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Cody and Brandi Rhodes Talk AEW, ‘Rhodes to the Top,’ and More

Life certainly comes at you fast, especially when you and your significant other are a part of the day-to-day operations behind one of the largest wrestling organizations in the world – All Elite Wrestling.

Speaking of AEW, the company’s main show Dynamite has been the #1 cable program on Wednesdays for the past six straight weeks. Wrestling fans have flocked to AEW’s unique presentation, which is something that the Rhodes’ have been extremely pleased with thus far. Cody Rhodes (the blonde-haired son of a bonafide wrestling legend) and his lovely wife Brandi Rhodes (the Chief Brand Officer of AEW) got married in 2013. And now, they’re ready to accept the challenge of being first-time parents. Cody and Brandi lead busy lives that mostly revolve around the wild and wonderful world of professional wrestling. And now, fans have a chance to take a first-hand look at what goes into their exciting business and home lives through the TNT reality series Rhodes to the Top.

Just one day ahead of the season finale on Saturday, October 23 at 10/9c, Cody and Brandi spent some time with ONE37pm to have a chat about the show, guilty pleasure reality shows, and so much more.

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Cody Rhodes

ONE37pm: You’ve come such a long way from your days as a WWE blue-chipper, Cody. It’s amazing to witness your growth and see your position within AEW today. What comes to mind when you reflect on the biggest moments of your career?

Cody: Fate meets hard work. To have this lauded position in our sport, to have it on Turner Networks is full circle with my family.

ONE37pm: What’s the most difficult part about your role within AEW? And what would you say is the easiest?

Cody: Hardest part is likely the tough love or more stern direction I might deliver to a younger talent. Easiest thing is my match on the card…that’s been in my bones since I was a baby…it’s like gliding. It’s the best.

ONE37pm: How did the concept of Rhodes to the Top come to be?

Cody: The good folks at Shed Media sought to capture us in our peak professional time…entering our peak personal time with the coming of our first child. Roll the cameras and it’s quite a life.

ONE37pm: Was there any pushback regarding parts of the show giving viewers a peek at AEW’s backstage happenings?

Cody: No pushback internally. It’s a specific flavor and I think the super fans in our audience love the fact they get more of the brand. It was tough for me being raised and trained “old school”…to share that side with folks, but this was a reality show and it would be an insult not to give those tuning in that reality.

ONE37pm: Out of all the contracted talent within AEW, which ones do you think would make for a great starring role on their own reality show?

Cody: Taz or our lead seamstress Sandra…I don’t know why. They’re just so unique and both see it all.

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Brandi Rhodes

ONE37pm: Congratulations on your and Cody’s newest addition to the family. How did you mentally prepare yourself for the arrival of your first bundle of joy?

Brandi: There’s no way to mentally prepare. I did everything I could to physically prepare by being diligent with my medical appointments and continuing to train in the gym daily. I trained the day that I went into labor!

ONE37pm: What’s some of the best advice you’ve gotten on being a mother?

Brandi: The best advice has been NOT TO listen to anyone’s unsolicited advice. Let your instincts be your guide and ask for help when you need it.

ONE37pm: A Shot of Brandi is a pretty dope interview series. Who are some of your most memorable guests? And who are some fantasy guests that you’d love to have on the show?

Brandi: Most memorable have been Jon Moxley, Orange Cassidy, Chris Jericho, and most recently, Stephen Amell. I would love to have more chefs and foodies on the show. Looking at you Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri!

ONE37pm: What’s been your biggest takeaway from filming Rhodes to the Top?

Brandi: It’s a lot of work. Months and months of shooting and the episodes just fly by. So much amazing content doesn’t get to make it to air. That’s the hard part. You want people to see so much more but there just isn’t time.  

ONE37pm: Are there any reality shows you watch and regard as a guilty pleasure?

Brandi: I’m a big fan of Selling Sunset. Really looking forward to their next season. Otherwise, I watch Food Network and HGTV, which I think falls in unscripted and I love everything from Chopped to Love It or List It.

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