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The 20 Hardest Wrestling References In Hip-Hop History

Hip-Hop and wrestling are practically the perfect marriage of severe trash-talking, grandiose proclamations, and a whole lot of outlandish fashion fits. Pusha T, Wale, Flatbush Zombies, Smoke DZA, Action Bronson, etc. regularly hop on the mic to verbalize their love for the athletes that go hard in the squared circle. And before them, notable MCs such as LL Cool J and Jadakiss also made sure to drop a few bars about the very best in professional wrestling. There’s a whole bunch of memorable bars out there that truly get a Road Warrior pop out of us every time they blast through our headphones. We’ve got 20 of the very best ones from some of the greatest (and most slept on) rappers that know a thing or two about the letters WWF/E, WCW, and other premier wrestling companies.

1. When Bret Hart meet Brett Favre/A sharp shooter well exceeding any figure four/You see my figure more or less stick some more

Wale, “Beautiful Bliss”

2. Yeah, but I ain’t stuntin’ these hoes/I been pimpin’ since Hulk Hogan was nWo/Yeah, I’m wild, Drizzy tough, and the Kid vicious/The three horseman, we just need Sid Vicious

Lil Wayne, “Stunt Hard”

3. In high school I was voted the most Ted DiBiase-est/Also the most slept on, cause my Ted DiBiase-ness

Lupe Fiasco, “The One”

4. Cuz I was down before the hype like Dusty Rhodes and Bob Backlund/Bruno Sammartino, Stan Staziak/Now The Rock and Stone Cold are my favorite maniacs/The top rooster pluckin’, chickens when I’m cluckin’/WWF stands for When and Where we F*****

LL Cool J f/ Redman, Method Man, & DMX, “Fuhgidabowdit”

5. Looky here, it’s just the way the cookie tear/Prepare to get hurt and mangled like Kurt Angle, rookie year

Madvillain, “Great Day”

6. We the kind that supply the rock like Chris Paul/The same kind that aim 9s, insane conscience/And then we get rid of the rock like Dwayne Johnson

Royce da 5’9”, I’m Me Freestyle

7. Had my n****s down so I’m screaming f**k the law/Monday night wrestling, I’m so f*****g raw

Meek Mill, Pandemonium

8. Go hard like Iverson playin’ with hurt ankles/Plus, wrestle the topic from a different Kurt Angle!

Talib Kweli, In The Mood

9. But when we at them red carpet affairs, aw man/My baby break necks like The Honky Tonk Man (woo!)

Joell Ortiz, Talkin’ About You (Ladies)

10. I had to stash near the boiler/Night time playing the moon, a Houston Oiler/Brought the raw to ya/Had this diesel fiend tying up both his arms, Ultimate Warrior

Fred the Godson, Doves Fly

11. The cycle is Shawn Michaels, heartbreak/And yeah I like you, but not enough to wife you

Asher Roth, Be By Myself

12. I Jake the Snake ‘em, DDT ‘em in mausoleums

Run The Jewels, Blockbuster Night Pt.1

13. Attack like a savage cat/Undertaker, this the casket match/Paul Bearer bring the urn out/They won’t win til we quit, we don’t burn out

Smoke DZA, Hearses

14. I’m CM Punk with that mic y’all/She go to sleep cause my pipe bomb

Wale, Razor Freestyle (Bad Guy)

15. We dedicated to cats that’s been thuggin’/Vinnie Paz got more hoes then Jim Duggan

Vinnie Paz, Blood Runs Cold

16. Monday night with the RAW, I’m Vince McMahon with a beat/Power-slamming them hammers, I get you handled for free (Uh)

Rick Ross, I Am Your Leader

17. I am like Randy Savage on acid/That’s very vibrant and classic

Meechy Darko (Flatbush Zombies), MRAZ

18. I served ‘em up while I Bill Goldberged the blunt

Sir Michael Rocks, Banco Populair

19. I hop off the top rope and chop you in the throat/Come through like Sting all black with a bat/Then I drop you like Goldberg right on your back/You know styling and profiling like Ric Flair dressed me/Sort of like Kidman, all the chicks think I’m sexy

Jadakiss, Pay Per View

20. Disrespect the clique, and oh, you know they ain’t got far to go/That’s when I grab em by the neck, hit ’em with that RKO/Outta nowhere, I’m on my viper s***/Might just have to resurrect the dead and bring back Piper’s pit/Cause’ we about to teach the industry a strange lesson/Just when they think they found the answer, we change the question

Murs, Strangeulation II Cypher V

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