Tom Sanders’ Shit House Photo Project is a Humorous Commentary on NFTs

With hundreds of NFT projects cropping up nearly every day, there has to be room for parody of the space. Sometimes it seems like pieces that you wouldn’t expect go on to fetch incredibly high prices on Open Sea or other marketplaces.

That’s why Tom Sanders, photographer, published author and college professor, decided to convert one of his old photo projects into a tongue-in-cheek photo NFT project utilizing an unorthodox model: dog poop. ONE37pm spoke to Tom about his project, and he told us the genesis of the project took cues from Marcel Duchamp’s piece, “Fountain,” a porcelain urinal widely cited as a one of the early pieces in the anti-rational, anti-art cultural movement of the early 20th century in NYC. As was the case with Duchamp’s piece, “Shit House” begs the question: “What is art?”

“Humor in art is so sacred, a lot of the time art is so serious. We don’t often get to laugh at art,” Tom told me. The first shot was taken as part of a project that Sanders completed at Cal Poly back in 2000, but the recent explosion of the NFT space encouraged him to take a few more shots and turn it into a collection. He apparently gave the original image to his dad as a joke, implying that this is what his art degree was contributing towards.

Shooting images of dog excrement is a bit different from other work, as you can imagine. “Some dog shit just doesn’t quite photograph that well, which is funny to think about,” Tom joked to me. He had to really wait and cross his fingers for his furry friend to drop the most photogenic turd to get the right shot. He apparently had to spend a pretty good chunk of time scouring his lawn for just the right model. Tom is also a bit prone to nausea, telling me that he spent a lot of time “dry heaving” while trying to take the appropriate shots. Now that’s commitment to your craft.

Even the prices Sanders selected for the piece have an element of humor to them. The cheapest photo on the Open Sea listing is listed for a whopping 150 ETH, or roughly $350,000 at the time of this writing. The whopping prices are intended as a bit of a commentary on the extreme financial landscape of both the NFT and crypto worlds right now. It’s a jab at the “to the moon!” sort of ethos that pervades through so much of crypto culture right now.

Tom’s intent is not to diminish the amazing work happening in the NFT world right now, but rather to humorously pose a question. Duchamp was asking, “What is art?”, whereas Tom brings the question to the 21st century: “What are NFTs?”


NFT Ghost Stories: Meet Anton Zueqsav and “The Lucky Phantom Bunch”

The past six weeks for Anton Zueqsav have been filled with discovery, fulfillment and the realization of serendipity. Over that time period, Zueqsav, a Guatemalan artist and architect by trade, has become the creator and owner of a sought-after NFT collection known as “The Lucky Phantom Bunch.” 

According to Anton, he’s never been able to showcase his full creativity until now. Tyler Schmitt, host of ONE37pm’s podcast Huh!? got to sit down with Zueqsav and dive into his story of creative evolution.

When asked how he transitioned from architecture to creating and selling digital art, Anton shared an important interaction he had with a friend.

“Before coming to Madrid, a friend of mine got me into cryptocurrency. I ended up investing a really small amount in Ethereum. Then I forgot about it. A few months later, I’m reading an article about NFT’s and I’m like, are people creating art and selling it with cryptocurrency? Why am I not getting into this? That’s when I connected the dots.”

Anton’s newfound knowledge allowed him to test the waters and create his first group of digital assets. While he fancied his work, he knew he could do better.

“My first project name was Meteorite, because I was planning on doing crystal, geometric pieces. They were cool, they were ok, but there wasn’t any emotion, it was just like seeing some pieces of metal.”

In need of a spark, Zueqsav came up with an idea that he would turn into a brand new collection.

“The Lucky Phantoms idea came from a small chat with a friend. He has this lucky object. The concept of that is something I really liked. So I said, we need something that evokes emotion, something people can connect with.”

When asked why he liked the idea of creating ghosts, Anton had a simple, yet serendipitous response. 

“Sometimes you just have that connection with something. “ 

So far, Zueqsav has created 28 assets that belong in “The Lucky Phantom Bunch.” Each asset has a set of characteristics attributed to it that makes it unique. 

When asked which one is his favorite, Anton didn’t hesitate.

The green and yellow phantom with lightning going through it. Those days that you feel like something good is going to happen, that’s what inspired that one. That’s what I wanted to demonstrate.” 

Now an established creator in the NFT world, Anton plans to take his work to the next level, while aiding other creators in the process.

“Before this past weekend [when his work really took off in the NFT community] I’ve always had this idea of creating a gallery, I call it the Artist Lounge. It’s to exhibit other artists’ work. I think that every day that passes, an artist is not getting the notice they deserve. That’s something that I struggled with at first, getting the work out there, so if I can help with that in any way, I want to.” 


The Euler Beats Team Is Bringing NFTs To Times Square

Treum is back with a big NFT project. The team behind Euler Beats has developed another multi-tier NFT drop with many interesting layers to parse through. 

They have partnered with international language artist Jonathan Rosen for his NFT debut with a project called The Biggest Drop In Times Square Since New Years

Classic to the Treum team, this drop is full of twists and turns—this time including chance-based mintings, democratized drawing mechanics, and an opportunity for a handful of collectors to have their names and faces (or perhaps their pseudonyms and avatars) showcased on the Nasdaq Digital Tower in Times Square. 

Here’s how it’s going down…

Beginning on June 8th, anyone can mint and collect a single-phrase” NFT by Jonathan Rosen for 0.1 ETH. The artist has created a list of 1000 possible endings for each of the following 4 anchor phrases: “I want”, “Big”, “Drop” and “Famous”. 

The collector gets to choose 1 of these 4 anchor phrase options. The ending of the phrase will be chosen at random out of the 1000 options at the time of minting. Once minted, the chosen phrase will be removed from the list of available possibilities. 

Below is an example of a potential phrase for each anchor phrase, as well as some of the possible endings…
Jonathan Rosen

As mentioned on the project’s NFT minting page, “Jonathan’s artwork is designed to explore the subconscious, so after receiving your NFT see what personal connections and meanings you can make to your new piece”.

Through Jonathan’s artwork, the project aims to experiment with what happens when “we’ve tokenized our innermost human desires.” 

As Treum’s Tyler Mulvihill puts it: “Because of the minting mechanism, you don’t know what you’re going to get, so we believe that a secondary market will emerge almost instantly. This market will aim to put a price on hopes and desires. For example, “I want fame” might sell for higher than “I want crypto.” 

One week after the chance-based minting opens, on Tuesday June 15, The Big Auction commences. Taking place on Opensea, the 24-hour event will auction off 5 one-of-one NFTs. 4 of the 5 super rare NFTs are “full reel” motion visuals showcasing all 1000 phrase possibilities.
Jonathan Rosen
Jonathan Rosen
Jonathan Rosen
Jonathan Rosen

The fifth and final auctioning NFT is where Nasdaq comes into the fold. In collaboration with Nasdaq’s Purpose Initiative, this NFT combines Rosen’s anchor phrase “I want” along with all 4000+ listing symbols on the NASDAQ exchange. All proceeds of this NFT’s sale will go to the Broadway Cares organization.

Last but not least, we arrive at the Times Square element of the drop—known as the “Fame Game”. The week following the auction, all five auction winners, as well as the collector with the most single-phrase mints, will get the opportunity to have their face, name and/or wallet address on Nasdaq’s 7-story tall Digital Tower in Times Square.
Jonathan Rosen

Clearly this release has a lot of layers to it. You can dig in deeper by jumping around the NFT project’s page on Jonathan’s website

The Treum team continues to explore new and creative avenues with their drops, stretching the ways in which NFTs and art can intersect. It’s exciting to see them partner up with more artists— this time with Jonathan Rosen—allowing these innovative tech stacks to support artists and their work.

We’ll definitely be keeping tabs on this drop. It all begins Tuesday June 8th at


Graffiti Kings Announce First Ever 16 and Under NFT Show: Graff Punks

After the successful launch of the first Graffiti Queens art exhibition in April 2021 hosted by Graffiti Kings in Decentraland, Darren Cullen, CEO of Graffiti Kings, approached me again with another historic exhibition idea. He proposed we put on the first ever 16 and under only NFT show in the metaverse, titled Graff Punks.

The Graffiti Kings are avid sponsors of kids and teenage artists. They began in 1996 helping kids stay off the streets of London by getting them involved with graffiti art projects all over the UK. When they started organizing these projects, Darren saw himself reflected in many of the kids, having also grown up on the tough broken Britain streets of London as a youth, in and out of trouble with the law. Seeing the kids begin to open up and seeing their lives start to change for the better inspired him to keep the projects ongoing for them.

Next month, Darren starts an art program in his local youth prison. Darren’s work has given him nationwide attention, leading him to become the only UK government-backed graffiti artist and official street artist for the 2012 London Olympics. Graffiti Kings work all over the world for nearly every company we know about. It really is a rags to riches real life story for another time. In fact, take a look at his website and see the great work he produces.

Their enthusiasm for educating kids in art has now spilled over into NFTs as they see this space as the future for artists of all ages. The Graff Punks art exhibition will not be a one off, but an ongoing program for minors to help educate them about NFTs and this new digital world we are all entering, from onboarding to minting and teaching them all things metaverse so they can keep doing what they love to do: creating.

Graffiti Kings

To make this exhibition extra special, we have teamed up with with some amazing individuals already championing the Metaverse world.

R2 Collectables have gladly stepped forward to sponsor the Graff Punks project. I was able chat with Roberto Nichela about why this is a special project for them and why they were eager to be apart of it:

“The story of the origins of the Graffiti Kings gives us a lot of inspiration and a good idea of how art can mean something to society. When we heard from Darren that he was starting up the Graff Punks Project, this was our moment of YES, we want to be able to do something for that. We understand that the supervisors (artists) who led are all doing this on a voluntary basis. My wife also works with vulnerable youth in the Netherlands, she knows that projects on a voluntary basis are a major undertaking and require a lot of energy. That is why we have decided to sponsor this fantastic project.”

The Uplift World team is also enthusiastic about being able to build a space for the youths to showcase their arts as this project goes hand in hand with why the Uplift World was created.

In addition to Uplift World and R2, EOS Amsterdam also recently joined the project as a sponsor. You can check out their recent piece about dropping NFTs on Wax if you’re looking to submit something to the Graff Punks exhibiton.

Be part of something bigger:

“The Uplift” is based on the Uplift.Art principle to create a winning scenario for everyone. In this case: every visitor, player, builder, creator or trader of NFTs. Everything is interconnected. Founded on positivity and collaboration, every participant can uplift others in a win-win upward spiral. We want everyone to win in terms of fun, creativity, meaningful connections and experiences, but also in “material” crypto or NFT rewards for being awesome and contributing to the whole. As an example, Uplift.Art gives a big chunk of its revenue to creators, users and, most importantly, up to 50% to selected charitable projects that need funding to make the world a better place.

The date of the first official Graff Punks Exhibition is August 28th. It is open to all artists 16 and under minting on the Wax Blockchain. You can enter via this form.


The PUNKS Comic Signals a World of NFT Intellectual Property Development

CryptoPunks is one of the most widely-recognizable and lucrative NFT projects of all time. The legendary collection of pixelated avatars has inspired numerous offshoots, from their collaboration with SaveArtSpace—bringing Punks to billboards around the US—to RTFKT Studios’ invocation of the collection in their sneaker project.

One of the most interesting uses of the CryptoPunks characters that I’ve come across, from both a technical and artistic perspective, is the PUNKS Comic, Issue 1, “The Hunt for the Lost Robbies” by Pixel Vault. By building off of existing static IP, the team behind Pixel Vault creates a more dynamic existence for collectors. Their flagship property, PUNKS Comic, launched earlier this month on May 10th.

The PUNKS Comic “The Hunt for the Lost Robbies” is a full-color 24-page comic drawn by Marvel and DC comics artist Chris Wahl, written and created by the Pixel Vault team. It is loosely based on the famed early crypto art given out at the inaugural Christie’s Tech Summit in London in 2018. From an artistic perspective, Punks Comic peppers in backstory and personalities to accompany the generatively assigned traits of 16 of the original CryptoPunks.

ONE37pm had an opportunity to speak with one of the co-founders of Pixel Vault, Sean Gearin. He shared with me a bit about the ethos driving the project: “The idea is to create IP around crypto-native projects; the PUNKS comic is the first project.” There will be another issue down the line, and Gearin even hinted at some other upcoming crossovers on the horizon. Do I smell a Bored Ape Yacht Club collab?

The mechanics of the project are where it really gets interesting. Buyers of the comics have the option to stake their comic for fractional ownership in the collection of the 16 Punks. Not only that, but by buying into a comic, you get to watch its NFT potentially increase in value commensurately with the original CryptoPunks NFT associated with the comic.

If buyers are looking to go a different route, they also have the options to burn their NFT to participate in the Pixel Vault Founder’s Vault DAO, which contains, among other works, serial #1/10,000 of the genesis PUNKS Comic, artwork by some of the most prominent artists in the NFT space (Hackatao, Killer Acid, Robbie Trevino), and even one of the original Robbie Barrat artworks from the 2018 Christie’s Tech Summit. Pixel Vault also announced their plan to provide 100% of the profits from PUNKS merch sales to $PUNKS token holders. Essentially, buying into the PUNKS Comic is much more than just an NFT purchase, it’s an opportunity to enter an evolving community. 

The possibilities for the PUNKS Comic are truly endless. From merchandising to potential adaptations for film and TV, by bringing the CryptoPunks into a narrative world, Pixel Vault has opened up a world of opportunity for everyone’s favorite digital avatars.

Pixel Vault

As of right now, about half of the Issue 1 NFTs have sold. There are still roughly 5,000 left that can be purchased for .2 ETH each here. This is truly one of the coolest NFT projects I’ve come across as the possibilities for its evolution are endless. I’m excited to see what Pixel Vault does next.


The Future of Fashion: RTFKT Studios Teams up with CryptoPunks

If you’ve been keeping up with NFTs at all over the last few months, then odds are you know the CryptoPunks. Between their Christie’s show last week and numerous record-breaking sales, the LarvaLabs project has become one of the most well-known digital art projects in the NFT space globally. Couple that with RTFKT studios, the game changing collective—that produced works like the FEWO Sneaker drop, their Space Drip collection and more—and you’ve got yourself a collaboration built to destroy the internet.

Last week, RTFKT worked together with the LarvaLabs team to launch a series of 10,000 sneaker NFTs, one for each corresponding Punk, only available to the owner of the digital avatar. The project formally dropped last Tuesday, but Punk owners are able to redeem their punk through this coming Sunday on the RTFKT site.
RTFKT Studios

The RTFKT team told ONE37pm: “Through the project, we’ve met and discovered amazing people, innovators, creators, each with their own story and skills. Like characters of a unique society, shaping the new world.” The Space Pirate RTFKT team also worked with the mad genius scientist MGXS to create a unique website for each punk.

RTFKT went on to say: “We loved doing this project for Punks, and it’s just the beginning. More experiences, physicals and Metaverse drop will unlock via your punk.” As was the case with RTFKT’s previous forging event, last week’s drop didn’t include any unlock-able items for the general public, but rather built on access and perks for current owners of CryptoPunks. Each Punk owner will have access to:

  • 1/1 Punk Sneaker NFT
  • 1 Complementary Physical sneaker forging
  • 1/1 VXL Portrait
  • Metaverse Wearable voxel files

The physical sneaker will first become available to owners on June 22nd. This is just the beginning; there will be more unlocking events down the line.

And if you don’t own a Punk but want to get involved, make sure to keep an eye on the gallery and vote for the ones you like, as participation might spark some interactivity in the future. For more information on the drop last week and the game-changing project, dive into the Twitter thread below:

As always, if you have any questions, get involved on RTFKT’s discord channel.


Gary Vaynerchuk Launches VeeFriends

The long-awaited day is finally here. The man himself has been hinting at an NFT drop for weeks now, and today the magic is finally happening. GaryVee’s genesis NFT project, “VeeFriends” is launching today.

The project is comprised of 10,255 tokens, broken down into 9400 admission tokens, 555 gift goats, and 300 access tokens; including many one-of-ones. The tokens are based on 268 drawings of VeeFriends done by the king of content himself. The project takes cues from some other immensely successful NFT collections, like CryptoPunks or Meebits (both LarvaLabs joints), which are comprised of a slew of similar images with variations, so folks can bid on the perceived rarity of each member of the collection. 
Every token doubles as a three-year admission token to VeeCon, an annual super-conference. The tokens are broken up into three categories: Access, Gift and Admission. You can read up on the accompanying perks of each kind of token here. One of the highlights? The 5 “Scholarship Access” tokens, which give the buyer the “opportunity to redeem mentoring and coaching from Gary personally as well as his professional network.” Pretty sick.

There are numerous ways in which the drop separates itself from traditional NFT drops. One of the most interesting aspects of the launch is the dutch auction format, which means that every VeeFriend releases with a timed auction and an initial start price, then continues to decline in price until it hits its floor price. Once a token is live on auction, anyone can bid and then make a purchase on that VeeFriend at any point. Gary’s aim with this model is to be more inclusive, allowing aficionados of all investment-levels to get involved.

With the saturation of the current NFT market, people getting into the game need to be thoughtful about how to innovate their drop mechanics to stand apart from the rest. By incorporating access as a perk, the dutch auction model and the myriad of different token editions, Gary is demonstrating that he’s entering the space with the intention of building an on-going, living community. We’d expect nothing less.


SaveArtSpace Brings CryptoPunks to NYC with “Pixelated”

SaveArtSpace is a non-profit that aims to provide public art in spaces previously overrun by advertising. Last month, SaveArtSpace teamed up with NFT collector GmoneyNFT, to curate a showing of LarvaLabs’ CryptoPunks on billboards and other public spaces around Miami. 96 CryptoPunks were presented around Miami for a full month, giving crypto-enthusiasts and art fans alike an opportunity to see the digital works rendered in the physical world.

Now, the same team that put on Pixelated in Miami is bringing the show to NYC. Throughout the month of May, you’ll be able to find Punks cropping up all over the city that never sleeps. You can see a full map of their locations here, so check it out if you want to get out there and go on a Punks treasure hunt. The unstoppable NFT project will be popping up on bus shelters, phone booths and billboard ad spaces in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

The launch of Pixelated in NYC coincides with CryptoPunks collaboration with Christie’s Auction House. On Tuesday, May 11th, Christie’s will be auctioning off a series of 9 Punks in their 21st Century Evening Sale. Between Pixelated and the Christie’s Collab, CryptoPunks is becoming a cultural icon, representing the ever-evolving art world and the myriad of ways in which digital art can be disseminated to the viewer.

Exhibitions like Pixelated are so immensely interesting because they demonstrate the potential of NFT projects outside of the digital realm. By bringing these images into the physical space, Pixelated and its curator, GmoneyNFT, allow CryptoPunks to exist as a true piece of viewable artwork, as opposed to just a digital asset with a value to watch. The NFT world is only just getting started.

Click here to read more about SaveArtSpace and what they’ve been up to. And to learn more about one of the non-profit’s founders, Justin Aversano, and his photo NFT project, Twin Flames, read up here.


IKONICK Launches Inaugural NFT Collection and Collaboration Contest

LA-based art brand IKONICK has announced their inaugural NFT collection. The genesis of what is now the fastest growing digital art company in the world can be traced back to 2016, when digital artists Jeff Cole and Mark Mastrandrea first founded the brand, which would eventually come to be backed by GaryVee and Scooter Braun. Their mission: “We are dedicated to producing affordable high-quality canvas art that’s guaranteed to make you sit up straight, put your head down and go follow your passion.”

The goal of the brand’s NFT project is blurring the worlds of physical, hold-it-in-your-hands art and the exploding digital art space. “We believe NFTs are going to be as big as social media or the internet,” IKONICK co-founder Mark Mastrandrea said. “We’ve spent a lot of time studying this fast changing market and ultimately believe that providing tangible value is the most important element to any offer. Any consumer that purchases our Inaugural NFT will have the ability to unlock exclusive canvas, exclusive NFT’s and new products in the future.” 

The brand has a few NFTs prepared to drop in their Eternal Contest, with each token accompanied by some physical assets. The first to drop is the Dreams Weigh More Than Excuses NFT, inspired by one of the brand’s most successful canvas art pieces to date. You can find the link to the auction here.

Each NFT drop will include two editions. Both editions will only be available for 48 hours and will be minted on the blockchain, then never sold again.

  • The “Eternal Set” Edition; comes free with a purchase of a $500 Gift card to 
  • A rare 1 of 1 “Eternal Auction” Edition; auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder via Open Sea, comes with a physical Infinite Object.

They’ve also incorporated a super unique mechanic into the drop; each release will spark a unique consumer contest, designed to return something to a member of the IKONICK community. According to the brand’s press release, “The first contest winner will work directly with the Ikonick in-house creative team to create a custom art piece that will be listed and sold next to some of the most iconic brands and entrepreneurs of our time including: Daymond John, Gary Vaynerchuck, Monopoly, Smiley, Popeye, Peanuts, Marilyn Monroe, NBA and more. As a collaboration partner, the winner will also receive monthly royalty payments against sales volume, serving a passive income stream, in perpetuity.”

This is an amazing example of the ways that brands and creators can create more interesting drops mechanically than a one time purchase. By incorporating this element of the drop, the contest winner will be getting mass awareness/distribution through IKONICK’s multi-millions of followers on social, email and text subscribers. It would be huge for any artist looking to build up their brand.

IKONICK is in the NFT game for the long haul; this drop is clearly intended to build community. “Offering limited edition NFTs with gift card purchases and unique collaboration opportunities to our fans is our way of educating and inviting more people to join and drive forward this industry movement. This is the future, we’re excited to build it and bring our community on the journey with us,” said Jeff Cole, co-founder of IKONICK in the brand’s press release. 

Keep your eye on the auction here and make sure to follow @ikonick on Instagram for updates on what’s to come. 


Twin Flames Demonstrates the Potential of NFT Photo Projects

With the popularity of NFT art still on the rise, creators of various mediums are hopping in the game. Strangely enough, traditional photography has yet to quite pop off in NFT collector circles, but there are some really incredible photo projects in the works which are immensely compatible with the world of NFT collectibles. One such project is Twin Flames by Justin Aversano, which features a series of 100 consistent, but each slightly different, photographs of twins from around the world. The format invokes CryptoPunks and other majorly successful NFT projects which are made up of a multitude of similar imagery, with numerous variations.
Justin Aversano / Twin Flames #51

I spoke to Justin about the genesis of the project and what’s next, in addition to some of his other work. We chatted earlier this month about his non-profit, SaveArtSpace, which provides opportunities for local artists to share their work on canvases long overtaken by advertisements. 

Justin began Twin Flames in 2017 in honor of his twin, who had passed away. He told me that he wanted “to go on a healing journey through art to build connections and find peace within myself.” He traveled to Peru, New York, California, London and more cities across the globe to capture the essence of being a twin. The production process went on from May 31, 2017 to July 18, 2018, where he took his final photos in London.
Justin Aversano / Twin Flames #20

When Justin initially came up with the project, he was attached to the idea of one art collector or institution buying the entire collection to display it together. The project was a family, a community, which he wanted to see in one large gallery displayed side by side. He self-published a book of the collection and had a few exhibitions throughout 2019.

In 2021, Justin connected with GmoneyNFT and some of the folks involved in the CryptoPunks movement, and they encouraged him to let go of the attachment to the project as one whole. Justin tells me that he realized he could allow the project to “exist centralized in the physical world, decentralized in the digital world.” And thus, the plan to mint the images as separate NFTs was born.

The project went live on OpenSea on Valentine’s Day, 2021 and sold out in a few days. Many of the buyers were members of the Punks community, photographers and even some whales in the NFT space. Between sales and resales, 100 ETH has been spent on the project, which is pretty amazing. 

I was curious which image, if any, is Justin’s favorite and he was very thoughtful with his answer: “They’re all my favorite. But the one that has the most spiritual meaning to me is the picture that brought me together with Nicole Buffet, the love of my life (#80).” He also notes image #49, which features someone with their twin’s death certificate, looking in the mirror—the sole image to only feature one twin.
Justin Aversano / Twin Flames #80

Justin Aversano / Twin Flames #49

And finally, the book cover image is one of the most beautiful from an aesthetic perspective.
Justin Aversano / Twin Flames #83

Of course, I had to ask Justin about what was next. His forthcoming project, Smoke and Mirrors, is tarot based and will feature images of “78 sets of artists, astrologers, psychics, tarot readers, and other forms of mystics from all around the world.” This project also probed me to ask Justin about some of his photographic inspirations. Diane Arbus, Irving Penn, Mary Ellen Mark and Malick Sidibé all came up immediately, with him going on to reference a contemporaries, Kris Graves & Hank Willis Thomas. 

Justin’s nonprofit SaveArtSpace has some big projects in the works, which we’ll be covering as well. So stay tuned for more info on Justin, his CryptoPunks project Pixelated, Twin Flames and more.