WNBA Star Brittney Sykes Talks to ONE37pm About Her Career, Life in LA, and More

I first met WNBA star Brittney Sykes five years ago when she was a member of the Atlanta Dream. It was the final night of the regular season, which meant it was fan appreciation night. Brittney and a few of her teammates sat down at a table to greet fans and sign autographs, and when it was our group’s turn, I casually joked to Brittney that I wanted to interview her one day.

Well, she took my joke seriously and immediately called over one of the PR people from the Dream to introduce me to the entire media crew. It was one of the nicest things that has ever been done for me, and a reflection of the sweet, humble, and giving person that Brittney is.

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Five years later, Brittney is now a member of the Los Angeles Sparks, and I actually got the chance to interview her in what is most definitely a full circle moment. Coming off a season-high performance of 25 points in the Sparks’ clutch win against the Dallas Wings, Brittney is in her bag to start this 26th WNBA season. We caught up with her last week to talk about her Los Angeles journey, whether Atlanta or L.A. has the better food, and more in an interview that you can check out below.

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ONE37pm: Thanks for chatting with us Brittney! How has your Los Angeles experience been thus far?

Skyes: It’s amazing! This is technically my second year in the city, but last year COVID was still going on heavily, so I wasn’t able to get the full experience, but I’ve been out and about more this year trying new restaurants and places.

ONE37pm: Would you say so far that this season is “back to normal?”

Sykes: It is, but it isn’t. Normally our season goes from May to August, but this year we have more games plus the World Cup FIFA games, so now we’re going until about mid-September. So all of the World Cup, Playoffs, and Finals games are going to be kind of all together at the end of the year. Even with training camp, some of us weren’t able to start on time. So it’s definitely still different.

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ONE37pm: What’s a normal day like for you right now?

Sykes: My daily regimen includes a lot of traveling right now. Like we just traveled back home to play Dallas. I was able to spend some time with my family and see them. We’ll be traveling again at the end of the week. So that’s just what a normal day is like right now.

ONE37pm: I wanted to ask you what you think of Athletes Unlimited and what they are doing.

Sykes: I think it’s dope and a chance to compete with the best! They also play for charity as well which is also very cool. It’s a great opportunity for things to expand because we never really hear about a WNBA G-League. Maybe this could lead to a WNBA G-League?

ONE37pm: I see you’re into style too?

Sykes: Yeah I’ve just really been getting into it. My brother is a stylist, and I have been able to see his swag and get inspired from that!

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ONE37pm: What do you like to do outside of basketball?

Sykes: I love spending time with friends and family. I like bowling and I have recently gotten into painting and meditation. Oh, and sleeping! I like to catch up on sleep!

ONE37pm: What is your advice to young girls who want to be in the WNBA like yourself?

Sykes: Never stop wanting to learn. You have to be in a constant state of growth. Things are forever changing, so you have to be proactive or you’ll get left behind. You can also teach somebody else by continuing to grow.

ONE37pm: What place has the better food? Los Angeles or Atlanta?

Sykes: Oh that’s tough! I’d have to say Atlanta. Los Angeles has great restaurants though!

You can continue to keep up with Brittney via Instagram.