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The 20 Best Designer Sneakers For Men

We all work hard for our money, and while there are times where we may decide to turn down a purchase due to the ridiculous price tag (or opt for a cheaper alternative), there are times where we should treat ourselves to the finer things in life. Whether you are a self-described ‘sneakerhead’ or not, everybody deserves to own at least one pair of luxury sneakers in their lifetime. Now the mention of luxury might have you automatically thinking of obvious heavyweights such as Burberry, Gucci, and Maison Margiela, but there are other brands worth your time, money, and consideration as well.

We have put together a list of 20 different designer sneakers that you can purchase if you are considering adding a pair of luxury sneakers to your wardrobe. This is a varied roundup with something in there for everyone’s personal tastes and styles. Hopefully we can be of assistance as you take your drip to the next level.

1. Givenchy Spectre Low Runner Sneakers
Givenchy Spectre Low Runner Sneakers

Givenchy—The house of fashion. Givenchy’s foray into the sneaker game isn’t surprising as many of the world’s top luxury brands have changed their mind on making sneakers with its rise with popular culture and entertainment. While Givenchy offers different selections of sneakers depending on your preferences, the ‘Low Runners’ remain among the most popular. The overall design of the shoe is similar to Adidas’ NMD R1 (which has been a classic since the 1980s), and in addition to the ‘luxury specs,’ the shoes are quite comfy. 

The ‘Low Runners’ boasts white perforated leather with a side zipper, alongside heat-bonded white and red band, and a white Givenchy branded zipper pull. If you had any questions as to just how popular this shoe is, the ‘Low Runners’ are currently on back order at Bergdorf Goodman until the end of September (though that could also partially be due to Covid). That said, if these are on your list, you may want to order now if you want a shot at being able to have these in your closet this year.

BUY NOW, $750
2. Dior B23 High Top Oblique Sneaker
Dior B23 High Top Oblique Sneaker

By now you have probably seen these plastered around the internet/social media as just about everybody who is ‘anybody’ have been spotted at some point rocking these. High Tops remain a go-to shoe with just about any brand as they are easily pairable with a large variety of outfits, while still being cutting edge. The B-23’s pride themselves on their white and black Dior Oblique motif and transparent paneling. The contrasting details and patchwork adds to the unique features of the shoe, and are an instant eye catcher with street cred to match.

BUY NOW, $1,150
3. Common Projects Sneakers
Common Projects Sneakers

Common Projects has a vast catalogue of sneakers to choose from on various retail websites such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. The latter seems to have the most diverse collection when it comes to Common Project sneakers, so we’ll go with them when it comes to this article as there are plenty of options available for both men and women.

You really can’t go wrong with any Common Projects sneaker, and you could go with ‘traditional’ colorways such as off-white and denim, or if you are feeling on the bolder side, then you could opt for the ‘Achilles Neon Yellow’ low tops offered on the website. The ‘Achilles Low’ are another classic, and if you were to only have one Common Projects shoe for the entirety of your life, these would be our recommendation.

BUY NOW, $260
4. Gucci Platform Sneakers
Gucci Platform Sneakers

Any designer sneakers list has to include Gucci, and since for some reason it seems like the 1980s and early 2000s (which pulled a lot of its trends from the 80s) is slowly making its way back, we’ve decided to include the ‘Platforms’ as platform shoes as a whole were a staple of both eras. In all honesty, there is no other way to describe these sneakers other than the term ‘Gucci.’

The ‘Platforms’ are an all-white chunky shoe with the iconic metallic gold bee against the Gucci Web and classic branding. You have to give Gucci credit where it’s due as the brand was creating sneakers as early as the 1970s, during a time where other luxury brands didn’t consider sneakers a priority (and certainly not couture). Chunky sneakers may not be everyone’s forte as they can be heavy on your foot when walking, so if you aren’t a fan, Gucci has other shoes available that you can check out.

BUY NOW, $790
5. Fear of God Sneakers
Fear of God Sneakers

Fear of God has boasted collaborations with Nike and Converse, and have their own set shoes that are both timeless and classy. There is no denying the impact Fear of God has had on the luxury sneaker community, and if you are looking to add your collection, then look no further than the Taupe Suede 110s. A low top perforated suede sneaker with leather lining, this is a canvas shoe that is suitable for work and casual/semi casual events.

If the taupe colorway isn’t appealing, Fear of God does have other colors available (though you may have to scour the internet) to select from, and of course, if you looking for a more ‘athletic’ shoe, then you could check out their collabs (Nike has quite few that can be purchased via the resell market).

BUY NOW, $550
6. Prada New America S’Cup Bike Fabric Sneakers
Neiman Marcus
Prada New America S’Cup Bike Fabric Sneakers

Prada does a good job at combining high-end and sporty, and the brand has plenty of styles available at your disposal. Known for their inter-galactic imprints, Prada currently has over 100 (yes 100) sneakers ranging from low tops to basketball style sneakers, and loads of color models that are similar to different Nike variations such as Air Jordans and Dunks. Our only criticism of Prada is that their women’s sneakers aren’t as progressive as the men’s. Many of the futuristic iterations that are available for the guys are missing for girls, and it would be nice to see those variations on the women’s side. Just a thought.

BUY NOW, $695
7. Dolce and Gabbana Super King Low Top
Dolce and Gabbana Super King Low Top

Speaking of sneakers that capture that intergalactic vibe, the Dolce and Gabbana ‘Super Kings’ are one of the brand’s most distinct sneakers to date. While labeled as a low top, the ‘super king’ element transforms these into something of a performance shoe. The ‘Super Kings’ feature a round toe, lace-up front fastening, and a logo patch complete with Dolce and Gabbana themed laces. The evil laboratory design is an added bonus and despite the crazy colors, it is still versatile enough to work with many different outfits (especially during the fall time when warmer colors are in season).

BUY NOW, $567
8. Off White Logo Patch Low Tops
Off White Logo Patch Low Tops

Straight from the fingertips of Virgil Abloh, Off White sneakers automatically give you a street but couture look that you can rock on any runway or sidewalk. Similar to the other brands listed, the sneaker collection is limitless, and whichever one you choose is really dependent on what you are feeling fashion wise at the moment. While Off White has their traditional sneaker model in terms of style, their designs aren’t super trendy, (there aren’t really a lot of sneakers that look like Off-Whites) so rest assured that you will definitely stand out when wearing them.

BUY NOW, $255
9. Louis Vuitton Trainer Blue
Louis Vuitton Trainer Blue

Now you could get the Louis Vuitton low top sneakers with their standard design (or even some of their other trainers), but this blue iteration of trainers just stands out. It literally looks like the shoes were grabbed from the ice blocks of the Arctic Ocean, and in our opinion, they are the most dynamic in the Louis Vuitton sneaker collection. If you are going to spend $1,000 on luxury shoes, why use it on a regular design that you could get in a much cheaper alternative? Why not step outside of the box and go bold? Again just our opinion, but Louis Vuitton does have plenty of other cool sneakers that are definitely worth a glance as well.

BUY NOW, $1789
10. Maison Margiela Black Replica Leather and Suede Sneakers
Maison Margiela Black Replica Leather and Suede Sneakers

Since their debut in 1998, Maison Margiela has established themselves as one of the world’s luxury leaders, and the ‘Black Replicas’ are a pair that any fan of the brand should consider owning. Similar to Gucci, Maison Margiela was also one of the first luxury companies to really put an emphasis on sneakers, and this specific silhouette is inspired by their custom 1970s designs. Made from Italian leather and suede fabrics, the sneakers are clean cut and durable, with the ability to last you for years if taken care of properly. In addition to the black colorway, Maison Margiela also has brown, white, and grey variations that are very much worth the investment.

BUY NOW, $495
11. Raf Simons Grey Suede Antei Sneakers
Raf Simons Grey Suede Antei Sneakers

Never underestimate the importance of simplicity. While the ‘Grey Suedes’ don’t have the super colorful designs as some of the shoes on this list, these still standout with their all-leather fabric, lace-up closures, and velcro. The rubber midsole has a slight dark grey lining that is one of those minor details that may not seem super important, but changes the entire appearance of the shoe if taken away. While you can certainly rock these during the summer, the dark suede gives it a more wintery appearance. Either way the ‘Grey Suedes’ are a suitable transition shoe that makes a statement.

BUY NOW, $386
12. Reebok x Pier Moss Trail Fury Sneakers
Reebok x Pier Moss Trail Fury Sneakers

Let’s not sit here and pretend that we don’t own anything ‘faux’ in our closets. If the fake is done well enough nobody will ever notice, and that is exactly what Reebok and Pier Moss accomplished with their Trail Fury sneakers. The overall model of the shoe is similar to ‘InstaPumps,’ with their color mixtures and chunky outsoles, and the shoe itself is trail sneaker meant for hiking adventures. Reebok and Pier Moss really came together beautifully to create a powerful sneaker that is comfortable, and every hiker should consider these if they are looking for a dope new shoe.

BUY NOW, $250
13. Christian Louboutin Tiketa Slip-Ons
Christian Louboutin Tiketa Slip-Ons

Is any designer list complete without Louboutins? The answer to that is no. These jawns right here are called the ‘Loubisharks’ because, well, look at them. The whole purpose of high fashion is to create fashion pieces that you don’t see in everyday life, and the ‘Tiketa Slip-Ons’ are the literal embodiment of that. Have you ever seen anybody wearing a shoe like this in real life? Didn’t think so.

BUY NOW, $895
14. Balenciaga Speed Recycled Sneaker
Selffridges & Co
Balenciaga Speed Recycled Sneaker

How come more people don’t wear sneaker boots? Granted it can be hard to find the right outfit to wear them with, but when you do it’s a banger look. Now these may not be top of the line in terms of Balenciaga sneakers, but they are solid shoes that capture the grunge high fashion look, while still giving you a casual element that can allow the shoe to be worn to games, the park, etc. Again, simplicity wins.

BUY NOW, $570
15. Saint Laurent Classic Sneakers
Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent Classic Sneakers

Saint Laurent sneakers are pretty basic—you aren’t getting much more than different variations of a canvas shoe. Occasionally they will sprinkle in a couple of high top basketball shoes, but for the most part low top classics are what you are getting. We’ve preached to the choir on the simplicity of sneakers, and these are no different. The quality is excellent and most of the shoes feature a neutral tan/white design, so you’ll be able to work with them for sure.

BUY NOW, $575–in-white-worn-look-fabric-and-leather-809176740.html%3Ftargetid%3Dpla-972816872571%26location%3D9010760%26gclid%3DCj0KCQjwvr6EBhDOARIsAPpqUPHAGJTrNU-KfHJQlK8ewKrhyGimmAgv9LggY7i1CYQJ_BULzCGlVsMaAhCUEALw_wcB
16. Burberry Trainers
Burberry Trainers

Jay-Z once made a statement about “Only wearing Burberry to swim,” and while that may have been true for the year 2002, we’ll plead our case for 2021. When it comes to Burberry sneakers, the key words are trainers and low tops—and there are tons of them. You can choose to get the custom Burberry print, or you could go with a different colorway. It’s up to you.

BUY NOW, $750
17. Steve Madden Maxima
Steve Madden
Steve Madden Maxima

Steve Madden’s Maxima sneakers offer so many benefits that it would be almost insane to not pick up a pair (especially for the relatively low price of $100). The ‘Maximas’ scream ‘designer,’ and they come in a rainbow assortment of colors (Maxima Blush, Baby Blue, and Charcoal), and again they are $100! Sure they may not have the luxury name brand component, but is anybody really going to know at first glance? No. Steve Madden shouldn’t be slept on though, while not particularly known for their sneaker game, they do have some gems.

BUY NOW, $99.96
18. Alexander McQueen Larry Leather Sneakers
Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen Larry Leather Sneakers

Have you ever seen a sneaker quite like this? Certainly this should come as no surprise as this is Alexander McQueen we’re talking about. Designed to give a vampire vibe, the shoes have a two-toned upper featuring red and white, and the shoe sports a red gel-like chunky rubber sole to give you that extra oomph. These shoes are definitely different than the norm, but that’s Alexander McQueen for you.

BUY NOW, $560
19. Valentino Garavani Lace Up Low Tops
Valentino Garavani Lace Up Low Tops

Valentino has quite a few sneakers available for your enjoyments, and the ‘Garavanis’ are one of the brands most exquisite. These are sort of like a luxury version of Air Max 90s with their color block patterns and chunky appearance. The shoe consists of a leather upper, and has the Valentino branding towards the top of the shoe. If this particular colorway isn’t your style, then you can definitely go for calmer color as Valentino has plenty of those in stock as well.

BUY NOW, $695
20. Golden Goose Superstar Glitter Sneakers
Golden Goose Superstar Glitter Sneakers

And then there was one. Golden Goose. Whether you are looking for casual sneakers, or formal ones, Golden Goose has you covered. As far as the ‘Superstars’ go, we aren’t quite sure what we would classify them as. They could be casual due to the fact that they are low tops, but the silver and gold tones could technically make them formal too. Either way, at $500 they are whatever you want them to be. So wear them however you see fit.

BUY NOW, $530

Well that is going to wrap up our suggestions! We hope we were able to help you on your designer shoe conquest and that you are able to get your new sneakers soon.

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5 Weekend Sneakers To Watch Out For

Well, this was an eventful week of Ls for a lot of us. Luckily we have a few more opportunities to snag some more pickups. Usually, on weeks like this where the biggest drops happen earlier in the week (like Monday through Wednesday), I like to showcase some of the ‘quieter’ sneakers that aren’t making a ton of noise in the sneaker community, and this is exactly what I am going to do this time around as there isn’t anything super major on the calendar except for the Jordan 13s and the new Lebrons. So without further ado, these are my five selections that you should consider checking out over the weekend.

1. Nike Lebron 18 ‘Lebronold Palmer’
Nike Lebron 18 ‘Lebronold Palmer’

Release Date: 4/30

The ‘Lebronold Palmer’ is back y’all! Maybe it’s my own imagination, but I have always been able to see how these shoes look like a lemonade/iced tea blend, and I imagine the tropical vibes take the whole fit to another level. I actually don’t own a pair of Lebrons, and as a lifelong Lebron fan, I’m kinda embarrassed. Maybe I’ll start with these. This iteration of the 18s features a similar tropical colorway and is a great spring/summer transition sneaker that can be paired with a lot in your closet. Y’all plan on getting these?

BUY NOW, $189
2. Air Jordan 13
Air Jordan 13

Release Date: 5/01

Is it truly a Saturday morning without the chaos of SNKRs? One of these days, we will all admit that we enjoy the madness of SNKR drops, but until then, we’ll just keep pretending like this isn’t a toxic relationship we’re all a part of. That said, there is a new iteration of AJ13’s dropping tomorrow morning in a Red Flint colorway if y’all are interested in another pickup.

BUY NOW, $205
3. Travis Scott X Air Jordan 6 British Khaki
Travis Scott X Air Jordan 6 British Khaki

Release Date 4/30

I originally wasn’t going to put these on here, but I suppose somebody will be lucky enough to get a pair. The current retail price is set at $250, but I think we all know good and well that only a few individuals are actually going to get this shoe for that price. This is a beautiful sneaker, though, with its cargo/military theme. Plus, the upper is suede, and I’m a firm believer that suede can really elevate a shoe to the next level.

BUY NOW, $250
4. Nike Air More Uptempo Sky Blue
Nike Air More Uptempo Sky Blue

Release Date: 5/1

Okay, I’m officially sold on the Uptempos. The huge lettering has always been a hard selling point for me, but I’m giving in. The color combination on this one is literally perfect with the sky blue mixture and cloud white. It literally reminds me of flying through the clouds, and I guess that is exactly what Nike was going for. I personally think that there are a lot of great looks that can be styled with these shoes as the color is still on the neutral side. I may try for these.

BUY NOW, $170
5. Nike Air Foamposite One All-Star 2021
Nike Air Foamposite One All-Star 2021

Release Date: 4/30

I had a hard time trying to figure out what I wanted my final entry for this week to be. It was between the Overkill x Adidas collab and these. I decided to go with the Foams because I don’t think I have ever included a foam release on my roundups, and I wanted to change that. Now I must admit that these aren’t the most groundbreaking Foams that I’ve seen, but they are still dope. The black upper and the green outsole are a good contrast, and I think this is another versatile shoe that can be paired with just about anything. It would have been nice if these had actually come out for the all-star weekend, but I digress.

BUY NOW, $390

Well, that’s going to do it for this week. As usual, I’ll be back next week with five more weekend drops. In the meantime I’ve added to my collection, so keep up with me on the gram and twitter!

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The 12 Best Headphones Under $200

As technology continues to improve year after year and we have more and more things to listen to, whether that be new music, podcasts, audiobooks, or gaming audio, making the right choice when it comes to headphones becomes more and more vital with time. Fewer people seem content with the standard Apple or Skullcandy headphones and want to pay a premium for something that will genuinely offer them a better experience.

There are many factors to consider when picking the pair of headphones that are right for you. Sound quality is the obvious one, but even within that, there is a tonne of criteria to be met and options to sort through that require the user to decide what they prioritize with a good listening experience. Do you want something balanced? Do you want something a little heavier on bass? Perhaps sound quality isn’t even your biggest issue. Maybe you need something with good sound, but that is also very comfortable. Maybe you want something stylish. Maybe you want something light to travel with. There are headphones with longer battery life. There are headphones that are waterproof. There are headphones that have built-in Bluetooth. You name it, it’s a point to be taken.

With all of the above and more to take into account, picking the best headphones for you can be quite the task. Well, not to worry, because we’re here to take a little bit of the weight off your shoulders. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the twelve best headphones that are $200 or under, citing each one’s best quality before expanding further into their details. Whatever you’re getting your headphones for and whatever you value the most, there should be something for you on this list.

1. AKG K371
Great value for money
  • Weight: 255g
  • Foldable
  • Cable: Detachable & 3m

Due to the nature of this list being a collection of headphones under $200, it’s going to be tough to argue that you’re getting the absolute best that any one of these companies has to offer, but you get damn close with the AKG K371. Even though it’s a mid-range offering for them, it’s a stellar product. This set of headphones pretty much does everything well and nothing badly. If you’re going to be wearing your headphones for a long time, these are a great choice because they feature memory foam ear pads. The design is sleek and doesn’t try to do too much while also managing to come off as interesting enough to look like a great product. All around, these are a great pick for many uses.

Buy now, $149.99
2. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
Balanced audio
  • Weight: 285g
  • Foldable
  • Cable: Detachable & 3m
  • Passive noise isolation

Audio-Technica is a well-respected brand in this industry and perhaps the most notable product in their M-Series is the ATH-M50x, despite also being under $200. Their closed-back design only leads to the fact that they were made with premium audio quality in mind and they can definitely be used in most professional environments with no problems. The audio is well-balanced so that no kind of audio sounds particularly bad on them, but there is some sound leakage. It must also be said that if portability is high on your list of priorities, this may not be the best choice for you. The ATH-M50x is a large set of headphones that also mean that their use can wear on you quicker than most.

Buy now, $149
3. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro
Impressive comfort
  • Weight: 271g
  • Cable: Undetachable & 3m

Those of you who are into streaming might know that the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pros are Ninja’s headphones of choice. Naturally, that means they’re a big choice for people who want to game with them, but they do a lot more than that. First of all, you might notice that the ear pads are coated in velour. This makes them some of the more comfortable headphones you can get at this price point and makes it clear why a streamer like Ninja who wears them for hours daily chose them. The build quality isn’t close to military-grade, largely as a result of how comfortable these can be, but these are far from flimsy. Despite that, the Premium version of this headset did put an extra focus on their sturdiness. Another thing to note is that the cable while being helpful at 1 meter in length, is not removable.

Buy now, $159
4. Bose SoundLink On-Ear Wireless
Smooth connectivity
  • Weight: 161g
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth

When you’re talking headphones, Bose is a company that needs to be in the discussion every single time. A powerhouse in high-level audio performance, a lot of their products’ prices reflect this and it can feel like you’re spending an arm and a leg, but the Bose SoundLink On-Ear Wireless headphones are a pair that are worthy of the Bose name but sit comfortably under $200. It’s a wireless version of a set of headphones that were released a few years prior. Of course, they’re not necessarily going to be able to compete with Bose headphones that are double their price, but they do their job well. It still feels like a luxury product and the Bluetooth connectivity is about as smooth as it can be. For the comfort, portability, and money saved, you’ll naturally sacrifice a little bit of durability.

Buy now, $149.49
5. Jabra Elite 85h
Long battery life
  • Weight: 296g
  • Noise cancelling
  • Internal water-resistant coating
  • Bluetooth

The Jabra Elite 85h can accurately reproduce audio all over the frequency range with decent clarity. If you want some bass, you’re going to have to adjust the EQ a little, because the default setting on these is to amplify vocals more than anything else. The battery life is key here though. With a single charge, you can get up to 55 hours of music playback. A full charge takes just 90 minutes, but if you only have a quarter of an hour to get a quick charge in, you can still get around 10 hours of playback, which is insanely impressive. If you do end up getting these headphones, you might want to also get the Jabra Sound+ app. It’s an extremely handy feature that allows you to create a custom EQ, customize your call settings, download firmware updates, and more.

Buy now, $198
6. Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee
Great sound quality
  • Weight: 260g
  • Cable: Detachable & 1.8m

Formerly known as Massdrop, Drop is a unique company that has collaborated with the likes of Sennheiser and Koss, but initially only sold products from already existing manufacturers. Perhaps the magnum opus of their own products is the HD 58X Jubilee set of headphones. Greatly revered at this price point by audiophiles, Sennheiser may be King in this world, and these are arguably their crown jewel when you talk about a balance between price and quality. These are a great alternative to the HD 650s which are going to cost almost double the price. The 58X Jubilees are going to take the average consumer and casual listener on an adventure that they’ve never known and audiophiles are going to massively respect what these can do for $170. If all you care about is value for your money and things like portability and having in-line controls don’t matter to you, you really can’t go wrong with these.

Buy now, $170
7. Monoprice Monolith M565
Good for transitioning to premium audio quality
SoundStage! Solo
  • Weight: 335g
  • Cable: Detachable & 1.2m

The Monoprice Monolith M565s are considered to be a great pair of headphones for casual listeners who want to transition into premium quality, which there’s a great chance to apply to you if you’re reading this. When it comes to their sound, these handle mids incredibly well while lows and highs leave a little to be desired. The design is hit or miss. Some people like the wooden cups, but in general, they’re a little polarizing. The open-back design means that these will be used to their full extent while indoors in a quiet environment. All in all, these are not the most premium set of headphones on this list but are certainly a step up from what most casual listeners are probably used to.

Buy now, $189.99
8. Philips SHP9600
Well rounded
  • Weight: 300g
  • Cable: Detachable & 3m

The Philips SHP9600 is the sequel to the SHP9500 and at a slightly higher price point, is an attempt to refine it. These headphones perform well in basically all areas. The all-black design is clean and despite the steel-reinforced headband (companies usually go with an all-plastic build to avoid discomfort), comfort is still an area that Philips can boast about excelling in with this product. In comparison to its predecessor, the SHP9600 essentially attempts to make improvements in all areas and it definitely succeeds with sound. The frequency response is 12 Hz – 35,000 Hz and it handles bass, highs, mids, and lows well for something in this range. If money is a big factor for you, you could probably even live with saving money to get the SHP9500s instead, taking a slight hit on everything to keep some more money in your pocket. But of course, these are well within the budget.

Buy now, $85
9. Razer Opus Wireless
Covers many bases
  • Weight: 265g
  • Wireless
  • Noise cancelling
  • Bluetooth

The Razer brand is definitely best known for its products that are geared towards gamers, but the Opus Wireless set of headphones is much more than something that’s good for gaming with. It certainly does that, but a lot more in addition. They do ANC (noise cancelling) very well, have great bass and a balanced mid-range and barely have any leakage.

Buy now, $149.99
10. Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC
Great for noise cancelling
  • Weight: 238g
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth
  • Noise cancelling

Appearing once again on this list is Sennheiser, this time with their HD 4.50 BTNC pair of headphones. If noise cancellation is a big priority of yours, these need to be in consideration, and in all honesty, there’s probably little competition for under $200. Brands like Sony and Bose also do great noise-canceling headphones that balance well with other great specs, but you’ll have to shell out a lot more cash. Sennheiser uses its patented NoiseGard technology to make it one of the better noise-canceling options on the market. But it does a whole lot more than that, of course. These are very underrated headphones. They’re very light, but don’t take a hit on build quality for it. The sound is a little bass-heavy which is something to be conscious of, but it’s likely welcoming for most.

Buy now, $169.99
11. Sony WH-CH700N
Great for travelling with
  • Weight: 241g
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth
  • Noise cancelling

The WH-CH700N is the modest version of the WH-CH710N and mostly, you’re not taking too much of a hit considering you’re paying a good chunk less cash. We’ve pointed them out as being great for traveling with and that’s because they weigh just 241g, they’re sturdy enough to fit in with luggage and not get crushed and they’re wireless, giving you one less thing to pack. Not to mention their incredible battery life. A full charge should get you over 40 hours of playback time. A welcome feature of this offering from Sony is their Google Assistant and Siri integration, making life that much easier for their user. They are noise canceling, but if that’s a big priority for you, you’re better off going off with the Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNCs that appeared earlier on this list, or something that pays more attention to that detail.

Buy now, $198
12. V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless
Superb build quality
  • Weight: 309g
  • Wireless
  • Cable: 1.32m

V-Moda headphones are prominent in the DJing community, which should already tell you a few things about how they value style and build quality as well as sound quality. The Crossfade 2 Wireless headphones have a fun, colorful sort of sound that matches their branding. If you want something like Beats offers but want to avoid the cliché or don’t want to take as much of a hit on the actual sound, these are a good choice.

Buy now, $199.99
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The 12 Best French Streetwear Brands To Date

It’s no surprise that France is widely recognized as the fashion hub of the world. Mega fashion houses across the country are constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-changing urban style. Today’s prominent surf skate culture has been adopted by both new and old labels, all of which drastically transform the French streetwear industry. Brands like Pigalle, Agnes B, and Veja have gained attention from style icons across the country through their collaborations, collections, and big debuts. As we’ve seen the prominence streetwear has accumulated, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you a rundown on the best French streetwear brands for you to wear.

1. Poyz & Pirlz

What first began with a printed t-shirt and a 90’s inspired slogan quickly expanded to a wide range of clothing and accessories. Poyz & Pritz has been viewed as a streetwear brand from the start. Their lookbook of apparel was first inspired by Parisian culture. Still, throughout their growth, they have been referenced with a French origin as they continue to collaborate with various French artists—the brand ties in music, style, and urban influences throughout its collections. 

2. Pigalle

The essence of Pigalle encompasses all things local business as stated in their mission that they focus on honoring their community while staying true to themselves. The neighborhood-grown French streetwear brand was dubbed after a former red-light district in Paris. Since its start, the brand has expanded its presence in the fashion world through its work with well-known brands like Nike and Converse. 

3. Agnes B

As we laid eyes on Agnes B., we quickly realized that this is way more than a brand. It is a fashion house, an art gallery, and a music lover’s dream combined. Agnes B. founded the brand on all things she loves, which is reflected through the diverse and cultural quality of the company’s history. In 1973, Agnes B. began her journey as a fashion icon, opening her first shop in an old butcher’s store located in the central market of Paris. From that point on, Agnes’s popularity skyrocketed as she created the first snap cardigan, opened a slew of stores, wrote books, worked with charities, and even started one of her own, The Tara Ocean Foundation. 

4. A.P.C

A.P.C is a French clothing brand that first gained popularity for its classic jeans. Fast forward, the brand now offers an entire men’s and women’s collection that is based on a minimalist style. Jean Touitou, creator, and Judith Touitou, artistic director of the clothing brand, focus on the stylish, casual look essential for their buyers’ day-to-day wear. Notably, “A.P.C. means Product and Creation workshop. Without production, creation remains at the idea stage. And without creation, a garment will have no soul.” To make their identity come to life, A.P.C continues to keep in sight of its roots and vision of fashion. 

5. AMI

Alexandre Mattiussi is a well-bred fashion designer who spent years immersed in fashion houses across the globe. After gaining an immense amount of experience, he decided to branch off and create his brand, AMI. The name AMI is French for a friend, which is blended into the internal workings of the brand. As it embodies “a particular type of the French capital’s nonchalance, one that is relaxed, authentic and friendly,” – shown through each apparel item designed for men and women. 

6. Club 75

When a music producer, creative designer, and stylist come together, you get the trio of a lifetime. Club 75 is the product of three friends who had taken each of their interests and combined them into a top-of-the-line clothing brand. Pedro Winter, So-Me, and Michael Doupuy are creators who teamed up “to deliver quality items aiming at what they would love to wear themselves.” The brand’s success has been proven by its collections with BornxRaised and record label, Bromance. 

7. Blvck Paris

As the name implies, Blvck Paris is a lifestyle & accessories brand that sells ‘All Black clothing. The idea is centered around “a culture shift to live life on your terms free from vanity.” The brand has created a 908k and growing community that aligns with the evolution to ‘Blvckout’ their lives to aid in the movement.
The brand has reached such a large community due to its incredible backing of creative masterminds. The Blvck Paris team hones in on the quality and design of both their visual content and merchandise. As one can see, the brand focuses heavily on its social media platforms, blog postings, and incredible collaborations. Since the launch of Blvck, they have branded a Hurucan Lamborghini, launched Rose & Champagne, and more.

8. Project X Paris (PXP)

If you are looking for a brand that aligns with the emphasis streetwear has placed on the urban lifestyle, Project x Paris (PxP) is it. The brand was launched by two French designers who found a burning desire to combine street culture and minimalism. This one-stop-shop provides men with a variety of apparel items that are influenced by the sporty-chic lifestyle. Each item is easy to wear, authentic and wearable on a range of occasions. As we know, the PxP brand embodied a unique culture, calling for collaborations with French and international high-hop artists and athletes such as Chris Brown, Post Malone, David Luiz, and more. 

9. Maison Kitsuné

Since 2002, Gildas Loaec and Masaya Kuroki have led a multi-faceted brand that has captured the Parisian lifestyle on all wavelengths. Although their apparel is key to the label’s success, it is not the only focus. The intricate brand also has a music label, Kitsune Musique, and 16 Cafe Kitsune, coffee shops placed in iconic locations worldwide. 

Inclusive to the uniqueness of the brand is the meaning behind it. Maison is French for a house, and Kitsune is Japanese for fox. Together, Maison Kitsune represents an adaptable fashion house that is characterized by an imaginary animal.

10. Kenzo

Of all the brands mentioned, this would be the one you would quickly pinpoint. Kenzo is a French label that many American’s have familiarized themselves with over the past few years. Since its inception, the clothing line has been one to celebrate nature and cultural diversity through its use of designs, vibrant color choice, and mix of prints. As the collections gained notice in the fashion world, the company took it as an opportunity to grow internally. They onboarded Portegues fashion designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista. On account of this new addition, Kenzo has flourished into a new chapter filled with creativity. 

11. Andrea Crews

Word on the street is that fashion designer Andrea Crews has made quite the impression on the fashion industry. To date, the brand has two streetwear couture lines that are labeled: The High Street & Artisanal. Each collection item is one of a kind, thanks to the innovative approach the brand uses to create apparel – upcycling. This is an environmental conservation technique that pieces together discarded materials to design an item of higher quality. In the case of Crews, the act of upcycling adds the perfect touch to the mix of strong prints and the uniqueness of each item.

12. Harmony

To be one is literally & physically what the brand, Harmony embodies. David Obadia, the founder of Harmony, built the company off valuable pillars and firm ambitions. As the team grew, it soon became apparent that the internal workings of the brand played a significant factor in the label’s success. Focusing on the everyday consumer are the brand’s designers who pay attention to the detail of the cutting edge apparel. Each item is made out of the most delicate fabrics to produce the simple essentials. 

Style What To Buy

The 10 Best Canvas Shoes For Men

Canvas shoes are a versatile option that comes in handy for work, school, and everyday wear. Stylish and comfortable, there are many different canvas shoes available through a plethora of retail websites, and the shoes itself are lightweight with many different colors and styles to choose from. In every closet, there are a select amount of items deemed as a ‘must have,’ and canvas shoes fall under that category due to their affordability and versatility. As many of us start to return to some form of office life, you may be in need of a new pair of work appropriate shoes, and we have you covered with ten different pairs of Canvas’ that can be used for both work and everyday life. Below is a list to get you started.

1. Vans Authentic Core Classics
Vans Authentic Core Classics

When in doubt, go with Vans. Vans remain a timeless tried and true appropriate for just about any occasion. The ‘Core Classics’ are a shoe that represents Southern California to the fullest, while blending together surfing and skating styles. Vans have been known to be a very durable shoe that can last for years, so you will definitely be getting your money’s worth as the neutral color makes it easily pairable with just about anything in your wardrobe. With lightweight and flexible uppers you won’t have to worry about creases, and the shoes are very comfy. While we selected the solid tan color, Vans has plenty of other colors available depending on what you are looking for.

BUY NOW, $49.95
2. J. Crew Explorer Canvas Slip-On Sneakers
J. Crew
J. Crew Explorer Canvas Slip-On Sneakers

J. Crew is another go-to brand that has offered quality work clothes and shoes over the decades. The ‘Explorer Slip-Ons’ are a lightweight supportive shoe that has received rave reviews since its release. Made from cotton, the shoes have breathable cotton drill lining and comfort counter padding to prevent sweat, and the rubber outsole helps make for a sturdy shoe that can last you many years. Perfect for the spring/summer, the ‘Explorers’ make for a great investment, as they can be used for many casual events and occasions. J. Crew is known to be on the expensive side at times (but very much worth it), however with these, you will be getting a steal as they are currently on sale for more than half of their original retail price. If you decide to order, consider going a size smaller as the ‘Explorers’ are known to run large.

BUY NOW, $29.50
3. Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops
Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops

Converse is another one of those brands that never misses when it comes to adequate shoe options. The High Top Canvas’ are an ‘OG’ shoe that was originally designed as a performance shoe, so you can get plenty of wear and support out of them. One of the most iconic shoes to ever be created, the ‘Chucks’ are made from canvas material, and have OrthoLite insole cushioning to provide additional comfort. Converse offers loads of different colorways that you can play around with depending on what you are feeling style wise, and are a relatively affordable option as an added bonus. Whether you are a shoe/sneakerhead or not, everybody needs Chucks in their closet. So if you don’t already own a pair, consider picking one up as your next Canvas shoe.

BUY NOW, $69
4. Adidas Original Stan Smith
Adidas Original Stan Smith

It would be downright criminal if we didn’t include the ‘Stan Smiths’ on this list. You want to talk about classics, there are fewer shoes on the face of this planet that are more iconic and legendary than the ‘Stan Smiths.’ Period. Originally created as a tennis shoe modeled after, well, Tennis hall of famer Stan Smith, we can personally assure you that they will never go out of style. Clean and fresh, the ‘Stans’ are a simple shoe (which always been the case), but they are eye-grabbing and easily recognizable, so you are sure to get compliments anytime you step out in them.

BUY NOW, $60-$90
5. Nike Air Force 1s
Nike Air Force 1s

There was once a period of time where Air Force 1s were no longer considered ‘in-style.’ To make a long story short, AF1s became associated with negative connotations, and as a result, many people quit wearing them. Fast forward several years later, Forces are now as in-demand as what they were at their peak in the early 2000s, and with the overall trends and styles associated at that time coming back, this is the perfect opportunity to grab a new pair of AF1s. If you are considering updating your Forces, we strongly recommend doing so sooner rather than later, as right now their is a low supply of the shoe due to the rising demands (and Covid). Don’t miss out!

BUY NOW, $80
6. Nicklas Laceless Canvas Shoe
Nicklas Laceless Canvas Shoe

If you are looking for something a little more upscale, then consider trying out the Nicklas Laceless Canvas Shoes. A five-star shoe offered by Banana Republic the Canvas’ are laceless and complete with lightweight OrthoLite inner cushioning alongside comfort technology insoles to help provide extra support and breathability. At the moment, Banana Republic has two colorway variations (blue and tan), and come in a variety of sizes. Banana Republic is another one of those outlets where you will be paying more than other stores, but the price is oftentimes worth it due to the durability of their products.

BUY NOW, $79.99
7. Nike Court Legacy Men’s Shoe
Nike Court Legacy Men’s Shoe

Another iconic tennis shoe, the Nike ‘Court Legacies’ are a household sneaker staple that remains a must-have. A modern streetwear shoe, the ‘Courts’ are deeply rooted in tennis culture, and the shoe blends together classic street fashion to create a plethora of casual classy looks. Comprising solely from leather, the ‘Courts’ feature an intricate detailed design on the outer, and a canvas trim around the midsole to bring that ‘on court’ tennis feel. Nike currently has seven different colorways available with the colors ranging from solid white to black, and the canvas is designed to stand the test of the time. 

BUY NOW, $60
8. Chuck Taylor All-Star Lugged Boot
Chuck Taylor All-Star Lugged Boot

For this next one we’ll go with something different. Nordstrom is an excellent place to find a wide variety of canvas shoes, and one of their products is the Chuck Taylor All-Star Lugged Boots. Boasting a chunky lugged sole, the boots are basically your standard Chucks on top of a platform. Sleek and cutting edge, you can create tons of different styles from casual to formal, and the shoes are a solid fit with not too many complaints about comfort. If the black colorway isn’t your desired color choice, then you could choose to go with either the all-white or grey colors (though the all-white is more expensive). While these shoes are suitable for the spring and summer seasons, these would probably work better for fall/winter as the thick rubber outsole will be helpful for rainy and snowy conditions.

BUY NOW, $70
9. Maison Margiela 22 Classic Replica Sneaker
End Clothing
Maison Margiela 22 Classic Replica Sneaker

We had to include Maison Margiela for all of our luxury lovers. Since their debut in 1998, Maison Margiela has become one of the world’s luxury leaders, with their historic pieces. Now you may be wondering what exactly would warrant spending nearly $500 on a pair of canvas shoes when you can easily buy a pair from another outlet for $50. The answer to that would be that Maison Margiela is one of the most recognized and renowned luxury brands in history, and owning a pair is definitely one of those fashion ‘check-offs.’ Whether luxury items are a part of your regular shopping routines or not, we all deserve to treat ourselves. The company offers several other colors of the classics in addition to the neutral tans, and are truly a handsome shoe that would be worth the investment (especially if you decide to sell them in the future).

BUY NOW, $495
10. KEDS Champion
KEDS Champion

Ranked highly for their arch support, the KEDS are 100 percent canvas that blends style and comfort together effortlessly. A classic tennis shoe, the KEDs are one of the most versatile canvas shoes on the market with tons of colors and styles available at your disposal. Priding themselves on their comfortability, KEDS shoes have cushioned insoles with breathable fabrics to prevent excessive sweating, and thick rubber outsole for outdoor walking. Most KEDs are very affordable too, with prices ranging from $50 to $60. With many different silhouettes to choose from, KEDS is another go-to that won’t let you down.

BUY NOW, $49.95

Canvas sneakers are just about everything you can ask for in a sneaker. They are diverse, colorful, suitable for many different occasions, and easy to clean. Speaking of cleaning, canvas shoes require a very specific routine in order to maintain durability. How frequently the shoes need to be cleaned depends on how much you wear them, but be sure to hand wash your shoes with mild detergent and warm water. Now that you know how to clean your shoes, you are now ready to add to your collection. We hope this list will help you in making your next selection.

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The 15 Best Slides You Can Buy Right Now

Is there a shoe anymore convenient and comfortable then slides? Think about it—you can wear them to just about any place or event that’s casual or semi-casual, and depending on which slides you purchase, you can even choose to wear them as house shoes. With things slowly returning back to normal, it’s looking like we may be outside a little more this summer as opposed to last year, so now would be the perfect time to update your collection. We’ve compiled a list of fifteen different slides that you can purchase for your summer lineup. 

While slides can be expensive (Gucci slides can run you for about $300), you also don’t want to base your purchase solely on the price, as cheaper slides could result in less durable material that you have to replace more often. That said, here are several to get you started.

1. Ralph Lauren Cayson Big Pony Slide
Ralph Lauren Cayson Big Pony Slide

These Ralph Lauren slides are a reasonable start—not too expensive, but also not too cheap. Ralph Lauren products have always been made from excellent materials, and the brand is renowned for its long-lasting products (some people have had their items for 20-plus years). The ‘Ponys’ are good for both casual and pool wear, and have the signature Polo finish with Ralph Lauren’s iconic Big Pony logo at the top. The EVA midsole provides extra comfort, making this a solid pickup.

BUY NOW, $49.99
2. Adidas Adilette Comfort Sandals For Women
Adidas Adilette Comfort Sandals For Women

Stylish and comfortable, the Adidas Adilette Comfort Sandals are a versatile slide for women that can be worn casually, or even cross into the semi-formal category depending on the event. You could pair these with different athletic outfits, or even skirts/dresses for a variety of looks. The EVA outsole makes for an easy walk, and can be paired with other Adidas items.

BUY NOW, $35
3. Adidas Adilette Slide For Men
Adidas Adilette Slide For Men

Since we covered the women’s version of the Adilette, let’s go over to the men’s. While the design isn’t as intricate as the women’s, you can still get a ton of wear out of them. With over thirteen available colorway options, the ‘Adilettes’ have a synthetic upper, durable footbed, and are fast-drying for pool days. While ‘Adilettes’ have always been reasonably priced (they tend to go for about $45), as of this writing, Adidas is having sale where the Cloud White colorway is now half-off. So you can potentially snag a really good-quality shoe for a very low price if you move fast enough.

BUY NOW, $45
4. Puma Platform Slide Tape
Finish Line
Puma Platform Slide Tape

At first glance these might look a bit uncomfortable, but it is actually the exact opposite with the platform sides. The cross straps provide a secure fit and extra comfort, and the platform sole gives the shoe a diverse appearance that can work with just about anything in your closet. The ‘Platforms’ also come in a gray Violet colorway, and the shoe makes for a great wear with its slip on construction and contoured footbed. Not a bad buy at all.

BUY NOW, $45
5. Men’s Arizona Slide Sandal
Men’s Arizona Slide Sandal

While technically labeled a men’s shoe, the ‘Arizona Slides’ is actually a unisex sandal as they are suitable for women as well. The ‘Arizona Slides’ feature an EVA upper complete with adjustable straps, making the foot support solid. The slides can be worn around the house, but are still stylish enough for Airport and grocery store runs. The shoes are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about them being ruined if in the instance you get caught in the rain. While we don’t recommend them for work, these could make for a good commute shoe if you have to walk long distances.

BUY NOW, $44.99—mens%2F417638%3Fcm_mmc%3DCSE-_-GPS-_-G_LIA_Shopping_Sandals-_-LIA_Sandals%26cadevice%3Dc%26gclid%3DCj0KCQjwyZmEBhCpARIsALIzmnKlK8StifQ69qClceIdjDVX8PvVKFVV5DwH65unk19LmIi972xKo8gaAgvAEALw_wcB%26gclsrc%3Daw.ds
6. Michael Kors Gilmore Leather Pool Slides For Women
Michael Kors Gilmore Leather Pool Slides

There are literally tons of Michael Kors slides available on different retail outlets, so you definitely don’t have to go with the ones that we’ve selected, but for the sake of this article, we’ll keep it simple with the solid black option. These are all leather, which means your slides will be protected on the beach, lake, water, etc., and the shoes can be worn for different occasions. While the black colorway is a great choice, there is also a red option, and in our opinion the red is more formal, so you can definitely wear those to work, church, and upscale events.

BUY NOW, $41.40
7. Gucci G Slide Sandal
Saks Fifth Avenue
Gucci G Slide Sandal

We get it. There may not be any solid reason as to why you should spend nearly $300 on a pair of slides, and honestly we don’t have a legitimate excuse either, other than sometimes in life you have to go big. Gucci is well…Gucci—one of the most renowned and respected brands on the planet, and having a Gucci item of any kind (even if it’s only one piece) just takes your closet to another level. These rubber slides are highly rated, and remain one of their most popular and best selling items. Again, this all about your personal preferences in terms of what you are willing to pay for slides. If the $300 price tag is cool for you, then this is a worthy investment.

BUY NOW, $350
8. Givenchy Slides
Givenchy Slides

Since we did the luxury Gucci slides for the men, we’ll do the Givenchy Slides for women next. Like the Gucci’s, the Givenchy sandals are $300, and you would pretty much be paying for the name brand element (these are similar to the Nike slides but with the Givenchy branding). If you are a fan of the Givenchy brand as a whole, then the slides are a must have. These slides have been seen on many celebrities through the years, and if there is one thing that separates them from your standard $50 ones, it’s the overall quality.

The Givenchy’s have a much smoother material which in turn gives it a more couture/high fashion look as opposed to a casual/athletic one. These are also very highly rated, so it appears you will definitely be getting the bang for your buck if you do decide to purchase.

BUY NOW, $295
9. Nike Air Max Camden Men’s Slides
Nike Air Max Camden Men’s Slides

Speaking of Nike, the ‘Air Max Camden Men’s Slides’ may be worth a shot if you are looking for a new pickup. The Camden’s are composed of synthetic material, so you likely won’t be able to wear them to the pool, but they can work for casual outings and house wear. The ‘Camdens’ feature the standard slip-on design with an elastic panel, and has a textured footbed plus a cushioned Air Max Heel Unit to provide ultimate comfort. The upper part of the shoe has an elastic strap complete with the Nike branding, and also features a black/red colorway option if you want more design. 

BUY NOW, $—mens%2F465092%3FactiveColor%3D003%26cm_mmc%3DCSE-_-GPS-_-G_Shopping_Sandals-_-New_Sandals%26cadevice%3Dc%26gclid%3DCj0KCQjwyZmEBhCpARIsALIzmnJ5i1y_XRBuMlU22T1vun8egskifb_N5f7ufGMmkXp5vrfAZ5GeDtUaArpmEALw_wcB%26gclsrc%3Daw.ds
10. NIke Benassi Duo Ultra Women’s Black Slide
NIke Benassi Duo Ultra Women’s

Since we are already on the topic of Nike’s, the ‘Benassi Duos’ are different from the other slides we have on this list because they have two elastic straps as opposed to just one, which is neat from a style perspective. These slides have also received compliments from buyers about the perfect fit, comfortability, and material. The Benassi’s have been amongst Nike’s top sellers when it comes to slides, and they are reasonably priced and highly rated as well. 

BUY NOW, $40
11. Banana Republic Men’s Pool Slides
Banana Republic
Banana Republic Men’s Pool Slides

In case you were wondering, Banana Republic offers a decent selection of slides for both men and women. The Men’s Pool Slides are similar to some of the other pool sandals that we have listed, but the toe strap on these is a tad bit wider compared to the others. Made from an all-leather fabric, there are two different colorway options available: cream and black, and the slides have currently have a five star rating on Banana Republic, with buyers complimenting its comfort, and overall fit. At the moment these are the only casual/athletic slides listed on Banana Republic’s website, but they do have a few dressier ones to choose from if you are interested in those as well.

BUY NOW, $31.98
12. Champion Tie Dye Womens Slide Sandals
Finish Line
Champion Tie Dye Womens Slide Sandals

In case you haven’t noticed, 2000s fashion is starting to make a comeback, and nothing screams Y2K more than a good ole tie dye fit. Champion has their own tie dye slides that are both comfortable and colorful, and sure to add some flavor to your wardrobe. Multiple colorways are available depending on which outlet you shop from, and prices tend to range from about $25-40. In general, Champion is known for their tie dye shirts and hoodies, so the slides will also compliment those items (or any other tie dye outfits you have in your closet for that matter).

BUY NOW, $40
13. Adidas Men’s Adilette Cloudfoam Shower Slides
Foot Locker
Adidas Men’s Adilette Cloudfoam Shower Slides

Have you ever been in the shower and wondered how much easier your life would be if you had a pair of shoes to step into to avoid slipping? Shower slides (or slippers) are really an essential item that everyone should have, and yet most of us don’t own a pair. Adidas currently has the Adilette Cloudfoam Shower Slides on their website, and the slides are made with slip-resistant materials to provide safety, and avoid tracking a bunch of water on the floor once stepping out of the shower.

Even though the ‘Adilettes’ are considered a shower shoe, you can also take them to the pool (or any other water location). You can select from five different colorway options (red, black, white, blue, and gray), and Adidas offers multiple sizes ranging from youth to adult. At just $25, these are definitely a steal. 

BUY NOW, $25–_-P-_-Prospecting-_–_-6543179681-_–_-75950663662-_-PLA-_-FY781515-_–_–_-%26gclid%3DCj0KCQjwyZmEBhCpARIsALIzmnKls2nhDQUWHXXj0kAz0vTOI1JEUeOJ1Qp6t7vpd7XZX1nXr-XtF74aAiHhEALw_wcB%26gclsrc%3Daw.ds
14. Tory Burch Double T Sport Slide
Tony Burch
Tory Burch Double T Sport Slide

Out of all the women’s slides we have on this list, these are arguably the most ‘high fashion.’ Cutting edge and chic, the Tory Burch ‘Double T Sports Slides’ are a sophisticated shoe that can be used for work, school, or any casual/semi-casual event. The slides have a soft padded leather to provide additional comfort to the foot, and a cushioned foam insole. The outer part of the slides feature a padded napa leather upper, and a metallic calfskin trim. Stylistically, these shoes are very attractive, and are versatile enough to go with many different items in your closet. Plus, they can last quite a long time if given the proper care.

BUY NOW, $198–KCcu0g0aAh92EALw_wcB%26gclsrc%3Daw.ds
15. Moschino Logo Print Slides
Moschino Logo Print Slides

Moschino continues to be one of the most famous luxury brands in the world, and are most known for their innovative and eccentric designs. While the ‘Logo Print Slides’ aren’t the most ‘out of the ordinary’ compared to other items in the brand’s lineup, they are still unique. Dubbed as poolside attire, the slides are decorated with a gold-tone logo print, and have a thick wide leather strap complete with the iconic Moschino branding.

The only potential negative with this shoe compared to others, is that it may not be as comfortable due to the lack of additional padding and cushioning. If you can get past that, the Print Slides are a great purchase. However if lack of comfort is a deal breaker, then we can certainly understand that as well. That said, the Print Slides are a solid pickup with excellent ratings.

BUY NOW, $195

Slides will forever and always be one of the go-to fashion choices for just about any casual event, and as we saw with some of the luxury slides we featured, they can also be great for work and upscale occasions as well. Obviously this isn’t the ‘end all be all’ for slides as there are a large variety of slides (both luxury and non-luxury) available on many different outlets that aren’t on this list.

As we continue to get back to normal, it is important that we update some of our favorite clothes/shoes to make sure our closets stays fresh. Whether you choose to go with our selections, or make your purchase elsewhere, we hope you find a brand new pair of sick slides to add to your wardrobe.

Sneakers Style

5 Sneakers To Cop This Weekend and Where to Get Them

We’re back in action baby! This weekend has so many drops to look forward to and I for one cannot wait. We’ve got a few new Jordan’s in the mix, Zion Williamson releasing his first colorway, and the Nike Space Hippie shoes dropping today as well. I think out of all the new releases this week, I am most excited for Zion’s. It’s always a big moment when an athlete drops their first signature silhouette, and it’s dope to see both their excitement and the overall reaction to the sneakers. I imagine that is probably one of the coolest feelings in the world. I’m talking a lot, so let’s get into five sneakers you should have on your radar this week.

1. Jordan Zion 1 ‘Gen Zion’
Jordan Zion 1 ‘Gen Zion’

Release Date: 4/23

Since I hyped up Zion so much in the intro I might as well kick this list off with the first iteration of the ‘Zions.’ The first of four drops scheduled through the end of May, the ‘Gen Zions’ are a black and white colorway that I think is pretty unique in terms of its design. I’m feeling the color mixtures and the graffiti writing on the inner part of the shoe. Zion has three more anticipated shoes on the way over the next few weeks, so if you don’t get your hands on this pair, you’ll have a couple more shots.

BUY NOW, $120
2. Nike Space Hippie 03
Nike Space Hippie 03

Release Date: 4/23

I’ll admit that I have passed on most of Nike’s Space Hippie’s releases, but I have to say that these have caught my attention. I know the theme is ‘space,’ but man these sneakers are outer space to the fullest. Oddly enough, the Hippies have got all of the features that I typically wouldn’t like in a shoe, but somehow they combine together very well. The overall color combo and design makes the sneaker appear as they may not be versatile enough, but they are. You could do a lot with these if you get creative in your closet. You could also opt for the Space Hippies 01s if those are more your speed.

BUY NOW, $180
3. HUMAN MADE x Adidas Forum Lows
HUMAN MADE x Adidas Forum Lows

Release Date: 4/24

I’m still determined to not make these lists Jordan/Nike heavy, so in staying true to that, I’m going to go with the Human Made x Adidas Forum Lows next. I personally think what makes this shoe so great is the vintage 90s appearance. 90s and Y2K fashion as a whole seems to be making a comeback, and these look like they could have been released in 1990. The shoe sports a burgundy and grey leather upper, and features HUMAN MADE’s signature logo. What do y’all think? Are you guys feeling this collab?

BUY NOW, $350
4. Puma Disc Rebirth
Puma Disc Rebirth

Release Date: 4/23

Sticking with the non-Nike theme, the Puma Disc Rebirth is worth checking out again. The bright neon red and yellow is perfect, and while laces can definitely be a make or break component to a sneaker, sometimes it’s cool to go without them. Some may disagree (I know people who refuse to wear sneakers without laces), and some are okay with it. Different strokes for different folks.

BUY NOW, $138
5. Nike Air Griffey Max 1 To The Plate
Nike Air Griffey Max 1 To The Plate

Release Date: 4/24

Yeah I know I said I wasn’t doing anymore Nike drops this week, but there was no way I could leave out the new Griffey’s. One of the swaggiest people to ever walk the face of this planet, Griffey has always had an amazing shoe game and dope sneaker drops through the years . A tribute to Jackie Robinson, the shoe honors the legend with his famous quote “There’s not an American in this country free until every one of us is free,” and given the events of these past few weeks, these shoes are coming at just the right time.

BUY NOW, $170

As usual I’ll be back next week with another round of selections. In the meantime you can keep up with me on IG and Twitter.

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Afterpay’s “DROPSHOP” Gives You Access to Exclusive Products Before Anyone Else

At some point or another, most of us will experience the feeling of wanting to jump on a new sneaker release, but not necessarily having the funds to pay full retail price right away. Unfortunately in the sneaker world, this means missing out on many of the newest drops, as these shoes typically sell out within hours (or mere minutes).

Thankfully, Afterpay is here to change that with The DROPSHOP. Through an innovative and fully bespoke Snap shoppable AR experience, the DROPSHOP will feature exclusive products all available on a “buy now, pay later” model. For example, with Afterpay, you may want to split your $200 payment to grab the latest styles, and instead pay $50 every two weeks, which might be more conducive to your budget.*

The first brand to enter the shop this month: JD Sports Global Access. The retailer is teaming up with Afterpay to allow Afterpay customers exclusive access to a pair of Nike Air Max 90s in a colorway previously only available in Europe.
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The Air Max 90s have become something of a household name since their debut in, well, 1990. A performance shoe, the 90s quickly became one of Nike’s flagship sneakers and were renowned for their eye-catching designs, contrast colors, and comfort. The AM90s remain a staple amongst both sneakerheads and casualwearers alike due to their style, comfort, and versatility.
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JD Sports Global AccessNike’s latest version of the 90s comes just in time for the spring and summer seasons. The Halloween theme makes these 90s suitable for a good transition into fall, and the shoe itself is simple, while still bringing a bold statement that is sure to get you compliments whenever you step out in them.
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These exclusive AM90s will be available to Afterpay customers to try on the bespoke Snap AR filter beginning April 24th, and available for sale exclusively to Afterpay customers beginning April 27th. If you don’t already have an Afterpay account, you can easily sign up via Afterpay’s official website and app.

So what are you waiting for? Follow The DROPSHOP to be the first to hear about limited edition collabs, one-of-a-kind experiences and to be the first to snag these exclusive JD Sports Global Access Nike Air Max 90s.

*Late fees may apply. Eligibility criteria apply. See for more details. Loans to California residents made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law license.


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The 7 Best Signature Sneakers From WNBA Players

Sneaker culture has always been a prominent part of the WNBA, and like many other elements of the league, continues to expand and grow with each passing season. With so many of the league’s brightest players securing big-time endorsement deals with Nike, the Jordan Brand, etc., WNBA sneakerheads have a lot to look forward to in the coming months and years. To fully appreciate where we are at now, we have to acknowledge all of the WNBA legends that paved the way by breaking down barriers. Today we revisit some of the best signature sneakers from WNBA players. We hope you enjoy this article and don’t forget that the W’s 25th anniversary tips off on May 15th.

1. Sheryl Swoopes Nike Air Swoopes 2 White Black Red
Sheryl Swoopes Nike Air Swoopes 2 White Black Red

It’s only right that we start with the first woman to have her own signature shoe. Sheryl Swoopes made history in 1996 when she dropped her first silhouette as part of her deal with Nike. While the Air Swoopes had many different iterations, we’ll go with the 2s as they have a serious case for being one of the most iconic in Swoopes line alongside the Zooms (though all of her releases were groundbreaking). The detail on this shoe was amazing, and the overall design is still pretty rare as you won’t find many sneakers with curved laces on top of a mesh upper. Thanks to GOAT and Stock X, you can still find the Swoopes in certain sizes today.

2. Lisa Leslie Signature Shoe
Lisa Leslie Signature Shoe

Unfortunately, it is very hard to find Lisa Leslie’s sneakers today (every once in a while, the shoes will pop up via eBay or Poshmark), but there is no denying Leslie’s impact on the sneaker game and entertainment culture. Leslie was most frequently associated with the Nike Total Air 9s. The shoe dropped in 1998 and came in different colorways, including one that matched her USC school colors. Leslie still has an undeniable impact, and hopefully, we can see her shoes brought back at some point. 

3. Dawn Staley Nike Zoom S5
Sneaker History
Dawn Staley Nike Zoom S5

Dawn Staley’s shoe game is impeccable, and you can always count on her to bring the heat on the sidelines. Staley’s sneaker heat isn’t new, though—she has been a shoe trendsetter since her early WNBA days, and the Nike Zoom S5 had a grip amongst the sports sneakerhead community upon its release in 1999. Unfortunately, the Zoom S5s are a rare find nowadays as well, so hopefully, we can get a re-release at some point in the future.

4. Cynthia Cooper Shake ‘Em Up
Sole Collector
Cynthia Cooper Shake ‘Em Up

The Shake Em Ups were another defining moment in early WNBA history when Cynthia Cooper dropped these in 1998. The shoe had all of the qualities of the Nike Zoom Airs and was a performance sneaker with finesse and style. Cooper released many models during her time in the W and made her mark on the sneaker landscape amongst the league.

5. Rebecca Lobo ‘The Lobo’
Rebecca Lobo ‘The Lobo’

Breaking away from the Nike pattern, Rebecca Lobo debuted ‘The Lobos’ with Reebok in 1998. The shoe was Lobo’s only during her time in the W but remains recognized for her Reebok influence within the WNBA, as she frequently sported the hottest Reebok’s as part of her deal with the brand.

6. Nikki McCray FILA
Sole Collector
Nikki McCray FILA

While FILA was founded in 1911, the brand began reaching its peak success around 1997/1998. Around that same time, the Washington Mystics’ Nikki McCray signed a deal with the company and released her signature Delta sneakers, which was a unisex shoe that both men and women could wear. The Deltas were a red and white silhouette that matched Mystics colors and represented where sneaker culture was at design-wise in the late 1990s.

7. Chamique Holdsclaw Shox Mique
Chamique Holdsclaw Shox Mique

Chamique Holdsclaw’s signing with Nike was pivotal in the WNBA because she was the last player to receive a signature sneaker. In the time since, we have seen player exclusives with their input being heavily featured, but we haven’t seen an official ‘signature launch’ since Holdsclaw’s 1999 deal. The Nike Shox Mique was first seen in 2001 and featured a blueish black upper with white overlays. This shoe is a gem that can no longer be found anywhere, so if you have a pair, consider yourself lucky.

It is hard to believe that it has been twenty years since we have last seen an official signature shoe from a WNBA player. Hopefully, that is something we’ll see a change soon, but in the meantime, we’ll be making a follow-up article on some of the best player exclusives we’ve seen from WNBA players in this past decade. Stay tuned. 

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5 Weekend Sneakers To Watch Out For

Wow. Another relatively quiet weekend! I must admit that I’m kind of starting to miss the chaos of weekend drops, but there are some pretty cool sneakers in there this week. Since we’re in a slow period, I’m going to try something different and go with shoes that I think are the most unique as opposed to the ‘hottest.’ On a different note, I’m thinking of experimenting with the format of these articles in the future because there are a lot of sick releases happening earlier in the week too. I would love to hear suggestions from you guys, so feel free to reach out to me on my socials! Let’s get into this week’s sneakers.

1. McDonald’s All-American Harden Vol. 5
McDonald’s All-American Harden Vol. 5

Release Date: 4/17

I don’t know about you guys, but I like the All-Americans! These have such a nostalgic vibe to them, and they remind me of the McDonald’s play area, and those toys that you get with Happy Meals. Childhood vibes aside, this is a unique sneaker with all of McDonald’s theme colors, and while they may not be for everyday wear, it’s a good collectors item. Actually you know what? These could go with some black joggers, or anything black really.

BUY NOW, $130
2. Nike Air More Uptempo ‘Bulls’
Nike Air More Uptempo ‘Bulls’

Release Date: 4/16

The ‘Bulls’ aren’t technically a new drop, they are just coming back in men’s sizes. I must admit that I wasn’t a fan of the Uptempo releases until recently. Don’t get me wrong—I’m all for a bold sneaker, but I never liked the huge ‘AIR’ lettering engrained across the shoe. That said, these are slowly starting to win me over, and if I had to pick a pair to start my Uptempo collection, it would definitely be the ‘Bulls.’ Do you guys own a pair? It would be interesting to hear different perspectives.

BUY NOW, $160
3. Nike Dunk Low WMNS ‘Green Glow’
Nike Dunk Low WMNS ‘Green Glow’

Release Date: 4/16

Here we go again. Trying to get Dunks is an interesting experience as of late. These have been rumored for a couple of months now, so I expect them to go sellout quickly as usual. Right now I’m a little over Dunks. Not because I don’t like them, but because I can’t get them. I never hit on drop day, and I’m not paying $400 resell, when the retail price was originally $100. I’m not. I’m happy for those that do get Ws though!

BUY NOW, $100
4. Adidas Dame 7 “Jam Fest”
Adidas Dame 7 “Jam Fest”

Release Date: 4/17

Continuing the unique trend, let’s go with Dame’s latest release. Dame Dolla drops the ‘Jam Fest’ tomorrow, and I’m feeling these. With the playoffs around the corner, we’ll be getting plenty more colorways from NBA players, and that excites me greatly. The all-blue is dope, and I think the green mesh in the upper is a nice contrast. Simple but still cool.

BUY NOW, $160
5. Adidas D Rose 11 “Boardwalk”
Adidas D Rose 11 “Boardwalk”

Release Date: 4/17

Since we’re talking about the NBA, let’s end it with D-Rose’s latest release. Colorful and vibrant, the ‘Boardwalks’ are a cool mixture of green and pink. I’ve said it before and I will say it again—D-Rose has some of the hottest shoes in the game, and y’all miss out sometimes! For me personally, I don’t feel the need to have ten pairs of AJ1s in my closet—I would rather have a variety. Just my opinion though.

BUY NOW, $130

Well that’s it for this week. Check y’all next week, and don’t forget to follow me on IG and Twitter!