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The 15 Best College Football Uniforms

We’re here to start trouble. There’s no other way around it. Team jerseys are a pretty big deal in sports, and oftentimes there is the inevitable discussion of which teams are the best. With us now being in the final stretch of the CFB Season as the playoffs are set to officially kick off December 31st, we thought we’d look back at some of the best college football uniforms of the 2021 season.

Obviously these types of rankings are pretty hard to do. It seems like a cop out to get the top jerseys award to the top/most popular teams in college football, but the reality is that those are the highest selling jerseys. That said, we’re also a firm believer that a great jersey is a great jersey regardless of ranking and popularity.

As we close things out with some exciting matchups on the way, we’re rounding out our 15 favorite jerseys of this season. Hang around and see if your team made the list.

1. Cincinnati Bearcats

While you might be paying a little extra attention to Cincinnati because of their upcoming playoff appearance, the reality is that they have always had sick jerseys. Whether it’s red, white, or black, the Bearcats always look crisp. We suspect that there will be more fan jerseys available to purchase after the success of this season.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama is a no-brainer. One of the most successful teams not just in the history of college football, but in the history of sports as well, Bama has always had some of the top-selling jerseys. The Crimson Red never fails.

3. Georgia Bulldogs

College Football Playoff spot or not, you can’t deny the power of the Bulldogs fanbase. They sellout games whether they are having a great season or not, and a simple look at the crowd will show everyone decked out in UGA jerseys and apparel. Again, the power of the Bulldogs.

4. Michigan Wolverines

Michigan has a lot to celebrate in their record-making season, and their fans will be celebrating right along with them. The Wolverines are known for their classic dark blue jerseys that can be instantly recognized.

5. Florida Gators

Come on, It’s Florida! The Florida Gators jerseys are a tried and true classic that represents school spirit to the fullest. Plus the colors go well with beautiful Florida weather.

6. Clemson Tigers

The Clemson Tigers are set to take on Iowa State at the Cheez-It Bowl this upcoming Wednesday, and will certainly be donning those iconic jerseys as they try to get the W to conclude the season.

7. Florida State Seminoles

The Seminoles look fresh every time they step onto the field. A little wine and gold has never hurt anybody.

8. LSU Tigers

LSU. Land of the purple, white, and gold. Enough said.

9. Ohio State University

The Buckeyes will be taking on Utah in the Rose Bowl Game on Saturday, January 1st, and while we don’t know which uni’s they’ll be rocking yet, we wouldn’t have a problem with an of them. 

10. UCLA Bruins

You’ve got to admit that UCLA has some killer uniforms. It’s very “Los Angeles” and “City of Angels.”

11. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Every college football list has to include the Fighting Irish. It just has to. No other options.

12. Oregon Ducks

Green just has a way of bringing a new life to the football field. The Oregon Ducks have done it time and time again.

13. Penn State Nittany Lions

Now we’re down to three. Penn State is another team that has to be included on any and every jersey ranking/list. The crisp blue is a killer, and you can’t knock the white either. Penn State takes on Arkansa at the Outback Bowl on Saturday Jan 1st.

14. Miami Hurricanes

And then there were two. The green stripes with a solid orange is a fresh look, that once again screams “Florida.” Check out the Hurricanes on December 31st when they take on the Washington State Cougars.

“Norrrtth Carolinaaaa” (Petey Pablo for the youngins). The baby blue is an instant eye catcher. You literally can’t take your eyes off it. You can’t look away. The material is rich. That is all.

That’s gonna do it. Whether you agree with our selections or not, nobody can ever take away the power of school pride. Happy Bowl season!

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