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Rapper DNDSection Returns With His ‘November 25th Freestyle’

This week’s Monday to Monday features rapper dndsection. Since making his official debut in 2019 with his song ‘Georgia Peaches,’ the Atlanta artist has become known for his beats, rhymes, and incorporating his Nigerian heritage into his musical style. When ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd last spoke with dndsection, the artist had just returned from a trip to Nigeria, and was experiencing success with his single ‘Know Me Well.’ Now dnd is back with his newest effort, a single called ‘November 25th Freestyle,’ and checked in with Boyd alongside his manager Chris Phero to talk about what he has been up to in 2021 so far. Below is a preview of their interview.

Boyd: For anyone who is new to you, what song should they start with?

Dndsection: ‘Zaza!’ As a songwriter, sometimes you write and you aren’t really thinking, but that song pen wise was really good. I love songs where my pen game is nice because I like to be respected as an artist with my play on words and how I rap. It was everything I’ve ever wanted.

Boyd: Chris is that the one you would pick?

Chris: I think so! It gives you a good perspective on him, his music, and his sound.

Boyd: I wanted to ask you about production. I know you work with your in-house producers, but I want to know your approach to production. Tell us who you work with, and what is the process with your main go-to people?

Dndsection: Well, it is always going to be AJ, 88Jay, and Master Don because those are the three guys I came within with. I always say that music is like a spiritual thing, so when I hear a beat, and I feel it hits me on more than a surface level, that is when I’m like “Okay Bet!” I like a lot of philharmonics and melodies—they know what I’m looking for all of the time. It’s just trusting their ear because they know the texture of my voice and what works and doesn’t. I kind of leave everything to them, but sometimes Chris will send me producers, and I’ll listen. He recently did it with one of my favorite songs that is on a new project I’m working on called ‘Imagine.’ It was just a beat he randomly sent me. Production-wise I’m really rare—I can sit on a beat for two or three months and then write to it, or I can write to it the same day. It is all about the feel of it to me.

You can listen to the full interview with dndsection and Chris above. In the meantime be sure to keep up with all of his latest releases on Instagram and Twitter.

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