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AEW Really Needs Those Six-Man Tag Team Titles Now

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Back in December 2020, All Elite Wrestling president Tony Khan hopped on a conference call and made this newsworthy statement (which was reported by Comicbook) – “Yes there is [talk of introducing the titles] but it won’t be in 2020. If it happens, it will most likely be in 2021. I’ve been seriously thinking about it. I think there’s a lot of momentum for it, we have a lot of great trios teams. I would like to get through 2020, I’d like to get to Beach Break and moving towards Revolution but I definitely think it is something on my agenda. And it’s something I’ve been talking about for a long time and thinking about.”

It is now July 2021 and I feel like the time to introduce those six-man tag team titles is now. Now, what compelled me to say that? Well, AEW’s roster is massive at this point and full of legit superstars that should be vying for something more substantial. While I don’t lament AEW’s wrestlers for plying their trade on Dark and Dark: Elevation, I think they’d all be better served competing in the sort of matches that impact the ranking of those trios titles. When you consider the list of viable three-man stables below, you’ll quickly realize how hot AEW’s proposed six-man tag team division could be:

The Inner Circle

The Pinnacle

Death Triangle

Jurassic Express

Best Friends

The Dark Order

The Nightmare Family

The Factory

The Gunn Club

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That deluge of quality six-man groups has the capacity to deliver the sort of weekly matches that could further build AEW’s audience and get the word of mouth out about their outstanding exploits. Just imagine the excellence that could be put on display if teams like PAC, Penta El Zero M, and Rey Fenix locked up with The Inner Circle’s Santana, Ortiz, and Sami Guevara. And think about the excellent in-ring possibilities that would come our way if The Pinnacle’s FTR and Wardlow got into it with Best Friends. To say there’s a lot to be excited about when the topic of six-man tag team titles in AEW comes up is an understatement.

Besides all the already mentioned trios members that currently ply their trade in AEW, there are a few other unofficial squads that could find themselves mixing it up with all the established ones. Could we see Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks recreate their “Elite” magic and make a run for the six-man titles? And does the prospect of Matt and Mike Sydal possibly linking up with Dante Martin to make a play for the division also excite you? It certainly does for me. AEW’s championship divisions come in at a comfortable total of five, which means adding in the six-man titles wouldn’t feel too overwhelming at all. Bringing the six-man tag team titles into the fold means a wealth of talent that we rarely see on Dynamite could appear more often and compete amongst themselves for a valid reason.

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When Lucha Underground was still around, the Trios Championship ended up being one of the cult wrestling show’s best attributes. I popped so hard in my living room when Angélico, Ivelisse, and Son of Havoc ended up becoming the inaugural champions after fighting their way through a grueling tournament bracket. I want to feel that same feeling of excitement from AEW when the time comes for Tony Khan to finally bring those six-man tag team titles into the fold.

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