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MicawaveTV Goes ‘Inside The Screen’ With Aaron “Don” Dukes

This week’s Inside The Screen hosted by Aaron “Don” Dukes features special guest MicawaveTV, a New York Native Twitch partner, hooper, content creator for Team Diverge, and entrepreneur. A young multi-hyphenate prodigy determined to be the greatest gamer of his generation, MicawaveTV has already managed to build a dedicated community and fanbase with his lively interactive streams, vibrant personality, and reliability.

While the young streamer (he’s only two years into this content creation thing) has accomplished quite a bit thus far, he makes it clear that this is “only the beginning” of what he plans to be a very successful career full of longevity. Joining Don for an hour-long conversation, the two kick it off with MicaWave giving a quick background into his early beginnings in the world of gaming content.

“I stress this a lot; I spend a lot of time on myself and a lot of time evaluating my situation,” he tells Don before diving into the importance of personal happiness and self-care while pursuing what you love. “I like to stress that being happy should be your number one priority. A lot of people only think about the money part of it, and I need to be in this place or that place. The bottom line is you have to be happy.

Growing up, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. I played basketball and stuff like that, but it wasn’t until I spent time with myself and thought about what I liked that I realized I always loved gaming, entertaining, and making people laugh. Content creating and streaming on Twitch is the perfect combination for that, and I set goals for myself, did my research, and used money from the part-time job that I had to fund my occupation.”

Agreeing with everything Micawave said, Don points out the notion that many people believe you have to wait until everything is perfect in your life to fully go after your dreams. While everybody’s path is different, Micawave’s journey shows that you can indeed go against the grain. “At the end of the day you’ve got to do what you love,” says Micawave as he and Don start playing Fortnite. “If you wake up every day and don’t feel like doing your occupation, then it’s probably not for you.” 

As the two begin their Fortnite match, Don asks the content master what drew him specifically to playing Fortnite, and what the game itself means to him. “I was playing Fortnite before I started creating content. A lot of people were skeptical about the game before it blew up because it looked so “childish,” and that was the same thing I was thinking. My friends would be playing Fortnite having fun while I would be on Call of Duty. I kept thinking “Nah I’m not doing that!”

I decided to give it a try one day during Season 3. I actually had a good time and started watching people who were growing the game like Ninja. A few months later I got all of the stuff needed to start doing streams like the Elgato HD60, things with just enough specs to start up a stream and handle the game capture. I set that up and started doing my thing!”

There’s plenty more to Don and Micawave TV’s conversation, and you can check out the full interview above. 

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