Saweetie’s Top 20 Instagram Style Moments

Today’s Diamonté’s birthday, and since she is once again throwing a really cool party that none of us are invited to, we figured we would celebrate in a different kind of way. Now if you are anything like myself, then you were first introduced to Saweetie during her time at USC. While she has since gone on to become a global superstar, she has always served looks. Today we are looking at some of her top Instagram style moments while we patiently wait for her to drop the pics from this latest birthday celebration. Let’s take a look back. 

1. USC Saweetie

USC Saweetie wasn’t anything to be played with. This business look was super chic.

2. USC Saweetie Pt. 2

That supersized art bag was something else.

Graduate Saweetie

You can never go wrong with a black dress and heels for graduation. I know dats right.

4. Money Making Mami Saweetie

Before Saweetie was being tapped by major brands as an ambassador, she was repping her own.

5. Fall Saweetie

Everybody needed a nice picture with a suburban background for the IG aesthetic back then, and Saweetie showed us how it was done.

6. Casual Saweetie

A little casual aint never hurt no body. This was such a cute fit.

7. Early Icy

Can’t stop, won’t stop, get guap.

8. L.A. Saweetie

Tell me this doesn’t remind you of Insecure.

9. Blonde Saweetie

Saweetie doesn’t go blond every often, but when she does…

10. 1970s Saweetie

This look gave 1970s L.A. on a summer day.

11. Off-White Saweetie

The blue Off-White pantsuit was an instant Pinterest moment.

12. Belly Saweetie

One time for the outfit. One time for the caption.

13. Luxury Saweetie

Yes ladies and gentlemen. She is the moment.

14. Quarantine Saweetie

One could argue that nobody did quarantine shoots better than Saweetie.

15. Friday Saweetie

No Felicia did not get to borrow the car right quick.

16. Bootylicious Saweetie

Saweetie definitely won Halloween 2020 with this Destiny’s Child recreation.

16. Airplane Saweetie

Most of us look a mess at the airport. Diamonté does not.

17. Little Mermaid Saweetie

The red hair paired with the green jumpsuit was a perfect match.

18. Calvin Klein Saweetie

Saweetie’s winter 2021 concert was decked out in Calvin Klein everything.

19. Courtside Saweetie

Looked were definitely served courtside this past January at the Crypto Arena.

20. Grammy Saweetie

And when you are nominated for two Grammys, you’ve gotta show up and show out.

Happy birthday Saweetie! Hope it’s a good one.


Bodega and New Balance Team Up on 574 Legacy

It seems almost every day New Balance reinvigorates a slept-on silhouette that you’ve never heard of before. From the revitalization of the 827 to the recent re-emergence of the 550, the sportswear giant has an immensely deep bag of classic models to pull from. But sometimes, you just want to see a fresh take on a classic shape you’ve seen your whole life. There really isn’t a more recognizable New Balance silhouette than the 574, and we’ve got a new iteration in the works. Bodega has teamed up with the sportswear giant to release two color ways of the iconic silhouette, anchored by a look book featuring Larry June. These are the Bodega x New Balance 574s, releasing July 15th.

The Bodega x New Balance 574 Legacy
Angella Choe / New Balance

Since its initial release in 1988, the 574 has become a staple of the contemporary sneaker canon due to its dependability, comfort and accessibility. It’s a sneaker that is just as appropriate in a diehard sneakerhead’s rotation as it is in the wardrobe of someone just looking for a comfy pair of kicks.

Angella Choe / New Balance

The collaborative pair of kicks from Bodega and New Balance is releasing in two color ways: yellow and blue. They’re comprised of the same era specific materials that made the shoes ubiquitous back in 1989, but with a new splash of color to bring them into 2022.

The lookbook, featuring rapper Larry June, invokes the nostalgic era from which the shoes came, featuring vintage luggage, some old school cars and more.

Angella Choe / New Balance

The shoes and look book are catered around the notion of being “internationally known and locally respected,” something embodied by Bodega, New Balance and Larry June himself.

Take a look at some of the imagery below, and read on for details on how to cop the collaborative kicks.

Angella Choe / New Balance

Angella Choe / New Balance

The kicks will release on July 15th, 2022 at 12:00 pm EST on Bodega’s site.


The 9 Best Missy Elliott Music Video Style Moments

Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott. Icon, legend, fashion mogul. Since her 1990s debut, Missy has been known and respected for her unique groundbreaking fashion—especially in her music videos and performances. With today being her birthday, we wanted to revisit some of her best music video fashion moments, and we’re gonna go in chronological order, starting with one of the most memorable, “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly).”

1. The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) – 1997

Beep, beep, who got the keys to the Jeep? Missy was supa dupa futuristic fly in metallic silver. This video not only produced Missy’s memorable look, but Lil Kim’s as well.

2. She’s A Bitch – 1999

A massively underrated Missy music video/look in our honest opinion. Misdemeanor was out of her mind for this one.

3. Hot Boyz – 1999

What do y’all be driving? Lexus, Benz, Bentleys, Rolls Royce’s? None of them above? Alright. The remix was sick. The visuals were ahead of its time. And that red glitter jacket…bomb.

4. Get Ur Freak On – 2001

Once again, the visuals were insane. It wasn’t the early 2000s if you didn’t have a denim and camouflage jacket in your closet, and like always, Missy did the best.

5. One Minute Man – 2001

The white bucket hat paired with the white and green shirt and pants combo was a moment. 

6. Work It – 2002

One of Missy’s best videos ever. No, scratch that. One of thee best music videos ever. Where do we start? The bee coat was insane. The blue Baby Phat-esque jumpsuit fit right in with the aesthetics of the video. In fact all of them did as a matter of fact. You know what? We can’t choose.

Sidenote: This video is hilarious. You have to really pay attention to all of the small references.

7. I’m Really Hot – 2004

Another of Missy’s finest. The all-white paired with the white makeup was a dope along with the Asian influences. 

8. Lose Control – 2005

Music make you lose control. The desert storm white tank top paired with the shorts were super nice. The 1950s dirndl dress were fun, and once again, Missy annihilated with the jumpsuit at the end by the way.

9. WTF (Where They From) – 2015

And in 2015, Missy proved that after twenty plus years in the game, she was still as stylish and creative as ever with “WTF (Where They From).

To this day, Missy continues to be a driving force in both music and style. Happy Birthday to one of the best to ever do it.


19 Summer Essentials To Prepare You for the Season Ahead

Okay, Okay. You guys have been in the DMs asking us for a summer product roundup for a while, so we thought now would be an excellent time to drop our first round of summer essentials that we think are absolutely necessary for the season. Fourth of July is on Monday (which means we get an actual holiday weekend folks), and July is always a fun summer month, so in the words of Uncle Jesse from Full House “bada bing, bada boom.” There’s nineteen of these bad boys, so let’s take a look at what we’ve got on the summer docket.

White Tees

Oh I think they like me, in my white tee. White tees are essential for the summer. Here are a few you should check out:

1. Zig-Zag Qualite Superieure T-Shirt

Zig-Zag just dropped their first high-end fashion capsule, which features limited-edition apparel and accessories and highly-coveted pieces that will never be produced again. Y’all hear that? It will never be produced again, which means it will be a collectors item (or you’ll have bragging rights for owning something that there’s literally only a few of).

BUY NOW, $34.99
2. Nike White T-Shirt

As always, Nike has their signature Sportswear Club Men’s T-Shirt that you can purchase for just $25. While we listed Nike, every major sports/athletic brand has some variation of the basic white tee, so if you wanted to rock with adidas, Reebok, etc., you could also do that as well.

BUY NOW, $20.97
Summer Hats

Whether it’s a regular shmegular ball cap, floppy hat, or a bucket hat. You need something casual to help block the sometimes annoying summer sun. A quality hat is a summer essential if we’ve ever seen one.

3. Free People Shady Character Packable Wide Brim Hat
Free People

Free People has long been one of our favorite brands for both the quality and longevity that they offer. The Wide Brim Hat is both super stylish, perfect for the beach, and highly rated. A great investment for the closet for sure.

BUY NOW, $68
4. FOCO Denim Bucket Hat

FOCO has a wide selection of denim bucket hats that feature your favorite college teams. Whether you are a fan of Kentucky, Clemson, or Alabama, FOCO has you covered.

BUY NOW, $35
5. New Era Snapback

The good thing about New Era is that there are loads of different snapbacks to choose from. You could get a hat for your favorite basketball team, or football if that’s more your preference. You could even go with baseball since we’re in-season. The options are limitless.

BUY NOW, $32.99

The perfect coverup can be hard to find; we’ve got a selection for the ladies and then one for the fellas.

6. California Cowboy La Sirena Robe Vintage Navy
California Cowboys

California Cowboy has some very nice options that you could wear to the beach and even as a cover-up. Make sure you check out all of their robes because they are extremely nice.

BUY NOW, $148
7. Lululemon Swim Trunks

No it is not okay to wear the same swim trunks over and over again fellas. Yes you have to replace them every so often, the same way us women do. Here’s a suggestion for you.

BUY NOW, $49

We all like fun clothing that represents our favorite television show, movies, etc. We’ve got some cool stuff for you in this department as well.

8. HUF x Marvel Socks

These socks are a part of a bigger collection that is being released today actually. Marvel fans make sure you check out the entire HUF x Marvel collection. Real talk.


You know summertime means you have to get blinged out right? Here’s a couple of pieces to help you tell the time.

9. Adidas Original Timepieces
adidas Originals

Ladies and gentlemen, adidas has not one, not two, not three, but four new timepieces that they just added to their collection. Eco-friendly and designed with an 80s retro digital vibe, they are available to snag now.

BUY NOW, $99
10. Fossil Leather Watch

Nothing more to really say about this other than it’s a classic. Fossil’s a classic, and they are tried and true. You can’t go wrong with tried and true.

BUY NOW, $112

For some more affordable watch options, check out this list of timepieces under $200.


Joggers, Joggers, Joggers. Where would you be without them? Here’s a few more to pick up for the summertime.

11. Brady Run Pants

Tom Brady is pretty good at this apparel thing huh? Well he recently introduced a new collection called BRADY Run. Run is made for the athletes who are always moving forward and committed to greatness, and the collection has been wear-tested on the track and streets by elite and novice runners alike. We’ve personally tried the Run Pants and they are very comfortable and mobile.

BUY NOW, $110
12. GymShark Crest Joggers

Perfect for commuting, resting, or even a light workout. The slim fit is also a nice bonus as that is one of our favorite features on joggers.

BUY NOW, $34
13. California Cowboys PCH Joggers
California Cowboys

These are specifically designed for nature folks. If you are planning on camping, road trips, or beach bonfires, pick these up.

BUY NOW, $148

Do you have your summer kicks yet? If not, here you are. Thank us later.

14. Curry Flow 9 ‘2974’
Under Armour

Look at these, look at these, look at these! The Curry ‘2974’ honors Stephen’s legacy as the NBA’s all-time best three-point shooter, and the Curry Brand is celebrating the Finals MVP by offering 2,974 pairs globally. Act Quick.

15. ATMOS X New Balance “Beachside”

It’s giving California vibes. atmos and New Balance team up to bring the beach to you, and quite frankly, their beach is better.

BUY NOW, $109.99
16. Crocs

Little shameless self-promotion on our end for sure, but we wrote a pretty cool article a couple of weeks ago about some of the best crocs that you can find right now. You can find it here, there’s tons of them.

BUY NOW, $20-$60
Everything Else

Whether you need a pair of shades, or some products for around the home, we’ve got a few more summer essentials for you.

17. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Okay, it doesn’t have to be this specific pair, but Ray-Ban is among the best of the best when it comes to sunglasses. There’s option people, you have options.

BUY NOW, $163
18. Buddha Board

Don’t judge us, but we are heavily into relaxation techniques now. Being creative is always a good way to relax, and the Buddha Board is a good way to meditate, and get your mind off a tough day.

BUY NOW, $17.95
19. Mad Ritual’s Relief Rub
Mad Ritual

And speaking of relaxation, this Mad Ritual Relief Rub is a hemp-derived CBD oil to fight inflammation, discomfort, and pain.

BUY NOW, $12

So there you go! Nineteen summer essential items for you to cop this season. Enjoy.

Bonus: Here’s one more summer drop for you guys.


The world’s most iconic backpack brand meets surely the most iconic rock band ever to light up the stage. Literally. The first in a new series of capsule collections “Inspired by the world of rock” and produced in collaboration with Epic rights. A fitting tribute to the legendary band that changed the music world forever. 

Featuring four legendary Eastpak bags designed in the same era and now transformed into “make-overs” referencing the iconic face paint and pyrotechnic antics of arguably the most influential band in history. For those who like to make a statement and prefer to make it loud.

ONE37pm may earn affiliate revenue from some of the links in this article.


The 9 Most Iconic Airport Fashion Moments of All Time

Paparazzi are a universally hated, yet somewhat integral part of modern celebrity culture. The vast majority of their time is spent harassing Hollywood actors and musicians, and while celebrities undoubtedly deserve privacy, paparazzi photos grant us common folk a little bit of insight into the lives of the world’s elite. Most of all, we get to see their outfits when they’re really out, not dolled up by the latest trending fashion designer at a red carpet event. There’s one genre of paparazzi photo that stands out above the rest, though: airport fashion.

Airports are more or less a stressful experience for everyone, regardless of wealth, so most people opt for the most comfortable thing in their wardrobe to ease their cortisol levels. But celebrities are celebrities after all, and have found plenty of ways to fuse comfort and style over the years.

What is “Airport Fashion”?
Getty Images

When air travel first became accessible, many treated it like a special occasion, donning their finest duds for their trip to the sky. As the mode of transport has become more mundane, the glitz of the nascent era was shed for a growing commitment to comfort.

In the present day, everyone has a slightly different approach to airport fashion. But we all integrate some aspect of our personal style punctuated by a commitment to remaining comfortable on a lengthy journey. The 90s were an incredible era for the development of the style, seeing celebrities begin to don notable looks while maintaining a pedestrian quality. Below, we take a look at how the evolution of the style has branched off into numerous approaches to getting dressed for travel.

The Best Airport Fashion Moments
1. Woody Harrelson
Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Looking at this 90s fit from Woody now, it’s almost prophetic. Obviously style is cyclical to some degree, but combining the trucker hat, varsity jacket, and dunks, is contemporary fashion in a nutshell. Primary colors just always work, and the contrasting blue and red throughout with little hits of yellow from the Simpsons characters just tie together so nicely. I mean, he even matched his notebook. Coming from a 2022 angle, I might have ditched the scarf with this one, but like I said earlier, comfort is key.

2. Rihanna
Photo by Gotham/GC Images

There’s no way Rihanna flies commercial flights anymore, considering she’s a billionaire, but we’ve been lucky to catch snapshots of her before all of Fenty’s success. She’s always dressed well for every occasion, and this outfit is the embodiment of quality airport attire. She’s gone full comfort, but never fails to take proportions into consideration. The massive denim jacket with quilted lining not only looks ridiculously comfortable, but it creates a striking silhouette that works well with the slimmer Off-White sweats and fuzzy slides she has on. Virgil’s trademark white text ties well with the glimpses of white quilting peeking from the inside of the denim jacket, and the subtle change from navy to black splits the outfit well from top to bottom. Top it off with a Dior tote and you’ve got yourself a banger.

3. Mick Jagger and Bill Wyman
Photo by Konrad Giehr/picture alliance via Getty Images

We’ve got a twofer here for you guys. Sadly the only photo I could find is in black and white, and doesn’t capture all of Mick Jagger’s outfit, but it does nab the part that matters: those insane ski goggle-esque sunglasses. This photo is from 1965, but I think those sunnies could come out in a Prada collection next year and nobody would bat an eye. His jacket has a beautiful fit that probably inspired Hedi Slimane, and even in black and white you can tell it has an incredible suede-like texture to it.

Let’s not forget Bill Wyman either, who kills it with the classic 60s turtleneck and 3-button jacket combo and some nice wool pants. Plus, his sunglasses are insane too. I need them both.

4. Matthew McConnaughey
Photo by Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Man, I love this one. It’s so simple it’s almost hard to allow it in this list, but everything works so well I can’t resist. Colors and textures are on point here, with the softness of the shirt (that’s presumably linen or some other light material) pairing well with both the light wash blue jeans and the black leather bag he’s got on. Add in some sleek Oakley-style sunglasses and a pair of hiking boots and I’m sold. It’s 90s nostalgia straight to the bloodstream and I love it. Also, if you look at almost any picture of Matthew from 1997, he’s probably wearing those sunglasses. Man loved those damn things.

5. Allen Iverson
Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Okay, I did say the last one was borderline too simple so this one shouldn’t really make the cut either, but Allen Iverson’s swagger is simply inimitable and it’s a textbook airport fit. They just don’t make players like this anymore. The monotone sweat suit would be relatively mundane if it weren’t for the beautiful 2000s proportions, but the fit of a piece matters more than anything else. It’s a really nice shade of gray that pairs well with the white tall tee and sneakers, and then the iconic Louis Vuitton duffle really takes this to the next level. It’s summer in New York and I want to wear a sweat suit right now, so that should tell you something.

6. Matt Damon
Getty Images

This really looks like an outfit pulled right out of 2022. A pair of light wash jeans paired with boots, a ringer tee and a trucker hat is the kind of outfit you’re likely to see on the IG explore page. It perfectly encapsulates airport fashion; wear something that’s comfortable, but make sure you’re looking good.

7. Nicolas Cage
Getty Images

Jeans were clearly the go-to pants for men taking to the skies throughout the 90s. The fit of this black pair coupled with Nic’s vintage bomber jacket and pointy boots is an unbelievably cohesive fit that would be just as appropriate at the airport as it would on the streets of NYFW.

8. Ralph Fiennes and Francesca Annis
Getty Images

This is an absolute all-timer from Fiennes and his then-partner Francesca Annis. The jacket alone is a grail-level piece. Paired with some loosely fitting khakis and a slouchy sweater, the whole outfit just seems unbelievably comfortable. It’s also nice how the two of them are matching, and Fiennes’ beret is just the cherry on top.

9. Burt Reynolds
Getty Images

No one can power-clash conflicting patterns quite like Burt Reynolds. Lesser men—who boast lesser mustaches—probably couldn’t pull off this turtleneck under patterned shirt under patterned four-button suit combo. But on Reynolds, it looks like the most comfortable and appropriate outfit he could possibly wear. Hats off to Burt for this powerhouse of an outfit.


The CEBL and Foot Locker Canada Link For a New Collab

The Canadian Elite Basketball League has a new announcement and it’s an exciting one. Foot Locker Canada and the CEBL have agreed to a deal that will make Foot Locker Canada the league’s newest sponsor for the 2022 season, which started on May 25 and will conclude August 14th at Championship Weekend in Ottawa.

Now check this out.  This new deal will be in effect across all 10 CEBL teams and the Foot Locker logo will be displayed on each team’s home court. The partnership will include fan activations, player appearances, youth basketball camps, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and more.  


Foot Locker Canada continues to be a go-to destination for all basketball needs, on and off the court, including extensive and exclusive product from New Era, adidas, Nike, PUMA, New Balance, Converse, and more, and we caught up with Mike Morreale, CEO & Commissioner of the CEBL to talk more about what we can expect.

ONE37pm: Mike this is exciting! This is also our first time chatting with the CEBL, so nice to meet you guys. How did this partnership with Foot Locker come about?

Morreale: Oh we’re really excited! It’s very important and fits quite well with everything we’re doing in the CEBL. This came to be really because one of our team owners has a relationship with OVO, and from there we were really able to make the connection with Foot Locker Canada and establish a partnership.

ONE37pm: In addition to the official Foot Locker logo being displayed amongst all ten CEBL teams, partnership will include fan activations, player appearances, youth basketball camps, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and more. What does that look like for the CEBL in particular?

Morreale: Just more brand awareness in general from a team and league perspective. There’s going to be merchandise available, and an in-store integration for our fanbase. It sort of feels like a 1+1=3 scenario in terms of everything that we will be offering.

ONE37pm: Can you talk more about merchandise? Will that be available as well? In particular for fans?

Morreale: Yes! We have team and league merch with New Era, and it will be located in the Foot Locker stores where we play. Our merchandise and icons logo are really cool and funky. We will also have a retail store affiliation as well. We hope to get those out as soon as possible, because we actually have a backlog from COVID as we didn’t order enough product! We hope to get the product in as soon as possible, but ultimately we believe this is the start of a longer term relationship with big things on the way.

ONE37pm: How about in the sneaker realm? Anything we can expect there that you can talk about right now?

Morreale: Oh definitely! We love to promote our sneakerheads! Our players love it as well, and we also have a feature called courtside kicks. We are going to continue to grow our apparel on the sneaker side and show people that what’s cool in Saskatoon is different from what’s cool in British Columbia. It will be interesting for sure! 

You can keep up with the CEBL via their Instagram.


Title Nine Founder Missy Park on Her Brand’s Evolution and Supporting the USWNT

Title Nine. For women, run by women, and all about women. There’s not a lot of brands that can say they’ve been around for fifty years, and yet here we are. Founded by Missy Park, a former college basketball player who grew up in the early era of Title IX—the federal law that prohibits sex-based discrimination at all schools and universities—Title Nine has been making women’s athletic apparel for decades.

Now in the year 2022, Park has championed the fight for women’s equal pay in sports, taking a special focus on the US Women’s National Soccer Team. Last year Title IX donated over 1 million dollars in the fight for equal pay, a move that created waves in the industry by further spreading awareness of the pay differential in Men’s and Women’s soccer.

She also created a nationwide campaign called Kick In For Equal Pay, which saw brands and individuals donate hundreds of thousands of dollars for the US Women’s National Team.

Of course, there’s also a new CBA for the USWNT that will make sure the team is now paid equally. The agreement has also given the women’s team $22 million dollars in back pay.

We spoke with Missy about the brand’s longevity this past week.

ONE37pm: Great to be chatting with you Missy! How did you come up with the idea to start this brand?

Park: You know, I just sat on a panel, and it was interesting because there were ladies there from each decade, and they were giving their experiences of being a woman in their field. I was born in 1962, and Title Nine, which must offer girls and boys equal opportunities in both the sports field and classroom, came about in 1972, and you had to come into compliance in 1976. That was my first year of high school, and I was able to play collegiate basketball at a collegiate level.

If it weren’t for Title Nine, I wouldn’t have been able to coach at a Division I level either. When I was kid, I didn’t know men and women not having equal opportunities wasn’t fair. I was just a kid, you know? The biggest thing I learned through this was that, every win for women was perceived as a loss for men, and we had to deal with uniforms not fitting that good and things of that nature.

ONE37pm: Tell us more about your work with the USWNT.

Park: The women’s soccer team is the most decorated international sports team. They have outdrawn the men, out-revenued the men, and yet they are being paid less. I was watching a movie called LFG, and I realized that I hadn’t done nearly enough to support the women’s team, and that they had been  role models to both my son and daughter. I hadn’t bought a ticket or supported nearly enough. That year we were able to give a million dollars to the Olympic team.

I thought that if a tiny company like ourselves could do that, then surely the bigger ones could. At the time we thought we had failed in that regard, but then the CBA came about which promotes equal pay for equal work, and a better life for our sons and daughters. We did get a lot of pushback and negative press back in the beginning, but this is an amazing accomplishment, and something I could have never imagined in 1972.

ONE37pm: Could you talk a little more about the early stages of the Title Nine Brand?

Park: The desire came from a need of our own. I was a small or extra small jersey in mens, and felt like we really needed something for women. This might have been naive of me at the time, but I looked at brands North Face and Gary Fisher Mountain Bikes, and figured that if they could do it, then I could start my own women athletic’s line.

Title Nine started in 1989. In terms of post-collegiate Division I athletes, there were only seven of us in the whole country. I mailed out flyers and tried to get the business going, but it wasn’t until I added sports bras (which at the time had jock straps attached to them) that I really began to see success. That set the stage for us, and we built it from the ground up for women. We went through both small and large failures, but now we have sixteen retail stores, 300 employees, and $100 million worth of sales.

ONE37pm: That’s awesome! What else is in store for the summer season?

Park: Summer is a huge time for swimwear. We have a new sports bra with new technology, and it is developed to go into the pool or ocean. We are continuing to grow that part of our business. Meta Swim is one of our most popular swim collections, and we do everything from Triple A to underwire. It’s very smooth!

You can check out Title Nine’s newest pieces Aria and Tideturn via Title Nine’s official website.


Siegelman Stable is Much More Than a Timeless Hat

“Know that no one knows anything,” Max Siegelman chuckles to me at the tail end of our conversation about his brand, named for the horse stable his father founded in 1982. Since Max and I first met in early 2021, Siegelman Stable has gone on to become a staple of numerous celebrity wardrobes—from Future to Kendall Jenner and more. With a few years under his belt and more on the horizon than you can shake a stick at, Max is more introspective than before, rife with some good advice for fledgling designers and eager for a future of untold possibility. We caught up ahead of the brand’s collab with Kygo and Palm Tree Crew in Oslo next week.

The Genesis of Siegelman Stable, the Horse Stable

Max’s father founded Siegelman Stable in 1982. Growing up, having a horse trainer as a father seemed like the norm. Not only was his dad a horse trainer, but he made an effort to instill in Max the importance of giving back to the community and allowing everyone the opportunity to see the bright side of the horse racing industry. After years of having his own stable, Siegelman Sr. began his very own equine therapy programs—focusing on the therapeutic possibilities allowed by our favorite equine counterparts. 

“He always had this second layer of his racing stable—not necessarily about the racing and the gambling and all the stuff that is very mainstream and what people see,” Max recalls the early ethos of the stable, going on: “He basically opened up his stable for different kinds of programs. He created a program with inner city youth in Newark, NJ—because the stable was located at the Meadowlands just outside of the city—where they could come in and learn horsemanship and see the horses. And basically take them after school, instead of going out and getting in trouble, give them an opportunity that they typically would never have.” This early element of the brand lingers today in the practices of Siegelman Stable as a clothing brand as well. 

Siegelman Stable, the Clothing Brand

“That was always what I saw,” Max recalls warmly of the early days of the stable and his dad’s commitment to the community. Since the early days of Siegelman as a horse stable, the driving tenor of the brand remains. In Max’s words: “And that really evolved into a lot of equine therapy programs for veterans, kids with disabilities, and—during the pandemic—working with a lot of doctors and nurses, doing trips bringing the mini equine horses into hospitals.”

Let’s backtrack a bit. It’s April of 2020. Max works for OUTFRONT media as a Head of Cultural Relevance, in addition to working privately as a consultant for music artists, athletes, and other celebrities. He was the only person with signature Siegelman Stable gear from the 80s, featuring a logo sketched on a napkin by his mother in 1985. People started asking him, “Where can I cop?” 

Max conducted the first drop for the brand in June of 2020, with a portion of the proceeds going towards the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club, a non-profit “evolved from a century-long tradition of Urban Black Cowboys in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ and one man’s commitment to provide horsemanship experience in the inner-city.” The initial run included six OG pieces from Siegelman, and a collaborative piece between the brand and the club. Max released those original pieces a few times before moving onto other designs, all still built around a primary design concept. 

Siegelman Stable quickly became ubiquitous in the wardrobes of numerous southern rappers, from Gunna to Future and more. Max even managed to get the player address for NBA Orlando Bubble and sent some pieces there, a marketing tactic that paid off. Tim Hardaway Jr. became a fan early on, but the list of players who wear Stable to date is growing. “Tim has become someone who will get every piece that I put out, and rocks it all the time,” Max tells me.

In 2022, Kendall Jenner was spotted rocking the trademark hat at Paris Fashion Week; “I guess that was exciting too,” Max cheekily recounts. 

He did an great collaboration with Anwar Carrots last year, and tells me that there are a ton of collabs on the horizon that are “going to be huge difference makers for us.” Max tells me that “From July to December, there’s one huge thing a month.” More to come on these collections.

One of the most exciting developments of the brand in the past few months has been witnessing the pieces enter the secondary market. On the strategy, Max tells me: “We’re definitely looking at how Supreme does it. Your items are pretty attainable—for the majority of people from a price perspective— and then having limited quantities to up that secondary market demand is important.” Pieces have resold for as much as $120 on the secondary market, doubling their retail value.

To this day, “a portion of all of our proceeds gets donated to different equine therapy programs around the country, soon to be around the world,” Max emphasizes in the dusk of our conversation. He also leaves me with some sound advice for fledgling designers, or just about anyone.

“Know that no one knows anything,” he begins, before pausing for a moment. And then some wisdom flows out in a flurry: “Do stuff how you want to do stuff. Listen to everyone and their perspective, ideas, and what they think you should do. And just respond in silence and soak it in. Just keep your head down and do your own thing. Know what you’re good at, know what you’re not. And be able to allocate things to people who want to help you out.”

Siegelman Stable x Palm Tree Crew

One of the most exciting things on the horizon for Siegelman Stable is the brand’s collaboration with Palm Tree Crew to celebrate Kygo’s largest performance of his career in his home country of Norway. The collection, which will be available at a pop-up in Oslo on July 1st before going live on the Siegelman Stable site on the 2nd, is an homage to both Kygo and Max’s connection to Norway.

“This drop is extra special because of my grandmother’s heritage in Norway. She played a big role in my life and I always want to do collaborations that tell another chapter of the Siegelman Stable brand story. I think the graphics and attention to detail used in these pieces does just that. It’s exciting to have our second ever pop up overseas and with Kygo, at such a special time for him,” says Max.

Siegelman Stable

The six-piece collection will include three fully embroidered Siegelman Stable hats with a PTC logo side hit in various colorways, a printed tee and crewneck sweatshirt and a fully embroidered bomber jacket—the collection’s standout piece.

Take a look at some of the imagery below, and make sure to hop on the Siegelman Stable site on July 2nd to shop the collection.

Siegelman Stable
Siegelman Stable
Siegelman Stable x ONE37pm

Max and Siegelman Stable will be doing a pop up at ONE37pm’s West Village headquarters this summer. On July 22nd, come by the Summer Wind Cafe located at 569 Hudson St. for an opportunity to embroider a custom Siegelman Stable x ONE37pm hat, interact with equine mini horses and take in the sights and sounds of our bustling summer command post.

Sneakers Style

The 26 Best New Balance Sneakers

If you’re looking for a sneaker designed for all-day comfort you should look no further than New Balance. The Boston brand has consistently been at the top of the lifestyle/casual footwear canon while simultaneously holding a top spot within the world of top-level performance. They have a strong reputation for supreme durability and ever since the “Dad” wave from 2017 that hasn’t seemed to crash, they’ve been enjoying an unusually high place in the sneaker world. As with any brand, a lot of sneakerheads wonder: what are the best New Balance sneakers around?

With sneakers coming straight from the United States and the United Kingdom they’ve got a strong series of recent releases including some absolutely must-have collabs. New Balance doesn’t necessarily grab all of the headlines but real sneakerheads understand the importance of the brand and can recognize that they’ve certainly proven themselves as one of the best brands out right now. 

We took a look through New Balance’s extensive catalog and pulled out the 15 Best New Balance Sneakers available right now. Some collaborations, some rock-solid general releases, the brand is on an incredible sprint right now and there’s plenty of awesome opportunities to get in on New Balance.

1. New Balance 990v4 “Grey/Castlerock”

​​​​​​​Easily New Balance’s most iconic and timeless sneaker is the 990v4. Known for its classic “Dad” shape and high-quality comfort, the 990v4 is something of sneaker royalty. Everyone absolutely needs a pair, whether you’re trying to get a fit off or just taking a walk to the deli, it’s a sneaker that has bridged the gap from the simplicity and became a streetwear icon. Simply between its standing with regards to the “Dad” wave, DMV area, the v4 is a legend in its own right and is considered by most as the crown jewel of New Balance. 

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2. New Balance 999 x Concepts “The Kennedy”

Turning up the “New England factor” up to 11, New Balance tapped Beantown boutique Concepts for a sneaker that paid homage to JFK’s famous vacation spot, Hyannis. The sneaker is a famous and high priced piece of Americana but for fans of the 999 and President Kennedy, it’s revered as one of the best sneakers to represent the northeastern United States. The sneaker features rich touches of suede and mesh with seaside motifs hitting the laces, sock liner, and tongue. ​​​​​​

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3. New Balance 992 “Multicolor”

The New Balance 992 is a sneaker akin to the 993 but with a more chunky outlook on life. The overlays of synthetic and mesh uppers sit atop an extra-thick midsole. Unlike the 993, these colorways aren’t simple but bold, bright, and incredibly complicated, allowing the brand to get more in touch with their creative side. 2020’s “Multicolor” release was a great example of the brand’s colorful potential — the sneaker came drenched in a variety of eye-catching blue, yellow, green, and orange.

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4. New Balance 754 “Classic Grey”

New Balance has a lot of classic sneakers, but none encapsulates the brand more than the all-day capacity of the 574. The “Classic Grey” stands tall as the perfect sneaker for almost anything and the patterning of suedes and mesh bring the sneaker full tilt. “Classic Grey” was one of three colorways and silhouettes to embrace the brand’s “Grey Day”, a moment that put the spotlight on the relaxed yet expert execution for a casual, simple sneaker.

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5. New Balance 993 “Kith Grey”

The New Balance 993 is another great sneaker from the brand that epitomizes both the timeless cool and simplicity that they offer. The 993 has some very basic colorways making the sneaker an easy and incredibly comfortable go-to model. This 933 gets dressed up in a variety of grey hues making the perfect sneaker to go with any outfit.

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6. New Balance 998 “Moby Dick”
Flight Club

The New Balance 998 is one of the more slept on but better models from the brand. Not only is it the perfect “Dad” sneaker but turned the “Dad” level up with this 2014 release. They put an academic spin on the sneaker, and others, with a special pack honoring American literature. Of course, the sneakers are made in the USA which makes them a little more special, but these “Moby Dick” themed sneakers really take the cake. The result was a thematic and conceptual success, seen on other silhouettes like the 997 which came dressed as another American literary powerhouse; J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye.

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7. New Balance 997S x Bodega “No Bad Days”

Similar to the creative strength of Concepts is Bodega, another sneaker boutique that’s made a name for itself in its physical brick and mortar stores and its ability to craft quality silhouettes and unique stories. The Boston-based creative outfit collaborated with New Balance on the 997S silhouette – another glowing example with the “No Bad Days” colorway. They also put their spin on another 997S but the “No Bad Days” was surely the must-have of the two projects. ​​​​​​

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8. New Balance 991.5 x Concepts “Lake Havasu”

Like a true New England legend, Boston-based brand Concepts is usually right on the mark when they get together with New Balance. The 991.5 “Lake Havasu” is another great example of the low key power of New Balance hybrid sneakers. The sneaker comes with a unique colorway that includes a rich teal upper and yellow hit on the heel cup, and it’s made in the UK. The sneaker’s name also is no accident, this sneaker comes with a quirky story as well.

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9. New Balance 801 “Grey”
Foot Locker

NB has a great reputation as a running/performance brand but that part of the brand mostly takes a backseat to the casual/lifestyle sneakers that have brought the brand to new heights. Within their division of performance, they have some excellent outdoor options. With treaded outsole details found on silhouettes like the Trail buster, NB is a solid option for outdoorsy sneakers. The 801 is a super tough sneaker with a treaded outsole, giving sneakerheads another reason to pick New Balance.

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10. New Balance 990v5 “Black”

The 990 is one of New Balance’s best and most iconic silhouettes. The brand continues to revolutionize and further the model with iterations that have soared to the heights of sneaker popularity like the v4. Similar to the body of the v4, the v5 delivered again but with a fresh, new take on the staple design last year. The v5 originally came dressed in the classic white/grey colorway you typically see from the v4 but of the new colorways for the v5, I personally enjoy the murdered out look of the triple black colorway.

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11. New Balance 827 x Aime Leon Dore

The New Balance 827 made a strong first impression with a multi-colorway collab courtesy of Aime Leon Dore. The NYC boutique has made a name for itself among the streets of SOHO and brought the same upscale, super luxe, and chic style to the vintage-styled runner. The 827 has seen the creative imprint from other brands (see their Stray Rats project) but didn’t sing as true or bright as the playful color scheme from ALD which yielded three perfect for summer sneakers.

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12. New Balance 1500.9 “Make in England Summer Nine Pack”

The New Balance 1500.9 is a sleeper silhouette from the brand, a hybrid mixture of multiple silhouettes the 1500.9 delivers on a sleek look and playful “Summer Nine” colorway with richly colored suedes and an upper of mesh and synthetics. Another interesting point is that it’s made in England, one of the few releases from the brand that’s from the UK, both rare and refined and everything that’s great about the brand. The colorway is truly unique with a mint green on the heel, navy blue on the rand, and a nice pink touch on the branding hit and tongue.

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13. New Balance 1300JP

For rare sneakers, New Balance probably isn’t your first idea or last stop, but it should be. The New Balance 1300JP is a sneaker so rare it’s only released every five years and 2020’s contribution was certainly what fans of the brand were expecting. The design hails from 1985 and was originally loved by runners who described them as a “sports car for your feet.” The colorway is the same as the original design and with production only running every five years for the 1300, you can bet it’s going to be top-notch. Another cool detail is that the sneaker is made in Japan, a nice note for anyone trying to add to their collection of non-USA made New Balance sneakers.

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14. New Balance 327 x Casablanca “Green/White”

The New Balance 327 saw its debut in 2020, but before the general release of the new waffle runner, the brand partnered with luxe streetwear brand Casablanca for a hot summer collab. The partnership brought two sneakers, one in green, one in orange, to the public, giving them a sneak peek at the brand’s new silhouette. The Parisian brand elevated the style of the silhouette and set forth a strong precedent for future collabs with the 327.

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15. New Balance 850 OG Reissue “White/Blue”

If you’re even slightly familiar with New Balance you know that they have strong ties to vintage running. Among those early runners is the 850, a 1996 classic brought back to life by the brand in 2019 with an OG Reissue. The wide-soled sneaker is a pillar of stability with opportunities for skating, working out, and casual wear. The sneaker looks best in it’s white/blue colorway covering which highlights the mesh and suede upper with an ABZORB midsole to finish off the simplistic and minimalistic design.

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16. Kawhi Leonard “Sunrise”
Kawhi Leonard “Sunrise”

Kawhi Leonard has been one of eBay’s biggest sellers over the course of this past year, proving not only his star power, but the power of New Balance in general. While Leonard has released multiple colorways with the brand, the “Sunrise” iteration remains arguably his most popular.

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17. New Balance 550 “White Green”
New Balance

Dropping this past June, the “White Green” colorway was just in time for college football aka “University Season” if your team happened to have white and green colors. Yes we’re in winter, but white and green colorways always work well with the spring and summer seasons, and sneaker buying is always about planning ahead.

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18. 530v2 Retro “Khaki”
530v2 Retro “Khaki”

There are two “automatics” in the sneaker world, retro styles and neutral colors. The 530v2 has both. It’s a classic look that can be paired with anything, and while isn’t too “overbearing,” it does stand out (especially when paired with the right outfit).

BUY NOW at goat
19. 550 ‘Shifted Sport Pack – Team Red’
550 ‘Shifted Sport Pack – Team Red’

Another university/team classic. If you’re even in doubt about whether or not a sneaker is going to work, go with a University Red colorway. It has never failed anyone in the history of sneakers.

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20. 990v5 Made In USA ‘Grey’
990v5 Made In USA ‘Grey’

Every sneaker list needs a grey colorway. Don’t ask us why, it’s an unspoken sneaker rule. The 990v5 “Made In USA” dropped summer 2019, and while it’s been two years, they are very much still in style.

BUY NOW at new balance
21. New Balance 827 x Stray Rats

Stray Rats has collabed with New Balance a few times, and each iteration has become a relative grail for a lot of fans of the Miami-based label. The 827 from a few years back is our pick for the best of their work together, but pretty much everything Stray Rats has done with NB is a certified classic.

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22. New Balance x JJJJound 990v3 ‘Brown Black’

JJJJound’s collabs with a lot of sportswear giants over the past few years have been incredible. The label really demonstrates how a few minor changes to existing silhouettes can put the cherry on top, making them a grail-level sneaker. This iteration of the 990v3—like with many JJJJound collabs—is an IYKYK sort of collab that will get diehard sneaker heads pretty excited.

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23. New Balance 2002R Protection Pack ‘Mirage Grey’

This iteration of the 2002R from earlier this year is a fun, minimal take on a classic silhouette. The fraying will continue to wear with consistent use, making these a great option for sneaker fans who like to watch their kicks deteriorate and enjoy the wabi-sabi element of fashion.

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24. New Balance x Aime Leon Dore 993 ‘Brown’

This is the second Aime Leon Dore collab to make this last, and with good reason. All of NB’s collabs with the New York-based designer have been beautiful, but our pick is this brown iteration of the 993, a perfectly muted sneaker to add to your rotation. These won’t turn heads like some of the more vibrant entries on the list, but they’re an incredibly approachable and versatile pair of kicks to add to your rotation.

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25. New Balance 550 ‘White Royal Black’

550s have had a meteoric rise to prominence in the last few years, in part due to the high profile iterations produced in collaboration with Aime Leon Dore. A lot of the hyped colorways of this silhouette boast pretty atmospheric resale prices, but these beautiful royal blue kicks can be copped for a pretty accessible price. So if you’re in it for the style, not the hype, pick these up.

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26. New Balance x Joe Freshgoods 9060 ‘Penny Cookie Pink’

Part of what makes New Balance so amazing is how many silhouettes the brand has produced in its lengthy tenure as a leading sportswear company. In this collab with Joe Freshgoods, they dove deep into the bag to utilize a very slept on silhouette: the 9060. This is a great option for those looking for an approachable pair of accent kicks that aren’t particularly vibrant, but certainly not dull.

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The Best Runway Looks From Paris Men’s Fashion Week S/S23

Quelle semaine à la mode parisienne. What a week in Paris Fashion. Parisian fashion was off the charts during the men’s spring/summer session of Paris Fashion Week, and similar to what we did with the summer version of London Fashion Week, we are rounding up some of the best runway looks from the designers that presented. From artists like Kendrick Lamar taking the stage, to brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton showing off their latest pieces, PFW was a dream as the fashion was stunning. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite looks from Paris Men’s Fashion Week S/S23.


Nigerian-born fashion designer Mowalola Ogunlesi had loads of fun styles during the SS23 show. Isn’t it giving 90s Spice Girl Vibes?

Getty Images

Getty Images


Known for their interesting patterns, block designs, and cuts, Kolor gave us a vibrant display of fun. Vibrant color was ubiquitous in a lot of the shows at PFW.

Getty Images

Marine Serre

Can you believe Marine Serre is only 28-years-old? As always, the designs were beautifully on point throughout Marine Serre’s Menswear SS 2023 show. By the way, recognize Madonna’s daughter Lourdes? She’s all grown up now.

Getty Images

Getty Images


Luxury brand Casablanca brought the Western vibes during its SS23 show, giving a colorful spin on some of the classics.

Getty Images


Hermès gave us the whole shebang with the bags and accessories.

Getty Images

Paris Fashion Week Street Style

We’ll thrown in a couple of our favorite streetwear moments too. The guests outside of the Dior show were impeccable to say the least.

Getty Images

Getty Images

And the streetwear vibes were impeccable outside the Louis Vuitton show as well.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Makes you excited for fall huh? It certainly does with us! Be sure to keep up with us for style content through the week.