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Spooky Season is Here: The 11 Best Haunted Houses in the US

We are now in the month of October. The month of Halloween. Ghouls and Goblins are in the air, decorations are everywhere, and for the first time in months, the grocery stores now actually have a variety of candy in stock. The word fright is used more than anytime of the year, and to add to the mystery, this article is currently being written at night in the abyss of darkness. Scary huh? With Halloween at the end of the month, you might be considering visiting a haunted house. If so, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of the best haunted houses in the US. Let Spooky Szn commence!

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1. Headless Horseman
Ulster Park, New York

We’ll start with the place considered to be the scariest haunted house in America. Ladies and gentlemen, the Headless Horseman. Located in Ulster Park, New York, the Headless Horseman is apparently the place where “horror lives.” Shadows that may or may not be your own follow you along with other surprises, and you are not allowed to stop, run, or hide. The theme of the house is a cemetery too, so then there’s that scary element as well.

Other attractions in the Headless Horseman include: The Lunar Motel where you’ll have to deal with more shadows and unpleasant children looking for revenge, The Nightshade Greenhouse where the most grotesque things happen, Gluttons Dinner and Slaughterhouse which the name itself pretty much tells you everything you need to know, and plenty more.

There’s also tons of local attractions and eateries in the area as well to check out.

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2. Creepy Hollow Haunted House

Up next is the Creepy Hollow Haunted House in Houston,Texas. First of all, it should be of note that some people actually consider Creepy Hollow to be the scariest haunted house in America, which means it’s pretty darn scary.

There’s three haunted attractions which are: the 288 Scare Factory which is “ground zero” of the Zombie Apocalypse, the Dark Woods where you are essentially fighting off a caretaker with burned flesh, and Pitch Black, where most people don’t make it through. If you’re in Houston and up for the challenge, maybe you can be one of the few that do (Vincent Price “Thriller” laugh).

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3. Netherwood Haunted House
Stone Mountain, Georgia

Now we’re going to take it to the abyss of Stone Mountain, Georgia, an almost maniacal haunted house that features live actors, monsters, and special effects. As far as attractions go, there’s something called The Undying Horror, the life that brings you death, and The Parasitic, which is a plant-based life form that has gone bonkers. Netherwood Haunted House also has a Monster Museum, and a couple of escape rooms to check out as well. 

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4. Bates Motel Haunted House
Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

Most of you are already familiar with Bates Motel, so it should come as no surprise that there is an actual Bates Motel Haunted House. Located Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, the Bates Haunted House also has a strong case for being the best in the USA. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer shall we? For starters, there’s going to be some major updates for 2022.

At the moment their official website isn’t revealing a ton of information on those new updates (probably because they want some element of it to be a surprise), but we do know that the haunted house has previously featured the Haunted Hayride, a 25-minute horror ride through Arasapha Farm, a show called Revenge of the Scarecrows, and plenty more. Let us know if you visit this Halloween season to see the new updates.

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5. Factory of Terror
Canton, Ohio

Now let’s take it all the way to Canton, Ohio where the Factory of Terror is located. Deemed as Ohio’s best haunted house, the Factory of Terror has also been working hard over the summer to add new updates to their attractions. The final attraction in the house has gotten a complete makeover, and is now known as the “Abyss.”

And since it’s brand new, we’ll have to tap in with you guys later on to see how much it’s changed. The Factory of Terror is also offering three new bars this year, which is a genius idea because something tell us you’ll probably need a couple of drinks after being scared to death.

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6. Eloise Asylum
Westland, Michigan

Have mercy. This is a state-of-the-art haunted house in Westland, Michigan modeled like an asylum with out of this world production and horror to match. You can choose to be a part of a Paranormal investigation where you investigate the odd activities going on in the asylum.

You could also opt to participate in the Escape Room Asylum where you have to find out who exactly is in the haunted house with you, or you could take a Haunted Tour if you wish. There’s no details listed under the Haunted Tour section of the Eloise Asylum website. Make of that what you will.

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7. Knott’s Scary Farm
Buena Park, California

For eleven out of twelve months of the year, Knott’s Berry Farm is a nice, friendly, and peaceful place in Buena Park, California, but legend has it that in October, Knott’s Berry turns scary. While we tend to think of Haunted Houses has being outside, Knott’s bring the terror and horror to the outdoors where you are greeted with haunted mazes and grotesque creatures at every twist and turn.

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8. 13th Gate
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Now let’s head down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where you can find 13th Gate Haunted House, where you have to make your way through thirteen horrifying realms little by little, drop by drop. And you have to do it in 60 minutes or else…we seriously don’t know what happens once time expires.

What we do know, however, is that you have to play the role of an independent archaeologist (think Lara Croft and Indiana Jones), and crack codes, solve puzzles, and uncover mysteries in order to escape. Sounds scary to us.

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9. The Darkness
St. Louis, Missouri

A haunted house, but make it 3D. Located right in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri, The Darkness has been scaring the living daylights out of people for almost thirty years, and has their 2022 festivities listed as their “scariest so far.” There’s a total of twelve attractions, which include the Lemp Haunted House which is designed to make you SCREAM, the 5 Minute Coffin Escape which we have to assume involves some sort of activity with a coffin, and the Creepyworld Haunted House which is just…creepy.

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10. Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary
Philadelphia, Pennyslvania

If you thought the Eloise Asylum was crazy, then you’ll probably find Terror Behind the Walls even crazier. This is actually a haunted prison (yes a real prison). Located in Philadelphia, you can make your way through the various different haunted houses which include the Delirium, a 3D trippy haunted experience through a sketchy neon jungle, and the Machine Shop, which is filled with evil.

There’s even an option to add a VIP experience in, which grants you admission to the Speakeasy at Al Capone’s cell. This has been described by visitors as an experience, and it definitely seems to be just that.

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11. SLC Fear Factory
Salt Lake City, Utah

Voted as being one of the spookiest haunted houses on the planet, the Salt Lake City Fear Factory is full of fear, with six buildings and two underground passageways (both look equally terrifying). There’s also an opportunity to get on the Zombie bus, which personally escorts you to the house adding to the fun, plus a hundred plus live actors that are part of the plan to scare you. On top of that, the SLC Factory has been featured on television and in movies. 


These are just a handful of haunted houses obviously, but if we had to take a guess, we would think that there’s probably at least one haunted house in every state. Hopefully we have convinced you to take a ride on the wild side this Halloween season.