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The Best iPhone Chargers on Amazon

Maintaining a full battery on your iPhone is much easier with a good charger. Having an iPhone charger that suits your charging needs makes life a lot simpler. Charging cords come in a variety of lengths, with something to suit any environment. We researched to find the most reliable iPhone chargers around, letting you keep your phone always powered up.

1. Best Length: Cabepow iPhone Charger
2. Most Fast: Xcentz iPhone Charger
3. Best For Vehicles: Jahmai iPhone Charger
4. Honorable Mention: Amazon Basics iPhone Charger

1. Xcentz iPhone Charger 6ft

WHAT WE LIKE: This charging cable has a unique and strong cable joint. This way, your charge current is secured, no matter your movement. Combined with its nylon braided cord design, this iPhone charger is built to last years. This cable only comes in one color, which is bright red. This is great for noticeability – you will never lose your charger. However, if you are bothered by bright colors, this may not be the choice for you.

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2. iPhone Charger, JAHMAI Nylon Braided Lightning Cable
Best for Vehicles

WHAT WE LIKE: This charging cable is six feet in length, making it great for any use. When moving this iPhone charger, you can have no fear of potential bends or breaks. The zinc alloy connector keeps your charge protected and consistent. It also comes in five fun colors so that you can customize your charge a little bit.

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3. Amazon Basics Nylon Braided Lightning to USB A Cable
Honorable Mention

WHAT WE LIKE: Each charging cable is enforced with nylon braiding to avoid any bends or breaks. This makes it excellent for a vehicle when sometimes you step on chargers accidentally. It will connect quickly to your USB car connection or your computer, with its 480 MPs of data transmission.

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