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The 14 Cannabis Companies You Should Know

The cannabis companies to watch, according to Green Street president Rama Mayo

Whether it be in the form of flower, oil or serums, the legal marijuana industry is going to blow up. We’re betting that the industry will totally eclipse a slew of other vice industries in years to come. Like with any burgeoning field, it’s often difficult to determine who we’ll be talking about in ten years and who’s just saturating the market. So Rama Mayo—the president of Green Street—and I rounded up the top Cannabis companies to keep an eye on in 2020.

1. Pure Beauty

The appeal is in the name. Pure Beauty is doing something unique in the cannabis space by emphasizing the aesthetic of both their online user experience and their product design. They’re still pretty early in their entry into the space, but their beautiful visual style and commitment to ethically growing their product make Pure Beauty an absolutely necessary cannabis company to keep an eye on.

2. Alien Labs

If you could get free weed forever, Alien Labs is where you should go. The brand’s flower is absolutely legendary; it’s the Don Perignon of weed. Of course, the best comes at a price, but the hefty price tag is absolutely appropriate. With some of the best cultivators in the game, Alien Labs is an absolute must-try brand for real flower aficionados.

3. Jungle Boys

Jungle Boys is a unique brand because of their position as both an incredible cultivator and a destination for buying. They have their own retail locations, their own cultivation and a pretty sick merch line. Jungle Boys represents a growing trend in the cannabis space: the conflation between weed companies and lifestyle brands. They don’t do any shows or expos, and sell all of their product themselves. The LA brand has been around since 2006, and will likely be one of the biggest companies in cannabis as we continue to watch the industry explode.

4. Cannacraft

Cannacraft is different from some of the aforementioned brands because of their emphasis on oil. They do huge outdoor grows which are processed for oil, and are fast becoming one of the most revolutionary brands in cannabis. During the raging California fires of 2017, the Cannacraft owners let the Red Cross set up in their facilities. The brand is really the poster child of how to be a cannabis company that gives back, while simultaneously making huge strides in the production of weed products.

We also have to mention the breakout product of 2020, Cannacraft’s collab with brewery Lagunitas (a subsidiary of Heineken): Hi Fi Hops. The beer replacement contains 0 calories and 0 sugar, but still gives drinkers the refreshing buzz of a traditional beer. It’s an absolute game changer for not just the cannabis industry, but the beverage industry generally.

5. Henry’s Original

Part of what makes Henry’s so great is their commitment to farming and growing good outdoor flower. They’re mostly known for their pre-rolls, filled with weed grown in Mendocino County on the company’s property. Henry’s is farmer owned and operated, and is culturally a bit similar to many of the Northern California wineries, emphasizing a commitment to agriculture and building a beautiful space to grow. You can check out this Forbes article about their amazing fundraising efforts as well.

6. Apothecanna

Apothecanna is the number one topical brand on the planet, period. It is truly medicine. They’re celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year, and their longevity can be traced back to the incredible product. One of the founders previously worked for Aveda, which is part of why the brand feels like a true skincare/beauty brand. There is really no brand like Apothecanna. A friend we spoke to for this article told us that, after 20 years of pain had prevented her from doing so, Apothecanna products allowed his mother to get back on her hands and knees gardening again. Apothecanna is medicine, that’s all there is to it.

7. Cookies / Lemonnade

Cookies is the closest thing the Cannabis Industry has to a titan like Nike. Helmed by legendary recording artist and entrepreneur Berner, Cookies aims to embody what makes California unique, through fashion, cannabis, sports and music. The clothing line alone records profits which dwarf that of a lot of other cannabis competitors. Berner was originally a cultivator, but now partners with farms and other cultivators to create Cookies dispensaries. You can’t talk about Cannabis in 2020 without mentioning Cookies.

We’d also like to address Cookies’ sister company, Lemonnade. Founded in 2015 by Berner and Brett Wilson, Lemonnade is known for its amazing Sativa flower and beautiful aesthetic. They’ve collabed with artists like Rick Ross, Michael Corleone, and Run The Jewels, and their overall vertical integration (they use a seed-to-sale business model) gives them total control over their customers’ smoking and buying experience. If you’re a saitva-head, then Lemonnade might just be your brand.

8. The Cannabis Brothers

The Cannabis Brothers is a family Cannabis company. Their flower is on the level of Alien Labs and Jungle Boys; their mission is truly just to grow amazing flower. It’s a 100% family business, helmed by two brothers. The owners are some of the nicest dudes you could possibly meet (The Cannabis Gardener and Payaso Grow are the OG brands, named after brother master growers Terence and Philip) in cannabis or any space, and their flower lives up to their standards.

9. The Originals / The Cure Company

The Originals and the Cure Company are an example of two brands working side by side in cannabis. The two brands are run by two iconoclasts; they work together to sell from their own dispensaries and also sell directly to other businesses. In addition to growing their own line of signature strains, The Originals grows select flower for Mike Tyson’s brand and Shavo’s brand 22Red. The Cure Company is partnered with the late great Nipsey Hussle on his Marathon OG strain. These two brands are the operation behind a lot of the biggest name releases in cannabis in the past few years.

10. Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop grows crazy flower, but unlike some of these other flower-first brands, they also have their own line of full spectrum oils. The brand’s commitment to healthy living manifests in their “Rest” line, which contains cannabis and other essential ingredients (including Coconut Flour, Beeswax, FSO, and their REST Terpene Blend, Melatonin, Valerian Root, and Ginkgo Biloba) to create a true rest-aid for cannabis users and non-users alike.

11. Trees By Game

As you may have guessed, Trees By Game is the cannabis brand brought to you by west coast hip hop icon, the Game. The flower is “hand picked” by the rapper, and the brand’s stated mission is to “deliver CA’s highest quality flower to ‘the real smokers.'” Like some of the other brands on this list, Trees By Game is a great brand for real flower aficionados looking for that upscale, premium bud. 

These next three brands are all affiliated with the Green Street, which has deep ties to Gary Vee. Rama Mayo, the President of Green Street, helped co-author this article. However, regardless of any affiliation between Green Street and ONE37pm, these brands would make our list of companies to look out for because of the incredible work they are doing in the space.

12. Gas

When you think about celebrities surrounding cannabis, one of the first people you think of should be 2 Chainz. Gas is majority owned by the rapper; he chose the name, the strains, and he chooses all the products. He is truly a weed aficionado and arguably knows cannabis better than any artist in the world. The brand sells multiple tiers of weed (something unique compared to some of these other brands), and funny enough, their best sellers are their highest end pre rolls and then their more affordable eighths of flower.

13. Vacation

Vacation is fun. Their goal is to help you get in that Vacation mindset no matter if that means chilling with friends at a BBQ, watching a movie or sitting on the beach doing absolutely nothing. The company is a joint venture (pun intended) between Sho Labs and Green Street, and their weed is “grown by the best northern california stoners we could find.” The burgeoning company also boasts a great lineup of eye-popping accessories and a laid-back visual style.

14. Asterisk*

Asterisk is going to be the Avengers of the Cannabis space. Gary Vee and Juicy J are already among the investors in the brand, and they brought on legendary designer Cody Hudson to create the merch. Weed is merely one of many avenues Asterisk aims to capitalize on. Between their merch and high-profile investors, Asterisk is set to be a true lifestyle brand.

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