping up to be one of the most stunning on this list. Trailers for the game places the character in a distant land teeming with magical creatures. How the final product will turn out is anyone’s guess but if what we’ve already seen is any indication, this title is worth checking out.

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4. ‘Naval Action’

If Sea of Thieves’ whimsy isn’t to your taste then give Naval Action a try. Released in 2019 by Game-Labs, Naval Action is part of a family of games that tries to blend realism, video games, and warfare. With Naval Action, one can recreate historic naval battles, like the one-off Beaufort North Carolina, or the battle that leads to Black Beard’s ultimate downfall. While the gameplay isn’t as fluid as Sea of Thieves, it is comprehensive. While other naval warfare games skip corners for the sake of gameplay, Naval Action players have to consider many of the same factors that were present at the height of piracy. This is the game for players looking for a real challenge.

3. ‘Legend of Zelda Windwaker’

Perhaps the most popular title on this list, Legend of Zelda Windwaker was, at the time of its 2002 release, was one of the largest Legend of Zelda titles. That’s because the game’s core concept was sailing on the open season with your sentient boat. 

The game not only made use of similar cell-shading visuals seen in Sea of Thieves, but it was also perhaps the first to popularize the visual style. While the game was underappreciated when it was released, in the years that have passed, it has gone on to be considered one of the best Legend of Zelda titles that isn’t Breath of the Wild.

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2. ‘Blackwake’

Although released last year in 2020, developers at Mastfire Studios kept this game in Alpha and Beta for a number of years. It’s for this reason why Blackwake, though officials released after Sea of Thieves, can be considered its predecessor. 

In fact, Blackwake was a sort of proof of concept for many pirate-themed games that has players duke it out on the open seas. While the graphics may not be impressive, the mechanics are, in many ways, tighter than Sea of Thieves, successfully sniping an enemy pirate with a cannon feels more like a matter of skill than random chance. It’s the precision of the gameplay that has players coming back.

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1. ‘Atlas’

Atlas is best described as Sea of Thieves’ slightly more serious twin brother. Released in 2018 by Grapeshot Games, it isn’t quite clear why Sea of Thieves rose to popularity while this title fell to relative obscurity. Just about everything you can do in Sea of Thieves, you can do in this game with the added benefit of more attention to detail. The only significant difference between Atlas and Sea of Thieves is the former’s lack of a distinct art style, instead opting for more realistic graphics. For those looking for a pirate simulator that takes things a bit more seriously, Atlas is the game you have been looking for.

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