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The 16 Best AEW Wrestling Theme Songs, Ranked

Wrestling fans know there’s a substantial amount of factors that go into making their favorite pastime entertaining. The wrestlers themselves, their in-ring contests, the commentary team, and the pomp & circumstance of it all are what’s needed to make a wrestling event pop. One of the more important factors that truly make a live wrestling show memorable is the incorporation of great music. Besides the themes tied to the actual show, fans get a kick out of instantly recognizing who’s coming down the ramp based on the opening notes of a wrestler’s signature tune.

We all know about many of the classic themes that have made their way onto our gym playlists from WWF/E, WCW, ECW, TNA/Impact Wrestling, etc. All Elite Wrestling hasn’t been around as long as those feds just yet, but they’ve still managed to deliver some pretty fire wrestler themes thus far. So let’s make sure we honor 16 of those hype-inducing tunes and show love to the music maestros that work their magic for the AEW roster.

1. “Judas” – Chris Jericho

I’d get crucified if I didn’t mention this one first. Chris Jericho has never had a dud when it comes to being backed by rock & roll-heavy theme songs. Everyone knows a few words to his main WWF/E theme, but that theme didn’t inspire the crowd to get out of their seats and belt out the words to it. “Judas” causes that reaction every time Jericho hits the stage with his steel bat and Inner Circle stable in tow. Not only is this theme one of the best Fozzy songs, but it’s also the most recognizable and catchiest theme in AEW.

2. “Tarzan Boy” – Jungle Boy

Do you want to know when I first heard this 80’s jam? When I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, which everyone agrees was the worst one in the whole series. “Tarzan Boy” was the best part of that film, to be honest. Imagine my reaction when I found out Tony Khan spent the funds needed to acquire the rights to use this tune for the appropriate superstar. And that man is Jungle Boy. Now when he makes his appearance, the crowd and even the commentators can’t help themselves but sing along to it. “Tarzan Boy” is just too good to not sing along to.

3. “Arrival” – Sting

One of the highlight reel-worthy shockers that will define AEW from this point forward is Sting’s debut. And thankfully, most folks will remember it fondly thanks to the war-ready tune that accompanied his reveal. The unmistakable guitar riff, church organ, and booming drums all come together wonderfully to set the mood for the “Stinger’s” AEW run. The added element of snow and the arena lights layout all combine to create one of the better entrance presentations for a wrestler in AEW.

4. “Kingdom” – Cody Rhodes

Has Cody Rhodes ever had a really bad theme? If you ask me, “The American Nightmare” has maneuvered through his career with a collection of songs that are way better than they have any right to be. Besides “Smoke & Mirrors,” Cody’s “Kingdom” stands out for being one of his greatest themes to date. The band responsible for this classic tune is Downstait, who’s also known for crafting some of the best themes for WWE. “Kingdom’s” lyrics perfectly describe Cody’s exit from Vince McMahon’s wrestling empire and his triumphant ascension to the next level of his bustling career. Freedom has never sounded this good.

5. “Battle Cry” – Kenny Omega

I never even imagined a Little V musical production would fit so well with Kenny Omega. That combination makes all the sense in the world – both personalities are big in the world of video games, so their musical union shouldn’t have been a shock to me. “Battle Cry” is the result of that fruitful partnership and a song that matches u well with Omega’s flashy entrance. The fact that this song wouldn’t sound out of place during a climatic anime battle makes it come off even more exciting every time I hear it.

6. “Unscripted Violence” – Jon Moxley

The man formerly known as Dean Ambrose stormed into AEW back at Double or Nothing 2019 and left the crowd with their jaws on the floor. Once he hit the ground running as the company’s hardcore mastermind, Jon Moxley got a new lease on life that was made all the more memorable thanks to This head-banging tune. “Unscripted Violence” is a mosh pit worthy theme and the type of song that sets the mood once Moxley enters any arena. Leaving a sea of broken bodies in his wake is a fitting outro scene for Moxley while this tune blares in the background.

7. “Superkick Party” – The Young Bucks

“SUPERKICK PARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!” How can you not jump out of your seat and hit the famous Young Bucks pose once that loud exclamation comes over the arena loudspeakers? The added “WOO!” that pops up every few seconds during this triumphant track keeps the hype vibes intact and gives the viewing audience an immediate boost in energy. I’m more than pleased with this theme since it goes hand in hand with Matt and Nick Jakcon’s high-flying in-ring repertoire.

8. “Everybody Dies” – Lance Archer

Lance Archer is practically a runaway train that gets off on destroying anyone and anything in his way. Once that entrance countdown kicks in, everyone knows that…well, everybody dies. The fast-paced intro sets up this powerful theme for greatness and gives “The Murderhawk Monster” all the extra motivation he needs to cause some major damage. “Everybody Dies” instills a whole lot of fear and that’s why it’s the perfect theme for AEW’s resident big man.

9. “I Fell” – Darby Allin

Darby Allin has quickly taken off as one of AEW’s rising stars to watch. There’s clearly a huge fanbase for the guy – his Sabu-like tendencies, unique attire, and endearing personality have made that so. Allin’s star-making package gets the perfect bow on top thanks to this brooding theme song. Its lyrics offer a deep insight into Allin’s fractured thoughts and daredevil approach to his complex lifestyle. “I Fell” hits hard, yet it’s still mellow enough to cue you into its overall message.

10. “Proud & Powerful” – Santana & Ortiz

Fun fact – for the longest time, I thought Pusha T was on here spitting the hottest of hot fire. Come to find out it’s actually Spanish Harlem’s own Bodega Bamz, who provided the Inner Circle’s Proud & Powerful duo with this hard-hitting theme. Everything about this tune evokes images of the hard streets of NYC and the badass nature that accompanies Santana & Ortiz. You can’t help but rep your borough and swing your flag when this tune comes on.

11. “Better Than You” – MJF

AEW’s resident blowhard Maxwell Jacob Friedman is the perfect embodiment of an old-school heel. He makes no bones about his distaste for the fans and even makes sure to remain as unlikable as possible during autograph signings. His despicable acts get a rise out of everyone, yet you still have to applaud the guy for going all-in on his much-hated persona. His theme is way catchier than it has any right to be and it’s the perfect fit for a man that’s better than us all in every way, shape, or form. The fact this theme has the power to piss you off means that its power is limitless.

12. “This is War” – Wardlow

“THIS IS WAR!” What we have here is another headbanger that signals the arrival of a separate AEW juggernaut. It’s worth noting that this theme sounds like a lost track from Disturbed, which lends it some extra credence among metalheads everywhere. Wardlow’s a beast that’s proven himself to be a future star in the making. This theme will hopefully stay intact once Wardlow ascends to the next level of his burgeoning in-ring career.

13. “Triángulo De La Muerte” – Death Triangle

The default Lucha Bros. theme already slaps tremendously. But this stable remix hits even harder, which is a feat that I once thought was impossible. The bass on this one is noticeably heavier, the intro instantly gets a rise out of fans, and the overall production on it is remarkable. Shout out to AEW for making sure one of its most formidable stables had a theme that reflects them in the best way possible. If there’s a team that deserves to be AEW’s first-ever trios champions, it’s these guys.

14. “Ghost Town Triumph” – “Hangman” Adam Page

The millennial cowboy that is “Hangman” Adam Page has quickly morphed into one of the most lovable members of the AEW roster. Fans have gravitated towards his alcohol swilling, lariat swinging ways and gotten emotionally invested in his intriguing storylines thus far. A western hero of his caliber needs to strut down to the ring to something that would fit during a Mexican standoff. “Ghost Town Triumph” is indeed that type of song. You can envision Page riding off into the sunset with whiskey in hand while this triumphant tune plays in the background.

15. “Bad Boy” – Joey Janela

Joey Janela describes himself as a bad, bay boy. Judging by his affinity for reckless hardcore stunts, it’s easy to see why he’s adopted such an unforgettable moniker. His theme quickly reminds us of that way of life as it stays in your head thanks to a sick guitar riff. Whoever’s responsible for shredding on this tune is a master of their craft. “Bad Boy” totally sounds like the outro theme to a Miami Vice reboot, doesn’t it?

16. “SHOTS” – Private Party

I’ll admit – I really couldn’t get jiggy to Private Party’s first AEW theme. The knockoff version of Lil’ Jon screaming all over it did nothing for me. But the second one they’ve decided to swagger out to the ring with is a vast improvement. It bumps at a slower pace, which gives it time to breathe and really take hold of the inner party animal in us all. Taking down a few shots in the VIP section alongside Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen is a whole vibe thanks to this lit tune.

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