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5 Sneakers To Watch Out For This Weekend

Hey sneaker family! Checking back in because as usual we’ve got another five selection of sneakers that are dropping this weekend for you to have on your radar, and I’m liking the mix this week. We’ve got quite a bit to look forward to, and it’s a variety compared to previous weeks. I’m interested to see what everyone is feeling like from a sneaker standpoint. We’re that weird space where it’s still summertime, but we’re also not that far away from fall. I’m in Atlanta, and the kids are due back to start school in just a couple of weeks, so there’s been tons of back-to-school shopping around here.

We’ve also seen a rise in people returning to the office, but there is still a lot being done virtually (both with work and school). I’m personally leaning more towards fall sneakers at this point, and will have a fall shoe list out soon.

On a different note, I will also be in New York for a few days, and I’m thinking about going to KITH and documenting my experience since it will be my first time visiting the store. Let me know if this is something you guys would like to see! Okay, let’s get to the sneakers.

1. Off-White x Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% White Solar Red
Off-White x Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% White Solar Red

Release Date: 7/23

Off-White is back at again with three different pairs of Nike Air Zoom Tempos that are set to drop tomorrow. All of them are dope in my opinion, but the White Solar Red shoes are my favorite of the three. It’s just something about the white and red blend that catches my eye, and I think it is a great neutral sneaker for those that may not want the other variations due to their bold colors. Plus, it can go with a lot in your closet. I’m typically a “lace swap” sneakerhead, but I wouldn’t even change the laces on this one. It’s perfect as is. If you can’t already tell, I love this shoe.

BUY NOW, 546
2. Nike KD 14 Multicolor
Nike KD 14 Multicolor

Release Date: 7/24

The newly announced 2K cover athlete is back with another round of 14s called the “Multicolor.” I’m feeling the vibrant mid-summer tones, and I like the red, white, and blue. I actually don’t own a pair of KDs and I’m looking to change that this year. I might actually end up going with these because I think this can be a good transitional shoe as we round the final stretch of summer and go into fall. What do you guys think? 

BUY NOW, $350
3. Air Jordan 12 “Twist”
Air Jordan 12 “Twist”

Release Date: 7/24

Okay you know I normally give a warning for sneakers that I think are best suited for actual sneakerheads as opposed to casual sneaker wearers, but this is going to be the opposite. Yes I know 12s can be considered a collectors item in certain cases so to speak, but these work for “casuals.” It’s very simple, can go with a lot in your wardrobe like the KDs above, and could be a great back to school sneaker if your kid is beyond elementary and maybe even the early years of middle school. I say this because white sneakers and grade school children are a recipe for disaster. If you or your kid is past the age let’s just say 12, then by all means go for it. This could also be a good campus shoe as well.

BUY NOW, $264
4. Reebok Question Low Phillies
Reebok Question Low Phillies

Release Date: 7/23

Speaking of back to school sneakers, few do it better than Reeboks. I know I was a “Reebok” kid, and I honestly think that 80 percent of my school sneakers were some form of the “Questions.” Seriously. Reebok has been bringing the heat with their “Question” releases this year, and the “Low Phillies” are next in line. We’ve got the digital next level visual blue, with the burgundy and white that’s inspired by the retro Philadelphia Phillies design, and it’s sick. I’m rocking with these for sure.

BUY NOW, $182

Okay, I’m going to try something different with this article. I want to transition into including apparel features in some of my articles, and I have a fun one.

TB12 x Under Armour Sleepwear Collection
Under Armour
TB12 x Under Armour Sleepwear Collection

Release Date: Out Now

Alright for this final entry I’m switching it up a bit to include some apparel that I think is pretty awesome. The GOAT Tom Brady and Under Armour are releasing their new sleepwear collection. Designed to help you recover while you sleep, the apparel is embedded with infused knit fabric that returns infrared energy and minerals to your body and restores muscles faster. The soft, lightweight material delivers superior comfort and breathability to help you settle into bed and get the quality sleep you need, and the apparel has mineral-infused fabric that increases localized blood flow to your muscles and tissues so they can rebuild and recover all while you sleep. This sleepwear is for both men and women and offers a lot of options, so make sure you check it out!


That’s going to do it for this week! As usual, we’ll be back next week with another roundup, so stay tuned.

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The 12 Best Adidas Collaborations To Buy Now

Last week we covered some of the best Nike collaborations to drop in recent history, so that means now we have to do Adidas right? There is often an argument in the world of sports apparel about which brand is bigger or has more influence. Whatever your stance might be, you have to admit that the Adidas name holds a ton of weight as they currently have the bragging right for partnerships with Kanye West, Beyoncé, and Pharrell to name a few, plus a heavily loaded roster of great athletes representing them. Similar to the Nike article, we’ll be looking at some of the best Adidas collaborations out there, while also giving our favorite selections from each specific partnership. Sound good? Bet.

1. Yeezy x adidas
Yeezy x adidas

This is an obvious one right? Like them or not, Yeezys have had a profound impact on the sneaker community since 2013. Now Ye wasn’t a total newbie to the sneaker collaboration game having previously worked with brands such as Nike and LVMH, and quickly proceeded to take things to the next level almost immediately upon signing his Adidas deal. Yeezys aren’t just sneakers, they are a part of the culture, and while it’s hard to say for sure what the best Yeezys of all time are, any variation of the 350s could have a solid case (we can’t count the ones he released with Nike even though those are technically Yeezys as well). We’ll go with the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Mono Ice” as those are one of our favorites.

BUY NOW, $274
2. Pharrell x adidas
Pharrell x adidas

Since we’re on the topic of musicians we can jump right on over to Pharrell. Pharrell’s shoes are a reflection of who he has been as both an artist and producer—creative, innovative, and unique. Pharrell releases pretty frequently with Adidas as well, and has been with the brand since 2014. For Skateboard P’s collab we’ll go with the HU NMD casual shoes. The bright orange color is an instant attention grabber, and one of our favorites in the Pharrell x Adidas collection.

BUY NOW, $220
3. BAPE x adidas
BAPE x adidas

Who doesn’t love a good military-themed shoe? We rock with it heavy over here, and always appreciate when BAPE and Adidas link up. Maybe we are a tad bit biased since we own a pair of the “Camos” ourselves, but this definitely our favorite release so far from this partnership. The Superstars are already a vintage classic, but the added army/camouflage touch is the perfect chef’s kiss. Do you own a pair? Let us know what you think.

BUY NOW, $174
4. Dame Lillard x adidas
Dame Lillard x adidas

Okay we’re going to take things up a notch and head over into some of the sports collaborations. Adidas is underrated in this department in our opinion, as some of their shoe releases with athletes don’t always command the attention they deserve. One of those collabs is Adidas’ partnership with Damian Lillard. Dame has a great lineup of sneakers that highlight not just who he is on the court as a fierce competitor, but also his musician side. Our selection is the Dame 7 LNY shoes, which have become one of Dame’s biggest sellers. The shoe was inspired by the Lunar New Year, and were specifically designed to represent Dame Time, which is a common phrase referring to his innate clutch ability.

BUY NOW, $145
5. Derrick Rose x adidas
Derrick Rose x adidas

Derrick Rose is another one who’s collection has been vastly underrated. D. Rose has some killer shoes that you should definitely check out if you are looking for a new sneaker to add to your closet, and his releases are very similar to his overall persona as an athlete—quiet but lethal. There’s plenty of shoes available to choose from in his collection with Adidas, and which sneaker you select is all about what you are feeling at the moment. Rose has a shoe for everyone, but we recommend the “Scarlet” sneakers from last year.

BUY NOW, $120
6. Run DMC x adidas
Run DMC x adidas

You can’t leave out the historic hip-hop group that made “My Adidas.” You just can’t. This might be the most fitting collaboration to happen in the history of, well…ever, and the two dropped a commemorative 50th anniversary sneaker that paid homage to the legendary group, and their sneaker style (Run DMC was known for wearing shell-toe sneakers without laces). You can still find this special edition sneaker for a reasonable price on secondary outlets such as GOAT and StockX.

BUY NOW, $67
7. Alexander Wang x adidas
Alexander Wang x adidas

It’s Alexander Wang. That in itself is enough of a statement, but in case you need a refresher, Alexander Wang and Adidas have come together on multiple occasions to drop a wide variety of sneakers ranging from standard trainers to skate shoes. It’s always nice when the worlds of high fashion and streetwear combine, and every sneaker from this partnership has been cutting edge while still staying true to their individual brand styles. We haven’t included a skate shoe yet, so we’ll suggest the Alexander Wang x Skate Super Super Core Black sneakers from 2018.

BUY NOW, $380
8. Beyonce x adidas
Beyonce x adidas

Beyonce only has three collections with Adidas (well four if you count this upcoming one on the 22nd), and all three have featured signature sneakers to go along with the apparel drops. The Ivy Park Forum Mid release from February sold out almost immediately, and actually inspired Adidas to release a separate all-white Forum mid about a week later to capitalize on its success. At the moment it’s still unclear if this new drop will include another round of sneakers (it’s supposed to be beach themed), so we’ll have to see.

BUY NOW, $95
9. Simpsons x adidas
Simpsons x adidas

Anything with The Simpsons has us automatically sold. Adidas and The Simpsons have come together on quite a few occasions to release a range of cool colorways. There are plenty of options to choose from if you desire to pick up a pair from this collection. You could go with the Forum Low “Duff Beer” which is a bright red, black, and gold silhouette if you want a bold shoe, or you could opt for something a little more simple such as the “Advantage” Simpson classics. It’s really up to you.

BUY NOW, $169
10. Missoni x Adidas
Missoni x Adidas

With a focus on blending Missoni’s style and aesthetic with Adidas’ performance sport apparel, the two have produced fast-selling collections that have included not just sneakers, but also athletic and casual wear. For some reason, the Ultraboost has been Missoni’s go to choice for their sneaker collaborations (with Pulseboost coming in second), and there’s plenty available on the secondary market for you to check out. We recommend the Missoni x Ultraboost Clime “Multicolor” as it is a total representation of Italian luxury style that we are used to from Missoni.

BUY NOW, $89
11. Bad Bunny x adidas
Bad Bunny x adidas

Bad Bunny’s partnership with the three stripe brand is literally still in its infant stages, with their first official release dropping this past March. It’s always hard to judge how successful a partnership is going to be early on, but all signs currently point to this being a longstanding deal with significant releases. The “Easter Egg” sneakers were pretty dope, and Bad Bunny has at least one more major drop scheduled for the remainder of 2021, so that will be something for Bad Bunny fans to anticipate in the coming months.

BUY NOW, $415
12. Prada x adidas
Prada x adidas

You know what they say—Prada or nada, and apparently Adidas has the same mindset when it comes to their luxury collection. No luxury collaboration is complete without Prada, and Adidas has another slew of sneakers with the brand that just dropped yesterday. The A+P Luna Rossa 21 shoes are available in two brand new colorways, with the option of either black or grey. The shoe itself consists of a PRIMEGREEN upper, a Boost midsole, and a wrap-around outsole providing style and comfort. If you aren’t able to grab a pair, then consider checking out some of their previous drops as they are equally as stunning.

BUY NOW, $450

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The 12 Best Nike Collaborations To Buy Now

The category is collaborations. Nike collaborations. There’s a bunch of them out there, and apparently we can’t get enough because every new collab (major or minor) is pretty much a sellout at this point. Think about it—it’s Nike, one of the biggest brands in the world, and arguably the biggest sports brand in the universe while also being home to some of the most legendary and influential figures in history. Who wouldn’t want to collaborate with Nike? The answer to that is very few, and today we are revisiting some of the finest. 

With dozens of collaborations and counting, it’s hard to narrow down which one is the “best,” but we are going to try. Let’s give it a go shall we?

1. Supreme x Nike
Supreme x Nike

Boy where do we start. Supreme and Nike have released so many different drops that it’s hard to specifically say that one is better than the other. With a partnership spanning nearly two decades, Supreme drops are always something to look forward to, and both brands have been able to adjust to the times as their collaborations never look dated. For each collab we’ll be selecting the shoe/shoes we deem as the most (or among the most) iconic, and for this one we’ve gotta go with Nike x Supreme Air Force 1s.

We know this is a bold choice because the only thing separating the Supreme iteration of the AF1s from the standard are the Supreme branded laces (and the brand’s logo), but these really stand out. Not everyone likes Foams, and super colorful sneakers may not be desirable to some, but you can never go wrong with Forces.

BUY NOW, $669
2. Off-White x Nike
Off-White x Nike

Virgil Abloh is a busy man isn’t he? Again, it’s hard to narrow down which sneakers in the Off-White x Nike partnership are the best as it really depends on personal style and preference. By now you should know that any Virgil Abloh design is going to be a unique blend of streetwear and couture, and that has been in the case with all of his Nike releases.

For this one, we’ll select the Air Jordan x Off-White Retro High UNC sneakers. Every Off-White collaboration is super hyped, but this one right here has a case for being the most anticipated thus far. Highly coveted and highly sought after, these high tops were inspired by Jordan’s alma mater, and are still incredibly tough to get your hands on.

BUY NOW, $1400
3. Aleali May x Jordan
Aleali May x Jordan

Aleali May and Jordan are still going strong in their partnership, as the two are set to release a new Jordan 14 called Low Fortune in August. Like their counterparts, there are loads of shoes to choose from if you are looking to add something from their collaboration to your sneaker closet, but our favorite by far is the Aleali May x Air Jordan 1 Retro High “Satin Shadow.” The retro aesthetic combined with the satin black and grey upper made these an instant classic, and one of the most prominent in their collection.

BUY NOW, $750
4. Undefeated x Air Jordan
Undefeated x Air Jordan

Where do we start? From high tops to low tops and everything in between, we’ve seen some legendary drops come from these two linking up, and our selection for the Undefeated x Air Jordan collaboration is none other than their very first drop. Nothing is more sentimental than the very first release of a collection, and the UNDFTD x Air Jordan 4s from 2005 will always have a special place in sneaker history. It’s hard to believe it’s been over fifteen years since these two joined forces, and these sneakers represent a simpler time in 2000s culture.

BUY NOW, $14,000
5. Travis Scott x Air Jordan
Travis Scott x Air Jordan

You had to know this was coming. Travis Scott remains one of the most popular celebrities in the world, and his drops with Jordan have gone similar to some of his other deals (I.E. McDonalds). Again there is no right answer when it comes to which release is the “best.” Some prefer his “British Khaki” iterations, while others will tell you the “Retro Mocha” Jordan 1s are their favorites. Our selection for this article are the AJ1s, but we definitely appreciate the “British Khaki’s” as well.

BUY NOW, $1,650
6. OVO x Air Jordan
OVO x Air Jordan

Since we’re on the topic of Air Jordan collaborations with legendary musicians, let’s take a look at some of the OVO and Air Jordan releases. OVO has a couple of trainers with the Jordan brand, but in our opinion, none are more groundbreaking than the OVO x Air Jordan 12 “Retro White” sneakers that were released in 2016. Described as being “luxurious”, the shoe featured a white leather upper with gold accents. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get a pair yet, but fingers crossed that we can soon.

BUY NOW, $1,000
7. Eminem x Air Jordan
Eminem x Air Jordan

Let’s keep the hip-hop partnerships going shall we? This collection is a major blast from the past, and quite possibly an introduction for those who may not have been aware that Eminem and the Jordan brand have come together on a few occasions. The “Encore” Jordan 4s were named after the rapper’s 2004 album of the same name (which is regarded as one of the best rap albums of all time), and pulled from the blue and black stage featured on the album cover. As you can imagine, these sneakers are very expensive (the starting price on StockX is $24,133), but a testament to how powerful these shoes still are.

BUY NOW, $24,133
8. Air Jordan x Public School
Air Jordan x Public School

Remember these from 2015? Released as a part of an apparel collection, the PSNY x Air Jordan “Dark Grey” 12s were the pair that started it all as the brand went on to release three more colorways with the Jordan brand two years later. This shoe was the definition of simplicity with its all-grey design, but make no mistake, these were and still are cold. The leather-aligned insoles were an added bonus, making this one of the most memorable Jordan collaborations of the 2010s.

BUY NOW, $356
9. Air Jordan x J. Balvin
Air Jordan x J. Balvin

J. Balvin’s work with Jordan may not make an all-time list if we take it all the way back to when Jordan first started doing collabs with other brands, but it can definitely make a newer/younger list. Dubbed “Colores Y Vibras,” this Reggaeton colorway pays tribute to J. Balvin’s Colombian heritage with its color scheme and J. Balvin’s signature smiley face. These were only released less than a year ago (December 2020), but the reviews were positive which means we could be seeing a lot more from the artist in the future.

BUY NOW, $395
10. Don C x Air Jordan
Don C x Air Jordan

It seems like we keep making our way back to 2015 for some reason. 2015 to 2016 was definitely a great time period in sneaker culture, and Don C’s collaboration with Air Jordan is yet another indicator of that. Don C teamed with the Jordan Brand to release two iterations of premium leather quilted Jordan 2. You could go with the Taupe colorway if you wanted something more on the neutral side, or you could rock with the royal blue colorway if you were in the mood for something more colorful. These shoes are still in demand, and can now be found on the secondary market.

BUY NOW, $650
11. Trophy Room x Air Jordan
Trophy Room x Air Jordan

Don’t roll your eyes! We know some of you are still a bit salty from the February AJ1 Chicago drop (and rightfully so), but that doesn’t negate the fact that Trophy Room and the Jordan brand have produced some masterpieces (and the Chicago 1s would have been included if the rollout and subsequent drop wasn’t so chaotic and impossible).

We won’t include those on this list, but the “French Blue” Jordan 16s are an honorable mention for our selection. The others are great too, but this is such a unique sneaker with its luxury leather shroud and French Blue upper. Hopefully Trophy Room can rectify the situation with the Chicago 1s and re-release the shoe in a better way to give those of us who really wanted a chance at snagging them a fair shot.

BUY NOW, $303
12. Union Los Angeles x Air Jordan 1
Union Los Angeles x Air Jordan 1

Union and Air Jordan are frequent collaborators, and you could pick your poison when it comes to which shoe to purchase, but we’ll put something more recent on your radar. Union and Air Jordan put out two different iterations of the 4s for their latest drop—the “Desert Moss” sneakers and the “Taupe Haze.” While not the most dynamic in the partnership, these are still pretty dope if you ask us. We’re sure there will probably be another Union x Jordan drop in the coming months, and we are definitely looking forward to it.

BUY NOW, $393

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The 20 Best Men’s Slippers That Fit All Styles

Ever since WFH took over footwear a year ago, slippers have been the new go-to footwear for working. Just like how sneakers took over your office, slippers took on a new life as the comfortable, in-house item making your 10th zoom of the day a little more bearable. Whether you’re still working from your living room or if you’ve been freed, a comfortable pair of slippers goes a long way. From staple brands like Ugg to some more IYKYK slipper options, we’ve got the 17 Best Men’s Slippers below for you to bring your WFH comfort to the next level. 

1. Ugg Ascot Slippers

Ugg slippers are a top-tier brand in the comfort game, and their sheepskin lining is sure to keep you warm! The Ascot’s durable rubber sole allows you to transition from inside your cozy home to the outdoors easily while also offering a more snug fit. The moc toe design also allows you to enjoy more flex in the foot. The only potential con is that these aren’t machine washable, but the complete coverage provided still makes them a great option.

Buy on Amazon, $76.99+
2. Ugg Tasman Slipper

A personal favorite, the Tasman slipper offers Ugg’s signature plush sheepskin lining with an extremely pillowy foam footbed. Its upper is 100% suede with beautiful braid embroidered details. The slip-on silhouette is perfect for being comfortable on the run.

Buy Now, $100
3. Thermoball Eco Traction Mule V
North Face

The North Face Thermoball Mules features a rubber outsole with a 100% recycled ripstop upper that makes them water-repellent. They are insulated to keep you warm and fit super comfortably. The Thermoball includes a variety of colorways, including camouflage, red plaid, and of course, black.

Buy Now, $55
4. L.L Bean Sweater Fleece Scuffs
L.L Bean

L.L Bean’s sweater fleece slipper mimics the coziness of their warm fleece sweaters. Featuring a knit-polyester fleece upper and rubber outsole, this slipper is an excellent slip-on choice for staying warm and comfortable.

Buy Now, $40
5. L.L Bean Wicked Good Moccasins
L.L Bean

You can never go wrong with a good pair of moccasins. Combining comfort and durability, the L.L Bean Wicked Good Moccasins is just that. This moccasin features a vintage leather upper along with supersoft deerskin lining for optimal comfort, while its stitching pays homage to the OG moccasin style.

Buy Now, $79
6. Uniqlo Rubber-Soled Slippers

Uniqlo is a go-to for loungewear, and with their prices, it’s always a win. Their rubber-soled slippers feature French terry cloth and a thick rubber sole for traction and comfort. With a slip-on silhouette, these hand-washable slippers are perfect for lounging around the house.

Buy Now, $15
7. Amazon Essential Leather Moccasin Slipper

This Amazon essential features a 100% suede upper with faux fur lining. Its rubber soles are perfect for indoor and light outdoor activities. The faux fur lining makes it a more sustainable choice, so you can feel good about being cozy!

buy now, $25
8. UBFEN Winter Warm Slippers

With its anti-slip rubber sole, the UBFEN Winter Slippers are ideal for outdoor use. Filled with faux plush lining and water-resistant upper, these slippers are perfect for camping, fishing, and gardening!

Buy Now, $33.99
9. UltraIdeas Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

To provide premium support for your feet, these slippers feature high-density memory foam and cushioning EVA soles. They mold perfectly to your feet. UltraIdeas Memory Foam slip-on slippers offer incredible comfort at an extremely reasonable price. At just under $25, these memory foam slippers are perfectly breathable for indoor and outdoor use. Available in four colorways—brown, space black, black, and royal blue, there’s a slipper for everyone!

Some pros: the anti-slip and waterproof soles; the shoes are machine-washable.

Cons: some people feel they stretch out quickly.

Buy on Amazon, $22.90
10. Deer Stags Wherever S.U.P.R.O Sock Slipper
Deer Stags

The bold colors of Deer Stags’ SUPRO sock slipper make it stand out from all the rest. It features beautifully embroidered knit trims while giving you the comfort and support you want to find in a slip-on slipper. 

Buy Now, $25.99
11. Dearfoams Microfiber Suede Clog with Whipstitch Slipper

The Dearfoam Microfiber Suede Clog offers both comfort and quality. The small company prides themselves in their cloud-like comfort without a big price tag. At under $25, these memory foam slippers are a steal! 

Buy Now, $23.85
12. RockDove Nomad Slipper with Memory Foam

The RockDove Nomad slippers feature a sherpa fleece inside and out to make sure you keep cozy all around! With their closed heel silhouette, these slippers fit snug to ensure optimal coziness. Its rubber soles allow you to be warm on the go.

Buy Now, $30
13. Ofoot Organic Cotton Cozy Indoor Slippers

The Ofoot Organic Cotton slippers feature high-quality memory foam to ensure maximum comfort. These lightweight slippers are best for indoor use and can be washed by hand. The slip-on silhouette makes getting cozy easy!

Buy Now, $18.56
14. Haflinger Wool Slipper

The Haflinger Wool Slippers are 100% wool upper with wool felt insole lining. They feature latex molded arch support to give the wool some structure, along with anti-slip rubber dots on the outsole. These slippers are a perfect choice when it comes to warmth, comfort, and support!

Buy Now, $68.90
15. Dockers Douglas Ultra Light Moccasin

Dockers Douglas Ultra Light Moccasins are a great indoor and outdoor slipper. With its rubber sole, this slipper offers durability and function. Its memory foam makes it comfortable for all-day use. At $30, these slippers are a no-brainer!

Buy Now, $29.98
16. Men’s Wicked Good Scuffs
L.L. Bean

Made with sheepskin and lined with warm fleece, L.L Bean’s Wicked Good Scuffs are a great choice! With its slip-on moccasin silhouette, this slipper is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Their tonal colorways of brown and kelp green make them a subtle at-home slipper flex.

Buy Now, $79
17. Ugg Scuff Slipper

The Ugg Scuff Slipper features a slip-on silhouette with wool lining and suede upper to keep you warm! It’s best for indoor use considering its thin rubber sole. Ugg recommends they be experienced on bare feet so that you can indulge in the warm, temperature-regulated slipper.

Buy Now, $70
18. Rockdove Slippers

These slippers feature memory foam insoles that perfectly molds to the contours of your feet. They also offer excellent foot support. As far as pros go, they’ve got sturdy rubber soles, they’re non-marking and noiseless and they’re a bit cheaper than the other Rockdove entry on this list. The only con is that the stitching may come undone from extended use, but for $22.99, you get some really good use out of them.

Buy on amazon, $22.99
19. Deer Stags Slipperooz Men’s Nordic S.U.P.R.O Slipper

These are a great option for those who want something a little less flashy than the previous Deer Stags entry. This pair is durably constructed and will last you a long time. It features quality stitching on its vamp and basted seams to support and shape the slippers’ uppers.

Pro to consider: durable rubber outsoles and the faux shearling linings.

The only con is that the soles may be slightly noisy!

buy on amazon, $21.01
20. Minnetonka Men’s Pile Lined Hardsole Slipper

The slippers have a traditional moccasin design. It combines the supple suede leather uppers with the thick pile linings to keep your feet warm and properly cushioned. The hard soles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and the mocs feature quality stitching and quality lacing. The only reported con is that there are labels sewn inside the slippers, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

buy on amazon, $42.46
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The 15 Best Kettlebells You Can Buy Now

Kettlebell workouts have always been a great way to get a high intensity cardio workout and muscular training in at the same time. Kettlebells have been proven to help improve strength, balance, and overall coordination, and routines can be done in a relatively short amount of time. With many of us working from home nowadays, now is the perfect time to begin adding to our personal home gyms. Kettlebells are small, space efficient, and relatively inexpensive taking the shape of a cast-iron cannonball with a handle at the top. Since they come in several weights, you can use them for many exercises like lifts, lunges, and shoulder presses. Below is a list of some of the best kettlebells that you can pickup for your next workout.

1. Amazon Basics Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight
Top Pick
Amazon Basics Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight

This 20 lb kettlebell is ideal for agility training, squats, lunges, cardio, and other exercises.


  • Available in various weights ranging between ten and sixty pounds
  • Textured handle for secure grip


  • Comes in bright colors only
  • Removing the Amazon sign isn’t easy
BUY NOW, $32.99
2. Rogue Kettlebells
Tons of Options
Rogue Fitness
Rogue Kettlebells

Rogue Kettlebells take your workout to the next level with its strong single-piece casting and high quality.


  • Made with premium material and uses a proprietary casting process so each bell can reach the highest quality
  • Has 18 different weight increments to choose from


  • Can be on the pricier side
BUY NOW, $35-$65
3. Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell Weights
Best Stability
Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell Weights

Since the covering of this 20 lb kettlebell consists of a high vinyl finish, it doesn’t rust or destroy the floor, and it also produces minimal noise.


  • Wide, smooth handle
  • Has a flat bottom for improved stability


  • Not appropriate for use underwater
  • Comes in blue color only
BUY NOW, $28.79
4. ETHOS Kettlebell
Great For Toning
Dicks Sporting Goods
ETHOS Kettlebell

Promotes full body sculpting and intense strength and conditioning. 


  • Great kettlebell for body sculpting, muscle toning and cardio fat-burning workouts
  • Has cast iron construction


  • Cannot be shipped to location—has to be picked up in store
BUY NOW, $51.99
5. Marcy Hammertone Kettlebells – 10 to 55 lbs.
Best Metallic Finish
Marcy Hammertone Kettlebells – 10 to 55 lbs.

You can use this kettlebell during your home workout sessions because they are ideal for toning, lifting, and strength training.


  • Strengthens the core muscles
  • Available in a range of weights


  • It may not physically appealing
  • Some parts are tough to touch
BUY NOW, $89.99
6. Tone Fitness 10lb Kettlebell
Least Expensive
Tone Fitness 10lb Kettlebell

A relatively inexpensive kettlebell that gets the job done for those looking for a light workout.


  • Protective vinyl shell and wide handle to help promote a comfortable grip
  • In expensive compared to other options


  • Only available in one color
  • Only has one size to choose from
7. CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell
Most Versatille
CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell

This 20 lb kettlebell is excellent for different exercises such as squats, sit-ups, snatches, and other cross-training activities.


  • You can use it for different muscle groups
  • Generous handle for a secure grip


  • Has a shiny enamel
  • Not very dark
BUY NOW, $74.99
8. POWERT 3-Piece Kettlebell Weight Set of 5, 10, 15
Great Mobility
POWERT 3-Piece Kettlebell Weight Set of 5, 10, 15

An excellent set of three kettlebells, and is great for squats, swings, and deadlifts. Weights are color coded and weight marked.


  • Quality HPDE that prevents corrosion, cracks, and scratches
  • Easy storage and great for organization


  • Made from plastic
  • May not be able to withstand intense shipping conditions
BUY NOW, $44.99
9. Day 1 Fitness Kettlebell Weights Cast Iron
Most Durable
Day 1 Fitness Kettlebell Weights Cast Iron

Since this 20 lb kettlebell is ideal for ballistic exercises, you can use it to engage all your body muscles for maximum burning of calories.


  • You can mix up weights for optimal results
  • Highly durable


  • Available in black color only
  • Doesn’t come in pairs
BUY NOW, $48.49
10. Kettlebell Weights Sets, Adjustable KettleBells Weight Set For Men Or Women
Most Reliable
10. Kettlebell Weights Sets, Adjustable KettleBells Weight Set For Men Or Women Strength

An adjustable kettlebell weight set with seven different weights at your disposal. This weight set works well for both men and women.


  • Each Kettlebell weight comes with a safety lock
  • Weight range can be used for various different exercises


  • The locks can get jammed
  • The plastic handle ages over time
BUY NOW, $138.66
11. Meister Elite Portable Sand Kettlebell
Also Consider
Meister Elite Portable Sand Kettlebell

This 20 lb kettlebell has a comfortable grip and a semi-rigid handle.


  • Inner filling meets the exact weight
  • One-piece construction with zero leakages


  • Relatively light-duty bag
  • It may not be suitable for all exercises
BUY NOW, $9.99
12. Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell with Handle
Lightweight Option
Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell with Handle

This 15lb kettlebell provides customized safe workouts, and is a great addition to you home gym.


  • Is constructed from soft materials that prevent injuries
  • Has varying weights for cross training


  • Handle can be slippery
  • Can get be a little expensive for just one kettlebell
BUY NOW, $24.98
13. Everlast Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell
Heavy Duty
Everlast Vinyl Dipped Kettlebell

This heavy duty kettlebell is a great addition to any other Everlast workout products you may own.


  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Sizes are color coded to make it easier to identify weights


  • Could age fast appearance wise
  • Is slightly overpriced
BUY NOW, $54.99
14. Body Glove, Kettlebell Weights, Easy Grip Weights for Total Body Fitness Training
Best Grip
Body Glove, Kettlebell Weights, Easy Grip Weights for Total Body Fitness Training

This easy to grip kettlebell is appropriate for any upper or lower body workout routine as it can give you a total body workout.


  • Comfortable wide grip that makes workouts easier
  • Has plastic material prevents floor damage


  • Is plastic, meaning that it could be less durable over time
  • Could break easily
BUY NOW, $39.99
15. JoyPlus Kettlebell, 2021 Kettlebell Set, Weight
Large Selection
JoyPlus Kettlebell, 2021 Kettlebell Set, Weight

Another great kettlebells set suitable for all of your workout needs with a large selection of weights to choose from.


  • Can be used for many different upper and lower body workouts
  • Made of solid high-quality cast PVC for reliable built-to-last strength,


  • Only goes up to 20lbs

ONE37pm may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

BUY NOW, $23.99
Sneakers Style

5 Sneakers To Watch Out For This Weekend

What’s up sneaker family! First things first—did any of you guys get the White Oreos? I mentioned the possibility of doing this a while back, but I would really like to see what new releases you guys are rocking. So if you happened to get the White Oreos or any other recent drop for that matter, then let me know because I think this could be a fun Twitter series! As far as new drops, this week is going to be pretty Jordan-heavy as they are starting off July with some heat. We’ve got a lot to get into, so let’s jump into what’s popping this weekend.

1. Lebron James x Diana Taurasi “La Cabra”
Lebron James x Diana Taurasi “La Cabra”

Release Date: 7/2

This is actually an honorable mention from last week. Lebron James and Diana Taurasi teamed up to release the “La Cabra” Lebron 18s just in time for the new Space Jam movie due out next Friday. Taurasi is of course a part of James’ highly anticipated follow-up to the iconic 1996 Space Jam film which starred Michael Jordan and will have a key role in the sequel. As far as the “La Cabras” shoes go, these are sick. La Cabra means “the goat” in English, and both James and Taurasi are definitely GOATs for sure.

BUY NOW, $213
2. Air Jordan 11 Low Quai 54
Air Jordan 11 Low Quai 54

Release Date: 7/10

Nike is dropping three different iterations of the Quai sneakers this weekend, so you certainly don’t have to go with this edition, but I like these a lot! It’s very Parisian, very African, and focuses on simplicity which I love. You don’t have to do too much with this shoe, and the neutral colors offer a ton of versatility. Plus they are lows and while I do love high tops, sometimes they can be difficult to pair with certain outfits. I say go for these if you are considering.

BUY NOW, $120
3. Air Jordan 1 Low Quai 54
Air Jordan 1 Low Quai 54

Release Date: 7/10

Okay, one more from the latest Quai collaboration. I’m including these because I know the black and white dunks are still heavily in demand and hard to get your hands on. This version of the Quai 54s is pretty much the same, but even better, in my opinion. The African prints on the collar are just enough to give the shoe a colorful look without it being too overpowering, and I also think you could play around with these sneakers a bit by swapping out the laces for a white or even red alternative since the outsole is red. Your call!

BUY NOW, $120
4. ALYX 9SM x Nike Air Force 1 High
Nice Kicks
ALYX 9SM x Nike Air Force 1 High

Release Date: 7/9

I saw someone on Twitter say to keep an eye on people who wear black Forces, and honestly, that was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the internet recently. I’m definitely in the black AF1 crew, and that, in part, is why I am putting these on here. ALYX and Nike are linking up to bring you another round of one of the sickest high tops I’ve seen recently, with its all-black leather and grey straps. The imaginary sneaker designer in me says that you could even replace the black laces with a lighter shade of grey to give it a dope contrast. If these are your style, consider checking them out. Also, there is a white colorway option available if you are one of those people who are absolutely against black Forces.

BUY NOW, $459
5. Air Jordan 3 Racer Blue
Air Jordan 3 Racer Blue

Release Date: 7/10

In my opinion, this is more of a “sneakerhead” shoe. I wouldn’t recommend buying these if you are just a casual sneaker wearer. I mean you could, but honestly, this is a shoe meant for certain occasions, not so much everyday wear. Whatever the case may be, the Racer Blue 3s are out tomorrow morning and by now you know the drill. Make sure you set your alarms and don’t oversleep because history tells us that these will be snatched up quickly.

BUY NOW, $199

Alright, that is going to do it for this week, but before I go I wanted to give a special shoutout to Fulton Insoles. They were kind enough to send a pair of their cork-based insoles over, and I can already feel the difference. I have flat feet and have been encouraged by my doctors since childhood to wear insoles for better alignment. These definitely do the trick and are not only super comfy but easy to fit into your sneakers. Make sure to check out their website!

Style What To Buy

The 31 Best Sweatpants For Men To Keep You Comfortable

Approximately one year ago it became imminently apparent that we’d all be working from home way more than we were used to. Now, as we approach what we all pray is the final stretch of the pandemic, our cheap loungewear impulse buys from last March are starting to look a little drab. It’s high time to spice up your work-from-home wardrobe while still staying on-trend.

We’ve curated an (unranked) list of the best men’s sweatpants we could find, ranging from high-end designer goods to comfy essentials that won’t break the bank.

31. Hanes Men’s Jogger Sweatpant with Pockets

Midweight with a pull-on closure and partially made from recycled bottles, these sweats are warm without too much weight. They come with an adjustable drawcord, side pockets, and a roomy back pocket.

These sweatpants sit comfortably at the waist and won’t lose shape in the wash, but unfortunately run a bit small, so you’re better off sizing up.

Buy now $25
30. Southpole Men’s Active Basic Jogger Fleece Pants

Available in big and tall sizes, these sweatpants are great for any guy, big or small. The drawstring on the waistband keeps them upright and offers an adjustable fit, remaining comfortable and durable enough to wear while performing physical activity.

They are also not too baggy or tight, remaining comfortably in the middle, but regrettably, the fabric can start to pill over time.

Buy now, $27
29. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Sofspun Fleece Open Bottom Sweatpants
Fruit of the Loom

The Fruit of the Loom Men’s Sofspun sweats are available in six color shades and have a loose but form-fitting design, with the side pockets staying extra roomy and can keep the hands warm.

These sweatpants don’t double over on the waist and also hit right at the ankle for a near-perfect fit. Don’t dry these too long, as they have the potential to shrink if left in the dryer.

Buy now $28
28. ZENGVEE Men’s Sweatpants with Zipper Pockets Open Bottom Athletic Pants

The ZENGVEE Men’s Sweatpants have a loose fit for more mobility and range of motion, so they are perfect for lounging and working out. The mesh fabric keeps the air circulating and doesn’t allow the pants to retain heat, so you’ll stay cool all the time.

The pants aren’t too tight, allowing for low resistance when moving and lifting your legs, but the length may be a little long for certain styles.

Buy now $25
27. Amazon Essentials Men’s Fleece Jogger Pant

Classic casual pants with elastic cuffs on the ankles, these fleece joggers look great with sneakers or when you’re just lounging as well. They’re loose without being too baggy and the pants offer plenty of insulation, making them perfect for chilly days or nights.

Buy now $20
26. LUWELL PRO Men’s Sweatpants

These sweatpants from Luwell have deep pockets for storing multiple items, making them ideal for outdoor activities like hiking. They are also incredibly comfortable to wear while being active and will stay sturdy, even after repeated washing.

Buy now $22
25. Death Traitors P.E.A.C.E. Joggers
Death Traitors

Brooklyn-based artist Alexander Heir’s apocalyptic art is brought to life on his ultra-fashionable line of inexpensive streetwear. His baggy joggers utilize anti-fascist imagery in embroidered details. Both comfortable and stylish, the P.E.A.C.E. joggers are also reasonably priced at just $55 and come in black or camo.

Buy now, $25
24. Y-3 Classic Light Ripstop Utility Pant

Eternally minimalist avant-garde designer Yohji Yamamoto has produced some impeccably styled athleisure in his ongoing collaboration with Adidas. The Classic Light Ripstop Utility pant is an impeccably arrogant statement piece. The relaxed fit and smooth taffeta interior mean they’re pretty luxurious, too.

Buy now, $330
23. Roland TR-808 Joggers

Roland’s drum machines and synthesizers have been the backbone of the best techno and electronica for decades. They’ve recently launched a comprehensive lifestyle brand including smartly designed sweatsuits and loungewear. Extremely cozy but also winkingly smart. Be aware, the sizes run slightly large.

Buy now, $60
22. DUMBGOOD Evangelion Sweatpants

Just in time for the release of Evangelion 3.0+1.0, the Instagram-infamous pop culture purveyors at DUMBGOOD have prepared a Unit 01 inspired look for upscale otaku. If Eva isn’t your thing, DUMBGOOD’s got Seinfeld, Jurassic Park, and The Shining-inspired outfits as well. But even if you’re not familiar with avant-garde Japanese animation, the slick late 90’s color palette on these look great.

buy now, $80
21. Fashion Nova Russ Jogger Yellow
Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova’s menswear has really found its way since its launch a few years ago. Although trendy minimalism is a mark of sophistication, there’s nothing wrong with something slightly louder. Live out your Kill Bill dreams with these bright, Bruce Lee-inspired joggers that can bring a pop of color to any outfit. Besides, who can argue with that price tag?

Buy now, $17
20. Soto Angel Devil Black Sweatpant

Manuela Soto Sosa, a Los Angeles-based tattoo artist, has become one of the trendiest illustrators and designers on the West Coast. Her anime-inspired drawings of buxom women are both flirtatious and empowering. She’s more recently begun emblazoning her iconic girls on comfy streetwear — these black sweatpants show off her unique and beloved art style.

Buy now, $110
19. Champion Powerblend Retro Fleece Jogger

90s kids will remember the ubiquity of Champion sportswear in middle school hallways around the world. The brand has more recently become an emblem of normcore style. Show off your anti-fashionable smarts with these affordable and totally retro sweats.

Buy now, $18.31 – $51.75
18. Scurderia Ferrari Race MCS Men’s Sweatpants

You might not have the purchasing power to cop your own Ferrari quite yet, but Puma’s put the sports car’s logo on these unique cross-branded joggers. Based on a retro design from 1987 that took hold in hip-hop scenes, these pants are a smartly-done throwback and are currently on sale.

Buy now, $45
17. Nike Sportswear Swoosh

There’s something subtly genius about simply doubling Nike’s signature swoosh to make an impactful statement, alongside the text of the onomatopoeic logo. The crisp white/orange/periwinkle color palette is strong, juxtaposed against the pants’ relaxed style. The mid-weight fleece is designed for city living and apartment lounging.

Buy now, $66
16. Cross Colours BLM Tie Dye Sweatpant via Karmaloop
Cross Colours

Whether you like it not, the tie-dye trend isn’t going anywhere for now. If bright hippie color palettes aren’t your thing, these slightly more drab black and grey tones could work. The BLM messaging on the logo is, of course, always righteous. Beware: these pants run a bit small, so maybe order a size up from your normal fit.

Buy now, $92
Brain Dead

Brain Dead describes their aesthetic as “disruptive [and] graphic-led … the brand takes its cues from post punk, underground comics, skateboarding, and the spirit of subculture as a whole.” The violent iconography on these sweatpants certainly is representative of those ideas, and there’s something delightfully goth about the look. This piece from their Spring/Summer ‘21 collection is both utilitarian and “otherworldly.”

Buy now, $140
14. C. By Loredena Pinasco Repoison Code Joggers
Loredena Pinasco

At the intersection of black metal and cyberpunk is C. by Loredena Pinasco’s exciting clothes for dystopian times. Both edgy and comfy, these joggers from the notorious Italian label let you live your full Neuromancer fantasy and match just about any other athleisure wear you’ve got in your closet. 

Buy now, £80
13. Vans 66 Supply Fleece Pants

Vans have become experts at hitting the sweet spot between stylish, affordable, and durable. These fleece pants are no exception, and the zip utility side pocket is a lifesaver for both skaters and stoners.

Buy now, $60
12. Thom Browne Striped Joggers via Flannels

Flannels, a UK-based luxury retailer, seems to always have impressive deals on impossible-to-find designer exclusives. These Thom Browne joggers, featuring the label’s signature four thick stripes, are finely tailored for a skinny fit. Think uptight British mod, but then make it cozy.

Buy now, £450
11. Allie Kat Pussy Piledriver Sweatpants
Meowdy Yall

Deathmatch fighter Allie Kat has won over the hardened hearts of pro-wrestling’s most ravenous fanbase with her toughness, grit, and perpetual desire for belly rubs. Her uniquely feminist and playfully lascivious branding is both empowering and nasty. Be sure to stay thirst trapping and wear these to the next Grey Sweatpants Battle Royale.

Buy now, $35
10. Trio 21 Adidas Sweatpants

Not everyone can afford the brand’s more upscale collabs (like the aforementioned Y3 label), but Adidas still has plenty of classics — at much more attainable prices — to choose from. These simple sweats are a soft cotton-blend meant for stretching before you get sporty.

buy now, $50
9. Hanes Sport Ultimate Cotton Men’s Fleece Sweatpants

At less than $20, these are the cheapest sweatpants on the list. You get what you pay for: no graphics, no ornamentation, no interesting styling. Just extremely snuggly fleece from a brand we’ve all come to trust. 

Buy now, $13.50
8. Alife Generic Logo Sweat Pant

New York-based streetwear brand Alife has become a local symbol of cool in Manhattan and beyond. Their simple sweatpants in bold red have their logo screen printed on the pocket for a subtle proclamation of cultural clout.

Buy now, $120
7. Fila Rhys Jogger

Another iconic 90’s brand resurrected as retro-chic, Fila’s recent collabs with a plethora of underground artists and designers have reinvigorated the label. These French terry joggers are part of the company’s celebration of Black History, with some proceeds going towards UNCF.

buy now, $78
6. Ice Cream Men’s I Scream Sweatpants via Nordstrom

Icecream has quite suddenly become one of the buzziest streetwear brands around. The brainchild of Pharrell Williams and Japanese DJ Nigo, their graphic design aesthetic and deceptively playful name belies a serious cool-factor. No surprise their sweatpants have become a hot commodity.

Buy now, $130
5. Kikillo Poisson 887 Joggers

Kikillo’s anime-influenced designs are surrealistically fashionable and hypnotically glitchy. This psychedelic, Yu-Gi-Oh-inspired look is far from quiet or work-appropriate, but will definitely leave a strong first impression. With a brushed fleece fabric inside, they’re as soft as they are aesthetic.

buy now, $53
4. Reigning Champ
Reigning Champ

Sportswear brand Reigning Champ has become known for their almost frighteningly well-constructed garments and their midweight terry sweatpants are no exception. No frills and nothing fancy, but the perfectly made and sturdy sewing and fabrics easily justify the high price point.

buy now, $120
3. Junji Ito Red and White Panel Sweatpants via Hot Topic
Junji Ito

Horror master Junji Ito’s designs have been embraced as masterpieces by both haute couture designers and streetwear enthusiasts alike. Mall goth mainstay, Hot Topic, somehow got ahold of his imagery and slapped some iconically grotesque manga panels onto unexpectedly fashionable sweatpants — at a totally affordable price.

buy now, $24
2. Converse Dagger Pant

Converse is best known for their legendary footwear but their clothes are eternally on-trend as well. There’s nothing too flashy about these sweatpants, but the brand’s name still carries weight and ensures a degree of durability.

buy now, $85
1. Neighborhood OOTD / C-PT

Few brands are trendier than Japanese streetwear line Neighborhood. Their finely constructed garments and clever graphic looks have become high-end essentials for smart hypebeasts. This garment was designed in collaboration with ONE OF THESE DAYS, an apparel line by the LA-based visual and tattoo artist Matt McCormick. 

Buy now, $283

ONE37pm may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Sneakers Style

The 10 Best Reebok Sneakers You Can Buy Right Now and Where to Get Them

2021 has been an awesome year for sneaker releases thus far, and while every major brand has dropped heavy hitters that have caused a stir, Reebok has been what we consider the “silent attacker.” From the Dee Brown re-releases to the different variations of the Instapumps, Reebok has been on a roll, and we feel it hasn’t been talked about nearly enough. As we’ve said plenty of times before, you can never go wrong with the classics, and Reebok has plenty of them. While doing a 2021 ranking is something we considered, we also realized that some of those shoes are no longer available. Instead, we’ll be giving you a list of newer releases that you can purchase either through Reebok’s official website, or resellers for a reasonable price. Below are ten of them.

1. Power Rangers F/S Hi Women’s Shoes
Power Rangers F/S Hi Women’s Shoes

Release Date: July 2021

The Power Rangers and Reebok collaboration isn’t being talked about nearly enough in our opinion—especially these. This shoe is progressive, and the technology is incredible with its 3D silver heel clip and color pattern. Additional features include a lace closure with ankle straps, a leather upper, cushioned ankle, and rubber outsole. Definitely check this collection out if you are a Power Rangers fan.

BUY NOW, $120
2. Question Low Basketball Shoes
Question Low Basketball Shoes

Release Date: July 2021

A.I. and Reebok have been busy, to say the least, dropping many different iterations of the classic Question Lows this year. The latest is a Clear White colorway which features an all-white upper and ice blue outsole. Silver and green colorways are also available, however, the green edition is only available to Reebok members. If you find yourself frequently buying Reebok products, then you may want to consider signing up for exclusive releases, discounts, and more.

BUY NOW, $120
3. InstaPump Fury OG “Digital Glow”
InstaPump Fury OG “Digital Glow”

Release Date: March 2021

Cue the evil laboratory vibes. The Digital Glow colorway is up there with some of our favorite releases this year due to their gradient colors, transition effects, and the classic chaotic Instapump design that we all know and love. These sold out quite fast on Reebok upon its release, but you can still find them via reselling websites such as GOAT.

BUY NOW, $120
4. Maison Margiela x Reebok Tabi “Bianchetto”
Maison Margiela x Reebok Tabi “Bianchetto”

Release Date: April 2021

Maison Margiela and Reebok have put out some fire shoes in their collection, and these are among the best. By far the best thing about Margiela and Reebok collaborations have been the blending of luxury style with traditional streetwear, and the “Bianchettos” embodies that to the fullest with their rare design and split toe. Similar to the Instapumps, you can still cop them through resellers.

BUY NOW, $394
5. Ghostbusters x Reebok Instapump Fury
Ghostbusters x Reebok Instapump Fury

Release Date: June 2021

Honestly, Ghostbusters couldn’t have picked a better silhouette than the Instapump Fury for this release. This shoe has all of the classic Ghostbusters colors and logo on top of the traditional Instapump design, and plenty of other cool features that give you a throwback to the 1980s. The Ghostbusters iteration of the Instapumps did as expected, selling out on Reebok about as fast as they were put on the website. Luckily you can still find them on the secondary market.

BUY NOW, $285
6. Daniel Moon Club C Legacy Shoes
Daniel Moon Club C Legacy Shoes

Release Date: July 2021

Daniel Moon just dropped a new collection with Reebok that features nine different colorways to choose from (though some of the colors are a part of Reebok’s exclusive access program), and are a reflection of the hair stylist’s creative and artsy side. The Solar Green iteration that we have listed is for everyone regardless of membership status and still has multiple sizes available. 

BUY NOW, $100
7. Reebok Pump Omni Zone II NERF Light Jammer Orange
Reebok Pump Omni Zone II NERF Light Jammer Orange

Release Date: June 2021

Reebok and NERF is another dope summer collaboration, and this one is our favorite for purely nostalgic reasons. The Nickelodeon colors are an instant time machine that takes us back to the early 2000s and seemed to resonate well with the Reebok community as they were another colorway that sold out within the first couple of days of their release. We’ve got you covered though—you can find them below.

8. Reebok Question Low “Glitch”
Reebok Question Low “Glitch”

Released in April, we really enjoyed this release because it reminded us a lot of early 2000s sneaker culture in terms of its design and colors. Allen Iverson has done a great job of making his shoe modernized, while still staying true to his personal style, and what made his sneakers so great, to begin with. Definitely check this out if you are looking for a simple sneaker that still stands out.

BUY NOW, $132
9. Hot Ones x Reebok “Spicy and Icy”
Hot Ones x Reebok “Spicy and Icy”

These still remain one of our favorite releases of 2021. A fiery colorway designed to represent the “Last Dab Apollo Sauce,” the “spicy” edition of this two-part release brought the heat with its fire hydrant red upper, and yellow outsole. It’s not often that we see Reebok go super bold in terms of colors, so this was definitely a welcome sight and something different to start the year.

BUY NOW, $160
10. Reebok More Buckets Men’s Basketball Shoes
Reebok More Buckets Men’s Basketball Shoes

Doesn’t this shoe just make you feel like you’re at Finish Line? While we do enjoy online ordering, nothing beats being able to have an in-store sneaker experience. As far as this recent release, this is a pretty sick drop from Reebok that hit the market about a week ago, and in our opinion, is a perfect shoe for summer hooping. You gotta update the kicks from time to time, and not only are these aesthetically pleasing, but they are also relatively inexpensive.

BUY NOW, $70’s-basketball-shoes%2FGY5473.html%3Fpr%3Dplc_rr%26slot%3D3%26rec%3Dctn
Sneakers Style

5 Sneakers To Watch For The Holiday Weekend

Ladies and gentlemen we are finally getting the White Oreo Jordan 4s. I repeat we are finally getting the White Oreo Jordan 4s. These have been rumored and anticipated for a long time, and I along with many other sneakerheads couldn’t be happier. Aside from the 4s, we also have some other dope releases to look forward to this Fourth of July weekend (wow it’s really the 4th of July), but if I am being completely honest, my favorite drops came out earlier this week. While I wouldn’t rank the Power Rangers x Reebok collab above the “White Oreos,” I would say they are pretty darn close (if you haven’t already, make sure you check the collection out). That said, there’s still quite a bit to be excited about, so let’s see what we’ve got this weekend.

1. Jordan 4 White Oreo
Jordan 4 White Oreo

Release Date: 7/3

Let’s just start with the obvious. I’m going to call these the Chick-Fil-A Cookies and Cream milkshake sneakers. That sounds appropriate right? Anyway, I’ve already expressed my excitement over these shoes dropping, so I won’t bore you again with the same spiel. However, I will say that these sneakers having a release date is only half the battle, as we still actually have to get them. This is going to be a fight that will to come down to sheer luck. So make you set your alarms, have a good breakfast, and get ready.

BUY NOW, $273
2. Adidas WMNS NMD R1 White Ambient Sky

Release Date: 7/1

Okay I know this is technically a Thursday release, but I like these a lot. The soft sky blue theme seems to be one of the current sneaker trends, and in my opinion, the NMD R1s have always had an “ethereal” appearance to them. While not the most dynamic out of all of the weekend releases, I think they still standout in their own way. Plus if you are anything like me, then that means your sneaker closet is one full of variety. Not every sneaker is meant for everyday wear, and these are perfect for a casual day.

BUY NOW, $110
3. Jordan Delta 2 Cerulean Blue
Jordan Delta 2 Cerulean Blue

Release Date: 7/2

Are these my personal favorites for this weekend? No. Could they potentially be yours? Well that depends on what you are feeling sneaker wise at the moment. Right now I am on my “simplicity” kick, and these are a little much for me (both design and color), but for avid sneakerheads itching for a new pickup I imagine these will be on the checklist at some point. Nike has three different Delta 2s dropping this weekend, so if you aren’t feeling the Cerulean Blue, then maybe check out the Regal Pink or White Royal iterations.

BUY NOW, $324
4. Haribo x Puma Suede
Haribo x Puma

Release Date: 7/2

It would be a flat out lie if I told you that these didn’t peak my curiosity. I don’t include Puma releases as often as I should, and I’m going to work to incorporate them more when they drop on weekends. The colors are pretty unique in this Haribo collection (especially the green and orange cream colors), and they look like, well…candy. Honestly, I think this drop would have been perfect for the holiday season (especially because of the suede component), but I digress. I’d like to see the types of looks people create with these, so if you happen to pick up a pair let me know!

BUY NOW, $80
5. Reebok x Power Rangers
Reebok x Power Rangers

Release Date: 7/1

Okay I’m going to break the rules once again by doing a sneaker that has already been released. I’m sorry but there is just no way I was going to leave this one off. The entire collection is dope, but do you see these?! I have never seen a sneaker like this before in my life. It literally looks like something out of an action movie. The fact that technology has progressed to the point where a sneaker with these kinds of features can even be made in the first place is incredible. I’m definitely adding this one to my collection for sure.

BUY NOW, $120

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Stadium Goods and Chaco Team Up To Release Limited Edition Slides

Stadium Goods and Chaco have teamed up to release a new, limited edition of the legendary Chillo slides once again. Dubbed the “Bits & Bobs,” these Chillos are the second iteration of the brands’ collaboration and are designed for store runs, lounging, pools, or any other casual activity in which you want to be comfy and stylish. The “Bits & Bobs” edition of the Chillos pays tribute to early 1990s sportswear culture and features cushioned footbed contoured LUVSEAT™ arch-support.

Stadium Goods
“Bits & Bobs” Slides

Additional features include a red and yellow adjustable nylon Z/ Strap with white Stadium Goods branding on the left sandal, a teal and purple Z/ Strap with the same white and black Stadium Goods branding on the right sandal, an EVA outsole to help ensure durability, as well as an EVA foam midsole that allows the sandals to float in water. 

ONE37pm recently spoke with Greig Bennett, VP of Brand Creative and head designer at Stadium Goods, to discuss the design process behind the shoe, and how this iteration of the slides differs from the first.

ONE37pm: You all just released a new, limited edition version of the iconic Chillo Slides called the “Bits & Bobs” Chillos, can you talk a bit about how exciting this is?

Bennett: It’s very exciting. I’ve been a fan of the brand for a long time, and when the Chillo slide came out, it felt like the right item to collaborate on. Both brands are unique and iconic in their fields, and we’ve been really pleased with the response to the products.

ONE37pm: What was the design process like in terms of crafting this shoe?

Bennett: It was awesome. Chaco’s design and development team are rock stars and it was a really fun silhouette to work with.

Stadium Goods
“Bits & Bobs” Slides

ONE37pm: How does this iteration differ from the first?

Bennett: This iteration encompasses many ideas into one and highlights the construction of the shoes by having a double-sided strap. “Bits & Bobs” is meant to be more of a statement, whereas the first slides, the “Whiteout” and “Blackout,” were low-key.

ONE37pm: Was there anything specific from the 90s “Bits & Bobs” channel that was a source of inspiration?

Bennett: The specific inspiration was ‘90s rainwear and outdoor apparel. The bright colors, color blocking, and mix and match vibe were a leftover of the ‘80s, combined with the cleaner, sleeker feel that the ‘90s brought.

ONE37pm: This collaboration has been great so far! What else can we expect down the line?

Bennett: Chaco has been a great partner and a pleasure to work with. There’s nothing specific we can share today, but Stadium Goods and STADIUM will continue to drop hot products through 2021 and beyond.

You can purchase the “Bits & Bobs” Chillo Slides via Stadium Goods official website.