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Sample-Based Producer Gonerprod Walks ONE37pm Through The NYC Rap Scene

This week’s edition of Monday to Monday features rising producer Gonerprod, a young talent with a specialty for making sampling. Over the past several months, Gonerprod has quickly become a frequent contributor to Lil Polo Tee’s projects, working closely with the artist on his songs to capture his musical vision. Gonerprod is a producer to keep an eye on in the future, and he recently sat down with Mike Boyd to talk about his current career trajectory and more during their conversation.

Boyd starts the conversation by asking Gonerprod to give listeners an introduction to who he is and how he got to where he is at today. “I’ve been on Ableton since 2017, so not too long. I also run a little recording studio in New York called Signal Room, and I produce and engineer too. It’s going alright right now—I’m really excited about the music that I’m making!”

Boyd goes on to ask Gonerprod a little more about his journey on Ableton, and why the platform remains his go-to. “Yeah I know how to use Pro Tools for recording vocals, but I like Ableton better because I feel like I can move much faster, and I like a lot of the stock effects in Ableton. In terms of making beats, I played around with it around 2015/2016. But I never really liked Logic that much, and I gave up on making beats for about a year or two. When I downloaded Ableton, everything just kind of changed for me. It feels like a video game, and it became my favorite game to play.”

After discussing the current producing scene in New York and working with Surf Gang (a group of New York-based rappers and producers), the conversation pivots towards Polo, with Boyd bringing up Polo’s single ‘Snow Patrol,’ and the potential it has to go mainstream. “I think that it would be cool to have that song play before somebody goes on the main stage at a festival or something because it’s very triumphant,” he tells Boyd before going into his thought process while making the track. “I didn’t think about that when I made it—I don’t really go to festivals that often because that isn’t really how I experience live music. We actually didn’t make that one in the studio! We were putting together Punk Goes Drill, and I was joking around playing that song ‘Chasing Cars.’ Polo told me I should make a beat out of it. I made it in ten minutes and he got on. The whole song probably took 30 to 35 minutes, then one day he texted me and told me he was going to put it on the album.”

For the full convo, be sure to check out the link above. You can follow Gonerprod on Instagram.

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