ONE37pm Speaks to Turnt Gaming’s Jeff Liboon and Saba Golshan

The NFT gaming landscape is seemingly expanding on a daily basis.

And with upcoming institutions such as Turnt Gaming in the mix, that continuing expansion should carry on for years to come. For those not in the know, Turnt Gaming deals in enhancing next-generation gaming products and media with a focus on reimagining how its interpreted by today’s audience. That mission statement reflects the company’s openness to partnering with companies based in the worlds of blockchain, gaming, and wagering in an effort to develop new ways of utilizing interactive entertainment.

ONE37pm managed to catch up with Jeff Liboon (the founder of Turn Gaming) and Saba Golshan (one of Turnt Gaming’s partners), who went into detail about the company’s origins, its role within the NFTs/blockchain gaming space, and more.

Turnt Gaming

ONE37pm: So what led to the creation of Turnt Gaming?

Jeff Liboon: Turnt Gaming was formed as the intersection of three high-growth industries that we are deeply passionate about; Web3, gaming, and live entertainment. We know that all of these verticals have a huge opportunity to reach consumers in new and different ways. 

Saba Golshan: Covid actually was instrumental in helping us think of how entertainment through Web3 can be redefined. As we sat around much like everyone else at the beginning of Covid several things were happening at once. First, live entertainment and sports were at a premium. That three-month period where any new live content was not being produced really showed the value of live experiences to the world.

Second, gaming proved to be an undeniable outlet for many people and showed its strength as the future of entertainment.  Lastly, real digital ownership started to take off and be cultivated through Web3 and NFTs. The idea of a world where your digital time, footprint, and assets have some type of transferable value, picked up significant momentum. 

Jeff Liboon: Turnt Gaming ultimately centers on the premise that if you can combine all of these things (Web3, gaming, and live entertainment) into a product, it has the chance to be a really unique and fun experience.  

ONE37pm: What was it that made the company dip its toes into the world of NFTs/blockchain gaming?

Liboon: For myself, coming from the traditional gaming world of EA and Amazon I know firsthand how much investment players put into games they are passionate about. While players do get hundreds of hours of entertainment, as a lifelong gamer I have always thought there has to be added value for players elsewhere. 

Golshan: Then in late 2020 we saw web3 and NFT enabled games like Axie infinity and Zed Run really start gaining traction. We really wanted to execute our own vision on how to integrate and combine elements from traditional gaming and NFTs. 

ONE37pm: Your most prominent project at the moment is Taunt Battleworld. How did the creation of that NFT/blockchain fighting game come together?

Liboon: The genesis of Taunt Battleworld’s story originally started when we launched several mobile esports programs at Amazon where we met. Our team produced mobile esports tournaments for the top game developers in the world that were aired on Twitch, CBS Sports, and even ESPN 2.

While we were helping pioneer this content, one thing became very apparent, content is king. Owning and controlling your own content opens up all types of revenue streams in gaming. This is really where our focus of combining live entertainment and gaming was created.

Golshan: Around the same time (2017) we were introduced to cryptocurrency. After spending years researching different protocols and use cases we came to the conclusion early on that defi, gaming, and NFTs had the most potential. The utility for these verticals made the most sense and more importantly had the ability to get mass adoption the fastest. 

Liboon: As we did additional research on what type of game we wanted to create we chose a fighting game simulator because it’s easy to understand for both the player and viewer.  As a developer we are able to control so many different variables such as length of the fights, rules of the fight, boosts, weapons, etc…We can make the game as complex or simple as we would like. 

For the viewer, it’s exciting to watch. In any type of fight generally speaking you know there is a beginning and an end. How the end is executed is the suspense and the exciting part. We capture all of that in Taunt Battleworld.

Turnt Gaming

ONE37pm: Break down the whole “Engage-to-Earn” model.

Golshan: Taunt Battleworld utilizes a new way to play called “engage-to-earn”. By combining watch-to-earn and predict-to-earn mechanics via patented interactive technology, players will be rewarded in real-time through each step of gameplay. 

Play-to-Earn (Monetization): Players can own NFT fighters and enter their NFTs into simulated fights and the most skilled players have a higher chance of winning.

Watch-to-Earn (Use Acquisition): Viewers earn in-game currency for watching fight streams and being a part of the Taunt community.

Predict-to-Earn (Retention): Spectators can compete with other viewers to predict outcomes of the simulated fights and win in-game currency, for free. 

With most quality Play-to-Earn NFTs costing hundreds to thousands of dollars, currently, there is a massive barrier to entry for a large portion of potential users. Turnt Gaming’s Engage-to-Earn Model will allow players to get involved at their own pace. No matter if you are a whale seeking a rare warrior or a new user to web3 with $0 there is an experience for you.

ONE37pm: What was your reaction to the game managing to raise $4.3 million from interested investors?

Liboon: Exciting and humbled. 

Initially, our team was not even quite set on doing a raise but after a few meetings with our key partners such as Polygon Studios, Gen Block Capital, and Shima Capital we knew utilizing their technical and marketing support was a massive value add. Our stakeholders, team, and community members all prioritize long-term growth and truly believe in our differentiating roadmap, partnerships, and of course rockstar team.

ONE37pm: What’s Turnt Gaming’s next move in regards to Taunt Battleworld after that successful funding round?

Golshan: We are planning to do an alpha launch of Taunt Battleworld in April/May. During this time we will absorb feedback while offering $100,000 in free tournaments for our NFT holders during this period which we call the “Blood Money Preseason.”

Over the next three-four months, we are also working on building out the next version of the game. V2 is the full vision of Taunt Battleworld, including the engage to earn components coming online as well as incorporating some exciting integrations with partners like Esports Technologies (NASDAQ $EBET). This will be our main focus leading up to the summer.

Turnt Gaming

ONE37pm: What are some future projects Turnt Gaming hopes to bring to the forefront of interactive entertainment?

Liboon: In the future, we’re planning to introduce additional Engage to Earn experiences for our core NFT users that include the same key pillars: Combining NFTs with traditional gameplay and a live entertainment experience. We are chasing the holy grail of transferable assets and NFT utility in multiple games. 

Although we’re starting as a traditional fighting game, that doesn’t always have to be the only use for our NFTs. The beauty of blockchain and NFTs in gaming spaces is that we’re not beholden to one type of game style with our fighters and our characters, we can expand that out. 

As we’re thinking about what our world will look like in 2 or 3 years, we want to develop a full ecosystem that builds many different types of games with our characters.

ONE37pm: How do you envision the landscape of NFT/blockchain gaming in the next five years?

Golshan: I believe that the entire NFT/Blockchain gaming space is still in its infancy. With about a million active NFT wallets we think one of the biggest areas of growth in the sector will be gaming as it fills a huge gap that will be apparent in the next cycle, utility.

A huge key for growth will be mobile integration for web3. There are billions of gamers in the world playing a wide array of titles but the sector of drastic growth in the last few years has been mobile. Mobile games are fun, easy to play, but most importantly accessible. How successful this integration is, will dictate somewhat how fast this sector of gaming can grow. 

Liboon: I believe successful NFT blockchain projects over the next few years will be experts at ensuring their platform is prioritizing their community’s feedback while onboarding users and continuously evolving their game. This will change how developers actually develop games. Similar to how games as a service development evolved because the world became connected 24/7,  a new way to develop games will emerge from Web3. 


Do you want to live forever? 

Going all the way back to alchemy, before physics was even around, humans have been passionate about the idea of living forever. Alchemists have spent countless hours trying to formulate “the elixir of life” or “philosopher’s stone,” which would’ve granted them immortality. We are painfully aware of the short time of our existence on this planet we call home, and one way or another, we want to make sure our name lives on after we die. We strive for excellence, work hard to be the first, cure diseases, write books or want to be written in the books, or pay millions to put our names on museums. All for what? To be remembered. Even the simple biological urge of having kids comes from our inherent need to leave a piece of us behind. If not my legacy, at least my genes. 

When we think of living forever, one of the more optimistic episodes of Black Mirror, “San Junipero”, comes to mind. Your fragile body could die, but your mind would live forever in the servers. Recently the TV show “Upload” did a version of this, where you could upload your consciousness to the commercialized afterlife. However, you had to be super-rich to live well. You had to pay real-life money for your digital afterlife clothes and experiences. Neither of these painted a good picture, but not to worry, this is not what we’re talking about here. 

Five years ago, the CEO of Somnium Space, Artur Sychov, learned that his father got diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was around that time that he was working on Somnium as well. The fact that his young kids wouldn’t be able to get to know their grandfather pained him, and he wanted to find a way for his children to get to know him. He started wondering what he could do. 

Fast forward to this week, Sychov announced the “Live Forever” feature on Somnium Space. It essentially works by saving all your movements and conversations as data and creates an AI version of you that can digitally live forever. To be clear, this is not uploading your consciousness (we are so not there yet), and this won’t actually be you. It will be an avatar who acts and speaks like you. Sychov’s goal is, if you come across an AI in Somnium, you wouldn’t be able to realize that it’s not an actual human being behind the VR headset for the first 10 minutes of your conversation. 

Somnium Space is currently the leading metaverse platform fully integrated with VR. You can buy parcels to build houses and purchase in-game assets like clothing. It’s available for anyone to join for free, and you can either log in with VR headsets or simply with your computer. 

So, how will Somnium Space get all your mannerisms to understand the true you? They are partnering with Teslasuit, the company that makes full-body haptic suits for virtual reality. The suit will be able to record a person’s electrical signals, sensory input, and biometric information such as cardio and stress levels to create an extensive database. (Darn it! Does my AI avatar has to suffer from my stress too?) After there’s a good chunk of data available, Somnium will be able to create an avatar that speaks, walks, and moves like you. It is more like the “Be Right Back” episode on Black Mirror, where a mourning girlfriend finds a technology that allows her to communicate with an AI imitating his boyfriend, using all the available data online. Live Forever will be more accurate as it’s from data collected beforehand and not by using data from Twitter or Instagram, where the content we share doesn’t necessarily reflect us. 

Some might be terrified of a company collecting such private information about you. It’s a bit worrying if a centralized company holds your data. However, Somnium Space is a decentralized and web3 company; they won’t be associating your data with your name or selling your data. You can approve what data you allow to be collected and delete or restart the process at any time. If anybody is doing this, I’m glad it’s a decentralized company. If you want to be one of the first people in this venture, you can start this year for around $50 per year (which probably goes to storing your data.) 

Live Forever won’t get everyone’s approval in a world where most people are skeptical of the metaverse. Not everyone wants to live forever, but the strive for immortality itched humans for thousands of years, and it won’t stop now. Whether you like it or not, as technology improves, it’s inescapable to have such possibilities evolve and come to fruition. Many ethical questions will arise that Sychov will need to address. 

I can imagine a world where it would be incredible if we could save the knowledge of wise leaders, such as the Dalai Lama, and we could put our headsets to visit and seek knowledge on the high mountains of Somnium Space.


5 Emerging DeFi Trends Defining Crypto in 2022

With markets open 24/7 and top talent switching to web3 every day, web3 and DeFi are moving quickly.

We’ve seen the rise of L2s (plus L1s like Terra), an institutional response to investment fraud, and heated debates around the perks and pitfalls of decentralized governance.

It can be exhausting to try and keep up with everything going on. Let’s walk you through some of the biggest DeFi Trends of 2022.

L2s Take Off

In recent months, layer 2 solutions have seen massive adoption within the Ethereum community as users flee L1 gas costs, and more feasible protocols emerge.

There are three major L2s you should know about:

1.) Optimism


It made headlines last year as the first Ethereum rollup to announce a mainnet release. This is huge news for DeFi.

They are dedicated to fast and cheap transactions. This L2 boasts over $1 billion saved on user fees since its mainnet launch.

Their main tagline is “by the community for the community.” In the spirit of web3, the protocol is also open-source code. This attracts some of the biggest dApps in DeFi.

2.) Arbitrum

It is Offchain Labs’ forked iteration of Optimism’s open-source code. 

It relies on the security provided by Ethereum. Although, they enact an independent multi-round fraud-proof. By limiting the required L1 execution, they can achieve a higher transaction capacity. Great for DeFi applications.

3.) Polygon


It works as a sidechain to Ethereum. It’s comprised of multiple blockchains which are highly interoperable. They benefit from Ethereum’s network effects, security, and power.

Several other blockchains have taken similar multi-chain approaches, including Avalanche and Polkadot, though only Polygon benefits from the Ethereum infrastructure.

Ascension of Terra Network
Terraform Labs

Terraform Labs received a lot of press over the past months for their decentralized blockchain, Terra. The network operates as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. This is done by deploying a system of stable coins, including UST, powered by the native token, Luna.

Adoption of the UST stablecoin, which is now one of the top stablecoins, drives the price action of Luna, jumping from .66 to $89 in 2021.

Ethereum has struggled to change from a proof of work system. The Terra network emerged as a worthwhile adversary. This blockchain operates on a proof of stake system. As a result, this gives unique utility to its native token.

I know the most brilliant DeFi devs are bullish on Terra (not financial advice ;)).

Institutional Response to Fraudulent Activity

We all know fraud is too common in burgeoning industries, sparking pressure from inside and outside the community to hold bad actors accountable and prevent future fraudulent behavior.

Despite institutional claims of danger within web3, blockchain technology makes it increasingly difficult to commit fraud. All transactions are on-chain and verifiable. 

Amateur Twitter sleuths are exposing the sketchy pasts of prominent project leaders. They are slowly bringing to light many fraudsters, like Wonderland’s 0xsifu. But peer pressure might not be enough to stop bad actors from taking advantage.

U.S. President Biden proposed executive order on the responsible development of digital assets. The community responded well to the legislation, as it signaled Washington’s growing interest and legitimization of on-chain tech rather than stringent regulation.

Getty Images

Decentralization refers to the dispersion of power or governance among participants. It is often a remedy for corrupt centralized control. It demonstrates unparalleled security against outside forces.

Decentralized networks are challenging to compromise because there is no central database. They are also permissionless. A small circle of valuable stakeholders cannot add or remove participants.

The downside of decentralized blockchains? Reliance upon consensus and lack of support.

Fully decentralized technology experience a lag in governance and decision-making compared to its centralized counterpart. You pay Coinbase fees for the convenience of its customer support (lol) and some guarantee of protection over your money (though tenuous).

Centralization allows products and marketplaces to make faster decision-making.

That’s great for innovation. But humans are more fallible and fickle than code. As a limit to vulnerability, most web3 tools and protocols operate somewhere within the (de)centralization spectrum.

The debate between centralized and decentralized systems will only intensify as mainstream users enter the crypto arena with a craving for convenience.

Gaming NFT

VaynerSports Goes All-In on NFT Gaming With Its Newest Signee, Brycent

Gary Vaynerchuk has a knack for zeroing in on growing trends that eventually acquire mainstream prominence, up-and-coming companies that grow into cultural mainstays, and major business moves that impact the landscape of everything as a whole. With the rise of NFTs and blockchain gaming taking center stage, it’s no surprise that VaynerSports has decided to sign one of the most recognizable and successful personalities within the Web3 space, Brycent.

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So for those not in the know, VaynerSports is defined as “a talent management agency dedicated to professional athletes.” And among that group of athletes is arguably the best Fortnite player in the world, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf. The 2019 Fortnite World Cup Champion shocked the world through his massive victory, won $3 million for his impressive efforts, and has even appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Show in lieu of his monumental accomplishment. Since being signed to VaynerSports, Bugha’s growth across his many social media profiles has grown immensely and he’s been at the forefront of numerous brand partnerships. VaynerSports has already shown that it makes good on its signings by tapping into their “moment” and making sure they maximize all the opportunities that can be gained from them.

For its latest signee, VaynerSports exhibited great patience before it pulled the trigger on its newest gaming client. Darren Glover, who’s the Head of Gaming at the talent agency, recognized Brycent as the latest “wavemaker,” whose live streaming and community growth efforts within the NFT-based game Axie Infinity have propelled him into becoming a can’t miss prospect that Vaynersports had to sign. After connecting with Brycent, Glover quickly realized his potential for making even greater strides in the future.

Axie Infinity was the first game to disrupt, and Brycent was early as a creator,” Glover noted. “I reached out to connect because I wanted to better understand the Axie ecosystem and how to play. From early on I could tell he had the ‘it’ factor – as a creator and as an entrepreneur looking to be a wavemaker. Just like any other industry or vertical of culture when there’s something new and innovative, there’s always a face that leads the charge: it’s what Ninja did for gaming, it’s what Kanye’s done for music/fashion, it’s what Beeple has done for art NFT’s, etc. NFT gaming needs a face and personality to lead the charge and onboarding, and we’re in full belief that Brycent can be the one.”

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The topic of Web3 has been the hottest of topics in recent memory. Gary has clearly recognized its game-changing potential as he’s created his very own NFT project called VeeFriends, spoken at the NFT.NYC conference, and purchased his very own CryptoPunks. The current rise in NFTs and blockchain gaming has also captured Gary’s attention, which led him to also take note of Brycent’s major moves within the space and bring him on board as VaynerSports’ newest gaming representative.

Glover also sees a lot of potential in how NFT gaming will be the next major innovation in the gaming industry. “The current state of gaming is stale,” Glover noted. “However, the behavior of gamers, the current game economies and culture, and communities built around the creators and games are basically as close to “Web3″ as you can get without being ‘Web3.’ It’s inevitable that more gamers (and people in general) will be on-boarded into web3 – I personally believe gaming is one of the most powerful vehicles for that adoption – and once games built on the blockchain feel like a AAA game studio game, gamers will accept NFT’s because they’ll experience the value that web3 technologies can provide.”

Joe Hale

Brycent’s name has been bubbling for a good while now. His public image is most associated with his Twitch streams of one of the most popular NFT games, Axie Infinity. And with an accumulation of 51K+ followers thus far, it’s clear that his growing fanbase is intrigued by his mix of gameplay, rap freestyles, and comedic mishaps.

On his YouTube channel, the thriving content creator regularly posts videos about Axie Infinity and new NFT games, plus he also makes sure to produce educational videos meant to bring casual onlookers into the blockchain gaming scene. And last but certainly not least, Brycent’s association with the Loot Squad points to his willingness to assist those looking to start their tenure in Axie Infinity and work alongside “a community of blockchain gamers that is looking to leverage NFTs, Crypto, and the Play2Earn space to enrich the gaming experience.”

As mentioned beforehand, Brycent knows how to put together an impressive set of rap bars or two. He’s also quite adept at first-person shooters such as Valorant, plus he has a taste for high fashion as evidenced by his stylish Instagram pics and a recent association with a streetwear collaboration between Lacoste & Minecraft (which you can check out on his YouTube channel).

When asked about his appreciation for hip-hop and fashion, Brycent had this to say: “Before I even entered the Web3 gaming space, I was always into fashion, streetwear culture, and rap. I realized very early on that those crossovers aren’t really prevalent in Web3. People slap a screen-printed logo on a t-shirt and automatically think that’s culture. My thoughts are the rap/hip-hop culture and fashion combined with that is exuded through who you are. It’s not something you have to force yourself to do – it’s more so a byproduct of how you live your life and you interact with those portions of industries. So for me, it was natural.”

Brycent also noted that before he started making waves playing Axie Infinity, he constantly played first-person shooters. But his skyrocket to relevance is due mostly in part to the game he currently streams the most – with that being said, Brycent is excited about the prospect of young gamers seeing success stories like himself so they can become more knowledgable within the NFT gaming space.

“A lot of the time, I’m in these spaces and don’t see a lot of people that look like me that are gaming and doing the things that I do,” Brycent went on to say. “So from my perspective going into the next stage of my career, it’s like how do I change NFT gaming as a whole and make it to where kids that look like me can jump into the space and feel comfortable dealing with topics like decentralized finance, staking, and buying NFT assets?” It’s become evident that Brycent wants to not only spread his extensive Web3 knowledge to those within the space, but he also wants to make sure the curious ones outside of it and people of color get in tune.

Joe Hale

To commemorate VaynerSports’ latest gaming acquisition, Gary popped up at this Hudson Yards office and sat down with Brycent for a half-hour conversation. All the while, Brycent picked Gary’s brain about a multitude of things while Gary acknowledged Brycent’s many accolades & all the hard work that got him to where he is now. Watching both men delve into other topics such as Gary’s penchant for exploring other business opportunities & hobbies that pique his curiosity, the younger generation’s quick acclimation to Web3 & beyond, the evolution of gaming into a career option, etc.

To hear about Brycent’s younger days as a Madden NFL player that got taken to tournaments by his mother when he brought home good grades provides a fascinating look at what led him to tackle other avenues of the gaming space, which Gary noted he’s fascinated by. And to hear Gary state that he never judges himself, others or his current standing against those of everyone else’s is super inspiring for someone of Brycent’s stature. To quote Gary, he lives by this motto: “My lack of interest in impressing everyone else is why I’m impressing everyone.”

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At the end of Gary and Brycent’s enlightening talk, it became clear that both men adhere to the same rules of life and strive to keep making waves in each & everything they do. Now that Brycent is affiliated with VaynerSports, the sky is truly the limit. And what’s guaranteed is that you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more of Brycent real soon.


Epik High Teams up with Azuki NFT for Visual Art Collab at Coachella

After stunning crowds with its stage visuals featuring Azuki NFTs during Weekend 1, Epik High will be back on April 22 for another performance at Coachella Weekend 2.

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The Korean hip-hop trio—made up of members Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz—is best known for its willingness to push boundaries for Asian artists.

Epik High was the first Korean act to play at Coachella in 2016, opening the doors for future Korean acts at mainstream festivals.

Now the group’s return this year marks another historic moment, as the first Korean act to return to Coachella for the second time.

How did this collab come to be?

Tablo, rapper and leader of Epik High, says he saw this moment as an opportunity to do something original.

He wanted to showcase Asian and Asian American artists in a mainstream platform while bridging web3 and the real world; that’s why he decided to partner with NFT collection, Azuki.

Azuki NFT’s Success

Azuki has seen a meteoric rise this year, currently topping OpenSea charts as one of the most popular NFT collections with the highest trading volume.

The entire collection has seen an unprecedented surge in price in the recent month. A rare Azuki NFT recently sold for over 420.7 ETH, equivalent to approximately $1.4 million USD, on OpenSea.

Azuki artist and co-creator Arnold Tsang, also known as “Steamboy,” was already a well-established artist before starting the NFT project. He is best known for his work as former character art director for Overwatch.

However, Tablo says he had planned this collaboration with Azuki long before the project exploded in popularity.

“I’ve been a fan of ‘Steamboy’ since he was doing comics,” Tablo said.


I’ve just always appreciated his art and the vision behind it.

This isn’t the first time Epik High has worked to uplift Asian artists. The trio most recently collaborated with digital artist Ardhira Putra, on the visuals for their song “Super Rare.”

<div class =”code”><iframe width=”938″ height=”537″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

“We always love working with new people,” Tablo said. “It worked out so that we could create something new together.”

Tablo says it’s important to continue to have representation for Asians in all industries, web3 being one of them.

“Everyone on the Azuki team is Asian American,” Tablo said, adding: “Together they’re creating a new brand and a presence in a space people don’t know much about yet.”

As a group that has been around for over two decades, Epik High has managed to dodge obscurity through their open-mindedness and willingness to constantly innovate.

“I’m always wanting to be in touch with my fans,” Tablo said. “New technologies, new ways of communication, that’s my way of connecting with them.”

Fans were blown away by the execution, saying that they knew how to put their product in front of an audience in an “artistic and engaging way.”

<div class =”code”><p class = “twitter-tweet”></p></div>

“It was exceptionally done,” Tablo said. “Our characters blend very well with anime art.”

“Rosario,” which also features artists CL and ZICO, was named one of the “Best Songs of 2021” by Rolling Stone, The Ringer, and Teen Vogue.

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“Coachella is not just a music festival. It’s also art, and we wanted to show that through visual art,” Tablo said.

While Coachella served as a platform this year for many artists, celebrities, and influencers to release their own NFTs, Tablo says Epik High chose to showcase the NFT space in a different way.

“One distinction is we’re not releasing an NFT,” he said. “We’re not trying to cash grab, we just want to share and appreciate the art.”



Lyrical Lemonade Enters Web3 with ‘L3MON’

Lyrical Lemonade and its founder Cole Bennett have had a very successful journey thus far, and somehow they manage to continue evolving.

What is Lyrical Lemonade?

Since 2013, Lyrical Lemonade has actively worked to build a community of music lovers through Cole’s videos, their blog, clothing sales, lemonade sales and their events – which range from early shows like their 2016 Uzi-headlined concert to their annual ‘Summer Smash’ festival. Cole’s superior video direction has driven the value of his endorsement; you rarely see a director with such influence. He’s been responsible for putting on a laundry list of artists, including Lil Pump, Ski Mask the Slumpgod, and many more. In short, Lyrical Lemonade is one of the most intriguing multi-faceted music companies in existence. Not only do they offer a long list of products and services, they pay very close attention to detail in every endeavor and have a genuine interest in celebrating artists and their respective art.

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What is L3MON?

Last week, the company unveiled their web3 project, ‘L3MON’, alongside a collection of 500 NFTs – each one a completely unique take on the famed Lyrical carton. After fully diving into researching NFTs in February of 2021, Cole Bennett was sold on Web3. In the time since, he devised L3MON and ‘The Carton’ collection to introduce Lyrical Lemonade to the Web3 space. 

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Each ‘Carton’ was originally minted at 0.5 ETH and comes with an interesting set of utilities: whitelist spots for every future L3MON release, 3 years of access to the Summer Smash Festival, access to exclusive Lyrical merchandise drops, and private Discord access. This is a pretty interesting setup for their first drop; all of the 500 cartons are uniquely handcrafted and are of equal value. Just like the effect of his videos, this drop leaves us wondering what Cole and Lyrical’s next move will be.

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Whatever it is that Cole Bennett decides he wants to do, he does. The 25 year-old founder makes the difficult seem easy with his graceful execution of well-thought-out ideas. It’s encouraging to see Lyrical Lemonade joining the Web3 space, and to see Cole Bennett continuing to shine. As the innovative company’s foundation continues to widen, their influence is following suit.


The VeeFriends Series 2 Public Mint is Set for April 25th

Today, Gary Vaynerchuk—CEO and Creator of VeeFriends—released the info regarding the public mint of VeeFriends Series 2, the next evolution in his IP for the company. 

VeeFriends in the last 10 months has become one of the top global blue chip NFT projects in the world, and is built primarily on characters and IP as a blueprint for how NFT projects should be. 

What makes VeeFriends stand apart is the utility behind the NFT’, which include tickets to the upcoming VeeCon for all holders, as well as specific perks that come along with each character. This utility includes physical and digital gifts that only go to “Gift Goat” holders, tickets to sit court side at one Knicks game per year that go to holders of “Courtside Cats“, and one five minute FaceTime call with GaryVee himself per year for “FaceTime Fly” holders—to name a few.

All VeeFriends Series 1 holders were added to the Series 2 Friends list, making it possible for them to mint Series 2 NFT’ for just the cost of gas. VeeFriends Book Games holders were also added to the friends list if they were lucky enough to be selected.

However, there are still 10,000 Series 2 NFTs available for the public to mint. Here are the details:

1. What are the specifics of the VeeFriends Series 2 mint?
Jason Koeppel // ONE37pm
  • VeeFriends Series 2 is the next step in the evolution of the VeeFriends NFT project, and consists of 55,555 tokens. 
  • The mint price will be set to $995 (in ETH) pegged to the price of Ethereum.
  • Series 2 will consist of 251 characters, including 236 characters from Series 1 and 15 new characters who are being officially introduced to the VeeFriends universe.
  • Public mint will have a total supply of 10,000 and will be on April 25th, 2022. 
2. Where can I purchase the VeeFriends Series 2 tokens?

The NFT tokens will be released and available for purchase on

If you have never purchased an NFT before, you will need to set up a metamask wallet. For a full explanation on how to do this, check out this article.

You will also need to purchase $995 worth of Ethereum. For a full explanation of how to do this, you can also check out this article. Because the price of Ethereum is volatile, I’d suggest purchasing a bit more to be on the safe side.

Also keep in mind that there will be a “gas fee” (which is a transaction fee), so it would probably make sense to purchase about $1200 worth of Ethereum.

“VeeFriends continues to be the culmination of so many things that I’d like to see in the world—the positive human traits that I think need to grow, and my continuation of passion in building an intellectual property in perpetuity,” GaryVee said of the forthcoming series. “We are on track to achieve what I had envisioned for VeeFriends, and we will continue to create real-life value through these NFTs. I am excited for what’s to come and for the opportunity to grow this amazing community even more,” said the multi-hyphenate entrepreneur.

To recap, the launch will take place over 4 minting periods:

  • Friends List (32,000 Supply) | Date: 4/18/22
  • Series 1 Free Claim (10,255 Supply) | Date: 4/18/22
  • Public Mint (10,000 Supply) | Date: 4/25/22
  • 15 New Characters (3,300 Supply) | Date: 4/27/22

For more info, check out this blog from the VeeFriends site.


Coinbase Announces Three Part Film Series Featuring Bored Ape Yacht Club

A large part of the NFT conversation in 2021 was around emerging characters and the future possibilities opened up by fresh IP. Now in 2022, a lot of the foretold integrations of NFT-native IP into popular culture are coming to fruition. One such example comes from Coinbase, who announced today that they are producing a trilogy of films featuring the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Apecoin, relying on the community to help craft the project.

Coinbase and BAYC Present the Degen Trilogy

Coinbase is celebrating and amplifying the BAYC community through a three-part film series, inviting newbies into the burgeoning NFT community alongside those who are already in the Yuga Labs network. Beginning today, Bored Ape owners are able to submit at for an opportunity to have their ape cast in the three (3) part adventure with ApeCoin.

“At Coinbase, we are dedicated to creating and supporting content projects that speak directly to our community and sustaining the culture of web3 innovation,” said Coinbase Entertainment & Culture Marketing Director, William Swann, adding: As we aim to bring the next billion people into the crypto economy, we firmly believe that this interactive film series will act as a catalyst to serve that mission and help audiences understand the collaborative nature of web3. We’ve been inspired by the Bored Ape Yacht Club community and excited to invite them to co-create this film with us.”

This move is part of a larger shift in the ecosystem, partially driven by Coinbase’ impending NFT marketplace, which many view as a moment that will shake the landscape—onboarding more people into NFTs than ever before.

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CEO of Yuga Labs, Nicole Muniz, said: “We’re seeing how NFTs are evolving to be vehicles of access and participation in networks, games, merchandise and now interactive entertainment. This is a breakthrough project and we’re excited to see how this shapes the future of Web3 for all communities.”

How to submit your ape:

Bored Ape NFT owners can submit their ape through, where they will be reviewed by a film casting director.

If you’re not a BAYC holder, don’t fret. There will be opportunities for others to get involved as well, as the microsite will provide exclusive updates on the films as well as new products and features to further expand the experience—including story drops, surprises, sweepstakes, and easter eggs. The community of crypto natives and newcomers will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite ape’s storyline to collectively create a truly unique adventure.

2021 saw numerous projects announce future plans and utilizations of NFT tech. In 2022, we’re finally starting to see these concepts come to life.

NFT Tech

Solana Is Now on OpenSea | What Does This Mean for Solana?

Solana is the fastest growing blockchain in the world, with thousands of people spanning across DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and more. Recently, OpenSea announced that Solana is now a supported blockchain on their platform, so what does this mean for Solana?

Solana’s integration into the OpenSea marketplace means that Solana is a real competitor in the world of NFTs. Boasting quick transaction speeds and low gas fees, Solana has all the right things to compete with popular blockchains like Ethereum.

So what does this all mean for Solana?

Why use Solana on OpenSea?

If you are wondering why someone might want to use Solana over Ethereum on OpenSea, there are a few legitimate reasons.

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  • Keep NFTs in your wallet right until they’re sold

Unlike other NFT marketplaces, when you list an NFT on OpenSea, your NFT remains in your wallet until it is sold. This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s nice to know where your NFTs are at all times in my opinion.

  • It’s energy-efficient and eco-friendly

We all know that Solana is one of the most efficient NFT blockchains in the world, and that remains true on OpenSea. A transaction on the Solana blockchain uses less energy than two Google searches. Take that, Ethereum! 

  • Enjoy low gas fees and fast transactions

In addition to the minimal amount of energy required to transact on the Solana blockchain, the gas fees are extremely low (less than $0.01) and super fast, with a theoretical throughput of 65,000 transactions per second.

Getty Images

If this seems too good to be true, it’s not. This is the future of blockchain technology. Most of us are accustomed to exorbitantly high transaction fees and subpar throughput times, but that is only because this technology is so new.

As blockchain technology continues to progress, as will its optimization. Solana is a good example of what the potential of blockchain tech will look like for all users, and likely in the very near future.

OpenSea’s Solana Beta

To be completely honest, Solana is still in the Beta phase on OpenSea, but that doesn’t mean its potential to take over the NFT industry is any less. So, what can you do with OpenSea’s Solana Beta phase?

Getty Images

The initial beta launch of Solana on OpenSea means that there will be limited collection coverage. Currently, there are approximately 190 NFT collections from the Solana blockchain showcased on OpenSea, but that hasn’t slowed anyone down from buying their own Solana NFTs. 

One of the main reasons OpenSea is starting off slowly with the integration of Solana is to receive feedback from the community. Web3 is all about community involvement, and I believe this is the right move on OpenSea’s end, simply because the community knows what they want, and all Opensea has to do is watch and listen.

OpenSea asks that users share any feedback in the #solana-discussion channel in their Discord.

How to see your Solana NFTs on OpenSea

If you want to see your Solana NFTs on OpenSea, first make sure that you are logged in with your Solana wallet. For the time being, you will have to use separate wallet accounts for your Ethereum-based and Solana-based NFTs.

Ensure that you are logged into your Solana account by checking that the wallet address on your OpenSea account is the one associated with your Solana wallet. Once you are logged into OpenSea, you can view all your Solana-based NFTs under the Collected tab in your profile.

Without a doubt, OpenSea’s decision to integrate Solana into their platform was a wise move, not only for the Solana network but for OpenSea as well.

Considering Solana is one of the most popular NFT blockchains following behind Ethereum, this should bring even more users to the OpenSea platform. Ultimately, it’s a win-win for everyone.

NFT Tech

What Is Emblem Vault?

There is a rich history of NFTs that were created on the Bitcoin blockchain, predating many of the popular NFTs we know today. However, because these NFTs are so old, many people aren’t aware they exist, and even if they did, buying and selling them is not easy. That is, until the creation of Emblem Vault in 2020.

Emblem Vault is a tokenized multi-asset wallet on the Ethereum blockchain that can contain one or more tokens or NFTs. You can use Emblem Vault to trade portfolios of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, including assets from different chains, as a single token.

Emblem Vault isn’t exactly new, however, this extraordinary protocol remains relatively unknown. I think it’s time that we open up the vault to the rest of the world, and learn more about what it is and how it works.

What is Emblem Vault?

Every vault within Emblem Vault contains a series of blockchain addresses and is generated from a single secret phrase. You can store various digital assets in each of the addresses and only the person with the secret phrase can send assets to other wallets.

Getty Images

Essentially, the Emblem Vault protocol allows you to take different blockchain tokens and put them into a single token, which acts as a multi-asset crypto wallet in itself. The vault is created as a unique ERC-721 token.

Currently, Emblem Vault can utilize assets from Bitcoin, Ethereum, XDai, Polygon, BSC, and Phantom.

What can you do with Emblem Vault?

You can use Emblem Vault in ways unimaginable, let’s take a gander at the various ways you can use it.

Getty Images

  • Value backed digital assets

You can create a value-backed digital vault that contains one or more digital assets, along with some cryptocurrency. 

  • Tradeable portfolios

You can create tradeable portfolios that combine multiple assets into a single token. For example, you can make a portfolio that contains 50% ETH, 40% Bitcoin, and 10% LINK, and trade all these assets as a single ERC-721 NFT.

  • Portable liquidity pools

You can create a vault with multiple pooled tokens to make transferable liquidity pools, as well as transparent funds. You can do this because Emblem Vault enables you to create a vault that is held by a community, or other trusted third parties.

So, how does all of this work? Great question.

How does Emblem Vault work?

Emblem Vault works by wrapping digital assets to make them modern ERC-721 NFTs, the same type of NFTs that are often traded on popular NFT marketplaces, like OpenSea. That way you can buy and sell assets that predate the ERC-721 standard.


One example of a popular NFT that predates the ERC-721 standard is Rare Pepe’s. These NFTs are some of the first NFTs that were ever created. Rare Pepe NFTs were originally created on the Bitcoin blockchain and were often traded on the CounterParty platform.

However, because Rare Pepe NFTs weren’t originally minted as ERC-721 NFTs, they couldn’t be traded on popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, unless they were wrapped to this new standard.

Where to buy Emblem Vault NFTs

If you want to buy your own Emblem Vault NFT such as a Rare Pepe, you have a couple of options to choose from.

You can buy Emblem Vault NFTs on OpenSea, LooksRare, and their official website. OpenSea is currently the most popular platform for trading Emblem Vault NFTs, but the others are worth looking into, in order to find the best possible deal.

To create your own vault using Emblem Vault, simply go to Emblem.Finance, select Create, connect the wallet that you would like to create your vault with, and then you can add a name and description.

If you want to sell your Emblem Vault NFTs on a marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible, you will want to follow this how-to guide for more in-depth instructions.

Ultimately, Emblem Vault acts as a modern-day digital asset wrapper that enables old NFTs to be traded in the current market with ease.

Additionally, Emblem Vault gives you the ability to combine multiple assets into a single token, making it easier to trade, and even build a strong digital portfolio.