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Renowned Producer Kato Is Going In A New Direction

Behind every great song is an equally great producer. Since starting his career in 2006, Kato has produced and worked with many accomplished artists, including Lil Scrappy, Kalena, and Roscoe Dash. His latest production effort, ‘So Pretty,’ has sparked a new challenge on TikTok, and the five-time Billboard charting producer caught up with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd to discuss the past, present, and future.

Boyd: The ‘So Pretty’ record is out right now. That song is going up! Tell us a little bit about what it means to you.

Kato: It’s pretty crazy because I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment like this that happened in this particular way in my entire fourteen years of making music. I posted a beat on the internet, and it just started going crazy! Reyanna did a duet to it on TikTok, and it just went viral. Family members that I hadn’t spoken to in years and elementary school friends were reaching out to me. It’s been wild! Reyanna’s version began becoming a trend on TikTok about three weeks ago.

Boyd: I heard Tyga may be jumping on it!

Kato: Yeah we didn’t talk about anything specific, but we’ve definitely got him on some stuff! 

Boyd: Being in the game for a while and having this TikTok moment—I don’t think many people like yourself have those random moments. With everything you’ve been through, what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from the music industry so far that you can shed some light on?

Kato: There have been so many lessons that I have learned! I think the most important thing is following your own path. It can be super challenging to launch a new music career because of all the uncertainty. There is absolutely nothing in life and in the music industry that is guaranteed. Everything is based on your own internal faith in your journey. There are so many different people doing different things, and they are all winning at what they do best. I know I just have to believe in my own path and work towards that relentlessly. Every waking moment is spent working towards some type of goal for my own journey. That’s something I’ve become very comfortable and proud about. I learned that from GaryVee, and I learned a lot of my hustle from my dad because he was an entrepreneur. So I got that experience early.

Boyd: I wanted to ask you about the importance of video content. Can you talk about what you try to achieve with your videos on social media. A lot of artists don’t know what to do when it comes to video work.

Kato: I used to be that way too! I was probably the most shy and introverted person that I’ve ever met or known in my entire life! The only reason why I was able to break out of that was because I got out of music. I actually started as a rapper and producer, and that forced me to perform and start talking to people. Then once I started working closely with artists, especially when social media became a form of promotion, I realized that these artists were going super hard on social media. I started to lean on the same thing. I wanted to build a community and fanbase around what I was doing—and it’s free! 

Boyd: I wanted to also ask you about time management and how you go about your day when you have five or seven things to get done. Do you have any tips for a busy person going about their life?

Kato: I kind of have my rituals. I wake up and brush my teeth, then I take my dog out and feed her. Just really normal stuff, and then I start with more administrative things like emails, and following up with people. I check my social media and respond to DMs and comments. To be honest with you, I kind of take things day by day because things change so much —especially now with this TikTok stuff. We’ve got labels reaching out, and all kinds of zoom meetings. My schedule is constantly changing, and I tell myself to adapt to it. I just make sure I remain disciplined enough to do it. I remember when I first quit my job to do music full-time—Ihad a white board reminding me of everything to get myself regimented to prepare for what was to come.

Boyd: Last question, what should we expect from you for the rest of the year?

Kato: More music and like I said before, we are in some conversations now that are really going to position us in a different way. I want to continue using my social media platforms to discover new artists, and have more songs blow up on TikTok for all the talent that’s not on Drake level yet. I really pride myself on getting on it early. I’m going to be doing everything I can this year to find new talent and develop them.

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