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This Week In TikTok: 6LACK and Lil Tjay Take Over

This week was a quieter week compared to some of our previous round-ups, but still interesting if you are into quirky/cutesy trends. While some may have considered this week’s popular challenges to be a bit on the ‘boring’ side, it was actually nice to have a break from the choreography and see other trends dominate the platform. This week, the TikTok community explored relationship themes, glow-up videos, and an oddly satisfying ‘arm-crossing dance trend.’ Let’s take a closer look at what had TikTok buzzing as we closed out a great February.

1. ‘Calling My Phone’ – Lil Tjay and 6LACK

As you all know, cell phones are often a defining factor in a relationship. Sometimes you want your significant other calling you, and sometimes you just want them to leave you alone. The number one streamed song in the U.S., Lil Tjay linked up with 6Lack to create a banger, and it didn’t take long for TikTokers to get a challenge going. There were plenty of different takes on this trend, but by far the most heartwarming one was a duet video between LilTjay and his daughter. Over 130,000 people have participated in this trend, so if you have time, be sure to scroll through the ‘Calling My Phone’ hashtag. You won’t be disappointed!

2. ‘It’s Not The Same Anymore’ – Rex Orange County

Unless you are among the lucky few blessed to not go through an awkward phase, most of us will experience a ‘glow up’ at some point in our lives. While glow up challenges are not new to the app, this one is a little different because it is set to the tune of the 2019 alternative single ‘It’s Not The Same Anymore’ by Rex Orange County. Some people are taking old pictures and blending them in with newer photos to highlight their evolution, while others have made videos chronicling their respective weight loss journeys. If you are game to show off your personal glow up, then this is the challenge for you.

3. Моя голова винтом – kostromin

Russian artist kostromin has experienced a growing popularity in the last few months, and ‘Моя голова винтом’, has become a fast-rising challenge on the app with TikTok users creating an arm-crossing dance set to the lyrics. Now could you technically do dance by yourself? You can, but you might run the risk of looking a little crazy. Whether you grab a partner, or attack this one solo, you will have tons of fun.

That is going to do it for this week’s round-up, but we will be back next week with another list of trends.

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