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The Current State of Cannabis with Brandon Melendez and Shavo Odadjian

Cannabis State of the Union is back. On this episode, Rama Mayo is joined by two huge players in the cannabis space: Brandon Melendez and Shavo Odadjian. The three cover a lot of ground in this episode, focusing primarily on the current state of the space. Last week they talked growth, and next week we’ll be examining the future. Listen to the episode below, but in the meantime, here’s what you should know about this week’s guests.

Shavo Odadjian

If you’re a metalhead, then Shavo needs no introduction. But for those less familiar with heavy metal, you might not know the bassist of System of a Down, who has been immensely involved in legalized weed for quite some time. Shavo is the founder of 22Red, a lifestyle brand focused on cannabis, fashion, music and wellness. All of the cannabis is hand-selected by Shavo, whose affinity for the number 22 (numerous major events in Shavo’s life revolve around the number 22 and the number is said to possess the energies of your biggest dreams) led to the brand’s name. 22Red sells cannabis in addition to a wide array of other merch, from tee shirts and hats to hemp CBD products.

Brandon Melendez

The other guest on this week’s episode is Brandon Melendez, the CEO and founder of The Originals, a family-owned cultivator with retail locations in Los Angeles and San Diego. The Originals aims to inspire a whole new generation of cultivators, in addition to already being one of the most respected cannabis companies around. The brand’s mission is simple and the exact thing you’d want to hear from cannabis growers: to grow clean and potent cannabis. The brand has been around since 2006, but cannabis is still a new industry, so as their LA shop site puts eloquently: “The best is always yet to come.”

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