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Here’s How You Can Help the People of Ukraine Right Now

For nearly the past week, we have all watched the invasion of Ukraine unfold—almost in real-time—on our TVs and social media feeds. We’ve seen the people of Ukraine struggle to survive and escape this unjust invasion, looking for any means to protect themselves and their families and friends. As technology advances, so does the ability for warfare to become even more destructive and the potential to inflict casualties that much greater.

Civilians caught in the crossfire are always one of the most tragic consequences of war, and with many in Ukraine trying to find a way to flee the conflict, it’s only right that those with the ability to do so step up to help in any way we can. If you’ve been looking for places to donate, we’ve compiled a list of organizations supporting various causes in Ukraine right now. These are just a handful of groups on the ground helping, so we also encourage you to look to other places and spread the wealth.

Support Civilians
Donate to CARE

Per their mission statement, “CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live with dignity and security.”

In addition to the great work they already do, CARE has started a fund that is dedicated to providing more than four million people with much-needed aid. The packages include food, water, and hygiene kits, and the organization is also providing psychosocial support.

With Ukrainian men aged 18-60 temporarily prohibited from leaving the country to fight, CARE is prioritizing the well-being of women, children, and the elderly.

Donate to Voices of Children

This Ukrainian-based charity, Voices of Children, started in 2015 to respond to the conflict that began in the eastern portion of the country. Its goals include the protection and welfare of children affected by this war, and as the invasion unfolds, they are offering non-stop support for families across the country. In addition to providing psychological support, they are helping in the evacuation process for civilians.

Support Razom for Ukraine

Prior to the war, Razom for Ukraine was dedicated to “unlocking the potential of Ukraine” by creating spaces for people to cooperate and foster growth. Now, the non-profit is focusing on purchasing medical supplies and ensuring they reach the proper areas using their team of volunteers and logistic professionals.

DOnate here
Support Save the Children

Save the Children has supported the welfare of children across the globe for more than a century, and its latest mission is to protect those kids in Ukraine. Per their website:

  • “$50 – can provide enough food to keep 3 children from going hungry for a month
  • $150 – can wrap warm, cozy blankets around 30 children affected by conflict
  • $300 – can provide 150 face masks to refugee health workers on the front lines”

You can also set up a recurring donation system that will charge you monthly and will go towards helping those in Ukraine and other warzones.

Donate Here
Support Journalism in Ukraine
Keep Ukraine’s Media Going

Many journalists from around the world, and more specifically reporters from Ukraine itself, are doing fantastic work to keep the world informed of what is happening on the ground.

Unfortunately, the war has impacted the industry significantly as outlets and journalists constantly have to shuffle around to keep themselves safe and move to where the stories are. Unlike international outlets like CNN or the BBC who have the funds necessary to operate, Ukrainian media lacks the means to keep things running. Your money will go towards relocating journalists, security, medical supplies, and more.

Donate Here
Other Organizations to Check Out
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In addition to the organizations listed above, groups like UNICEF, The International Committee of the Red CrossDoctors Without Borders, and the United Nations Refugee Agency have begun to set up operations in Ukraine.

While they are receiving assistance from foreign powers like the United States, NATO, and European Union countries, the Ukrainian military is underfunded. It desperately needs supplies in order to push back the Russian forces. You can help raise funds for them here.

Promote Awareness
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It doesn’t sound like much but ensuring that people are made aware of certain situations in Ukraine is crucial right now. In conjunction with reporting on the ground, we all have access to our social media accounts that afford us the opportunity to keep stories alive.

This idea all comes with the caveat of promoting disinformation and false narratives. The more certain posts and pictures are shared, the faster the information spreads, so it is of the utmost importance to verify things as best you can before doing so.

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It’s on all of us to do what we can, no matter how small of an impact you might think you might be making, to help in some way. We encourage you to donate to one of the organizations listed above or others that you can find in order to help the people of Ukraine.

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