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October 25th’s, 2021 NF3 Recap: Candy MLB, Mastercard and NFT Kicks

Thanks for joining us today for another legendary NF3 recap. If this is your first time tuning in, make sure to check out our previous NF3 recap.

In today’s news, Candy MLB is dropping their first MLB icon packs in NFT form. Mastercard announced that any bank or merchant on their list can offer crypto soon. Plus, we take a look at Flowers for Society, which combines NFTs with kicks. All of that and some other cool stuff in today’s NF3 recap. Let’s go!

This article does not constitute formal financial advice. Always do your own research before investing.

1. Candy drops the first digital MLB icon packs
<div class =”code”><p class = “twitter-tweet”></p></div> is the future of digital collectibles. Candy is known for their sports fandom NFTs, such as the first college athlete NFT series. Well, today Candy dropped their first MLB Icon Packs. At 12 PM ET, 5,000 All-Star MLB Icon Packs were available, but only for early adopters. Then again at 2 PM, another 5,000 packs became available for early access Discord members. The public access drop starts tomorrow 10/26 at 12 PM ET.

Each pack includes 3 Candy MLB Icons which displays some of the best players in the league as well as some up-and-coming stars. There are 5 types of rarities that will be offered to the public. Core, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

The MLB Icon packs are split into two types, All-Star Packs, which contain 3 of the 2021 MLB-All Stars, or you can choose the Uncut Diamond packs, which contain 3 of the top prospects in the MLB. 

If you are an MLB fan and you love collecting, this drop is for you!

2. Mastercard says any bank or merchant on their list can soon offer crypto
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Mastercard is a pioneer when it comes to payment innovation and technology, hence today’s announcement that they will be partnering with a crypto firm, Bakkt Holdings Inc, to offer cryptocurrency card transactions.

 Banks and other merchants of Mastercard will be able to offer consumers crypto debit and credit cards that allow folks to make payments and earn rewards in Bitcoin. Of course, more cryptocurrencies are sure to be offered in the future. 

As far as how this will all work, Bakkt will convert the cryptocurrency into a currency that the merchant accepts before being sent over the Mastercard network. All of the consumer’s cryptocurrency will be safely stored in a wallet with Bakkt.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this seems like one giant step into the future of cryptocurrency technology being readily available for everyone to spend, earn, and trade easily.

3. Flowers for Society reveals their first NFT sneaker designs
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Flowers for Society is an innovative sneaker company combining the love of collecting sneakers with the love of collecting NFTs. The brand is still very new having just dropped their first sneaker design as well as how the entire concept works today. To be perfectly honest, this one has me excited. 

Every Flowers for Society drop will be available through pre-orders only, and each pair of shoes will be directly linked to the NFT. Wait, there’s more! If you purchase their first sneakers, the NFT will give you access to their unique metaverse community, which will also give collectors access to future collabs, releases, and limited edition products.

I’m excited about this project mainly because I really like sneakers and I love NFTs. With that being said, please be sure to always do your own research before investing your time and money into any NFT.

Other cool stuff

In other cool news, Jordan Belfort, American entrepreneur, announced on Twitter: “WOW! I LOVE NFT TWITTER! AND NOW THAT I’M HERE, I’M NOT FUCKING LEAVING! Gn”

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Which he posted shortly after Jordan had uploaded a picture of PUNK #6033 to his Twitter, along with the acronym “WGMI” (if you don’t know NFT Twitter terminology, you can learn it all here). I believe that this flex of his is further proof that NFTs are becoming an asset to be reckoned with.

In other fun NFT news, Axie Infinity posted their very first TikTok video, officially announcing their presence on the video-sharing social app. It looks like Axie may begin to use TikTok to leverage their popular NFT brand even further, and perhaps reach some people that they have never made contact with before.

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Ultimately, only time will tell where all this amazing news will take us in the near future. Make sure to be on the lookout for our next NF3 as we uncover the day’s most important NFT related updates.

If there’s something you’d like to see covered more often, please let us know in the comments section below, or join us in our Discord community and chat with us in real-time. Until next time NF3 fam.

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