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5 Best PC Game Controllers on Amazon

Game controllers can be used to play games on most platforms and offer a more immersive feel to gaming than you get with a keyboard. With your gaming needs in mind, we’ve compiled a list of great quality controllers for you to take a look at.

  1. Top Pick: ZD-V+ Gaming Controller Gamepad
  2. Best Quality: Logitech Gamepad
  3. Best Design: EasySMX Wired Gaming Controller
  4. Most Buttons: Razer Gaming Controller
  5. Also Consider: IFYOO PC Steam Game Controller
1. ZD-V+ Gaming Controller Gamepad
Top Pick

WHAT WE LIKE: This controller is well built and has a comfortable feel that is suited for gaming for hours without discomfort. There are no shaking sounds from it when it vibrates and the buttons respond as you expect with no lag. The buttons can be a little stiff at first but adjust after a couple of uses.

Buy Now, $22.99
2. Logitech Gamepad
Best Quality
Logitech G

WHAT WE LIKE: This controller will install onto your Windows PC quickly and it automatically updates its drivers. It has a good weight, the joysticks offer good resistance and it also has a USB extension that allows you to put the wireless receiver some distance from the computer. The buttons make plastic, clicking sounds when pressed but they still function as expected.

Buy Now, $34.79
3. EasySMX Wired Gaming Controller
Best Design

WHAT WE LIKE: This controller feels great and delivers all the functionality you might need for normal use. It has a long cable that is very convenient, especially for using from the back seat of a vehicle and it is durable enough to be used primarily by young kids.

Buy Now, $19.99
4. Razer Gaming Controller
Most Buttons

WHAT WE LIKE: This game controller is sturdy, you can feel its durability when you hold it, and its buttons are easy to press and very responsive. It has four paddles, which are very handy for some games, and the textured grip makes it easy to play for hours. The extra triggers on the bottom can be slightly uncomfortable for some people.

Buy Now, $129.99
5. IFYOO PC Steam Game Controller
Also Consider

WHAT WE LIKE: This controller is easy to set up and comes with rubber grips on the joypads, color-changing panels on the sides, and a middle button that brings up a system menu. Some people find the buttons to be too sensitive, but after a few uses, it stops being a problem.

Buy Now, $22.99

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