The Best LeBron Shoes: Ranking the King’s Top 15 Sneakers

Twenty years. 2-0. That’s how long it’s been since LeBron James signed his deal with Nike. The same way Bron has given us twenty years worth of epic highlights and dazzling moments, he has also blessed us with some pretty dope sneakers. Since releasing the LeBron Air Zoom 1 in 2003, there have been consistent drops each year, and today we are taking a look at some of the best LeBron shoes to ever grace the court. One of the coolest elements of LeBron’s sneakers is the fact that they tend to be tied to the different eras of his career.

There are colorways that represent his first stint in Cleveland, some that capture his four years with Miami, multiple ones that reflect his second stint in Cleveland where he brought the Cavs their first ever championship in 2016, and newer drops that chronicle his current spot with the Los Angeles Lakers where he has been for the past four years. We’ve got a lot to get to, so let’s get started.

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The Best LeBron Shoes at a Glance

LeBron Air Zoom Generation “Debut

Zoom LeBron 3 “Retro Midnight”

Nike LeBron 5 “Black Crimson Metallic Gold

Nike LeBron 8 “South Beach

Nike LeBron 9 Low “LeBronald Palmer”

LeBron 10+ “Pressure

Nike LeBron Celebration Pack 2013

LeBron 12 Team Elite “Ignite

LeBron 13 “On Court

LeBron 13 “Akronite

Zoom LeBron Soldier 10 “Gold Swoosh

LeBron 16 “MPLS Lakers

LeBron 18 “X-Mas in LA

LeBron Witness VI

15. LeBron Air Zoom Generation “Debut”
Release Date: October 29th, 2003

The “Debut” Air Zooms. It’s easy to forget about these in the grand scheme of things, but they represent the beginning of an era. And what a beginning it was. The “Debut” Zooms were released during LeBron’s first season in 2003-2004, and was his first signature sneaker, making the name fitting. Bron wore these Zooms on the court during his very first NBA game on October 30th, 2003 versus the Sacramento Kings where his statline was 25 points, 6 rebounds, and 9 assists.

These sneakers definitely represent a part of NBA history, and there’s still plenty available on the secondary market making them a collectors item.

14. Zoom LeBron 3 “Retro Midnight”
Release Date: February 28th, 2019 (Original – 2006)

2006 was an important year for LeBron because the 2005-2006 season was his very first time making the playoffs. It was also the year that he dropped the Zoom LeBron 3 “Retro Midnight.” Despite being released nearly seventeen years ago, the shoe still very much remains current in terms of its look and design. So current that the sneakers were actually re-released during the 2019 season, pretty much blending in with all of the other sneakers that were coming out during that time. This is also a shoe that could serve as another collectors item down the line.

13. Nike LeBron 5 Black “Crimson Metallic Gold”
Release Date: December 13th, 2007

Released in December 2007, the 2007-2008 season did provide us with some standout moments (and sneakers). For starters, LeBron had concluded the previous season leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first NBA Finals appearance after beating the Detroit Pistons in a 4-2 upset (this was also the series where he scored 48 points in that sick double overtime Game 5). 2007 was also the year where his second child Bryce James was born.

And even though the Cavs didn’t make it back to the NBA Finals that year, they did have interesting playoff series against the Wizards and Celtics. There are different colorways available of the Black Crimson 5s, but in our opinion this was the one that stood out the most. The starting price on these bad boys are roughly $1000, and unlike the other two shoes we’ve mentioned so far, not many of these are left. Better get on it if you want a pair.

12. Nike LeBron 8 “South Beach”
Release Date: July 21st, 2021 (Original 2010)

So now we’re in the Miami era. The era of the Big 3 aka the Heatles. Some may argue that the sneakers Bron put out during his four years in South Beach are among his best, and we can’t disagree because they were next level. Much of LeBron’s sneakers during this time period were tropical themed because, well, Miami, and they were super youthful and fun representing everything twenty-somethings love about the 305 from the clubs to the beach. The “South Beach” iteration of the LeBron 8s was just that. Colorful, young, and fun.

11. Nike LeBron 9 Low “LeBronald Palmer”
Release Date: May 19th, 2022

This brings us to the “LeBronald Palmer” Nike LeBron 9s which were finally released this year after nearly a decade of waiting. As you can see, the tropical vibes are in full effect, with the shoes name drawing inspiration from the popular “Arnold Palmer” drink which is made up of half sweet tea and half lemonade. For those who have never tried an “Arnold Palmer,” it’s actually pretty good in our opinion. An even balance of tangy lemonade and sugary iced tea. Just don’t use unsweetened tea. That’s borderline criminal.

10. LeBron 10+ “Pressure”
Release Date: November 2nd, 2012

Okay, back to shoes that were actually released during 2012. The “Pressure” colorway is iconic for a number of reasons, the first being that 2012 was the year that LeBron won his first championship with the Miami Heat putting an end to all of the speculation on when/if he was ever going win a ring, and providing redemption to that disappointing loss to that 2011 Finals loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

We also can’t forget that legendary ECF Game 6 matchup against the Celtics when Bron put up 45 points, 15 rebounds, and five assists on 73.1 percent shooting (and that iconic staredown). Pressure was definitely a good name for these shoes, which were the first Nike’s to incorporate Nike+ basketball technology.

9. Nike LeBron Celebration Pack 2013
Release Date: August 10th, 2013

Not one, but two sneakers make up the Celebration Pack, which remain one of LeBron’s most coveted. Of course 2013 was the year LeBron locked in his second championship when the Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs in a seven game series that was also a close call with a down to the wire Game 6 that the Heat could have lost had Ray Allen not hit that three to tie the game and send it into overtime, and an equally intense Game 7. The championship celebrations (pun not intended) were also pretty lit (yes we were enviously watching from afar).

8. LeBron 11 Premium “What The LeBron”
Release Date: September 13th 2014

Okay so now we’re back in Cleveland for LeBron’s second go round with the team. Bron’s return to Cleveland was done in surprise fashion, but for those like myself who are die-hard Cavs fans, it wasn’t completely shocking because we (or atleast I) always knew that he would eventually come back to get Cleveland a championship, which he did. “What The LeBron” was released in September 2014 around the time of the announcement, and included features from previous signature releases, along with the map of Akron, Ohio. 

7. LeBron 12 Team Elite “Ignite”
Release Date: April 17th, 2015

The “Ignite” LeBron 12s were first worn on foot by James during the Cavaliers playoff opener against the Boston Celtics. That game was significant because it was also both Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving’s playoff debut, and Cleveland’s first time being back in the playoffs since 2010, the end of his first tenure with the team where they played… the Celtics. The shoes (and the game they were worn in) would mark the beginning of an interesting playoff run where the Cavs ended up facing the Golden State Warriors for the first of their four year rivalry.

6. LeBron 13 “On Court”
Release Date: October 30th, 2015

We’re now at the start of the 2015-2016 season, and the Cavs are coming off a disappointing 4-2 loss to the Golden State Warriors during a playoff campaign where they lost both Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving (who went down during Game 1 of the Finals). With everybody back healthy, it was time for round two.

Designed by Jason Petrie, the “On Court” LeBron 13s were released at the start of the season, and featured Flywire technology to go along with the red upper, asymmetrical lacing, and the black accents sprinkled throughout the shoe.

5. LeBron 13 “Akronite”
Release Date: November 21st, 2015

While these were released in November 2015, we still feel that these are the shoes that best represent the 2015-2016 season, which as you guys know, would be the year that LeBron would bring the championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers for the first time in history (and Akron by automatic default). Each of the five shades of the Akronite paid tribute to the various different chapters of LeBron’s journey up to that point, including his Akron roots, and his years in Miami.

4. Zoom LeBron Soldier 10 Gold Swoosh
Release Date: August 22nd, 2016

And if the Akronite 13s sum up the season, then the Gold Swoosh Soldier 10s sum up the postseason. LeBron wore the White Gold iteration during the Cavs Game 6 matchup against the Golden State Warriors where he notched his second 41 point game in a row. Game 6 was the final game at the Cavs home base before Game 7 where they would complete their 3-1 comeback to win the ship. The Gold Swoosh 10s would go on to be released two months later.

3. LeBron 16 MPLS Lakers
Release Date: April 19th, 2019

And now we get to the current era with the Los Angeles Lakers. For those that don’t know, the Los Angeles Lakers were previously known as the Minneapolis Lakers before being relocated, which this sneaker pays tribute to. The retro old school look makes this one another one

2. LeBron 18 X-Mas in LA
Release Date: December 30th, 2020

With the holiday season around the corner, we thought it would be fun to throw in one of LeBron’s sneakers. Red, fun, and festive.

1. LeBron Witness VI
Release Date: 2021
Academy Sports + Outdoors

Simple. We all have been witnesses.


LeBron obviously has dozens more sneakers that you can check out. Be sure to follow us for more style articles and content. 

And since LeBron is a huge Buckeyes fan, we thought it would also be cool to include this announcement. Ahead of the annual Ohio State versus Michigan showdown, Express partnered once again with their OSU ambassadors to suit the team in custom-fit suits for the walk-in ahead of the big game, because when you look good, you feel good – and when you feel good, you play your best.

Below are some of the behind the scenes pictures from their fittings. Check them out.




Make sure to tune into the rest of Ohio State’s games as it’s going to be a wild ride into the College Football Playoff.


The Wait is Over: The A$AP Nast x Reebok Zig Kinetica 2.5 Arrives December 2nd

In the unforgettable words of clairvoyant Smash Mouth: “The collabs start comin’ and they don’t stop comin’.” Or something like that. In that vein, Reebok has produced a plethora of eye-catching and hype-inducing releases over the past few years, bringing unexpected artists and collaborators to the halls of the longstanding sportswear giant. The latest such release is the third installment of Reebok’s partnership with rapper—and best dressed man alive, imo—A$AP Nast, invoking the style icon’s keen eye for the current moment wrapped up in an outdoors-inspired silhouette. The A$AP Nast x Reebok Zig Kinetica 2.5 is releasing on December 2nd.

The Reebok x A$AP Nast Zig Kinetica 2.5
Reebok / Shot by A$AP Nast

In typical Nast fashion, the shoes are built on an understated color palette punctuated by unorthodox structural components, like the removable textile shroud and Vibram Ecostep lugged outsole.


Since its inception in 2020, the Zig Kinetica ushered in a new era for the Reebok’s ZigTech of the 2010s, before going onto to develop elevated versions of the model: the Zig Kinetica II and Zig Kinetica II Edge. In 2021, A$AP Nast and Reebok joined forces for the first time on the Classic Leather Legacy and then a version of the Zig Kinetica II Edge. On these previous 2021 collabs, Nast commented:

“Reebok is the first and only brand I’ve ever proactively reached out to work with because I knew I wanted to create something special with them to be a part of my legacy. I wanted to create my own version of a Reebok icon.”

Reebok x A$AP Nast Zig Kinetica 2.5 Release Date


After their reveal this past spring, the Reebok Zig Kinetica 2.5 is the latest evolution of ZigTech, combining the practical aspects of previous models with an aesthetically experimental design style.



The A$AP Nast x Reebok Zig Kinetica 2.5 ($180, FZ5855) will be available December 2 from and select fashion retailers.


Ten Years In, Faraz Zaidi and Profound Co Are Just Getting Started

“I did a bunch of random things,” Faraz Zaidi chuckles to me before adding: “But a lot of them had the foundation of just building. I always like to figure things out and find the process to things.” After some years of experimentation, Faraz’s building culminated in the 2009 establishment of his now-renowned brand Profound Co. Throughout our conversation, Faraz’s nascent fascination with this concept of “building” is clearly still coursing through the entirety of his practice with Profound. 

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

The Genesis of Profound CO

“It took a little bit of time to get things in motion, but I would say early 2009, we started,” Faraz tells me. After years of uncertainty (“the first three years of college were me just dabbling with sort of random subjects”), Faraz eventually studied and graduated with a degree in Visual Art, Business Economics and a minor in Psychology. All of which contribute to what he does today. For the few years after college, he worked “at Best Buy selling TVs,” “at the Coca-Cola factory in North Brunswick driving a forklift,” “as a barber,” and more. 

And in this era, Faraz tells me: 

“I feel like we were sort of in a landscape when there weren’t a lot of brands that were saying something of value. Everything felt a bit superficial. It felt a bit surface level. So my sort of purpose very, very early on was to have a point of view and to tell a story.

“There’s a narrative, there’s a story to be told. A lot of that story was just rooted in where I came from. I was born in Pakistan. I moved here when I was three with my family. And I went back quite a few times. And then just taking the culture of that place, which is a place where not many people pursue anything creative—and sort of combining that with what I learned here. And a lot of the fabrics, the textiles. A lot of the reference points come from that culture, but a lot of it’s still rooted in the West. So it’s this sort of interesting mix of where I come from and where I live, East and West.”

Faraz Zaidi

The catalyst was sharing a story, adding meaning to fashion—finding some purpose. And building the best possible clothing we could build.

In the early days, Faraz—along with his sister and cousin—started with a few slogan tee shirts. The initial motto of the brand was “Designed for the conscious mind.” So one of the first releases was a shirt with the tagline: “Piece by Peace.” The goal was “using the t-shirt as sort of like this artistic canvas to express something.” He and his team did a few more tees before pivoting into hoodies: “We started extremely small. We didn’t have much money to really do much back then. So we found a local silk screen printer. Learned Photoshop. Just got two shirts printed. And then two turned to four. Four turned to six. Six turned to two hoodies. Two hoodies turned to three hats, and then ended up being a fully formed collection a few years later.”

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
Profound Co in 2022

To this day, Faraz, his sister, and cousin work to strike a balance between the philosophical side of the brand and a desire to just make easy, accessible clothing. “If you are someone that is interested in that story, you’ll get that story from it. If you’re someone that just wants a hoodie or a pair of pants and just think it fits well and it looks like you like the wash on it—and it’s priced reasonably—you’ll buy it. It’s sort of something for both audiences.”

Faraz encapsulates Profound succinctly as such: “A channel of communication via the medium of fashion.”

Profound Co

The most recent collection was entitled, No Distance Left to Run, and Faraz sees it as a response to emerging from the pandemic and beginning to see it as a chapter in all of our unraveling stories.

Viewing the brand as a “functional based solution to a wardrobe,” Faraz envisions the future of Profound as an overarching umbrella with multiple sub labels within it.

Profound Co

The Future of Profound Co

“We’re most excited about building out this new sub-label, this new tier of the brand. Its two sub labels. The one that is upcoming, which hopefully we’re looking to launch it by early 2023. The uniform core label,” Faraz explains to me. They also plan to expand into jewelry, home goods, footwear and eventually womenswear.

“I’m excited about the next chapter of the brand, which is hopefully doing home goods,” Faraz tells me, before going on to summarize the many branching ambitions of the brand we’ve discussed thus far. “So the vision is Profound sort of exists at this top tier. If it’s a tree, the foundation is Profound. And then each branch is this sub-label.”

“We’re looking forward to doing more campaigns, more video content. Just digging a bit deeper into the story and sharing that more. I feel like the last year has been very product based, so I kind of want to dive back into sharing actual storytelling, you know?” he tells me of some more future goals. And then, as we emerge from the pandemic, we discuss the future potential for an in-person headquarters of the brand.

Profound Co

“I think a lot of us have become a bit desensitized and jaded towards everything digital, even though it exists for a purpose. It’s useful to have e-comm and useful to have an Instagram and social media channels, but I’ve always really been drawn to things in the physical space. So to be able to walk into a store, and get an immediate sense of what the identity of the brand is, whether it’s through certain art on the wall or it’s like the, you know, the patina on the wood or the scent of the place. There’s all these different factors, because each successful brand has an identity.” We discuss a few brands have managed to accomplish this incredibly well in recent years, from Bode to Snow Peak and more. 

Faraz Zaidi

Physically translating a thing that only existed in a digital space is probably one of the most exciting journeys we could ever be on.

As we begin to conclude our conversation, we turn to gratitude and Faraz’s favorite aspects of his job: “As far as the entrepreneur part of me, it’s being able to provide for people, being able to hire people. Giving people some sense of purpose and enjoyment in what they do. Being a leader for a team of people that really are committed to the purpose of what the brand is.”

We soon turn to the artistic facets of his role. “My favorite thing has always been creation. I like coming up with a concept or an idea for something that lives in your head for X amount of time. And then you’re able to actualize it, bring it to fruition,” he tells me, pausing before he adds with a smile: “As an artist, that’s the thing that gives me the most satisfaction.”

Shop the latest Profound Co collection here.

Sneakers Style

20 of the Best Vans Shoes to Add to Your Rotation

The year is 1966, America is embroiled in Vietnam, Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman founded Nike two years prior in Eugene, Ore. and almost exactly 888 miles down the western coast of the United States, the Van Doren brothers are striking gold, or rubber if you will, as they introduce the world to Vans. Their first day included 12 pairs of shoes, ordered, made, and delivered in the first 24 commercial hours in existence. Their local Anaheim success was an omen of what was to come: a future foretold where the best Vans shoes are some of the best damn skate shoes on the market.

The humble garage setup was just the beginning as the brand, and their iconic rubber waffle outsole, continued to craft new silhouettes, slowly but surely altering the skateboard and lifestyle footwear landscape. The Sk8-Hi, Slip-On Classic, and others all became essential equipment for the uniform of a 70s SoCal teen in the know. 

Sooner than later the whole country, not to mention the world, knew the phrase “Off The Wall”. The brand is a powerhouse. Executing simple black/white colorways on its top models, it collaborated with other skate staples like Thrasher magazine, Supreme, and others who perfectly paralleled the unbuyable “cool” that the brand continues to deliver on a steady basis. 

While cool factor is incalculable, we did our best to take a look at 15 of the best Vans shoes, from the perfect wide soled skate silhouette to one-of-a-kind collabs, our list does its best to draw some conclusions about a brand that was never worried about being ranked.

1. Vans Sk8-Hi “Black/White”

All hail the Sk8-Hi. Seen in the classic and simple black/white colorway it is the Air Jordan 1 of skateboarding. Coming on to the scene in 1978 it set a precedent for skate performance. Tall and bold, the white rubber midsole pops off a textile and suede black upper. It’s taken on numerous iterations and versions but still remains a dominant force in the skate performance world all while enjoying an equally prominent place in the world of casual/lifestyle wear.

BUY NOW at stockx, $40+
2. Vans Classic Slip-On “Checkerboard”

The unofficial sneaker of southern California, the Classic Slip-On says it all right there in the name. Classic as classic gets, the Slip-On was not only the go-to for early skating but rests easily as one of the most sought after and loved casual sneakers of all time. It’s relaxed slip-on style is the perfect encapsulation of skate culture and the relaxed lifestyle of California.

BUY NOW at stockx, $54+
3. Vans Old Skool “Black/White”

For all of their high profile collabs and bold colorways, the thing that makes Vans great is their simplicity. Their ethos stems from their early aughts in that Anaheim garage and it seems that no matter what, the brand is still sticking to that. Black/white never looked so sharp, yet so simple on the Vans Old Skool. One of the brand’s highest-grossing models, the Old Skool is unmistakable with its bright, white jazz stripe logo slicing down the side of the silhouette.

BUY NOW at stockx, $45+
4. Vans Era 95 DX x Fear of God “Black/White”

Whatever your thoughts may be on American designer Jerry Lorenzo or his LA-based streetwear company Fear of God, his collaboration with Vans in 2017 was an undeniable success (seriously check out those resale prices). The high-end streetwear brand put their simplified and overbranded spin on a number of sneakers including the Era 95 DX resulting in a project whose price tag hit some pretty unprecedented numbers for the simple canvas sneaker. Even the Chainsmokers got their hands on some pairs, unbeknownst to them they treated them like any old Vans and beat them into the ground.  However heartbreaking that may be, it did make for a nice anecdote on Complex’s Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma.

BUY NOW, $700+
5. Vans Authentic x Supreme “White Castle”

Of Supreme’s multiple collabs with Vans, their 2013 one with White Castle is not only a personal favorite but kind of a sleeper. They put their spin not only the Authentic but a Classic Slip-On and Sk8-Hi each decked out with their own version of the burger chain’s bright and bold blue and white logo. The seemingly arbitrary joint project offered fans of the brand no answers– the randomness of the release was enough to keep demand for the pairs high and sticking true to their Quickstrike business practices, still very hard to find to this day.  ​

BUY NOW at goat, $248+
6. Vans Old Skool Pro x Golf Wang “Green/Pink”

Like many advocates for the brand, among us is Tyler, The Creator. A picturesque Cali teen who grew up loving the brand got his full-circle moment when Vans matched up with his creative outlet, Golf Wang in 2014. His super out-there style was a perfect match for the brand, the results; three boldly colored Old Skool Pros. They all came decked out with cool Golf Wang heel branding and cotton candy pink midsoles. The ones with the forest green uppers are my personal faves.

BUY NOW at stockx, $850+
7. Vans Authentic x Stranger Things

It’s no secret that it’s a collabs world out there right now, and Stranger Things manages to keep itself pretty firmly in the zeitgeist at all times. These kicks, which invoke the colorful nostalgia of the 80s Netflix show, released in August of this year and are a pretty fun rendition for those who aren’t afraid of a bit of flash.

BUY NOW, $80+
8. Vans Sk8-Hi x Led Zeppelin

There’s hardly a rock band worth their salt that doesn’t count Led Zeppelin, among others, as a major influence. The band celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2019, and with it, a two sneaker release with Vans. The Sk8-Hi is a personal favorite but the brand also worked on an Era silhouette to give the collaboration a hi and low option for those looking to rock or shred.

BUY NOW at stockx, $145+
9. Vans Authentic x A Tribe Called Quest

Of all the music-centric sneaker collabs that exist, there’s a special place for this 2018 collab with A Tribe Called Quest. The rap group has been steadily putting out genre-defining music and with that a special multi sneaker collab in 2018. The best of which, was the Authentic. The simple low cut sneaker came decked out in white and black but this time drenched with words and phrasing from the group in an all-over pattern. Want to see more music-themed kicks? Look no further.

BUY NOW at stockx, $125+
10. Vans Comfycush Era “Marshmallow”

With a hard rubber outsole for gripping a skateboard, Vans was never the most comfortable sneaker brand but that all changed when Vans introduced the world to a more comfortable version of their iconic skate sneakers with Comfycush™. The new tech brought updates to the Era and other silhouettes. The brand even bragged that their material was as comfortable as running sneakers and although that’s a tall order to fill, the general consensus was yes, Vans are more comfortable now. The new product launch came with some new colorways like “Marshmallow” a reverse twist on the classic black/white template.

11. Vans Old Skool “Flame”

The Vans Old Skool “Flame” is a simple sneaker with a cool colorway that transports you back to the days of sneaker shopping when the only thing that mattered was if a sneaker had flames or not. Even though we’ve grown up a little bit (some of us anyway) there’s still nothing wrong with going gaga over a good sneaker with flames. If Supreme and Nike can try and make flames cool again then so can Vans.

BUY NOW at stockx, $44+
12. Vans Half Cab Pro “Black/White”

Another great example of Vans’ seemingly flawless execution is the Half Cab Pro – for skaters by skaters. The sneaker looks best in a simple black/white colorway and came into existence in just about the most punk rock way possible. The legend centers around Steve Caballero and if you don’t know about his high top sneaker then get this – he noticed young skaters chopping off the top of his signature skate sneaks and using duct tape and stickers to close up the wounds.

This makeshift version was the first iteration of the silhouette and Caballero even tried it himself to see what the hype was about. It didn’t take too long before he called up Vans with an order to manufacture the Half Cab Pro. Meeting the demand for this mid-height sneaker, the factory version was born, giving skaters and newfound street skaters a tool for performance. Watch the tale unfold for yourself here.

Although the Pros are expensive and hard to find these days, the traditional Half Cab is more accessible, but does sacrifice a bit of actual skate performance.

BUY NOW at stockx, $65+
13. Vans Lampin x Supreme “Croc Corduroy Mustard”

The Vans Lampin is one of their lesser-known silhouettes, its upper has an arch overlay but that unusual detail made it the perfectly unique model for billion-dollar streetwear brand Supreme to use as a template for their funky and bold aesthetics. So ugly it’s perfect – the mashup of embossed croc and corduroy colored mustard is just about as “Supreme” as it gets and for true fans of either brand, this 2018 collaboration was one of several examples of the power of each wield. Together, they’re an unstoppable force of skating.

BUY NOW at stockx, $179+
14. Vans Authentic “True White”

Coke white. “Damn Daniel.” Whatever reference you might know them by the Vans Authentic “True White” is a bright, shining example of what makes Vans so great. Their emphasis focuses on the simple performance of their trademark rubber outsole. This simple plain colorway is a must-have for anyone, whether you’re looking to shred a drained pool or looking for something to pair with a casual fit.

BUY NOW at stockx, $50+
15. Vans Slip-On DX x David Bowie “Hunky Dory”

The Classic Slip-On with a twist, and then some. The brand’s 2019 collab with Bowie spoke truth to the daring and bold ethos encapsulated by both the brand and musician. Each trend-setting in their own right the “Hunky Dory” sees the Classic Slip-On with a velcro strap on the forefront and the classic checkerboard pattern in a soft velvet. 

16. Vans Skate Half Cab ‘92 GTX

One of the newest additions to the Vans lineup is the Skate Half Cab ‘92 GTX shoes, which commemorate 30 years of the Half Cab, which started in 1992. A winterized take on one of the most influential skate shoes of all time, the Skate Half Cab features  Gore-Tex construction, molded heel counters, locked-in tongue straps, DURACAP underlays and plenty more in what is going to be the first of plenty of epic drops and collaborations coming in the near future. These released on November 23rd.

17. Vans x WTAPS Drop 2

It seems like WTAPS has been everywhere over these past couple of weeks. Their latest collaboration is drop two with Vault by Vans after a highly successful first launch. The second drop takes inspiration from the cold weather season and the snowboarding heritage shared by both brands, featuring monotone, earthy hues, V3 UltraCush with The North Face Flashdry liner, V3 PopCush footbed to elevate comfort, V3 Waffle Superenduro outsole with all-trac cold weather rubber compound for performance in and out of your bindings, and a V3 harness for ankle support. Really cool shoe.


Another cool collaboration from Vans is their partnership with  international fashion personality Irene Kim, for a new collection that celebrates individuality, creativity, and positivity. The head-to-toe collection incorporates Vans classic footwear in the form of  the UA Authentic 44 DX refreshed for the Holiday 2022 season in a luxe velvet upper and finished with a tie-dye print reminiscent of a positive aura reading, and the Sk8-Hi Tapered Stackform features a hairy suede upper and includes a removable ankle chain decorated with custom IRENEISGOOD charms. 

19. Vans x RÆBURN

Vans teamed up with British designer Christopher Raeburn for their first ever collaboration, which is a  utilitarian-inspired head-to-toe collection of footwear, apparel and accessories. Available from November 18, VANS x RÆBURN draws on the design studio’s responsible design ethos for a capsule of four footwear styles which includes two different colorways of the VANS Classics, the Sk8-Hi and Old Skool. Pretty sick.

20. Vans Vault x Palm Angels
End Clothing

Releasing in September of this year, the Vans Vault collab with Palm Angels is a vibrant and eye-catching take on one of the brand’s most iconic silhouettes. “Palm Angels started with a photography book and Vans was already there. I took a picture of a guy skating in Venice beach, wearing the most vintage Vans Sk8-Hi I had ever seen and since then, the idea of Palm Angels collaborating with Vans has always been in my mind. It’s now finally reality. With this collection I wanted to recreate exactly that same image: few models with a vintage feeling and a contemporary take“, Francesco Ragazzi, founder and Creative Director of Palm Angels, said about the collab.

While the initial release took place on September 27th, you can still find the kicks at select retailers, including the UK’s End Clothing.

BUY NOW AT end clothing, $165

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The Best 2022 Black Friday Sneaker Deals For the Sneaker Lovers

By Friday, you will have had your Thanksgiving dinner, and the time to relax and catch up with your family and friends, but now it’s gametime. Black Friday is officially upon us, and if you are one of those individuals who are all about snagging a good deal, then you are either at a store or on your laptop right at this very moment searching for products you’ve been waiting all year to get. For some, that means getting a new television or laptop. For others, Black Friday might mean finally getting to snag 50% off your favorite clothing and beauty brands. And for some, the biggest shopping holiday of the year means treating yourself to a new pair of sneakers, and the Black Friday sneaker deals are truly lovely.

Whether you are an avid sneakerhead looking to add yet another pair of sneakers to your already overloaded closet, a workout enthusiast that’s more than overdue for a new pair of running/gym sneakers, or just a casual sneaker wearer looking to see if there’s anything out there that catches your eye, there’s more than a few Black Friday sneakers deals that are worth your time, attention, and money. We’ve rounded up a list of some of the best Black Friday sneaker deals that are currently available through the weekend and into Cyber Monday to help get you started. Check them out below.

The Best Black Friday Sneaker Deals That Are Live Now

Okay, so these are the sneaker deals that are currently live right at this moment. While there are loads of great options out there, these are the ones that really caught our attention the most. Amazon is an excellent place to shop when it comes to getting a bargain. Sure they may not have the latest Jordan 1s or Pharrell NMDs to hit the market, but they do have a lot of quality sneakers that are a good buy. When it comes to Black Friday sneaker deals, Amazon is probably the best out there due to both their sales and inventory. Here’s just a sample of what they are offering:

1. Adidas Originals Men’s NMD_r1’s

It’s rare that you’re able to get a pair of NMD_r1’s for as low as $60. In fact, that is almost unheard of because you are typically spending at least $100 (or close to it) for your standard NMD’s. This colorway is perfect for the upcoming spring season, and the availability for sizing is nice as well as most of the sizes are still in stock. The original asking price was $150 on Amazon, so you’re looking at close to $100 off here people.

BUY NOW AT AMAZON, $60 to $75
2. Cole Haan Men’s Grand Crosscourt Baseline Sneaker

Just about everything Cole Haan is going quickly via Amazon because this is yet another opportunity to get an excellent deal on a sneaker that is usually priced at $150. Pure leather sneakers at that. 

3. HUGO Canvas Lace Up High Top Sneakers

With some HUGO Boss sneakers being known to run towards the $200 to $300 price range, this is a chance to snag a pair of very nice ones for about $50. Sign us up!

BUY NOW AT AMAZON, $51 to $64
4. Unlisted by Kenneth Cole Stand Sneaker

Kenneth Cole is technically luxury when it comes to sneakers because of the fact that most if not all of their shoes are made with vegan leather (which can cost a pretty penny), and the Kenneth Cole brand name. This Black Friday, Amazon is giving you the chance to purchase a pair for as low as $35 depending on what size shoe you wear. Who turns down a pair of $35 Kenneth Cole’s? Not us. We’ll be buying for sure.

5. Reebok Unisex Classic Leather Sneaker

Reebok is known for their great deals and prices (which we’ll get into later on this article), but if you are a casual sneaker wearer that’s just looking for a new pair of sneakers to wear for workouts, errands, and airport runners without breaking the bank, then you should certainly take advantage of Amazon’s deal on the classic leather as the shoes are currently the lowest it will be for some time. 

Brands With the Best Black Friday Sneaker Deals

So now that you have a headstart on some cool deals to help you save some coins, let’s get into the brands that are offering great Black Friday deals as a whole. There’s a decent amount out there, but they are going fast so you’ll need to move quickly if you want to have a good shot at getting what you want. Below are ten brands advertising good deals to help celebrate the occasion. 

1. Target

In case you haven’t heard, Target is unveiling their biggest Black Friday sale ever, and sneakers are included. In addition to their biggest sale ever, Target is also offering their Holiday Match guarantee, meaning that if you purchase an item online between now and December 24th, and the price goes lower at an in-store location, you can potentially be reimbursed. Cool huh?

As far as sneakers, there’s close to 1,000 to pick from on the Target website, including brands like Levi who you normally wouldn’t think to purchase sneakers from. Browse through the catalog when you have a chance.

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2. Nike

Nike already had their early Black Friday event this past week where they were offering both 60% percent off select items and an extra 20% off on top of that, so we’re sure the deals are going to be equally as stellar for their actual Black Friday sale. This may be a good time to get those sneakers you’ve been eyeing for a while.

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3. Foot Locker

Foot Locker likes to move in silence when it comes to their Black Friday deals, instead preferring to surprise their customers, but if last year is any indication, we can assure you that a trip to Foot Locker (be it virtually or in-person) will certainly not disappoint. Foot Locker’s Black Friday 2021 was epic, with the brand offering discounts on Nike, Jordan, adidas, Puma, and plenty more. The Black Friday shoe deals were on point for sure.

4. Stadium Goods
Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods is celebrating Black Friday with a very special sitewide sale that includes 15% off Jordans, Nike, and more. The deal goes through 11:59 PM EST on 11/26 (midnight exactly), but there’s plenty more great deals ahead for the brand such as their new Nike Dunk edit, which was carefully curated by the Stadium Goods team. 

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5. Zappos

Zappos has some amazing deals for Black Friday, with markdowns from multiple brands including the likes of adidas, ASICS, Brooks, Vans, and plenty (and we do mean plenty) more. From kids shoes all the way to unisex, there’s something out there for everybody in the family, with sneakers as low as $30. Don’t sleep on Zappos sneaker catalog! They have loads of epic sneakers to cop. 

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6. Adidas

Speaking of adidas, they have quite a few events to celebrate Black Friday going on as well. For example, adidas Canada is currently offering 50% off their entire site, and the adidas Ultraboost sneakers are 50% off as well. Make sure to keep up with them as they too have been known to extend their sales into Cyber Monday.

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7. Kohl’s

Check out Kohl’s as well! They have been running a Black Friday sale on their website over the course of this past week, and they are also offering free shipping on select items along with free returns.

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8. REI

Every year, REI has their Gear Up Get Out sale which offers up to 70% off their clearance items. While that ended on the 21st, REI still secretly keeps the deal going with the prices being cheaper than usual. They also have surprise deals for Black Friday, so definitely worth popping in on them through the day.

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9. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Good’s sale is still going on, and this is also the perfect time to start taking a look at what the brand has to offer for the holidays (which is known to usually bring major mark downs as we get closer to Christmas).

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>
10. John Elliott

John Elliott is having a Black Friday sale that you won’t want to miss out on either. Starting on Sunday, November 20th and lasting through November 28th, the week-long sale will feature discounts on select products including new exclusive drops up to 40%. There will also be multiple flash sale events for even bigger discounts and for any purchases of $200 or more, with shoppers being entered into daily drawings that include elevated apparel and accessories, brand-inspired experiences, and collaborative grails. Everybody loves a nice little play to win.


Be sure to take advantage of all these Black Friday deals, and let us know if you snagged something really cool. In the meantime, be sure to keep up with us for more style content and updates. 

ONE37pm may earn affiliate revenue from some of the links in this article.


The 21 Best All Black Sneakers to Add to Your Lineup Right Now

What did Jay-Z say in 2009? Oh yeah, “All Black Everything. Black Cards, Black Cars, All Black Everything.” The subject at hand today is all black sneakers. Like pure black, no design, no overlays with funky colors. All. Black. Many people underrate the concept of all-black sneakers. Hear us out, all black sneakers are both a contrast and a complement. A sick all white outfit paired with equally sick all black kicks? Contrast. Making sure you’re armed with at least one pair of the best all black sneakers is a must.

A neon outfit paired with all black sneakers. Contrast. If you need something to complement but not take away from that new leather jacket you just copped? Complement. If you just picked up a black bag/backpack and you need shoes that are going to go along with it, complement. Get it? 

There’s plenty of reasons why you should have at least one pair of all black sneakers in your closet, and absolutely zero excuses as to why you shouldn’t, so we’re here to help you. Below is a list of 21 different all black sneakers that we have carefully curated to help you out with your next purchase. From sneakers that you wouldn’t expect to be bangers all the way to luxury, we have got it all. While a roundup of 21 isn’t a list of every single black sneaker on the market, it’s enough to get you a good running start. Check them out and let us know what you think.

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1. Palladium Off-Grid Cross WP

A new sneaker boot just in time for the snowy winter season, Palladium has delivered yet another all black sneaker that is epic. With an upper constructed from water-repellent ballistic nylon, along with a super comfortable honeycomb midsole, the Off-Grid Cross WP is a technical lightweight go-anywhere and do-anything shoe designed for all types of action and weather. One of Palladium’s specialties are all black shoes, so definitely check out their entire site to see if there’s anything else that catches your eye. They have a wide range of potential selections.

2. DC x Reebok Batman LX 2200

Look at us already breaking our strict all black from top to bottom rule, but if there’s anything that we should make a slight exception to, it’s definitely these. This past Friday, Reebok revealed its latest collaboration with Warner Bros., which is a full-family footwear and apparel collection inspired by iconic DC characters.

3. Kappa Logo Tasin Sneaker Mule

Kappa also has a neat sneaker selection, and one of their products is the newly released Logo Tasin Sneaker Mule that is warm, comfy, and right on time for the holiday season. These sneaker mules have an upper that is constructed in fleece, along with a polar lining and slip-on closure. Additionally, the outsole is rubber, making them a good fit for those upcoming rainy and snowy days that are along the way with the season.

4. Nike Air Force 1 ‘07

Give me two purrs. Get to stompin in these all-black Air Force 1 07s if you are looking for a sleek clean all black look that is tried and true. Honestly, the all black iterations of the AF1s deserve way more love than they have traditionally gotten. Yeah we know the whites are a classic, and nine times out of ten when somebody buys an Air Force 1 it’s going the standard white color. We get it. Our statement still stands. The Black AF1s deserve more love.

5. Under Armor Surge 3 Running Shoes
Under Armour

You can always count on Under Armor for a solid all black sneaker. The UA Surge 3s are cushioned, comfortable, light, and breathable. The features on this bad boy include the lightweight, breathable mesh upper, enhanced cushioning around the ankle collar for superior comfort, a cushioned EVA midsole, and strategically placed rubber pods on the outsole for durability and less weight. Nice design and reasonable price as well.

6. adidas Stan Smith Shoes

Contrary to popular belief you absolutely can wear Stan Smith shoes outside of playing tennis and pickleball. Why? Because we said so, that’s why. The Stan Smith has a plethora of colorways available (31 actually), and one of those is a solid all black option that is made with leather, and has all black laces to boot. Tons of sizes are available in both men and women’s, and as you guys already know, the Stan Smith’s are yet another tried and true that dates back to 1965. That’s nearly sixty years of success right there people.

7. Vans ComfyCush Sk8-Hi Shoe

This right here is for all of the Sk8er Boi’s and Sk8er Girls. The ComfyCush Sk8s are a reinvented iteration of the classic Sk8-Hi shoes, but with a new softer, cushioned outsole that gives the ComfyCush Sk8-Hi a first-class fit that feels like walking on a cloud. Or floating rather. Features include a newly constructed canvas and suede uppers house simplified one-piece interiors with added arch support and new moisture-wicking lining throughout designed to keep you comfortable at all times. A great deal too if you ask us.

8. Vans Skate Half Cab ‘92 GTX

This is a newly released skate sneaker from Vans that blends the past and present together beautifully. A winterized take on one of the most influential skate shoes of all time, the Skate Half Cab features skateable Gore-Tex construction,  fully revised uppers with molded heel counters, locked-in tongue straps, and a recut of the DURACAP underlays.

There’s also a two-part foxing, featuring a tougher toe knurl, ensures heightened board contact, and the redesigned gum rubber sole has been reinforced with a SickStick rubber compound and an internal heel shank to deliver additional grip, board feel, support, and durability. Very technical. Very Stylish.

9. Kizik Athens All Black Shoe

Looking for a shoe that you can literally collapse into? There are many sneakers that boast comfort, style, and eco-friendly design, but they may not be the easiest to put on. That is where Kizik comes into play. The sneakers can be put on without ever having to touch it with your hands. Tie it once and then never untie or tie again.

A patented collapsible heel lets your foot pop into the shoe, and if you’re really talented these shoes are so easy to put on you can even jump into them or do a backflip into them. There’s plenty of sneakers to choose from on the website, with Athen’s being one of the all black options.

BUY NOW, $129
10. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic
Shoe Carnival

The classics, but make them black please. Who doesn’t love Converse, and who doesn’t love Chucks. There’s tons of them in tons of colors. One of those colors is black. All black. From head to toe. Created over one hundred years ago, never varying much and pretty much always staying the same. Go cop you a classic. An all black one to be exact.

11. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Low Top

Of course we already know that people most frequently associate Converse with high tops, but they do have some dope low tops as well. This all black low top is the exact same shoe that we just listed above, but the low top version. Same features and everything.

12. New Balance Men’s 574 Core

The 574’s. The most unlikely icon in the New Balance catalog. Built to be a reliable shoe that can do a variety of things as opposed to just being a platform for revolutionary technology, or as a premium materials showcase. The result has been unassuming, unpretentious versatility in a shoe whose primary features are a hybrid road/trail design built on a wider end than the previous generation’s narrow racing silhouettes. This is the all black version meant solely (pun intended) for you.

13. New Balance Fresh Foam Cruzv1 Reissue
New Balance

And if you are looking for an all black New Balance sneaker that is primarily centered around comfort, look no further than the Fresh Foam Cruzv1. This ultra-comfy men’s sneaker features award-winning comfort in the form of Fresh Foam midsole technology, sophisticated engineered upper combined with synthetic midfoot saddle and a soft knit to offer support with an added layer of comfort. Super stylish as well.

14. Gucci Ace GG Embossed Sneaker

You already know that we had to throw some luxury options into this list as well. The Gucci Ace Embossed Sneakers A new introduction of the GG motif presented within the Pre-Fall 2020 collection, these GG’s play with texture, embossing the House emblem onto a black perforated leather base. This shoe is noted for its softness and slightly shiny finish, making it one of the standout features in Gucci’s sneaker collection.

15. Saint Laurent Andy Sneaker Leather
Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent also has a low top sneaker option that is quite nice as well. This is a low top laced sneaker with the Saint Laurent logo embossed on the side in gold. Saint Laurent is one of our favorite luxury brands, and we can definitely confirm that they are worth the investment.

16. Jimmy Choo Black Nappa Leather Low-Top Diamond Light–DIAMONDLIGHTMNAP013728.html%3Fgeoip%3Dgeoip%26updatePreLocale%3Dtrue%26cm_mmc%3DGoogleUS-_-Shopping-_-Shopping-_-J00015392943%26gclid%3DCj0KCQiA1NebBhDDARIsAANiDD0WILyJDSYzYee1KyvMWLm8m09fID6Za1PK6u00YOmcO_gp99MZ-RsaAnSEEALw_wcB%26gclsrc%3Daw.ds
Jimmy Choo

Or you could rock with Jimmy Choo who has a version of their Diamond Light Nappa Leather sneakers in a black colorway that is very beautifully designed too. These also serve as trainers, so you could also wear them more comfortably.

BUY NOW AT JIMMY CHOO, $550–DIAMONDLIGHTMNAP013728.html%3Fgeoip%3Dgeoip%26updatePreLocale%3Dtrue%26cm_mmc%3DGoogleUS-_-Shopping-_-Shopping-_-J00015392943%26gclid%3DCj0KCQiA1NebBhDDARIsAANiDD0WILyJDSYzYee1KyvMWLm8m09fID6Za1PK6u00YOmcO_gp99MZ-RsaAnSEEALw_wcB%26gclsrc%3Daw.ds
17. Prada PRAX 01 Sneakers!8549!3!!!!x!!%26gclid%3DCj0KCQiA1NebBhDDARIsAANiDD2OW5hmH-IxQsaO3CaBcbc7FqyqnCZ64paUk_mVx-cjcL-dydSXB6waAh58EALw_wcB%26gclsrc%3Daw.ds

A sporty design made with Re-Nylon Gabardine, a regenerated yarn produced from recycled, purified plastic trash collected in the ocean, fishing nets, and textile waste fibers. The Prada PRAX 01 sneakers are both haute couture and eco-friendly. A perfect balance between the two actually.

BUY NOW AT PRADA, $975!8549!3!!!!x!!%26gclid%3DCj0KCQiA1NebBhDDARIsAANiDD2OW5hmH-IxQsaO3CaBcbc7FqyqnCZ64paUk_mVx-cjcL-dydSXB6waAh58EALw_wcB%26gclsrc%3Daw.ds
18. Fendi Flow Black Nylon Low Top

A slip-on sneaker with stretch laces, side zip and corrugated sole with engraved F on the side, the Fendi Flow Black Nylon Low Tops, are a mixture of tech fabrics and black suede. Fendi is another brand that you can always count on to deliver you the best of the best when it comes to any product they put out.

19. Dior B27 Low Tops

Classified by Dior as an “Oblique Galaxy Leather Sneaker with Smooth Calfskin and Suede,” consider adding a Dior sneaker to your luxury collection. Additional features include: a ‘CD Icon’ signature tongue, lace-up closure with ‘CD Icon’ eyelets, technical mesh lining, a black and grey rubber sole and plenty more.

20. Reebok Shaq Attaq “LA to L.A.”

Okay, this is another exception, but we absolutely had to include. Dropping on November 28th, this latest Shaq Attaq is a tribute to Shaquille O’Neal’s time with the Los Angeles Lakers. The OG version of this shoe was recently revived this year, and to celebrate O’Neal’s 30th anniversary with the company, this sneaker features purple and gold accents reflective of the Laker’s colors.

21. adidas by Stella McCartney SolarGlide Running Shoes

Adidas is one of our favorite brands. Stella McCartney is one of our favorite brands. Put them both together and you have one of our favorite collaborations. One of the coolest things about Stella McCartney is their commitment to providing quality stylish products that are very much environmentally friendly. The SolarGlide Running Shoes are very much an example of that, and worth the investment.


Like we said earlier, this is just a list to get you started. Be sure to keep up with us for more style related content and articles. 


The Adventures of Grim Reaper J is a Reminder to Do What You Love

“My friend sent me a link like, ‘Bro, somebody’s wearing your hat on the main page of SSENSE,” Jadeja McFarlane grins to me as he recounts one of the moments he started to feel that his brand—The Adventures of Grim Reaper J—was truly working. What started as a passion project fueled by a developing interest in design blossomed into a line of sneakers, hats, hoodies and more. We had the chance to catch up to hear about how Jadeja first developed the ethos of the brand, and how it snowballed into sneakers and a cult-like fandom in the past couple of years.

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The Early Adventures of Grim Reaper J

Back in 2018, design was a hobby for Jadeja in his spare time: “I was working marketing and social media for this clothing company, and I didn’t have a computer at the time. But in our office we had an iMac. One of the big computers had every Adobe program on there. So in my free time I would just sit down, play around on Photoshop, kind of start getting the hang of things. And then it got to the point where I had these ideas where it’s like, I want to bring ’em to life. I was hanging out with these two friends at the time that were also on the same thing and we kind of pushed each other to do it.

“And one of my homies did a random edit for me of this graphic. I ended up putting it on a crew neck. Made one for myself, and then I posted it on my finsta. And whoever was on there was like, ‘Yo, I want one, I want one.’ I made a batch of 15. Didn’t charge anyone to make a profit. It was whatever it cost to make, it was probably like 15, 20 bucks a pop. Made those for them and then everyone starts posting it on Instagram. And then it got to the point where people were all interested in it and I realized I could make money off this.

“So that’s when I actually sat, drew a logo. I wasn’t that good with graphic design at the time, so I had one of my friends help clean up the logo and design it for me and put it on a hoodie. 

Once I put it on that first hoodie and posted it and made my first couple sales, I was like, ‘Oh, I gotta keep doing this.’ Because that was the first time I ever got to be creative and see what it can bring back for me.”

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

Jadeja officially announced the brand on Halloween in 2018, but didn’t drop the first item until March of 2019. He did a hoodie, then a tee, and then the next natural progression was a fitted cap.

It took a while to get the logo exactly right. On the first version, Jadeja chuckles: “It was honestly so bad.” The logo was inspired by a certain cartoon character with a Jamaican accent—don’t worry about who. “And I’m a Jamaican person, so I was like, ‘This dude’s fucking sick. I love this guy. So when it came to like thinking, what kind of Grim Reaper I’m gonna do, I found one that I liked, made enough changes to it where I can make it my own logo and I just started running with it.”

He tells me a funny story about how he got the final version: “I tried with a couple friends to get the flames done, and surely enough, the embroidery shop that I went to to do it, the guy who was just like helping me as the front desk guy, he happened to be a graphic designer. And he was like, ‘How do you want it?’ I explained to him how I wanted it and he was like, ‘All right, gimme a sec.’ Boom. Got it. The first try. That’s the one. And then it’s been the same logo ever since.”

With the logo established, “I started embroidering my logo around various sports teams. Because the hoodies and tees had gotten me some traction, but once I started doing the hats…” he smiles to me, before going into another story:

“I remember I was in Opening Ceremony with my friends. RIP. We’re talking, I’m like, ‘Y’all, I recently made this hat, what do y’all think about it?’ Showed it to my friends. They were like, ‘Oh, that’s sick. One of my homies was actually thinking about doing something like that.’ Word, say less. I posted it on Instagram in that very moment, and that was the first time people actually started showing love to something that I made. Shirts and hoodies, they got overlooked a little bit, but people love fitted hats. 

“I started getting the most random placements in the world. I remember I gave Ishod [Wair] a blue LA hat that I did. And he happened to wear it with this guy. He did a shoot with this guy named Sam Mueller. And they did it and the shoot ends up being on the front page of the SSENSE website. 

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

“And that’s when I was like, ‘All right, hats are making sense.’ And I just started running hats for a while.”

Hats started to put Jadeja on the map, but then sneakers become a major part of the brand throughout the pandemic: “I was chilling in the studio with one of my friends because he made music, and I told him I always wanted to make a shoe. Because I’m a heavy sneakerhead. My personal collection, aside from the shoes I make, at this point, I’m definitely over 50 pairs. So I was like, ‘Bro, I really wanna make shoes. And he was like, ‘if it’s something you really want to do, I’ll help you out. I didn’t know graphic design that well at the time. So I just searched up a template of the shoe I wanted to replicate. Threw my logo on there, made a little bullshit version, sent it to him. Then he actually went into Illustrator and made me a mockup. And from there I printed out a bunch of them, got a box of crayons and just sat in my room like a kid, coloring them in and like trying different color possibilities.”

Zach Nelson / ONE37pm

The manufacturing process was a bit arduous, and Jadeja had to go back and forth on a few samples before actually arriving on the model you see today. “At the time, not many people were making shoes in New York. There might have been like one person, maybe two people, if anything. And literally as soon as I made shoes, that’s what really put me on the map.

“When I got that first sample, I took a picture of it. That photo is still on my Instagram. I posted it from this angle where you could see the logo. I think I put some caption like ‘in the lab.’ The feedback I got from that was like, most feedback I’ve ever gotten back on anything, and that’s when I was like, ‘Holy shit. I actually have to figure out how to do this.'”

Jadeja McFarlane

So I invested in myself and it lowkey paid off, honestly. 

As someone who has developed these skills recently himself, Jadeja is all about helping other people learn how to do something they love. When friends or acquaintances find out what he does (which often takes time, because he rarely talks about himself) and ask for advice, “I literally give them all the sauce,” he tells me.

What’s the name?

“The best way to put it is, everything I did up until I started the brand, I treated it as an adventure. And everything I’m gonna do now and going forward with the brand, I’m still treating it as an adventure. So that’s why I called it Adventures. I really just wanna enjoy myself.


“I’m a college dropout twice. I never had interest in being in a structured kind of thing where someone’s telling me what to do.” 

Jadeja McFarlane

I got younger siblings. I want to show them, ‘Hey, you don’t necessarily have to take the regular nine to five route. There’s something you’re interested in? Go for it. Shoot for it all the way.’ 

Jadeja’s brand was birthed out of a blossoming interest in design and a lifelong desire to zig when everybody else was zagging. “I’ve always just wanted to do my own thing. So I kind of just want to see what I could do with this, see where I could take it and grow with it,” he reflects to me, smiling ear to ear our whole conversation. Keep up with the Adventures of Grim Reaper J on his IG.


The 13 Best Wallet Brands For Men

When you make the decision to buy a new wallet, it can be tough to scour through the thousands upon thousands of options available. Rather than identifying a specific wallet to pine after, it can be helpful to narrow down your search to a specific trusted brand, and then pick an option from their overall selection. So with this in mind, we compiled a list of the best wallet brands for men to get familiar with.

How to Pick the Best Wallet Brand for You

Picking a wallet is a big decision. It’s not just somewhere you keep your cash and cards, but it’s part of your identity and that makes choosing the right one a big deal. It doesn’t help that there are a lot of different factors to consider when getting one but below, before we pick out a baker’s dozen of the best wallet brands for men, we’ve outlined the decisions you need to make.

  • Consider price: A wallet is something you’ll likely use almost every day, so that’s enough justification for most to break the bank when getting one. But if you’re on a budget and just want something functional, that’s certainly a possibility too – you just have to make sure you’re not sacrificing durability or any other important feature for it.
  • Consider design: A wallet that’s all black is great and is tough to go wrong with, but for many, a wallet is part of their identity and so they want something that represents them a little more. At the end of the day, a lot of people are going to see your wallet when you’re taking cash, cards or ID out from it, so perhaps it’s worth having something that can draw compliments. Whether that means something with a little colour or a designer brand is your call.
  • Consider bifold vs. trifold: Simply put, bifold wallets have two sections while trifold wallets have three. If you’re fairly confident that you’re not going to ever keep much in your wallet, then go for the former which will fit in your pocket a little less bulky. One thing to consider is that a lot of trifold wallets often have a see-through slot in the middle for your ID to conveniently sit so you don’t have to pull it out over and over again.
  • Consider durability: No-one wants a wallet that the threads are going to fall apart on quickly, especially if you’re using it daily, unfolding and unfolding it and forcing cards into tight spots trying to break it in. Durability is a must for a long-term wallets.
  • Consider RFID blocking tech: This is considered an extra mostly. RFID-blocking material essentially blocks your cards’ electromagnetic signals, protecting it from a particular kind of theft called RFID skimming, which is basically electronic pickpocketing. Of course, this isn’t the biggest issue in the world and thankfully isn’t something you’ll likely have to deal with, so weight it up and see if you need it.
1. Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton
  • Standout product: Multiple wallet
  • Where they’re made: US/France/Spain/Italy

The Louis Vuitton logo is recognizable worldwide, so if you’re willing to shell out some extra cash for one of their luxury wallets, it’ll definitely catch eyes. Their wallets are known for being both fashionable on the outside and practical on the inside, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing functionality for the designer name. They have multiple kinds of wallets too, like card holders, pocket organizers and pouches.

Shop now, $325-$2,830
2. Gucci
  • Standout product: Wallet with interlocking G
  • Where they’re made: Italy

The great thing about the selection of wallets from Gucci is that they offer the standard kinds of designs you’d expect with their logos on it. There are great solid color options that stand out, more subtle pieces and even crocodile material. Of course, for even some of the simpler designs, you’ll be paying a premium for the name of the designer alone. Nonetheless, Gucci is one of the best wallet brands for men looking to splurge.

Shop now, $280-$3,200
3. Montblanc
  • Standout product: Meisterstück 4810 wallet 6cc
  • Where they’re made: Florence, Italy

Montblanc is a luxury brand, but admittedly with a more subtle selection of products than some more well-known offerings. Once again, you’ll be paying at a higher price point for these items for the name. While this brand is often referred to for their fountain pens, they offer a wide-ranging selection of products that include wallets with good quality leather that will last for a good amount of time.

Shop now, $290-$490
4. Mitchell Leather
Mitchell Leather
  • Standout product: Premium Horween Dubling
  • Where they’re made: Wisconsin

Known for crafting high quality leather products, Mitchell Leather have a selection of men’s wallets that have a formal, elegant look to them. Each of their wallets come in a few different colors, like mahogany, whiskey and black cherry, to name a few. You can also choose to feature the brand’s logo on them or not, which is a really nice touch that’s often not thought about from a big brand. In terms of customization, you can even add some initials. All of this comes at a price point lower than that of some of the big designer brands on this list too, so if you want something long term on a little bit of a budget, you don’t have to shy away from Mitchell Leather.

Shop now, $59-$249
5. Bally
  • Standout product: Brasai
  • Where they’re made: Switzerland

Another great brand for men’s leather wallets is Bally. They might not have the name value of some of the aforementioned brands on this list but that doesn’t mean that it’s of lesser quality. Bally is one of the oldest luxury brands on the planet, founded in 1851, and their experience in craftsmanship shows in their portfolio of wallets. Their scratch-resistant, fine grain leather is some of the best.

Shop now, $150-$600
6. Harber London
Harber London
  • Standout product: Business Wallet with RFID Protection
  • Where they’re made: Spain

Despite their customer base that runs worldwide, Harber London is a family-run, London-based brand that has earned quite the reputation for handmade leather goods, namely wallets. What’s great is that without paying a lot of extra money, you can purchase a wallet from Harber London that has RFID-blocking technology, to match great taste with safety. If luxury and minimalism for a good price is your thing, you can’t go wrong here.

Shop now, $46-$104
7. Bellroy
  • Standout product: Hide & Seek
  • Where they’re made: India

Bellroy is one of the newer names on this list, established as recently as 2009. That just makes it all the more impressive that they’ve managed to build a reputation is a reliable brand for wallets in a shorter space of time. They put emphasis on building slim, sleek designs that can still carry as much as possible while sticking to that mantra. Their wallets often also include RFID-blocking.

Shop now, $55-190
  • Standout product: World Tour Card Holder
  • Where they’re made: Italy/Spain

Another luxury brand that has a prominence in making good quality wallets for men is DIOR. Their wallets often feature their iconic design and pattern that is known by millions worldwide, so if you do break the bank with one, at least you’ll know that it’s a recognisable brand. If you can afford to take a hit on the space, some of DIOR’s card holders have a really great look.

Shop now, $350-$1,800
9. Tanner Goods
Tanner Goods
  • Standout product: Utility Bifold
  • Where they’re made: Oregon

Tanner Goods is a great brand for a combination of good quality and unique design while remaining far more affordable than the massive designer brands. They offer bifolds, card holders, travel wallets, workman wallets and more, all with a unique touch that makes them stand out. If their minimalist design philosophy is right for you, give them a try.

Shop now, $55-$150
10. Fossil
  • Standout product: Derrick RFID Bifold with Flip ID
  • Where they’re made: China

For a great balance of a brand that’s known and respected and one that won’t cost twice as much as the most amount of cash you could ever keep in it, try Fossil. Most of their wallets allow you to emboss a few letters on them, so you can give your wallet a more personal touch with your own initials if you wish. Their selection is both simple and formal, making Fossil one of the best wallet brands for men looking for a bit of everything.

Shop now, $39-$75
11. The Ridge
The Ridge
  • Standout product: Half Dome
  • Where they’re made: China

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Ridge wallets through advertising on a podcast you listen to. They’re known for their aluminium/carbon fibre designs that are slim and have RFID-blocking technology. Despite their size, the elastic means that you can fit up to 12 cards in their average wallet, an impressive feat. Their cash strap wallet also means that you can carry money too. Ridge is one of the best wallet brands for men who prefer something structured as opposed to soft leather.

Shop now, $85-$250
12. Herschel
  • Standout product: Charlie Wallet
  • Where they’re made: China

One of the better subtle, budget options for men’s wallets on the market is Herschel. What’s great about their wallets is that all the various designs are available in multiple colours. Their Charlie wallet for example, is one of their most popular products, and is available in 51 different design options. Herschel is definitely one of the best wallet brands for men to shop, but they have a wide array that would be a good fit for anyone.

Shop now, $35-$65
13. Ekster
  • Standout product: Senate Cardholder
  • Where they’re made: China

Last but not least is Eskter, whose unique selling point is that they offer tracker cards for a little more money which will hopefully avoid you losing your wallet. If you’re someone who often misplaces your personal belongings, then this is a great idea. The brand was formed just seven years ago and in that time, has become one of the better smart wallet brands on the planet.

Shop now, $63-$151

The 11 Best FILA Sneakers to Cop Now

Welcome to another unofficial installment of “What to Cop” brought to you by ONE37pm. Today we are talking about what you can get from… FILA. Since its founding in 1911 (FILA has been around for well over a century), the company has established itself as one of the premier global sportswear brands with a recognizable imprint. While the brand’s roots are in Italy, you can’t deny the influence of the shoe in places like New York, where it was especially popular in the hip-hop and rap scene during the 1990s. To date, FILA remains a heavy hitter in the world of street and sportswear, with various new releases and collaborations. We’ve put together a roundup of some of the best FILA sneakers you can pick up just in time for the holidays, but before we start, we have to tell you why you should listen to us.

The Best FILA Sneakers at a Glance

Best FILA CollaborationFILA Grant Hill 2 (Tupac Edition)

Best FILA Basketball ShoesFILA Men’s Mb Black and Red

Best FILAs for KidsFILA Little Kids’ Mb Night Walk

FILAs for the OutdoorsFILA Men’s Oakmont Tr

A Pair for SpringtimeFILA Men’s Original Fitness

Best Throwback KicksFILA Men’s Grant Hill 2 Scuba

Best Nighttime SneakersFILA Women’s MB Nightwalk

Luxury FILA ShoesFILA Women’s Unit V2

Most Color OptionsFILA Women’s Disruptor 2 Exp

Most TechnicalFILA Men’s Renno N-Generation Patched

Best Overall DesignFILA Men’s Mb Red

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How We Picked The Best FILA Sneakers

Similar to our PUMA article, our knowledge of some of the best FILAs comes from the relationship that we have established directly with the brand. Our picks were based on three things: style, versatility, and personal experiences with these shoes and the collections associated with them. FILA has had quite a few awesome releases this year with more to be expected as we approach the end of Q4 and Q1. Let’s get started shall we?

1. FILA Grant Hill 2 (Tupac Edition)
Best Collaboration

Everybody knows that FILA was Tupac’s favorite sneaker brand, so it was only right that the brand launched an official collection honoring the legend. One of the pieces in that collection was a new edition of the FILA Grant Hill 2, which were famously worn by Tupac in the iconic album artwork for “All Eyez on Me,” and were a staple in his daily wardrobe.

Of course, one of the personal items on display at the “Tupac Shakur: Wake Me When I’m Free” museum experience earlier this year were, in fact, Tupac’s Grant Hill 2 sneakers, and in addition to the Grant Hill 2 Low x 2PAC ‘96 Reissue in the original red/white/navy colorway, the collaboration also included a special Grant Hill 2 Low x 2PAC in a brown/white colorway. The shoes are still available for purchase on the FILA website.

2. FILA Men’s Mb Black and Red
Best Basketball Shoe

It’s not an official basketball shoe unless it’s got some variation of black and red included on it. That’s the rule. The black and red edition of the FILA Men’s MB is a tribute to one of the most memorable FILA’s to hit the scene in the 1990s. The color mixtures make for a clean, sick, fit look, and is the perfect gym shoe that can be paired with a number of the shorts, joggers, t-shirts, and hoodies that are featured on the website. What y’all think? These are “Illmatic” right?

3. FILA Little Kids’ Mb Night Walk
Best For Kids

These are for the kiddos or the people like myself who can still manage to squeeze into kids sizes when desperate enough to get a shoe (don’t judge). This is a brand new arrival that just hit the FILA site not too long ago, and is a youthful sneaker that celebrates fun. I personally like this shoe because the color patterns remind me of waterparks in the summer, which is pretty cool.

There’s two colorways of the Night Walks available. You can go with the White Prince Blue Gecko, or you could rock with the Black Gold Fusion White which is a completely different look from the former. Lots of sizes and great pricing as well.

4. FILA Men’s Oakmont Tr
Best for Outdoors

This FILA sneaker is meant for the outdoors. A trail sneaker, these bad boys are beautifully designed and comfortable, which is important whenever you are embarking on nature-based activities. According to FILA, these shoes are designed to “POP,” with the standout feature being the embroidered logos on the tongue, quarter, toebox, and back counter, and the four unique colorway options to select from. If you are heavily into the trails, this is definitely the shoe for you.

5. FILA Men’s Original Fitness
Best Springtime Shoe

A different look from a design standpoint than what we are used to when it comes to FILA, but that’s one of the things that makes the company so diverse. This is another new arrival on the site, and the colorway, which is called Egret Aurora Gray Mist, may be a preview of what’s to come in terms of spring releases because this is very much a “springtime shoe.”

6. FILA Men’s Grant Hill 2 Scuba
Best Throwback Shoe

Basketball fans, does this sneaker not remind you of the 1990s Utah Jazz Squad? Like Jordan hitting that final shot in Game 6 at Utah (sorry for the painful memory Jazz fans)? The Scuba edition of the Grant Hill 2 very much has an old school NBA on NBC vibe, and that’s one of the reasons why we like them so much.

7. FILA Women’s MB Nightwalk
Best Nighttime Sneakers

We’re going to throw in a couple of FILA’s for the ladies starting with their edition of the MB Nightwalk which is sick. This colorway is called the Safety Yellow, which is appropriate due to its “glow in the dark” nature. These are definitely the safe reflective sneakers needed for people to see you at nighttime, and they also serve as an epic daytime shoe. Regardless of what time you wear them, the attention will be all on you.

8. FILA Women’s Unit V2
Best Luxury Shoe

Do these not look like Margiela? We need a FILA x Maison Margiela collaboration STAT! These chunky sneakers are a bold footwear cop needed for all of us that like to live on the wildside a little bit. This electric sneaker has a Pink Glo colorway in addition to the Safety Yellow, so it’s really up to you which ones you choose. We’re thinking we’ll go with the Pink Glo because it’s very Valentino-esque.

9. FILA Women’s Disruptor 2 Exp
Most Color Options

We’re thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day with these specific Disruptor 2s, which are called the Coral Blush Primrose Pink White, but there’s six other colorways available if another color is more your speed. The Disruptors are one of FILA’s standouts when it comes to their women’s selection, so there’s always tons of cool options to select from.

10. FILA Men’s Renno N-Generation Patched
Most Technical

Sometimes a simple of white and cream shoe is all you need. It’s a simple go-to that can go with just about anything in your closet. The Renno N-Generation Patched is that old school retro FILA sneaker, but with a new twist. These are constructed with advanced materials making the shoe more high-tech than before. Reasonably priced as well.

11. FILA Men’s Mb Red
Best Overall Design

How about we round this out with another edition with the Mb sneakers because why not? Look at these. The design is incredible and would light up any court whether you are hooping or just being a spectator. This is one of our favorites for sure.


Obviously there’s plenty more sneakers available on FILA, and the brand is always coming out with new shoes, so make sure you keep up with them for all of their newest updates and releases. 


Behind the Design: Soyon An’s Costumes for ‘Awakening’ at Wynn Las Vegas

Last week, I got the opportunity to hang out with the Wynn Las Vegas for the opening of their new show Awakening. Conceived and created by a world-renowned team of talent (Baz Halpin, Bernie Yuman and Michael Curry), Awakening features the voice of two-time Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins, and comes to life through a combination of dramatic choreography, technology, and fantastic creatures.The performance takes place across a 60-foot prismatic stage, complete with a state-of-the-art sound system and more than 300 haute couture inspired costumes.

From a costume standpoint, I didn’t really know what was in store with Awakening as this is quite literally a brand new show. From the pictures I’d seen, I imagined it would be “Disney-esque.” Boy was I in for a journey! 

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<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

Both the costumes and show were unlike anything I could have ever imagined. There were streetwear “ninja” costumes, tribal fits, a whole portion of the show devoted to mermaids complete with matching mermaid costumes and plenty (and we do mean plenty) more.

Because this isn’t a “traditional” show in the sense that there’s interactive dialogue between its characters (it’s narrated by Anthony Hopkins), the visuals are what tells the story, and that includes the costumes, which were created by three-time Emmy Award winning costume designer Soyon An.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

An’s previous costume work has included credits such as So You Think You Can Dance, The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth – Dance Battle, and Step Up All In, to name a few, and we spoke with the designer to learn more about this project, and what else in store for the future.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

ONE37pm:  Hi Soyon! It’s great to be chatting with you! Let’s first start by talking about your journey with Awakening thus far. How did you come to be a part of the project?

An: I was involved from the very beginning! I worked closely with the Director Baz Halpin on developing the characters. My costumes really influenced the development of the story, as well. Baz would come to me with ideas and I just started creating and designing the costumes and characters. As pioneers of this concept, we along the way gathered some amazing creatives to help this come to life, like Producer Bernie Yuman, the incredible Michael Curry, and Kelly Sue DeConnick.

ONE37pm: We saw a little bit of everything from streetwear to tribal, and even ballroom when it came to the costumes. What inspired that?

An: When us creatives were initially talking about Awakening, I always imagined the costumes would be over-the-top, haute couture, avant-garde. I really wanted to bring the fashion one would see on an international runway in Paris, Milan, New York… right here to Vegas! Go big or go home — especially when in Vegas!! And you’ll see this vision in Awakening. I drew inspiration from so many magnificent things from fashion, to underwater creatures, to the beauty of the body for the air realm, art for the earth realm.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

And I have a fun story about inspiration for the fire realm. We actually went to the composer Brian Tyler’s music studio where he played us a sample of the track he created for fire. Immediately when I heard that, I visualized the costumes, the movement of the type of costumes I wanted to design, and also the colors. I was able to see it all come together when I was sitting there listening to his music.  

ONE37pm: How did you create with the dancers/movements in mind?

An: When I first started working on Awakening, Baz gave me some YouTube video references of what he was imagining for each of the realms. Based on these, I started my design process. I pushed my imagination when creating the costumes for Awakening, but my design is always rooted in the anatomy and function of the costumes. This was especially important for Awakening because of how the story mostly relies on movement to tell the story. 

Once we started working with the choreographers and dancers, those designs evolved to withstand the needs for the full performance and show. I got to closely collaborate with the dancers when building the costumes. Every fitting and rehearsal, I asked them for honest feedback – on what they could and couldn’t do in the costumes – and adjusted accordingly.

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

Obviously we made sure to maintain the integrity of the character and costume design, but it was a lot of trial and error, and more importantly coming up with creative solutions! I had to come up with a lot of creative ways to keep the “outer shell” of the design to the illustration; and even the choreographers and dancers had to come up with innovative ways to utilize and move the fabrics and materials we landed on with the costumes. 

ONE37pm: Were there any obstacles you encountered while in the process of creating the costumes?

An: There were all types of challenges – physical, mental, emotional – but that comes with the territory! We are doing something that has never been done before! The physical challenge was actually building the costumes. The funny thing is when people initially saw my designs and illustrations they said “wow these are amazing…but what are they actually going to look like??” [laughs] For me in all of my work, I strive to bring what I put down to paper straight to life, and you’ll see that in the show. The characters literally walk off the page, it feels like the illustrations themselves came to life. It was an incredible challenge as a designer, as well as challenging for all my collaborators.

Specifically the costume shops I worked with. There had to be a lot of trust on both sides. They had to trust my suggestions and ideas, and there was a ton of research and development to make sure the concept and materials would work. In the end, I’m so happy we pushed the boundaries of what we could do because it contributes to the overall show incredibly. I’d like to thank all the costume shops on Awakening: Limelight, Jerard Studios, Parsons Meares, Asher Levine, Marco Marco, Curry Studios, Costume Armor, Leduca Shoes, Pin Cushion, The Wynn Costume Shop.

As for the mental and emotional challenge, you know we developed this show during COVID! This was a giant hurdle we had to overcome and it’s something we are very proud of!

<code><p class = "instagram-media">\u0026amp;utm_campaign=loading</p></code>

ONE37pm: What is your favorite part about what you do?

An: My favorite part of being a costume designer is being able to storytell visually – through costumes, textures, colors, fabrics. I am able to create and design whatever is in my imagination and creatively challenge myself in special projects like Awakening. With this show in particular, I really got the chance to go wild! And it was so much fun. Another thing I loved about this show was being able to collaborate with the greatest in this business. Bernie Yuman, Baz Halpin, Michael Curry, Paul Kieve. It was great to work with these fellow artists. 

ONE37pm: Last but not least, what else is in the works for you?

An: Currently working on some upcoming projects that I am unable to speak about yet. But more to come!

You can continue to keep up with Soyon on Instagram, and you can also follow all Awakening Updates here.