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Legendary DJ OG Ron C Talks Working with Drake and His Advice for Emerging Talent

“Check your attitude at the door”

On this week’s episode of our podcast Monday to Monday, host Mike Boyd chats with legendary producer / DJ / radio personality OG Ron C. Ron C’s been in the game since the late 80s, but his chopped and screwed remixes remain immensely relevant to this day. The Houston producer is Drake’s official Chop DJ and recently worked with Don Toliver and Dvsn. Ron C is charismatic, cool and unbelievably knowledgeable, dropping helpful advice left and right. This podcast is a must-listen for not just hip-hop aficionados, but for anyone trying to make it in the game today.

Mike and OG Ron C begin the interview discussing how the DJ has managed to stay relevant for so long. He’s still the most notorious chop DJ in the game, and so even younger artists continue to seek him out for their desired mixes. “I’m here to provide it for them, make sure they get it done the right way,” he says, before adding: “They gotta go to the kings, man. Me and the Chopstars.”

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Ron tells a funny story about linking up with Don Toliver years ago, long before the rapper had risen to his current level of fame. “One time, he just gave us a whole folder of songs. And he said, ‘Man, y’all do whatever y’all want to with them, man just keep me in the rotation,’” he says of Toliver. His keen eye for spotting undiscovered talent is tried and true, and he has a really interesting way of putting it. “That’s what we do. We down before the car moving. We down to push the car,” he says. 

In typical Monday to Monday fashion, OG Ron C offers up some advice for emerging artists and producers. His advice is succinct and widely applicable: “Check your attitude at the door. And when I mean, ‘at the door,’ I mean right now.” Humility and an ability to check yourself is paramount to Ron. “Learn how to check yourself before somebody else check you,” he jokes. 

He also has some more specific advice for producers: “If you really wanna be the best at that, you need to learn music theory. Learn the theory of music. Meaning that you have to learn what a four-bar count is, you have to learn what notes are placed in those four bars. That is the theory of music, because if you learn that then it makes everything [easier].” This key advice is often left out of the discussion, and it’s important to hear it from one of the greats.

OG Ron C and Mike spend a lot of the rest of the interview discussing the DJ’s relationships with some bigtime MCs. He’s worked closely with Drake, and has a lot of funny stories to share about the Toronto superstar. “When I’m around Drake, man, it’s a beautiful thing. Because Drake treats you like family. Like he treats his whole crew like family, like for real,” he says and adds: “Drake is like…he’s really a humble dude man. I have to say, hats off to him. Because like, every time—he ain’t never fronted on me. He ain’t never fronted on me or my crew though.” When Mike asks him for his favorite Chopped and Screwed project of all time, he ponders before responding: “Take Care.”

The duo also chat about Ron’s long-held relationship with legendary Houston rapper Slim Thug. You can hear in his voice how much he cherishes his friendship and long term working relationship with the rapper. Mike asks him who is his favorite artist that he’s been around, and he responds quickly. “Slim Thug for sure. For shit sure.” In his lengthy relationship with the artist, they had damn near 100% good moments. “We probably had 2 percent bad moments. Like for real, 98 percent of the time was always, y’know what I’m saying,” he says. 

Ron C leaves us with a little mystery at the end, hinting at an upcoming project. He says he can’t reveal too many details, but gives us a hint as to who the artist is. “The only thing I can say—give up, is where he from: Memphis,” he says. We’ll have to wait and see what’s up next for the Houston legend.

If you loved this episode and want to listen to Mike chat with more artists, producers and managers, make sure to check out last week’s episode, when he spoke with Da Baby’s manager King Carter.

OG Ron C Quarantine FaceTime

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