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Renee Montgomery and Sirena Grace Talk Montgomery and Co. Podcast

Our 2022 entertainment continues to get off to a hot start with the relaunch of Renee Montgomery’s podcast Remotely Renee. Now dubbed Montgomery & Co., Montgomery is joined by wife Sirena Grace, her mother Bertlela Montgomery, and sister Nicole Young as they speak with some of the top names in sports, culture, entrepreneurship, and entertainment.

Previous guests include the likes of Ros Gold-Onwude, Amar’e Stoudemire, Cari Champion, and more, and the relaunch officially debuted this past Thursday featuring special guests Jemelle Hill, and Bo Han, the founder & CEO of Buzzer. We spoke to Renee and Sirena about the relaunch this past week. Below is the full interview.

ONE37pm: Congrats on the relaunch! You guys already had great episodes and an awesome fanbase with Remotely Renee, so how did you approach the development of Montgomery & Co?

Montgomery: When the pandemic started we were doing a bunch of family Zooms talking about everything. Jemele Hill was really the one that inspired us by letting us know just how impactful it would be to have four minority women having conversations in business and culture. Jemele is an advisor at Meadowlark, and has a pulse for Remotely Renee which was a once-a-week podcast that featured interviews with many different leaders in sports and entertainment. We’ve built this from the ground up!

Grace: When Remotely Renee started it was Renee, her mom, and her sister, and I was the behind-the-scenes person fixing the lighting and doing the producer work. We were doing everything from the house. Now it’s like we have official roles, which is very exciting!

ONE37pm: You mentioned Jemelle Hill, so it’s fitting that she’s one of the first guests. You all talked a lot about NIL and how it’s going to change the landscape for female athletes. Could you expand more on that?

Montgomery: The potential for college athletes to build brands was always there, but we didn’t have that recognition until NIL as you had to become a professional athlete to have those opportunities. You see that so much in players like Candace Parker who have built an empire, and now young players can start doing that in college.

Grace: It changes the landscape for sure. NIL gives athletes the chance to take their brands and make them appeal to the broader masses. With social media anything is possible, and I think in the future you’ll see athletes with clothing lines, starting their own brands, etc. 

ONE37pm: How do you feel this relaunch has evolved from what you guys were previously doing with Montgomery & Co Remotely Renee, and what can we expect in the future?

Montgomery: With Remotely Renee we wanted to keep people involved and share their stories. It’s going to be the same with Montgomery & Co. We just had Larry Miller (Jordan Brand chairman) on the show, and he has a great story and transformation. We focus on topics like building generational wealth and leaving inheritances to your kids. Our biggest mission is to educate and inspire.

We also focus on breaking stereotypes, and the biggest thing about us is that we don’t have a traditional approach to our shows. We take people with us on our journeys and family blogs. We want to show people that we are authentic and all the tricks of the trade

New episodes drop every Thursday. In the meantime, you can keep up with all things Montgomery & Co via Instagram. Be sure to also check out Renee and Sirena and all of their latest updates on IG as well.

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