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Anthony Pettis on His PFL Debut, Stupid Spending, and Boxing

Fighter Anthony Pettis returned to “In The Fight With Bo Templin” this week ahead of his Professional Fighter’s League debut on Friday, April 23rd. Pettis takes on Clay Collard in the main event on ESPN 2.

Pettis came on “In The Fight” back in December before his fight with Alex Morono and he had been going through a transitional phase of his life. He knew his contract with the UFC would expire after the fight. He had just started his new business venture, “Showtime Entertainment Group.” And he had become devoted to a sober lifestyle and committed to seeing a sports psychologist.

In this episode, we checked in on all of those topics.

Anthony’s mind seems clear as ever. He is embracing the challenges of being the face of a newer fighting promotion and is trying to be grateful of every opportunity.

Templin: “How do you balance the entertainment side of media week while remaining focused on the fight?”

Pettis: “Great question, man. Gratitude. I’m here 17 days. I could find a million things wrong… but if you practice gratitude, it changes your mindset. I’m blessed to be in this position. I’m blessed to be the face of the PFL. I get to do these interviews, I don’t have to do these interviews.”

Check out the full interview above, and be sure to follow Pettis on Instagram and Twitter.

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