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Ging Launches (The Ghost of) Frank Dukes NFT Project

ONE37pm is excited to announce today’s 25 Days of POAP collaboration with one of the best music producers and composers in the industry. Please give a warm welcome to Ging, formerly known professionally as Frank Dukes.

Advancement in technology generally accelerates innovation across numerous industries, and there is no exception when it comes to music and the creators behind the beats. Frank Dukes stands as the perfect example of someone who is trying something completely new in the web3 space.

Who is Frank Dukes?

Adam King Feeney, formerly known as Frank Dukes, is a Canadian musician and former record producer. Adam has established himself in the music industry as a superb producer and composer, having worked with major artists including G-Unit and members of the Wu-Tang Clan. Many of his music samples have been used in the songs of artists such as Drake, Frank Ocean, Kanye West, The Weekend, Travis Scott, and Taylor Swift just to name a few.

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To put his passion for creating music into perspective, Adam has helped produce more than thirty platinum-hit singles. He has also won three Grammy Awards from 30 nominations and is considered to be one of Canada’s best producers, and perhaps one of the best producers in the world.

In total, Adam has spent over 20 years of his life making beats and collaborating with some of the world’s most renowned artists, guided by whatever excites him most. However, about three years ago he reached new heights and started to let go of his former artist name Frank Dukes.

For the last three years, Adam has not only been observing his own journey but has also been experimenting with generative music on and off. Ultimately, he has embraced his newfound perspective on his passion for creating music. Nowadays, Adam is referred to professionally as Ging.

About three months ago Ging’s curiosity got the best of him, and that’s when he began exploring the NFT space. Ging instantly grew respect for the unlimited possibilities that web3 offers him as a musician and the fact that it’s not defined by anything currently in existence.

From then on, Ging realized his desire for more experimentation in the NFT space. That’s when he came up with an innovative idea for his own NFT project — (The Ghost of) Frank Dukes.

What is (The Ghost of) Frank Dukes?

Ging’s NFT project, (The Ghost of) Frank Dukes, is a generative audio/visual art project based on a generative algorithm developed by Ging over the last three years and was initially sparked by his curiosity, and love for making music.

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The visual portion of the project is generated using the same algorithm that is used to create the music. Ging also illustrated and painted his own artwork to compliment his passion for producing music.

(The Ghost of) Frank Dukes will launch with 9,999 NFTs total. The drop aims to be the foundation for the community which will be compromised of creators, music executives, and lovers of art and music.

The white list pre-sale goes live on December 22 and the public mint will be available December 23rd! Mint Price is 0.11 ETH, with the reveal taking place on December 25.

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Soon after the release of his collection Ging plans to launch The Ghost Library, which is a boutique sampling platform for artists, producers, songwriters, and anyone who’s passionate about the music industry and interested in accessing (The Ghost of) Frank Dukes material for licensing, as well as sampling.

Ghost holders will gain special access and privileges that will allow them to invite a number of guests to access The Gost Library. Ging is recognized for creating the new sample economy with his Kingsway Music Library that has been sampled by artists like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Taylor Swift, plus many more.

The Ghost Library will be the evolution of Ging’s concept within the web3 space and will be focused on innovative ways in which his music catalog can enhance the Ghost community.

In addition to this extremely innovative evolution of music, the music itself will have its own index that is connected to real-world exploitation of the audio found within each NFT. The index will be updated in real-time as the use case continues to evolve. To start, each audio portion of the NFT will have an index of 0.

In addition to 20 years of source material from Adam’s prior creations, his team is currently exploring AI and machine learning to generate more pieces based on the existing catalogs and characteristics.

Ging’s goal is to continue to explore generative music and art in a meaningful way, as well as new concepts and frameworks within the scope of music and the entire industry in the macro. Make sure to stop by the Discord for updates, giveaways, sneak peeks, and more.

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