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Producer-Manager Woah Dives Into the Art of Music Management

On this week’s Monday to Monday, Producer-Manager, Woah aka Lil Woah checks in with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd to discuss the behind the scenes elements of working in management, his day-to-day interactions with clients, and even offered helpful tips for those aspiring to achieve a successful career in music management. Another bright talent representing the Atlanta music scene, Woah has been very busy this first quarter of 2021 and filled Boyd in on what he has been up to recently.

Boyd: As far as the music industry goes, you are someone who touches a lot of parts. How do you view the city and navigate the scene on a weekly/monthly basis?

Woah: I’m always in the studio, and most of my friends manage producers and artists, and they  put us on those ‘who’s up next’ lists. Being with Rico a lot, as well as going to Doppler and being around in the loop—there is always some kind of action coming from good people. For example, Chase The Money just put me on with his real deal nephews and cousins who are producers. The one neat thing about Atlanta is that we all somewhat hang out and talk to each other—we don’t really hide what’s going on. It’s always a relationship where we put each other on, and there is a lot of money floating around that you don’t need to have all of. We can all have money together.

Boyd: I wanted to talk to you about producer management with Mexikodro and a lot of other people I have respect for. What is it like working with Dro?

Woah: It’s entertaining and fun! There is never a dull moment with Dro. One day he may want to rap, and another day he’ll ask me to book him a week in the studio so he can just make beats. He keeps me on my toes because he can easily get in trouble. I almost have to treat him like my little brother and keep track of what he is doing, but when he’s in the studio, he is very focused. He puts together beats, melodies, and has recently started doing loops. He has been talking to a lot of people he has worked with in the past, and is about to get back into the studio. Outside of the music he is a gamer, and actually very funny. He is a producer that moves like a street rapper. A lot of people didn’t pay attention to him because they thought he was trouble, but he’s a diamond in the rough.

Boyd: You’ve got to really want it to do this because it is not easy, and the money is not really there. It’s a dirty game, but I always tell people that as long as you know that, you are going to be okay.

Woah: It’s a lot of sleepless nights, and then you actually have to have a support system that is willing to deal with it. We don’t have work hours to be honest with you. Now that I have settled myself in the game, I try not to take phone calls two in the morning, but sometimes you have to. If your client wants to get a private jet, they are going to call you, and they don’t want excuses. A lot of people don’t understand the headaches we have to go through. Even moving artists around is a headache, but we can’t let that be known or seen.

Boyd and Woah had a really interesting conversation that won’t want to miss out on. You can keep up with Woah on Instagram.

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