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These Are The 20 Best Dispensaries in Seattle

Six years ago, Washington was the second state in the United States, after Colorado, to authorize the sale and use of recreational cannabis. 

Since then, Seattle has grown into one of the biggest hubs in the cannabis industry, not just in Washington but in the world. Tourists come from all around the world to participate in the cannabis culture. Every year, the Emerald City hosts HempFest, the largest hemp festival in the world. According to an April 2019 article on Thrillist, over 516 retailers in Washington State spent over $1 billion on flowers, edibles, concentrates, and other products. 

We here at ONE37pm decided to name the Top 20 cannabis shops in the Seattle area that you should check out the next time you’re in the area.

1. Clutch Cannabis in Seattle

People arriving in Seattle are warmly welcomed and guided by their first legal experience with the same enthusiasm as regular pick-ups of their daily projects.

When you look at the menu and descriptions on the site, it helps narrow down your choices, and customers always trust the suggestions they’re  given.

Some of their products include Strawberry Shortcake [Indica], Cookies & Cream [Hybrid], Rainbow Sherbet [Hybrid], Orange Daiquiri [Indica Hybrid], and Duct Tape [Hybrid].

2. Evergreen Market – North Renton

Complete with a super friendly staff who make you feel at home when you go in, if you are a first-time customer and do not really know what you are looking for, the staff is really patient and will  help  you find the right product.

The store is very clean, and they have an express window that makes things really easy for on-line pickups or when you already know exactly what you want. By far, this is the best dispensary in the Renton, Washington area due to the fantastic customer service and the offers they provide.

Products include: Cake Crasher [Hybrid], Black Cherry Soda [Hybrid], Wedding Cake [Indica Hybrid], Grape Cake [Indica Hybrid], Big Smooth [Hybrid], and Blueberry Muffins [Hybrid].

3. Uncle Ike’s Capitol Hill Marijuana Dispensary

If you are on Capitol Hill and need a dispensary to go to, Uncle Ike’s is the place to go.  They have an excellent inventory selection, and you can pre-order online and pick up can be completed in one hour, and it is a straightforward process.

Products include Girl Scout Cookies [hybrid], Pearly Glue [Hybrid], and Blackberry [Hyrid].

4. Have a Heart | Recreational Cannabis Dispensary in Skyway

Have a Heart in Skyway is a great shop to visit.  Their prices beat out a lot of their competitors in Renton, and the addition of your phone number to their loyalty program makes it even better. The choice is smaller, and it is a smaller place, but for someone who likes shopping for the same products, this is a great location.

Their products include Phat Panda, Freddy’s Fuego, Tree Hawk, Green Crack, Orange Zkittlez, and OG Chem. The staff is fast, friendly, and cool. There’s usually a line, but the online ordering is so fast, you can even make it there and go to that line instead.

5. Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis Dispensary in Seattle

The location is such a convenience to customers. It also has competitive prices to other dispensaries in the Seattle area. 

It works like a properly oiled machine. You can also pre-order and have the option of coming to retrieve your order when they text you to tell you that it is ready. They also have curbside pickup which makes it extremely convenient.

Products include Blue Dream NWCS B75 [Sativa], Strawberry Mad Dawg 4EverTree C160D [Sativa] Girl Scout Cookies 4EverTree C161 [Hybird], and Gorilla Glue Banger Series A3 [Hybrid].

6. Origins Cannabis West Seattle Marijuana Dispensary

The staff is very knowledgeable and helps customers find what they are looking for. I strongly recommend this location for all your cannabis needs. They are extremely skilled and professional.

If you are looking for some fire weed and try some of their Master Headband from Sensi Organix. Customers say it is some of the best weed that they have ever smoked.

Products include Sun Sokd Jack Herer, Sparket Lemon Cookies, Sun Sokd Pineapple Muffin, and Origins Gas Mask.

7. Pot Shop on Dexter Ave

With exceptional customer service and an online ordering system that is simple to use, they offer a relaxed atmosphere with budtenders that make me feel like a valued customer, not just some other number.

Products include Milk Chocolate Squares [Hybrid], Water Yer Melon [Hybrid], ManBearPig OG [Hybrid], and Raspberry Haze [Hybrid].

8. The West Seattle Marijuana Store

This joint has some of the nicest and most knowledgeable staff in the Seattle area.

They have various daily offers for edible products, oil/wax, pre-rollers, flowers, and cartridges. Highly recommended. Just as an FYI before you head over, they only accept horizontal IDs.

Products include Wavy Blue by Okanogan Gold, Trainwreck by High-Frequency Farms, and Dutch Oven by Columbia River Reserve.

9. Dockside Cannabis Recreational Dispensary – SODO

A great store with even better people. Superb visuals on all products, non-pressurized environment. . Kiona’s Lemon Cheesecake Thai is a customer favorite, but also the Lazy Bee’s Tesla Tower, which is a hybrid.

The pre-rolls are a terrific value for someone that is looking for short hits.

Their products include Allen Wrench [Sativa], Purple Punch [Indica Hybrid], and Slurricane [Indica Hybrid].

10. Ganja Goddess Cannabis Shop in Seattle

The degree of professionalism and customer service has clients who want to come back each time. Everyone is so knowledgeable and willing to give authentic feedback about the products and I never feel that I am pushed toward a particular item. It is always worth traveling to SODO to support a diverse and women-led company.

Their products include Legit Infused Cone Blueberry Tart [Sativa], Legit Infused Cone Kush Breath [Indica], and Rogue Raven Cone GG4 [Sativa].

11. Green Fire Cannabis in Seattle

There are plenty of reasons to love this place with good prices, bargains, and a wonderful selection, but the atmosphere and the employees really make a difference. Clients who come here continuously use joints as an excuse to exchange pleasantries with some really chill folk in a very comforting environment. It is good to sit down and talk—great layout for the shop.

Automatic discounts as you buy more volume. I tried a low-shelf Green Crack from Buddha  Cannabis and top-shelf Jack the Ripper from Northwest Finest. While the top-shelf was more visually appealing, I think their lower-priced stuff is of good enough quality that you do not need to overspend.

Their products include: Creme Brulee [Hybrid], Purple Punch [Indica], Zen CBD, Lemon Agave [Hybrid].

12. Kush21 Premium Recreational Cannabis in Burien, Washington

There is nothing but great things to say about this store and the people who work here. Customers always feel they are getting their money’s worth, and bidders are truly caring and knowledgeable individuals. 

They have quality products that are seriously affordable through “rock bottom pricing”($5 pre-rolls, and $3 edibles, FTW) and offers like their morning and late-night happy hours where you can score a 10% discount.

Their products include: White Widow Flower (Pagoda) [Hybrid],Outrageous Tangie flower (Pagoda) [Sativa], Lemon Peel flower (Pagoda) [Hybrid], and Wedding Cake Flower (Creekside Cannabis) [Indica].

13. The Reef Cannabis Capitol Hill, Seattle

The Reef is one of the best cannabis stores in Seattle. It is located on Capitol Hill, and they always provide you with products at a good price.  As with any store, make sure you do your research on what you need for your choice of cannabis. There is indoor cannabis and outdoor cannabis. Indoor cannabis is always going to be more potent than outdoor cannabis. They are equipped with a full line of hybrids, sativas, and indicas. They also provide online help and share their picks online. If you are a veteran customer, they also offer a 25% discount.

Their products include Adak OG, Aliens on Moonshine, Banana Punch, Bazooka Bro, and Bifrost.

14. American Mary in Ballard

It is an excellent establishment. The staff is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and very entertaining to speak to. The staff is friendly, helpful, competent, and super fun to talk to—immaculate layout, and it is very easy to find what you require. The store also comes with great prices and a cool loyalty program. They also offer a wide variety of marijuana, edibles, CBD, and cannabis products for whatever you are looking for during your visit.

Their products include COSMIC: Grape Ape [Indica], Forbidden Fruit [Hybrid], and ORGROW: Dutch Dragon.

15. Mr. O.G. in White Center South Seattle.

It is an amazing store! Customers have never been dissatisfied with the quality of the products and the personnel is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

The Wonder Rub is a customer favorite at this location. This is often used by massage therapists while working on their client’s forearms, hands, and neck after a shift. Their other products include Alien Fruity Pebbles, Lemon Slushee, and Presidential Kush 1g by Green420.

16. Ruckus Recreational Marijuana On Capitol Hill

The staff was thorough, knowledgeable and the prices were among the lowest I have ever seen on concentrates. The locations were perfect if you are within the Seattle Capitol area. The Cherry Pie wax is really thick, only costs $10 a gram, and is super potent.

The location has other great strains like RSO Cinex, OMG Sykes, AC/DC Live Resin Refine, Super Lemon Haze Activated Distillate, Double Delicious, and ATF Distillate Cartridge.

17. Ponder Cannabis Shop Seattle, Washington

Ponder Cannabis Shop has a very knowledgeable staff that helped customers understand more about marijuana. They also found customers quality weed within their budget. They have a good selection and even organized their strains per farmer vs strain type (Sativa, hybrid, and so on). 

Their selections of concentrates include Refine, Dabstract, Oleum, SPR, Rouge Raven, and Bodhi High.

18. The Bakeréé- Georgetown

The staff is very knowledgeable and able to answer any questions customers may have in mind. They offer discounts during happy hour, and their prices are more than reasonable.

This store offers a great experience for beginners or people who are not so well informed. However, if you are someone who knows what you are looking for and wants to skip the entire indica/sativa conversation, this is a store for you.

Their products include Pennywise CBD by Western Cultured, Pineapple Express Pre-Roll by Gabriel, Platinum OG by Blue Bastard, Purple Kush Pre-Roll by Burnwell, Narnia by Soulshine, and Middlefork by Royal Tree.

19. The Novel Tree Bellevue, Washington

Their inventory now consists of a competitive selection. The staff is welcoming and highly knowledgeable and when you walk through the door, the doorman shares the discounts that they have that day. 

Many dispensaries have employees who check IDs and have no idea what the store is selling. That is not the case here as every person working the door of this establishment has a broad knowledge of the products they’re selling.

While their products are on the costly side, they charge a premium because of their location. Also, because they obtain their supplies from medical producers and processors.

Their products include Blue Cheese [Indica], Sunset Sherbet [Hybrid], Grapefruit [Sativa], Bruce Banner [Hybrid],  The Jack [Sativa], Ice Cream Cake [Hybrid], Raindance [Hybrid], and Juicy Fruit [Hybrid].

20. Higher Leaf Marijuana Kirkland

Some high-quality cannabis that is a little bit more expensive. As with most dispensaries, the more you spend in advance, the less you will have to spend in the long run, and this is definitely true here. You won’t have to take as much because they do have some really good quality green, but it’s expensive even for the Eastside. 

Their prices are about 4.5-5.5x markup when the industry standard is normally around 3.5-4x. That aside, the staff is very familiar and knows the complete menu indoors and outdoors.

Their products also include Headband [Indica], Poison Fruit [Hybrid], and Gas-N-Fruit Trim.

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