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Esteemed ATL Producer Hoodrich Keem Is Now Looking To Conquer L.A.

Hoodrich Keem has established a reputation as one of ATL’s finest producers and DJs and is now looking to conquer the Los Angeles music scene. Having been around for years, Keem has worked with the best of the best when it comes to ATL musicians. With 21 Savage, Babyface Ray, the Migos, Peewee Longway, and plenty more on his resume so far, the producer has been a part of many memorable collaborative efforts on numerous rap albums and EPs. Checking in from the City of Angels, Keem goes in-depth with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd to talk about his evolution as a producer, plans for 2021, and what he has been working on lately. Below is a glimpse from their conversation, and you can catch the full interview as a part of our ONE37fm series.

Boyd: I first met you when I put together the Young Thug  ‘Loaded’ music video, and you were there as Thug’s DJ. How was it, doing that?

Hoodrich Keem: The crazy thing is I wasn’t Thug’s DJ; I was Rich Home Quan’s DJ! Me and Thug were coolin on a daily basis because my homie was managing him at the time. So I was always there, and we would be riding around the city and then go off to record in the studio. I was on the road working with Rich Homie Quan and Peewee, so I was just connecting the dots. So that is how that came about.

Boyd: People still want the mixtapes from you!

Hoodrich Keem: People still ask me about that. Every week I get at least five or six people who come up to me asking me the same thing. I’ve actually got a new Bodeine Withdrawal mixtape on the way. It’s just for the people! I’ve got exclusives for it, and I also have a new EP, Slurred Words with Babyface Ray—so we are definitely bringing that back for 2021, and I am trying to bring that fun back again. I think everybody got sidetracked on what really got us here, so we are going to go back to the basics.

Boyd: Speaking of Babyface Ray and Slurred Words, talk to us about working with Babyface Ray and how you guys first met.

Hoodrich Keem: People are just seeing the ‘right now stage.’ We have been locked in for I’d say about three or four years. It was really the growing stages. You know how it is when it comes to dealing with an artist—sometimes they are going through their own issues. We came through problems, and now three or four years later everything is elevating and working. It’s really just a blessing from God because the Babyface Ray situation is from the ground up. Slurred Words was something I started in 2020, and I’m finishing it now. I just finished the Unfuckwitable tape and I’ve got two songs on there. It’s just going well!

Boyd: Being around Future, Rich Homie, Migos, etc., who taught you something that changed the way you move?

Hoodrich Keem: Peewee Longway. Longway taught me a lot—that is why I have so much respect and love for him. Now that I am older, I figured out that I was a kid during those times. I’m not from Atlanta, I’m from South Carolina and I ended up moving there (Atlanta). Peewee really played a role in helping me. I kind of always knew the Migos when I moved to Atlanta through text and convos, but it was never just a link-up. I finally met up with Peewee, and he would bring all these artists around. Longway showed me how to balance all of these artists with real life, and that you actually have to grip the game. He showed me how to go out there and get features and have a real hustle. I always had it but seeing someone way older than me still going after it was humbling.

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