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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Among Us’ Twitch Stream Was One For the Record Books

You may know Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for her political work, but last night, the Congresswoman embraced a new hobby—streaming. 

That’s right, streaming. The representative “graced” the stage” for her Twitch debut playing the ever-popular Among Us (you may have heard of it) as a way to further encourage people (in particular young people) to vote.

What followed was complete mass hysteria, and a historic night as Congresswoman joined big named Twitch streamers Pokimane, Hasanabi, and more for the event. The live stream was already a highly anticipated event with 240,000 viewers tuned in before gameplay even started.

At its peak, the stream reached 435,000 viewers during the first match with that number eventually dropping to 350,000 viewers. These numbers make Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’s stream one of the biggest broadcasts ever on the Twitch platform, putting her in the top five for the most concurrent views in history. If you choose to look at from an individual stream standpoint the total could be much higher.

According to stream tracking websites such as Twitchtracker, that 435,000 viewership number could potentially put her in the top ten all-time list. At the moment, streamer Ninja holds the individual streaming record for his 2018 Fortnite stream with Drake and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Not too shabby for someone who had never streamed before.

While the concept of politicians playing games might seem a bit “odd” to some, the reality is it’s becoming a more popular method of not only getting their message across but also reaching the younger demographic of voters.  Recently the Biden Campaign revealed their very own Animal Crossing island, and other politicians are tapping into the gaming world as well (Rep. Ilhan Omar joined the Twitch stream as too). While some of the focus is geared towards politics, the majority of it is just about having a good time and interacting with the audience. Last night’s stream showcased that when Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez was revealed as the ‘Impostor” on the first match of the night.

One thing is for sure, last night was definitely one for the Twitch books, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proved that she can definitely rock with the best of the best.

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How VTubing is Slowly Changing the Gaming World

Do you ever wish that sometimes you could be invisible? Invisible in the sense that people can hear you, but not necessarily see you. What if you could take it a step further and create an animated version of yourself on social platforms? Well, that’s exactly what Twitch streaming sensation Pokimane has decided to do.

The official word for that is called VTubing (short for Virtual YouTubing), and it’s something that we should all start becoming familiar with. VTubing is on the rise, and in the future we’ll be seeing more big names play and stream through their animated characters. So how exactly did VTubing come about?

VTubing first originated in Japan. The process of creating a VTube is actually quite similar to traditional YouTube and blogging with the only difference being the use of a virtual avatar. These avatars replicate every single body movement, facial expression, and human action you could possibly think of. At the moment, there are about 5,000 VTubers, and while most of them are still based in Japan, we are slowly starting to see the rise of VTubers in other countries like the United States. That leads us back to Pokimane.

In the last few years, Pokimane has become a phenom in the gaming world, but like every job that puts you in the public eye, there can be some negative elements as well. Gamers, in general, receive a lot of criticism, harsh insults, and backlash. That criticism can be especially difficult if you are a woman in gaming. 

At the end of the day, gamers are still human beings, and every human has their limitations of what they can or should have to put up with. Which is exactly why, Pokimane decided to take a small break from streaming. Her return, however, was a huge surprise to the people who had followed her for years.

Pokimane’s return to Twitch, saw viewers being introduced to the anime version of herself. While Pokimane called the live stream an “experiment,” it was very much deliberate in certain areas. When asked why she chose the VTube route for her return, Pokimane stated that some days she doesn’t feel like doing the “glitz and glamor” required for a live stream. The Twitch sensation also said VTubing is a way for her to not deal with the terrible comments she receives every stream. In addition to the creative element involved in VTubing, it’s also a form of protection (like a defense mechanism). While not a permanent change(at least for now), Pokimane intends to make her VTube character a regular part of her career. 

One could argue that Pokimane is already having that impact. Since the debut of her anime character, interest in VTubing has surged significantly, and more gamers are starting to at least consider the possibility of going that route.

While Pokimane has definitely brought attention to VTubing in recent weeks, the interest has actually been building over the last couple of years. VTubers such as Kaguya Luna and Mirai Akari have been making noise in the VTubing community since around 2017. Both Kaguya and Mirai, are slowly reaching the one million subscribers mark on their channels. Kizuna AI, the streamer responsible for the early VTubing interest, is currently at two million subscribers on her channel. Known for her feisty demeanor, Kizuna’s balance between her “innocent persona” and her “bad girl persona,” has kept viewers entertained for the last four years. These streamers have paved the way for newer streamers to make an impact in the VTubing world. Kizuna is now an ambassador for the Japan National Tourism Organization. Projekt Melody (the popular 3D anime streamer) partnered with Twitch earlier this year. 

While the idea of VTube has made some streamers hesitant (some argue that VTubing challenges the authenticity of gaming), gamers are now seeing it as a way to expand their presence in the gaming world while not being “limited to one lane. ”VTubing’s demand is now more dominant than ever. This past week has seen the debut of Vtubing newbie Watson Amelia. In this week alone, the streamer has released 12 videos with huge streaming numbers ranging from 100,000 to 500,000 views on YouTube.  

Meanwhile, more artists in gaming are starting to be hired for their artwork. For example, Pokimane commissioned artist Teru for her VTube debut. Creating more work in the gaming community is a win for everybody. Whether you’ve hopped on the VTube train or not, the tide is slowly turning. Be prepared to see a lot more of VTube in the future.

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The Resurgence of ‘Among Us’: How The Game Is Dominating Two Years After Its Release

It’s definitely rare that you see a game trending two years after its release, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. So what exactly is Among Us, and how did we get to the point where it’s becoming one of the most talked about titles in the gaming community?

Among Us Game Play

Among Us is a multi-player murder mystery game that was originally released on PC via Steam and mobile in November of 2018. The game is set in outer space, and leads you on a journey of deceit. Each game session can hold four to ten players, and as a group, it’s your responsibility to work together for survival. However, one of the crew members is an impostor, whose goal is to kill everybody on board before being outed. Among Us is basically a combination of The Thing, and the classic PC/board game Clue (where there’s a killer amongst you).

In these last several days, Among Us has seen a sudden rise in popularity with 1.5 million concurrent players on the server. The huge spike in gamers, has caused the servers to be overloaded, and each day has brought a new record amount of players. Again, you may be wondering why Among Us is gaining so much momentum two years after its release.

Scene from Among Us

The rise in Among Us can be traced back to Twitch. According to a report from Dot esports, an average of 500 channels streamed the game daily in the month of August. In the last week, that number has actually increased to 1,000 channels streaming the game daily, and with streamers like xQc and Hasanabi going viral for arguing during a livestream, the game was bound to get more attention from the general public.

In addition to xQc and Hasanabi being ready to kill each other (no pun intended), Man City striker Sergio Aguero recently made rounds in a terrible, yet hilarious, attempt to play the game on Twitch. Moments like these have resulted in curious gamers hopping on the Among Us train to see what the deal is with this game.

So now you may be wondering how you can get it on the Among Us action. As mentioned earlier, the game is available on PC through Steam and mobile, and Among Us also allows crossplay, meaning that you can play with your group regardless of whether or not they are on a computer, or a mobile device (and vice versa). While the PC version of the game is doing well, the majority of those 1.5 million players we mentioned earlier, are playing through the mobile version. 

As far as the cost goes, Among Us is $4.99 on Steam, but free through mobile platforms (with in-app purchases). Whether your group chooses to play on the computer, or through mobile, it will certainly be an adventure as you try to figure out who’s “the bad apple.” So yes, Among Us is the real deal.

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All the Essential Gaming Equipment You Need to Stream on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Are you ready to start streaming? Don’t know what type of equipment you need to get started? Well, stress no more, here’s a list of the essentials you’ll need to start streaming.

PlayStation 4
SOPA Images/Getty Images

For PS4 players, it gets a little bit more technical because Sony manufactures their webcams. So you would have to purchase a PlayStation webcam, and this first-party accessory contains a camera as well as a built-in microphone. 

However, we would still recommend buying good headphones such as the Astro a10s. The software you would need for streaming on your PS4 such as Twitch can also be downloaded from the PlayStation store.

Xbox One
Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

For an Xbox One player, it’s quite simple. 

All you’ll need is a webcam and a headset. We’d recommend starting with a Logitech C920s HD Pro Webcam. Any Logitech webcam should be fine, but from our experience, the Logitech C920s Pro Webcam works best. Now with regards to the type of headset, we’d recommend an Astro a10s. It’s a fantastic gaming headset offering great sound, durable design and a reliable microphone. As far as software, simply download Twitch from the Xbox Store and you’ll be good to go

SOPA Images/Getty Images

Now for PC Players, there is also a technical aspect that is somewhat preference-based. You can either have a single or dual PC setup. For someone who only has a single PC setup, you might suffer on the streaming side as far as quality, and this could also affect your gameplay. A dual setup requires a gaming PC and a streaming PC, so the extra equipment raises the cost.

The streaming PC doesn’t have to be as powerful as the gaming one because all you’ll be doing with the former is mostly streaming. However, your gaming pc is going to have to be a bit more jacked. We would recommend looking at brands that are well-known and respected for building gaming PCs, names like Maingear, CyberPowerPC, OriginPC and PowerGPU.

For other equipment you can use to enhance your  PC streaming setup, here’s a solid list of equipment/accessories:

Now that you know the essentials, will we see you on Twitch, Youtube or Mixer? Streaming is not hard at all; it’s just the matter of you getting started. You don’t need the best of the best equipment to start streaming.

If you ever have any future questions, just hop in ONE37pm’s Gaming Community Discord, and we’ll be more than happy to help. ​​

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How to Start Making Money on Twitch

The rise of video game live streaming has been fascinating to watch.

Gamers from all walks of life have flocked to Twitch in hopes of gaining a growing audience who’s down to watch them play the most popular (and super-niche) titles. It seems like a brand new streamer puts up his or her channel on a daily basis with the prime goal of accumulating profit from their hours-long gameplay sessions. 

If you’re one of those individuals who have dreams of becoming the next Dr. DisRespect or Pokimane, then this how-to guide should help kickstart your future Twitch career.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is undoubtedly the largest video live streaming service on the market today. Its focus lies primarily on video game live streaming. At first, Twitch was merely a spin-off of another general interest live streaming platform known as Since its birth in 2011, Twitch has morphed into a juggernaut service within the gaming/live streaming industry. 

In addition to gaming live streams, musical performances rebroadcasts of classic TV shows and other types of creative content have fleshed out Twitch’s entertainment offerings. Currently, Twitch is home to more than three-million+ content creators and 15-million+ average daily visitors, plus it employs tens of thousands of creators who are a part of the Twitch Partner Program. Twitch continues to expand its viewer base as it livestreams major gaming tournaments, official events put on by video game developers/publishers, award shows, and annual gaming/geek expos.

Getting Set Up on Twitch
Hannah Smith / ESPAT Media for Mastercard via Getty Images

Getting your Twitch channel off the ground requires the proper hardware, of course. So first things first, make sure you have a computer that has the following specifications (which comes as a trustworthy set of recommendations from Twitch, by the way).

Here’s what you need:

  • An Intel Core i5-4670 or an AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) processing unit with equivalent ability, 8GB of RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium or later, and a graphics card running DirectX10 or above.
  • And most importantly, you’ll need to rely on a stable Internet connection with decent upload speeds (somewhere in the realm of 3 Mbps is the minimum upload speed you should judge your connection by).
You Need a Good Webcam and a Nice Set of Headphones

Some of the best webcam options that come to mind are Logitech’s C920 HD Pro, C922 Pro Stream and BRIO models. Microsoft’s LifeCam Cinema is also a viable option.

Now when it comes to high-quality headsets, these five options are worth a look–the ASTRO A50, Sennheiser Game ONE, SteelSeries Arctis 7, HyperX Cloud Alpha and Logitech G430. A comfy gaming chair is a nifty piece of gear you should add to your newfound live streaming arrangement, too.

Get Yourself an Elgato Stream Deck

This customizable control pad is practically tailor-made for the live streaming experience. It’s capable of sending out tweets that promote your channel, tinkering around with your audio options, triggering chat commands, and performing a bevy of other inputs that are usually done via the alt-tab button combination. Over on the streaming software side of things, broadcasting apps such as OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, NVIDIA Shadowplay and XSplit Broadcaster are some of the better options to consider.

Ways You Can Monetize on Twitch

There is a myriad of ways in which you can make a living off of Twitch. Becoming a Twitch Affiliate is one of the best paths towards game streaming monetization.

To get a personal invitation from Twitch that welcomes you into the Affiliate program, you have to complete the following achievements–stream for at least eight hours in the last 30 days, stream on at least seven different days with unique broadcasts for the last 30 days, bring in an average of three or more concurrent viewers over the previous 30 days and reach 50 followers. Once you become an official member of the Twitch Affiliate program, you’ll gain the opportunity to earn money via subscriptions, Bits and the revenue gained from the sale of games and in-game items via Twitch.

Signing up to a separate affiliate network that sells products that cater to gamers is also a viable option. For example, aligning oneself with Amazon’s affiliate program (a company that owns Twitch, by the way) is a typical move to make in this regard. As a streamer, you can use your channel for marketing Amazon products within a widget on your page. Viewers who click on that widget will then be redirected to an Amazon sales page. If they purchase that page, you’ll receive a percentage of the sales revenue earned from that sale.

If you happen to amass a massive following throughout your Twitch live streaming career, celebrating your fanbase by offering them merchandise based on your brand is worth doing. Setting up an online storefront that features clothing and other fun trinkets that market your channel is another potential moneymaker.

Having a loyal fanbase also means they’ll be more willing to support your live streaming efforts via donations. By setting up a direct payment link via PayPal, for instance, you can give fans a way to support you financially and even help you reach a clearly stated donation goal during your streams. Collecting payments via a service such as Patreon is also a viable option – placing your Patreon profile link onto your Twitch page is the best way to go in that regard.

Nabbing a sponsorship from a noteworthy company can also be incredibly beneficial for popular streamers. If a brand chooses to sponsor you, then they are confident in their product’s affinity with your loyal audience and are willing to pay you to promote said product. That product can even be something not even related to gaming (such as a food delivery service, for example). Getting a sponsorship deal is the mark of a truly successful Twitch streamer whose reach goes far and wide when it comes to loyal followers/viewers.

Successful Twitch Streamers

Becoming a moneymaking Twitch streamer is a tall task, but several streamers have done it already. If you aspire to be one of those Twitch personalities whose live stream views reach into the thousands, then these five individuals should definitely be on your radar.

Dr. DisRespect

Dr. DisRespect is a Twitch streaming staple that has garnered millions of subscribers and viewers since arriving on the platform. His over-the-top character is regularly put on display through his signature getup that consists of a black mullet wig, a pair of sunglasses, a long-sleeve athletic shirt and a tactical vest. His streams cater to games that are all about looting and shooting, such as Apex Legends, Escape from Tarkov, and Call of Duty.

Maximilian Dood

Maximilian Dood’s passion for fighting games is unparalleled. His massive fanbase checks in to watch him go in the training lab and put his best combos to work in an offline/online setting across a bevy of new and old school fighters. When he’s not pulling off double-digit combos, he hops into beloved Capcom franchises, intense first-person shooters and brutally difficult Soulsborne titles. Once the weekend rolls around, Max usually links up with his YoVideogames crew for some multiplayer mayhem.

Avoiding the Puddle

Avoiding the Puddle (who doesn’t look like Hagrid, by the way) is a streamer that plays a huge variety of games. His viewers have become accustomed to his dry wit, unmistakable beard and, let’s say, unique outlook on life. When he’s not commentating over Tekken 7 tournament matches, he can be seen playing anything and everything that tests his gaming mettle. Avoiding the Puddle’s best streams have come via titles such as Cuphead, Grand Theft Auto V and classic Resident Evil games.


Pokimane has successfully morphed into one of Twitch’s most popular streamers. Her biggest year to date was 2017, where she ended up gaining 450,000 followers and even earned a Shorty Award for Best Twitch Streamer of the year. Her warm and gleeful personality has made her a fan favorite for many. When streaming, Pokimane spends her time with the biggest games on the market and also participates in Just Chatting and Twitch Songs sessions from time to time. She can usually be seen playing League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Apex Legends among others.


Amouranth is another streamer that has pulled in millions of followers and views for her live streams. She prides herself on her art and cosplay, which fans have come to appreciate as a part of her brand. Like Pokimane, Amouranth also loves to switch things up by offering her viewers light-hearted Just Chatting and Twitch Songs live streams. She’s most known for her fitness and ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) broadcasts. On the gaming side of things, she enjoys entertaining her fans with a few hours of fun Just Dance sessions.