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Metaverse Fashion Week Reveals an Emerging Future of Digital Style

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a press pass and live in NYC, Paris or Milan, you don’t have the opportunity to attend any sort of Fashion Week events. Seeing the pictures afterwards has its value, but there’s something to be said for the immersive experience of interacting with models and the runway in 3 dimensions. Many of the emerging technologies of web3 are opening up new opportunities for interaction in the fashion world, creating more interactive experiences that reduce some of the exclusivity that has long plagued traditional fashion weeks.

When is Metaverse Fashion Week?

Metaverse Fashion Week is demonstrating one such potential future of fashion events, featuring runway shows, parties and panel discussions all within the user-owned metaverse that is Decentraland. The events began on March 24th, and go throughout this weekend on March 27th.

Who is participating in MVFW?

Using the technology provided by Boson, brands from Tommy Hilfiger to web3 native IP like Deadfellaz have the opportunity to sell both digital and physical versions of their garments. Cider, IKKS, Deadfellaz, 8SIAN, The Rebels by House of Kalinkin, Christine Massarany, ANREALAGE, Wildfangz by Fang Gang, Chubbies@Santa Monica Place x Macerich, Wonder, and NGRAVE are just some of the IP represented during the shows this weekend, head to this link for information about every event and the location of each brand within Decentraland.

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Boson and the Phygital Assets of MVFW

Many of the experiences through MVFW exist in a purgatorial space between the physical and the digital, integrating components from each with a new sort of asset: phygital. TOMMY HILFIGER, for example, is virtually showcasing its Spring 2022 collections and hosting a digital retail platform in Decentraland where consumers can both shop for NFT wearables for their avatars or—thanks to Boson—purchase physical items from within the Metaverse, using NFT contract tech.

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“When I founded my namesake brand in 1985, I never imagined I’d see a time when fashion weeks would be held in a 3D, fully virtual world,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “As we further explore the metaverse and all it has to offer, I’m inspired by the power of digital technology and the opportunities it presents to engage with communities in fascinating, relevant ways.”

Boson even created a location in Decentraland called “Boson Portal – Fashion District,” which is meant to emulate Paris’s iconic Avenue Montaigne as a meeting ground for numerous brands to sell digital and physical assets. This is where you can find the Tommy Hilfiger store. Click this link to dive in to the immersive world.

For all the information on the events and brands participating, head to Metaverse Fashion Week’s website. And stay tuned for a more in depth conversation with the team at Boson, who helped make the events possible.

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Toby Lasso Predicts the Forecast for the Weather Report NFT Collection

The web3 community is all about bringing others together and forming a community where everyone has a voice and is appreciated. That is exactly what Toby and his team are doing with their innovative brand, Weather Report.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to chat with Toby about his journey into the web3 space, as well as get the full scope on the past, present, and future forecast of Weather Report and their upcoming NFT project. Thanks for tuning in!

Who is Toby Lasso?

Toby Lasso is best known as Vinnie Hager’s manager as well as the Co-Founder of Letters & the Weather Report NFT brand. Although Toby is the manager of some impressive names in the web3 space, he likes to refer to himself as a community builder as opposed to a manager.

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Having spent the majority of his adult life as an officer in the British Army, Toby gained a lot of useful leadership and community-building skills while touring in Iraq, which he has successfully utilized in the web3 space.

In 2017 while still in the Army, Toby invested some money into crypto. This was his first introduction into the world of web3 but eventually stumbled upon NFTs in late 2020 while interacting with the crypto Twitter community.

He has experienced many ups and downs in the NFT space. From minting and selling five Bored Apes for only 0.2 ETH each to joining the Cool Cats Discord before their launch and fostering a relationship with the team as well as famous artist and designer Vinne Hager, who he currently manages today.

After their initial meeting, Toby and Vinnie chatted over Facetime for a week before Vinnie eventually decided to fly to Los Angeles to meet Toby in person where they began developing the concept for the Letters NFT collection.

Although meeting Vinnie was a huge milestone in Toby’s career, that wasn’t the only memorable relationship he was able to form while hanging out in the Cool Cats’ Discord. Additionally, Toby met Will Nichols and ZachGoesHard who are the other two co-founders of Weather Report. 

Both Will and Zach have experience as creative directors for various streetwear brands and have worked with entertainment companies like Atlantic Records and Sony, giving them a bit of leverage when it comes to building brands and creating a strong community.

Will in his own right is an extremely talented photographer and has a successful NFT collection called: Somewhere Else: A Collection of 100 Palms, which showcases his ever-evolving style as an artist.

As for Zach, he is Weather Report’s creative director and is the thoughtful mind behind the Weather Report brand. 

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Zach and Will brought Toby on board the Weather Report team in early December of 2021 to utilize his community-building skills and assist in building a strong foundation for the Weather Report brand in the web3 space. So you’re probably wondering, what is Weather Report?

What is Weather Report?

Weather Report was initially designed by Zach as a hat brand and is now evolving into an international brand with many different branches.

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The Weather Report team is made up of 15 individuals who are helping bring Zach’s and the team’s vision all together in order to make it all a reality.

The team aims to create a seasonal clothing line, further drawing from their web2 influences to curate a web3 community and as a way to bring value to collectors of Weather Report.

In order to help achieve their goals, Toby and the team are dropping their own Weather Report NFT collection.

The Weather Report NFT collection

The Weather Report NFT is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated PFPs on the Ethereum blockchain which is set to launch on February 24, 2022.

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The artwork is heavily influenced by late 1990s skateboarding culture, giving the art a very nostalgic feel of that time period. Toby describes the art as funny, quirky, but still edgy at times.

Future roadmap plans for Weather Report NFT collection include their clothing line as well as activation parties on every single continent, in addition to some other exciting perks which have not yet been revealed.

Ultimately, Weather Report was created for the community and many of the decisions regarding the direction of the brand will be influenced by members of the community.

Surely, the forecast is looking bright, so be on the lookout for updates in the Weather Report Discord and on Twitter.

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BAPE Announces (B)APETAVERSE NFT Project

BAPE has announced a forthcoming NFT project known as the (B)APETAVERSE, which promises to bring fans of the brand access to exclusive content “in a world of limitless possibilities”. The announcement arrived with a website that depicts a 3D rendered model of the classic BAPE logo obscured by shadows.

According to the (B)APETAVERSE Instagram the collection will consist of 10,000 unique NFTs, typical of generative projects. We’re unsure of exactly how the project will take shape exactly, but it’s probably safe to assume that the NFTs will be variations on the render highlighted on the website.

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The move comes as no surprise as industry giants like Nike and Adidas have already made moves to enter the metaverse with acquisitions of RTFKT Studios and a Bored Ape, respectively. BAPE joins a growing roster of streetwear mainstays to enter the NFT space, and undoubtedly will not be the last. As the brand that helped to popularize the ape iconography that has now become synonymous with non-fungible tokens, it only seems right that BAPE should get it on the landscape.

Stay tuned to see how the project unfolds, and in the meantime check out (B)APETAVERSE’s Discord here.

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adidas Originals and Prada Team Up On User-Generated NFT Project

In their latest collaboration, Prada and adidas have teamed up on a multi-pronged project, invoking both brands’ commitments to sustainability and a burgeoning interest in the metaverse and web3 technology. Earlier this month, Prada and adidas launched the first part of their third collaboration, the adidas for Prada Re-Nylon collection. The collection of 21 garments also marked a shift for Prada entirely from virgin nylon to Re-Nylon, a groundbreaking textile created of recycled plastic waste.
Prada x Adidas

The collection went live last week, and you can browse it here. The pieces are available at select retailers and via both the adidas and Prada websites. Today, the two brands build on their previous collaboration with the announcement of a web3 project, which will feature artwork from the community in an ongoing metaverse collaboration from the two brands.

adidas for Prada re-source NFT Project

Building on the ethos of the Re-Nylon collection, the re-source project is intended to encourage the entire Prada / adidas community to create artwork based around the collection, all of which will come together in a new metaverse space featuring a roster of NFTs.

The two brands will invite their audiences to contribute unique anonymized photographs to the open-Metaverse NFT project—3,000 of which will be selected. Participation is completely free, and contributors will maintain ownership over their respective tokens. Additionally, digital artist Zach Lieberman will compile all 3,000 NFTs into a 1-of-1 patchwork style image to auction on SuperRare, with a majority of the proceeds going to Slow Factory. All of the contracts for the collection will be built on Polygon.

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Because the project will be entirely user-generated, there is no imagery available yet. Keep your eyes on the landing page for the collab here to learn how to submit artwork, and browse though Zach Leiberman’s IG to get an idea of how the coder/digital artist may bring all of the tiles together into a unified piece.

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Rather than creating an internally-produced NFT project, Prada and adidas are demonstrating a commitment to their communities by launching a project that allows creators to maintain ownership over their respective artwork, giving increased visibility to fledgling artists. Keep your eyes on the adidas Originals Twitter account and the project’s landing page to learn how to submit to the project.

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Coach Releases First NFT Collection

Fashion and gaming are two of the worlds that have been most interrupted by burgeoning NFT technology in this past year. So when a legacy fashion brand gets into NFTs, making reference to a corresponding digital game, you know they did their research.

Coach, which has remained one of the most iconic luxury design houses in the game since its inception in 1941, is debuting its own collection of NFTs today. The collection, which marks the brand’s 80th anniversary, is inspired by Coach’s motto for this holiday season: “Give A Little Love.” The designer will be giving away 80 one of a kind pieces of digital art featuring characters from their recently launched Snow City digital game. If you’re interested in earning an NFT, give the game a play ahead of the launch today to familiarize yourself with the characters.

The NFTs

10 unique NFTs of each of the eight characters will be given away over eight days. There will be one animal per day from today, December 17th through Christmas Eve on the 24th. The eight characters featured are Coach’s mascot Rexy, Fuzz the polar bear, Belle the penguin, Holly the deer, Ginger the fox, Paddles the goose, Luna the owl, and Spike the hedgehog.

Check out an example of the artwork for each below:









Additionally, each Coach NFT grants the holder the right to receive one complimentary Made-to-Order Rogue bag in 2022.

How to get one:

In reference to the brand’s driving ethos of “Give A Little Love,” none of the NFTs require a purchase. Each day at 12pm EST, you can find out how to get the animal of the day by going to the brand’s Twitter account. Rather than relying on a bidding system which could price out loyal followers of the brand, Coach will be distributing the NFTs entirely for free; keep your eyes on the brand’s Twitter for updates on how to get each token of the day. Happy hunting.

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Airwalk Talks NFTz.Studio and the SHOEz NFT Project

When I caught up with Airwalk ahead of his ONE37pm POAP this week, he hit me with this line: “People are gonna want to wear wicked stuff in the meta verse.” I don’t think anything could really capture the ethos behind the SHOEz project better. That’s how Airwalk came up with the idea to produce a sneaker-based NFT collection, opting to call it “SHOEz” to encapsulate all of us, rather than just sneakerheads. The project drops today at 4pm EST, coinciding with a Twitter space we’ll be hosting at 3pm EST to learn more about the project and reveal how to get the POAP of the day.


Airwalk is the founder of NFTz.Studio, and the SHOEz NFT marks the genesis drop for the burgeoning studio. NFTz.Studio is to SHOEz what Yuga Labs is to BAYC.

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When you join the NFTz Studio discord, you walk through a seven step process of verification, with each step revealing more information about the brand and the genesis drop. It’s one of the most unique and interesting onboarding mechanics I’ve seen to date. The bio from the Discord reads: “NFTz Studio Inc. is an assemblage of passionate, kind, and genuine human beings with a shared desire to bring like minded people together through Art, NFTs, Web3, and DeFi to make the world a more beautiful place to live, work, and play.”

On the choice to refer to the tokens as “shoes” rather than “sneakers,” Airwalk tells me, “I’m not a sneaker head, but I love sneaker head culture,” adding, “I’m the 95% of the world that likes shoes.” By using the terminology that’s inclusive of all footwear, the drop is appealing to everyone who will need to wear shoes in the metaverse, i.e., everyone.


We want to be shoes for everybody.

The shoes themselves were designed by lead artist Lara Pintaric, with contributions from a roster of other designers.

The fun stuff:

As far as plans go for SHOEz and the studio, there’s a lot to get excited for. First up is the NFT event they’re planning to hold in Banff, Alberta in April of 2022. Every buyer of a SHOEz token has a 95% chance of receiving a GA ticket to the event, with 5% of collectors getting a VIP access pass.

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As a BAYC holder (one of Airwalk’s apes has been repurposed as the studio’s own ape), Airwalk and the studio also have plans for collaborations with the iconic avatar collection. One such proposed plan will allow genesis SHOEz holders to get a left shoe and BAYC holders (or other blue chip project holders) to receive a right shoe, and then if they trade to get the pair, they’ll have the option to burn the pair to get a special 3D token—that may or may not end up coming with real life wearables down the line.

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And then of course we gotta talk metaverse. They’re working with House of Kibaa, the digital studio known for its work with Gutter Cat gang (among others) to create two unique metaverse experiences. One will be a virtual shoes store to shop around in, and then they’ll also launch a more play-oriented space with a basketball court and other areas to test your kicks out.

Essentially, by minting a SHOEz token, holders will become lifetime members of the NFTz.Studio. Buyers will have access to a variety of airdrops, mint passes for future drops, presale access to keystone projects, 3D assets and wearables for the metaverse and more.

Hop into our Twitter space at 3pm EST today to learn more about the project and how to get today’s POAP.

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Virtual Rags and the Burgeoning World of Digital Fashion

We are standing on the precipice of a total paradigm shift in how we view personal identity. As the proliferation of the metaverse approaches, the idea of our identities extending into the digital realm is becoming a reality. Just as clothing is a major part of identity-building in the real world, it will certainly be instrumental to building a persona in digital worlds. That’s where brands like Virtual Rags, a digital fashion and 3D studio, come in.

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While clothing brands scramble to get into digital fashion as headlines around the metaverse continue to crop up, Virtual Rags has been doing the work for nearly two years already. Founded in St. Petersburg back in spring 2020, the brand can now boast a roster of collaborations with the likes of Vogue, Rebecca Minkoff, GOAT and more. 

ONE37pm got a chance to catch up with some team members behind the studio: co-founder Roman Ryabokon and brand manager Anastasia Solomko. Before beginning the studio, Roman had a background in marketing, but not in fashion. He had worked in worlds from real estate and banking to gaming and artist management—linking up with Artem Shargin along the way. Shargin’s rich experience in the music industry and start-ups led to the duo eventually starting the studio with the help of who is now Virtual Rag’s Head of Digital Design, Ada Frolova.

Frolova had an idea to get into digital clothing and picked up some softwares like CLO3D and Marvelous Designer. Of that time, Roman tells me: “We had no background in fashion, but a lots of knowledge in various other fields, good taste… and a dream.” They started their process of creating digital clothing, but didn’t yet have a marketing or public relations strategy. That’s when they connected with Anastasia, who’s taken that department into her hands.

Virtual Rags Projects:

The studio’s resume has expanded rapidly since then. They have begun to get involved in NFTs with numerous creators/brands, and are working in the world of augmented reality. When it comes to digital fashion, the sky is the limit for potential use cases. “Right now, we have a lot of projects that we couldn’t have dreamed of a year ago,” Roman tells me.

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Establishing a partnership with The Dematerialised and getting involved in designing art for several yet-to-be-disclosed celebrities, Virtual Rags started planting roots in the NFT space. Roman tells me: “This fall we’re feeling like something big is only starting for us.” I was especially drawn to this project they did with Shoes 53045, The Dematerialised and rapper Rico Nasty. Anastasia told me of this project: “As for the concept, NFTs here are not only digital — but phygital, too. A limited set of them is attached to a physical pair of shoes, that you can get in your size of choice. If you’re really lucky, you also can get 1 physical pair with a custom @riconasty’s signature.” Combining physical and digital assets is a growing trend in web3 communities, and Virtual Rags is keeping in step seamlessly.

“Part of the point of digital fashion is you can create imaginative stories,” Anastasia tells me. And you can see that ethos imbued in all of their work.

They even worked with Rebecca Minkoff on her Spring capsule, incorporating an NFT component into that launch as well. The NFTs from that collection, which are powered by Lukso and The Dematerialised, are available on the secondary market on OpenSea.

Finally, one of my favorite projects of their was their collaboration with Vogue Italia on the project VOGUE TALENTS.

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To create this project, they worked with digital influencer Kuki AI, who virtually tried on five outfits designed by five incredibly talented designers chosen for the event. Each digital look was made in 3D by Virtual Rags Studio and was minted by The Dematerialised as special NFTs; the drop sold out in under an hour.

Virtual Rags / Telfar

Everything mentioned so far is barely scratching the surface. They’re working with musicians on merch, creating 3D models for brands like Axel Arigato and Telfar, and working on creating a virtual atelier with CALA. Browse through their IG to see everything they’ve been working on to date.

Near the beginning of our conversation, Anastasia tells me: “With 3D technology, you can create really extra things.” I loved that.

While brands scramble to get into digital wearables in the next few weeks, months and years, studios like Virtual Rags are already well ahead of the game. With an impressive roster of collaborations under their belt and so many balls already in the air, this is far from the last we’ll hear from Virtual Rags. I can’t wait to see what other extra projects are on the horizon.

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Adidas Continues to Innovate into Web3 with NFT Collaborations

In the last week, Adidas has been extremely busy innovating in the web3 space.

The popular apparel brand has partnered with Coinbase, launched their very own POAP NFT, created their own space in The Sandbox, and are now teaming up with two of the most prominent brands in the NFT space—Bored Ape Yacht Club and PUNKS Comic—as well as NFT investor and influencer, Gmoney.

<code><p class = "twitter-tweet"></p></code>

The official announcement of the Adidas, BAYC, Pixel Vault’s PUNKS Comic, and Gmoney collaboration was announced early this morning by said collaborators on Instagram and Twitter. 

This recent stream of collaborations has many excited, including members of the NFT space as well as people who aren’t quite as acclimated to the space. One glance at social posts displays an enormous amount of support from nearly everyone who is aware of these brands and their significance in the space.

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Adidas provided just a bit of insight referencing their involvement in the metaverse within the description of their recently released POAP NFT:


This is the first step in our journey to empower the creators of tomorrow to thrive in the Metaverse. A place where anyone can express their most original ideas and be their most authentic selves. It will take some learning, some building and a leap of faith. If you’re already here, show us the way. If you’re new, come and join us. We can’t wait to see what we do together.

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I believe that this is just the beginning of something spectacular, not only for the brands involved in this specific collaboration, but for the entire web3 community and the metaverse in its entirety. 

Things tend to move at a very quick rate in the web3 space, so please be on the lookout for more information regarding this awesome collaboration and many more.

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Meet Bluboy, the Designer and Visual Artist Behind the BluWorld NFT Collection

NFTs are easily the biggest buzzword of 2021, and their increasingly massive market has opened up an entire world of opportunities for hungry creatives like LA-based artist and designer, Bluboy. The young Atlanta native initially began his career as a visual artist, but eventually transitioned largely to fashion to bring life to his countless doodles and designs. Not long ago, Bluboy’s brand, WNTD Apparel, collaborated with famed jean manufacturer True Religion. Now, he’s applying all of the skills acquired in his seven year career to combine the seemingly disparate worlds of clothing and jpegs. 

Blu recently launched the first batch of his NFT collection BluWorld, a series of cross-eyed characters wearing an array of the artist’s designs. Each NFT is uniquely individual, coded to have distinctive attributes that call back to motifs and designs from Bluboy’s archive. To mark the collection’s release, we were fortunate enough to sit down with Blu to discuss the beginnings of his career, his clothing company, and the merging of NFTs and fashion.

Early Career

Bluboy found his passion for the arts at a young age, sketching incessantly beginning in middle school. He began to build his own world, creating characters and posting his illustrations to the internet. However, Blu began to feel like he was unable to express himself fully solely through artwork, and in high school he searched for other avenues to fulfill his creative itch. The artist quickly landed on fashion, and found that he enjoyed the accessibility it afforded his artwork. 

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Clothing became the canvas for Bluboy’s creativity as it allowed his audience to tangibly interact with the world that he had created. Blu named his brand WNTD Apparel, an acronym for “What Not To Do”, as an homage to his rise as an emerging artist with very little in the way of formal education in fashion design. “It’s for those coming the alternative route with a dream, who don’t know what they should exactly do, but have a dream regardless,” Blu describes. 

Bluboy eventually realized that his education was not conducive to the career he wanted to pursue and ultimately dropped out, having been urged to do so by an encouraging art professor. Fueled by his passion, Blu put his head down and focused purely on his artwork and design practice, all while reselling clothing to support himself. One of the artist’s first big breaks came when he had the opportunity to design merchandise for 2Chainz’ album Rap or Go to the League. The five figure check he received for the work was a watershed moment, signifying that Bluboy’s intended path truly had promise. Another heartwarming milestone for Blu was the inclusion of the aforementioned art professor in the look book for his fifth collection, proving that his mentor’s faith was not misplaced.

WNTD Apparel

Bluboy x True Religion

As WNTD Apparel grew, Bluboy’s vision grew alongside it, eventually opening the door to collaborations with household names like True Religion and MCM. Blu was introduced to the team at True Religion through a friend who had the opportunity to do a capsule with the brand, and Bluboy was soon invited to do the same. After being given full creative freedom with his own collaborative collection, Blu set to work creating a stunning array of denim that features patches that combine motifs and marks from both the WNTD and True Religion archives. Blu’s popular ghost character is worked into several of the patches, as the petals on daisies and on the guitar of the iconic True Religion Buddha. The collection released in late October and is currently sold out, but keep your eyes peeled for a restock in the near future. 

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

On top of the True Religion collaboration, Bluboy worked with Under Armour on the Curry 7, MCM on a series of customized bags, and will soon be featuring his designs on the can’s of America’s favorite citrus drink, Sprite. Bluboy shared a particular excitement with us about the Sprite collaboration, as the company is allowing him to propose five other artists to create their own can designs. The gravity of this position was clearly not lost on Blu, as he expressed his gratitude and rightful pride to be putting others on. 

NFTs and BluWorld
Bluboy’s BluWorld

With his fashion career well on it’s way, the ever curious designer sought new avenues to display his work, and eventually stumbled upon the world of non-fungible tokens. Blu was hounded by his close friends to enter the space, and with good reason. Bluboy had been making and uploading his artwork for free for years, and here was the perfect opportunity to monetize it. The designer saw what his friends like FEWOCiOUS were able to do within the NFT space, and quickly gained access to a foundation invite to begin listing his own work. Initially he listed only 1/1 art pieces, but soon realized that editions opened up an entirely new world to conquer. 

Feeling as though most edition projects were low quality and somewhat gimmicky, Blu set about creating an algorithmic body of work that was true to himself and had not been seen before within the crypto space: the Blu World. Due to his apprehension about large scale editions, Blu ensured that each piece he created was on par with the quality of his 1/1s. Each and every NFT in BluWorld features references to Bluboy’s earlier artwork and fashion, creating a unique cast of characters that catalog his artistic canon. On top of the monumental task of creating the NFTs, the artist chronicled the experience in a short documentary to share his process.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></code>

It’s clear that transparency is paramount to Bluboy, as he describes the anonymity of the crypto space as a trait he doesn’t like too much. For Blu, creating personal work demands that the person behind it be seen.

After the first thousand works of the 5,000 piece series were completed, Blu released his first drop to resounding success. The collection sold out entirely, and at the time of writing nearly 45 ETH has been traded on OpenSea. Excitedly, Blu told us that the next batch will drop on December 8th. Mark your calendars.

What Does the Future Hold for Bluboy?

Blu’s forward thinking nature means his career is in constant flux, and the newfound intersection between design and technology has opened up a whole host of opportunities for the designer. With the metaverse around the corner, Bluboy wants to take advantage of the situation and bring his world even further into the digital realm. On top of that, the collaborations do not seem to be stopping, with Bluboy lining up more work for True Religion, MCM, and Sprite in the near future. Brimming with excitement, Blu tells us he can’t wait to show us what he’s working on, and rest assured that the feeling is mutual. 

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Exploring Digital Fashion in the Metaverse: A Conversation with RTFKT Studios

The metaverse:

Avatars and identity are set to be revolutionized with the emergence of the metaverse. Users will be immersed within augmented virtual reality, allowing them to express themselves in captivating and interactive ways, hosted by platforms such as The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Cryptovoxels. As these platforms have demonstrated that they will integrate NFTs and therefore enable users to flex their NFTs and other wearables.

The metaverse is fast becoming more and more of a reality. As Mark Zuckerberg alluded to in his recent keynote video, Meta (formerly Facebook) will utilize VR to push the boundaries of technology with project Cambria. Here your avatar will make natural eye contact and make facial expressions that reflect your own in real-time, highlighting the development of social presence. This is just a glimpse into how the metaverse will extend the importance of our digital identity. Importantly, no one single vision is going to create the metaverse; a combination of all of our visions and ideas will make the metaverse a reality.

For digital fashion and clothing, the NFT space is a natural evolution. Exclusivity and rarity are factors that contributed to success in the physical world for high-end fashion. Similarly, the NFT space is a fresh new avenue to explore for those fashion brands who understand and appreciate the zeitgeist. As we become more conscious of our digital identity, and once the technology facilitates it, there is no doubt that NFTs will be the springboard to creating a new boom. It will open an opportunity for us to tailor and determine our identity with what we collect and choose to wear.

Of course, it is still very early. The concept of the metaverse is in its infancy and won’t be fully developed for several years. Concerns for privacy, security, and interoperability will have to be addressed too. However, progress is quick in such a fast-moving new space and we see exciting developments every day.

RTFKT Studios

Take, for instance, RTFKT studios. They are a creator-led company within the NFT scene creating next-generation sneakers and collectibles ready for the metaverse—merging the worlds of fashion and gaming. They are exploring the meaning of digital fashion, accelerating its adoption, and catching the attention of some of the most renowned, traditional fashion brands. How? They use the latest technology and manufacturing expertise to craft some of the most cutting-edge and exclusive sneakers that the NFT world has seen. As their name denotes, ‘artifacts’ are the legacy that they are leaving behind in the metaverse.


RTFKT has launched a number of NFT projects since they began in 2020, with each collection garnering significant attention from the NFT community. There are no limits to their expansion. With an $8 million funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz, they are set to shape the future of fashion and e-commerce in the metaverse.

At this juncture, the studio may still be most well known for their collaboration with Fewocious, an 18-year-old NFT artist. The drop sold out within 7 minutes and generated over $3 million in revenue, demonstrating just how sought-after digital fashion collectibles are becoming. Today this collection of NFTs has a floor price of 12.9 ETH on OpenSea. By comparison, renowned (and controversial) artist Damien Hirst’s NFT collection ‘The Currency’ has a current floor price of 5.4 ETH. Additionally, as of October, the first-ever physical Fewocious RTKFT, the fewo legendary sneaker was sold for $7,500 via StockX, proving that the physical is just as important as the digital.

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As well as the NFT and physical item, RTKFT is bridging the digital with reality in the metaverse, making the sneakers usable across a host of metaverse platforms including The Sandbox, and Decentraland. Furthermore, they are testing both AR and VR applications, uniquely enabling holders to try their sneakers on using social media platforms such as Snapchat.

The exclusivity of RTKFT as a brand is growing quickly too. In May, the brand dropped Metapigeons, a collaboration with Jeff Staple. Fast forward 5 months later and one of the sneakers sold for $100,000.

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More recently they launched Punk Project, a collection that they hope will pave the way for the fashion industry. The collection consists of 10,000 unique sneakers, and they are exclusively available to Punk owners. RTFKT is reaching a next-generation scale of personalized creation with the mad genius scientist MGXS, to create a website unique for each punk. Of course, there is more to the ownership of the sneaker, whereby owners will receive the 1/1 sneaker NFT, a physical version, a VXL portrait, and access to metaverse wearables.


Although digital fashion has underpinned the growth of RTFKT studios, they have similarly branched out into other NFT avenues, most notably their upcoming Clone X launch, a metaverse ready PFP avatar project that has been in the works for over 6 months. Clone X doesn’t end there though.

Clone X is a generative art project created by RTFKT—a collection of 20,000 unique avatars, humans who have had their consciousness transferred into advanced clone forms, ready for the metaverse. To take the art to the next level, the team collaborated with their idol, Takashi Murakami, a renowned fashion designer who has worked on the creation of the Clone X traits, capturing the cartoony aesthetic that he is well known for. Furthermore, the avatars are fully 3D rigged, meaning they will be compatible in the metaverse or in AR.

RTKFT has already teased the space pods that every Clone X avatar will hold, making it one of the first NFT projects to integrate their collectibles into the metaverse. Despite the corporate visions of the metaverse, RTFKT are proving that they are similarly capable of introducing novel technology and taking the metaverse to the next level.

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I asked the RTKFT team a few questions to find out more about their focus on digital fashion, and their plans to push the boundaries of NFTs in the metaverse.

What does RTFKT intend to create in the Metaverse; what is your goal?

We’ve started with sneakers, and have our first generation of avatars, Clone X, coming up soon. That’s the beginning of a new ecosystem and extension of our brand in the Metaverse. As we continue to build up, daily, we aim to continue to create wearables, characters, experiences, architecture, and worlds on the Metaverse. Our goal is to lead the way and continue to expend what a Brand born on the metaverse can be, while inspiring and involving our community and our favorite artists.

What is your vision for the future of digital fashion in the metaverse?

We believe the Metaverse is the opportunity for many more creative visions and creators to stand out. While IRL fashion has been controlled by the same tastemakers for decades, the Metaverse will empower many new subcultures and aesthetics, unconstrained by laws of physics and a legacy business model and codes IRL fashion brands have to follow. Dynamic, evolutive, unique 1/1 for your avatars and unlimited diversity are some of the examples the Metaverse enables for ‘fashion’.

RTFKT Studios

Our goal is to lead the way and continue to expend what a brand born on the metaverse can be, while inspiring and involving our community and our favorite artists.

How will Clone X revolutionize the NFT avatar projects?

Clone X is the start of a full ecosystem for RTFKT, an evolution of our Brand that we think will redefine how you think of fashion brands, going beyond ‘clothes.’ The fact we’ve been developing all in 3D, and are giving access to 3D files to the future Clone owners, is a game-changer in the sense that, not only will people be able to express themselves with their avatars, but we envision a new kind of relationship forming between owners and 3D creators who will create bespoke content for the avatars, replicating what we’ve seen with fortnite 3D models ripped by blender creators, creating content for twitch streamers and you tubers. It’s a full ecosystem, being built live, and the avatars are just the tip of the iceberg.

We’re always going hard on utilities and plan to continue evolving our forging events mechanics, allowing people to forge physicals of their Clones fits, bringing some of their Avatar Identity to their IRL live, as people start to cosplay their characters IRL more and more.

RTFKT Studios

The avatars are just the tip of the iceberg.

What plans do you have for the future that we may not know about?

With RTFKT, there’s always something you don’t know about…