Reebok CEO Todd Krinsky and ABG’s Nick Woodhouse on A.I., Taking Risks and More

“Don’t be nervous. And don’t be afraid to fail,” Nick Woodhouse smiles to me as he recounts the advice he would offer his 20 year old self. Woodhouse is the President and CMO of ABG, which owns a wide swath of brands from Reebok to Brooks Brothers, Nautica and more. After acquiring Reebok earlier this year, Nick appointed a new CEO of Reebok: Todd Krinsky. The two have formed a partnership intended to ignite a renaissance for the brand and a return to its heyday. I had the opportunity to speak with Nick and Todd to hear about both of their entrepreneurial trajectories and plans for the future of Reebok.

Who is Todd Krinsky?

Todd’s journey to becoming CEO of Reebok seems like it came straight out of a movie script. He began his career as a kid who loved sneakers, selling shoes on the floor of a FootLocker. “Selling Jordans,” he tells me, and then with a little glint in his eye: “And then I think ‘89, I sold my first pump shoe.”

He fires off the rest of the story too quickly: “And then I parlay that into a job working in the mail room at Reebok, which my parents were thrilled about outta college. So I worked in the mailroom for almost 15 months. And yeah… now I’m CEO of Reebok.”

Immediately, Nick jumps in: “He’s selling himself short. This is the guy that had his picture on pieces of paper, slid it under executives doors and said, I’ll work for free, and I’ll do this and I’ll do that. He was that guy. He was that guy that hustled for that. Like, you don’t have to pay me. I want to work at Reebok and I want to do this.”

With a little coaxing, Todd relents:

“Yeah. I hustled. I made these coupons. I figured out how long I could work without getting paid during the day. And I made these coupons and I put ’em in everyone’s mailbox. The coupons said I’d work four weeks for free. There’s a picture of me, I still have the coupon.

Todd Krinsky

“Nobody really took… Well, first of all I got in trouble with the mailroom head. No one took me up on that specific thing, but I got awareness and I got known and eventually led to a role.

“I was kind of in because I was delivering mail, and I was gonna take advantage of it every day with the hustle.”

“It was his destiny,” Nick interjects, smirking.

Todd would go on to play an integral role in bringing on some of Reebok’s most iconic partnerships over the years. He encouraged the signing of A.I., helmed their introduction of Jay-Z’s sneaker (a then-novel idea to have a rapper with a signature shoe) and then drove their music partnerships for year before moving into product and design.

Who is Nick Woodhouse?

Similar to Todd, Nick got his start working retail for a sneaker and tee shirt store called Forzani Locker Room. 

Nick Woodhouse

“That allowed me to grow my love of consumer connectivity. So that was that was the beginning of my love of working retail. To me, [retail] allows you to build confidence, right? You have to go approach people. You learn numbers, you learn, you learn everything. And you learn product. It’s a foundation for what you do. So that was beginning.”

Nick initially got his job at Forzani’s so he could buy a coveted pair of shoes there on the shelf, but would go on to rise through the ranks of the Forzani Group to become a VP. He eventually joined ABG in 2012, where he has been instrumental in expanding the company’s roster and cementing themselves as the second biggest licenser in the word behind Disney, with a $24 billion portfolio of global brands.

“So it’s been an interesting trajectory. As I look back, on the way to get here, every decision was filled with anxiety. Now when I look back on that path, I see the path was crystal clear for me to get here. Looking back, there was a time I would cry about those decisions.

“Now I’m like, well that worked out okay, didn’t it?” he chuckles to me, buttoning up a 40 year career.

Allen Iverson Joins Reebok
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Eventually, we turn to Reebok itself. As a perpetual fanboy, I had to hear a bit about how Todd brought A.I. to the brand back in the 90s:

“So basically it was myself and a friend of mine Que Gaskins. We were watching Georgetown play. It was his sophomore year and I think it was the Sweet 16 where he had this dunk on Marcus Camby. We had already been talking about him and we were like, ‘Oh my god.’ 

“It was the swagger he had, you know. I mean, he didn’t have the corn rows or the tattoos yet, but he had the swagger. He had this incredibly brash attitude on the court. He was obviously a football player playing basketball.

“And so we started to kind of talk internally. And then there was this guy named Howard Smith, who was running marketing at the time. And we were like, ‘We gotta sign ’em we gotta sign ’em.’

Getty Images

“He said, ‘Listen, I don’t make the call. Paul Fireman [Then CEO of Reebok] makes the call. Come to the boardroom.’ So we go to the boardroom and there’s like, I don’t know, 15 executives in that huge boardroom, and it’s me and Que. And I’m like 25 or whatever. And Paul says the famous quote. He goes, ‘Listen, if we don’t get ’em, there’ll be another Allen Iverson.’

“And this is one of those risk taking moments where Que and I stood up and unplanned, almost in unison. We were like, ‘No there won’t!’ And Paul was like, ‘Who are these guys? How did they get in there?’ But then he listened: ‘Well, tell me why.’

“We were so nervous. We were like ‘There won’t be someone like him. He’s off the court, incredible. He’s got this brash attitude. He relates to kids. He’s six foot, dunking in traffic, blah, blah.’ We’re going crazy. And, you know, talking over each other.

“And then Paul’s like, ‘All right, alright, alright. We’re gonna shoot for it, we’re gonna shoot for it.’

“The one other thing that was going on at the time is we started to create a shoe for him while he was at Georgetown, at our designer’s apartment.

“And so by the time we got a chance to meet Allen, we actually had the shoe almost done. The Question. We were designing the question in a little apartment in Quincy, Mass, off campus. Because we didn’t wanna get in trouble. And this is before social media. 

Todd Krinsky

We were designing The Question in a little apartment in Quincy, Mass.

“So Que and I were cutting out pictures in USA Today and the Georgetown paper and putting ’em up in the designer’s room. Because the designer wasn’t a basketball guy, just a great designer, Scott Hewitt. So we had to bring him into the culture of what this guy represented, and he created The Question.

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“And then we went down to Washington DC and David Falk’s office, and in walks Allen Iverson for the first time. It was really surreal for us, because we had been obsessing over him for like a year and a half. And then here’s the shoe and here’s the guy and the whole thing, it was really surreal. 

“I think it was just that he didn’t have any desire to conform. Like people say, ‘Oh, he doesn’t care what people think.’ And I think nine out 10 people do care. He just didn’t care. He really marched to his own drum and he was gonna dress and talk how he wanted it, and I think young people started to relate to him.” 

Todd Krinsky on A.I.

The NBA is an expression of everyone today, because he gave people permission to do that.

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What makes Reebok, Reebok?

As a 30-year vet of the brand, there is perhaps no one alive better poised to summarize the ethos of the sportswear brand than Todd himself. He explains the spirit of the brand in detail:

“I think Reebok has always kind of zigged when everyone else is zagging. You know, what really has made Reebok work over the years is just running a different playbook, bold innovation. Incredible heritage. And then combining that with a lot of risk taking, with signing irreverent personalities that you didn’t know if it was gonna work.

“Like you know, an Allen Iverson. Like an unprecedented deal with the NFL to be the first brand to take the entire NFL, even though we had no idea how we were gonna do it. To a watershed deal with Jay-Z. Where we asked, could a music person actually sell a shoe like a basketball player?

“These were a lot of risks that were taken. So I think intrinsic to Reebok is a really strong risk taking brand that just has a different lens on culture. And I think the market needs it because I think that so many brands talk and launch and do things the same way.

“So I think the ethos of Reebok is this irreverence that appeals to so many people.”

The Reebok Jay-Z Partnership

In 98/99, there was an NBA strike. During a period where basketball product was imbued at the center of all style, this left a pretty big chasm. Todd tells me that Paul Fireman had just returned to Reebok in this time, and was trying to figure out what the “kids were into” that could help fill the void. It pretty quickly became clear that music was the next best place to look:

“Literally what happened was Paul looked at a couple of us and said, ‘Well, who’s the guy?’”

The next day, they were in a meeting with HOV. 

“I’ve worked with a lot of celebrities and people, but it was a little surreal,” Todd recounts, explaining:

“Jay and I have this sneaker conversation for like two hours. We’re the same age. I grew up a sneaker kid, he loved sneakers. It centered around the Gucci tennis shoe and what it meant to him. And obviously I knew that shoe and it just went from two guys talking about their passion for sneakers.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

“A couple weeks later, we did the deal and we did the first shoe, inspired by Gucci. And everyone was like, ‘Probably won’t work. It’s not basketball, it’s not the formula.’ And Jay wasn’t even a hundred percent sure. 

I’ll never forget, we used to have a store in Philly, a Reebok store in Philly. I think we had like 10,000 pairs of the shoe in the two stores. We drive up, and it’s pandemonium. We’re in this Sprinter and I’ll never forget, I don’t know, 8,000 people shut the whole street down. And Jay looks back at me and says, ‘I think this is gonna work.’

Todd Krinsky

8,000 people shut the whole street down. And Jay looks back at me and says, ‘I think this is gonna work.’

“Then it was like one of the fastest selling sneakers we ever had, and it birthed this whole generation of music and sneakers.” 

The Future of Reebok

As we turn to the future, Nick and Todd are both optimistic about bring Reebok back to existing at the apex of sports, music and culture. “Our mantra is: Let Reebok be Reebok. And the exciting thing about that is that we’re re-unleashing Reebok on the world,” Nick dives in:

“That could be anything from retros and the archive that Todd is bringing to the world, new shoes, new technology.

“We wouldn’t be winning those shoe shelves if we didn’t win the hearts and minds of the buyers and the consumers to earn those shoe shelves too. So this whole idea of letting Reebok be Reebok is, to me, is the most exciting thing that’s happening in our brand these days.” 

Todd, personally at the helm of the brand, adds:

“I think that there’s a real strong space for Reebok in the market. Maybe over the last decade we’ve kind of pulled back and allowed others to come in. And that space is being one of the strongest brands that can do heritage, can do performance. It kind of has this irreverent attitude to how we approach the market, the people we signed, how we launch products. This has been really an intrinsic part of Reebok, and I think I was fortunate enough to be around and see and experience and feel a lot of what we meant to consumers around the world before.

“And so my excitement and motivation every day is to get us back to that place, to be that meaningful brand in the market again. Really what we say is, to get back to our rightful place.”

What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?

Being two men who built careers around their nascent love of retail and sneaker culture, it was a great opportunity to get some advice. So I asked the two to reflect back on the beginning of their careers.

Todd: “Mine’s gonna sound a little bit cliche, but it’s really true. You just can’t let the highs get you too high and you can’t low get you too low. You’re gonna get there, but you gotta stay even keel. You gotta take risks. You gotta enjoy the process, but it’s never gonna be as good as when you’re up here. It’s never gonna be as bad as when you’re in your ultimate despair. You gotta keep moving, learn from it.”

Nick: “I would say don’t be nervous and don’t be afraid to fail. It took me a long, long time to realize it’s okay to take these big risks and you’re never gonna get anywhere without this unwavering conviction that it’s okay if you’re not doing what everyone else is doing.”

Todd: “The only last thing I would say, especially in this career, is you gotta be open minded to opportunities. You don’t know at 20 what you really like or what you really want. I had the opportunity to work in a lot of different areas, but I had a chance to live in South Korea for three years. I didn’t really want to be a developer, but I took the opportunity to learn. I look back and in my thirty years, some of the most valuable time was living in a factory.”

Todd Krinsky

Whatever option you take, it’s not forever. Just use it as a tool to learn.

As we conclude our conversation, Nick turns to the importance of gratitude and remembering those who help you along the way: 

“I still reach out to people that did things for me at the time that I probably dismissed. Now as I look back, that was a crucial moment in my life. That could be everything from the guy who sold me my first house when I was 25. I didn’t realize what he did for me. I shouldn’t have been able to afford that house and it changed my life. I didn’t appreciate it at the time. So I reach out to him and I’ll text him on his birthday. His name is Tommy Forzani.

“All these people that touch me in my life. And for the same reason, I hope that one day I have those moments with other individuals, right? I’m sure there’s all these moments, seminal moments in your life that, if it didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be where I am.

“We’re all connected somehow, right? The thread. The thread hums amongst all of us. And the thread with those people hums a little bit louder when you go back to them.”


Here Are the 11 Best Dressed NFL Players From The Tunnel to the Runway

As you all know, the NFL stands for National Football League.”Today, however, the NFL stands for National Fashion League. Here us out, we already know that when it comes to the topic of the best dressed athletes, most agree that the NBA is the sports league that gets the most attention, with perhaps Proper Futbol running a close second place. How about the NFL though? The style of the players gets talked about sometimes, but you don’t really see on-going watch lists and dedicated Instagram accounts closely following the players and their daily/weekly outfits the way that you do with the NBA.

There are some very stylish NFL players who make it a point to be dripped out for their tunnel fits and IG pics as well, and today we are taking a look at some of the best. We rounded up eleven players that we feel best encompasses the current landscape of NFL fashion, and we’re going to be taking on the task of ranking them. 

Want to see who makes the cut? Check out the list below. 

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1. Russell Wilson
Team: Denver Broncos

Russell Wilson has been one of the most stylish players in the NFL for the past several years, and we’ll argue that his better have, Ciara, probably has a little something to do with that. While Wilson’s tunnel fits tend to be a little more on the casual laid back side, we’ve seen him up the ante for plenty of red carpet and entertainment events with a number of luxury suits and fits. Keep listening to your wife Russell!

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
2. Tom Brady
Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady might seem like an obvious choice because, well, he is an obvious choice. Brady’s fashion reign in the NFL dates back almost as long as his championship dominance, as the quarterback has had a number of notable tunnel fits and industry event outfits since the mid-2000s. So it was only right that the GOAT start his own fashion line (aptly titled BRADY) for young men and athletes, which at the moment is primarily centered around technical athletic apparel. That said, the BRADY brand is rapidly expanding, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing some more streetwear and formal products in the near future.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
3. Deandre Hopkins
Team: Arizona Cardinals

Deandre Hopkins actually considers him to be not just the best dressed player in the NFL, but the best dressed athlete in all of sports. Some of his fellow contemporaries might debate on him that, but looking at his catalog of style moments, he does present a solid case. Hopkins is very much active in the street couture scene, keeps up with the latest trends, regularly documents his fits on Instagram, and isn’t afraid to take fashion risks. A true fashion king.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
4. Travis Kelce
Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Speaking of players that aren’t afraid of taking style risks, Travis Kelce has established himself as another arguable case for best dressed in the league. From his interesting suit designs to his colorful dress shirts and jumpsuits, Kelce could very well have a full time career in the modeling and fashion world after he retires seeing as though he already has the endorsements from the industry and runway experience.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
5. Odell Beckham Jr.
Team: TBA

We’re still waiting to see which team Odell Beckham Jr. ends up signing with, but in the meantime we can appreciate the many noteworthy style statements he’s given us over the seasons. Odell’s pre-game fits are in many ways a fashion show itself, and of course we can’t forget his Met Gala appearances. This past year’s event saw Beckham sporting a $650,000 chain made by the homie Gabriel The Jeweler, which accompanied a velvet green hoodie. One thing’s for sure, Odell’s reign in fashion is just beginning.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
6. Jamal Adams
Team: Seattle Seahawks

Jamal Adams is quite underrated when it comes to the world of stylish athletes, and that needs to change ASAP. Adams has a way of blending together casual athletic pieces with high fashion in a way that is still very much attainable for those that may not be able to get their hands on those couture pieces. Adams’ style is very much what we call “dupeable,” and we appreciate him for that.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
7. Cam Newton
Team: TBA

Cam Newton is another player who we’re still waiting to see which team he ends up signing with in the future, but there is no denying the fact that Newton’s style has been one that has had people talking. And at the end of the day, if your style can cause commotion, then you need a round of applause because not everybody has the power to do that.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
8. Patrick Mahomes
Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes is still very much a youngblood when it comes to NFL style, but he has already produced some commendable fashion moments that could make a contender for the best dressed list in the coming years. 

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
9. Saquon Barkley
Team: New York Giants

Don’t get it twisted, Saquon is very much a future contender for the best dressed department as well. In fact, he might just have the streetwear game on lock because we’ll make the argument that he’s one of the best in the NFL at pulling off street looks. And while street is his thing, he can do the upscale red carpet outfits pretty well too. Don’t sleep on Saquon.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
10. Von Miller
Team: Buffalo Bills

Von Miller is our country style NFL icon, always bringing the flavor whether it’s pre-game, via Instagram, or the red carpet. Never stop being you Von Miller. Never Stop being you.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
11. Kyler Murray
Team: Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray is another 25-year-old that has to pay his due amongst the NFL’s most stylish before he can be considered for the best dressed crown, but he is definitely on his way. His green ensemble that he wore pre-game against the Philadelphia Eagles may not have been appreciated amongst the masses, but we rocked with it. It’s called high fashion people! Keep doing you Kyler Murray.

So what do you guys think of this list? Who else is killing it in the NFL fashion game? Let us know and be sure to keep up with us for more style articles and content. 


Ida Sports is the Go-To Destination For Women’s Soccer Cleats

Women kick butt. You already know this, but from time to time we have to throw in friendly reminders. Meet Laura Youngson, founder and CEO of Ida Sports, the brand that has been championing female athletes since 2017 with their soccer cleats designed specifically for women’s biomechanics. As you all know, the surge in NWSL interest and viewership this season is making the brand more relevant than ever, with the recent NWSL championship airing prime time for the first time ever, highlighting a particularly significant moment in the history of women’s sports.

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<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

This is yet another growing example of female athletes finally being given their long overdue spotlight and opportunity they wholly deserve, and Ida Sports in particular is one of the biggest contributors to the movement with their regular new top-of-the-line product drops for women’s soccer players. 

We chatted with Youngson to learn about the journey of the brand, how she balances entrepreneurship with motherhood, and much more. You can check it out below.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

ONE37pm: Great to be chatting with you Laura! Congratulations on everything Ida Sports has accomplished! Can you walk us through the journey of the brand from the very beginning?

Youngson: It’s been quite a crazy journey because it started with me having played amateur football and soccer, and really loved the game. I had an opportunity to play around the world, and I was always wearing kids boots to play. I was an adult female, but I had to wear kids boots to play this sport! I thought it was just me, but we did this super cool trip where I took a bunch of women to the top of Kilimanjaro to play 90 minutes of soccer.

It was amazing, we set a Guinness World Record, and women from across the world came to play. I was talking to them, and they said that they wore mens and kids’ shoes as well. I looked into the research behind it, and there is so much medical research about the differences between men and women’s feet. That’s kind of what set me off on this journey of research and understanding.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

Early on, I didn’t understand how to make shoes because that’s not my background. One of the first things I did was cut up a shoe to figure out what was in it, and then I cut it up to make a futbol boot. That was the first step in understanding how to make a product to sell to people in terms of the prototype journey, and that shoe is actually in the Design Museum in London! I’m a little embarrassed because we call it the “Franken” shoe since it looks so bad, but it is there! It shows how far we’ve come.

ONE37pm: Obviously the landscape was different in 2017 as opposed to now even in terms of how women’s sports and apparel was treated. Were there any challenges or obstacles you faced?

Youngson: At the beginning there were a few hurdles like understanding the shoe industry because it is quite closed knowing that you have to be recommended and have a certain amount of knowledge. We’ve been really lucky to have a few key people in Australia at the time who helped us develop the starting points based on female biomechanics. Getting the right grounding and base was super important, and even things like taking the shoes into factories and having to convince them to not put it in the men’s department.

Those were the technical challenges, but there were also science challenges as well. Up until now, there’s been men’s, kids, and unisex, and people telling you to just size up or size down, and that narrative is something that isn’t true. We need women’s shoes! People are so ingrained by what they see in the stores, that cutting through that messaging was pretty hard in terms of investors and things like that.

ONE37pm: Obviously to start a successful business, you have to have connections. Did playing sports allow you to initially have the connects you needed, and how were you able to meet these people?

Youngson: It’s amazing! You call it your squad when you play soccer, and that goes into real life. That trip to Kilimanjaro that we worked on was all about women around the world advocating for gender equality in the sport. We call them mountain sisters because we’re everywhere from coaching in California to my former teammate in London who’s now one of the very few female directors on Netflix series.

She filmed the trip and opened up this whole other world to us that we didn’t even know anything about. Even if we didn’t have a network, we were able to call upon people. We spent a lot of time talking to businesses in Australia who are in the same space, and one of those places was kind enough to teach us about operations and how to work with factories. 

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

Then a professor taught us how to make a shoe because we had no idea. I think at each point everyone just took pity on us not knowing what we were doing and decided to help us. We ended up just having this beautiful network of people to help us out because they really wanted us to succeed.


ONE37pm: And did you ever learn how to make a sneaker?

Youngson: Yeah! There’s so many cool and intricate parts! I’m glad I’ve got a design team now, but I loved learning about the different processes because now I can have input because there are so many different layers. With me not being from the industry, I was able to approach it from a “this works or doesn’t work” point of view, and I found that oftentimes people have been doing things because they have seen others do it. There wasn’t really much thought going into it, so we picked apart the design process, and I think that is why we have been able to be so successful and agile. 

ONE37pm: Now I understand you have a few new product drops on the site. Could you talk more about those?

Youngson: The cool thing is that we released our first product during the course of the pandemic, and we were able to sell out. That’s when we realized that we were on to something because there was no sport at all going on during that time, but people still wanted the products. I think what we have been able to do now is add variety to our portfolio. One of the boots we have coming out is called the Ida Rise, and that’s got a sock on it which has got a lot of features that help the speed element. That’s going really well for wingers and strikers because they rely a lot on speed. The other boot is called the Ida Centra, and that is a more accessible price point.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

One of things we hear from parents is the complaint that they don’t want to spend too much on shoes because their daughters are growing so fast, they just want something for the season. That one is getting really good reviews for the season for being super comfy. It’s been exciting being able to bring those out and reach new consumers because it’s based on customer feedback. We’ve been driven by what people tell us they want, which has been amazing because these are shoes based on their feedback.

Our Dick’s Sporting Goods partnership has been amazing as well in terms of feedback. We’ve been able to see what people are buying in store, and then create for them based on that.

ONE37pm: Alright so we are in the final months of 2022 and we’re heading into 2023. What do these next few months look like for you guys?

Youngson: We’re working on expansion that comes with new colorways and updates on some of the stuff we have out already, and now that we have been able to grow, we’re working on different shoes for different surfaces. We’re bringing out an Astro Boot specifically for indoor which we are excited about. And then we are working on a World Cup boot because next year is the World Cup for women! It’s top secret! It’s been fun to work on.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

ONE37pm: I think it would be nice to end this by asking you what it’s like to balance running a business with being a mom. A lot of people underestimate us women and say we can’t do it, but you’re doing it!

Youngson: One hundred percent! Especially with investors, there’s a certain skepticism that you can be a mom and run a business. You are less “investible” because of that, and I think it’s completely the opposite. Being a mom and entrepreneur requires ruthless prioritization because you have to get all this stuff done in a day and make time for your kids. Ida Sports is like my little baby as well, so I’m growing three babies as opposed to just two. One of things I am trying to do is be a blueprint for other women, so that way they can do it too.

It is hard! It’s tricky, but you can do it, especially with the support of great investors which we have. They get what we are trying to do by transforming working conditions. We want to be that company where people can be flexible, and don’t have to choose between a career and a family to work on the stuff you love to work on.

There’s tons more in store for Ida Sports. Be sure to follow them on their website, as well as their Instagram for more updates.

Sneakers Style

The 27 Best High Top Sneakers to Buy Right Now

Whether you’ve cleaned your apartment to within an inch of its life or smoked all of your weed in the first week, the walls are certainly starting to close in as quarantine goes full tilt. And despite all of the Zoom virtual happy hours that help you cling to your sanity, keep in mind that maybe for the first time ever, shopping from your couch has you in the running to be a quarantine hero.  Use this time to stock up on incense, wear your sweatpants to “work” and finally pull the trigger on some of the best high top sneakers available.

From once-in-a-lifetime grails to standard picks for any rotation, ONE37pm took the liberty of assembling the 20 best high top sneakers and where you can buy them right now (from the couch, pajama bottoms optional).

1. Air Jordan 1
Fight Club

Surrounded in folklore, there’s hardly a high top sneaker, even a sneaker in general, with greater cultural importance than the Air Jordan 1. The genesis of Nike’s most legendary footwear line, the AJ1’s long lineage from its athletic beginnings to its transcendence in modern culture, skateboarding and footwear in general has cemented the high top silhouette as not only an on-court staple but a streetwear icon regaled by top athletes and influencers alike.

The sneaker is one of the most recognizable designs ever and one of the only models to continually be retro-ed on an almost yearly basis since its original debut in 1985.  Best colorways include the Chicago, first Off-White collab, Pine Green and All-Star 2017.

2. Supra Skytop

Of the high top sneakers to make this list, I think the Supra Skytop is one of my favorites, with the potential to be top five. Based on pure historical context, the Supra Skytop was the ugly sneaker sweeping the nation before the phrase “Triple S” or “Arclight” meant anything to Balenciaga or LV. Straight from the IG mood boards of 2008, a bygone era of horrendous style, the Supra Skytop was one of the forefathers of the hyperbolically designed high top fashion-forward sneakers of the current era.

Designed partially by Chad Muska, (famous for his stash pocket on other skate sneakers), the model is a living testament to the duality of footwear. Just athletic and functional enough to be passed off as a skate silhouette but easy enough to moonlight as a glossy, fancy shoe fit for a celebrity on the red carpet.

3. Converse Chuck Taylor

Whether you’re an ancient basketball player, streetwear enthusiast, or scene kid from 2010, the Converse Chuck Taylor probably holds a special place in your heart. The sneaker’s simple canvas upper and rubber midsole was fascinating technology for turn-of-the-century athletics but the simply designed high top has created a near-perfect template to open the door for collaborations. With an unmistakable silhouette, the brand can introduce and highlight almost any fabric restructuring and colorways due to the strength of the sneaker’s simple shape.

With plain canvas and mostly tonal color schemes the sneaker also inadvertently invites the personal modification and collaboration with the wearer, just ask someone shopping for an “Asking Alexandria” t-shirt in Hot Topic. My favorite collaborations: Brain Dead, J.W. Anderson, Kith, and my sister during her goth phase.

4. Nike SB Dunk High
Fight Club

Nike’s foray into the world of skateboarding was nothing short of controversial and iconoclastic, but no matter how you feel about the Swoosh’s place in skating, most skaters would show love to the Nike SB Dunk High. Almost as famous as its low counterpart, the Nike SB Dunk is high on the list of Nike’s best silhouettes. As circumstances would have it, a sneaker that was originally rejected by its target demographic took on a secondary role as a coveted commodity for sneakerheads looking to collect different colorways of their favorite dunk models.

The most famous moment in all of sneaker history even had to do with a dunk sneaker: the “Pigeon” dunk release which landed sneakerheads on the cover of the NY Post and the Nike Dunk at the forefront of sneakerhead’s minds. Best colorways: Sea Crystal, California, Skunk and De La Soul.

BUY NOW AT STOCKX, $150 to $1000
5. Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi 2

Hoka One One (look up the pronunciation) has been on the up and up since the end of 2019, producing eye-catching silhouettes with a high emphasis on materials and functionality. Their utilitarian vibe corresponds with current styles as hiking and outdoorsy silhouettes from brands like Salomon have been enjoying a long stride as a footwear favorite with everyone from actual hikers to SoHo socialites. Hoka One One’s Tor Ultra Hi 2, like most of the brand’s sneakers, features a bulky and built out silhouette with a neutral set of colors, giving off the aesthetic of a military boot.

Despite their obtuse shape, the sneaker is incredibly light. Hoka must-haves: collaboration with Engineered Garments.

BUY NOW AT HOKA, $164.99
6. Vans Sk8-Hi

It’s the Air Jordan 1, but for skateboarders. A confirmed classic, timeless, iconic and evergreen. The Vans Sk8-Hi originally debuted in 1978, and ever since it’s been an iconic silhouette for skating performance as well as lifestyle. The sneaker features a matchup of both suede and leather overlays with a padded ankle collar and staple rubber waffle print outsole.

Skaters were originally drawn to the added protection of the high collar as well as the all-over stylish design and jazz stripe, a white banner that now graces most Vans styles was first seen on the Sk8-Hi. Classic colorway: Stick with the OG black/white colorway for a vintage dash of timeless style and performance.

7. Adidas Rivalry Hi

The brand with the Three Stripes is not necessarily known for its relevance or prevalence on the basketball court, but the time-tested brand does have some heat still tucked away in the archives. The Adidas Rivalry Hi launched initially to some hype thanks to Patrick Ewing and features its most notable “Knicks” colorway which sees the silhouette in a mostly white colorway with blue and orange accents throughout.

Since then, the sneaker has had some help from the likes of Eric Emmanuel and Keith Haring, two recent drops that have brought some attention to the archival silhouette. Three Stripes for the court: Keith Haring or Eric Emmanuel.

BUY NOW AT ADIDAS, $60 to $110
8. Nike AF1 High

The Nike Air Force 1 High features one of the brand’s best selling sneakers in a high top format. The low silhouette has garnered a reputation as a sneakerhead’s ultimate go-to, a “buy one pair every six months” type of sneaker which speaks to the reliability sneakerheads have come to enjoy over the years since the sneaker’s late ‘80s debut on the court for Nike. The high top iteration of the silhouette includes a high ankle collar with an adjustable strap that crosses in front of the tongue. Best colorway: All except for all-black, collaborations with OBJ, and yours—make your own in NikeID.

BUY NOW AT NIKE, $106.97
9. Balenciaga Speed Trainer

As easy as it might be to stay away from high-end designer sneakers, it’s time to give the Balenciaga Speed Trainer its due. As a high top sneaker, the sock-like design separated it from other sneakers—sock-like design seemed to rule sneakers for a moment, most notably the Reebok x Vetements sock sneakers…which I still see in my nightmares.

In short, Balenciaga, for all of their lack of sneaker savvy or sneaker cultural relevance, did a good job capitalizing on the sock sneaker moment and created one of the better high tops from that weird moment in sneaker history. Best of Balenci: Keep it classic in the black/white colorway and, for the love of God, stay away from the ones with the laces.

10. Nike Air Yeezy

Straight out of the mythology of Nike is their uber-famous time spent with Kanye West, who is proving to be, perhaps, the most interesting designer of the last decade. Whether you remember Ye’s work with the Swoosh or if you can only recall the 350 Turtle Dove (probably depends on your age), the product of Nike x Kanye was the stuff of instant legend.

The Nike Air Yeezy was a confirmed classic when it dropped in 2009 and only went on to more fame and circumstance with the fans when the Nike Air Yeezy 2 dropped in 2012, continuing to stroke the flame of Ye’s popularity at Nike. Want to feel like Pablo? Pick up the “Red Octobers.”

11. Adidas Yeezy 750

Starting out hot from his switch to Adidas, Kanye blessed us with the Yeezy 750—the first of countless numbers of silhouettes and versions to come from the collaborative efforts of West and members of the brand with the three stripes. Hyped up off the anticipation of West’s first move since Nike, the 750 was hailed for its high top style and its high top price point, coming in at around $220. The drop was an expensive but accurate representation of what the two had cooking. Return to the start of West x Adidas with the “Grey” 750 that launched the partnership.

12. Common Projects Tournament Leather High Top
Neiman Marcus

No matter your feelings about the brand Common Projects, their ability to produce a clean, high-end silhouette is far from arguable. Their simple design mixed with super high-quality materials has made them the clean and classic go-to of the designer sneaker world. (A similar case might be made for Golden Goose, but that’s for another time.) Common Projects takes a super basic sneaker design and elevates it past the point of functionality by adding a serving of extra luxe to make it something worth bragging about.

The Tournament Leather sees a classic high top sneaker in a variety of simple colorways with gold foil accenting and high-quality grade leather which covers the upper. A nice detail is a zipper on the heel with both stylistic and functional design. Sometimes all-white or black isn’t a bad thing.

13. Nike Air Mowabb

At the heart of Nike is one of their lesser-known lines, All Conditions Gear—better known as ACG. Among these outdoorsy and hiking-focused silhouettes is the Nike Air Mowabb, a sleeper pick from deep in the archives that carries the energy of an IG story and some of the biggest IYKYK vibes ever. The sneaker is bulky, busy, and features a variety of design components like a huarache ankle collar, sock liner and upper with premium materials.

The Air Mowabb stands out for a couple of reasons, primarily it looks the best in the colorway of “RATTAN/BRIGHT MANDARIN-BIRCH” which is now widely referred to as “Mowabb.” Additionally the Air Mowabb clashed with the creative designers from Comme des Garcons, another three-lettered acronym brand that subtly replaced the “ACG” branding hit on ankle collar of the Mowabb with “CDG” a perfect detail that makes the simple black and white collab all that better. Outdoors and high fashion. Who would’ve thought?

14. 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi x Salomon Edition Bamba 3

If you’re tickled fancy by outdoorsy sneakers, trail-running, and super treaded outsoles then Salomon is a brand you’re probably familiar with. If not, it’s probably worth warming up to—with recent collaborations with streetwear juggernaut Palace, the brand’s Xt-6 and S-Lab sneakers are some of the hottest streetwear accessories right now.

The high top versions of the Salomons are just as high-tech, incredibly durable, and somehow incredibly attractive to non-hiking sneakerheads looking to give their style a more technical edge without shelling out for ACRONYM and other brands hawking high tech for a high price. Get extra dirty with Salomon’s collaboration with 11 by Boris Sidjan Saberi.

15. Reebok Shaqnosis

The Reebok Shaqnosis was a no-brainer. The brand doesn’t have much to offer in terms of palatable high top sneakers, but this wavy design from ‘96 plus the cosign from the big man is certainly enough for real heads to recognize the legitimacy and impact of the Shaqnosis. Taking an interesting concept to fruition and using a simple black and white color scheme are just some of the attributes that make this sneaker a winner.

The seamless transition of the graphic from the upper to the midsole and also considering that 1996 was the first year of Shaq’s long-reigning tenure as a Los Angeles Laker are just a few additional details that round out the shoe as a successful concept. Yes, they’re still available, you just need to know where to look.

16. John Geiger 002 High
John Geiger

Maybe the only non-major brand high top sneaker to be included in the list, the John Geiger 002 is a clean and classic high top sneaker that features a unique lacing system to help the silhouette stand out from other minimalistic, designer sneakers out there. If you haven’t heard about John Geiger, well now’s your chance to tune in—the Pittsburgh creative has had “big things coming” for the past few years and has yet to fail in delivering a well thought out and fantastically designed project.

Gieger has some hot colorways out there but opt for the “Bred” version—that is, if you can track one down for a reasonable price.

17. Dior B23

All prejudice from the Dior x Air Jordan 1 collaboration aside, the Dior B23 high top sneaker is not only a good model but a successful execution of repeating patterns and the use of translucent materials on footwear. The sneaker looks like the Off-White x Converse Chuck Taylor but less translucent (smart) and more high end (something Off-White also failed to do), so let’s hear it for Dior one time.

The sneaker features a Dior logo repeating pattern with other versions featuring floral arrangements and even dinosaurs. The price is a little too spicy but if you got it like that then this is the sneaker to spend it on.

18. Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard Overshoe

Quite possibly the weirdest high top sneaker of the last decade has been the Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard Overshoe. As a follow up to the equally expensive and hard to get Mars Yard 2.0 sneakers from 2017, Tom went overboard, taking the sneaker and affixing it with a large white bag and new outsole made from thick rubber with two lockdown straps over the forefoot.

Drawing style inspiration from space, the price followed suit, the sneaker sits around the $500 mark on reselling platform The best thing about this sneaker is what creatives did once they bought it, slashing away the white plastic covering the sneaker, a Mars Yard 2.0 can be found at the core of the silhouette. Get DIY with it and slash away until the Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2.0 (or some version of it) is finally yours.

19. Yeezy 500 High

The Yeezy line has a lot going on at the current moment, but don’t worry about trying to keep up with the avalanche of 350 releases. Turn your focus to the 500—undoubtedly a top Yeezy of all time. From the clash of neoprene, suede, and leather, the silhouette seems to channel comfort on every twist and turn of the sneaker. The 500 recently saw a high top iteration of the model and overall it looks great. The sneaker is an excellent go-between having to opt for a Yeezy boot (900, I think) or return to the 750 to get a high top style from the YZY line.

The 500 high only came out in 2019, but with no new colorways to speak of, perhaps the creative team has moved onto other models and colorways. Either way, the 500 High is a sleeper pick from the oversaturated world of Adidas x Yeezy and offers the incredible comfort of the 500 plus the added lockdown and feel of an athletic high top sneaker. Personal advice: Don’t sleep too hard on these.

20. Nike Mag

The Nike Mag (famously mislabeled as Nike Air Mag) is the granddaddy of maybe all sneakers but most certainly high tops. A futuristic spin on what “sneakers are supposed to look like in the future” courtesy of Back to the Future Pt. II, the sneaker saw an initial release in 2011.

Following up in 2016 Nike reintroduced the silhouette, this time with self-lacing, an opportunity to bring the sneaker from the film to life and for Nike to introduce their E.A.R.L. (Electro Adaptive Reactive Lacing) technology to the sneaker world. For most, the Mag is the grail of grails and if it isn’t then you probably don’t care about sneakers too much. If you’re going to take the dive, go all the way in and get the self-lacing iteration which included a super limited release of 89 pairs.

21. Reebok Question Mid

There is arguably no non-Nike athlete signature shoe as iconic as Allen Iverson’s Reebok Question. The sneaker has been having a bit of renaissance lately, with the brand re-releasing a myriad of colorways and collaborations of the classic model.

BUY NOW at reebok, $160
22. Top Ten High
Top Ten High

Who doesn’t love a high top? Adidas always has us covered in this regard, and they just recently dropped their latest iteration this past week. Make sure you check it out!

BUY NOW at adidas, $100
23. ESPN x Top Ten High ‘SportsCenter’
ESPN x Top Ten High ‘SportsCenter’

Don’t you just love a nice classic shoe? We know we do. This ESPN x Top Ten collab gives us major 1990s Stuart Scott ESPN vibes, and we’re absolutely here for it.

BUY NOW, $92
24. Air Jordan 1 Mid ‘Crimson Tint’
Air Jordan 1 Mid ‘Crimson Tint’

These created a heavy stir on SNKRS. While not the most dynamic 1s we’ve ever seen, this version was a unique take from what we are normally used to seeing from 1s design wise.

25. Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG PS ‘Seafoam’
Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG PS ‘Seafoam’

Look at the material. The neutral cream upper, the suede grey overlays, and the laces make these 1s the perfect eye candy material. Plus the shoe offers a lot of versatility in terms of lace swaps, so you can really create loads of different looks from this one.

25. Air Jordan 1 Mid ‘Black Gym Red’
Air Jordan 1 Mid ‘Black Gym Red’

Red, white, and black colorways will always be heavy hitters. There’s no ifs, ands, or butts, about it. You can thank Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls for that.

26. Converse Run Star Legacy
Converse Run Star Legacy CX

Nobody does high tops better than Converse, and their newest iteration of the Run Star Legacy CX is just one of the many new items to watch for as we hit the peak holiday season. Ultra-comfortable cushioning and lightweight, this bold sleek shoe should definitely be on your holiday watchlist.

27. Chuck Taylor All Star Terrain
Chuck Taylor All Star Terrain

And if you need another Converse option to gift the sneaker lover in your life, then you should definitely check out the newest Chuck Taylor All Star Terrain Drop. Complete with a new hiking style and technological features. This is a must have for sure.


Grand Collection Partners with END. To Expand Food Fundraiser To London

As part of the brand’s consistent goal to give back to the community, NYC’s Grand Collection has partnered with luxury UK retailer END. to expand their annual food fundraiser to London. Today, Grand will launch two previously unreleased tee shirts exclusively at END., with 100% of the proceeds going to London based food banks. We caught up with brand founder Ben Oleynik to hear a bit about his ongoing food drive initiative (which has been underway for four years) and the details of the partnership with END.

RELATED: Ten Years In, Faraz Zaidi and Profound Co Are Just Getting Started

Grand Co x END. Clothing
Grand Collection

On top of producing collections beloved by the NYC skate community, Grand has been conducting an annual food drive for the past four years. I was eager to hear a bit from Ben Oleynik about how he first started the practice, and why he continues it to this day.

“I always wanted the brand to do more than just make clothes or videos. Growing up in Canada, my parents always helped people who needed it, especially with food around the holidays. When I moved to New York, I saw how big of an issue food insecurity is, affecting over 2 million people,” he tells me, adding: “Once Grand started to grow, we wanted to use the reach of the brand to help, so we launched the food drive and fundraiser four years ago. Each year it grows with more and more people getting involved. I’m so grateful for everyone who has supported each year.”

For the Winter Collection debut earlier this year, Oleynik hosted a runway show to coincide with the drive, donating a portion of the proceeds from the collection’s sales towards feeding New Yorkers in need. In addition to the proceeds from the sales, Oleynik asked attendees of the runway show to bring non-perishable food items to donate. From now until Dec 31st, a portion of the proceeds from all sales on will go to the same cause.

Now, the partnership with END. is the first time Grand has extended the food fundraiser outside of New York. 100% of the proceeds from this partnership with the UK retailer will go to London-based food banks.

Grand Collection

Grand Collection

Currently, one in every five families in the UK experiences food insecurity. “It’s so meaningful for established retailers like END to get behind small brands and initiatives like this,” said Oleynik. “With END’s support we’re immediately able to expand the reach and impact of the fundraiser to help more people that really need it. Much respect to them.”

The Grand London fundraising tees are available today, December 1st, 10am EST at

Leaders Style

23 Underground Clothing Brands You Need to Know

Fendi, Gucci, and Prada are all fine and fun to name drop in rap verses, but real fashionistas know what’s up beyond the big brands. Now that print-at-home services have become par for the course, entrepreneurial designers can start their own brands without millions of dollars in backing — and fashion overall is better off with these numerous underground clothing brands cropping up.

The democratization of the fashion world means that there’s a new designer debuting clothes every few minutes — and that it’s becoming harder to sort out the tripe from the treasures. With Instagram ads constantly bombarding our feeds with new lines — many of which are straight-up stolen designs — we’ve taken on the task of figuring out who to pay attention to.

From New York, to LA, to Tokyo, here are the best upcoming underground clothing brands we could find:

1. Alien Body
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Alien Body — Electronic musician Pictureplane became a cult sensation around the world for his aggressive, punk-inflected noise pop. Now, he’s taken his unique aesthetic in a sartorial direction with Alien Body, his eccentric line of darkly glamorous streetwear. The Brooklyn-based brand blends post-nu-metal styling with darkly glamorous and paranoiac imagery. Looks like it’d be worn by SoundCloud rappers on the gothic end of the musical spectrum. — Eric Shorey

2. Warren Lotas
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Warren Lotas – LA-based designer Warren Lotas doesn’t exactly make his clothes easy to cop — most of the time his shop is password-protected, and even his most high-priced items (his hoodies sometimes go for at least $1k) sell out almost instantly. The pre-planned scarcity is obviously an intentional marketing strategy, and it’s hard not to covet those with the dedication to track down each item. Lotas is obviously inspired by street art, basketball fashion, and motorcycle culture — his sketchily drawn designs often borrow images from horror movies or gangster iconography. — Eric Shorey

3. Rucking Fotten
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Rucking Fotten —There’s an undeniable charm to Japanese horror posters, and this aesthetic is precisely what streetwear brand Rucking Fotten has mined for years. The graphic hoodies, shirts, and sweatpants re-imagine contemporary horror classics as Asian imports with striking color palettes and surreal imagery. Although each collection is ultra-limited edition, you can subscribe to their new releases by buying up a “Slasher Pack” — which essentially functions as a carefully curated shirt of the month club. Best worn in October, but looks great all year. —Eric Shorey

4. Little Whip
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Little Whip – Give yourself over to absolute pleasure: Little Whip’s sex-positive line of BDSM-inflected streetwear features a darkly, subtle graphic design inspired by dungeons and kink. The sweaters and shirts are unisex and feature a bevy of morbid imagery that’ll have you begging for more. Their lookbooks are uniquely hype-stylized erotic nightmares, reminiscent of the films of Bruce LaBruce and Kenneth Anger. — Eric Shorey

5. Ten Yards
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Ten Yards — Brooklyn-based DJ and designer Sam Branman has become a go-to couture creator for New York City nightlife’s most esteemed drag performers, including Drag Race champion Bob The Drag Queen. Ten Yards is perhaps best known for his flirtatious, nerd-culture inspired jockstraps but he’s more recently ventured into gorgeous, handmade bomber jackets, sweaters, and overalls. His fashion shows regularly feature a gender-inclusive cast of club kids and performance artists, making them the most exciting presentations on a DIY budget. He also does custom commissions for ludicrously reasonable prices. — Eric Shorey

6. Tripp NYC
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Tripp NYC – The suburban punk style that was so thoroughly lambasted in the early ’00s has, through a predictable cycle of retro fashion, become a chic choice amongst rappers and streetwear icons. Their signature split-leg bondage pants were omnipresent in the early days of Hot Topic and have since been copied by Billboard-topping rappers like Lil Uzi. It’s unclear how Tripp has managed to survive all these years, but a new generation of tastemakers are now embracing the outlandish colors, patterns, and over-the-top accessorizing made popular by this legendary company so long ago. — Eric Shorey

7. Neighborhood
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Neighborhood — Curated selections of streetwear collaborations and original designs, Neighborhood has an interesting aesthetic mix of understated and edgy illustrations and clever nods to avant-gardism. There’s a delightfully deconstructionist design philosophy to this Japanese brand that’s far more clever than the un-subtle trends of US-based brands. It’s not exactly cheap — especially considering conversion rates and shipping prices — but it’s probably worth the investment for something more unique. — Eric Shorey

8. Profound Co
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Profound Aesthetic – Founded by Faraz Zaidi, Profound Aesthetic mixes elements of high fashion with recognizable streetwear tropes. Their clothes have been sold in Urban Outfitters and worn by celebrities like Rihanna and Kenrick Lamar. However, their Zaidi is mostly a behind the scenes figure of the brand. There is no “about” section on their website yet they have been releasing seasonal collections for the past decade.

They almost always have several clothes on sale, sometimes as much as 75 percent off, worth checking out such as their Scripted Open Windbreaker, Garden Chino Pants which are covered in violets and roses, and their well priced Fringe Biker Jacket which for under eighty dollars. — Seth King

Read more about Profound Co here.

9. Palace Skateboards
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Palace Skateboards – Palace has been around since 2009 and ever since their first drop they have become a staple in the hip-hop community. After finishing college Levent Tanju founded Palance after fooling around with graphics and spending his days just skating around. Once his friends became enamored by his work – he realized it was time to expand. The brand caught the attention of Marc Jacobs for its nineties aesthetic and to this day is still the leader in the streetwear industry. They might not be a super underground clothing brand anymore, but some people may still need an introduction.

Their website is constantly being updated with new collections but they are hard to purchase as they sell out rather quickly. If you’ve got some cash lying around, check out their shop. — Seth King

10. Strip Mall Couture
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Strip Mall Couture – Strip Mall is one brand probably not on anyone’s radar – and they don’t want to be. Their website is littered with messages like “don’t’ contact us” and “don’t follow us” yet their minimalist aesthetic will make you stand out in any crowd. Their work is ironic and cheeky, one t-shirt, which is now sold out is called “You Get What You Pay For” and sold for nearly five hundred dollars.

Yet Strip Mall isn’t trolling, and I’m constantly intrigued by their mysterious work. I can’t tell whether or not to take them seriously or not yet I owe two of their shirts. Go figure. If you’ve got thirty dollars to spare, grab their Order Form shirt and your friends will almost certainly think your crazy and enigmatic – and what’s better than that? — Seth King

11. Pleasures
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Pleasures – If you’ve been on Grailed – you’ve heard about Pleasures. Founded by Alex James in 2015, the brand has not only become popular among resellers but has even caught the eye of Urban Outfitters. Their designs are known for being grungy and associated with the SoundCloud rap era. Over the years, the brand hasn’t been afraid of court controversy – he even put Kurt Cobain’s suicide note on the back of a jacket.

Since he was a teenager in high school, James was always down to push the limits of what was “appropriate” to wear. Yet his risky graphics yet have grabbed the attention of Wiz Khalifa and Kylie Jenner. These days they are innovative designs such as their Waves polo and Wonder track pants which will almost certainly catch the eye of any hypebeast. — Seth King

12. FuckThePopulation (FTP)
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FuckThePopulation (FTP) – If you’ve paid attention to the SoundCloud rap era – you’ve heard of Fuck The Population. Run by the ominous “Zac”, who no one seems to know, the clothes have been worn by everyone from Xxxtentacion and the $uicideBoys. Zach is known not to give any advance notice of a drop. If you really want his clothes – you will have to constantly have to check back in on the site. This model has created a cult following around his work and FTP usually sells out in under fifteen minutes.

His clothes are meant to piss people off and even the police have expressed their frustration for the brands’ work. There are currently no clothes available on his site, and I can’t tell you when they will be. That’s part of the appeal. Every piece is rare. Yet if you really want some of his iconic FTP logo shirts – look on Grailed and be ready to take a hit to your wallet. Over time, if you need the money, you can always resell their clothes for more than you purchased them. — Seth King

13. Menace
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Menace – Menace is one of the hottest brands right now in LA. The brand was founded in 2013. Creator Steven Mena doesn’t care about hopping on trends or keeping up with the industry and that’s exactly why his clothing is always ahead of his competitors. If you have something nefarious you need to protect, they sell a bible safebox but if you get caught – don’t blame it on me. Yet before they were the darling of the underground scene, they were a humble brand selling their work on Karmaloop.

Most recently they have worked with Absent, another upcoming brand, to offer their audience both an Absent logo ring and a Menace logo ring which is rare to see from streetwear brands and producing jewelry isn’t easy. But my favorite piece they have right now is Menace’s Hell In A Cell hoodie – and it’s not hard to see why Mena is perhaps one of the most talented designers out today. If you’re in LA, you’ve probably already seen them around. — Seth King

14. Asspizza
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Asspizza — I don’t have to tell you about Austin Babbitt. You should already know about Austin Babbitt but if you don’t, you may know him as Asspizza – the most enigmatic and beloved young designer in New York City. Austin first became somewhat famous when Rolling Stone did a mini-doc on his rise but he was already being hailed as the savior of the New York scene with his confounding designs. — Seth King

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15. Dybbuk

With the motto “Work Harder,” Dybbuk is one of the most underrated sneaker brands in the game right now. Founded by Donny the Dybbuk, the company has quickly gone from the center of Donny’s living room to a growing multi-million dollar entity with a following of over 100k on Instagram and counting. Donny’s journey to the top has been quite interesting, and you can learn more about him and Dybbuk through this interview that we did with him back in August.

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16. Alex Crane

Since 2017, Alex Crane has been working to create timeless fashion pieces based on sustainability and innovative technology. The ethos of the brand is one that is quite simple—”Feel Breezy,” which is something that is heavily reflected in all Alex Crane garments, which hone in on non-synthetic pieces that embody that very feeling. We spoke the brand’s founder, Alex, in early November, which you can check out here.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
17. Carter Young

Carter Young continues to be that rising gritty brand on a mission to making a name for themselves in the world of streetwear. Focusing on unisex clothing, their latest SS23 collection which was released in October, was just one of the many examples of what the brand has become known for over these past few years. We profiled the brand’s founder, Carter, to learn more about his individual journey of developing the brand. Check it out here.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
18. Kanghyuk

Founded in 2017 by Kanghyuk Choi and Sanglak Shon, this young streetwear brand has been making waves for quite some time. Drawing inspiration from industrial objects and other nontraditional motifs, Reebok is among one of the many heavyweights to partner with the brand, amongst many other notable retailers. We’re due for another check-in with the founders of Kanghyuk, but in the meantime you can read the interview we did with them earlier this year.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
19. Grand Collection

We’re big fans of Grand Collection over here at ONE37. The NY skate brand has not only established themselves as a viable force in the NYC skate scene, but they have also risen to become a notable name skate streetwear over the course of these past four years. Founded by our friend Ben Oleynik, Grand has  released numerous collections over the years that represent the enigmatic world of NYC skateboarding, while also focusing on the importance of giving back to the community.

Here’s a look at their Winter 22 collection that is just in time for the season.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
20. Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ashe is the tennis and lifestyle brand dedicated to the legacy of legendary tennis player, activist, civil rights champion, and style icon Arthur Ashe. With Ashe being the the tennis fashion legend that he is, it’s quite a surprise that it has taken this long for an official brand to be launched in his honor, but as they say, “better late than never.” Athletic appear and leisurewear are the main features of Arthur Ashe, with an assortment of  tennis polos, shorts, skirts, sweats, tees, knitwear, accessories, and plenty more available to choose from.

You can learn more in this August 2022 feature we did on the brand here.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
21. Mountain Research

Founded by designer Kobayashi Setsumasa in 2006, Mountain Research has become one of the go-to brands for nature enthusiasts over the past sixteen or so years, initially focusing on singular subjects such as mountains. The brand challenges stereotypical outdoor activities along with influences from different eras in the past such as the 1960s and 1970s. Mountain Research regularly collaborates with brands, and you can check out of their latest collabs with Reebok here.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

An NYC brand inspired by those with creative minds, FRIED RICE is a company that is all about having fun, something that sometimes can get lost in the world of fashion. Founded by Maya Wang, having a commitment to fun along with enjoying the process of designing and creating is a must for Wang, or else she just simply doesn’t want to do it. Wearing clothes should indeed be fun, and FRIED RICE is a cool brand that centers around Wang’s love of fabrics and textiles. Make sure to read this May 2022 profile we did with the designer to learn more.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
23. Bobblehaus

Genderless, sustainable, and wonderful are the very words that make up BOBBLEHAUS, a young innovative brand with a passion for thinking outside of the box. Ophelia Chen and Abi Lierheimer are the masterminds behind this contemporary streetwear company, and you can get to know them and the defining traits that make up BOBBLEHAUS here.


The Most Iconic Michael Jackson Style Moments In Honor of Thriller 40

On this day, exactly forty years ago, the biggest selling album of all time, Thriller was released. It doesn’t seem like it’s been forty years since the album’s debut because Thriller has never not been culturally relevant. In fact, you could very well make the argument that the album only becomes more iconic as time passes. In case you needed any proof of that statement, at the time of this writing, Thriller is currently sitting at number seven on the Billboard Hot 200, which is absolutely insane.

Some more Thriller fun facts: the album spent 37 consecutive weeks at number one on the charts, the music video for “Billie Jean” made Michael the first Black artist to be played in heavy rotation at MTV after the network originally denied the video any kind of coverage whatsoever due to the fact that it wasn’t “rock enough,” Thriller was certified 34x platinum by the RIAA in 2021, and the album was added to both the Grammy Hall of Fame and Library of Congress in 2008.

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IMDB/Epic Records

And folks, that’s only a handful of the achievements. In addition to the massive worldwide success, the Thriller era also solidified Michael’s place as a global fashion icon, to which he had previously began capturing the public’s attention with his previous album Off The Wall, and his 1970s style. Now when it comes to the topic of Michael’s most legendary fashion moments, if we are keeping it completely honest, it can’t be done with just one article because he has so many moments dating back to his childhood (even his outfit for The Jackson 5’s national debut performance on Ed Sullivan is iconic), and each individual album era was different.

For example, the Bad era (which would follow five years after Thriller and is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year) brought forth a completely different set of game-changing fashion moments. In order to fully do Michael justice, you would have to break it down era by era.

IMDB/Epic Records

So with that being said, we’re going to keep this on the Thriller time period for now, but rest assured that we will have more coming in the future. Now let’s get to it.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
14. Thriller Album Cover (1982)

Fun Fact: The White Suit that Michael sported on the cover of the Thriller album, was designed by Hugo Boss. That’s right, Hugo Boss created the iconic suit back in 1982 for the album’s photoshoot, and they recently brought it back in 2018 to celebrate what would have been Michael’s 60th birthday with a limited-edition release that consisted of 100 individually numbered suits. With Michael’s 65th birthday being next year, it will be interesting to see what other things are done from a fashion standpoint to celebrate the occasion.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed13. Black Jacket Pepsi Commercial (1984)</code>
13. Black Jacket Pepsi Commercial (1984)

Do us a favor, take a close look at the kid in this commercial and see if you recognize him. Look familiar? That, ladies and gentlemen, is indeed Alfonso Ribeiro aka Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in that commercial with The Jacksons. That’s just one of many memorable things about this spot that was used to accompany the brother’s upcoming Victory Tour that year, and that black and white leather motorcycle jacket Michael wore was a killer as always.

12. Victory Tour White Outfit (1984)
Getty Images

Speaking of The Victory Tour, we definitely have to give a shoutout to Mike’s opening outfit from The Victory Tour because that was a moment. We actually did a full style breakdown of The Victory Tour in July to celebrate the anniversary of the tour kicking off, which you can check out here.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
11. One-Time For The Glitter Suit (1984)

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the glitter suit that Michael wore to celebrate his mother back in 1984. The gold glitter blazer was accompanied by a red glitter tie, and Michael’s signature white bedazzled glove which had been introduced the previous year at his iconic performance at Motown 25 (which we will get into a little later). Aviator glasses had also become a signature staple of Michael’s outfits by this time, which we would continue to see through the following eras. 

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
10. Guinness Book of World Records Celebration (1984)

The first of many entries for Michael in the Guinness Book of World Records would come at the beginning of 1984 at the New York Metropolitan of Natural History presented by CBS to celebrate his certifications for the album. Approximately 1500 guests were present to party along with Michael, who was accompanied by Brooke Shields, and wore a navy blue button-down military style jacket, matching pants, and of course, the bedazzled glove.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed9. Say Say Say (1983)</code>
9. Say Say Say (1983)

While not officially a part of the Thriller album, the release of Paul McCartney’s single Say Say Say, which featured Michael, from his 1983 album Pipes of Peace was yet another memorable fashion moment. The music video (which was filmed in October of that year), featured some pretty cool looks from the duo, all of which were custom designed by Versace.  

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed8. 1984 Hollywood Walk of Fame Induction</code>
8. 1984 Hollywood Walk of Fame Induction

Michael received his official star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 20th, 1984, and as you can see, he was stylishly decked out for the occasion with a slightly similar version of the glitter military jacket that he wore to the 1984 Grammy ceremony. It’s definitely on our bucket list to visit Michael’s star one day.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
7. 1983 Todd Gray Photoshoot

Michael was photographed in 1983 by Todd Gray, who produced this photo of Mike in his private home theater. The backstory (which was documented in his 2009 book Related: I’m With Michael) behind this picture was quite funny as the photographer was unsuccessfully trying to get a picture of Michael laughing. Gray had to eventually end up making a funny clown face, the result of which made Michael laugh. The turquoise cashmere sweater and jeans was a simple look, but still very much a standout.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed6. Billie Jean Music Video (1983)</code>
6. Billie Jean Music Video (1983)

Here. We. Go. Since the celebration of Thriller 40 is going to span the entire year, we are going to save the in-depth style breakdowns of Michael’s short films from the album for our Fashion on Film series, but we’ll leave you with a slight preview of what we’re going to talk about for each video. As we mentioned earlier, MTV had previously declined to air the video for not being “rock enough.” Long story short, CBS essentially had to threaten to pull all of their artists from MTV in order to get the video played, to which MTV finally relented.

IMDB/Epic Records

You guys already know the outfit for this video: A tailored suit, pink v-neck, a red bowtie, and penny loafers paired with white socks. Iconic.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed5. Red Military Jacket 1984 AMAs</code>
5. Red Military Jacket 1984 AMAs

The 1984 American Music Awards ceremony was a monumental night for Michael, taking home eight awards which included the American Music Awards Merit Honor. To put it in perspective, Michael basically received a lifetime achievement award presented to him by legends decades older than him at the ripe old age of 25-years-old. He also donned one of his most recognizable outfits to date at that award show, wearing a red sequin military jacket never before seen, and never seen since. 

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed4. Beat It Music Video (1983)</code>
4. Beat It Music Video (1983)

Folks, we present to you the music video style for “Beat It.” Again we’re going to do a deeper dive into this later, but there were two main components style wise of the “Beat It” vid: the keyboard design t-shirt that we see Michael wearing at the beginning, and the red leather jacket with gold embellishments that he paired over top a colorful tee. Black pants and loafers with white socks completed the outfit, making it one of Mike’s most recreated to date.

IMDB/Epic Records

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
3. Blue Military Jacket 1984 Grammys

Another one of Michael’s most recreated outfits, the 1984 Grammys were yet again special night for Michael because to put it succinctly, he cleaned up. Like…cleaned up. Eight Grammys, and…this blue and gold sequined military jacket. This outfit still hasn’t been topped to this day, and it has been heavily referenced, with one young lady designing a prom dress modeled after the outfit. Even Offset recently pulled up to an event paying tribute to this 84’ Grammys fit. A jacket that has truly withstood the test of time.

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed2.Thriller Music Video (1983)</code>
2.Thriller Music Video (1983)

Oh boy. Listen, we are going to have a time when we do our fashion deep dive into Thriller, for now though, enjoy the jacket so legendary that it has its own security. Seriously (the jacket was escorted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland not too long ago with a ton of security).Oh, and let’s not forget the Varsity Jacket as well. 

Another Fun Fact: The Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas has a Michael Jackson store right next to the auditorium where the Michael Jackson One show takes place, and it has recreations of a lot of Michael’s jackets, including the Varsity one.

IMDB/Epic Records

<code><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>","hed1. Motown 25</code>
1. Motown 25

The first ever performance of “Billie Jean” in front of a live national television audience. The first time Michael ever did the moonwalk in front of a live national television audience. All done in a black sequined jacket, a glittery undershirt, a white sequined glove, black pants, penny loafers, and of course, the socks. Many believe Motown 25 to be the beginning of Michael wearing the singular white glove, but he actually started wearing the glove during The Jacksons 1981 Triumph Tour because he thought “one glove looked cooler than two.”

Long Live Thriller. Long Live Michael Jackson. A true fashion icon.

Style What To Buy

The 15 Coolest WNBA Jerseys You Can Buy Right Now

What an eventful WNBA season it was! As we slowly start to inch our way towards the start of the 2023 campaign, now would be the perfect time to stock up on some new WNBA gear right? It is early, so we don’t have an official list of the top-selling WNBA Jerseys (although Sabrina Ionescu was the top seller ahead of the 2021 Playoffs), but for now, we are just selecting the fifteen we think are amongst the league’s coolest based on sales and popularity.

As we have always said, the WNBA should be supported year-round (not just during the season either ), and trust us, their entire roster of merchandise is worth a buy—including the ones that aren’t on this list. Now that we’ve established that once more, we can go into some of the coolest WNBA jerseys to cop just in time for the holiday season.

1. Candace Parker aka CP3
Chicago Sky, 2021 Release

During the 2020 season, Parker ranked third in the WNBA in terms of overall Jersey sales. Not we’re not sure if you all remember, but ahead of the 2021 season (which saw CP bringing it home to Chicago with an epic championship run), Parker’s jersey was in high demand. That still remains true in 2022. Get you a Candace Parker jersey. Trust us, it’s a good investment.

2. Sue Bird The Legend
Seattle Storm, 2021 Release

Bird! These last couple of the years, the vet not only captured her fourth title but also topped the list of highest-selling WNBA jerseys for 2020. Time and time again, Sue Bird proved her popularity and longevity, continuing to rack up the sales until her retirement this past season. Thanks for the two decades of greatness Sue Bird, your jersey will always be in high demand. When it comes to WNBA jerseys, a Sue bird is a no-brainer.

3. Diana Taurasi aka DT
Phoenix Mercury, 2021 Release

The GOAT Diana Taurasi! The Phoenix Mercury have always had some of the coldest jerseys in sports with the crisp violet and orange overlays, and the Rebel Edition is super sick. Two seasons ago, DT was ranked second in jersey sales, once again going toe-to-toe in a friendly competition with her good friend and former arch-nemesis Sue Bird. This vet with no intentions of slowing down anytime soon, as she just announced that she is coming back for her 19th season.

4. A’ja Wilson
Las Vegas Aces, 2021 Release

What a year for A’ja Wilson! A championship, Finals MVP, a new basketball court, and a year where she further solidified her position as one of the best players in the WNBA. Wilson continues to reach new heights in her career, and it honestly wouldn’t surprise us down the line if she ends up being the biggest jersey seller in the W once the new round of number are released. Go A’ja!

5. Sabrina Ionescu
New York Liberty, 2021 Release

You could make the argument that Ionescu had one of the most hyped debuts in the history of the WNBA, and her first couple of years in the league hasn’t disappointed. The NCAA all-time leader in career triple-doubles and the only Division I basketball player to achieve 2,000 points, 1,000 assists, and 1,000 rebounds in a collegiate career, Ionescu’s jersey started selling pretty much as soon as it was available to the public, and that has remained true with her being the highest seller in 2021.

6. Maya Moore
Minnesota Lynx, 2017 Release

It’s been three whole years since we last saw Maya Moore suit up for a game, and with good reason. The six-time All-Star and four-time champ famously left the WNBA to dedicate herself to fighting against the wrongful conviction of Jonathan Irons. And we have since gotten to witness their journey of marriage and starting a family. Despite her absence from the game, Moore has continued to remain top ten in WNBA jersey sales. We fully expect to see Moore’s name on the list of best-sellers again this season.

7. Elena Delle Donne
Washington Mystic, 2021 Release

Another beloved WNBA legend, Delle Donne, has consistently been one of the W’s biggest sellers, topping the most popular jersey list in 2019. Excitement always swirls Elena Delle Donne, which is why she has always been amongst the best sellers jersey wise.

8. Breanna Stewart aka Stewie
Seattle Storm, 2021 Release

Young Stewie is set to have another big year if these past two seasons have been any indication. The two-time Finals MVP was considered the ‘Queen’ of jersey sales in 2016 before being knocked off the throne by Skylar Diggins-Smith the following year. Since then, Stewart has consistently made the top best-sellers list, and this year should be no exception. This is one of the rare WNBA jerseys (and jerseys in general) that isn’t too flashy.

9. Nneka Ogwumike Sparks Explorer Edition
Los Angeles Sparks, 2021 Release

All hail Nneka Ogwumike! The silent killer who continously gets the job done with no complaints ever. If you are a fan of both Nneka and the Los Angeles Sparks, this jersey is a must in your growing WNBA collection ya heard?

10. Kelsey Mitchell Indiana Fevel Rebel Edition
Kelsey Mitchell, 2021 Release

The Indiana Fever have a dope Rebel Edition Jersey to choose from as well, so why not rock Kelsey Mitchell’s number 0? Dope player with an equally dope jersey to match.

11. Sue Bird Team USA Jersey
Team USA, 2020/2021 Release

Mark our words, Sue Bird’s apparel will eventually become collectors items. Probably not right now because she literally just retired, but down the line. It would be wise to go ahead and start grabbing these gems now before they become unattainable. Just saying.

12. Diamond DeShields
Chicago Ski, 2021 Release

If you aren’t already familiar with the basketball beast that is Diamond DeShields, then you need to be…Stat! Chicago fans should already have her jersey, but if not, this is your call to action before the season begins.

13. Candace Parker Explorer Edition
Chicago Sky, 2021 Release

The only major difference between the Rebel Edition jerseys and the Explorers are the color shades. If you want a Candace Parker jersey that is a lighter shade of blue, then here you go. It’s also slightly cheaper as well. Just wanted to put this here as an alternate option for avid CP3 fans. You can also find similar editions for all of the other WNBA teams too!

14. Sylvia Fowles Rebel Edition

Sylvia Fowles. The legend. Another one of the all-time greats who it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch. That’s all that needs to be said here. Thank You Sylvia for your impact on not just women’s basketball, but basketball as a whole.

15. Sabrina Ionescu (Alternate)
New York Liberty, 2021 Release

And here’s a Sabrina Ionescu jersey in black in case you wanted to complete your Ionescu collection.


ONE37pm may earn affiliate revenue from some of the links in this article.


The Best Denim Brands to Add to Your Rotation

When picking the best jeans, it can be overwhelming to parse through every single pair on the market. So rather than identifying a specific set of dungarees to buy, it can be helpful to narrow your search down to the right brand and then explore their roster. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best denim brands to consider when you’re hankering to add a pair of baby blues to your collection.

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1. Everlane

Everlane has become a big favorite in the retail world in the past few years thanks to their clean, modern basics that are built to last, and this certainly applies to their denim selection. Sustainably sourced and manufactured from organic cotton, these timeless styles are offered for an incredibly fair price point. They even offer selvedge denim for less than $150. For their price point and quality, Everlane has to have a spot on a list of the best denim brands right now.

shop now
2. Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein feels almost taken for granted in the past couple decades as a casual style brand, but they continue to make the great denim that popularized their name in the 90’s. If you are searching for an effortless, slouchy fit, CK’s wide selection of washes still firmly cements them as one of the best denim brands on the market.

shop now
3. Madewell

Until recently Madewell was a trusted retailer for women’s clothing only, and built a reputation off of quality, well fitting jeans. In the past couple years they’ve expanded into the menswear market, and thankfully the product is just as good on this side of the aisle. They offer a wide variety of cuts and weights, so customers can choose between rigid, extreme stretch and any degree between.

shop now
4. Levi’s Made and Crafted

Levi’s is the quintessential denim brand, and is near ubiquitous when it comes to blue jeans. While standard Levi’s are great jeans whether you get them new from the store or thrifted from just about anywhere, their Made and Crafted line aims specifically to create future archival pieces for the brand, meaning there is often something a little extra special in each design. While their silhouettes are often vintage inspired and give a nod to the label’s storied past, they are always created with the modern customer in mind. A list of the best denim brands without Levi’s would be heresy.

shop now

NEUW is a premium denim brand fast growing in its popularity, not only to their desirable cuts in organic or recycled cotton, but sentimental design philosophy that shines through in the details. Every pair of jeans from NEUW has a repair stitch on the back right pocket and a fob ring fastened around the front belt loop, reminiscent of the director’s memories of his grandfather.

shop now

Beginning as women’s only denim brand in 2012, FRAME quickly rose to prominence through celebrity endorsements and collaborations. They soon after began producing men’s jeans, crafting an effortless and slightly irreverent style. FRAME offers both comfortable stretch denim and well as a rigid premium cotton model to cover customers on either side of the spectrum.

shop now
7. Stan Ray
Stan Ray

Founded in Texas in 1972, Stan Ray is a workwear company that remains less talked about than the Dickies and Carhartts in the industry, but they remain a great source to get stylish, functional pants for the modern man. Utilizing the same techniques and raw, dry denim from decades ago, this brand is a strong choice for a pair of carpenter pants, and with a price point under $100.

shop now
8. Naked and Famous
Tate and Yoko

Naked & Famous has been a big name on campus for the denim obsessed forever now, and with good reason: they are singularly devoted to quality. They produce only raw denim made in Japanese mills that are then cut and sewn in Canada. Raw denim has the ability to fade over time in a way that maked it truly unique to the wearer, which is why this brand stands by only producing nothing else. While these guys are serious about quality, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of humor, evident by their recent collaborations with Rick & Morty and classic horror flicks. They’ve also made some crazy experimental jeans in the past, like glow in the dark or scratch-n-sniff denim.

shop now
9. Carhartt WIP
Carhartt WIP

As the utilitarian craze took over the streetwear market, Carhartt WIP came out of the classic workwear brand to meet the more style focused demand. If you’re in need of a painter’s pant or double knee jean, this is the first place to look. While WIP is about the style sensibility rather than durability, that doesn’t mean these pants aren’t made from premium, heavyweight organic cotton.

shop now
10. A.P.C.

Inspired by minimalism and effortlessness, this French fashion company made their name off of the superior fit of their raw denim, and if you’re looking for a pair of slim or skinny jeans, the cuts they offer are still among the best around. They’ve also expanded into the wider leg market as well, and offer some pieces made with Japanese denim.

shop now
11. Dr. Denim
Dr. Denim

While most denim lovers are strictly searching for raw, starchy, heavy denim not every customer needs every pair of pants they own to be an investment piece that takes months of daily wear to break in. If you’re looking for comfort from day one, Dr. Denim is the brand for you. They offer great cuts and washes in stretch denim at an affordable price point, so you’ll be able to look stylish and move around from the get.

shop now
12. Nudie Jeans
Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans is another brand beloved by people who really get denim. Using only organic or recycled cotton, they also keep selvedge and raw options in stock. The best thing about these jeans is they’ve got a warranty: Nudie will repair any pair of jeans they make free of charge. If you’re a customer with sustainable intentions, Nudie is surely one of the best denim brands in regard to manufacturing practices and in waste reduction by prolonging the life of each piece.

shop now
13. Eytys

While this label is probably best known for their chunky tennis shoes and loafers, EYTYS has perfected the highly sought-after baggy silhouette in their denim lines. The Benz Jeans create a clean, wide leg that stacks slightly at the ankle, curating a vibe that sits between Y2K nostalgia and casual elegance. While you’ll find the perfect stone washed blues and faded blacks, their jeans come in a variety of surprising and eye-catching washes and prints as well.

shop now
14. DIME

Hyped skate brand DIME essentially reinvented the JNCO jean with their DJCO model which promptly sold out. The Baggy Denim pant is a paired down version of the same silhouette, offering the perfect modern relaxed skater look in four solid washes. Beyond the oversized pant legs these jeans have a minimal look, with added interest in the wavy shapes of the pockets in both the front and back.

shop now
15. mooji mooji
mooji mooji

This LA based brand is all about the art of damaged goods. If you’re looking to add a grunge spin to your wardrobe this is the first place to look for denim. Upcycled or crafted from vintage fabric, each piece is unique whether finished with intentionally aging, pain splatters, distressing or a cut and sewn pattern.

In addition to being one of the best denim brands, mooji mooji was also one of our selections for best hoodie brands, check out that full list here.

shop now
16. Spa Boy
Spa Boy

Spa Boy is a Toronto based clothing brand inspired by electronic music and DIY culture, utilizing grungy, acidic hand-dye techniques and text-based graphics to create extremely unique garments. It takes the trend of bleached jeans to a dreamy and elegant level, with wide-legged clean lines and painterly dye techniques over the knees or along the side seams.

shop now
17. Pop Trading Company
Pop Trading Company

Pop Trading Co. is a skate company out of the Netherlands, and they have a plethora of easy, baggy, casual bottoms. If you’re looking for a fun take on the skater jean, they have a great pair of raw denim with neon green contrast stitch throughout, as well as a denim fatigue with clean white stitching over the perfect indigo wash.

shop now
18. Acne Studios
Acne Studios

It feels like Acne has shifted away from denim as a focus to their brand in recent years, instead bringing knitwear and extravagant runway pieces to the forefront. However, Acne Studios is still one of the best denim brands for those looking for a great pair of jeans, using rigid, organic cotton and smart lines for a high-end designer touch.

shop now
19. Outerknown

Outerknown is a brand founded on sustainability as their key principle in production, and as such they guarantee their jeans for life in a philosophy of keeping more clothing and textiles out of landfills. They use 100% organic cotton from Italian mills, and offer many silhouettes in selvedge as well. This is one of the best denim brands with no frills: just classic jeans, made responsibly.

shop now
20. G-Star Raw
G-Star Raw

G-Star is a denim brand experiencing a bit of a resurgence as of late. Always known for their high-quality raw denim, some of the “hardcore” and moto detailing on their jeans have begun to swing back around. They have plenty of more minimalistic designs on offer as well, such as the Grip 3D Relaxed Tapered Jeans that feature less hardware and put all of the design into the unique silhouette.


ONE37pm may earn affiliate revenue from some of the links in this article.


The Best LeBron Shoes: Ranking the King’s Top 15 Sneakers

Twenty years. 2-0. That’s how long it’s been since LeBron James signed his deal with Nike. The same way Bron has given us twenty years worth of epic highlights and dazzling moments, he has also blessed us with some pretty dope sneakers. Since releasing the LeBron Air Zoom 1 in 2003, there have been consistent drops each year, and today we are taking a look at some of the best LeBron shoes to ever grace the court. One of the coolest elements of LeBron’s sneakers is the fact that they tend to be tied to the different eras of his career.

There are colorways that represent his first stint in Cleveland, some that capture his four years with Miami, multiple ones that reflect his second stint in Cleveland where he brought the Cavs their first ever championship in 2016, and newer drops that chronicle his current spot with the Los Angeles Lakers where he has been for the past four years. We’ve got a lot to get to, so let’s get started.

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The Best LeBron Shoes at a Glance

LeBron Air Zoom Generation “Debut

Zoom LeBron 3 “Retro Midnight”

Nike LeBron 5 “Black Crimson Metallic Gold

Nike LeBron 8 “South Beach

Nike LeBron 9 Low “LeBronald Palmer”

LeBron 10+ “Pressure

Nike LeBron Celebration Pack 2013

LeBron 12 Team Elite “Ignite

LeBron 13 “On Court

LeBron 13 “Akronite

Zoom LeBron Soldier 10 “Gold Swoosh

LeBron 16 “MPLS Lakers

LeBron 18 “X-Mas in LA

LeBron Witness VI

15. LeBron Air Zoom Generation “Debut”
Release Date: October 29th, 2003

The “Debut” Air Zooms. It’s easy to forget about these in the grand scheme of things, but they represent the beginning of an era. And what a beginning it was. The “Debut” Zooms were released during LeBron’s first season in 2003-2004, and was his first signature sneaker, making the name fitting. Bron wore these Zooms on the court during his very first NBA game on October 30th, 2003 versus the Sacramento Kings where his statline was 25 points, 6 rebounds, and 9 assists.

These sneakers definitely represent a part of NBA history, and there’s still plenty available on the secondary market making them a collectors item.

14. Zoom LeBron 3 “Retro Midnight”
Release Date: February 28th, 2019 (Original – 2006)

2006 was an important year for LeBron because the 2005-2006 season was his very first time making the playoffs. It was also the year that he dropped the Zoom LeBron 3 “Retro Midnight.” Despite being released nearly seventeen years ago, the shoe still very much remains current in terms of its look and design. So current that the sneakers were actually re-released during the 2019 season, pretty much blending in with all of the other sneakers that were coming out during that time. This is also a shoe that could serve as another collectors item down the line.

13. Nike LeBron 5 Black “Crimson Metallic Gold”
Release Date: December 13th, 2007

Released in December 2007, the 2007-2008 season did provide us with some standout moments (and sneakers). For starters, LeBron had concluded the previous season leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first NBA Finals appearance after beating the Detroit Pistons in a 4-2 upset (this was also the series where he scored 48 points in that sick double overtime Game 5). 2007 was also the year where his second child Bryce James was born.

And even though the Cavs didn’t make it back to the NBA Finals that year, they did have interesting playoff series against the Wizards and Celtics. There are different colorways available of the Black Crimson 5s, but in our opinion this was the one that stood out the most. The starting price on these bad boys are roughly $1000, and unlike the other two shoes we’ve mentioned so far, not many of these are left. Better get on it if you want a pair.

12. Nike LeBron 8 “South Beach”
Release Date: July 21st, 2021 (Original 2010)

So now we’re in the Miami era. The era of the Big 3 aka the Heatles. Some may argue that the sneakers Bron put out during his four years in South Beach are among his best, and we can’t disagree because they were next level. Much of LeBron’s sneakers during this time period were tropical themed because, well, Miami, and they were super youthful and fun representing everything twenty-somethings love about the 305 from the clubs to the beach. The “South Beach” iteration of the LeBron 8s was just that. Colorful, young, and fun.

11. Nike LeBron 9 Low “LeBronald Palmer”
Release Date: May 19th, 2022

This brings us to the “LeBronald Palmer” Nike LeBron 9s which were finally released this year after nearly a decade of waiting. As you can see, the tropical vibes are in full effect, with the shoes name drawing inspiration from the popular “Arnold Palmer” drink which is made up of half sweet tea and half lemonade. For those who have never tried an “Arnold Palmer,” it’s actually pretty good in our opinion. An even balance of tangy lemonade and sugary iced tea. Just don’t use unsweetened tea. That’s borderline criminal.

10. LeBron 10+ “Pressure”
Release Date: November 2nd, 2012

Okay, back to shoes that were actually released during 2012. The “Pressure” colorway is iconic for a number of reasons, the first being that 2012 was the year that LeBron won his first championship with the Miami Heat putting an end to all of the speculation on when/if he was ever going win a ring, and providing redemption to that disappointing loss to that 2011 Finals loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

We also can’t forget that legendary ECF Game 6 matchup against the Celtics when Bron put up 45 points, 15 rebounds, and five assists on 73.1 percent shooting (and that iconic staredown). Pressure was definitely a good name for these shoes, which were the first Nike’s to incorporate Nike+ basketball technology.

9. Nike LeBron Celebration Pack 2013
Release Date: August 10th, 2013

Not one, but two sneakers make up the Celebration Pack, which remain one of LeBron’s most coveted. Of course 2013 was the year LeBron locked in his second championship when the Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs in a seven game series that was also a close call with a down to the wire Game 6 that the Heat could have lost had Ray Allen not hit that three to tie the game and send it into overtime, and an equally intense Game 7. The championship celebrations (pun not intended) were also pretty lit (yes we were enviously watching from afar).

8. LeBron 11 Premium “What The LeBron”
Release Date: September 13th 2014

Okay so now we’re back in Cleveland for LeBron’s second go round with the team. Bron’s return to Cleveland was done in surprise fashion, but for those like myself who are die-hard Cavs fans, it wasn’t completely shocking because we (or atleast I) always knew that he would eventually come back to get Cleveland a championship, which he did. “What The LeBron” was released in September 2014 around the time of the announcement, and included features from previous signature releases, along with the map of Akron, Ohio. 

7. LeBron 12 Team Elite “Ignite”
Release Date: April 17th, 2015

The “Ignite” LeBron 12s were first worn on foot by James during the Cavaliers playoff opener against the Boston Celtics. That game was significant because it was also both Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving’s playoff debut, and Cleveland’s first time being back in the playoffs since 2010, the end of his first tenure with the team where they played… the Celtics. The shoes (and the game they were worn in) would mark the beginning of an interesting playoff run where the Cavs ended up facing the Golden State Warriors for the first of their four year rivalry.

6. LeBron 13 “On Court”
Release Date: October 30th, 2015

We’re now at the start of the 2015-2016 season, and the Cavs are coming off a disappointing 4-2 loss to the Golden State Warriors during a playoff campaign where they lost both Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving (who went down during Game 1 of the Finals). With everybody back healthy, it was time for round two.

Designed by Jason Petrie, the “On Court” LeBron 13s were released at the start of the season, and featured Flywire technology to go along with the red upper, asymmetrical lacing, and the black accents sprinkled throughout the shoe.

5. LeBron 13 “Akronite”
Release Date: November 21st, 2015

While these were released in November 2015, we still feel that these are the shoes that best represent the 2015-2016 season, which as you guys know, would be the year that LeBron would bring the championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers for the first time in history (and Akron by automatic default). Each of the five shades of the Akronite paid tribute to the various different chapters of LeBron’s journey up to that point, including his Akron roots, and his years in Miami.

4. Zoom LeBron Soldier 10 Gold Swoosh
Release Date: August 22nd, 2016

And if the Akronite 13s sum up the season, then the Gold Swoosh Soldier 10s sum up the postseason. LeBron wore the White Gold iteration during the Cavs Game 6 matchup against the Golden State Warriors where he notched his second 41 point game in a row. Game 6 was the final game at the Cavs home base before Game 7 where they would complete their 3-1 comeback to win the ship. The Gold Swoosh 10s would go on to be released two months later.

3. LeBron 16 MPLS Lakers
Release Date: April 19th, 2019

And now we get to the current era with the Los Angeles Lakers. For those that don’t know, the Los Angeles Lakers were previously known as the Minneapolis Lakers before being relocated, which this sneaker pays tribute to. The retro old school look makes this one another one

2. LeBron 18 X-Mas in LA
Release Date: December 30th, 2020

With the holiday season around the corner, we thought it would be fun to throw in one of LeBron’s sneakers. Red, fun, and festive.

1. LeBron Witness VI
Release Date: 2021
Academy Sports + Outdoors

Simple. We all have been witnesses.


LeBron obviously has dozens more sneakers that you can check out. Be sure to follow us for more style articles and content. 

In other LeBron news, continuing to celebrate LeBron James’ 20th year in the NBA and 20 years with Nike, Nike will release a new colorway of the signature LeBron XX (LeBron 20) this Sunday, December 4th. 


The bright yellow hued sneaker ($210) is exclusive to UNKNWN, the game-changing apparel lifestyle brand, concept retail store, and community venue founded by Jaron Kanfer, Frankie Walker Jr. and LeBron James. 

The latest colorway of the sleek, luxury inspired low-top silhouette will be available in a limited quantity of just 200 pairs exclusively at The new Releases structure is intended to create fairness for its digital community to access the most exciting and coveted product launches. To buy, fans must register a profile and sign up for the launch in advance. Winners will be selected at random resulting in the automatic purchase of the sneaker and be notified by email on the launch day.

Also launching this weekend and available at is another new LeBron XX colorway in pink.


While the LeBron XX celebrates James’ 20th NBA season and 20 years with Nike, the two new releases coincide with UNKNWN’s 3rd Annual Courtside Classic Presented By Nike. The 3v3 basketball tournament coincides with Miami’s Art Week and sees celebrity, influencer and athlete teams face off in friendly competition on UNKNWN’s Instagram-famous open air courtyard in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood. Teams will wear custom UNKNWN and Nike jerseys and apparel as well as the new LeBron XXs on Saturday, December 3rd.