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5 Sneakers To Watch Out For This Weekend

What’s up sneaker family! Glad to be back to you guys! We’ve got a lot going on this week in terms of sneaker updates. Of course the NBA is back, which means new drops from some of your favorite players, and we’re rounding out October for what is going to be the start of the holiday season. I’m excited and I know you guys are. So let’s jump into these announcements.

The Wild Collective
The Wild Collective Capsule

First up, The Wild Collective, a female-owned, Las Vegas-based apparel company recently announced its exclusive, limited edition, sustainable collection designed for The Las Vegas Raiders. The drop featured six styles rooted in Las Vegas with designs made specifically with Raiders fans in mind. This is The Wild Collective’s first NFL drop, in addition to recent launches with the NBA, WNBA, MLB, the Las Vegas Golden Knights and multiple college teams, which you can check out via their website.

Billionaire Boys Club

Next we have another exciting launch from Billionaire Boys Club, and it’s just in time for spooky season. A playful take on iconic graphics from the brands such as the helmet head and coneman, the Billionaire Boys Club Skull Starfield Tee and ICECREAM Coneman Skull Tee are now available for purchase for $50 on the website

Alright now let’s jump into the sneaker we’ve got this weekend. 

1. Saquon Barkley x Nike Air Trainer 3
Saquon Barkley x Nike Air Trainer 3

Release Date:  10/22

I don’t think I have ever included a signature release from an NFL player, and honestly that’s shameful on my part. So I’m going to change that today. Saquon is putting his twist on the classic trainers and I’m personally feeling it. There is something about this shoe that reminds me a little of the Jordan 4 “Sails” which I have never been able to get my hands on. The color scheme is nice, and the neutral tones make it pairable with virtually anything. Sick if you ask me.

BUY NOW, $495
2. Nike Lebron 19 “Bred”
Nike Lebron 19 “Bred”

Release Date: 10/22

Okay Bron! We’re starting the season off with simplicity. A solid black and red sneaker with a hint of silver is a classic basketball look. This shoe screams “hooper” and “avid fan of basketball.” I’ve never owned a pair of 19s so I’m curious to know if these can also be used as performance sneakers. Can you play in these? Please let me know if you’ve had experience!

BUY NOW, $258
3. Nike SB Dunk High “Strawberry Cough”
Nike SB Dunk High “Strawberry Cough”

Release Date: 10/22

You know those candies that grandmothers have in their pocketbooks that are really good? I think this is the best way to describe this shoe. These remind me of those strawberry filled candy buds (you guys know what I’m talking about), and this sneaker could also serve as a holiday shoe because of the green and red colorway. Multipurpose sneakers are the best.

BUY NOW, $250
Air Jordan 36 “Psychic Energy”
Air Jordan 36 “Psychic Energy”

Release Date: 10/22

I must admit that I’m curious to know what this “psychic energy” is about. What is the Jordan Brand predicting for our futures? Is it looking fly? Guess we’ll have to find out, but in the meantime I think this is a good pickup if you don’t already own a similar colorway.

BUY NOW, $238
5. Pyer Moss x Reebok Experiment 4 “Emergency”
Pyer Moss x Reebok Experiment 4 “Emergency”

Release Date: 10/23

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Reebok has arguably had the most progressive releases of 2021. They’ve taken a lot of risks in terms of their colorways, and have teamed up with collaborators that have had similar visions. This Pyer Moss x Reebok drop is another example of that. You won’t find another sneaker on the current market that looks exactly like this, and it’s definitely very couture with an edge of street.

BUY NOW, $250

That’s gonna do it for today, but before we go we have one final announcement. Make sure you check out CASETiFY as they just released their tech capsule collection on October 14 that you should definitely check out. The collection comes from Market’s groundbreaking approach to street style inspired by pop-culture, street art, and the gritty retail style of New York’s Canal Street. This collaboration includes fan-favorite designs such as the face-melting Acid House Smiley, legendary Market Basketball, and Jeff Gluck’s timeless ‘Call My Lawyer’ slogan on CASETiFY’s signature Impact and Ultra Impact Cases starting at $40 USD.


Fans can also customize their Market Smiley Case and Floral Monogram Case by adding their name or initials to the design for a personal touch. You can check it out here.

See y’all next week.

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FILA and Sprite Collaborate on Special-Edition Grant Hill Footwear and Apparel

Life is all about full-circle moments, and today we have another one. Do you remember back in the day when Grant appeared in a series of Sprite commercials throughout the ’90s? Well, the two are linking back up once again to launch a limited-edition FILA Grant Hill x Sprite Set which consists of a two-piece capsule sneaker and shorts set that pays homage to those iconic 90s ads. In celebration of this special release, this new FILA and Sprite campaign offers a fresh twist on the classic spot from 1995 with an updated 2021 spin. 

Now 26 years later, the Hall of Famer and seven-time All-Star is appearing once again wearing the Grant Hill 1, his first signature silhouette with FILA, but this time around with a specialized Sprite treatment.

FILA x Grant Hill

The Grant Hill 1 x Sprite ($140) features reflective detailing throughout and Sprite-inspired graphics. The silhouette’s colorway mixes white, blue, and Sprite’s iconic green hue. Design elements include embroidered logos, as well as Sprite branding on the tongue, heel, sock liner, and outsole beneath the ice rubber. Additional details include pull tabs on the tongue and heel, and a padded tongue and collar. Rounding out the silhouette is a perforated toe box. 

FILA x Grant Hill

The Grant Hill x Sprite Short ($68) features the Sprite and Grant Hill logos, created in a color palette that ties back to the sneaker. Additional design details include striped and solid trims.

This exciting announcement is just in time for the start of the NBA season today where you can also catch Grant as an analyst on NBA TV.

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Sitting Down with a Custom Sneaker Designer: A Conversation with Sierato

You’ve seen his kicks on the court as RJ Barrett goes in for that dunk against the Atlanta Hawks or as Ja Morant tears up the hardwood for the Grizzlies. Although you might not know much about who stands behind the shoe, you best believe that his one-of-a-kind custom shoes caught your eye at one point during the game. 

Introducing the talent behind it all: Cory Bailey, known as Sierato by fans and his nearly 300k following on IG. I had the chance to speak with Bailey about how he began his journey into the sneaker world, how he continues to spark his creativity, and what he has on deck.

The Starting Point:

Bailey tells me that he’s “always been into art,” adding, “I’ve always drawn and done all that kind of stuff, so I have always wanted to find a way to have my job be something art-related.” He could never quite figure out how to take that starving artist mentality and morph it into a full-time career. As he continued on his path, he started studying with a plan of obtaining his art degree. Mid-degree, he had a light bulb moment: school is simply an unnecessary step, because art needs time in the game, not a degree. 

Bailey joined forces with the tattoo industry. From the moment he set up shop, his custom work took off as he spent his free time designing “flash designs on the walls,” which were mostly designed in a new-school style. “Colors and fantastical animals have always been something I’ve been into.” At the time, his love for art was sourced through ink, which soon was combined with his love for shoes. 

Sierato started investing in white canvas Converses and Nikes. When he’d finish a pair, he put them on display at his tattoo chair, sparking the “Tattoos 4 Shoes” brand. By word of mouth, his shoes circulated tons of interest in the area. “I never painted before, I was always a sketchbook kind of person.” Funny enough, “the apprenticeship had me paint and airbrush,” unwillingly. Little did Sierato know this experience would soon be an essential aspect of his next project.

Bailey & The Kiosk: A Transition

Still living in his hometown, Baltimore, Maryland, a friend approached Bailey to join him in his new venture: a clothing brand sold at a kiosk at the mall. Bailey was in. 

As the stop started to pick up traction, Bailey and his business partner had rules to be met. The mall required that no shelves were left empty. Cory instantly “went home, grabbed his few pairs of custom shoes and put them on display.” These former placeholders turned into the talk of the town. Local business owners, managers, and mall patrons wanted in. 

As he got his first couple of orders, he’d “paint them at the stand and it would cause tons of commotion.” In no time, he was designing cleats for third-stringer athletes in the NFL, working events for Nordstrom, and gaining tons of fans.  

“One of the guys had a connection where he knew someone who was the first stringer, and then I ended up doing a pair of cleats for him and those got put on NFL’s top cleats of the week.” Bailey’s hesitance to join the art scene vanished shortly after, allowing him to jump full force into designing custom sneakers for a living. 

At this point, Bailey tells me he was setting up shop “in my bedroom, then I moved to the porch and then the shed out back,” biding time until a studio was a manageable investment. While the orders flooded in, he joined Youtube and got involved with Overtime. Youtube “really blew up everything. In just two days, my second video hit 1 million views.” And from that moment on, the Sierato name flourished.

The Creative Process:

Creating shoes for all his favorite celebrities, pro-athletes and even hip-hop stars has its pros and cons. From an artist’s standpoint, creativity is key. As someone who focuses heavily on his art form, it’s important to understand the creative process. “There are three categories that every project falls into it,” Bailey tells me in regard to what kind of direction he’s given from a client. 

No External Creative Direction

  • This is likely to happen when given more corporate projects. The sky is not the limit in these scenarios, and it’s almost impossible to get it exactly how they want it in that it is very to the point. 

The Client Picks the Topic

  • The majority of people tend to go this route when getting sneakers made. “They will pick something sort of specific,” whether it’s gaming-related, Rick and Morty themed, you name it, and then “I’ll run with it.”

The Artist is Given Full Creative Freedom

  • This is the way any artist prefers it. There are very few instances when Sierato is given full creative freedom with a piece. In this category, even if the client doesn’t know exactly what they want, they still tend to usually give some preferences—especially based on his past shoes. This is the most symbiotic approach and gives the artist the most wiggle room.
Pushing the Creative Boundaries:

The way to put your imagination to the ultimate test is by seeing how far you can push your creative boundaries. “More often than not, that is the battle. I am always trying to change up styles, backgrounds, poses, anything that can add a little difference to my work.” Space Jam, Dragon Ball Z, they all want what they have seen. When Sierato is given a task to do his signature blue and lightning style, that is when he is faced with the challenge to combine it with something else. 

What’s To Come

Behind the scenes, Sierato and his team have been working on a few new activations. These will be focused solely on seeing a “more personal and in front of the camera” Sierato. One such plan takes the form of a forthcoming podcast “Made To Order,” which will be all about what the audience “wants us to talk about, what they want us to share, made to order from the listeners.” 

To increase Youtube engagement, there will be new series launched shortly. Sierato will be sharing live interviews, unboxing rare sneakers, giving sneaker tutorials and more. Currently, viewers take Sierato’s videos as tutorials, so to build on that element, he’ll start producing step-by-step tutorials filled with tips and tricks to his art.

Are you still participating in events?

Events are a large part of Sierato’s sneaker journey: “It allows me to take a break from staring at the studio walls all day.” He frequents events like Vegas Summer League, Puma, and Footlocker events to name a few.

Sierato currently works in partnership with St. Jude’s Children Hospital. He tells me, “It is easy to go out of our way and work with them,” especially seeing the facilities and immaculate care they provide their patients. “I like to ride or die for the guys that ride for me. If you gave me that shot, I’m going to pull through for you guys.” 

Since the partnership, team Sierato and St. Jude have even launched a unique 1-of-1 NFT in collaboration with James Wiseman.

A Couple Fun Questions to Close it Out:

If you only had three work items to bring to your studio, what would they be? 

A paintbrush, more specifically, “probably a thinner type paintbrush.” Also some paint, and then if we aren’t counting the shoe itself, a heat gun “that way the paint can dry quicker.” 

What is your favorite pair of kicks for the season?

“Definitely a tie between two of them.” The Ja Morant Grizzly Nike Adapts and the Harden Nipsy shoes, for a tribute anniversary. Morant got some playoff action in them and Nipsy for the dunk. “I believe, if you look good, you play good,” so the ones that always see the light of day creep to the top of the list. 

Do you rep your shoes?

“I rep my shoes, but I never have time to make them for myself.” Thankfully, with a solid collection of kicks, Sierato has a few pairs on deck. “I wear my basketball shoes when I take to the court; it’s important to show people that you can wear them and they won’t fall apart.” A lot of clients believe that it’s better to keep them wrapped up on display, but in reality, that is why Sierato spent years of trial and error, to get to where he is today.

Check out Sierato’s IG to stay up to date on his newest content, custom kicks, and latest projects as they come to life. 

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13 Halloween Sneakers to Buy This Spooky Season

The end of October is all about one thing: Halloween. The holiday is the manifestation of fears, with costumes and celebrations yearning to stand out from the crowd or the ordinary. Whether you’re pulling up to a haunted house or frantically trying to find an outfit for your company’s Halloween party, we got you covered on the best sneakers to wear for Halloween.

From classic Air Jordan 1s to OG Nike SB Dunks, take a look at the 13 best sneakers to get your spook on.

1. Nike SB Dunk Low “Freddy Krueger”

The Nike SB Dunk Low was the embodiment of the mid- to late 2000s sneaker craze. The Nightmare on Elm Street homage continues to be one of the rarest sneakers to exist. Splattered blood. Striped upper. Metallic Swoosh. This pair is to die for—literally.

StockX, $12,851
2. Air Jordan 1 “Satin Shattered Backboard”

The Air Jordan 1 is a certified classic. The sneaker, popularized by the one and only Michael Jordan, gets dipped in Halloween hues. Although the pair is a women’s exclusive, the shoe is a must-have for anyone. Whether trick-or-treating or pumpkin hunting, this AJ1 is perfect for the holiday.

GOAT, $685
3. OFF-WHITE x Nike Blazer Mid “All Hallows Eve”

Virgil Abloh and OFF-WHITE continue to co-create on the best shoes on the market. Abloh deconstructs the Nike Blazer Mid and brings it back to life with a vanilla upper and orange complements. The extended perforated tongue is all about comfort. Simplistic by Abloh’s standards, this Blazer is a Halloween must.

GOAT, $750
4. The Nightmare Before Christmas x Vans Sk8-Hi “Jack’s Lament”

You can never go wrong with a Vans Sk8-Hi. Especially if it’s based on The Nightmare Before Christmas. The collaboration with Disney brings Jack Skellington back to life across the upper. The pair captures his famous “Jack Lament’s” scene in one of Disney’s spookiest animated movies. The pair also glows in the dark. *Add to cart.*

Vans, $75
5. Nike Air Force 1 Low “Skeleton”

A white-on-white Air Force 1 is great for any occasion. When it comes to Halloween, the Swoosh is always bringing treats on top of the iconic silhouette. This AF1 definitely ensures that there’s heat on your feet. From its glow-in-the-dark outsole to the bones on the side panels that wrap around the upper, this pair is bad to the bone.

GOAT, $235
6. Nike SB Dunk Low “Day of the Dead”

You can’t have a Halloween sneakers list without the fan-favorite Nike SB Dunk Low “Day of the Dead.” Although the pair is not as limited as the “Freddy Krueger” iteration, this Nike SB Dunk Low captures the essence of the holiday to the same degree. From the skeletons to the color palette, we’re screaming for Nike to re-release these.

GOAT, $3,750
7. Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard”
Jordan Brand

In case you’re not a fan of the satin iteration, the Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard” OG is just for you. Arguably one of the best colorways his Airness never wore, the AJ1 “Shattered Backboard” is the perfect substitute for a costume. As scary as the price tag may seem, this Halloween-certified colorway is a staple in your wardrobe.

GOAT, $890
8. Supreme x Vans Sk8-Hi “Glow-in-the-Dark Skull Pile”

Supreme and Vans joined forces on a menacing Vans Sk8-Hi. The skull pile graphic not only looks deep into your soul but also glows in the dark. Whether you’re a hypebeast or not, this is a relatively inexpensive flex to have in your sneaker rotation.

GOAT, $230
9. Puma Clyde Court Disrupt “X-RAY”

Puma Basketball has risen back from the depths of its history to become a relevant basketball performance brand once again. The PUMA Clyde Court Disrupt “X-RAY” gives you an extremely in-depth look at what’s on your feet. Topped off with orange laces, this pair is great for both and off the court.

GOAT, $170
10. Nike Air Max 90 “Ice Halloween”

The Nike Air Max 90 “Ice Halloween” perfectly lives up to its name. The iced-out bottom in combination with a fiery orange finish across the entirety of the shoe is pure money. A mashup of leather and suede on the upper really makes the pair stand out in a haunting fashion.

GOAT, $600
11. Dunk Low SB ‘Mummy’
Nike SB “Mummy”

Dunks have been one of the top sellers of 2021, so perhaps consider picking up the Nike SB “Mummy” lows for the spooky season. Crafted to look like a literal mummy with its rugged design, this shoe gets you right into the spirit. It is a little on the pricey side, however, it could be a great investment down the line.

BUY NOW, $825
12. Nike Air Foamposite Pro ‘Halloween’ Mens Sneakers
Nike Foams

Very Halloween-esque if you ask us. It’s very much giving haunted house and cornfield maze vibes. Also, this is still considered a newer sneaker as it was only released last fall, meaning that it doesn’t have an “outdated” look.

BUY NOW, $229
13. Vans Halloween
Vans Sneaker Collection

Since you kind of need to have Halloween sneakers before Halloween, we’ll include an upcoming release. Vans and Warner Bros. Consumer Products are continuing their celebration of spooky classics with exclusive prints and patterns available only on the Vans’ Customs platform. There’s plenty of option here as there are tons to choose from, so make sure you snag your pair at

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Adidas Taps Bionic Model and Singer Marsha Elle For New AFROPUNK Campaign

Following a successful release in June, AFROPUNK and adidas have once again collaborated on an inspired release of the TRIPLE PLATFORUM, and this time around they are tapping bionic model, singer, and motivational speaker Marsha Elle as the face of adidas Originals + AFROPUNK’s ‘Live the F@%k Out Loud’ campaign.

adidas Afropunk

‘Live the F@%k Out Loud’ embraces non-conformity and living unapologetically, which represents Marsha to the fullest. The new TRIPLE PLATFORUM sneaker also mirrors these values through its aesthetic, reimagining the iconic triple platform design with AFROPUNK’s sleek black & white silhouette, which also represents the brand’s non-conformist spirit.

Never letting anything, anybody, or any obstacle stand in her way, Marsha has refused to let any setback pull her back transforming her lifelong condition into a power. From notching her first hit “Hallelujah” at 17 to becoming a leader in the body positivity movement, and now working towards using her experiences to empower others. Marsha is the perfect brand ambassador and role model. We spoke to Marsha about what it means to be a part of this campaign.

ONE37pm: Congratulations on becoming the face of adidas Originals + AFROPUNK’s ‘Live the F@%k Out Loud’ campaign! What has this experience been like for you? 

Marsha: The experience was amazing; in particular I really dug the concept, because it aligns with my own values of living unapologetically. Working with the director was awesome too. Glad to be a part of it!

Marsha Elle

ONE37pm: What does “Living the F@%k Out Loud” mean to you, and how do you personally embody that in your life and career?

Marsha: It means to be free and limitless—whenever I feel like I am not challenging myself, I push harder. That’s part of the reason why I am exploring so many different avenues at the moment in my creative range. For my community, for the disabled community—I go hard for them and myself. That’s Living the F@%k Out Loud. 

ONE37pm: You are truly a quadruple threat! You model, sing, you’re a motivational speaker, and completing your nurse practitioner l degree! How does each of these fulfill you?

Marsha: I try to only engage in things I am passionate about and are of service to others. I want to leave a positive impact on the world—a legacy.

I am no longer pursuing medicine but going off the last question, I’m currently healing in art, music, fashion, and activism, where I think I can make the biggest difference. 

ONE37pm: adidas represents many of the values and traits that you have. How has it been being a part of the adidas family?

Marsha: adidas is a brand that is embedded in the culture; from Run DMC to Yeezy, to this collaboration with AFROPUNK. I’m elated to have been a part of this historic campaign, especially one that focuses on self-love and empowerment. 

adidas Triple Platform

ONE37pm: Last but not least—there are a lot of people that look up to you and want to be able to do some of the things that you are doing. What is your advice to them?

Marsha:  My advice is simple but important: be authentic to yourself. That will make your reach and interaction with your audience genuine and sustainable.

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Revisiting 8 NBA Players’ Best Sneaker Moments This Season

It’s time to talk, sneakers. As the NBA season is at its close, there is truly no better time than for us to highlight the kicks that dominated the court over the past season. 

If you are anywhere close to a sneakerhead, you know that basketball season is prime time for all things athlete-related. From partnerships to ranking in the most shots per game, these players know how to use the court to their full advantage. 

As we scrimmage through the legendary plays by some of the most elite players of the game, it is hard for us sneakerheads to keep our eyes off Devin Booker’s custom purple Kobe 6 Protros and Jayson Tatum’s Air Jordan XXXVI’s. The majority of these sneakers are limited edition, player exclusive (PE), or custom-made. That said, it is only in our best interest as sneakerheads to get a bit of background on who, what and why these 8 elite players are rocking the coolest kicks ever to hit the hardwood floor.

1. Devin Booker
Christian Petersen / Getty Images

Devin Booker’s kicks were a hot topic of the Finals, as he donned the model for the entirety of the playoffs and Finals. 

Let’s just say that these shoes were complete standouts from the moment he walked on the court. They are purple Kobe 6 Protros that have “Be Legendary” written on them. Unfortunately, they are not for sale since they are Player Exclusive (PE). You can purchase the Nike Kobe 6’s in other color-ways—available on resale websites, including Goat, StockX, and more.

Shop Kobe 6s
2. PJ Tucker

Known as the biggest sneakerhead of the league is the one and only PJ Tucker. Tucker played last season for the Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA Champions of the 2020-2021 season. His sneaker game is so on point and so immense that it outgrew his house enough for him to have his very own ‘Sneaker Loft’ in Houston, Texas, when he was playing for the Houston Rockets.

In the most recent 2021 season, Tucker has wore a new pair every game. The main reason lies in the direct contact Tucker has with the Nike Basketball Team to create his series of sneakers. This two-part sneaker run is motivated by the most influential parts of his life, from Kanye West albums (pictured above) to his past basketball experiences. “To understand me, you gotta understand my story,” Tucker said on Instagram. Each pair of his custom sneaker collection is a part of a larger story, his story.

3. Kyrie Irving
Steven Ryan / Getty Images

Take a look at the Nike Kyrie 7 “Weatherman.” These kicks are a red, green, and yellow colorway featuring a heat map design on the sneaker’s heel. The sneaker pays homage to his teammate on the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, who in 2011 launched the Nike KD 4 “Weatherman” inspired by his dream of becoming a weatherman before his entrance to the NBA. Irving’s sneakers are for sale on Nike for a retail price of $130. The recently released shoe is the 7th shoe of Irving’s collection.  

Shop Kyrie 7s
Lebron James

Legendary Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James tends to tear up the court with extremely dope kicks on a game-to-game basis. Usually, LeBron wears different pairs with no rotation present. One of his most recent stunners was the Nike LeBron 18 ‘Los Angeles By Night.’ Like PJ Tucker and many other all-stars, this player took on the inspiration of his home court—Los Angeles, California. The “vibrant pink Knitposite 2.0 upper is paired with a dark-hued graphic wrap inspired by LA’s night lights, which sits beneath a translucent, durable heel clip,” explained Nike. These sneakers are available for resale. 

shop now
Donovan Mitchell

Now, this is a trio if we have ever seen one; Adidas Basketball, Donovan Mitchell and Crayola partnered up to design the sequel collection of the D.O.N. Issue #2. His creativity and childhood upbringing directly influenced the series. Mitchell’s mother, an elementary school teacher, plays a large part in his life, inspiring him to create and appreciate the gift of education. This sneaker was Mitchell’s way of stressing the importance of always expressing creativity, on and off the court. 

The fine details of the shoe represent each aspect of his creativity. From the “Free to Create” message on the shoelaces to the Crayola logo imprinted on the bottom of the sneaker, the shoe is definitely a winner in the sneaker world. 

The D.O.N. Issue #2 is currently being sold in multiple colorways—$100, retail.

shop now
Jayson Tatum

The Air Jordan XXXVI had its debut back in May 2021 when Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics wore them during a shootaround before their game against the Brooklyn Nets. The new editions of the series are by no means jaw-dropping, but overall provide a fresh look to the collection. Purple and bright orange are the primary color-ways with a pattern to accent the silhouette. As they are a top choice, the inspiration remains unknown. 

shop now
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

Peep Giannis Antetokounmpo’s kicks as he is rocked the newest colorway of the Nike Zoom Freak 2, a continuation of Nike’s ‘Play to the Future’ series—Nike’s commitment to the generations to follow. 

Word on the street, this two-tone color-way is superior in the sneakerhead world due to its extreme detail. The purple and neon green mix highlights the camouflage pattern, exaggerated logo and shades of sapphire and light smoke color. In total, all of these kicks’ factors make up the perfect recipe for a dominant sneaker.

shop now
RJ Barrett

New York Knicks player RJ Barrett was seen wearing the Puma Clyde All-Pros in Game 2 of the 2021 Eastern Conference playoffs. We couldn’t tell you if it is fate, but these were the kicks that could be coined as the lucky token to the Knicks winning their first playoff game in 8 years on home court at Madison Square Garden. The shoe’s base design is the classic Puma sneaker with a special touch by artist, Cory Bailey. Bailey designed the shoes to describe Barrett perfectly. From the maple leaves, repping his Canadian nationality to “No talk, just action” quoted on the heel—these shoes go hard. 

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The 12 Best Adidas Collaborations To Buy Now

Last week we covered some of the best Nike collaborations to drop in recent history, so that means now we have to do Adidas right? There is often an argument in the world of sports apparel about which brand is bigger or has more influence. Whatever your stance might be, you have to admit that the Adidas name holds a ton of weight as they currently have the bragging right for partnerships with Kanye West, Beyoncé, and Pharrell to name a few, plus a heavily loaded roster of great athletes representing them. Similar to the Nike article, we’ll be looking at some of the best Adidas collaborations out there, while also giving our favorite selections from each specific partnership. Sound good? Bet.

1. Yeezy x adidas
Yeezy x adidas

This is an obvious one right? Like them or not, Yeezys have had a profound impact on the sneaker community since 2013. Now Ye wasn’t a total newbie to the sneaker collaboration game having previously worked with brands such as Nike and LVMH, and quickly proceeded to take things to the next level almost immediately upon signing his Adidas deal. Yeezys aren’t just sneakers, they are a part of the culture, and while it’s hard to say for sure what the best Yeezys of all time are, any variation of the 350s could have a solid case (we can’t count the ones he released with Nike even though those are technically Yeezys as well). We’ll go with the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Mono Ice” as those are one of our favorites.

BUY NOW, $274
2. Pharrell x adidas
Pharrell x adidas

Since we’re on the topic of musicians we can jump right on over to Pharrell. Pharrell’s shoes are a reflection of who he has been as both an artist and producer—creative, innovative, and unique. Pharrell releases pretty frequently with Adidas as well, and has been with the brand since 2014. For Skateboard P’s collab we’ll go with the HU NMD casual shoes. The bright orange color is an instant attention grabber, and one of our favorites in the Pharrell x Adidas collection.

BUY NOW, $220
3. BAPE x adidas
BAPE x adidas

Who doesn’t love a good military-themed shoe? We rock with it heavy over here, and always appreciate when BAPE and Adidas link up. Maybe we are a tad bit biased since we own a pair of the “Camos” ourselves, but this definitely our favorite release so far from this partnership. The Superstars are already a vintage classic, but the added army/camouflage touch is the perfect chef’s kiss. Do you own a pair? Let us know what you think.

BUY NOW, $174
4. Dame Lillard x adidas
Dame Lillard x adidas

Okay we’re going to take things up a notch and head over into some of the sports collaborations. Adidas is underrated in this department in our opinion, as some of their shoe releases with athletes don’t always command the attention they deserve. One of those collabs is Adidas’ partnership with Damian Lillard. Dame has a great lineup of sneakers that highlight not just who he is on the court as a fierce competitor, but also his musician side. Our selection is the Dame 7 LNY shoes, which have become one of Dame’s biggest sellers. The shoe was inspired by the Lunar New Year, and were specifically designed to represent Dame Time, which is a common phrase referring to his innate clutch ability.

BUY NOW, $145
5. Derrick Rose x adidas
Derrick Rose x adidas

Derrick Rose is another one who’s collection has been vastly underrated. D. Rose has some killer shoes that you should definitely check out if you are looking for a new sneaker to add to your closet, and his releases are very similar to his overall persona as an athlete—quiet but lethal. There’s plenty of shoes available to choose from in his collection with Adidas, and which sneaker you select is all about what you are feeling at the moment. Rose has a shoe for everyone, but we recommend the “Scarlet” sneakers from last year.

BUY NOW, $120
6. Run DMC x adidas
Run DMC x adidas

You can’t leave out the historic hip-hop group that made “My Adidas.” You just can’t. This might be the most fitting collaboration to happen in the history of, well…ever, and the two dropped a commemorative 50th anniversary sneaker that paid homage to the legendary group, and their sneaker style (Run DMC was known for wearing shell-toe sneakers without laces). You can still find this special edition sneaker for a reasonable price on secondary outlets such as GOAT and StockX.

BUY NOW, $67
7. Alexander Wang x adidas
Alexander Wang x adidas

It’s Alexander Wang. That in itself is enough of a statement, but in case you need a refresher, Alexander Wang and Adidas have come together on multiple occasions to drop a wide variety of sneakers ranging from standard trainers to skate shoes. It’s always nice when the worlds of high fashion and streetwear combine, and every sneaker from this partnership has been cutting edge while still staying true to their individual brand styles. We haven’t included a skate shoe yet, so we’ll suggest the Alexander Wang x Skate Super Super Core Black sneakers from 2018.

BUY NOW, $380
8. Beyonce x adidas
Beyonce x adidas

Beyonce only has three collections with Adidas (well four if you count this upcoming one on the 22nd), and all three have featured signature sneakers to go along with the apparel drops. The Ivy Park Forum Mid release from February sold out almost immediately, and actually inspired Adidas to release a separate all-white Forum mid about a week later to capitalize on its success. At the moment it’s still unclear if this new drop will include another round of sneakers (it’s supposed to be beach themed), so we’ll have to see.

BUY NOW, $95
9. Simpsons x adidas
Simpsons x adidas

Anything with The Simpsons has us automatically sold. Adidas and The Simpsons have come together on quite a few occasions to release a range of cool colorways. There are plenty of options to choose from if you desire to pick up a pair from this collection. You could go with the Forum Low “Duff Beer” which is a bright red, black, and gold silhouette if you want a bold shoe, or you could opt for something a little more simple such as the “Advantage” Simpson classics. It’s really up to you.

BUY NOW, $169
10. Missoni x Adidas
Missoni x Adidas

With a focus on blending Missoni’s style and aesthetic with Adidas’ performance sport apparel, the two have produced fast-selling collections that have included not just sneakers, but also athletic and casual wear. For some reason, the Ultraboost has been Missoni’s go to choice for their sneaker collaborations (with Pulseboost coming in second), and there’s plenty available on the secondary market for you to check out. We recommend the Missoni x Ultraboost Clime “Multicolor” as it is a total representation of Italian luxury style that we are used to from Missoni.

BUY NOW, $89
11. Bad Bunny x adidas
Bad Bunny x adidas

Bad Bunny’s partnership with the three stripe brand is literally still in its infant stages, with their first official release dropping this past March. It’s always hard to judge how successful a partnership is going to be early on, but all signs currently point to this being a longstanding deal with significant releases. The “Easter Egg” sneakers were pretty dope, and Bad Bunny has at least one more major drop scheduled for the remainder of 2021, so that will be something for Bad Bunny fans to anticipate in the coming months.

BUY NOW, $415
12. Prada x adidas
Prada x adidas

You know what they say—Prada or nada, and apparently Adidas has the same mindset when it comes to their luxury collection. No luxury collaboration is complete without Prada, and Adidas has another slew of sneakers with the brand that just dropped yesterday. The A+P Luna Rossa 21 shoes are available in two brand new colorways, with the option of either black or grey. The shoe itself consists of a PRIMEGREEN upper, a Boost midsole, and a wrap-around outsole providing style and comfort. If you aren’t able to grab a pair, then consider checking out some of their previous drops as they are equally as stunning.

BUY NOW, $450

Sneakers Style

5 Sneakers To Watch Out For This Weekend

What’s going on everybody! We’re back as usual with another roundup of sneakers you should be keeping an eye out for as we approach the end of the week. I think I’m going to start making this part of the blog a dedication section for upcoming sneaker/apparel announcements, and there’s plenty of them this week so let’s see what we’ve got. First up, Oklahoma City Thunder guard, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, featuring a head-turning Pro Leather Ox and Tearaway Chuck 70 Hi.

The former League Fits MVP tapped into his inner designer to conceive special iterations of the Pro Leather Ox and Chuck 70 Hi – and just like Shai’s game, both silhouettes get better with time. We’ll showcase the sneakers below, but we’ve also got another announcement for this week.

Vans is set to drop Vans x Horror, a new capsule celebrating some of the scariest icons of Warner Bros. most memorable horror films — The Exorcist, Friday the 13th, IT, The Lost Boys, Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Shining. We’ll show you guys more of the collection below as well. Alright let’s get into it.

1. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander x Converse
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander x Converse

Release Date: 9/30

I’m sold. These shoes are described as being a “head-turner,” and I would definitely agree. Like I said last week, this time of the year is always my favorite when it comes to sneaker releases because we get exciting fall drops from NBA players to coincide with the start of the season. We also get the benefits of being able to wear these sneakers during some of the nicest weather moments of the year (I.E fall). As mentioned earlier, this is the second installment of the “Chase the Drip” pack, and were designed by Gilgeous-Alexander personally. For this collection you could opt for either the Pro Leather Ox and Chuck 70 Hi (or both). I’m going for the Pro Leather Ox.

2. Vans Horror Collection
Vans Horror Collection

Release Date: 10/01

Ah this is right up my alley. Launching tomorrow, Vans x Horror is adapting the classic horror movies we listed above to a capsule of Vans Classics footwear and signature apparel, offering horror fans everywhere new and sinister styles to relive their favorite frights. Footwear styles include the Vans Era in a classic Checkerboard emblazoned with the iconic red balloons from IT, and the SK8-Hi in an all-over print of The Shining title and handwritten “REDRUM” script across the outsole. The punk vampires of The Lost Boys live on in the UA Style 47 Creeper, and Jason Voorhes haunts a pair of splatter-painted Classic Slip-Ons fit for Friday the 13th. Cool right?

3. Billie Eilish x Air Jordan 15
Billie Eilish x Air Jordan 15

Release Date: 9/30

I know this doesn’t technically qualify as the weekend, but Billie did her thing with these AJ15s. This design is everything that I personally look for in a shoe. It’s creative, unique, and eye-catching. It’s quite possible that these will be all snatched up by the time you read this article, but I think this is absolutely worth a secondary market purchase if you can’t hit in real time. 

BUY NOW, $319
4. adidas Trae Young 1 “Ice Trae”
adidas Trae Young 1 “Ice Trae”

Release Date: 10/01

We’re actually going to have an article tomorrow that details Trae Young’s collection in its entirety, so we won’t spoil too much here. This shoe in particular represents the “ice” component of Trae’s brand completely, and we’re excited to break down the capsule for you guys. So make sure you check back on our website for more details.

BUY NOW, $200
5.Air Jordan 5 “Shattered Backboard”
Air Jordan 5 “Shattered Backboard”

Release Date: 10/02

Putting these on here because I think everyone needs a pair of AJ5s in their closet. You aren’t officially in “sneakerhead” status until you do, so might as well start with this iteration. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you’ll know that I like to include sneaker releases for different levels. Some drops are specifically suited for sneakerheads as they are either collectors items or sneakers that you wear once every so often, while others are perfect for beginners/casual wearers.

In my opinion this qualifies as the latter. Avid sneakerheads probably have more advanced versions of the 5s in their closet, meaning that this is the perfect opportunity for beginner sneakerheads to have a shot at snagging. 

BUY NOW, $204

Alright that’s gonna do it for this week, but before we go we wanted to give a shoutout to STOX energy socks. These are premium, high-performance compression socks, that uses medical technology to stimulate the blood circulation of your feet and legs, STOX Energy socks come in four different categories – Everyday, Sports, Travel, Recovery – and are loved by all athletes, travelers, pregnant women, fashionistas, and movers and shakers with standing and sitting professions alike.

STOX Energy Socks conquered the European market, becoming a staple among Olympic Athletes (check out images HERE and HERE), frequent flyers and everyone looking to improve their athletic performance, recovery time, comfort level and energy while minimizing pain, tired and heavy legs – and still looking fashionable. While most compression socks on the market measure between 15 and 30 mmHG (millimeters of mercury, a measurement of pressure to the legs), all STOX measure between 23-32 mmHG. Now STOX has made it’s way to America for you all to enjoy.


Alright that’s it. See y’all next time!

Sneakers Style

The 10 Best Reebok Sneakers You Can Buy Right Now and Where to Get Them

2021 has been an awesome year for sneaker releases thus far, and while every major brand has dropped heavy hitters that have caused a stir, Reebok has been what we consider the “silent attacker.” From the Dee Brown re-releases to the different variations of the Instapumps, Reebok has been on a roll, and we feel it hasn’t been talked about nearly enough. As we’ve said plenty of times before, you can never go wrong with the classics, and Reebok has plenty of them. While doing a 2021 ranking is something we considered, we also realized that some of those shoes are no longer available. Instead, we’ll be giving you a list of newer releases that you can purchase either through Reebok’s official website, or resellers for a reasonable price. Below are ten of them.

1. Power Rangers F/S Hi Women’s Shoes
Power Rangers F/S Hi Women’s Shoes

Release Date: July 2021

The Power Rangers and Reebok collaboration isn’t being talked about nearly enough in our opinion—especially these. This shoe is progressive, and the technology is incredible with its 3D silver heel clip and color pattern. Additional features include a lace closure with ankle straps, a leather upper, cushioned ankle, and rubber outsole. Definitely check this collection out if you are a Power Rangers fan.

BUY NOW, $120
2. Question Low Basketball Shoes
Question Low Basketball Shoes

Release Date: July 2021

A.I. and Reebok have been busy, to say the least, dropping many different iterations of the classic Question Lows this year. The latest is a Clear White colorway which features an all-white upper and ice blue outsole. Silver and green colorways are also available, however, the green edition is only available to Reebok members. If you find yourself frequently buying Reebok products, then you may want to consider signing up for exclusive releases, discounts, and more.

BUY NOW, $120
3. InstaPump Fury OG “Digital Glow”
InstaPump Fury OG “Digital Glow”

Release Date: March 2021

Cue the evil laboratory vibes. The Digital Glow colorway is up there with some of our favorite releases this year due to their gradient colors, transition effects, and the classic chaotic Instapump design that we all know and love. These sold out quite fast on Reebok upon its release, but you can still find them via reselling websites such as GOAT.

BUY NOW, $120
4. Maison Margiela x Reebok Tabi “Bianchetto”
Maison Margiela x Reebok Tabi “Bianchetto”

Release Date: April 2021

Maison Margiela and Reebok have put out some fire shoes in their collection, and these are among the best. By far the best thing about Margiela and Reebok collaborations have been the blending of luxury style with traditional streetwear, and the “Bianchettos” embodies that to the fullest with their rare design and split toe. Similar to the Instapumps, you can still cop them through resellers.

BUY NOW, $394
5. Ghostbusters x Reebok Instapump Fury
Ghostbusters x Reebok Instapump Fury

Release Date: June 2021

Honestly, Ghostbusters couldn’t have picked a better silhouette than the Instapump Fury for this release. This shoe has all of the classic Ghostbusters colors and logo on top of the traditional Instapump design, and plenty of other cool features that give you a throwback to the 1980s. The Ghostbusters iteration of the Instapumps did as expected, selling out on Reebok about as fast as they were put on the website. Luckily you can still find them on the secondary market.

BUY NOW, $285
6. Daniel Moon Club C Legacy Shoes
Daniel Moon Club C Legacy Shoes

Release Date: July 2021

Daniel Moon just dropped a new collection with Reebok that features nine different colorways to choose from (though some of the colors are a part of Reebok’s exclusive access program), and are a reflection of the hair stylist’s creative and artsy side. The Solar Green iteration that we have listed is for everyone regardless of membership status and still has multiple sizes available. 

BUY NOW, $100
7. Reebok Pump Omni Zone II NERF Light Jammer Orange
Reebok Pump Omni Zone II NERF Light Jammer Orange

Release Date: June 2021

Reebok and NERF is another dope summer collaboration, and this one is our favorite for purely nostalgic reasons. The Nickelodeon colors are an instant time machine that takes us back to the early 2000s and seemed to resonate well with the Reebok community as they were another colorway that sold out within the first couple of days of their release. We’ve got you covered though—you can find them below.

8. Reebok Question Low “Glitch”
Reebok Question Low “Glitch”

Released in April, we really enjoyed this release because it reminded us a lot of early 2000s sneaker culture in terms of its design and colors. Allen Iverson has done a great job of making his shoe modernized, while still staying true to his personal style, and what made his sneakers so great, to begin with. Definitely check this out if you are looking for a simple sneaker that still stands out.

BUY NOW, $132
9. Hot Ones x Reebok “Spicy and Icy”
Hot Ones x Reebok “Spicy and Icy”

These still remain one of our favorite releases of 2021. A fiery colorway designed to represent the “Last Dab Apollo Sauce,” the “spicy” edition of this two-part release brought the heat with its fire hydrant red upper, and yellow outsole. It’s not often that we see Reebok go super bold in terms of colors, so this was definitely a welcome sight and something different to start the year.

BUY NOW, $160
10. Reebok More Buckets Men’s Basketball Shoes
Reebok More Buckets Men’s Basketball Shoes

Doesn’t this shoe just make you feel like you’re at Finish Line? While we do enjoy online ordering, nothing beats being able to have an in-store sneaker experience. As far as this recent release, this is a pretty sick drop from Reebok that hit the market about a week ago, and in our opinion, is a perfect shoe for summer hooping. You gotta update the kicks from time to time, and not only are these aesthetically pleasing, but they are also relatively inexpensive.

BUY NOW, $70’s-basketball-shoes%2FGY5473.html%3Fpr%3Dplc_rr%26slot%3D3%26rec%3Dctn
Sneakers Style

5 Sneakers To Watch For The Holiday Weekend

Ladies and gentlemen we are finally getting the White Oreo Jordan 4s. I repeat we are finally getting the White Oreo Jordan 4s. These have been rumored and anticipated for a long time, and I along with many other sneakerheads couldn’t be happier. Aside from the 4s, we also have some other dope releases to look forward to this Fourth of July weekend (wow it’s really the 4th of July), but if I am being completely honest, my favorite drops came out earlier this week. While I wouldn’t rank the Power Rangers x Reebok collab above the “White Oreos,” I would say they are pretty darn close (if you haven’t already, make sure you check the collection out). That said, there’s still quite a bit to be excited about, so let’s see what we’ve got this weekend.

1. Jordan 4 White Oreo
Jordan 4 White Oreo

Release Date: 7/3

Let’s just start with the obvious. I’m going to call these the Chick-Fil-A Cookies and Cream milkshake sneakers. That sounds appropriate right? Anyway, I’ve already expressed my excitement over these shoes dropping, so I won’t bore you again with the same spiel. However, I will say that these sneakers having a release date is only half the battle, as we still actually have to get them. This is going to be a fight that will to come down to sheer luck. So make you set your alarms, have a good breakfast, and get ready.

BUY NOW, $273
2. Adidas WMNS NMD R1 White Ambient Sky

Release Date: 7/1

Okay I know this is technically a Thursday release, but I like these a lot. The soft sky blue theme seems to be one of the current sneaker trends, and in my opinion, the NMD R1s have always had an “ethereal” appearance to them. While not the most dynamic out of all of the weekend releases, I think they still standout in their own way. Plus if you are anything like me, then that means your sneaker closet is one full of variety. Not every sneaker is meant for everyday wear, and these are perfect for a casual day.

BUY NOW, $110
3. Jordan Delta 2 Cerulean Blue
Jordan Delta 2 Cerulean Blue

Release Date: 7/2

Are these my personal favorites for this weekend? No. Could they potentially be yours? Well that depends on what you are feeling sneaker wise at the moment. Right now I am on my “simplicity” kick, and these are a little much for me (both design and color), but for avid sneakerheads itching for a new pickup I imagine these will be on the checklist at some point. Nike has three different Delta 2s dropping this weekend, so if you aren’t feeling the Cerulean Blue, then maybe check out the Regal Pink or White Royal iterations.

BUY NOW, $324
4. Haribo x Puma Suede
Haribo x Puma

Release Date: 7/2

It would be a flat out lie if I told you that these didn’t peak my curiosity. I don’t include Puma releases as often as I should, and I’m going to work to incorporate them more when they drop on weekends. The colors are pretty unique in this Haribo collection (especially the green and orange cream colors), and they look like, well…candy. Honestly, I think this drop would have been perfect for the holiday season (especially because of the suede component), but I digress. I’d like to see the types of looks people create with these, so if you happen to pick up a pair let me know!

BUY NOW, $80
5. Reebok x Power Rangers
Reebok x Power Rangers

Release Date: 7/1

Okay I’m going to break the rules once again by doing a sneaker that has already been released. I’m sorry but there is just no way I was going to leave this one off. The entire collection is dope, but do you see these?! I have never seen a sneaker like this before in my life. It literally looks like something out of an action movie. The fact that technology has progressed to the point where a sneaker with these kinds of features can even be made in the first place is incredible. I’m definitely adding this one to my collection for sure.

BUY NOW, $120

Well that’s going to do it for this roundup. As usual I’ll be back next week with another edition. In the meantime be sure to keep up with me on IG and Twitter!