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15 Games Like ‘Path of Exile’ to Play Now

One’s addictive nature tends to become super active once one gets caught up in a quality action RPG. It’s easy to knock out an extended gameplay session when you find yourself hacking & slashing at an assortment of beasties, discovering amazing loot, and powering up your onscreen avatar to unseen levels of power. 

There’s a certain subset of action RPGs out there that embrace an overhead camera perspective. One of the titles that fully embraces that entertaining concept is Path of Exile. Both the first and second installments in the series have garnered a wide swath of fans and critical acclaim thanks to its well-tuned action RPG mechanics and masterfully crafted dark fantasy world.

If you’ve played both games and are on the lookout for similarly worthwhile experiences, then these 15 games will definitely match your high expectations.

1. ‘Diablo’ (series)

Before Path of Exile even came into existence, Diablo set the whole top-down action RPG genre forward and inspired countless other franchises. The replay factor for each game in the series is off the charts – venturing through the darkest corners of Sanctuary as you clash with all manner of demons and monsters is always a fun time. Diablo’s wide range of character classes, oodles of loot, and engrossing storyline has endured since the series’ inception and will continue to dominate its genre for years to come.

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2. ‘Torchlight’ (series)

The fantastical world that exists within Torchlight is full of splendor and wonder. It also happens to be jam-packed with a great evil and a whole lot of monsters that are out for blood. Of course, your warrior is at the forefront of this ongoing struggle and it’s up to you to clear them all out. Besides all the monster-bashing you’ll be engaging in, the Torchlight series places special importance on companion pets that battle alongside you and even carry/sell loot for you.

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3. ‘Titan Quest Anniversary Edition’

The original Titan Quest landed in gamers’ laps back in 2006. It got the ultimate spruce-up job 10 years later with the release of Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. If you consider yourself an ancient history buff, then you’ll quickly understand the appeal of this pick on our list. It’s all about exploring parts of the pre-Roman Ancient World and taking down the vicious Titans that threaten it with their army of monsters. This definitive edition of Titan Quest is the best way to go if you’re looking to vanquish an assortment of mythical creatures that you’ve read about in your history books.

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4. ‘Divine Divinity’ (series)

Since arriving in 2002, the Divine Divinity franchise has endured and gained plenty of fans during its legendary run. The entries you’ve probably heard the most about are Divinity: Original Sin and its strong follow-up. It’s definitely worth hopping into the enhanced edition of Divinity: Original Sin to get caught up in all the extra content it offers. You’ll quickly find yourself enjoying hours-long play sessions as you experiment with the game’s environmental hazards and come up with new ways to deal big damage.

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5. ‘Dungeon Siege’ (series)

The major impact of the Dungeon Siege franchise can be seen in the fact that it’s been adapted for the big screen on three separate occasions. While the films themselves are of middling quality, the games are certainly worth investing your time into. One of the cooler aspects of the series is how your character can develop new abilities based on your continued approach to combat. So if you keep casting a specific magic spell, it’ll gradually grow in strength over time. The Kingdom of Ehb needs you to save it from constant strife and chaos with your battle-ready avatar.

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6. ‘Heretic Kingdoms’ (series)

The Heretic Kingdoms franchise throws players into a realm full of demons, cults, and complex puzzles to busy themselves with. The three games spread out across the series presents the action RPG mechanics that you’ve come to expect from games of its ilk. It differentiates itself from the pack by letting you play as multiple characters all within a sole demon that’s capable of managing multiple personalities. Kult: Heretic Kingdoms features the option to go all in one character during a single campaign if you’d prefer.

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7. ‘Last Epoch’

The inclusion of time travel as a major gameplay mechanic presents players with a unique method when it comes to interacting with Last Epoch’s many factions. This relatively new action RPG gives you the ability to venture to different time periods within the world of Eterra so you can discover its many secrets and alter your fate in significant ways. Besides all that, there’s a whole lot of hacking and slashing to get engaged in. With a skill tree that’s rich with ability possibilities and 15 mastery classes to play around with, Last Epoch is worth going back in time for.

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8. ‘Grim Dawn’

Humanity is close to being no more within the confines of this dark action RPG. In order to brave the many dangers that exist within Grim Dawn’s post-apocalyptic world, you’ll need to master its dual-class character system. Getting the opportunity to combine two of the game’s classes and create a custom dual set of your own is one of Grim Dawn’s strongest attributes. It’s up to you to aid the last remaining human enclaves and help repair the game’s broken world.

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9. ‘Hades’

One of the reigning kings of the roguelike action RPG sub-genre is Hades. This gorgeously animated romp through the Underworld tests your mettle as you try to fully escape it. Your battle instincts will be put to the ultimate test as you collect a wide range of weapons and wield them against a bloodthirsty army of beasts. The storyline at the heart of Hades is actually worth investing in thanks to the game’s strong voice acting. Plus you’ll find yourself coming back for more even after a series of repeated deaths.

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10. ‘Victor Vran Overkill Edition’

Victor takes his place here as the ultimate demon hunter. And thankfully, you’ll get to put his skill set to good use during your skirmishes with the worst monsters imaginable. Besides the game’s original locales, the Victor Vran Overkill Edition also lets you journey through a series of wild environments inspired by the legendary metal band Motörhead. With original tunes from the band backing your demon hunts, you’ll surely get a kick out of everything this game has to offer.

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11. ‘Warhammer: Chaosbane – Slayer Edition’

Chaos reigns supreme in Warhammer: Chaosbane. The Empire of Man entrusts you with their safety, so it’s up to you to wipe out the encroaching hordes. This content-rich selection on our list features five character classes, 70+ monsters to engage in battle with, tons of dungeons to explore, a boss rush mode, etc. The Warhammer IP isn’t just known for offering quality science-fiction narratives – it knows how to concoct intriguing fantasy-themed tales as well.

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12. ‘Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem’

Character classes aren’t a thing in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, so you have free reign to craft the type of warrior you’ve always dreamt of being. The vast amount of skills at your disposal are astonishing – there are three energy resources to manage, tons of loot to utilize & equip yourself with, a skill tree that’s jam-packed with passive abilities to master, and the ability to transform into Celestial Incarnations. Do your best to wade through all the corruption and monster-filled locations in Wolcen’s troubled world and become unstoppable in the process.

Buy Here for $39.99 on PC
13. ‘The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut’

If you watched the movie, then you should know what Van Helsing’s repertoire is all about. This definitive offering of the Van Helsing game trilogy lets you step into the boots of the infamous monster hunter himself and clear out the monster menace plaguing Borgovia. Your loyal companion Lady Katarina is on call to aid you during your epic monster clashes as well. Your very own monster-hunting specialist is a force to be reckoned with thanks to their chosen mastery of dark magic or scientific weaponry.

Buy Here for $44.99 on PC
14. ‘Emberheart’

The Emberheart is referred to as the Heart of the Mountains, which is an item that gives everyone the power to wield magic. Unfortunately, it’s overrun by ruthless monsters. We can’t have them maintaining control over such a powerful item, now do we? The character you’ll set out to create in this game can master one of six different classes and maneuver through a non-linear campaign that takes you to a wide range of eye-popping locales.

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15. ‘Nox’

This final pick on our list is the definition of a retro experience that still holds up gameplay-wise. Nox lets you choose from three character classes (warrior, conjurer, or wizard) and sets you out on a mission to defeat an army of Necromancers. The Land of Nox is overrun with them due to the evil machinations of an evil sorceress named Hecubah, so you’ll need to use your full skillset to bring her down. The fact that Nox’s main character has been sucked into this dark fantasy realm through his TV gives the game a unique narrative worth investing in.

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