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What are Socios Fan Tokens? A Comprehensive Guide

Imagine holding a membership to some of your favorite sports teams and clubs that allow you access to exclusive perks, events, and even have a say in team decisions, all bundled up in an easy-to-use app. That dream is now a reality with Socios Fan Tokens!

Fan Tokens are digital tokens minted in limited numbers on the Ethereum blockchain. Fan Tokens give you access and unlock special perks to your favorite sports teams, and unlike traditional memberships, Fan Tokens never expire and are yours to keep forever.

Although Fan Tokens might appear similar to NFTs, they do have their differences. Let’s take a look at what Fan Tokens are, and what they actually offer to holders.

What are Fan Tokens?
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At their core, the Socios Fan Tokens are ERC-20 utility tokens (fungible tokens). You can trade your fan tokens for other tokens on a secondary NFT marketplace such as Opensea, or on the in-app marketplace.

Holding Fan Tokens come with many perks including lifetime access to exclusive fan clubs with rewards, promotions, games, and access to a community of superfans. Moreover, Fan Tokens equip holders with voting rights to influence team decisions and other perks such as signed gear.

As of now, there are many professional football clubs that have already partnered with Socios to offer their own Fan Tokens. Popular teams include Arsenal, Atletico, and Brazil just to name a few.

What is
<code><p class = "twitter-tweet"></p></code> is the world’s first fan influence and engagement app that utilizes Fan Tokens to influence your team, play exclusive games, and win once-in-a-lifetime experiences, all from the app.

The Socios platform currently works with various professional sports leagues including, American Football, Basketball, Futbol, Gaming, Fighting, Ice Hockey, Tennis, and Motorsport teams.

How do Socios Fan Tokens work?

In essence, Socios Fan Token is a platform that offers sports teams a way to connect with their most loyal fans.

Sports franchises issue a specific number of tokens, which can then be found or purchased, and as a holder, you receive big perks. These perks include things like access to exclusive merch, VIP access at games and events, as well as voting rights on polls that steer club decisions. That means token holders literally help shape the future of the team!

To reap all the benefits of being a token holder, you will need the app. The app is available through Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iPhones. The app gives you access to the Fan Token marketplace, where you can buy and sell tokens, as well as keep track of upcoming drops.

Furthermore, the app allows holders to vote in team polls, participate in trivia games and competitions, and gain VIP access at team events. Also, the app includes a game called Token Hunt, which is an augmented reality game similar to Pokemon GO, but you can find free tokens hidden in your community instead!

Fan Token rewards and benefits
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Holding your own Fan Tokens comes with huge benefits. All Fan Token holders get VIP access at all home league, cup, and European matches. Also, holders have the opportunity to receive signed memorabilia, attend meet and greet events, and even the possibility to fly with their favorite team to catch an away match. 

Additional rewards and benefits are at the discretion of the individual clubs. Also, active participation in trivia games and team polls are highly encouraged, and even rewarded with points. The more points you accumulate, the more exclusive perks you can unlock.

What decisions do Fan Token Holders get to make?
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Ah yes. One of the most exciting perks in my opinion is the ability to be part of the decision-making process of your favorite team, through the use of polls.

So, what decisions do holders get to vote on?

Some examples include the exterior design of the team bus, the pattern choice for new team kit designs, and some clubs even allowing fans to make choices regarding the team motto, warm-up music, and decorations in the locker room.

All polls currently take place on the mobile app. Understandably, club managers decide the nature of each poll, but ultimately the fans make the decisions. All results of the poll stand final, meaning that no one on the team can override decisions made by Fan Token holders.

In order to vote in these polls, you just have to hold one Fan Token. However, the more Fan Tokens you hold, the more influential your vote is. The number of total votes is capped by the total number of Fan Tokens in distribution, which is determined by the club during the initial fan token offering.

How to buy a Fan Token

To buy Fan Tokens, you need to use Socios in-app currency called Chiliz ($CHZ) using your debit or credit card. Then, you can exchange your $CHZ for any Fan token on the Socios platform. Moreover, some Fan Tokens are available on secondary NFT marketplaces, allowing you to use other cryptocurrencies to purchase.

Chiliz ($CHZ) is the native cryptocurrency of the Socios platform and is required to buy and sell Fan Tokens in the app. Technically speaking, $CHZ is an ERC-20 utility token that is secured by the Ethereum blockchain and traded on popular exchanges like Coinbase and Binance.

How to sell your Fan Token

You can sell your Fan Tokens directly from the Socios app, under the Market feature at the top of the screen. From there, you can view your personal collection of Fan Tokens, choose the ones you want to list, and select Sell. It’s really that easy.

Similar to the NFT market, Fan Tokens fluctuate up and down depending on the market. Ultimately sellers set the price, and buyers decide if it’s worth paying.

What’s the difference between Fan Tokens and NFTs?

The main difference between Fan Tokens and NFTs is that each Fan Token for an individual team is identical to every other fan token for that team, this is also known as a fungible token, whereas NFTs are unique one-of-a-kind digital assets.

Ultimately, Socios offer teams a platform to connect with their fans on a much more personable level, and users benefit greatly from being holders. From exclusive perks to making decisions about your favorite teams, Fan Tokens are a fun and immersive experience that any superfan is sure to enjoy.

You can view the current Fan Token rankings by market cap on

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March Madness Degen Bracket Challenge to Raise Money For Ukraine

With all that is going on in Ukraine, many people in the Web3 space are looking for ways that they can help out. That’s why the Knights of Degen NFT project is raising funds by hosting their very own March Madness Degen Bracket Challenge.

Who are the Knights of Degen?

The Knights of Degen are a community of degens building a sports and entertainment kingdom in the metaverse. This brand was co-founded by Jared Augustine, Drew Austin, Jack Settleman, and their head artist Blake Jamison.

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Knight of Degen was created to form a Web3 community whose focus is on sports, sports betting, and NFT alpha. From college football playoffs to professional league playoffs, the community’s activities are often organized around various sporting events. Oftentimes they will split into groups and compete against each other for a chance to win special NFT prizes.

Their most recent tournament is called the Degen Bracket Challenge!

What is the Degen Bracket Challenge?

The Degen Bracket Challenge introduces a new way for all of Web3 to enjoy the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. With that, the Knights aim to achieve three things:

  1. Bring together people in Web3 using major sports events.

The Knights do this by creating content, events, NFTs, and storylines around these big moments with their own community, but also with other like-minded communities. That’s why they decided to do something very special for March Madness, and bring together more people in Web3.

  1. Create an onramp for the Web2 community to learn and experience Web3.

Jared firmly believes that the Knights of Degen collection has brought more newcomers into the NFT space, than most other projects on the market today. It’s simple, many people love sports and are also curious to know more about Web3, hence the results. 

That’s one of the reasons the Degen Bracket Challenge exists. Most people are already filling out a bracket for March Madness, why not learn more about Web3 and experience the love of the community at the same time?

  1. Introduce a philanthropic arm to help Ukraine.
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The main aim for the March Madness Bracket Challenge is to raise funds, and ensure that 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Ukraine Fund.

How to join the Degen Bracket Challenge

To join the Degen Bracket Challenge is easy and very similar to filling out a traditional bracket.

Simply go to, connect your wallet, make your picks, and then mint your bracket for FREE, with the opportunity to donate upon submitting your bracket. Your bracket is then minted on the blockchain for eternity.

Minting will be available from Sunday, March 13 at 9 PM EST through Thursday, March 17 at Noon EST.

Of course, it wouldn’t be called a “Degen” Bracket Challenge if there weren’t some other Web3 elements incorporated into it. If you already have NFTs in your wallet, you can choose any of them to represent your profile on the leaderboard!

Also, this is the first of its kind in that there will be a market to buy brackets mid-tournament. You can buy and sell brackets as the tournament progresses, on Opensea.

For example, say you see a bracket rising up the leaderboard, you can attempt to purchase the bracket and potentially take the lead.

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Ultimately, you are competing for a prize pool of over 50 ETH in NFTs from other top NFT collections. There are first, second, and third place wallets established holding various NFT prizes. The Knights alone have donated 6 ETH worth of Knights NFTs to the prize pool.

If you are already planning on filling out a March Madness bracket, consider minting your own Degen Bracket, and join the challenge for your shot at winning your own pool of NFT prizes.

To learn more about the Knights of Degen and the Degen Bracket Challenge, make sure to give them a follow on Twitter.

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NFT Collectibles: Recur Set to Kick Off NFTU

Back in early February, I wrote this introduction to Recur after having the opportunity to sit down with co-CEO’s Trevor George and Zach Bruch. Much has happened in the space since publishing that article, and with them set to drop their first collectible on March 14th through their college sports collectible site, I thought it would be a good time to update the Recur community.

I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down again with CEO Trevor George and discuss some of the drop details and what lies ahead in the coming weeks and months for his emerging platform along with some news on what the first character drops will be, and when!

ONE37pm: Tell me about NFTU and what you have planned for it both in the short and long-term.

Trevor George: NFTU is the largest destination for fans to discover, collect, and sell collegiate sports non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Short term, the plan is two fold. Continue to secure the widest breadth of licensing rights – from multimedia to colleges to athletes – so we can build a world-class experience for college sports fans and our users. It’s important to understand that the collegiate space is not like pro sports where an NFT partner simply needs to do a deal with the “league” and the “players association”. In college, there are over a dozen major IP holders. The colleges own the rights to their official marks, but the conferences (think pac12) own the video highlights, but then you have to clear the player that appears in the video clip, and there is no “players association” so you have to do deals with players associations, talent agencies, and many times directly with the individual themselves. And the list goes on. With the progress we have and the exclusivity in the space, it is impossible for a company like “Dapper” to create a similar experience. 

Long term, the plan is much more multifaceted. We are integrating into college ticketing via Paciolan. Yes, TICKETING. We will be launching specific school storefronts so collectors can collect NFTs specifically from a particular school, and much more. We are integrating into the collegiate websites themselves that students, fans & alumni visit to check player stats, game times, buy tickets, and more. NFTU will be right there, on each individual school, making it a completely immersive fan experience. 

ONE37pm: In a recent tweet, you announced that Learfield joined NFTU to “further fuel across college ticketing, media, websites, apps & more”. Can you give us a little more information on this partnership and what it means for Recur?

TG: The partnership with Learfield is both game-changing for RECUR, but industry-changing for the collegiate and sports industries, unifying the entire space. 

With Learfield, we will embark on the following: creating NFT tickets for fans, in-stadium signage and activations, exclusive NFT product offerings for Learfield partner universities, and partnering with COMPASS – Learfield’s NIL platform – to educate and onboard athletes into NFTU. 

We love this quote from Sports Business Journal:

Cole Gahagan, CEO of Learfield

Anytime you have a highly nascent space like this one, you’re trying to find the right partner that has already demonstrated a meaningful investment in that space. We’ve got a lot of schools that are starting to ask questions about opportunities around NFTs. We’re aiming to build one centralized location that would provide a foundation and a framework for college fans.

ONE37pm: In another tweet, Recur announced “Some NFT’s will hero a singular athlete”. Tell me a little bit about some of the athletes people can expect to see.

TG: We have two types of NFTs on NFTU to start:

Flashbacks (video clip moments)

Limelights (focused on the player only)

Currently, our athlete roster count is well into the hundreds, from fifty different schools. These athletes range in the era that they played, from the 90s, 2000s, to today, and include household names like Ja Morant, Carmelo Anthony, Paul George and current male and female superstar athletes like Drew Timme and NaLyssa Smith. 

We determined rarity of each athlete and moment by factoring in the desirability of that athlete and that moment that we’re highlighting within the NFT, while also coupling in factors like national prominence, milestone game, and player performance within that game.

ONE37pm: You guys have hinted a bit about what the Recur gameplay and collecting experience will look like. Any chance you can go more in detail?

TG: The game play is incredibly important to us here at RECUR as it’s the center and driver of the fan experience. Our challenge system will begin in the weeks that follow the launch of NFTU on March 14, but it’s built in a way that NFTU users can compete in challenges with the NFTs that they have collected to then earn additional rewards and rarer NFTs and collectibles. Hint, there’s a burning mechanism too. So if you have commons, you should expect the ability to trade up commons for more rare NFTs.

ONE37pm:  With this being the first NFTU drop, do you have an updated timeline of when the first Recur character drop is coming? Any hints on what that drop might be? 

TG: In April you will see both Star Trek & Nickelodeon! Get ready. They will both be unprecedented collecting concepts and the beginning to an incredible long term collecting journey. 

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UFC STRIKE: How the UFC Is Doing NFTs

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For those of you familiar with sports NFTs, UFC STRIKE is the MMA version of NBA Top Shot—collectable moments of your favorite fighters. Newbies, here is a deeper breakdown that I will keep very simple.

Take a sports card. Now make that sports card virtual. Then, add a video highlight to it instead of just a photo, assign a particular rarity to it based on the fighter, how crazy the highlight is, or the number of them that exist, and what you’re left with is a UFC STRIKE moment.

How Does It Work?

The UFC has partnered with Dapper Labs, a platform helping them create and distribute these moments as NFTs. UFC STRIKE will announce a “drop” date and time where they will be releasing the packs to the public. 

First, you need to create a Dapper account, which is very simple, requiring only an email, password, and a card/bank account connection to make purchases. Once that’s done, all you’ll need to do is be on the UFC STRIKE website pack page at the time of the drop (the earlier the better) to be randomly placed in line to receive one of the X amount of packs that they release; for the inaugural drop, they released 100,000.

There’s a counter that shows how many users are ahead of you and approximately how long it will take. Once it’s your turn, you’re redirected to a page to complete your purchase and BOOM, you are now the owner of a UFC STRIKE pack containing three moments. You click a button to open them and the moments you get are revealed to you, stored in your “collection” that sits on their platform under your account tab. It’s not too much different from buying something off of eBay besides the counter and waiting for it to be your turn.

My Experience With the UFC STRIKE First Drop

Scene – 1:30 p.m. on drop day, approximately 30 minutes before the drop starts. I have the UFC STRIKE pack link pulled up waiting to be entered into the queue and see my place in line. Thoughts begin to flood my mind: “What place am I going to be in line?”, “I hope I can get more than 1 pack,” and, “Wait, am I even going to get one at all?” My palms start sweating…

Gotcha! It wasn’t that stressful, outside of my friends in Discord making COD callouts and acting like they somehow got a pack early. Once 2 p.m. rolled around, I was placed in line: 11,546. Sounds big and scary, but considering that there were 100,000 packs being released, I’m more than happy with being in the first 12 percent. Approximate wait time: 55 minutes.

I proceeded to hop into Rainbow Six Siege to play a few rounds as the boys and I waited. There was a slight pause in the queue for about 15 minutes as Dapper ensured that they were able to get ahead of any transaction processing issues, and other than that, 55 minutes passed and it was my turn.

I claim my pack, confirm the purchase, and the time has come. I stream the pack opening to Discord so that everybody can see what I pull. I click to open the pack and some music starts playing. It’s very cinematic and exhilarating, building up as the digital UFC STRIKE pack is ripped open and three icons fly out and smash the screen. Luke Sanders and two Ian Garrys appear (play the Pokémon battle sound). I go through and play each moment: the intro, music, and commentary all leading to the knockdowns/knockouts are stellar. This is a very cool thing to own as a fellow MMA fighter and fan of the sport. Time to hop back in line for pack number two.

30 minutes later I can now purchase my second pack, and I do, where I pull a Derrick Lewis, Robbie Lawler, and Alessio Di Chirico; finally some vets to join the young guns I pulled in the first rip. None of my pulls were of insane value from a rarity standpoint, but they are a first of their kind and I’m very satisfied with my experience.

Why You Should Care

If you are an MMA fighter, have a friend or family member fighting, are a fan of the sport, or are merely a casual viewer that wants to see these warriors being recognized and compensated for their intense line of work, you should take the small amount of effort needed to be involved in what UFC STRIKE is doing. 

The incentive for you at the onset is owning a moment of history created by your favorite fighters. It’s bragging about and showing it off to your friends and being able to relive a time that got you off your feet and had you erupting with an intense joy for something you care about. 

There is also utility long term—some known and some unknown. What we know is that UFC STRIKE will be launching a secondary marketplace where users can list and sell their moments for whatever price the market demands. Maybe you pull a championship tier card but don’t have much of a connection to the fighter or moment and it happens to be worth $100, $1000, or $10,000. That’s straight cash back in your bank.

What we don’t know—and what excites me—is that the UFC can add further utility to these digital cards, even physical utilities. A meet and greet with a fighter? Tickets to a UFC Fight Night? $100 worth of UFC gear? There are a ton of different directions that they can take to make the moments you love and cherish even more valuable and worth holding onto.

What you do is up to you. Head over to UFC Strike now to sign up and be a part of the beginning stages of the future of UFC collectables.

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The Past Week in Crypto (Jan. 12th): Klay Thompson’s BTC Salary and More

Welcome to the latest edition of “The Past Week in Crypto“, a weekly recap of companies, institutions, organizations, and individuals who are beginning to adopt crypto as a payment/work platform. With the crypto industry becoming more and more dynamic, this weekly report is meant to help you stay in the loop. The last few days saw crypto becoming more mainstream, implemented by some of the world’s most prominent organizations across different industries.

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1. Samsung enters the metaverse through collaboration with Decentraland

South Korean electronics company Samsung has officially entered the metaverse. This was announced by Decentraland, the metaverse platform where the store will be created. Officially called “873X Store”, the store will be open for a limited time and feature performances and experiences from different artists available for the visitors. With Samsung planning to create more similar stores in the future and its plans to support NFTs through its TV products, it seems that one of the largest electronics companies in the world is betting on metaverse being a beneficial technology for them. 

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2. Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala will take a part of their salary in Bitcoin

Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala join the growing list of athletes who will take a part of their salary in Bitcoin. Klay Thompson announced on Twitter that he and Andre Iguodala will be receiving a part of their salary in Bitcoin. They will also be giving out $1 million in Bitcoin through their collaboration with Cash App. The growing list of athletes across all sports who are accepting Bitcoin as payment is a sign of belief in the idea of crypto, and it is likely that we will see more athletes doing the same.

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3. PayPal exploring the creation of its own stablecoin

PayPal, one of the largest internet-based financial companies in the world, is exploring the creation of its own stablecoin. This was discussed by individuals on Twitter and then later confirmed by PayPal officials. While details are still unknown, it is now clear that the company is actively looking for ways to implement its own coin, expanding its interests in the cryptocurrency space after they announced features such as the ability to buy and sell crypto.

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4. Meek Mill asks fans to create Ethereum addresses in order to listen to his new album

Meek Mill is officially hyping up crypto. The Philly rapper asked his fans to open Ethereum addresses in order to be able to listen to his music, suggesting that he may mint the album on the blockchain. He appeared to be particularly happy about this choice, as he stated “Now I can really rap.” Music is an area that many crypto enthusiasts believe will be disrupted by crypto innovation. It remains to be seen what Meek Mill will do exactly. 

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5. Cash App integrates Lightning Network

Cash App, one of the most popular money-transfer apps in the US has integrated Lightning Network. The integration of the Layer 2 solution was not announced by the company itself, but users of the app published screenshots of the message they received in the app itself, which let users know that Cash App now supports the Lightning Network. This will improve the speed with which BTC transfers are sent 

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Behind The Scenes with Gilang Bogy, the Artist Behind CryptoStrikers

Gilang Bogy didn’t think much of it when he was commissioned back in 2018 to create art for CryptoStrikers, the first soccer NFT project. It was a standard commission and he didn’t know what an NFT was at the time. 

3 years later, a single piece of artwork he created for the project sold for 39.96 ETH (~$159,000).

In total, his limited-edition Iconics artwork has sold for over 300 ETH (~$1.2 million) since CryptoStrikers was rediscovered in August of this year. 

This past fall, Gilang was commissioned for a Halloween-themed VeeFriends mini-drop, Spooky Vees. Spooky Vees is a collection of 31 NFTs featuring Halloween characters and currently has a floor price of 5.5 ETH. 

It’s been a whirlwind with the explosion of NFTs but has given Gilang a chance to get much greater exposure for his artwork. I sat down with him to talk about the beginning of his career, what drove him to pursue art, and what’s next for this under-the-radar artist behind the artwork of two successful sub-sets of NFT projects. 

Gilang’s story is inspirational for both artists and aspiring artists as we break down how he went from a college student learning a new art style to being commissioned for widely recognized NFT projects. 

How Gilang Got His Start As An Artist

Gilang’s art career started back in 2013 after a friend in college suggested he learn a particular illustration style. It was Indonesian-based and called WPAP, which was popularized in the late 1990s by Wedha Abdul Rasyid

The WPAP (Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait) style is characterized by vibrant colors and sharp lines. Often, it is used to transform photography into a cubed explosion of bright colors recreating reality with art one layer at a time. 

Diving into this new art style helped Gilang rediscover a childhood passion. He remembered as a child when his fellow students were drawing simple mountains and rainbows, he was drawing detailed Dragon Ball Z characters under the guidance of his father, who taught him the basics of drawing. 

It finally clicked for Gilang when a friend of his requested a commission for a piece of art. He realized he could earn an income by pursuing his passion, which wasn’t something Gilang knew was possible, and that’s when he decided to make art his career. 

Gilang Bogy

I figured I could earn money from art to help my family, pay myself and pay my tuition.

At first, his family wanted him to look for a “proper job” with a regular, predictable wage, especially because Gilang studied Economics. However, his struggles in finding a job further validated his vision to pursue a career in art. 

Gilang went on to say that his father, who makes furniture, had a business that was struggling. This only added to Gilang’s motivation as he wanted to use his art as a way to give back and support his family. 

Getting Commissions for High-Profile Brands and Projects

In 2014, Gilang submitted his WPAP artwork to a contest hosted by the WPAP Community Facebook Group with a special event focus on the 2014 World Cup. He ended up winning an award for the work and decided to share it on Behance, a network that allows creators to share their work and get discovered. In 2015, Coca-Cola contacted Gilang about a commission opportunity for a product that would be released a year later. 

In 2016, just 3 years after teaching himself illustration with the WPAP technique, Gilang’s design commission for 24 pieces of art of the German National team players was featured on limited edition Cola-Cola cans for Euro 2016

Gilang Goby via Behance

He continued to earn an income by freelancing while picking up various commissions, including AIG Japan to do illustrations that covered their office interior as part of the company’s 100th anniversary. 

His artwork has also been printed on a bus in Indonesia, he was commissioned by to create artwork for their website, and his artwork was used for a published book about Kobe Bryant titled Kobe: Life Lessons from a Legend

Castle Point Books (Artwork by Gilang Bogy)

There’s a second forthcoming book that will feature his artwork, “Michael Jordan: Life Lessons from His Airness” that will arrive in the spring of 2022. 

Gilang remains grateful that his friend told him about artwork and that he took action when he felt his reignited passion. Sharing his work with others got him initial exposure and ultimately snowballed into more opportunities as he took on high-profile commission projects. 

Although he missed the chance to receive an NFT from CryptoStrikers, the project’s creators gifted him 4 NFTs as a thank you for his work. They also connected him to Gary Vaynerchuk who Gilang now works with on VeeFriends, using his unique style to bring a different angle to some of the project’s artwork. 

Growing as an Artist Through the NFT Space

Gilang demonstrated a lot of success when he went from self-taught artist to commissioning pieces for Coca-Cola and other brands, but he sees the ability to create scaled value from his work in the NFT space. 

The application for Gilang’s talent has broadened significantly with the increased interest in NFTs now that a market had formed around digital artwork.

Just four months ago, when his first-ever NFT artwork took off in value, it caught the eye of a prolific entrepreneur and NFT creator, Gary Vaynerchuk. 

Gilang explained that this exposure opened a life-changing door for him, one that would put him under the mentorship of a successful creator after a Facetime call. 

His first project, Spooky Vees, was a bit of a different style than he was used to, but he welcomed the opportunity to grow his skill-set to meet the needs of an NFT creator and explore how he could apply his talent further as part of additional NFT projects. 

Gilang was also commissioned by the Nifty Gateway founder to produce the art for accomplished MMA fighter Cris Cyborg’s NFT project. The project is currently sold out. 

Gilang’s goal is to maintain the mindset he had as a curious college student to grow his abilities as an artist as he grows within the NFT space. 

What’s Next for Gilang in the NFT Space

Gilang has built up an incredible talent and style (you can check out more of his artwork here), but his main concern is how to navigate copyright law. 

His style of artwork transforms photography of famous athletes, movie characters, and recognizable people, but he’s hesitant to release his own NFT project that borrows another individual’s likeness. 

It fits well for the type of work he’s been commissioned for in the past but presents challenges when selling the artwork directly without permission or a license. 

Many artists may find themselves in similar positions because they’ve been creating work their entire lives that are privately commissioned or are done for a brand that has the licensing agreement. 

Gilang said his solution to navigate this uncertainty is to go back into learning mode. He’s excited to learn under Gary Vaynerchuk and is willing to adapt how he produces art to ensure that it is safe and protected in the future.

He also expressed that he’s more than willing to be patient as the NFT space develops and that his style and talent will continue to grow with it. 

His success is credited to curiosity, execution, and not being afraid to share his work. There are plenty of artists who have adopted the WPAP style, but his track record with high-profile projects and willingness to evolve gives him an edge as his career moves forward. 

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Jack Settleman and Snapback Sports Start Creator Agency

Don’t say we didn’t tell ya so. 

For months, ONE37pm has collaborated with Jack Settleman and Alex Sheinman on numerous blogs that break down the world of NFTs and the incorporation of them in sports. These include blogs on NBA Top Shot,, and the hottest NFT projects being released by athletes.

But now, the two come with bigger news. 

First off, what these two have built is nothing short of incredible. Neither has hit 30 years of age and this week, they launched “Snapback Agency.” 

The agency will serve as a home for young, social creators. Alex and Jack have built a sensational platform for themselves, and now want to provide that platform for others. 

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“I’ve been working with Jack for two years, helping build his brand and Snapback’s sports brand. We saw an opportunity to grow. And we wanted to deliver this to other creators. Jack is passionate about this space and I thought this was a really unique opportunity to grow other talent and help them succeed,” said Alex Sheinman, the co-founder of Snapback Agency.


ONE37PM: What has the reception been like?

“It’s been really good. We work with a ton of brand sponsors. They want to continue to scale their business and they are excited too. We’ve always tried to over-deliver on our brand deals. And then Jack has built a great community by helping other creators build and get brand deals. We have a lot of momentum right now, but we are taking a strategic approach.”

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ONE37PM: What is a one-year goal? What is a five-year goal? 

“One year from now, we want a robust client roster. There are a few categories that we are really interested in. Sports betting, NFTs, and crypto…. Which we already do a lot of. But there is so much room for creators. We can go deeper in all of those categories and next year, we will be in a great position to help creators grow and succeed.” 

“The five-year plan is to be the premier agency that represents creatives. Instead of boutiques and CAA… carving out a little room… we want to be a major leader in this space. There are so many different levels to creators… you have creators on Tik Tok, Youtube, Snapchat…. They have been so focused on creating… they didn’t have time for brand deals. They couldn’t get the right resources. That’s where we will separate ourselves. We don’t want to be in their way. We want them to have a free lane and do what they do best,” said Settleman.

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From Soccer Influencer to NFT “Degen” — A Conversation with Daniel Got Hits

The term “degen”, short for degenerate, typically has a negative connotation, but in the crypto community, it’s a term that is celebrated. As cryptocurrencies and NFTs become more mainstream, early adopters take pride in their convictions despite years of criticism.

All of that is starting to change now, as Bitcoin and Ethereum recently hit all-time highs and celebrities like Jimmy Fallon are actively researching and buying NFTs.  

Over the past 9 months, the NFT market has matured significantly. Sales volume on Opensea has dropped and it appears buyers are starting to become more thoughtful in their evaluation of NFT projects before they ape-in. 

Despite NFTs getting more expensive (which poses more risk to new entrants), the market is still relatively small with a lot of room to grow. 

For example, in the last 30 days, there were ~227,000 active users on Opensea. To put this in perspective, Coinbase announced a forthcoming NFT trading platform and amassed 1 million waitlist sign-ups in just 24 hours. 

Given the impending expansion of NFT buyers and sellers, I chatted with soccer influencer Daniel Got Hits about his experience in the market and how to educate yourself to navigate the rapidly growing world of NFTs. 

Please remember, this is not financial advice. It’s important to do your own research and never spend money you cannot afford to lose.

Discovering NFTs after Sustaining a Knee Injury
Daniel Got Hits

Stay open-minded even if it goes against your own investment ; it’s not good to be stubborn.

Daniel Got Hits is a soccer influencer by day with 356,000 followers on Instagram, but when a knee injury in the spring sidelined him for 4–5 months, it was his perfect opportunity to dive deep into NFTs. 

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His interest in crypto started a few years earlier, driven by the idea of an economy that reduced friction for transactions and had a global reach. Daniel has family all over the world, so the idea of cryptocurrencies resonated with him. 

He caught wind of CryptoPunks by LarvaLabs in 2020, but by then they were out of his reach. It wasn’t until May of 2021 that he minted his first NFT, a Meebit, which was created and released by LarvaLabs. 

Because he was so new to NFTs, Daniel had to go on Twitter to figure out how to view the Meebit he had minted, which is how he discovered Opensea. The same day of the mint, someone sold a rare Meebit for a few hundred thousand dollars and it clicked for Daniel that there could be life-changing opportunities in the NFT market. 

He knew those types of gains in a short period of time wouldn’t last long as the market would become more saturated, so he committed to diving deeper. 

He bought and sold a few NFTs and eventually stumbled across Bored Ape Yacht Club, which now has a floor (minimum) price of about $200,000. 

After purchasing 3 Bored Apes, he sold 2 of them and used the profits to buy Curio Cards, the first NFT art project on Ethereum.  

After doing well with Curio Cards, he wanted to learn about other historical NFT projects that were released before CryptoPunks. He started receiving message after message encouraging him to look into RarePepes, an NFT project released on Counterparty in 2016, which sat on top of Bitcoin. 

He ignored the project first, but so many people reached out that he couldn’t ignore it any longer and went deep on RarePepe research. The key lesson from his experience is that he didn’t blindly buy into the project — he spent many hours learning, jumped into the Discord group to interact with the community, and got educated before buying assets from the project.

Daniel Got Tips — For Navigating a Maturing NFT Market
Daniel Got Hits

Don’t trust me, anyone, celebrities, and even people that have given good advice before. Do a lot of research, and believe in yourself. Your own thoughts are valid

Bored Ape Yacht Club now has a floor price of roughly $200,000, but back in April, you could mint 1 for .08 ETH ($200 at the time). Many quality NFTs could be purchased for under $1,000 in the Spring and Summer, until the market exploded

New projects launch every day, and it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Developing conviction takes time, and Daniel reminded me that he will sometimes spend 10–12 hours per day on Twitter, Opensea, and in Discord groups learning and watching for trends. 

He credited his early gains to “sheer luck and timing” but said that the market is much more challenging now. People might think that there’s easy and quick money to be made, but don’t fully comprehend how many hours are behind the success of those making the right moves. 

His specific recommendation to NFT newcomers, or those who want to up their game, is to find Twitter users with Punk avatars, Bored Ape avatars, .ETH Twitter names, and read. As you come across things you don’t understand, utilize the Twitter search bar to find your answers. 

Daniel Got Hits

Twitter search bar is underrated.

Daniel has over 22,000 Twitter followers and has a knack for posting interesting content about NFTs, but has emphasized that he wants people to think for themselves. 

A lot of influencers on Twitter remain anonymous, but he’s chosen to identify himself publicly and it motivates him to maintain his reputation while creating content to help people learn more about various NFT projects and offer his takes. 

NFTs and decentralized finance have inspired people to learn fundamental market behaviors like no other time in history. Daniel commented that many likely “wouldn’t learn it if there were numbers on a chart” but the art makes it fun. 

This means that there are a lot of intelligent and informed people on the internet sharing thoughts and opinions, but listening to your inner voice and trusting your gut after spending significant time researching is still a better move.

How Daniel Plans to Further Integrate NFT Culture in His Daily Life

There are people quitting their day jobs to go full-time into NFTs, and many more are thinking through how to integrate the new phenomenon into their everyday lives outside of just buying and selling. 

Daniel Got Hits

I grew up listening to hip hop, and hip hop was about being ahead of the curve, being first to the newest thing that’s popping. I like having my finger on the pulse and staying up to date on what’s cutting edge.

Daniel happens to be in a very interesting position — he’s a successful soccer influencer and creates engaging content that has built an audience. His goal is to mix soccer and NFTs to make lifestyle content. He said it would be fun to get a 3D render of his Bored Ape and include the Ape in his soccer content. When he does this, the growing Bored Ape Yacht Club brand will lend itself to Daniel’s personal brand. 

The majority of current NFT activity is research, making connections and friends, learning the technology, buying, and selling, but we are beginning to enter a new phase. 

As NFTs trend toward mainstream exposure, it’s likely that we will see them show up more in our daily lives and careers. The potential for creativity is an open canvas — many people now own assets that are part of a larger community and brand. 

Like many others, Daniel wants to integrate his prized NFT assets into part of his identity. Just looking at the roster of celebrities who own a Bored Ape, there’s a lot of social proof for non-celebrity owners who can proudly display their assets as a Twitter profile picture (pfp). 

But Twitter PFPs are just the beginning. 

Timbaland is using a group of Bored Apes to form a group that will perform and produce music. And it won’t just be celebrities that capitalize on the Bored Ape (or other NFTs) brands, others can use the assets they own as they please.

For someone like Daniel, incorporating an NFT that’s part of a project owned by Jimmy Fallon, Post Malone, Steph Curry, and others into his own content will likely help him grow his audience and could lead to bigger opportunities in the future.

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The Top 25 Most Expensive Soccer NFTs Ever Sold

A few weeks ago, we published the 25 Most Expensive Soccer Cards Ever Sold, and now, it’s time to turn our attention to the most expensive Soccer NFTs ever sold. NFTs, non-fungible-tokens, have the potential to disrupt the sports world and some of the sales on this list are comparable to the most expensive physical trading cards ever sold. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, but because it isn’t one of the top sports in the United States, its trading card prices don’t compare to baseball, basketball, and football. 

NFT “rookie cards” have a much better chance of global access, because anyone with an internet connection can purchase and store these digital assets. 

We will look at the top 25 most expensive soccer NFTs ever sold from projects like Sorare, Wrapped Strikers, and collections released from players themselves (for example, Messiverse). 

Prices for sales are listed in US Dollars based on the value of Ethereum at the time. 

1. Lionel Messi: “The Golden One” — $1,128,815

This past August, a licensed NFT collection called “Messiverse” containing NFT assets that feature soccer legend Lionel Messi was auctioned to the public. The collection included this 1/1 “The Golden One” designed by Bosslogic, a famous artist known for his work on Marvel Studios projects. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson even reached out to BossLogic to create some art for one of his upcoming movies. 

This 1/1 Messi NFT had a reserve price set at $50,000 but rocketed to over $1 million in bids. While the final sale price hasn’t been recorded on Ethernity’s website, the last bid that was published hit $1.12 million, which is 161% of the value of the most expensive physical soccer rookie card ever sold.

The NFT is currently listed for 3,303,030 ETH on Opensea, an NFT buying and selling platform. 3,303,030 ETH is currently valued at ~$55,028,479. 

2. Cristiano Ronaldo: Unique Sorare — $265,275.55

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Unique 1 of 1 Sorare card sold for $265,275.55 just 7 months ago. Sorare is an NFT based fantasy soccer game that allows its players to buy, sell, trade, and manage a team built with digital playing cards, virtually. 

Ronaldo may be the most popular soccer player in the world, and this Unique 1/1 NFT sold for just 15% less than the most expensive physical Ronaldo rookie card (last sold for $312,000). 

3. Kevin De Bruyne: Unique Sorare — $167,469

Kevin De Bruyne is a 30-year-old Midfielder and some argue he’s one of the best players in the world, if not the best player in the world based on recent play. He’s a decorated player, including 3 Premier League Titles, and has been the player of the year in England, Germany, and Belgium. His 1/1 Unique Sorare card was sold 2 months ago for 52 ETH or $167,469. 

4. Mohamed Salah: Wrapped Strikers, Iconics /7 — $141,560.31

Mohamed Salah is a 29-year-old Forward for Liverpool F.C. He’s scored 10 goals in 11 games in the English Premier League and his Wrapped Strikers Iconics card (numbered to just 7 copies) sold two weeks ago for a record 35 ETH after a 3-goal performance against Manchester united. 

The Crypto Strikers project, now called Wrapped Strikers on Opensea, was created in 2018 in anticipation of the 2018 World Cup. It is the first known soccer NFT project and was created by two founders with a passion for sports cards. 

During the release of the project, there was a “card of the day” which featured top players in the 2018 World Cup and had a significantly lower supply than the typical cards in the set (featuring work from a different artist). This is the most expensive Wrapped Striker card that has been sold. You can learn more about the set and its history here

5. Lionel Messi: Wrapped CryptoStrikers, Iconics /13 — $128,512

There are just 13 Lionel Messi Iconics NFTs from the Wrapped Strikers set and one sold two months ago for 39.96 ETH or $128,512. There are actually fewer copies of this NFT (13) than Messi’s rookie Mega Cracks PSA 10 (20), but the latter sold for $336,000 in June this past year. 

Messi holds the title for most expensive NFT ever sold, but this is the earliest known Messi NFT (and the rarest from the set). While it’s not a licensed product, the history of the set is intriguing and is clearly valued on the open market. 

6. Cristiano Ronaldo: Wrapped Strikers, Iconics /12 — $120,685

Ronaldo’s Wrapped Striker Iconics NFT has 1 less copy than Messi’s and sold two weeks ago for 29.95 ETH or $120,685. There are 38 copies of Ronaldo’s Mega Craques physical rookie cards and a copy sold this past October for $312,000. 

So far, we’ve generally seen physical trading cards outprice traditional rookie cards, but this is a significant sale for an NFT “rookie” card of the most popular soccer player in the world.

7. Vinícius Júnior: Sorare Unique — $114,634

Vinícius Júnior is 21 years old and is a Forward for Real Madrid. He was named the UEFA Champions League player of the week this past August and scored 7 goals in 10 games in LaLiga. He’s a young player with a lot of potential. His 1/1 Unique Sorare sold 1 month ago for 39 ETH, or $114,634. 

For comparison, Júnior’s PSA 10 /25 Black Velocity Optic rookie card recently sold for $1,900.

8. Antoine Griezmann: Sorare Unique — $110,668

Antoine Griezmann is a 30-year-old forward for Atlético Madrid. In 2018, he won the Silver Boot after as the 2nd highest goal scorer in the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament. He scored 4 goals in the tournament and helped France win the World Cup. Greizemann’s 1 of 1 Unique Sorare sold 4 months ago for 50.88 ETH, which at the time was worth $110,668. 

As a price comparison, a Griezmann 1 of 1 Immaculate Autograph (non-rookie and not graded) sold for $1,500 in October. 

9. Paul Pogba: Sorare Unique — $92,491

Paul Pogba is a 28-year-old Midfielder for Manchester United and was also a member of the France national team that won the 2018 World Cup. Pogba scored a goal in the final game to help France secure its championship over Croatia. Pogba is also a two-time English League Cup winner and one-time Europa League winner. His 1/1 Sorare Unique sold 4 months ago for 39.09 ETH, worth $92,491 at the time. 

10. Kylian Mbappé: Sorare Super Rare — $88,064

Like Griezmann and Pogba, Kylian Mbappé won a World Cup with France in 2018 and scored a goal in the final match against Croatia. Mbappé is a popular young soccer player in the physical sports card market, with two copies of his Gold Prizm World Cup rookie card making the top 25 most expensive soccer cards ever sold list. Mbappé is 22 years old and plays forward for Paris Saint-Germain.

Mbappé’s /10 Super Rare Sorare NFT sold 1 month ago for 40 ETH, valued at $88,064. Mbappé’s Gold Prizm /10 physical rookie card sold for $161,130 in October, about 82% more than the /10 NFT card pictured above.

11. Kylian Mbappé: Sorare Super Rare — $85,159

Multiple copies of Mbappés Super Rare NFT have sold at amounts to make this top 25 list. 8 months ago, this Super Rare sold for 58.56 ETH, which was valued at $85,159.

One major difference between physical trading cards and NFT trading cards is that traditional trading cards are purchased in US dollars or other fiat currency, whereas NFTs are purchased in Ethereum, which can fluctuate in value. 

At the time of this purchase, Ethereum was worth $1,454. At the time of this writing, 1 Ethereum is worth $4,798. If the seller held those funds, they would be worth $280,970 today.

12. Kylian Mbappé: Sorare Super Rare — $84,075

It’s telling that multiple copies of the 10 Super Rare Mbappé cards sold at different times in the past 12 months for healthy amounts of money. There was enough demand to support multiple copies of this NFT being sold. This copy sold 1 month ago for 28 ETH, worth $84,075 at the time.

13. Luis Sinisterra: Sorare Unique — $80,527

Luis Sinisterra is a 21-year-old winger who plays for Feyenoord Rotterdam, a Dutch professional soccer team. Sinisterra’s 1/1 Unique Sorare NFT sold 2 weeks ago for 20 ETH, valued at $80,527. Sinisterra is a young player with potential but has only just begun his professional career. Sorare does have a utility advantage over the earlier Wrapped Strikers NFTs in that players can earn money by creating rosters from cards they own of particular players. It’s interesting to see that dynamic play out especially when comparing a price like this NFT to the next one in the list from Cristiano Ronaldo.

14. Cristiano Ronaldo: Wrapped Strikers, Iconics /12— $79,200

Two months ago, this Cristiano Ronaldo’s Iconic /12 sold 25 ETH, valued at $79,200. The Wrapped Strikers NFT project was created in 2018 and has historical value relative to Sorare. In 2018, the cards were used as a fantasy game, much like Sorare is used today. 

15. Kylian Mbappé: Sorare Rare — $74,558

Despite 100 copies issued of this NFT, Kylian Mbappé’s Sorare Rare sold 8 months ago for 49.99 ETH, worth $74,558 at the time. Mbappé Sorares show up multiple times on this list, but this is the only Rare /100 in the top 25 soccer NFT sales. Given that it sold 8 months ago, it’s likely it was one of the first of the Rare cards to hit the market.

16. Kylian Mbappé: Sorare Super Rare — $70,679

4 months ago, this Mbappé /10 Super Rare sold for 32.5 ETH, valued at $70,679. This is $14,000 less than the next highest sale of this NFT but sold for 4.5 more ETH. Keep in mind, the price of Ethereum moves up and down. Although this sale ranks lower in terms of US dollars, some may argue it was a more valuable sale given the higher ETH price.

17. Kylian Mbappé: Sorare Super Rare — $69,172

A second Mbappé Super Rare sold 4 months ago for 32.18 ETH. As is the case for the previous Super Rare sale, this card had a higher sale price in terms of ETH, but ETH was worth less at the time of the sale. 

18. Marquinhos: Sorare Unique — $68,606

Marquinhos is a 27-year-old Defender for Paris Saint-Germain and plays for the Brazilian national team. He’s won 6 Ligue 1 titles with Paris Saint-Germain and signed one of the most lucrative deals for a player under 20 at the time.  His Sorare Unique 1/1 sold 5 months ago for 24 ETH ($68,606). 

19. Lionel Messi: Wrapped CryptoStrikers, Iconics /13 — $66,309

Lionel Messi’s Wrapped Strikers Iconics /13 sold for 39.96 ETH 2 months ago, worth $66,309 at the time. This is the rarest Messi NFT in the 2018 NFT set. The lowest available Messi Iconic for sale is currently listed at 80 ETH ($384,611).

20. Cristiano Ronaldo: Wrapped CryptoStrikers, Iconics — $66,292

There are just 2 Cristiano Ronaldo Iconics listed for sale on Opensea with the lowest price at 55 ETH ($264,420). This copy sold for 29.95 ETH ($66,292) just two weeks ago. 29.95 ETH is now worth $143,733 at the time of this writing. 

21. Sebastian Syzmanski: Sorare Unique — $63,935

Sebastian Syzmanski is 22 years old and currently plays for FC Dynamo Moscow as a Midfielder. In 2018, he made Poland’s preliminary World Cup team but did not make the final cut. He recently signed a 5-year contract with Dynamo and was voted player of the month by Dynamo fans in July of 2021. It’s fascinating to see how well 1/1 Unique Sorares have done in the market, even for lesser-known players. 2 weeks ago, his 1/1 Unique Sorare sold for 15 ETH ($63,935).

22. Neymar: Wrapped Strikers, Iconics /9 — $63,287

Neymar is a 29-year-old Forward who currently plays for Paris St. Germain and the Brazilian national team. He is the third-highest Brazilian goal-scorer of all time and is on pace to beat Pele and Ronaldo’s records. Neymar is a popular player (163 million Instagram followers and was named Brazil’s most marketable athlete), but he’s been criticized for his lack of a World Cup victory. 

There are just 9 Neymar Iconics NFTs and one sold for 20 ETH ($63,297) 2 months ago. Neymar is often in the same conversion with Messi and Ronaldo as one of the greatest players of his generation and is ranked 3rd in global player popularity. 

23. Kylian Mbappé: Sorare Unique — $62,817

Kylian Mbappé’s 1/1 Unique Sorare sold 11 months ago for 116.15 ETH ($62,817). This is by far the highest Mbappé Sorare sold in terms of ETH, but the value of ETH was much lower 11 months ago. 116.15 ETH is currently worth $557,403. Given higher sales (in terms of US dollar amounts) for less rare cards, it would be interesting to see what would happen if this 1/1 hit the market again. 

24. Kylian Mbappé: Sorare Super Rare— $62,144

This is the sixth and final copy of Mbappé’s Super Rare Sorare /10 to make this list and sold 4 months ago for 32.18 ETH ($62,144). 8 of Mbappé’s NFTs made this list, the highest number out of any other player. 

25. Bruno Fernandes: Sorare Unique — $60,642

Bruno Fernandes is a 27-year-old Midfielder for Manchester United. Last season, he finished as the team’s top goalscorer and did so as a Midfielder. He has played 80 games for Manchester United and has scored 40 goals. Fernandes’ 2019 Unique 1/1 Sorare sold for 99 ETH ($60,642) 10 months ago. 99 ETH is currently worth $475,101.

NFT Sports

October 25th’s, 2021 NF3 Recap: Candy MLB, Mastercard and NFT Kicks

Thanks for joining us today for another legendary NF3 recap. If this is your first time tuning in, make sure to check out our previous NF3 recap.

In today’s news, Candy MLB is dropping their first MLB icon packs in NFT form. Mastercard announced that any bank or merchant on their list can offer crypto soon. Plus, we take a look at Flowers for Society, which combines NFTs with kicks. All of that and some other cool stuff in today’s NF3 recap. Let’s go!

This article does not constitute formal financial advice. Always do your own research before investing.

1. Candy drops the first digital MLB icon packs
<code><p class = "twitter-tweet"></p></code> is the future of digital collectibles. Candy is known for their sports fandom NFTs, such as the first college athlete NFT series. Well, today Candy dropped their first MLB Icon Packs. At 12 PM ET, 5,000 All-Star MLB Icon Packs were available, but only for early adopters. Then again at 2 PM, another 5,000 packs became available for early access Discord members. The public access drop starts tomorrow 10/26 at 12 PM ET.

Each pack includes 3 Candy MLB Icons which displays some of the best players in the league as well as some up-and-coming stars. There are 5 types of rarities that will be offered to the public. Core, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

The MLB Icon packs are split into two types, All-Star Packs, which contain 3 of the 2021 MLB-All Stars, or you can choose the Uncut Diamond packs, which contain 3 of the top prospects in the MLB. 

If you are an MLB fan and you love collecting, this drop is for you!

2. Mastercard says any bank or merchant on their list can soon offer crypto
<code><p class = "twitter-tweet"></p></code>

Mastercard is a pioneer when it comes to payment innovation and technology, hence today’s announcement that they will be partnering with a crypto firm, Bakkt Holdings Inc, to offer cryptocurrency card transactions.

 Banks and other merchants of Mastercard will be able to offer consumers crypto debit and credit cards that allow folks to make payments and earn rewards in Bitcoin. Of course, more cryptocurrencies are sure to be offered in the future. 

As far as how this will all work, Bakkt will convert the cryptocurrency into a currency that the merchant accepts before being sent over the Mastercard network. All of the consumer’s cryptocurrency will be safely stored in a wallet with Bakkt.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this seems like one giant step into the future of cryptocurrency technology being readily available for everyone to spend, earn, and trade easily.

3. Flowers for Society reveals their first NFT sneaker designs
<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

Flowers for Society is an innovative sneaker company combining the love of collecting sneakers with the love of collecting NFTs. The brand is still very new having just dropped their first sneaker design as well as how the entire concept works today. To be perfectly honest, this one has me excited. 

Every Flowers for Society drop will be available through pre-orders only, and each pair of shoes will be directly linked to the NFT. Wait, there’s more! If you purchase their first sneakers, the NFT will give you access to their unique metaverse community, which will also give collectors access to future collabs, releases, and limited edition products.

I’m excited about this project mainly because I really like sneakers and I love NFTs. With that being said, please be sure to always do your own research before investing your time and money into any NFT.

Other cool stuff

In other cool news, Jordan Belfort, American entrepreneur, announced on Twitter: “WOW! I LOVE NFT TWITTER! AND NOW THAT I’M HERE, I’M NOT FUCKING LEAVING! Gn”

<code><p class = "twitter-tweet"></p></code>

Which he posted shortly after Jordan had uploaded a picture of PUNK #6033 to his Twitter, along with the acronym “WGMI” (if you don’t know NFT Twitter terminology, you can learn it all here). I believe that this flex of his is further proof that NFTs are becoming an asset to be reckoned with.

In other fun NFT news, Axie Infinity posted their very first TikTok video, officially announcing their presence on the video-sharing social app. It looks like Axie may begin to use TikTok to leverage their popular NFT brand even further, and perhaps reach some people that they have never made contact with before.

<code><p class = "twitter-tweet"></p></code>

Ultimately, only time will tell where all this amazing news will take us in the near future. Make sure to be on the lookout for our next NF3 as we uncover the day’s most important NFT related updates.

If there’s something you’d like to see covered more often, please let us know in the comments section below, or join us in our Discord community and chat with us in real-time. Until next time NF3 fam.