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TikTok’s ‘For You’ Podcast Starring Brittany Broski Welcomes Boman Martinez-Reid

Last week saw the official debut of TikTok’s For You podcast starring Brittany Broski.

This week Broski is back for Episode 2 with TikTok content creator Boman Martinez-Reid. Also known as ‘The Bomanizer,’ the social media star has become popular on the platform due to his hilarious videos. He takes everyday activities and turns them into reality show spoofs. Since joining TikTok in December 2019, Martinez-Reid has amassed a whopping 1.4 million followers on the app, with nearly 29.9 million likes. His success on the platform has since earned him representation from talent agency powerhouse CAA, and when scrolling through his account, it is not hard to see why.

The TikTok creator’s latest skits feature reenactments of reality show confrontations, hilariously showing ‘The Bomanizer’ as he pretends to address his sister at an upscale restaurant (think Real Housewives). Videos like these are just additional examples of Martinez-Reid’s talent. He sat down with Broski to cover a number of subjects, including his success on the platform, creating content during a pandemic, adapting to TikTok’s many changes, and more.

Below is a snippet from their conversation, and a new episode of For You will debut every Wednesday at 5:30pm PST/ 8:30pm EST on TikTok LIVE. You can also catch it on AppleSpotifyGoogle , and all major podcast platforms.

Broski: You came to TikTok in 2019 right?

Boman Martinez-Reid: December of 2019! And it was the perfect moment because that was when TikTok just took off! Personally, I’m very thankful and grateful that I came to TikTok at that time because that was when it was all about creativity and putting in an effort. 

Broski: For the people that don’t know about your content—it is extremely well-produced! You do spoofs of reality shows the perfect sound effects, music, and stuff like that. So I want to know, what was the video that really boosted you?

Martinez-Reid: There are two parts to this. I started this reality TV series where I would take these small problems and make them larger than life. The first one was my professor sending me a syllabus email, and I acted like I was ‘stabbed in the back.’ Nobody saw that one except my friends, and they were like, “That’s pretty good!” I kept going with it, and one morning I woke up and saw a pile of dirt on the floor because my roommate had swept, but he didn’t clean up the dirt! I thought to myself, “Am I the one that is supposed to clean that up?!” So I made a TikTok where I was ‘shot in the gut’ from the disrespect and ‘passed away’ from it. I kept making more of those videos, and part two ending up being when the pandemic hit. I made a video where my friend coughed—and it was the cough that was heard around the world!

Broski: Earlier, you were talking about quarantine—you know we have all been stuck inside. Has that boosted your creativity, or has it gone down?

Martinez-Reid: I would say it is a mixture of both. The pandemic hit, and suddenly I was getting millions of views. All of my DMs were like, “Make more now!” Every week I was focused on making one good reality TV TikTok, and not only do we shoot for about two hours, everything is all improv to get that reality feel to it. It has boosted my creativity in the sense that I am exactly where I need to be. I have so much room here in the house alongside my mom and best friends to help me with my videos. At the same time, it’s been absolutely exhausting!

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