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Tiger Woods is Back in the Digital Golfing Game

2K Sports mainly has its hand in causing mass hysteria on an annual basis thanks to the NBA 2K franchise. The world’s most popular and most played basketball simulator dominates the sports game genre as a whole and continues to hold the top spot. Besides NBA 2K, 2K Sports has thrown its hat into the baseball, hockey, tennis, and poker arenas. And since acquiring the rights to development studio HB Games’ The Golf Club, 2K Sports has made some headway into the digital golf game with its quality PGA Tour series.

Speaking of the PGA Tour franchise, a newly announced deal with golf’s biggest star means major things are in the works for the series. Tiger Woods just signed an exclusive contract to have his name attached to the series and have his likeness appear in the next line of series releases for years to come. Besides those important roles, Woods is also slated to take an active role in the game’s development from this point forward as its Executive Director and consultant. With the expected introduction of PGA Tour 2K22, fans will most likely see Woods don the cover and take his much-deserved position as the highest-ranked player in the game. It’s crazy to think that the last time we saw Woods in a prominent position via a golfing video game was 2014’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour from EA Sports. Woods was the face of that franchise from 1999 right up until 2014 – fellow golf pro Rory Mcllroy took over his cover star duties starting in 2015.

“I am looking forward to making my return to the video game landscape, and with 2K and HB Studios, I’ve found the right partners to make it happen,” said Woods in a statement. “I’m honored to take part in this opportunity and look forward to sharing my expertise and insights as we build the future of golf video games together.” President and Studio Head at HB Studios James Seaboyer went on to speak of his excitement about his studio’s partnership with 2K Sports for the PGA Tour 2K franchise. “The team’s love and knowledge of golf is immediately evident in our games, “ he noted. “We’re thrilled to officially become part of the 2K family and continue development of the PGA Tour 2K franchise.”

PGA Tour 2K21 practically knocked it out the park sales-wise – 2K Sports stated that it sold close to two million copies to date. With the great Tiger Woods attaching himself to the IP, those sales and the game’s overall quality are sure to reach new heights of excellence.

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