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The 12 Best Headphones Under $200

As technology continues to improve year after year and we have more and more things to listen to, whether that be new music, podcasts, audiobooks, or gaming audio, making the right choice when it comes to headphones becomes more and more vital with time. Fewer people seem content with the standard Apple or Skullcandy headphones and want to pay a premium for something that will genuinely offer them a better experience.

There are many factors to consider when picking the pair of headphones that are right for you. Sound quality is the obvious one, but even within that, there is a tonne of criteria to be met and options to sort through that require the user to decide what they prioritize with a good listening experience. Do you want something balanced? Do you want something a little heavier on bass? Perhaps sound quality isn’t even your biggest issue. Maybe you need something with good sound, but that is also very comfortable. Maybe you want something stylish. Maybe you want something light to travel with. There are headphones with longer battery life. There are headphones that are waterproof. There are headphones that have built-in Bluetooth. You name it, it’s a point to be taken.

With all of the above and more to take into account, picking the best headphones for you can be quite the task. Well, not to worry, because we’re here to take a little bit of the weight off your shoulders. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the twelve best headphones that are $200 or under, citing each one’s best quality before expanding further into their details. Whatever you’re getting your headphones for and whatever you value the most, there should be something for you on this list.

1. AKG K371
Great value for money
  • Weight: 255g
  • Foldable
  • Cable: Detachable & 3m

Due to the nature of this list being a collection of headphones under $200, it’s going to be tough to argue that you’re getting the absolute best that any one of these companies has to offer, but you get damn close with the AKG K371. Even though it’s a mid-range offering for them, it’s a stellar product. This set of headphones pretty much does everything well and nothing badly. If you’re going to be wearing your headphones for a long time, these are a great choice because they feature memory foam ear pads. The design is sleek and doesn’t try to do too much while also managing to come off as interesting enough to look like a great product. All around, these are a great pick for many uses.

Buy now, $149.99
2. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
Balanced audio
  • Weight: 285g
  • Foldable
  • Cable: Detachable & 3m
  • Passive noise isolation

Audio-Technica is a well-respected brand in this industry and perhaps the most notable product in their M-Series is the ATH-M50x, despite also being under $200. Their closed-back design only leads to the fact that they were made with premium audio quality in mind and they can definitely be used in most professional environments with no problems. The audio is well-balanced so that no kind of audio sounds particularly bad on them, but there is some sound leakage. It must also be said that if portability is high on your list of priorities, this may not be the best choice for you. The ATH-M50x is a large set of headphones that also mean that their use can wear on you quicker than most.

Buy now, $149
3. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro
Impressive comfort
  • Weight: 271g
  • Cable: Undetachable & 3m

Those of you who are into streaming might know that the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pros are Ninja’s headphones of choice. Naturally, that means they’re a big choice for people who want to game with them, but they do a lot more than that. First of all, you might notice that the ear pads are coated in velour. This makes them some of the more comfortable headphones you can get at this price point and makes it clear why a streamer like Ninja who wears them for hours daily chose them. The build quality isn’t close to military-grade, largely as a result of how comfortable these can be, but these are far from flimsy. Despite that, the Premium version of this headset did put an extra focus on their sturdiness. Another thing to note is that the cable while being helpful at 1 meter in length, is not removable.

Buy now, $159
4. Bose SoundLink On-Ear Wireless
Smooth connectivity
  • Weight: 161g
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth

When you’re talking headphones, Bose is a company that needs to be in the discussion every single time. A powerhouse in high-level audio performance, a lot of their products’ prices reflect this and it can feel like you’re spending an arm and a leg, but the Bose SoundLink On-Ear Wireless headphones are a pair that are worthy of the Bose name but sit comfortably under $200. It’s a wireless version of a set of headphones that were released a few years prior. Of course, they’re not necessarily going to be able to compete with Bose headphones that are double their price, but they do their job well. It still feels like a luxury product and the Bluetooth connectivity is about as smooth as it can be. For the comfort, portability, and money saved, you’ll naturally sacrifice a little bit of durability.

Buy now, $149.49
5. Jabra Elite 85h
Long battery life
  • Weight: 296g
  • Noise cancelling
  • Internal water-resistant coating
  • Bluetooth

The Jabra Elite 85h can accurately reproduce audio all over the frequency range with decent clarity. If you want some bass, you’re going to have to adjust the EQ a little, because the default setting on these is to amplify vocals more than anything else. The battery life is key here though. With a single charge, you can get up to 55 hours of music playback. A full charge takes just 90 minutes, but if you only have a quarter of an hour to get a quick charge in, you can still get around 10 hours of playback, which is insanely impressive. If you do end up getting these headphones, you might want to also get the Jabra Sound+ app. It’s an extremely handy feature that allows you to create a custom EQ, customize your call settings, download firmware updates, and more.

Buy now, $198
6. Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee
Great sound quality
  • Weight: 260g
  • Cable: Detachable & 1.8m

Formerly known as Massdrop, Drop is a unique company that has collaborated with the likes of Sennheiser and Koss, but initially only sold products from already existing manufacturers. Perhaps the magnum opus of their own products is the HD 58X Jubilee set of headphones. Greatly revered at this price point by audiophiles, Sennheiser may be King in this world, and these are arguably their crown jewel when you talk about a balance between price and quality. These are a great alternative to the HD 650s which are going to cost almost double the price. The 58X Jubilees are going to take the average consumer and casual listener on an adventure that they’ve never known and audiophiles are going to massively respect what these can do for $170. If all you care about is value for your money and things like portability and having in-line controls don’t matter to you, you really can’t go wrong with these.

Buy now, $170
7. Monoprice Monolith M565
Good for transitioning to premium audio quality
SoundStage! Solo
  • Weight: 335g
  • Cable: Detachable & 1.2m

The Monoprice Monolith M565s are considered to be a great pair of headphones for casual listeners who want to transition into premium quality, which there’s a great chance to apply to you if you’re reading this. When it comes to their sound, these handle mids incredibly well while lows and highs leave a little to be desired. The design is hit or miss. Some people like the wooden cups, but in general, they’re a little polarizing. The open-back design means that these will be used to their full extent while indoors in a quiet environment. All in all, these are not the most premium set of headphones on this list but are certainly a step up from what most casual listeners are probably used to.

Buy now, $189.99
8. Philips SHP9600
Well rounded
  • Weight: 300g
  • Cable: Detachable & 3m

The Philips SHP9600 is the sequel to the SHP9500 and at a slightly higher price point, is an attempt to refine it. These headphones perform well in basically all areas. The all-black design is clean and despite the steel-reinforced headband (companies usually go with an all-plastic build to avoid discomfort), comfort is still an area that Philips can boast about excelling in with this product. In comparison to its predecessor, the SHP9600 essentially attempts to make improvements in all areas and it definitely succeeds with sound. The frequency response is 12 Hz – 35,000 Hz and it handles bass, highs, mids, and lows well for something in this range. If money is a big factor for you, you could probably even live with saving money to get the SHP9500s instead, taking a slight hit on everything to keep some more money in your pocket. But of course, these are well within the budget.

Buy now, $85
9. Razer Opus Wireless
Covers many bases
  • Weight: 265g
  • Wireless
  • Noise cancelling
  • Bluetooth

The Razer brand is definitely best known for its products that are geared towards gamers, but the Opus Wireless set of headphones is much more than something that’s good for gaming with. It certainly does that, but a lot more in addition. They do ANC (noise cancelling) very well, have great bass and a balanced mid-range and barely have any leakage.

Buy now, $149.99
10. Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC
Great for noise cancelling
  • Weight: 238g
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth
  • Noise cancelling

Appearing once again on this list is Sennheiser, this time with their HD 4.50 BTNC pair of headphones. If noise cancellation is a big priority of yours, these need to be in consideration, and in all honesty, there’s probably little competition for under $200. Brands like Sony and Bose also do great noise-canceling headphones that balance well with other great specs, but you’ll have to shell out a lot more cash. Sennheiser uses its patented NoiseGard technology to make it one of the better noise-canceling options on the market. But it does a whole lot more than that, of course. These are very underrated headphones. They’re very light, but don’t take a hit on build quality for it. The sound is a little bass-heavy which is something to be conscious of, but it’s likely welcoming for most.

Buy now, $169.99
11. Sony WH-CH700N
Great for travelling with
  • Weight: 241g
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth
  • Noise cancelling

The WH-CH700N is the modest version of the WH-CH710N and mostly, you’re not taking too much of a hit considering you’re paying a good chunk less cash. We’ve pointed them out as being great for traveling with and that’s because they weigh just 241g, they’re sturdy enough to fit in with luggage and not get crushed and they’re wireless, giving you one less thing to pack. Not to mention their incredible battery life. A full charge should get you over 40 hours of playback time. A welcome feature of this offering from Sony is their Google Assistant and Siri integration, making life that much easier for their user. They are noise canceling, but if that’s a big priority for you, you’re better off going off with the Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNCs that appeared earlier on this list, or something that pays more attention to that detail.

Buy now, $198
12. V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless
Superb build quality
  • Weight: 309g
  • Wireless
  • Cable: 1.32m

V-Moda headphones are prominent in the DJing community, which should already tell you a few things about how they value style and build quality as well as sound quality. The Crossfade 2 Wireless headphones have a fun, colorful sort of sound that matches their branding. If you want something like Beats offers but want to avoid the cliché or don’t want to take as much of a hit on the actual sound, these are a good choice.

Buy now, $199.99
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The 12 Best French Streetwear Brands To Date

It’s no surprise that France is widely recognized as the fashion hub of the world. Mega fashion houses across the country are constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-changing urban style. Today’s prominent surf skate culture has been adopted by both new and old labels, all of which drastically transform the French streetwear industry. Brands like Pigalle, Agnes B, and Veja have gained attention from style icons across the country through their collaborations, collections, and big debuts. As we’ve seen the prominence streetwear has accumulated, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you a rundown on the best French streetwear brands for you to wear.

1. Poyz & Pirlz

What first began with a printed t-shirt and a 90’s inspired slogan quickly expanded to a wide range of clothing and accessories. Poyz & Pritz has been viewed as a streetwear brand from the start. Their lookbook of apparel was first inspired by Parisian culture. Still, throughout their growth, they have been referenced with a French origin as they continue to collaborate with various French artists—the brand ties in music, style, and urban influences throughout its collections. 

2. Pigalle

The essence of Pigalle encompasses all things local business as stated in their mission that they focus on honoring their community while staying true to themselves. The neighborhood-grown French streetwear brand was dubbed after a former red-light district in Paris. Since its start, the brand has expanded its presence in the fashion world through its work with well-known brands like Nike and Converse. 

3. Agnes B

As we laid eyes on Agnes B., we quickly realized that this is way more than a brand. It is a fashion house, an art gallery, and a music lover’s dream combined. Agnes B. founded the brand on all things she loves, which is reflected through the diverse and cultural quality of the company’s history. In 1973, Agnes B. began her journey as a fashion icon, opening her first shop in an old butcher’s store located in the central market of Paris. From that point on, Agnes’s popularity skyrocketed as she created the first snap cardigan, opened a slew of stores, wrote books, worked with charities, and even started one of her own, The Tara Ocean Foundation. 

4. A.P.C

A.P.C is a French clothing brand that first gained popularity for its classic jeans. Fast forward, the brand now offers an entire men’s and women’s collection that is based on a minimalist style. Jean Touitou, creator, and Judith Touitou, artistic director of the clothing brand, focus on the stylish, casual look essential for their buyers’ day-to-day wear. Notably, “A.P.C. means Product and Creation workshop. Without production, creation remains at the idea stage. And without creation, a garment will have no soul.” To make their identity come to life, A.P.C continues to keep in sight of its roots and vision of fashion. 

5. AMI

Alexandre Mattiussi is a well-bred fashion designer who spent years immersed in fashion houses across the globe. After gaining an immense amount of experience, he decided to branch off and create his brand, AMI. The name AMI is French for a friend, which is blended into the internal workings of the brand. As it embodies “a particular type of the French capital’s nonchalance, one that is relaxed, authentic and friendly,” – shown through each apparel item designed for men and women. 

6. Club 75

When a music producer, creative designer, and stylist come together, you get the trio of a lifetime. Club 75 is the product of three friends who had taken each of their interests and combined them into a top-of-the-line clothing brand. Pedro Winter, So-Me, and Michael Doupuy are creators who teamed up “to deliver quality items aiming at what they would love to wear themselves.” The brand’s success has been proven by its collections with BornxRaised and record label, Bromance. 

7. Blvck Paris

As the name implies, Blvck Paris is a lifestyle & accessories brand that sells ‘All Black clothing. The idea is centered around “a culture shift to live life on your terms free from vanity.” The brand has created a 908k and growing community that aligns with the evolution to ‘Blvckout’ their lives to aid in the movement.
The brand has reached such a large community due to its incredible backing of creative masterminds. The Blvck Paris team hones in on the quality and design of both their visual content and merchandise. As one can see, the brand focuses heavily on its social media platforms, blog postings, and incredible collaborations. Since the launch of Blvck, they have branded a Hurucan Lamborghini, launched Rose & Champagne, and more.

8. Project X Paris (PXP)

If you are looking for a brand that aligns with the emphasis streetwear has placed on the urban lifestyle, Project x Paris (PxP) is it. The brand was launched by two French designers who found a burning desire to combine street culture and minimalism. This one-stop-shop provides men with a variety of apparel items that are influenced by the sporty-chic lifestyle. Each item is easy to wear, authentic and wearable on a range of occasions. As we know, the PxP brand embodied a unique culture, calling for collaborations with French and international high-hop artists and athletes such as Chris Brown, Post Malone, David Luiz, and more. 

9. Maison Kitsuné

Since 2002, Gildas Loaec and Masaya Kuroki have led a multi-faceted brand that has captured the Parisian lifestyle on all wavelengths. Although their apparel is key to the label’s success, it is not the only focus. The intricate brand also has a music label, Kitsune Musique, and 16 Cafe Kitsune, coffee shops placed in iconic locations worldwide. 

Inclusive to the uniqueness of the brand is the meaning behind it. Maison is French for a house, and Kitsune is Japanese for fox. Together, Maison Kitsune represents an adaptable fashion house that is characterized by an imaginary animal.

10. Kenzo

Of all the brands mentioned, this would be the one you would quickly pinpoint. Kenzo is a French label that many American’s have familiarized themselves with over the past few years. Since its inception, the clothing line has been one to celebrate nature and cultural diversity through its use of designs, vibrant color choice, and mix of prints. As the collections gained notice in the fashion world, the company took it as an opportunity to grow internally. They onboarded Portegues fashion designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista. On account of this new addition, Kenzo has flourished into a new chapter filled with creativity. 

11. Andrea Crews

Word on the street is that fashion designer Andrea Crews has made quite the impression on the fashion industry. To date, the brand has two streetwear couture lines that are labeled: The High Street & Artisanal. Each collection item is one of a kind, thanks to the innovative approach the brand uses to create apparel – upcycling. This is an environmental conservation technique that pieces together discarded materials to design an item of higher quality. In the case of Crews, the act of upcycling adds the perfect touch to the mix of strong prints and the uniqueness of each item.

12. Harmony

To be one is literally & physically what the brand, Harmony embodies. David Obadia, the founder of Harmony, built the company off valuable pillars and firm ambitions. As the team grew, it soon became apparent that the internal workings of the brand played a significant factor in the label’s success. Focusing on the everyday consumer are the brand’s designers who pay attention to the detail of the cutting edge apparel. Each item is made out of the most delicate fabrics to produce the simple essentials. 

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The 10 Best Canvas Shoes For Men

Canvas shoes are a versatile option that comes in handy for work, school, and everyday wear. Stylish and comfortable, there are many different canvas shoes available through a plethora of retail websites, and the shoes itself are lightweight with many different colors and styles to choose from. In every closet, there are a select amount of items deemed as a ‘must have,’ and canvas shoes fall under that category due to their affordability and versatility. As many of us start to return to some form of office life, you may be in need of a new pair of work appropriate shoes, and we have you covered with ten different pairs of Canvas’ that can be used for both work and everyday life. Below is a list to get you started.

1. Vans Authentic Core Classics
Vans Authentic Core Classics

When in doubt, go with Vans. Vans remain a timeless tried and true appropriate for just about any occasion. The ‘Core Classics’ are a shoe that represents Southern California to the fullest, while blending together surfing and skating styles. Vans have been known to be a very durable shoe that can last for years, so you will definitely be getting your money’s worth as the neutral color makes it easily pairable with just about anything in your wardrobe. With lightweight and flexible uppers you won’t have to worry about creases, and the shoes are very comfy. While we selected the solid tan color, Vans has plenty of other colors available depending on what you are looking for.

BUY NOW, $49.95
2. J. Crew Explorer Canvas Slip-On Sneakers
J. Crew
J. Crew Explorer Canvas Slip-On Sneakers

J. Crew is another go-to brand that has offered quality work clothes and shoes over the decades. The ‘Explorer Slip-Ons’ are a lightweight supportive shoe that has received rave reviews since its release. Made from cotton, the shoes have breathable cotton drill lining and comfort counter padding to prevent sweat, and the rubber outsole helps make for a sturdy shoe that can last you many years. Perfect for the spring/summer, the ‘Explorers’ make for a great investment, as they can be used for many casual events and occasions. J. Crew is known to be on the expensive side at times (but very much worth it), however with these, you will be getting a steal as they are currently on sale for more than half of their original retail price. If you decide to order, consider going a size smaller as the ‘Explorers’ are known to run large.

BUY NOW, $29.50
3. Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops
Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops

Converse is another one of those brands that never misses when it comes to adequate shoe options. The High Top Canvas’ are an ‘OG’ shoe that was originally designed as a performance shoe, so you can get plenty of wear and support out of them. One of the most iconic shoes to ever be created, the ‘Chucks’ are made from canvas material, and have OrthoLite insole cushioning to provide additional comfort. Converse offers loads of different colorways that you can play around with depending on what you are feeling style wise, and are a relatively affordable option as an added bonus. Whether you are a shoe/sneakerhead or not, everybody needs Chucks in their closet. So if you don’t already own a pair, consider picking one up as your next Canvas shoe.

BUY NOW, $69
4. Adidas Original Stan Smith
Adidas Original Stan Smith

It would be downright criminal if we didn’t include the ‘Stan Smiths’ on this list. You want to talk about classics, there are fewer shoes on the face of this planet that are more iconic and legendary than the ‘Stan Smiths.’ Period. Originally created as a tennis shoe modeled after, well, Tennis hall of famer Stan Smith, we can personally assure you that they will never go out of style. Clean and fresh, the ‘Stans’ are a simple shoe (which always been the case), but they are eye-grabbing and easily recognizable, so you are sure to get compliments anytime you step out in them.

BUY NOW, $60-$90
5. Nike Air Force 1s
Nike Air Force 1s

There was once a period of time where Air Force 1s were no longer considered ‘in-style.’ To make a long story short, AF1s became associated with negative connotations, and as a result, many people quit wearing them. Fast forward several years later, Forces are now as in-demand as what they were at their peak in the early 2000s, and with the overall trends and styles associated at that time coming back, this is the perfect opportunity to grab a new pair of AF1s. If you are considering updating your Forces, we strongly recommend doing so sooner rather than later, as right now their is a low supply of the shoe due to the rising demands (and Covid). Don’t miss out!

BUY NOW, $80
6. Nicklas Laceless Canvas Shoe
Nicklas Laceless Canvas Shoe

If you are looking for something a little more upscale, then consider trying out the Nicklas Laceless Canvas Shoes. A five-star shoe offered by Banana Republic the Canvas’ are laceless and complete with lightweight OrthoLite inner cushioning alongside comfort technology insoles to help provide extra support and breathability. At the moment, Banana Republic has two colorway variations (blue and tan), and come in a variety of sizes. Banana Republic is another one of those outlets where you will be paying more than other stores, but the price is oftentimes worth it due to the durability of their products.

BUY NOW, $79.99
7. Nike Court Legacy Men’s Shoe
Nike Court Legacy Men’s Shoe

Another iconic tennis shoe, the Nike ‘Court Legacies’ are a household sneaker staple that remains a must-have. A modern streetwear shoe, the ‘Courts’ are deeply rooted in tennis culture, and the shoe blends together classic street fashion to create a plethora of casual classy looks. Comprising solely from leather, the ‘Courts’ feature an intricate detailed design on the outer, and a canvas trim around the midsole to bring that ‘on court’ tennis feel. Nike currently has seven different colorways available with the colors ranging from solid white to black, and the canvas is designed to stand the test of the time. 

BUY NOW, $60
8. Chuck Taylor All-Star Lugged Boot
Chuck Taylor All-Star Lugged Boot

For this next one we’ll go with something different. Nordstrom is an excellent place to find a wide variety of canvas shoes, and one of their products is the Chuck Taylor All-Star Lugged Boots. Boasting a chunky lugged sole, the boots are basically your standard Chucks on top of a platform. Sleek and cutting edge, you can create tons of different styles from casual to formal, and the shoes are a solid fit with not too many complaints about comfort. If the black colorway isn’t your desired color choice, then you could choose to go with either the all-white or grey colors (though the all-white is more expensive). While these shoes are suitable for the spring and summer seasons, these would probably work better for fall/winter as the thick rubber outsole will be helpful for rainy and snowy conditions.

BUY NOW, $70
9. Maison Margiela 22 Classic Replica Sneaker
End Clothing
Maison Margiela 22 Classic Replica Sneaker

We had to include Maison Margiela for all of our luxury lovers. Since their debut in 1998, Maison Margiela has become one of the world’s luxury leaders, with their historic pieces. Now you may be wondering what exactly would warrant spending nearly $500 on a pair of canvas shoes when you can easily buy a pair from another outlet for $50. The answer to that would be that Maison Margiela is one of the most recognized and renowned luxury brands in history, and owning a pair is definitely one of those fashion ‘check-offs.’ Whether luxury items are a part of your regular shopping routines or not, we all deserve to treat ourselves. The company offers several other colors of the classics in addition to the neutral tans, and are truly a handsome shoe that would be worth the investment (especially if you decide to sell them in the future).

BUY NOW, $495
10. KEDS Champion
KEDS Champion

Ranked highly for their arch support, the KEDS are 100 percent canvas that blends style and comfort together effortlessly. A classic tennis shoe, the KEDs are one of the most versatile canvas shoes on the market with tons of colors and styles available at your disposal. Priding themselves on their comfortability, KEDS shoes have cushioned insoles with breathable fabrics to prevent excessive sweating, and thick rubber outsole for outdoor walking. Most KEDs are very affordable too, with prices ranging from $50 to $60. With many different silhouettes to choose from, KEDS is another go-to that won’t let you down.

BUY NOW, $49.95

Canvas sneakers are just about everything you can ask for in a sneaker. They are diverse, colorful, suitable for many different occasions, and easy to clean. Speaking of cleaning, canvas shoes require a very specific routine in order to maintain durability. How frequently the shoes need to be cleaned depends on how much you wear them, but be sure to hand wash your shoes with mild detergent and warm water. Now that you know how to clean your shoes, you are now ready to add to your collection. We hope this list will help you in making your next selection.

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The 15 Best Streetwear Websites To Shop Now

Streetwear is one of those things that will never go out of style, and if you are looking for some new streetwear brands to discover as we head into spring and summer, then we have you covered. No two streetwear websites are the same, and each site offers a different selection when it comes to brands, merchandise, and prices, so we’ve compiled a list of fifteen different streetwear websites to check out. While this isn’t a list of all the streetwear brands you can find, it’s certainly enough to get you started.

15. Hypebeast

Hypebeast is one of the best streetwear outlets that you can shop from. While Hypebeast describes themselves as being the ‘leading destination for men’s streetwear,’ there is an abundance of items for both genders, as well as unisex pieces. Hypebeast also has a specific section devoted solely to streetwear news and articles, so you’ll be able to find new brands and keep up with the ones you are already familiar with.

check it out
14. Livestock

A Canadian streetwear staple, Livestock is one of the go-to places in the Great White North for both streetwear and sneakers. The brand has physical locations in Vancouver, Toronto, and Winnipeg, and a website that offers many of their in-store merchandise. Livestock caters to both men and women and is known to carry many big-named and small-named brands.

check it out
13. Undefeated

You can’t talk streetwear without mentioning Undefeated. Based in Los Angeles, Undefeated was founded by James Bond and Eddie Cruz and carries streetwear and sneaker apparel. Undefeated has an abundance of t-shirts, joggers, hoodies, and all of the other basic streetwear essentials, and regularly collaborates with Converse, New Balance, and Timberland to bring forth some of the hottest shoes in the game. 

check it out
12. Off-White

There is absolutely no denying Virgil Abloh’s impact on fashion, and Off-White has been a powerful player in the streetwear and haute couture communities. Since its 2013 inception, Off-White has become an iconic brand that prides itself on creating pieces with no labels or limitations. In addition to its streetwear pieces, the company also has its own specialty sneakers for both men and women, and the collection ranges from classic low-tops to exclusive Nike collaboration styles. Off-White remains known for its innovative custom designs and has put its stamp in the streetwear world over these past eight years.

check it out—–HFhoCC64QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
11. Union

One of the ‘OG’ streetwear lines, Union has been around since 1989, becoming the first major store to sell streetwear clothing with its original New York City store. Union then expanded to Los Angeles, opening a location there, and eventually made its way into the online retail space. Union offers streetwear pieces from brands all over the world and has always been a space where you can find clothing different from those offered in traditional department stores.

check it out
10. ASOS

ASOS offers a wide range of streetwear clothing and sneakers, and is one of the world’s largest online retailers with more than 50,000 brands on its website. There is truly something for everybody on ASOS, including plenty of pieces for those heavily into street fashion. ASOS carries Adidas, Nike, and Reebok, as well as Armani, and their own original ASOS pieces. It doesn’t stop there though, ASOS also has plenty of items that aren’t technically labeled as streetwear but could very well fall under that category, such as baggy jeans, hoodies, jackets, and more. Since the website has such a huge catalog, you will have to do some digging, but it is definitely worth it as you can find tons of great pieces.

check it out
9. RSVP Gallery

Based in Chi-town, RSVP Gallery is a cool place to do some streetwear shopping as they offer many notable brands and streetwear clothing for any budget. Virgil Abloh is one of the co-founders, and RSVP has been in the streetwear game for over a decade, celebrating their tenth anniversary in 2019. While their online experience is an enjoyable one, we also recommend checking out their physical location, as they have a stunning art gallery.

check it out
8. Haven

Haven is another dope place that you should visit in person if you are ever in Canada, but their website is just as aesthetically pleasing as their retail location. Haven is a premium Canadian men’s apparel brand that offers Japanese and internationally sourced products, and is the epitome of what it means to be a true streetwear brand in the sense that they offer everything you could possibly imagine. Even if you don’t plan on purchasing anything on their website, we still recommend checking them out because you can discover the brands that aren’t receiving mass media attention and even the rare companies that many people don’t know about.

check it out
7. Naked Copenhagen

Naked Copenhagen has everything, and we do mean everything. From coats to accessories, Naked Copenhagen covers all of the streetwear basics. While they do have luxury streetwear items that can veer towards the pricey side, they also have lesser expensive clothes that are still of excellent quality. As far as their sneakers, Naked carries Nike, Adidas, Jordans, and more, and even has some of the sold-out sneaker releases that you would normally have to go onto the secondary market to get. 

check it out
6. Flight Club

Speaking of sneakers, no streetwear outfit is complete without a pair of dope kicks, and Flight Club is one of the best online retailers a sneakerhead can ask for. Flight Club literally has thousands of shoes at their disposal, and plenty for you to choose from for any occasion.

check it out
5. Moose Limited

Moose Limited aka MLTD has an almost absurd collection of streetwear threads that will have you looking fresh and fly at all times. Another one of those places where you can find just about anything, MLTD offers various styles of streetwear fashion including hip-hop and sneaker-inspired pieces. From up-and-coming designers to big names such as Stussy, MLTD satisfies just about all of your streetwear needs.

check it out
4. Concepts

Having already developed a reputation for their sneaker collabs, Concepts has been able to successfully transition in the streetwear universe, offering clothes for men, women, and kids. Sometimes kids get left out when it comes to the latest streetwear drops, so Concepts making youth releases a priority is a refreshing sight. Concepts currently has collaborations with over 30 brands, working with Converse, Adidas, and Nike amongst others, and has a selection of specialty ‘Concepts’ designs that you can choose from too.

check it out

END offers both contemporary and luxury streetwear, with an abundance of sneakers as the icing on the cake. With over 400 brand partnerships, the options are limitless at END as the company has one of the best streetwear selections on the planet. With tons of stuff added to the website daily, END is definitely worth regular visits.

check it out

KITH has become one of the most globally prominent streetwear brands and lives up to the hype with its hyped collaborations and sneakers. The merchandise on KITH tends to sell out pretty quickly, so you’ll have to always stay updated with their latest drops and move fast when you have your eyes on something you want. KITH is also an incredible in-person shopping adventure, so be sure to check them out if you are ever in one of their location spots.

check it out
1. Stussy

Last but not least, Stussy, one of the streetwear GOATs. Stussy made its debut in 1980, and the brand is just as popular in 2021, as it was 40 years ago. A classic favorite amongst the older and newer generations, Stussy gives you that traditional ‘Cali-style streetwear’ vibe that is still very much modern and fresh. Stussy is one of those legendary brands that you can never go wrong with, and their prices are reasonable (you aren’t paying $120 for a t-shirt). Every streetwear fan needs at least one Stussy piece in their wardrobe, so check out their website if you haven’t already.

check it out
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9 Streetwear Brands Making a Positive Impact

Over the past few years, the theme of change has been at the forefront of discussion for millennials and beyond. As these times of adversity have presented themselves, a generation of entrepreneurs has taken these measures as an opportunity to design movement-inspired streetwear brands. 

These up-and-coming fashion lines focus on elevating the customer experience while putting a strong emphasis on topics such as mental health, climate change and individual empowerment. To make their mission come to life, they took the staple hooded sweatshirt and evolved it into their own, all while donating, rejuvenating, and caring for causes that hit close to home for many.  

Due to the growing popularity of these fashionable hoodie brands, we’ve put together a list of streetwear empires that continue to make positive impacts on the world today.

1. Happiness Project

“It’s okay to not be okay” is the motto that the Happiness Project stands by. Jake Lavin, the founder of Happiness Project, experienced a tragedy within his community when a classmate lost his battle to mental health. Since then, Lavin has had a burning desire to spread happiness through his clothing brand. 15% of profits are donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. “Our goal is bringing community together and bringing people together,” Jake told ONE37pm when we spoke this week. Keep your eyes peeled for a full profile on the brand, coming later this week.

2. Pangaia

This mega Earth-positive brand has taken extreme measures to protect the planet. Over the past year, Pangaia has donated $100,000 to charities that unfortunately have hit close to home for many. Covid-19 relief, Black Lives Matter and the United Nations are only a select few that have made the growing list. All of their products are tailored towards the vulnerability of the planet by using innovative materials, which is relayed by their climate action plans. On the Pangaia website, the brand provides community members with a plethora of knowledge regarding carbon footprints, diversity and ocean health. 


CHNGE is a sustainable fashion brand that provides consumers with an opportunity to make a change through their purchase of hoodies, t-shirts, sweats and more. The company is committed to making the world a better place by donating 50% of its net profits. The apparel available for purchase consists of a variety of designs that are inspired by specific organizations and change topics. Upon purchase, the consumer is notified of which organization(s) is receiving the donations on their behalf.

4. Noah NY

Just like many things in life, the fashion industry has its flaws. Brendon Babenzien is a free-thinker who saw a need to hone in on the appreciation of classic menswear. The foundation of Noah focuses on human dignity over the bottom line. A portion of its profits is donated to causes that the company believes in while also speaking out on issues they find important. As the brand continues to create popular items (hoodies, t-shirts, etc.), it will maintain its many values at its core. 

5. Raeburn Design

Interestingly enough, the fashion industry is runner-up for the second-largest polluter to the environment behind automobiles. Christopher Raeburn established the Raeburn brand with the idea of having a positive effect on both the planet and the people. As a means of innovation, the brand follows the four Rs: Raemade, Raeduce, Raecycle, and Raeburn. Through the rejuvenation process, the designers create reworked items of value. 1% of the companies annual turnover is donated to environmental nonprofit organizations to put actions behind their positive words.

6. Blankverse Inc.

There is a multitude of companies that have taken sustainability to the next level. At Blankverse Inc., they have implemented a mission and vision that is most considerate to the environment. To conserve the biodiversity and the local ecosystems, they donate one tree for each purchase made. On the topic of hoodies, Blankverse’s most popular pullover is designed with 100% global organic textile standard, adding to the ethical practices that the company follows. 

7. Madhappy

In 2017, the local optimist group Madhappy was launched to create awareness around mental health. Since the start, the streetwear brand has used its authentic voice of power and ever-so-impressive apparel to build out free mental health resources with organizations across the globe. In continuation of their uplifting spirits, they donate proceeds of their collaborations to foundations that include the JED Foundation and Happy Not Perfect. 

The Madhappy brand focuses on spreading optimism through its high-quality apparel sold. Along with their clothing line, they provide educational practices, personal stories, and mood playlists on their publication, The Local Optimist—a free platform that lends a hand to community members during the highest and lowest times of life.

8. Sporty & Rich

What once began as the blueprint to a mood board soon spiraled into a print magazine, moments in time, and a community. Sporty & Rich is an apparel brand that is centered around the idea that “Good Health Starts Here.” To follow through with their love for mother Earth, the brand partners with a vast array of organizations that focus on environmental topics, LQBTQ rights, racial equality, women’s rights and world hunger. Each year, Sporty & Rich collaborates with a different charity to design collections to which a percentage of the profit gets donated. Mixed in with their charitable work, the community donates 1 tree per purchase, to aid in the restoration of the north-west region of Madagascar. 

9. Krost

Krost is a mission-driven brand that partners with leading non-profit organizations. They use their apparel and collaborations to tell the stories of the causes. Since its start, Krost has formed an inclusive community that has donated 50,000+ meals to NYC food banks, supported 250+ March For Our Lives local chapters, and planted 10,250+ trees through ERP in Africa. These are just a small handful of ways in which the company has given back to the ones around them. 

Just recently, they announced the launch of their basic apparel line, Support Your Friends by Krost. The line is standard to the brand’s community-based mentality as it is in partnership with a diverse range of movements both old and new to the brand. Another project that is unique to its kind is Upcycle Capsule. All of the designs were made from reused fabrics & materials from their previous works. This challenge to craft—or as they call it—“upcycle,” was one that Krost pushed themselves to create for the recognition of environmental consequences that are tied to the production of their designs. 

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The 19 Best Fanny Packs To Wear Right Now

If you were to ask trend forecasters in the late 90’s and early 2000’s what item they thought could never make a comeback, I’m sure at least a handful would have answered the fanny pack. Although in the 80’s fanny packs were eternally on-trend, the accessory transitioned from a symbol of utilitarian smarts into a pinnacle of goofy tourist-wear often used as a punchline about someone totally out of sync with what’s stylish. See: Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy.”

By 2015, fanny packs were beginning to emerge as a post-ironic anti-fashion statement, which then quickly turned the item into a must-have for clout chasers and hypebeasts. In 2018, Vogue officially declared that “due to our odd fascination with ugly throwback clothing … the fanny pack has been vindicated.”Right before the pandemic hit, it was impossible to go to any trendy bar in New York without seeing at least a dozen fanny packs — worn by all genders, creeds, and social classes. 

Nowadays, pretty much every major designer, label, or brand has its own clever take on the traditional fanny pack. Some hark back to the retro color palettes of the ’80s and ’90s, while others are fresh spins on useful athleisure and health-goth aesthetics. 

We’re counting down 19 of the most fashionable fanny packs we could find, ranging from under $10 to over $1000. Check them out, below!

19. Burberry Mini Check Bum Bag

Few things are more confidently arrogant than Burberry’s signature beige check pattern. At $550, this micro-bag is an obvious declaration of wealth, but having a disposable income is always a good look. The fabric is a cotton blend with a top zip closure feature, a front zip compartment, stitched panels, a rear buckle fastening, and mesh panels.

Buy now, $550
18. C by Loredena Pinasco Repoison Antihuman Waist Pack
Loredena Pinasco

Illegible black metal fonts never go out of style. Italian designer Loredena Pinasco’s oversized fanny pack has lots of room and inside netting pockets to keep everything organized. As darkly brutal as it is apocalyptically stylish.

Buy now, £29,00
17. Fred Perry Corduroy Arch Branded Cross Body Bag
Fred Perry

The classic British mod brand offers a simply styled hip pack with two pockets. The corduroy fabric gives the small bag a slightly more distinguished finish and the yellow/black color palette is always a look. Premium leather trim elevates this from a useful accessory into a declaration of good taste.

buy now, $95
16. Los Angeles Apparel Nylon Fanny Pack
Los Angeles Apparel

American Apparel was ahead of the curve when it came to fanny packs before they went out of business. The newly revitalized Los Angeles Apparel stays on-trend with flashy fanny packs in lightweight nylon, keeping true to the early 00’s indie aesthetic that made this label’s original incarnation so ubiquitous. The accessory comes in bright pinks and blues or more modest browns and blacks.

buy now, $20
15. Mishka Wild Bearmop Fanny Pack

Mishka’s been a staple of streetwear cool since the brand’s founding. Their graffiti-inspired fanny pack is a bold statement piece drawing on classic skateboard styling tropes: checkerboard, flames, and an insidiously cute mascot. The size isn’t quite oversized but can still fit all your essential goods and green.

Buy now, $40
14. Moschino Couture Cordura Nylon Waist Bag

Moschino’s playful and self-referential couture is far from affordable but it’s a powerfully conspicuous statement when paired with the right outfit. The brand’s signature oversized zippers are somewhat cartoonish, but what else would you expect from the pop-art-influenced label?

Buy now, $550
13. Herschel Fourteen Waist Pack

In trendy urban areas, Herschel’s affordability and durability have allowed the no-frills brand to become totally omnipresent — and, honestly, fair enough. It’s hard to argue with the $28 price point here, and the garment isn’t likely to fall apart. This particular hip pack is smaller than the average fanny pack, but it’s still got enough room for your wallet and phone.

Buy now, $28
12. Jansport Fifth Ave Fanny Pack

Jansport always gets a certain age bracket feeling nostalgic, and their bags and backpacks are made to outlast the fond memories. This plain black, inexpensive fanny pack has an adjustable waist belt with a buckle enclosure. Nothing fancy, but totally useful.

Buy now, $26
11. Champion Prime Waist Bag

Champion’s big, bold label is slapped right on the front of this roomy fanny pack. Although the brand’s been designing with athletes in mind, there’s plenty of everyday use-value in this spacious-but-not-oversized side bag. Note the modest price point.

Buy now, $18
10. Thom Browne Oversized Bum Bag In Ripstop
Thom Browne

Thom Browne brings a uniquely American take on fitted mod sensibilities, as seen in this oversized bum bag. Considering Browne’s mostly known for super-skinny fits, the big fanny pack provides a stark contrast with the rest of their wares. The high price point comes with a whole lot of clout. 

buy now, $790
9. Y3 Classic Sling Bag

With adjustable clips that allow for three different possibilities for wear, Yohji Yamamoto’s ongoing Adidas collab once again brings “a utilitarian approach in creating a versatile, multifunctional piece.” The brand’s label on this is silicone, making it stand out.

buy now, $180
8. Nike Tech Hip Pack

Nike’s sturdy hip pack features two zippered pockets, polyester materials, an adjustable strap, and a logo in a subtle anthracite gray. This matches everything but would look especially good on a full monochrome black health goth/athleisure look. 

buy now, $40
7. Alexander McQueen Oversize Harness Belt Bag
Alexander McQueen

Even before McQueen’s solo Met show stunned the high art world, any article of the couturier’s impeccably designed garments was a sign of erudite sophistication. This understated fanny pack isn’t as outre as some of McQueen’s more macabre contributions to fashion, but it will instantly win the admiration of true fashion snobs.

Buy now, $1,050
6. Primitive Nuevo Waist Bag via Karmaloop
Primitive Nuevo

Late 80’s / early 90’s color palettes and color blocking are always on-trend. Primitive’s nylon and poly canvas hip bag is a jazz-influenced throwback that clashes (fashionably!) with pretty much any outfit. 

buy now, $22
5. Côte&Ciel Isaru Small via Bodega

The Boston-based streetwear curators at Bodega have once again struck gold with their selection of the French brand Côte&Ciel. The fresh label’s aesthetic “incorporate[s] a sleek, industrial-style into their designs resulting in unique shapes and unlikely silhouettes. This “highly versatile” bag can be worn as a cross-body, around the waist, or as a tiny backpack. 

buy now, $155
4. Off White 2 Pocket Fanny Pack via Flannels
Off White

If we can put the political buffoonery aside, Off White’s semi-industrial, postmodern/deconstructive designs remain utterly cool. This particular fanny pack looks closer to a Final Fantasy-esque item bag, but the functionality is comparable to other items on this list. The half-translucent buckle is an intriguing detail, as are the small patches on the pouch. Ideal for music festivals, the bag is “constructed with two touch fastener closed pockets along with an adjustable grosgrain belt that boasts the signature jacquard logo branding.”

Buy now, £209
3. Stüssy Waist Pack

One of the most iconic hypebeast brands (no shade), Stüssy has been a staple in the California skateboard and hip-hop community since the early ’80s. Vintage Stüssy used to be a hot commodity amongst resellers and second-hand experts, but their newer merch is just as on-trend. Their moderately-priced nylon waist pack features the company’s logo embroidered on the front — for the clout. 

buy now, $65
2. Marty And Sarah Love Wrestling Brad Fanny Pack
Marty And Sarah

We put Marty and Sarah Love Wrestling at the top of our wrestling podcasts list, and the duo’s merch game is just as strong as their weekly show. This adorably goofy fanny pack, featuring the pod’s resident mischievous space alien, is a cute novelty gift and a campy fashion statement in a playful purple.

buy now, $10
1. BoiPKG Water Resistant Crossbody Bag

So oversized it’s maybe closer to a backpack, BoiPKG’s water-resistant bag is a quirky, urban take on the traditional fanny pack. This queer-owned and operated label is best known for making all-gender undergarments and using non-binary drag performers and transgender Instagrammers as tastefully sexy models — but their ventures outside the world of intimate apparel and underwear are proving fortuitous. At just $35 dollars, this huge bag fits books, gym supplies, a tablet, and whatever else you need for a day or night out. Comes in white, grey, purple, black, and a multicolor variant.

buy now, $35
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Shop Jordan Fuller’s Post-Gym ‘Fit to Get Your Mind and Body Right

“I maximize my gifts by, first, working out but also getting the right recovery, taking care of my body. That’s something I’ve definitely learned from the older guys on the team. Taking care of yourself spiritually also, making sure you’re staying in tune with your family and how your inner self feels,” says LA Rams’ safety Jordan Fuller.

If there’s one thing pro-athlete Jordan Fuller knows, it’s how to keep his body and mind in top form. From working out to taking care of his mind, Fuller prioritizes staying healthy. If you’re going to hit the gym as much as he does, you gotta have the right cool down outfit for the post-workout. So we teamed up with JD Sports to help Fuller stay comfortable after his extended exercise sessions with Global Access exclusive pieces; shop the look below:

Shop the look:
The Crewneck
JD Sports

After an intense workout, you need to have something cozy you can cool down in. That’s why Jordan rocks this Adidas crewneck. It’s breathable, but cozy and durable enough to lounge around in forever.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $70
The Sweats
JD Sports

You can’t wear a sweatshirt without the matching bottoms, come on now. The whole get up allows for easy lounging without sacrificing a commitment to style.

Buy now at JD SPorts, $75
The Kicks
JD Sports

Diehard sneakerheads all know and love the Adidas NMD. This colorway is no exception. The sillhouette is immensely breathable and lightweight, but the flashy colorway will let folks know you’re about the sneaker game. These are the perfect cherry on top to a minimal athleisure fit.

Buy Now at JD SPorts, $140
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The 14 Best Duffel Bags For Men

With airlines restrictions on carry-on bags becoming more obscure by the second, a sturdy and reliable duffel bag will likely become a necessary accessory the moment we’re finally in a post-pandemic world. Useful for weekend getaways, trips to the gym or field, or longer-term escapes, mid to large size flexible bags are an absolute necessity. 

Historically, duffel bags were mostly used by the military — originally created using coarse woolen cloths, with the name originating from a town in Flanders, Belgium. The earliest duffel bags used rope enclosures and were unbearably heavy when wet. Following World War II the waxed-canvas bags became ubiquitous in Europe and the United States, with non-Army personnel often snagging them as hand-me-downs or in surplus stores. By the 70’s and 80’s, the more cylindrical duffel bags began to be used in civilian settings and started appearing in less drab color palettes and lighter-weight materials, eventually garnering usage by athletes with heavy equipment. In more contemporary settings, these barrel-shaped satchels have become important for both utilitarian functionality and as aesthetic statements. 

Making sure you stay stylish while on-the-go is essential. We’ve curated a list of the 14 best duffels we could find on the Internet.

14. Fred Perry Classic Barrel Bag
Fred Perry

Best Overall: Fred Perry’s barrel bag has a vintage 60’s feel to it. Made with tough PU, a webbing handle, and features a detachable strap, the iconic mod brand pairs perfectly with skinny fit pants and a double-tip polo. The embossed laurel branding exudes poise. Although Perry’s wares were originally designed with tennis in mind, this works as a small carry-on for plane rides as well.

buy now, $100
13. Los Angeles Apparel Bull Denim Weekender Bag
Los Angeles Apparel

Best for the basics: American Apparel, rebranded as Los Angeles Apparel following some financial struggles, has continued their former incarnation’s thesis by creating totally USA-made products and offering workers fair wages. Their garments are all astoundingly long-lasting, and their bull denim weekender bag is no exception. According to the product description: “Each bag is manufactured and then dyed in batches, giving the thick textile of the bag a weathered texture. These bags can last you a decade and are totally washable. Dyes are extra high quality and will not fade after multiple washes.”

buy now, $54
12. Reigning Champ Duffle Bag
Reigning Champ

Best constructed: Reigning Champ’s high-end (and high priced) athletic wear is top-notch and worth every penny. The brand’s design aesthetic is notably minimalist. Their signature duffle is made from durable woven nylon and features three different exterior pockets, five interior sleeves, and a soft zip pocket for valuables. The matte black metal detailing shows an attention to detail.

buy now, $170
11. Puma Men’s Contender Duffel Bag

Best for functionality: Puma’s polyester duffel comes with a separate footwear compartment. The roomy interior is perfect for lugging gear to games or as a sturdy piece of transportable luggage. The color palettes available are mostly black, but the bold big cat is an always-fashionable emblem.

buy now, $25
10. Adidas Defender 4 Medium Duffel Bag

Best For Your buck: At a perfect 26” wide, the black/white color palette is the obvious choice as far as Adidas anything goes — but there’s plenty of options to choose from here, including a neon pink for the especially brave. The emphasis is on functionality with this duffel, which features zip end pockets, a water-resistant base, a roomy interior for your gear and essentials.

Buy Now, $40
9. Thom Browne Medium Grey Nylon 4-Bar Gym Bag
Thom Browne

Best flex: While duffel bags, in general, are meant for function more than fashion, Thom Browne is stunting with this ultra-refined gym bag. With pebbled handles and straps, brass zip enclosures, a grosgrain loop tab, and the designer’s signature thick stripes, the modified proportions make this a standout piece at an eye-popping, ultra-lux price.

Buy Now, $1,400
8. Y-3 Classic Hybrid Duffel Bag

Best for variability: Yohji Yamamoto’s Adidas collab consistently “functionality with sophistication to craft.” This duffel uniquely can be transformed into a backpack and “the durable, water-repellent material adds protection against the elements.” Y-3’s black-on-black logo is a subtle nod to the product’s sophistication.

buy , $40
7. Nike Brasilia Training Duffel Bag (Large)

Best for reliability: The square shape on Nike’s 14” wide Brasilia training duffel provides a slightly different silhouette than your average gym bag, but just as much functionality and spaciousness. The pads on the shoulder strap are a necessity for when your gear gets too heavy. When Nike says large, they mean large — so be ready for all the extra room.

buy now, $50
6. Alexander McQueen Metropolitan Selvedge Duffle
Alexander McQueen

Best for incomparable fashionability: Alexander McQueen’s wares are so opulent that their website ensures that every item will be shipped in elegant packaging. You just can’t take it! This deceptively basic duffel has the iconic couturier’s name on the selvedge handles and straps and a black signature fabric lining — it’s extravagant both inside and out. 

Buy Now, $1,250
5. Herschel Novel Duffle

Best for flying under the radar: Herschel took hold in New York as a symbol of normcore street smarts, but wearing the brand’s impressive line of accessories doesn’t only denote urban detachment. In fact, Herschel’s goods are just plain well-made. This duffle, described as “the ideal weekend bag” features an internal storage sleeve, reinforced handles, and a signature shoe compartment.

Buy now, $90
4. Filson Medium Duffle Bag

Best for vintage fans: Filson stepped their game up with this highly crafted duffle featuring leather handles and a two-snap grid. The “modern metro” bridle leather enclosure is especially classy, and the water-resistant rugged twill gives the bag a look of old-world elegance.  

Buy now, $395
3. Carhartt Legacy Gear Bag

Best for indestructibility: Originally intended as industrial clothing for manual laborers, Carhartt’s extremely tough and dependable clothes have somehow become a staple for trendy members of the professional/managerial class and subcultural fashionistas alike. The legacy gear bag is as indestructible as anything else the brand produces, and it’s no surprise the accessory is meant to carry heavyweight tools (even though it’s more likely to hold a carefully folded suit and tie these days). 

Buy now, $50
2. Ben Sherman
Ben Sherman

Best for vegans: Ben Sherman, another notable mod brand whose designs defined style in the UK in the 60’s and 70’s, is offering this faux leather alternative to the nylon, polyester, and leather options on this list. At just 20 inches long, this travel bag’s “lightweight construction helps you adhere to airline weight restrictions to avoid unneeded airport fees.”

buy now, $70
1. Alife

Best for New Yorkers: Founded in 1999, Alife’s was “originally a creative workshop based in Manhattan’s Orchard Street, [the label’s] innovative designs and forward-thinking products propelled them into an internationally renowned streetwear clothing brand and boutique,” according to Hypebeast. Their duffel bag, with daringly un-subtle branding, is a nod to urban know-how from the City that Never Sleeps. 

Buy now, $38
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The 25 Best Sweatpants For Men To Keep You Comfortable

Approximately one year ago it became imminently apparent that we’d all be working from home way more than we were used to. Now, as we approach what we all pray is the final stretch of the pandemic, our cheap loungewear impulse buys from last March are starting to look a little drab. It’s high time to spice up your work-from-home wardrobe while still staying on-trend.

We’ve curated an (unranked) list of the best men’s sweatpants we could find, ranging from high-end designer goods to comfy essentials that won’t break the bank.

25. Death Traitors P.E.A.C.E. Joggers
Death Traitors

Brooklyn-based artist Alexander Heir’s apocalyptic art is brought to life on his ultra-fashionable line of inexpensive streetwear. His baggy joggers utilize anti-fascist imagery in embroidered details. Both comfortable and stylish, the P.E.A.C.E. joggers are also reasonably priced at just $55 and come in black or camo.

Buy now, $25
24. Y-3 Classic Light Ripstop Utility Pant

Eternally minimalist avant-garde designer Yohji Yamamoto has produced some impeccably styled athleisure in his ongoing collaboration with Adidas. The Classic Light Ripstop Utility pant is an impeccably arrogant statement piece. The relaxed fit and smooth taffeta interior mean they’re pretty luxurious, too.

Buy now, $330
23. Roland TR-808 Joggers

Roland’s drum machines and synthesizers have been the backbone of the best techno and electronica for decades. They’ve recently launched a comprehensive lifestyle brand including smartly designed sweatsuits and loungewear. Extremely cozy but also winkingly smart. Be aware, the sizes run slightly large.

Buy now, $60
22. DUMBGOOD Evangelion Sweatpants

Just in time for the release of Evangelion 3.0+1.0, the Instagram-infamous pop culture purveyors at DUMBGOOD have prepared a Unit 01 inspired look for upscale otaku. If Eva isn’t your thing, DUMBGOOD’s got Seinfeld, Jurassic Park, and The Shining-inspired outfits as well. But even if you’re not familiar with avant-garde Japanese animation, the slick late 90’s color palette on these look great.

buy now, $80
21. Fashion Nova Russ Jogger Yellow
Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova’s menswear has really found its way since its launch a few years ago. Although trendy minimalism is a mark of sophistication, there’s nothing wrong with something slightly louder. Live out your Kill Bill dreams with these bright, Bruce Lee-inspired joggers that can bring a pop of color to any outfit. Besides, who can argue with that price tag?

Buy now, $17
20. Soto Angel Devil Black Sweatpant

Manuela Soto Sosa, a Los Angeles-based tattoo artist, has become one of the trendiest illustrators and designers on the West Coast. Her anime-inspired drawings of buxom women are both flirtatious and empowering. She’s more recently begun emblazoning her iconic girls on comfy streetwear — these black sweatpants show off her unique and beloved art style.

Buy now, $110
19. Champion Powerblend Retro Fleece Jogger

90s kids will remember the ubiquity of Champion sportswear in middle school hallways around the world. The brand has more recently become an emblem of normcore style. Show off your anti-fashionable smarts with these affordable and totally retro sweats.

Buy now, $18.31 – $51.75
18. Scurderia Ferrari Race MCS Men’s Sweatpants

You might not have the purchasing power to cop your own Ferrari quite yet, but Puma’s put the sports car’s logo on these unique cross-branded joggers. Based on a retro design from 1987 that took hold in hip-hop scenes, these pants are a smartly-done throwback and are currently on sale.

Buy now, $45
17. Nike Sportswear Swoosh

There’s something subtly genius about simply doubling Nike’s signature swoosh to make an impactful statement, alongside the text of the onomatopoeic logo. The crisp white/orange/periwinkle color palette is strong, juxtaposed against the pants’ relaxed style. The mid-weight fleece is designed for city living and apartment lounging.

Buy now, $66
16. Cross Colours BLM Tie Dye Sweatpant via Karmaloop
Cross Colours

Whether you like it not, the tie-dye trend isn’t going anywhere for now. If bright hippie color palettes aren’t your thing, these slightly more drab black and grey tones could work. The BLM messaging on the logo is, of course, always righteous. Beware: these pants run a bit small, so maybe order a size up from your normal fit.

Buy now, $92
Brain Dead

Brain Dead describes their aesthetic as “disruptive [and] graphic-led … the brand takes its cues from post punk, underground comics, skateboarding, and the spirit of subculture as a whole.” The violent iconography on these sweatpants certainly is representative of those ideas, and there’s something delightfully goth about the look. This piece from their Spring/Summer ‘21 collection is both utilitarian and “otherworldly.”

Buy now, $140
14. C. By Loredena Pinasco Repoison Code Joggers
Loredena Pinasco

At the intersection of black metal and cyberpunk is C. by Loredena Pinasco’s exciting clothes for dystopian times. Both edgy and comfy, these joggers from the notorious Italian label let you live your full Neuromancer fantasy and match just about any other athleisure wear you’ve got in your closet. 

Buy now, £80
13. Vans 66 Supply Fleece Pants

Vans have become experts at hitting the sweet spot between stylish, affordable, and durable. These fleece pants are no exception, and the zip utility side pocket is a lifesaver for both skaters and stoners.

Buy now, $60
12. Thom Browne Striped Joggers via Flannels

Flannels, a UK-based luxury retailer, seems to always have impressive deals on impossible-to-find designer exclusives. These Thom Browne joggers, featuring the label’s signature four thick stripes, are finely tailored for a skinny fit. Think uptight British mod, but then make it cozy.

Buy now, £450
11. Allie Kat Pussy Piledriver Sweatpants
Meowdy Yall

Deathmatch fighter Allie Kat has won over the hardened hearts of pro-wrestling’s most ravenous fanbase with her toughness, grit, and perpetual desire for belly rubs. Her uniquely feminist and playfully lascivious branding is both empowering and nasty. Be sure to stay thirst trapping and wear these to the next Grey Sweatpants Battle Royale.

Buy now, $35
10. Trio 21 Adidas Sweatpants

Not everyone can afford the brand’s more upscale collabs (like the aforementioned Y3 label), but Adidas still has plenty of classics — at much more attainable prices — to choose from. These simple sweats are a soft cotton-blend meant for stretching before you get sporty.

buy now, $50
9. Hanes Sport Ultimate Cotton Men’s Fleece Sweatpants

At less than $20, these are the cheapest sweatpants on the list. You get what you pay for: no graphics, no ornamentation, no interesting styling. Just extremely snuggly fleece from a brand we’ve all come to trust. 

Buy now, $13.50
8. Alife Generic Logo Sweat Pant

New York-based streetwear brand Alife has become a local symbol of cool in Manhattan and beyond. Their simple sweatpants in bold red have their logo screen printed on the pocket for a subtle proclamation of cultural clout.

Buy now, $120
7. Fila Rhys Jogger

Another iconic 90’s brand resurrected as retro-chic, Fila’s recent collabs with a plethora of underground artists and designers have reinvigorated the label. These French terry joggers are part of the company’s celebration of Black History, with some proceeds going towards UNCF.

buy now, $78
6. Ice Cream Men’s I Scream Sweatpants via Nordstrom

Icecream has quite suddenly become one of the buzziest streetwear brands around. The brainchild of Pharrell Williams and Japanese DJ Nigo, their graphic design aesthetic and deceptively playful name belies a serious cool-factor. No surprise their sweatpants have become a hot commodity.

Buy now, $130
5. Kikillo Poisson 887 Joggers

Kikillo’s anime-influenced designs are surrealistically fashionable and hypnotically glitchy. This psychedelic, Yu-Gi-Oh-inspired look is far from quiet or work-appropriate, but will definitely leave a strong first impression. With a brushed fleece fabric inside, they’re as soft as they are aesthetic.

buy now, $53
4. Reigning Champ
Reigning Champ

Sportswear brand Reigning Champ has become known for their almost frighteningly well-constructed garments and their midweight terry sweatpants are no exception. No frills and nothing fancy, but the perfectly made and sturdy sewing and fabrics easily justify the high price point.

buy now, $120
3. Junji Ito Red and White Panel Sweatpants via Hot Topic
Junji Ito

Horror master Junji Ito’s designs have been embraced as masterpieces by both haute couture designers and streetwear enthusiasts alike. Mall goth mainstay, Hot Topic, somehow got ahold of his imagery and slapped some iconically grotesque manga panels onto unexpectedly fashionable sweatpants — at a totally affordable price.

buy now, $24
2. Converse Dagger Pant

Converse is best known for their legendary footwear but their clothes are eternally on-trend as well. There’s nothing too flashy about these sweatpants, but the brand’s name still carries weight and ensures a degree of durability.

buy now, $85
1. Neighborhood OOTD / C-PT

Few brands are trendier than Japanese streetwear line Neighborhood. Their finely constructed garments and clever graphic looks have become high-end essentials for smart hypebeasts. This garment was designed in collaboration with ONE OF THESE DAYS, an apparel line by the LA-based visual and tattoo artist Matt McCormick. 

Buy now, $283
Style What To Buy

Shop Miles Silvas’ Skate-Ready Look at JD Sports

Skateboarding and streetwear are inextricably linked. So, to put together a proper ‘fit for a skate session, you‘ve got to strike the perfect balance between comfort, performance and style. We got together with Miles Silvas—the absolutely killer Skate League star from Sacramento—who managed to do exactly that. Check out his look, all comprised of pieces from JD Sports.

1. Adidas Superstar

There are few sneakers as iconic as the Adidas Superstar. They‘re chunky and comfortable, making them a great option for getting some clips in. The toe might not stand up to the wear and tear of too many skate sessions, but they‘re such a legendary sneaker to don for getting the right footage.

Buy Now at JD Sports, $85
2. Adidas Originals ID96 Half-Zip Hoodie

Just take a peek at how effortlessly cool this man looks in this JD Sports gear. Between the matching Adidas suit and the Superstars, it’s a perfect skate-ready ‘fit for any Adidas aficionado, whether you want to take it to the park or for a walk around town.

Buy the Hoodie at JD Sports, $90
3. Adidas Originals ID96 Jogger Pants

We can’t guarantee you’ll be getting tricks like this off (Miles is a pro, after all), but with gear from JD Sports, at least you know you’ll be looking fresh. The hoodie and joggers are Global Access exclusives, which means you can’t find them anywhere else.

Buy the Joggers at JD Sports, $70
Shop the look:
Adidas Superstar
Adidas Originals ID96 Jogger Pants
Adidas Originals ID96 Half-Zip Hoodie