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The 5 Hottest Sneaker Drops This Week

Le Sigh. There are so many dope colorways being released this week, and to be honest, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I know last week was very disappointing for some folks—a lot of us didn’t get the sneaker drops we wanted (one of these days, we are going to have a very real conversation about resellers), but alas, this is a new week with new opportunities! I realize I may sound like a Disney character, but I truly have high hopes for this new round of releases. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Ivy Park Super Sleek 72 Shoes
Ivy Park Super Sleek 72

Release Date: 2/19

Okay, I’m making an exception to the rule with these because this was technically last week, but the ‘Super Sleeks’ are a thing of beauty. I copped a couple of items from the Icy Park release last week, but for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about these sneakers. The platform sole and the neutral colors give the shoe a smooth classy look pairable with just about anything in your wardrobe. You could wear them with athletic apparel, or dress them for a formal look. Luckily there are still a few pairs in stock, but I imagine this won’t be the case for long. A solid pick-up for sure.

2. Nike WMNS Dunk High ‘Football Grey’
Nike WMNS Dunk High ‘Football Grey’

Release Date: 2/25

I think the ‘Football Grays’ could be a good replacement for those unable to get the ‘Silver Toes’ last week. Nike seems to really be feeling springtime pastels at the moment, and this shoe is a nice mixture of light taupe with baby blue overlays. Not too overstated, but still eye-catching. Plus, they are high tops (since y’all swear up and down you don’t like mids), and you can never go wrong with highs. I think this a great addition for any level of sneaker fandom personally!

3. Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Rose’
Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Rose’

Release Date: 2/25

I had a strong inkling that this shoe would be hard to come by, and I guess I was right. Honestly, I’m surprised these didn’t come out for Valentine’s Day a couple of weeks ago! The pink hues combined with the rose design on the midsole just screams ‘romantic,’ but I digress. The pink is light enough not to be considered a ‘bold’ colorway, and I think you could swap out the laces for white ones (or even red) to give the shoe different looks. ‘Forces’ have always gone well with a number of outfits, but for some reason, I’m getting pantsuit vibes with these. Anywho, on to the next!

4. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Ash Blue’
Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Ash Blue’

Out of all the ‘Yeezys’ scheduled to release this week, I believe the ‘Ash Blues’ might be the best. I personally love ‘Yeezys,’ but sometimes I have a hard time figuring out how exactly I can pair them with certain items in my closet. I know some have expressed similar sentiments, so I think these are a good choice. The ‘Ash Pearls’ feature splashes of dark grey and blue and are definitely more subtle compared to previous 350 releases. This is a great shoe for beginning ‘Yeezy’ wearers and a good addition for any collector itching for a new purchase.

5. Puma Suede Classic
Puma Suede Classic

Release: 2/19

I’m breaking tradition again because these were released last week as well. Honestly, I feel like I haven’t included enough releases from Puma, New Balance, etc., and I’m going to do a better job of that going forward. As you all know, Puma has become synonymous with their ‘Suede Classics’ over the years, and their recent ‘Suede Campaign’ featured some pretty notable names, including LaMelo Ball and Lauren London. The classics are loaded with colors and have tons of sizes available for men, women, and children. I personally own a pair of the ‘Suedes,’ and they are definitely one of my tried and trues!


That’s all I got for this week! I’ll be back next week with another round of releases, and you can keep up with my collection on Instagram and Twitter!

Style What To Buy

Producer Kato Shows Off the ‘Fit He Rocks in the Studio

Since the genre’s inception, hip-hop and fashion have been inextricably linked. Rappers and producers are trendsetters. Where would Adidas be without their iconic collaboration with RUN-DMC? Streetwear isn’t only dynamic, but increasingly global. You can’t possibly keep your finger on the pulse of contemporary streetwear by simply shopping at American retailers.

Luckily, JD Sports is finally available in the U.S., and—through their Global Access program—is offering exclusive gear you can’t find anywhere else. We partnered with legendary producer Kato to showcase how he rocks some of the freshest JD Sports clothing and shoes in the studio to demonstrate the full style possibilities available to the modern sneakerhead.


From fly Nike T-shirts to Global Access exclusives like the Air Max 97, you can’t possibly make beats without getting a fresh ‘fit off. Air Maxes are also immensely comfortable for long studio sessions, making them a great pair of sneakers for artists and fans alike.

JD Sports

Shop Now at JD Sports

Between the cozy Nike sweats and Air Max 97s, Kato shows off a timeless ‘fit that you can wear at home, in the studio or on the town. With JD Sports, the possibilities are endless.
JD Sports

Shop now at JD Sports
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Where Elite Sneakerheads Can Now Go to Stock Up on the Latest Gear

Try as you might, it’s difficult to maintain a grasp on international style if you only rely on American retailers. Luckily for us, UK-based retail giant JD Sports is finally opening stores in the US. The 40-year old British brand has got some of the best sneaker options on the market, from big names like Nike all the way to burgeoning brands like Danner, in addition to other gear you might need for the cold winter months—like Timberlands and Champion sweats. You could truly browse through the catalogue for hours and hours, so we did it for you. Feel free to browse anyway. Here are ONE37pm’s favorite items available now from JD Sports.

1. Nike Air Max 97
JD Sports

The Air Max 97 is in the midst of a renaissance. It’s really one of the most versatile shoes ever released by Nike. Couple that with their immense comfort and the hype around chunky shoes, and you’ve got yourself a no-brainer. There are numerous colorways to choose from at JD Sports, so browse around and find the best pick for you. These are also a Global Access exclusive, so you can only get them at JD Sports.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $170
2. Nike Air Force 1 Low
JD Sports

No collection is complete without a pair of icy Air Force Ones. You can’t always wear colorful sneaks, so sometimes minimalism is the best option. Consider these for outfits featuring vivid pants or shirts. Let the outfit do the talking and use the kicks as the cherry on top.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $90
3. Puma Future Rider Eat Ur Veggies
JD Sports

The resurgence of retro styles over the past few years has opened up a world of possibilities for comfort and flash. This entry from Puma checks all the boxes. The thick suede and veggie colors scream nostalgia, and the overall shape of the shoe signifies a commitment to comfort. These are great for lounging around the house or putting together a vibrant outfit, depending on your mood. The Pumas are another Global Access exclusive; you won’t find them anywhere else.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $80
4. Air Max 2015 Running Shoes
JD Sports

The Air Max line has put out hits even in more recent years. This model is intended for running, but the red iteration makes a great statement for some of your more muted outfits.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $180
5. Adidas NMD R1
JD Sports

The NMD was a massively popular silhouette upon its initial release. With that popularity came numerous releases of various colorways. JD Sports carries a wide array of NMDs, so if you’re a fan of the silhouette, take a look at all of their color options and find the right option. The blush green and cream white are especially fresh.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $140
6. Nike Air VaporMax Plus Running Shoes
JD Sports

It’s been a huge year for VaporMax, with good reason. They’re unbelievably comfortable and the tech will keep you bouncy and ready to roll. It’s one of the more hyped sneakers in the game right now, so $200 is a great price for a sneaker that will probably go up in value. Cop the black if you’re trying to stay low-key or the red if you want to stand out.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $200
7. Timberland 6 Inch Premium Waterproof Boots
JD Sports

We know this list is for sneakerheads, but it’s wintertime. There’s really no boot more associated with sneaker culture than the Timberland. For when it’s too snowy out there to flash your freshest kicks, cop a pair of Tims so you can flex from the warmth of a comfy boot.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $198
8. Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Embroidered Hoodie
JD Sports

It’s hoodie season. This entry from Nike is stylish, understated and—perhaps most importantly—warm. The embroidered logo gives it a more refined style than your traditional printed hoodie and the slim cut gives it a more chic fit than your everyday baggy sweatshirt. We’re partial to the heather gray.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $50
9. Champion Reverse Weave Embroidered Hoodie
JD Sports

Not a Nike fanatic? Then maybe Champion’s got the right hoodie for you. The reverse weave construction is warm and comfortable, and JD Sports carries a color that pairs with almost any pair of sneakers. This is a great piece for layering or wearing on its own; the possibilities for outfits containing a Champion hoodie are truly endless.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $65
10. Sonneti London Jogger Pants
JD Sports

We had to include a pair of sweatpants on the list, as they pair nicely with a wide range of sneakers and keep you warm in the cold winter months. These slim joggers can be understated or eye-catching, depending on what sneakers you pair them with. They’re a great option for lounging around the house, or can be taken to the streets with the right outfit construction.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $30
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The 5 Hottest Sneaker Drops This Week

You know what they say: If you have an opportunity to go for the dunk, you gotta take it. I’m actually not sure if anybody has ever said that, but what I do know is that this week’s sneaker releases feature a lot of ‘Dunks’ that are absolute fire. I could actually make a majority of this list “Dunk” heavy, but I will torture myself and only pick one (or maybe two). Aside from the ‘Dunks,’ we also have Nike dropping a new round of Jordan 1s (here we go again) and 3s, plus a dope drop from Reebok. Oh, and Beyonce will be releasing her heavily anticipated ‘Icy Park’ line over the weekend as well. This was my toughest week of selections by far, so let’s get to it!

1. ‘Nike Dunk Low’
Nike Dunk Low

Release Date: 2/18

Fine, I’ll only pick one out of the three ‘Dunks’ that were released this week. This was a tough call, but I’m going with…the UCLA theme colorway. Don’t get me wrong, the ‘UNLV’ and ‘Hyper Cobalt’ are very nice, but the ‘UCLA’ inspired ones are cold. These remind me of the ‘UNC Jordan 1s,’ but those can be extremely hard to come by, so this just may have to be the next best option.

Nike did release a ‘Dunk Low’ for women in a UNC color scheme last Spring, but those are nearly double the price of its original release. I’d say try to pick these up ‘Dunks’ now if you can, because I can definitely see a world where you will have to pay double or triple the price if you wait too long. Plus, March Madness is slowly creeping upon us. It would certainly be a good time to get a university colorway. Just saying.

2. ‘Paris Saint-Germain x Air Jordan 1 Zoom’
Getty Images
Paris Saint-Germain x Air Jordan 1 Zoom

Release Date: 2/17

I’m beginning to have a love-hate relationship with 1s. Honestly, I’m tired of never being able to snag new releases in my size, and it is breaking my heart. So here is yet another pair that won’t be in my possession anytime soon—the ‘Paris Saint-Germain Jordan 1s.’ The ‘PSG’s’ are dope, and the tie-dyed purple and pink collar is a rare feature on 1s. The cream suede is an added bonus (you guys know I love suede), and the black overlay mixture really gives the shoe a smooth, classy look. You could wear these casually or pair them with a dressier outfit (pantsuit, skirt, etc.). The versatility of the ‘PSGs’ is incredible. You can definitely create different looks for various occasions—which is one of the most important things you can look for in a sneaker. 

3. ‘Hot Ones x Reebok ‘Spicy and Icy’
Hot Ones x Reebok ‘Spicy and Icy

Release Date: 2/17

Reebok ‘Spicy and Icy.’ Fire and Desire. Flamin Hot Cheetos and Smirnoff Ice. Okay, I’ll stop. Seriously this is probably Reebok’s best drop of 2021 so far. Designed to bring you a fiery ‘Spicy’ colorway representing the ‘Last Dab Apollo Sauce’ and an ice water ‘Classic Leather Legacy’ shoe to ‘cool things down,’ the ‘Spicy and Icy’ shoes are a unique approach for Reebok. They really put a lot into not only the design of both shoes but also the overall promotional campaign.

The ‘Spicy’ silhouette features an all-red design with a yellow rubber outsole, while the ‘Classic Leathers’ sports an all-blue theme with a water design. If I had to choose one, I would go with the ‘Spicy’ colorway. The yellow outsole gives the shoe that extra finesse, and I feel like 2021 is the year to make bold fashion statements. What do you think?

4. ‘Air Jordan 3 Cool Grey’
Air Jordan 3 Cool Grey

Release Date: 2/20

These sneakers release tomorrow, so make sure you have everything ready to go on SNKRS because I have a feeling the ‘Cool Grays’ are going to go pretty fast. These have been rumored since last summer, and this is a re-release of the 2007 AJ3s. This is the first time in history that Jordan 3s have gone retro, and the upgrades are definitely worth the purchase. The new-and-improved 3s sport an all-grey colorway with an elephant theme design in the overlay. The imaginary sneaker designer in me says that you could even play around with different lace colors. These would look absolutely sick with a yellow or red lace. You could even do a blend (white/grey, black/grey, etc.). I personally think the 3s would be a good investment and a great start for beginner sneakerheads or casual wearers.

5. ‘WMNS Air Jordan 1 Silver Toe’
WMNS Air Jordan 1 Silver Toe

Release Date: 2/19

I could end up being wrong, but I’m already getting ‘Jordan 4 Off-White Sail’ vibes from these in the sense that I don’t think they are going to be $170 for very long. The ‘Retro Black and Whites’ remain amongst the most popular Jordan 1s, and these are essentially the same thing, but with a high-top design as opposed to a mid. The silver leather gives the shoe a crisp retro look, and I think these can be worn year-round. I’m going to call it now—the ‘Silver Toes’ are going to be one of the sneakers of the summer. Book it.


Well that is going to do it for this week! I’ll be including the Icy Park sneakers in next week’s round-up. In the meantime, you can keep up with my collection on Instagram and Twitter!

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The 20 Best Beanies For Men That Are Perfect For Any Outfit

Beanie season is always on and with the impact of the winter months still ever-present you’re going to need something new to cover that noggin. From high-end options to budget-friendly picks there’s an endless list of toques, beanies, and winter hats to choose from. We did the hard part for you and identified the 20 best beanies for men right now. 

1. WTAPS Beanie 02

Like so many Japanese streetwear heavyweights WTAP (double taps) stands as one of the stronger brands out right now. Their beige beanie 02 features a simple patch logo on the front with a minimalist knitted style that replaces frills for super high-quality wool.

Buy Now: $89
2. Noah x Depeche Mode Rose Beanie

As part of the Depeche Mode “Violator” capsule collection, New York-based streetwear brand, Noah, delivered a simplistic, ribbed beanie with an embroidered rose graphic. Noah’s headwear is some of the most coveted in the game, this one comes sans Noah logo, for real fans of the brand and Depeche Mode.

Buy Now: $30
3. Arc’teryx Diplomat Toque

Arc’teryx is a serious outdoors brand, you can tell by the way they use “toque” instead of “beanie.” They’re known for their jackets but this merino wool toque is a much cozier way to stay warm on the slopes.

Buy Now: $40
4. Nike SB Fisherman Beanie

Nike SB’s fisherman beanie is a simple take on the ribbed silhouette that takes on a classic and timeless black and white color scheme as dependable and OG as their simple skate-inspired beanie.

Buy Now: $20
5. The North Face Logo Box Cuffed Beanie
The North Face

TNF has some real fans out there and like most outdoor brands their jackets take center stage but don’t count out their logo box beanie, another simple approach to the rib-knit hat features a soft yarn construction for upgraded comfort, style, and stretch.

Buy Now: $30;-logo-box-cuffed-beanie-nf0a3fjx?from=subCat&variationId=L4U&utm_medium=organic&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=freeshopping&utm_term=The+North+Face+TNF+Logo+Box+Cuffed+Beanie+Hat:+Navy&utm_content=ecomm
6. Awake NY Old English Logo Beanie
Awake NY

Awake’s another NY-based brand that should be on your “Streetwear brand to watch” list but if they’re not break out that list and add them. They’re slowly making their mark on the scene, mostly in part to their funky logo stylings, this Old English beanie is a classic Awake NY piece that features both acrylic and embroidery.

Buy Now: $42
7. Supreme Overdyed Beanie

Supreme is supreme, simple as that. You love them, hate them, fill your closet with their clothes and try to turn a profit on Grailed when you grow out of it. They’re known for just about anything you can get attention for and their overdyed white beanie just POPS so hard with that small, red, bogo tag on the front. It’s from 2020 so it’s not really a collector’s item just quite yet but still one of their better offerings from that season.

Buy Now: $132
8. Only NY Alpine Games Beanie
Only NY

Only NY is another heavyweight of NY’s streetwear scene holding down the “Skate Dad” aesthetic all the way from the Lower East Side’s Stanton St. (Real ones know). Their alpine games beanie is a classic gauge knit with an acrylic graphic right across the front.

Buy Now: $14
9. Stone Island Patch Logo Beanie
Stone Island

Step your beanie game with heightened Italian craftsmanship and a dash of luxury. Its price point is on the higher end but this pure wool, ribbed beanie comes decked out with the brand’s compass patch logo decoration so you get it.

Buy Now: $145
10. Palace London Beanie
Palace London

Take the road less traveled with your streetwear beanie and go for the IYKYK Palace London beanie. The hyped brand is a streetwear icon with its inside jokes, direct marijuana references, and all-around “cool skate punk” aesthetic. This knit headpiece comes with a plastered acrylic knit logo on the top and embroidery on the brim, reminding onlookers of Palace’s origin.

Buy Now: $72
11. Carhartt A18 Watch Hat

We all know a guy with the orange Carhartt beanie, but don’t let some kid who just moved to Bushwick set the culture for Carhartt. Their blue-collar ethos sets the standard high for workwear and their A18 watch hat is another great example. This acrylic beanie fits snugly and features a tight-knit to keep your noggin warm whether you’re a fan of true craftsmanship or on call for the early morning construction crew.

Buy Now: $17
12. Banana Republic Donegal Beanie
Banana Republic

The Donegal beanie takes on a humble Irish fishing village vibe with a ribbed knit and speckled green color scheme. It’s also got the low-key energy of  Banana Republic’s refusal to outwardly brand their items.

Buy Now: $37
13. Uniqlo RIbbed Beanie

If simplicity is your game then look no further than the Uniqlo Ribbed Beanie. This soft, ribbed knit hat is perfect for just about anyone, another great example of Uniqlo’s everyman aesthetic of providing staples for everyone at prices you just won’t see anywhere else for this quality.

Buy Now: $15
14. Wolf & Badger Upcycled and Recycled Plastic Beanie
Wolf & Badger

Although this hat contains plastic you can’t even tell, I promise. The hat features recycled plastic bottles and upcycled wool making for a comfortable and cozy blend. It’s a hat you can spend a little more on but feel good while you’re wearing it. Talk about using your head to save the environment.

Buy Now: $71
15. Patagonia Wool Pom Beanie

Patagonia’s the must-have outerwear brand you’ve already heard of but their headwear is seriously slept on. Their Wool Pom beanie is a great example with ‘gonias environmental ethos front and center – their products contain 68% recycled material. The Wool Pom brim flips down for a longer beanie look and cuffs nicely for a smaller silhouette.

16. Lacoste Ribbed Wool Beanie

Lacoste’s ribbed wool beanie is a cold-weather essential. Their chic and casual style comes across with their simple gray color scheme and embroidered crocodile logo that really pops in their signature green color. The hat is made from 100% wool.

Buy Now: $45
17. Burton Gringo Beanie

Burton’s Gringo beanie is made from a snug acrylic yarn knit. Their aesthetic leans towards snowboarders but the leather logo patch on the front is a clean and stylish look for any outfit.

Buy Now: $27
18. Acne Studios Beanie
Acne Studios

Step your game up with this designer beanie from Swedish fashion house Acne Studios. Even though you might be more inclined to go for their denim, rock the brand on your dome too with their 100% wool beanie. The simple design is a great high-end accessory and their straight-faced emblem patch on the front brings the concept to the next level.

Buy Now: $150
19. Polo Ralph Lauren Holiday Bear Wool Beanie
Polo Ralph Lauren

The Polo Bear is an icon in its own right and if you don’t own one of their iconic sweaters there’s still hope! The holiday bear is front and center on this wool beanie, a perfect accessory for the Lo-life in your life.

Buy Now: $98
20. Stussy Basic Cuff Beanie

Stussy’s beanie is another great staple piece of headwear. Their acrylic cuffed beanie has a great fit and features the classic Stussy logo in white on the front.

Buy Now: $40
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The 5 Hottest Sneaker Drops This Week

Don’t you just love the smell of new sneakers? Totally random, I know, but all of these new releases have me super excited! This week’s theme is definitely retro, and I had an even harder time selecting my choices than what I did last week. While there are no ‘daring’ colorways this go-round, sometimes all you need is a simple sneaker to make your wardrobe pop.

Now I must admit—a lot of these drops are for the ‘O.G.’ sneakerheads, with many just looking to add these shoes to their ever-growing collections, but I also tried to include a couple of releases for those who are casual shoppers as well. So let’s get to it!

1. ‘Air Jordan 6 Carmine’
Air Jordan 6 Carmine

I know this may sound crazy, but I was going to leave these out. Why? Well, some of the sneakers have a discoloration problem due to a production issue. Now apparently, only a small percentage of the sneakers were affected, but there is still a warning out there that you could end up with a discolored pair. If you are willing to take the risk (and it seems plenty are, as the reserve list on Finish Line is at capacity), the ‘White/Black Carmines’ have the potential to be a classic Jordan 6 staple.

Now you guys already know that I have to be honest, so here it goes—I wouldn’t buy this shoe right away if you are a ‘baby sneakerhead’ or only into wearing sneakers casually. This is more of a ‘collector’s item,’ and I’m not sure if it is worth the risk of getting a pair that has a defect. However, if you are a sneakerhead…go for it!

2. ‘Adidas T-Mac 2.0 Evo All-Star”
‘Adidas T-Mac 2.0 Evo All-Star

Release Date: 2/12

We need to give Tracy McGrady his props a little bit more. His shoe game was always impeccable, and his signature sneakers have been vastly underrated. I can’t remember the last T-Mac release, so these are really refreshing. T-Mac gives us a major throwback with the ‘2.0s’ as he revisits the iconic kicks he wore during the 2003 NBA All-Star game. With the option of either an all-red or all-blue patent leather colorway, both shoes are ultra-clean with a smooth and crisp look.

Of note—Adidas also has solid red and blue tracksuits that are reasonably priced, so you could easily pair the ‘2.0’s’ with those directly if you are looking for a full outfit combo. McGrady spent a good percentage of his career playing for the Orlando Magic (blue) and the Houston Rockets (red), so you can also pop out with a retro T-Mac jersey if you want. If the red and blue colorways are too bold for you, then you could opt for the ‘Black Royals.’

3. ‘Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Freshwater’
Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Freshwater

Release Date: 2/15

These actually drop on Monday. I am making an exception to the rule because the ‘Freshwaters’ only come around once every blue moon, and they are somewhat of a rarity. Nobody does swag quite like Ken Griffey Jr., and while many consider the ‘Airs’ to be a basketball shoe (or at least a basketball-themed shoe), Nike (and Griffey Jr.) have always done a great job in making sure the ‘Freshwaters’ represent baseball culture and style. This colorway is an absolute classic. The shoe has a black and white upper with a sprinkle of teal and matches Griffey Jrs. Seattle Mariners uniform. I currently have myself on a ‘no sneaker’ rule for the rest of the month, but I may have to break it. Seriously. 

4. ‘END x Reebok Club C’
END x Reebok Club C

Release Date: 2/12

END and Reebok are teaming up to release the ‘Club Cs,’ a sandstone taupe sneaker with a soft leather construction. You can never go wrong with a taupe shoe because it goes with everything. I have a pair of taupe Pumas, and I have been able to wear them with brown, white, black, and even tie-dye outfits. While technically a winter release, these will work year-round. I highly suggest everybody have at least one sandstone colored shoe in their closet, and the ‘Club Cs’ are a good start. You could even have some fun with it and swap out the light brown lace for a solid white or a deep brown. The options are limitless! 

5. ‘Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1’
Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1

Release Date: 2/10

Don’t kill me! I know you guys probably don’t ever want to see these again! Believe me when I say that I was hesitant to put the ‘Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1s’ on here because the majority of the general public will not have access to these sneakers (at least not anytime soon). The rollout for this shoe was chaotic—and you can primarily thank Trophy Room for the mass confusion (and the nearly $3,000 price tag on the secondary market). Now I know we are super salty, but the ‘Trophy Room 1s’ are still a beautiful shoe. They have a vintage theme inspired by Jordan’s ‘freezeout’ at the 1985 NBA All-Star Game, with the white leather upper complimented by glitter red leather panels, and the outsole featuring red and blue stars. Maybe one day the stars will align and we can get our hands on these.


That’s going to do it for this week, but as usual, I will be back next week with the hottest releases. Apparently, things will be getting real Icy. In the meantime, you can keep up with my personal collection on Instagram and Twitter.

Grooming Style

A Conversation With Colin Louis, The Founder of Maxwell Skincare

Finding a good skin care regimen can be a tricky process for men—especially when you factor in shaving and the potential irritation/ingrown hairs that can make the process that much more difficult. Some get lucky and find the right products without much trouble, while others have to go through a trial-and-error process before finding the right one-two punch combo.

Maxwell skincare is a highly-rated face-first company dedicated to providing an assortment of products geared towards men’s skin and hair care. The company offers everything from exfoliants to facial cleansers and prides itself on being a company focused on the care of their customers above anything else. ONE37pm’s Aaron ‘Don’ Dukes and Jael Rucker spoke with founder Colin Maxwell about his path to getting the Maxwell brand to where it is today.

Maxwell Skin Care
Maxwell Facial Cleanser

ONE37pm: You all started Maxwell Skincare in 2018. At what point in your company’s journey did you decide to start a business?

Maxwell: The idea came for Maxwell in 2017 while taking a walk with a friend who was complaining about not being able to take care of their skin. “Guys are inherently lazy,” he said, “they want someone to do it for them.”  Being a guy who actually liked taking care of his skin, and spent years doing research, testing products, and figuring out what works, this was an area I could help with. The real “aha” moment came half an hour later, ordering a smoothie at Juice Generation, and adding a booster or antioxidants. Plenty of men’s grooming companies have a cleanser or moisturizer, few tailor these products for men. I knew I had a unique business idea, and niche market value if I could find a way to match specific antioxidants to men’s skin types, giving guys better products at an affordable price. Essentially, “do it for me.”

ONE37pm: Can you walk us through the timeline from when you guys first started Maxwell to where you are today?

Maxwell: The research phase of Maxwell began in 2017. We had to find suppliers, a cosmetic lab and do user interviews across the male demographic spectrum. I went through an accelerator program in NYC called Tacklebox, which is for founders with full-time jobs. Going through this program was extremely valuable and really set the groundwork for how Maxwell was going to come to life. The advisors, mentors, and pitches I went through were essential for building sustainable advantage. In 2018 we began the testing phase with cosmetics, working with our lab to focus on a specific skin type, and doing research on proven ingredients to test. 

Why normal/combo skin? 67% of men identify with it already, and there are ample antioxidants to focus on. The end products came in 2019, with four key ingredients per product, starting with a daily cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturizer. We launched at the beginning of 2020, and our timing coincided with the beginning of the pandemic, which everyone had to deal with. We’re still in our “early” growth phase after a year in the market and have a fantastic group of men using our products consistently with great results. 

Maxwell Skin Care

ONE37pm: Obviously the decision to start a website for your business is a critical one, what was that process like for you guys in terms of selecting a resource to build your website?

Maxwell: Web presence is crucial, there are only a few touchpoints a consumer will have with our brand before purchase, all being digital. 

I’ve had experience in the past with Wix and GoDaddy, so I stuck to what I was familiar with for hosting and building. The biggest impact is the copy, constantly iterating and changing up the way we’re talking to our consumers to see what drives the most engagement. 

ONE37pm: What are some of the challenges you guys have faced in your journey?

Maxwell: When you start a company, everything is a challenge, especially when you bootstrap it. You’re the head of social, head of customer service, head of product development, marketing, and everything else. We had challenges ranging from our bottles not being able to fit with the cosmetics we produced to our fulfillment center not being able to store the pallets of a product before they were filled. We dealt with the packaging of our boxes not aligning with our brand colors to shipping costs being way over budget. With each challenge, you have to be nimble and work within the constraints you have, namely budget.

ONE37pm: What advice do you all have for anyone beginning a startup?

Maxwell: You have to ask who your business is for and what it can achieve. If you can’t answer these questions specifically, intuitively, and consistently as you create your business, you will not be successful. I’ve gone back to these questions over and over again to align and realign Maxwell with my target customer base. The second piece of advice— be persistent and dedicated. Without daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly persistence and dedication, you will not be successful. 

ONE37pm: Where do you see Maxwell five years from now?

Maxwell: I have a five-year vision for the company, but I’m flexible enough to know that it could end up in a completely different direction. Starting a company is not necessarily about growing in a straight line, but moving with your consumers, the market, and where you can have a distinct long term advantage. 

Maxwell will (hopefully) expand its footprint into preventive face care for men, not simply daily care. That will include OTC products, SPF, and potentially even some male acne products. Additionally, I would hope for a large retail footprint in five years, laddering up to more specific problems that men can solve through our online process. 

You can learn more about Maxwell and their products via their website.

Sneakers Style

Jimmy Gorecki Talks Skateboarding’s Influence on JSP and Collaborating with Vans

Jimmy Gorecki is the founder of JSP and a partner in Standard Issue Tees. A former sponsored skateboarder from Norristown, Pennsylvania, Gorecki rode for Sal Barbier’s influential brand Aesthetics before moving onto global brands Zoo York and Pharrell Williams’ BBC Icecream imprint. Now living in Los Angeles, California, Gorecki’s foray into fashion seems like a familiar lane in the modern context, but in reality, it was an angular path with only his earnest determination as a constant.

As we begin our conversation, there’s deference in his voice, opting to talk about his concerns for the survival of small businesses and the mental health crisis impacting us all during the pandemic rather than his brand’s achievements. He speaks with reverence about his salad days skating in Philadelphia and the people he encountered who formed his views and not only the industry figures and pro skaters he aspired to emulate but each person as an individual he gleaned something greater from. 

“My biological father was never around,” says Gorecki. “I was raised by my mom. She was always working two or three jobs. It was nothing for me to wake up on a Saturday morning as a kid by myself, make breakfast, watch cartoons, then mosey on out of the house and find my friends, knowing she’d be back at night to make dinner. There was something very inspirational about that. We didn’t live in the best neighborhood—our apartment was above a funeral home—but she never made us feel like we were lacking anything.”

Gorecki was an active latch-key kid, traversing the streets of Norristown playing pickup basketball games as well as organized sports before finding not only skateboarding but the undervalued Mecca of John F. Kennedy Plaza, aka Love Park, in Center City. With its marble slab stairs and ledges, and infamous fountain gap, Love Park had become an epicenter of street skating in the ‘90s, where a new approach to skating was forced into the conversation by Ricky Oyola, Matt Reason, Sergei Trudnowski, Fred Gall, and several locals, including a young African American skater then known as Lil’ Stevie (Williams). Williams and Josh Kalis would continue to draw greater attention to Love in the late-‘90s, using their sponsorship with DC Shoe Co. to bring Philly’s brand of grit and honesty to the world stage.

Like any native, Gorecki found his way to Love and quickly learned the ropes amidst the quiet chaos that surrounded the park. Intended to be a place where people could have lunch and hang out, the Love Park of the ‘90s was a  mostly neglected plaza where homeless people congregated and later skateboarders, both sharing little space and occasionally a blunt. Gorecki mentions benefiting from the attention Love Park was getting, eventually landing a coveted sponsorship in his late teens.

“I remember my Mom calling Sal (Barbier, co-founder of Aesthetics Skateboards) to make sure these big boxes of product were legit and everything checked out,” he says. “My Mom always encouraged me in athletics and because she was raised in a stern Catholic family, she made sure she could get me into whatever church she could on Sundays. She was very on top of me with academics too. When the skateboard thing started happening, she supported it but made damn sure I knew I was still going to college. I’m the first person in my family to get a University degree (from Temple University) and seeing how that made my family feel meant a lot.”

As any sponsored skateboarder will tell you, education is not encouraged by the skate industry and is often looked at as a barrier to a career. There’s a misconception that skateboarders need the freedom to travel, experience, and move at a moment’s notice in order to succeed rather than try to balance school and skating. The lack of structure not only leads to “child star flameouts” but a lot of indecision, especially during a time in skating where there was less money and a lack of larger corporate sponsorship. The average pro rarely thrived back then past their mid-20s, with a few exceptions. The drive to succeed in skating was rarely rewarded with financial stability, so personal accolades were the skateboarding’s true currency. 

“I ended up taking a few semesters off to skate once I finally realized skating was what I wanted to do. I remember telling my Mom I was going to take time off to go to Californian, and she was like, ‘I’m gonna give you this, but like your ass better be right back in thereafter.’ I stuck with it and was taking communications classes and kind of fell into a marketing degree, realizing as a skater that you are the marketing tool to a company, and that changed how I viewed things.”

Though Gorecki found his focus and continued to produce and promote for his sponsors, rather than joining the pro ranks or getting lucrative sponsorships, he found himself in a holding pattern. As a small operation, despite Aesthetics’ status as a beloved core brand, their business plan didn’t make sense, resulting in Barbier taking a position at Zoo York and carrying over much of the roster.

“When I first got on Aesthetics and met everyone, I realized they were made up of some of the most creative and talented people in terms of design, graphics, clothing, and the branding of the videos,” he says. “I remember having conversations with Sal and not even knowing what the fuck he was talking about. Sal was always five years ahead of the trends. I wanted to know how a company worked and what everyone’s role meant. As much as we loved Aesthetics, the partners couldn’t see eye to eye.”

Acquired by Marc Ecko and later sold to the Iconix Brand Group, Zoo offered better pay and health care, but the fit wasn’t right for Barbier, who quickly left Zoo York to follow other endeavors. It was a fertile time in streetwear, where skateboarding was driving its influence often without credit or compensation. Zoo York was making bold moves that often alienated their core audience, but with mainstream big-box distribution and celebrity endorsements from Ashton Kutcher, profit, not respect was driving the brand direction. 

The team roster was made up of a prior squad, and the infusion of talent brought in by Barbier was rife with tension, like any merger. Outwardly they were one of the biggest skateboarding brands ever to exist. Still, internally there was not only division but, as Gorecki describes, a gun-shy tone cast over the operation, with every rider wondering if their contract was going to be renewed. Gorecki held on, almost abandoning the thought of turning pro, but with a higher profile, other opportunities arose, including a spot on Pharrell Williams’s newly founded BBC Icecream brand. If Zoo York was mainstream, Icecream was rockstar level, with high production tours, video content, and unorthodox brand promotions such as the team skating a mini-ramp on the set of MTV programs. Nothing about it was lowkey despite the planning of former Alien Workshop team manager Nino Scalia who aimed to keep the program as close to skating as possible. Due to Pharrell’s profile and celebrity, it was an impossible task.

Peter Kramer / Getty Images

“I feel like anytime you do something that feels so far from the community that you come up in, it’s going to be under a microscope, but I was confident in making that move to Icecream,” he says. “It definitely hurt when you’d hear people pick you apart, but I’m so thankful that I did it, man, because so much of what I’ve done in fashion benefitted from being on Icecream—having a relationship with Pharrell and the reach that it had. You think about how many kids would have never picked up a skateboard if it wasn’t for that brand.”

In the Spring of 2008, Gorecki found himself without a sponsor, with Zoo York not retaining him and Icecream dissolving their skate program. At 26-years-old, he decided to head to Miami for a break and found himself taking an unpaid internship at his friend’s wife’s PR company. The self-described “oldest intern ever,” Gorecki felt like he was on top of the world and now humbled, writing press releases by the stack, but he says that he was not only grateful for the opportunity but that it quickly brought all his marketing muscle back. Though he was only there for three months, it put a lot of pieces together for him—the past and future all came together. 

“The beauty of skating is we’re so resourceful we can pivot really easy,” he says. You have all the resources in a big company, but it’s so much harder to pivot because there’s so much planning and so many people involved. As skateboarders, we set very hard parameters and guidelines that we’re supposed to abide by for not for the sake of not selling out skating, right? But, you know, if you really break down, you know, if every skater lives by those fucking guidelines, it’s really hard to progress in life. You make it what? 25? 26? Then what?”

Then what was a bevy of retail jobs and brand work in footwear and marketing before starting his own brand JSP in 2013, producing high-end sweatpants, earning him the moniker Jimmy Sweatpants and later co-founding Standard Issue Tees. Folding all he’s learned in skating and fashion together, he’s worked with several celebrities and global brands to create products. Still, it’s the limited run capsules, such as his recent work with Gino Iannucci’s POETS Brand and a Vault by Vans “A LOVE’ Story” collaboration that keep him not only keep him grounded in skate but in his unique point of view.

Vans x JSP

Vans x JSP

Vans x JSP

Vans x JSP

“Nothing feels more authentic in skateboarding to me than Vans. I picked the chukka boot because it always reminded me of the Vans ads in the back of Thrasher Magazine,” he says. “When we were going through the design process, I was thinking about how sacred a place Love Park was and how the city had this influential hub that they didn’t have to do shit to maintain. They never understood how special it was. It brought together so many talented people from different walks of life with skating as the conduit.

Love was a place, kids from tough Philly neighborhoods could escape those realities. Hard communities like Kensington or Southwest. When the city pushed us out, it pushed a lot of the kids from the city back to those blocks to face and overcome what was happening right outside their front door. A lot to overcome in those sections. That’s why I asked Joe Lee to help us with the outsole graphics. He’s an amazing artist who had to work hard on so many levels to navigate Philly streets.

Jimmy Gorecki

Some people never know how influential they really are to others.

Perhaps his path might not have been so hard had the city embraced the Love Scene.  I hope the collaboration can open up new opportunities for him and bring visibility to the current generation skateboarders holding Philly down. I got to put my friend J.R. Nieves’ name on the box. He passed away back in 2009. I don’t have too many regrets in life, but that was one where I regretted letting that relationship drift apart. He was an amazing skateboarder and person and taught me so much. I don’t know if he ever realized how special he was. Some people never know how influential they really are to others.”

Style What To Buy

These Are The 16 Best NFL Jerseys, Ranked

The NFL season may be coming to a close, but it is never too late to cop your favorite team’s jersey. Here at ONE37pm, we are giving our take on some of the best and worst NFL Jerseys. We already know that you will agree with all of our choices, so there is absolutely no need to debate us on this one. 

Jokes aside, this isn’t a power ranking based on the team’s overall record—we based our picks solely on the aesthetics and creativity of each team’s jersey combinations. Some organizations have gotten the memo to update their threads, while others still need some work.

16. ‘Cleveland Browns’
Getty Images
Cleveland Browns

This is an editor’s pick, and I am putting the Browns on here whether you like it or not. Now to be fair, Cleveland did update their uniforms this past season, but in all honesty, they didn’t really change too much from the 2015 edition. The update was simple and reflected not only the Browns culture but also Cleveland’s scenery and environment. In Ohio (especially Cleveland), we tend to wear a lot of Fall colors (even in different seasons), and Ohioans are known for wearing jerseys regularly. The Browns did a great job of keeping their fans in mind with these designs. 

Not too shabby overall, plus it didn’t hurt that the Cleveland Browns had their best season in a long time, making the playoffs for the first time in 18 years.

15. Atlanta Falcons
Getty Images
Atlanta Falcons

Don’t start! No negativity will be allowed when discussing the Falcons’ uniforms. 

You can say what you want about their record, but there is no denying the fact that the ‘Dirty Birds’ have some of the freshest uniforms in the league. They give you versatility with the red, black, and white, and the uniforms catch your eye not only on television but in person as well. The Falcons threads almost look unreal, and they compliment the black helmets nicely.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars
Getty Images
Andrew Wingard of the Jacksonville Jaguars

Sorry Jaguars fans, but these unis are the three Bs: bland, boring, and blah. These jerseys just feel outdated, and there is nothing about them that captures your attention. The color scheme is cool, but the overall design makes the uniforms look more like a t-shirt as opposed to a jersey. Make no mistake, these are definitely better than the 2013-2018 look, but where are the mixtures? You have to experiment! The helmets are dope though.

13. San Francisco 49ers
Getty Images
San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are probably the most experimental team in the NFL when it comes to their uniforms. They aren’t afraid to try different colors and mixtures. The black and red alternates are always a nice surprise whenever they wear them, and the red x gold combo is rich and vibrant. The white unis could be reworked—they could try replacing the red stripes with yellow to compliment the pants. Other than that, the 49ers’ uniforms are a hit.

12. Los Angeles Chargers
Getty Images
Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers were another team that got a new set of uniforms for the 2020 season, and they lived up to the anticipation. The Chargers gave us six new combinations, and every single one of them were a thing of beauty. The powder blue jerseys are a nice baby blue color pattern pairable with either the white or yellow pants. While not the most dynamic of the bunch, the white jerseys get the job done. The royal blue Color Rush is gorgeous, and so is the navy blue. If you are going to move to Los Angeles, you have to look the part, and these new uniforms are L.A. to the fullest.

11. Arizona Cardinals
Getty Images
Arizona Cardinals

It appears that the Arizona Cardinals live by the motto ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ While technically not broken, the Cardinals could actually fix it up just a little bit. The Cards haven’t really changed much over the past 20 years, and they should consider updating their uniforms to look more modern. The helmets and facemasks need to be revamped, and the stripes are awkward and misplaced as well. Come on, Arizona! Switch it up a bit! Live life on the edge!

10. ‘New England Patriots’
Getty Images
Sony Michel of the New England Patriots

The Patriots may be a little upset that Tom Brady is taking another team to the Super Bowl, but perhaps they can find solace at the fact that their uniforms are absolutely sick. These threads are quite possibly the best the Patriots have ever had. While the blue unis work well, it is the white that stands out the most. The thick shoulder stripes were a much-needed improvement, so this change was a good call by the Patriots organization.

9. Seattle Seahawks
Getty Images
Seattle Seahawks

Some like these threads, some don’t. The bold neon green was a daring decision but a solid move in our decision. The Seahawks uniforms are very ‘university’ like, but that is absolutely okay because Seattle itself is very much a tourist university-like city. The rest of Seattle’s combos are great, and reworking these jerseys have proven to be a lucrative move, as they are amongst the NFL’s best-sellers thanks to Russell Wilson. 

8. Chicago Bears
Getty Images
Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have one of those classic uniforms that will never go out of style; traditional yet simple. Chicago does a decent job at giving three very different looks that still remain true to their team colors and the overall style while mixing the new with the old. Now the Bears have received some criticism for looking too ‘retro’, and because we have gotten on other teams for their outdated jerseys, we have to admit that is a fair critique. The NFL seems to be heading towards a futuristic look, and the Bears could stand to make some improvements, but those changes could easily be made with their next update.

7. Buffalo Bills
Getty Images
Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills do red, white, and blue better than any other team in the NFL (and that includes the Patriots). The Bills uniforms always look crisp, and that is because Buffalo has never been afraid to experiment with color schemes and patterns. The spacing between the names and Jersey numbers is perfect, and so is the font size. Buffalo has the right idea, and more teams should pull from them.

6. New York Jets
Getty Images
New York Jets

Jets fans already deal with a lot of emotional turbulence, so we won’t say their previous uniforms were ugly—instead, we’ll use the term ‘visually unappealing.’ 

The Jets were in desperate need of a new uniform set and delivered with this latest update. Lighter colors tend to bode well in the NFL, and the Jets made a sharp move with the decision to go with a brighter green color for their home jerseys. The all-black color scheme for the alternate jerseys works well with their helmets and looks pretty dope on the field. These color combos are nice, and the Jets can probably skip the 2024 update if they wish.

5. Minnesota Vikings
Getty Images
Minnesota Vikings

Purple and gold is always a good blend, and while some may believe that these current uniforms could be better, they are certainly an upgrade from their previous editions. Solid matte threads are tricky—they looked great several years ago, but are now beginning to look old-fashioned. The solid purple helmets are awesome, but Minnesota should consider changing the font and stripe design. It makes the uniform look very 2010 as opposed to 2021. This might be a bold suggestion, but it wouldn’t hurt to add more yellow (or even make the entire jersey yellow with purple and white mixtures). The Lakers did it beautifully, so it can be done.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers
Getty Images
Pittsburgh Steelers

This may be a hot take, but the Steelers could make a case for having the best uniform selections in the league. Their standard black and yellow jerseys have aged well, and the all-black is a sick look. The color-combination is a banger, and the Steelers have come a long way since those terrible bumblebee uniforms.

3. Green Bay Packers
Getty Images
Green Bay Packers

Consistency is key, and Green Bay always has great uniforms. Understanding the importance of placement and aesthetics, the Packers have a color scheme that works. Pants are a key element in making any Jersey standouts, and the white Color Rush pants with green x yellow sandwich stripes were an excellent addition to the Packers lineup. Those pants go with both their home and away jerseys, giving the team two totally different looks. The solid green jerseys remain a classic, and the Packers are one of the few teams in the NFL that can get away with not making major uniform changes.

2. New Orleans Saints
Getty Images

You can never go wrong with the classics. The white and gold threads are a timeless look that will always work for the Saints and their fans, and the same could be said for their all-black unis. The only real complaint is that the Saints are a little too ‘safe’ with their jersey choices. It wouldn’t hurt to see more gold incorporated into the design or even a solid gold jersey with black and white stripes. The Saints still have one of the best Jerseys in the league though.

1. Las Vegas Raiders
Getty Images

The Raiders jerseys are as close to perfection as possible. Their silver-and-black combination is basic, but it works so well. The Raiders have barely touched their color scheme (even dating back to Oakland and Los Angeles), and they likely won’t have to as their jerseys rank in the top five every single year. The unwillingness to change may not work for other teams, but it seems to work for the Raiders.

Sneakers Style

The 5 Hottest Sneaker Drops This Week

Well, Punxsutawney Phil said there would be six more weeks of winter, and I guess he was right because these new drops are cold (corny, I know). February is already off to an icy start with some pretty dope releases hitting the market this week. We have a couple of new J’s (5s in particular), cool collabs, and daring statement colors that will be sure to turn heads. Overall this was a solid week, and once again, it was hard for me to narrow my picks down to just five, but I am determined to stick to that number regardless of how difficult it gets. I know you guys are here for the sneakers, so let’s jump in!

1. ‘AMBUSH x Nike Dunk High ‘Cosmic Fuchsia’
AMBUSH x Nike Dunk High ‘Cosmic Fuchsia

Release Date: 2/04

I call these ‘The Pink Panthers.’ Ambush and Nike are joining forces to release the ‘Cosmic Fuchsia’ colorway, and the shoe is literally painted in different hues of pink with the upper dressed in a lighter ‘Lethal Pink,’ and the overlays drowned in the ‘Cosmic Fuchsia.’ I know some may not be a fan of pink colorways, but I like this shoe because of its uniqueness. 2021 is supposed to be about stepping out of your comfort zone, and nothing does that more than a daring sneaker. History tells us that it will be a while before we see Nike release a silhouette in this color, so buy it now, or forever hold your peace.

2. ‘Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu ‘Cream’
Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Cream

Release Date: 2/05

Pharrell is just as creative with his sneakers as he is with his music. The ‘Creams’ are the latest addition to his collaboration with the ‘Three Stripes,’ and the shoe sports a futuristic design that looks like the year 3050, and I think these would be a worthwhile purchase. The cream neutral colors give the shoe a diverse look that would go with your winter and spring wardrobe. You could rock these with a coat and jeans/ joggers, or perhaps a hoodie/hoodie dress. Maybe even some dress pants/slacks, depending on the cut and style. It’s up to you!

3. ‘Air Jordan 5 ‘Anthracite’
‘Air Jordan 5 ‘Anthracite

Release Date: 2/06

My spidey senses tell me that this is going to be a difficult cop. Just saying. While this doesn’t have the same level of hype as the ‘Fire Reds,’ 5s tend to go quickly. The upper features a black and grey mixture, with a cement print sprawled across the midsole. The upper also features a suede fabric, so be mindful of the weather if you do decide to purchase (I once ruined a suede shoe in the rain). You have approximately 24 hours to get ready for these. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

4. ‘Nike Air Force 1 ‘Arctic Punch’
Sneaker News
Nike Air Force 1 ‘Arctic Punch

Release Date: 2/06

What did Nelly say? Oh, that’s right, ‘Give Me Two Purrs’ (not pairs, purrs). I may be in the minority, but I think this sneaker defines the word eye-candy. Dressed in a neon ‘Arctic Punch’ pink, there isn’t much to say about this colorway except the fact that it is….pink. I consider this more of a collector’s item and a chance to slightly redeem yourself if you missed out on the Jordan 4 ‘Retro Hot Punch’ release last year. Again your call.

5. ‘Air Jordan 12 Low ‘Super Bowl’
Air Jordan 12 Low ‘Super Bowl

Release Date: 2/06

I didn’t want to put these in here because I try not to make these lists too Jordan heavy, but my hands are tied. The name of these sneakers pretty much explains the colorway theme, and the pattern is to die for. The red overlay is all leather baby, and the upper sports a black textile with gold accents. The red sufficiently covers the bases for both Tampa Bay and Kansas City fans and looks to be a limited edition release. My guess is that there won’t be too many of these made, so be ready to go on SNKRS.


That’s it for this week! I’m really excited about the month of February as next week already has some fire releases in the works. See y’all then!