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A Recap of This Week’s Viral TikTok Challenges

Last week we introduced our weekly TikTok series to give you a roundup of the previous week’s viral TikToks. While the ‘Bussit Challenge’ still pretty much remains the most dominant on the platform, this week saw some new challenges come to light. Here is a look at the four most viral TikToks of this past week. 

1. ‘Paparazzi’

Artist: Kim Dracula

Many of us remember Lady Gaga’s popular 2009 hit ‘Paparazzi.’ This cover by Kim Dracula has sparked a new makeup challenge on TikTok within the anime and gothic community. Most makeup challenges on the app are pretty similar, but this one tends to focus more on cosplay/darker themed makeup due to the song’s emo/grunge sound. This challenge is worth trying if you are into the creative side of makeup.

2. ‘Aesthetic’

Artist: Xilo

Released by Xilo last spring, this song is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance with the ‘Aesthetic’ challenge. This trend is more a DIY instead of an actual challenge, and you can choose to showcase whatever talents you have. Some have chosen to craft, while others have gone down the cooking route. It’s really up to you what instructional skills you choose to highlight.

3. ‘Mi Trokita Cumbia’

Artist: Obzesion

The ‘Mi Trokita Cumbia’ challenge is actually straightforward. All you have to do is pretend that you are starting a car, and then wildly dance once it doesn’t start. The song itself has a revving engine in the background, making it one of the funniest trends on TikTok.

4. ‘Wildest Dreams’

Artist: Duomo

‘Wildest Dreams’ was already a perfect song, and is clearly one the biggest anthems of Taylor Swift’s career. The classical version off of the Bridgerton soundtrack has renewed interest in the track, and people are using the Bridgerton rendition to make TikToks based on the series. For example, some have opted to include wedding footage, and a few TikTokers have also used the challenge to show off their book collection. So if you have nostalgic moments you want to share, or even a cool collection, this is a great challenge to try.

That’s it for this week, but we will be back next week with another round of TikTok trends. Stay tuned!

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